Saturday, July 25, 2009


Brad Pitt's 'Make It Right' houses in New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward to include two-family models~Doug MacCash
~He invited architects far and wide to contribute designs for affordable, ecologically sound, storm-safe and aesthetically advanced family homes. And, after putting down over $5 Million of his own seed-money, he convinced tens of thousands of altruistic donors to help pay for the project.
If all goes as planned, displaced families will eventually occupy 150 Pitt-built homes.

Tour owners file suit over floodgate~Amy Wold

New Orleans charter school operator plans expansion
~Brian Thevenot

Hearing set to choose first-ever New Orleans independent police monitor~Laura Maggi

La. loses jobs; BR count up
~Gary Perrilloux

Katrina's displaced worry about Census count~Shelia Byrd

He Hate Me? $enator Chri$ Dodd $inks to New Low$ ~slabbed

Lake Lanier blame game brews
~Jeremy Redmon
~Critics say the Corps helped push the region into this crisis by giving into local political pressure for drinking water as the area developed and generated more tax revenues. One of those critics compared the Corps and the Atlanta region’s relationship to that of a pusher and an addict.

The 6 lost Hurricane Hunter missions, Part V: Typhoon Ophelia, 1958~Jeff Masters

Food Inc. @ Canal Place

The Fruit Hunters: A Story of Nature, Adventure, Commerce, and Obsession
~The Splendid Table

Martha Stewart Living magazine visits Grand Isle~Judy Walker

In an Art Slump, Graffiti is Free
~Tom Johansmeyer
~When times are tough, you don't spend when you don't have to. There's sufficient graffiti in London to keep art collectors entertained, which is causing them to shy away from works by Banksy.
Larger auction houses have cut down on the Banksy works they are carrying, and some of the regional auction houses are canceling their urban art specialist sales.

Family and friends gather to remember Edwin Hampton
~Bigad Shaban

Satchmo Fest lineup features New Orleans gems
~Ann Maloney

Alex McMurray in NYC tonight!
~NolaFunk NYC

Friday, July 24, 2009


Neighborhood opposition spurs Port of New Orleans to rethink plans for Cold Storage facility, further commentary
~Jen DeGregorio

Jus'sayin Anhydrous Ammonia makes water burn!

Organizing Works!

James Gill: Oops! Did anyone in New Orleans City Hall check the charter before agreeing to VA hospital deal?

Ruth’s Chris, Well Done or Rare?
~Joe Nocera, NYT

~"I’m writing now to fill you in on some good news.
I know you were skeptical about their donation of the building to the community.
It seemed rather vague. But the outcome has been very good. They donated the flagship to the Tulane Community Medical Center that was formed after Katrina."
~Randy Fertel
~Which of these two seemingly contradictory statements by the beneficiary (don’t mean to criticize, I’m sure she does great work, but recipients of corporate largess often have to dance on the head of a pin) is true? “…to build a better city rather than recreating the old,” or, “…an economic development opportunity for a damaged neighborhood that is repopulating and wants to restore”?~P.W. Meek

Wet Bank Screed (Slight Return)
~Odd Bits of Life in New Orleans

Construction of barrier closing the controversial Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet now complete, Corps of Engineers' PR says
~Editilla Mo'tellas Ro'tella on'da Ho'tellas~
This story is from yesterday's breaking news, and we carried it further due to the spirited commentary still developing there. However, this story is getting published again, in today's breaking news, the exact article verbatim under a different title.
Why would the T-P/ feel so compelled to Repeat an article like this? For one thing it offers a fresh new comments section to direct attention away they busier, fuller comments of yesterday. Another reason the T-P might want to Blow the Corps, 2 days in a row, could be that the T-P/ has become negatively influenced by its conflict of interests with the Corps Public Relations firm OPP, which places all the Corps Advertising in this media --and could have even had a hand in getting the former founding editor of laid off just as he was uncovering Corps Computer Fraud.
Since we have gotten No Answers from the Editor of the T-P regarding this, we have to go with what we got, and what we gots stinks to high heaven!
~UpDate~ How queer. I don't know about y'all, but the comments sections for Both of these articles have gone kinky for yer'oh'so humble Editilla and won't let me on to have my say.
Gentle'rillas know well how that makes me an undull Beotch'wolf, so y'all try to comment too --on Both of these articles of the exact same story. How Bloody Kafkatrina.

In the world of online comments, there are plenty of opinions, but few names~Shaun Hittle

Why the Birthers?
~Harry Shearer

~Editilla gotta ax~ Why not the After'birthers?

Chemical Cartography
~Alex Woodward

Judge's ruling creates economic uncertainty for Square artists
~Richard A. Webster

~The ability of artists to sell prints of their original work on Jackson Square has taken a crushing, and potentially fatal, blow thanks to a federal judge ruling in favor of the city on Monday.
Tanner James said prints represent 95 percent of his sales.
"This is like losing a full-time job," he said. "I'm stunned. Everybody is talking about leaving the city. The people who sell prints are hands down the best artists out there. This is just bad for the city. I pay more in sales tax in a month than a lot of the anti-print artists make in a year."

Behind the Curtain of the Louisiana Charter School Experiment~Alobar Greywalker

Moving to New Orleans,
fried chicken's secret ingredient
and more~Manuel Torres

Photos:Tarpon Rodeo kicks off
~Susan Poag

~2009 Miss Grand Isle Brittany LeBeouf, 18, presides over the start of the Crab Races during the 88th Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo.

LSU baseball coach to sing at Chicago's Wrigley Field

The Houses of Worship Security
~The world's largest security training organization has opened a new church-security division and will instruct churches how to prevent and respond to violent crimes at its annual conference in September.

Tea Party Freak'O'lays Flood B.R. Over Health Care

Keep Your Hands Off My History (and Science Too)
~Running With Lumpy

Report blasts FEMA on storm trailer formaldehyde
~Cain Burdeau

Current, former Saints sue movie studio~Alan Sayre

New Orleans Greens
~Lisa Koening

Cool Blog'O'lert! Cool Blog'O'lert!
Best of American Beer and Food

Don't miss this Ned Sublette article & interview~t. tex's hexes

Larry Blumenfeld: New Orleans After Katrina~Truthdig

Roadside Graves plays Nola 8.5
~Captains Dead

The Radiators, a Jeremy Davenport party, and more from Keith Spera's Trick Bag

HOTG Summer Concert Series, Part 2~Home of the Groove

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Investigators seek cause of accident deep in Oroville, CA Dam that injures five
~Matt Weiser
~Oroville is the nation's tallest dam, rising 770 feet above its foundation in the Feather River.
An earthen dam, it was completed in 1967.

Vitter, Landrieu, Scalise introduce bills to force Corps to adopt "Pump to the River"
~Mark Schleifstein

After public outcry, port looking to build Cold Storage facility elsewhere ~Paul Murphy
~The Port of New Orleans is looking for other sites to build a Cold Storage facility, moving away from its planned location at the foot of Esplanade Avenue on the edge of French Quarter.
The action comes after months of strong opposition in the historic districts that would surround the chicken-exporting operation on the Mississippi River.

~Editilla sayz~Follow me, Chickens. I'm fulla Corn!

Parish levees, canals could get $22 million~Naomi King
~However, U.S. Rep. Charlie Melancon, D-Napoleonville, failed to get money set aside for the Morganza-to-the-Gulf hurricane-protection project, which aims to protect Terrebonne and parts of Lafourche from storm surges.

Corps to spend $1.5 Million to fill hole~Richard Burgess Demands Answers on Taxpayer-Funded Internet Trolls
~Atlanta Progressive News

Jindal vs. Blanco: A Louisiana Star Is Reborn?~Jim Brown

Post-hurricane reports cite need in Louisiana for trauma care, help for children
~Cain Burdeau

New Mixed Income Housing Off St. Charles In New Orleans ~BBuzz

Henry and June and the Topic of State Farm’s Cancerous Claims Handling ~slabbed

New Orleans a cover girl for entrepreneurs~Don Ames

2009 Last Year of the First Decade of the 21st Century
~Note from the Book

~And also The Year of The Summer Death.
Even The Taco Bell Chihuahua died..
It's like "Who's Next?" ya know...

Plus, more on Nola Marching Bands Tradition
--and the Legend that is Edwin Hampton!

Visit and help New Orleans' Holt Cemetery, Part 1
~Kathleen K Parker

Peigneur safe for now
~Amanda McElfresh

Texas in clash with Greyhound over Ike bills~Kelly Shannon

Essay from Daniel Bruno Sanz: “Obama 2012″~Affrodite
~Editilla Tollin'ya~It's gonna be Babar / Zephir ~ 2012!

Pulp Fiction Thursday~Adrastos

Tom Fitzmorris at Fat Hen Grill

Forgotten Disco Movie Masterpiece?

Reverend Spooky LeStrange Church of Burlesque
Revelatin' at the Hi-Ho

Hart McNee Musical Tribute
~New Orleans Music

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Bonnet Carre Spillway dock proposal progresses
~Matt Scallan

~View of the sediment released through the spillway (lower left) into Lake Pontchartrain from but a few days of its opening in '08.
For yer'oh'so ignorant Editilla, this long view puts the "Diversion" argument well and goodly on tap thank you very much.
Please click pic to enlarge, share.

Jefferson Parish Council expected to oppose West Bank barge-fleeting site~Paul Rioux

Waterloo~We Could Be Famous

Child-Governor Jindal Hits National Media Blasting Obama Health~Stephen Sabludowsky
~Will the real Bobby Jindal please stand up?

The Jindal Placebo Effect

Jindal likens health reform to 2005 hurricanes
~Library Chronicles

Bobby Jindal Still Using Katrina as Rationale for Smaller Government ~Gotcha Media

Review: The Shock Doctrine:
The Rise of Disaster Capitalism by Naomi Klein ~Shawn Miller

Not going bowling but packin’ … ~slabbed

Attorney General Buddy Caldwell turns over records to defense in case against former Citizens chief Lisotta
~Ed Anderson

District 20 Candidates agree on coastal issues~Mike Brossette

Donation slump could hinder disaster assistance
~Shelia Byrd

GAO Issues Post-Katrina Recovery Reports For Louisiana, Gulf Coast ~BBuzz

Grand Isle readies for Tarpon Rodeo~Brent St. Germain

Chris Rose: Take a true dream vacation this summer,
courtesy of C. Ray Nagin

Milk scam ends Jefferson clan power~New Orleans Levee

Get To Know the Brother That Lives Across the Street
~Cliff's Crib

Poet Julie Kane imagines a stirring 'Jazz Funeral'
~Susan Larson

~"Jazz Funeral" is an elegant collection of sonnets structured in the form of its title -- with the march to the cemetery, the eulogy -- for the late Robert Borsodi, whose Borsodi's Coffehouse was a gathering place for poets, and the final celebration of cutting the body loose.

Q & A: Dave Eggers
~Claire Suddath

Stimulus dollars to preserve Arts Council~Richard A. Webster

Note From The Book:
The Loss of Edwin Hampton

Donald Harrison will play more than jazz at the Northeast Jazz and Wine Fest in Syracuse
~Mark Bialczak

Louis Armstrong Jazz Camp Gala Tonight!

Celebrating a New Orleans legend at Satchmo Summerfest
~Nicole Dufour

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


USA Today serves Corps Cool Aid --still spinning the Katrina LIE
~Editilla gotta ax why they keep telling This Lie:
"Overall, work on the system is progressing at better-than- expected speeds and the area is safer than it was in 2005," Project Dir. Durham-Aguilera says. The federal levees collapsed under pressure from that storm, flooding New Orleans. That is an out right lie. Why continue to tell it?
Another lie is that Katrina was a "once in 400 year storm".
The past decade of recorded history painfully contradicts that total ASCE'fuck of Hurricane Reality. This type of Advertorial Article Placement is exactly why we pay the Big Money to the Public Relations firm OPP. While we are here in the front lines of flood fighting the Corps for our very lives and property, OPP is working overtime to place these articles of down'right re'framed misstatement and misdirection. They are quite proud of their job too! And get this, the Most Head Mistress of that same PR firm stealing your tax dollars in New Orleans has now purchased for herself a nifty thingy with our flood- funding: Certified Floodplain Manager, awarded by the Association of Water Industry Professionals (AssWIP)
Question is no longer how long now, how long must we pay so dearly for the Truth of our Flood Safety.
The question now is Why...
--why must We The People pay these PR Whores to Lie for the ASCECORPS Criminals who flooded our City.

Twit Youz, Harry Shearer!

Vitter backs 'Pump to the River' ~Paul Murphy, WWL
~U.S. Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) announced he has introduced a bill directing the Army Corps of Engineers to build the controversial flood control system.
He will be joined on the “Pump to the River” bill by the state’s senior senator, Mary Landrieu (D-LA), and Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), who chairs the committee where the bill is expected to be heard.

Secretary Shinseki: VA will need additional $300 million for proposed hospital

New Bahamas disturbance develops~Dr. Jeff Masters
~A new tropical disturbance has formed north of the central Bahama Islands, about 600 miles east of Miami.
The thunderstorm activity is not yet very intense, but does cover a moderately large area.
This morning's QuikSCAT pass showed winds of 20 - 25 mph, and no evidence of a circulation trying to form.

Census Bureau slams Nagin suggestion~Dave Cohen
~Should people who left New Orleans because of Katrina, but who intend to return soon be counted as New Orleans residents in the Census? Mayor Ray Nagin's office says they should. The Census Bureau disagrees.

Will displaced residents be counted? ~Desiree Evans

Recovery School District sends parents enrolling children to school sites ~Sarah Carr

Child-Governor Jindal takes credit for stimulus, presents constituents with jumbo-sized stimulus check.
~Think Progress

11th Circuit overturns Scruggs contempt citation! ~slabbed

Round Pegs in NoLA's Square: Entrepreneurs Defy Recession
~Christina Davidson

Fugitives wanted for abuse, neglect of 600 dogs arrested in Vermont~Mary Bushnell

Largest post-Katrina convention in town this week

'Outrage' returns to New Orleans
~Mike Scott

Edwin Hampton, Legendary Leader of the Marching 100 Passes Away

Keith I. Marszalek's Nola Music
~Last chance to catch the musical: "White Noise",
--at Le Petit Theatre, in the French Quarters

Part II: New Yorker Roundtable on Haitian Music
~Ferentz Lafargue

Monday, July 20, 2009

Lundi~ Extra!

And You Too can become a Certified Floodplain Manager!
~~Especially if you are the president of the $5 Million Public Relations firm contracted by the Corps of Engineers N.O. District for media spin'filtration and story'tellin!
~The ASFPM CFM Program is directed toward individuals from widely varying occupations, interests, and educational backgrounds who have routine floodplain management duties. This includes representatives from the following groups; community/state/federal officials, the private sector, academia, interest groups, and private citizens. For the purposes of the ASFPM CFM Program, floodplain management is defined as "Activities and efforts undertaken to reduce flood losses and human suffering and to protect the natural and beneficial values and functions of floodplains."
~Editilla wretches and throws caution to the fan~
Does the above definition sound like our sweet girls at OPP, who didn't show up on the scene in New Orleans until 2007 when they scored the big $5,000,000 (tax-free) contract with the Corps to whitewash and cleanse the Corps bad press?
This must be the most disgusting piece of news to flow across our desk in a while, to wit: the Queen Succubus of that Den of Succubi known as OPP has not only absconded with the Public Trust here in New Orleans, but appears to have also snagged a nice plaque to hang on her wall so everyone will know that she's CERTIFIED.
But let it be noted that this Charlatan of Leake Street left off her employment with the Corps of Engineers in her Press Release.
Hmmm, we wonder why? Why wouldn't this haint want the world to know how she and her company have inseminated themselves by hook or crook into the Flood Safety Dialogue for New Orleans?
The Grim Roper would have you all believe they just work for FEMA to "educate the public of flood mitigation". HA! There are lies and then there are damn pesky fleas that get up in'yer nose? Here is where OPP works to lobby FEMA's new modeling system: FEMA HAZUS-MH Multi-Hazard Loss Estimation Methodology Program A Crystal Ball for Disaster Mitigation. Hardly "educating the public", more like Selling another FEMA Expensive Thing (FET).
Who are these socalled Floodplain Managers that would award certification to a Public Relations Hag?
I mean hell, for what it's worth, why don't we all apply to take the test and become Floodplain managers? Well, costs for one thing.
Soooo, just to make sure we have it here:
The head of the Corps Public Relations is now a Certified Floodplain Manager?
Oh Hell, are we screwed or what? Can I get a Witnaaasss?
I have to go to the bathroom...again!

Jim Amoss gets a hard copy:
Petition to the Editor of the Times Picayune
~as presses issue of computer fraud between Corps of Engineers, OPP and

Corps of Engineers finally resumes work on Metairie levee
~Sheila Grissett


Port considers alternatives for N.O. Cold Storage~Emilie Bahr

Corps stimulus money re-opens Mississippi River debate

New Orleans City Council committee promotes sex education in schools
~David Hammer

The Inhumane Bobby Jindal
~Daily Kos
~H/T~Louisiana Now
~Hunger is slated for a comeback in Louisiana with Governor Bobby Jindal and the Louisiana legislature slashing the food bank budget by 90 percent.

Fugate stresses working together in an emergency
~Mellissa M. Scallan

Eroding Coast=Eroding Economies ~Ariella Cohen

Miss. shows Katrina recovery at govs' convention
~Emily Wagster Pettus

Did officials act early enough to alert public of Dow leak?
~Matt Scallan

You think real estate has bombed? This neighborhood has the real thing

Kibbles n' Bits (of car troubles)
~Crescent City Hack

How will you help if another storm threatens New Orleans?
~Curious Tribe?

'Young Help' From Minn. Heading To New Orleans

Pirogue continues journey to New Orleans~Zack Southwell

Bringing tourists back to Houma Waterlife Museum
~Daniel Mcbride

Feds award $1.4M to N.O. professor who gives LSD to rats

Дерьмо случается
~Mission Control in Moscow told the crew to turn off the toilet and use the unit inside their Soyuz transport ship. Designed only to support free flight between Earth and space and back, that unit has only enough storage capacity for a few days of crew use.

The Secret World of Walter Anderson~Colleen Mondor

New Orleans Meets New York as Dr. John and Ponderosa Stomp Honor Wardell Quezergue
~Rolling Stone