Saturday, November 17, 2007

Friday, November 16, 2007


Bellydance Benefit: Friday, November 16 at 8pm at Dragon's Den

Hope for Home Benefit

Coming Attraction: The Passion of the Buddha?~Exquisite Corpse

Bush declares war~on Louisiana~`Ceste Levees!

Katrina leaves permanent scar on forests

Hurricanes' toll: 320 million trees!

FEMA Accused Of Wasting More Katrina Funding

R -- E -- S -- P -- E -- C--T ...that samm'ich
New Orleans Poboy Reservation Festival on Oak Street Nov 18th

Hooters Photo Scandal Hits Hoboken DHS Director Like a Hurricane

GOP rep smears Cheryl Gray, endorses Jefferson-Bullock~Your Right Hand Thief

Wind insurance to jump 8.2% for coastal residents

Homeless Camp at New Orleans City Hall

Live from New Orleans~Its The National League of Cities!

League of Cities members take up-close look at Apocalypse N.O.
Poor Baby Ray Details N.O.'s Struggles To Peers


Photos: NY Mayor visits New Orleans
ACORN Protesters Accuse Corps
Judge Won't Hold Up Public Housing Razing
Biggest government buyout in US history propsed by Corps

Katrina-Damaged Cars Turning Up Over Seas
Compare and Contrast
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers civil works controversies
USACE LAYOFFS If No War Funds, Gates Says

The Worst Environmental Disaster in the United States Since the Exxon Valdez
Mostyn Trying for Class Action on Allstate Rita Lawsuits
Vermilion School Board Delays Dozier of Playground
Louisiana Real Estate Shows Signs of Recovery
Poor Baby Ray to Residents: Merci Beaucoup
New Orleans court clerks sentenced for embezzlement
New Orleans brewery fighting to bring Dixie Beer back
Mississippi's failing recovery
Levee Board Tables Pump Resolution

Thursday, November 15, 2007


~~~~My New Orleans~above photo


Newman High ASCE video generates controvercy and applause, encore {see video below}

ASCE meets YouTube~Gimme an's That Spell? GOOOO LEVEES.ORG!

ASCE: Craven, Stupid or Merely Pathetic? You Be the Judge

Levees, Newmanites and Smartassery

Fun with meager funds~New Orleans Po-Boy Preservation Festival

Why ageism in pop is so old-hat

Dr. John at Kent State folk fest

WWOZ~LIVE!~St. Croix Blue Bay Jazz Fest: Nov 15-18

Nevilles returning to Jazz Fest

FRIDAY NIGHT MUSIC CAMP~3 Ring Circus Productions

NOMRF Passes Instruments Along

Another Reason To Nuke Puerto Rico~Gentilly Girl

It's not just New Orleans, it's America~NO Slate

Cynthia: you are the weakest link. Goodbye.~Dangerblond

Pleased to meet you~Hope you guessed my Name

Blind Boys Of Alabama Head To Louisiana For New Album 'Down In New Orleans'
A way to give thanks at Thanksgiving
MY KATRINA~by Randy Reynolds
Busy day in the Big Easy for Bloomberg
Have you no sense of decency sir, at long last?
The Municipal Merici Beau Coup Dinner
Director Demme brings a teen's face out of New Orleans crowd
Rita claims ‘lower than Katrina'
New Orleans Grows Despite Leadership Void
VoTech Recovery

N.O aquarium denied $$: FEMA doesn't like fish freshly caught
New organization will help rebuild Katrina homes
Criminal probe of insurer suspended by federal judge
Lawsuit: Katrina Landfill Illegal
Two Animals Rescued From Katrina Still Wait For Adoption
League of Cities holds convention this week
Shaw Awarded Task Order Contract by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers refuses to contribute a dime to Florida water project
Abandonment Period for Cases Filed Prior to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita Extended
Congressman Jefferson's Case Could Change Laws as Congress Moves to Define 'Official Acts'

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Engineer group not amused by online spoof of levee review

And Still I Persist

Drove My Chevy to the Levee but the Levee was Gone

Library Chronicles~ASCE skin as thin as the Corps' own levees!

Group Bows Down...Assumes Postition~Censors Own Video

Levees.Org in pursuing our goal to expose a possible improper relationship between the Corps and ASCE, have received legal threats from ASCE spawned by our PSA on YouTube We stand behind every word of our PSA, but we, with limited personnel and no corporate sponsors cannot engage in a legal fight with the ASCE and its significant resources. So we have temporarily pulled the video from YouTube.

{editor's note}
Censorship, by Self or Government, or by any other name, remains
ASCE Censorship~Let 'Em Know We Care!

Levees got washed down the youtubes

Paper 3

St. Croix Blue Bay Jazz Fest: Nov 15-18 WWOZ Live

Nagin tune at top of the charts
Student volunteers cook up funds to rebuild New Orleans
FEMA denies funding to New Orleans aquarium for replacing fish the natural way
People still moving into New Orleans

Corps of Engineers
insists Yazoo pumps should be built
Mañana… Tabasco and New Orleans

News from the Field: New Orleans
City of saints: a life in new orleans
Payday looms for cash-strapped New Orleans DA's Office
Three More Votes
Using Destruction to Sell Us Cars? Ford Must Be Lost in a Dream
Firm Reaches Deal in Katrina Suits
Singing River Youth Orchestra Helps Young Survivors of Hurricane Katrina
SURVEY: Library Impact/Relief from Bridge Collapse
Report highlights progress, obstacles
Tangipahoa to receive LRA grant
It’s Katrina All the Time In Bush’s America
Great idea! No doubt Bush will veto....
Lloyd’s upbeat despite hurricanes
New Orleans Area Events~Bayou Buzz Nov 14th

Where Tech and Hot Commodities Meet

The mysterious, tragic tragic life of Buddy Bolden
Rebuilding Green In New Orleans
Your Right Hand Thief~Ouote for the day