Saturday, December 18, 2010

Law firm felt the love from supporters

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bowling Pin gets knocked down again ~American Zombie
~Editilla Scatatellas~ Jus'sayin... we swear they're out there...
~~Key weather relay satellite survives encounter with ZombieSat

Guest Post: Lessons from Lower Mid-City ~NOLAFemmes

The good word is that Mr Letten is interested in Public Belt ~slabbed

How Big Is Your Jail?~Cliff's Crib
~~Why Our Black Boys Fail (via @)

New Orleans officials frustrated over slow payments from Hazard Mitigation Grant Program~Bob Ross

Mississippi River Gulf Outlet (MRGO) Ecosystem Restoration Plan Moves Forward

Poor infrastructure plagues N.O. Sewerage & Water Board
~Natasha Robin, WVUE

Mayor Mitch'mo asks business leaders to review Sewerage & Water Board operations~Michelle Krupa

NOPD can now write tickets for simple pot possession~Matt Davis, The Lens

Almost No Oil Recovered From Bobby's Berms~Mark Schleifstein

BP, Drilling Partners Sued by U.S. Government Over Gulf Oil Spill Damage

Vietnamese-American fishers fight for oil spill claim approval

Amberjack to connect Jack, St. Malo
~The pipeline will originate approximately 280 mi (450 km) south of New Orleans in 7,000 feet (2,134 m) of water and terminate at GC19. GC19 offers a variety of pipeline options for moving crude oil to shore.

Nothing Makes a Cynic Like a Wealthy Church ~Disenfranchised Citizen

~ American Pie Party~
Hey, Sarah Palinate, how's that costume party workin out for'ya?

New Orleans Fire Department will graduate 38 recruits

Heroes' homecoming for local guardsmen

New Orleans' 1st full-time culinary arts program for high school students

Parking and Restaurants
~Blackened Out

Buster Holmes to be remembered at Kitchen Witch Cookbooks
~Judy Walker

The New Food Truck Scene
~Ian McNulty, Gambit

Crispy Cracklin’ at Willie Mae’s Scotch House~Richard Bienvenu, NoNO

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Saints regain their swagger
~Alejandro de los Rios, Gambit

~Photo lifted from ~Because we can't get enough of this picture and because it's another chance to say "what curse?" With their sixth win in a row, Brees has defied Madden's and Sports Illustrated's famed curses in one season.

Who Dat Nation Names City's Best Tailgating Crew ~WDSU

Pineville woman prepares to tackle NFL

Causeway commuters to see Corps' changes Monday ~WVUE

Mike Grunwald: Katrina was a Man-Made

Army Corps Agrees to Use Coatings on NOLA Flood Project~PaintSquare

Louisiana Bucket Brigade releases refinery report
~Alex Woodward, Gambit

A Simple Reflection~Drake Toulouse

Burlesque for the Bayou Part 2
~Karen Dalton Deninato

~Editilla Velvetatellas~Yeah so WTF ok? What? Thanks for Part 1!
Imean, we heard about "Part 1" by implication from "Part 2"...but that isn't the problem here. The problem here is a fail'ya ta comoonicate! It is one thing to use poisoned south Louisiana women to boost your cred, but another think entirely to blindly go where you have never gone before. Thanks Ms Beninato, but.... well, ahem.... got any buwettes?

City seeks fairness in taxes? ~WWL-TV

Yes, It’s Safe to Eat. Ask the Chefs Who Stake Reputations On It
~Louisiana Seafood News

Bayou Blue business owner has big ideas about how the coast can be saved
~Nikki Buskey

The New Food Truck Scene
~Ian McNulty, Gambit