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Levee lawyer suing US Corps of Engineers over Industrial Canal Failure, faces felony charges from US Attorneys over Edwards campaign contributions.
In a high-stakes legal drama that stretches from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., federal prosecutors are poised to file criminal campaign finance charges against prominent L.A. attorney, Peirce O'Donnel, but his lawyers are fighting back, questioning whether his outspoken criticism of the Bush administration has made him the target of a political prosecution.
The current investigation involves $28,000 in contributions (chump change) to Edwards.
According to sources close to O'Donnell, the lawyer has told prosecutors that he would be willing to admit to arranging for the contributions and reimbursing his employees if he was allowed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor, which would allow him to retain his law license.
In their bid to persuade prosecutors that filing a felony would be unfair, they have identified 21 cases since 2000 in which people or businesses accused of similar or worse offenses were fined by the Federal Elections Commission as opposed to being prosecuted.
In some of those (and similar cases) the defendants tried to conceal their conduct by making cash reimbursements or disguising the payments as phony bonuses, salary increases or reimbursement for legitimate work-related expenses.

O'Donnell wrote personal checks to his employees to reimburse them and turned over all of his records to the government when he learned he was under investigation, a source close to the lawyer said.
Editilla notes (emphasis all mine) that even Bush's own attorney during the Coup d'etat in the theft of our 2000 Presidential Election thinks that this is extreme behavior for the Gonzales/Rove Justice Deptartment:
"There are very legitimate questions as to how one can justify imposing a professional death penalty (Felony) over this type of conduct,"
said George Terwilliger III, a high- powered Republican attorney who served as the No. 2 official in George H.W. Bush's Justice Department and played a key role on George W. Bush's legal team during the Florida election recount.
O'Donnell's attorneys are not the first to raise questions about politically motivated prosecutions by the Justice Department under George W. Bush.
Lawyers across the country began making such arguments after then-Atty. Gen. Alberto R. Gonzales was accused of terminating eight U.S. attorneys on political grounds in 2006. Such claims are hard to prove and have had mixed results.

~Editilla tollin'yaz~
The US Corps of Engineers is...
Everywhere you want to be!
~Rest uneasy Gentle'rillas as the Exquixotic Corps IS everywhere. Shit in one hand half a dozen in the other.
On one hand we have Private First Class Fuck'mouths like past LA ASCE President, Nameless Tim Ruppert,
anonymously attacking this local blogger in my own comment section like a phantom Rovian Corps'whisperer, innuendo and out the other.
His attempt to publicly smear real engineer Robert Bea as a paid litigant failed upon the evidence, like oil on a laughing duck's back. But Poor Tim's real target is of course the $1/4M, ILIT study performed, finished and released shortly after the flood which contradicts much of the Corps-directed ASCE $30M, IPET study--yet to be released due to Corps intransigence. He learned this tactic from ASCE PR seminars and watching Carl Rove,
to wit: misdirection from the facts with whisper innuendo, so as to marginalize the lead opposing Engineer, and by implication this blog <--which considers the Corps guilty of negligent homicide at best and pukes every time we consider the ASCE's Project Engineering Incestuous Relationship (PEIR) with the Corps, or and the establishment of the 8/29 Investigation or anyone else clamoring for independent redress on the federal flooding of our city, the sub-standard building of our failed levee system and the unsafe, unsound faux repair job on those levees.
Anything else but the engineering of those levees, eh Nameless Tim Ruppert?

Then on another hand we also have
Gerald Galloway, Ruppert's fellow ASCE President (National), former Corps Commander, board member of Titan Corporation and lead author of the non-peer reviewed 1993 Midwestern Flood Report (interesting to see where these assholes turn up, eh, as a rising tide floats all goats?) going around the country spin'filtrating to every major media outlet from the NY Times to the LA Times the story that everyone but the Corps is responsible for their Catastrophic Engineering Failures in 1993, this past summer and of course, by implication and misdirection, the Flood of New Orleans in 2005.
And now on the Third Hand Path we must add to the match of this American Battle Royal the Rove/Gonzales Political Machine as they go after whoever dares to take on this Corps malfeasance in Federal court.
(Get ready
Insurance lawsuit attorneys.)
But yer oh'so humble Editilla travels the Back Hand Path
and we refuse to take this shit Sinn Féin. Nevermore!
Who will be the next contestants on The Vice is Right?

Rep. Melancon files bill that would authorize 8/29 Investigation Team

Midwest flood relief must wait

Put Army Base On New Britain Brownfield~It seems everyone has gotten the message about smart growth planning these days — except the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The Exqixotic Corp's attempts to locate a new reserve training center in Middletown, CT have gone from one bad site to another. Unless someone intervenes, this will be a disaster.

KBR Corps Concentration Camps
On January 24, 2006, KBR, which was still a subsidiary of Halliburton at the time, got a contract from the Department of Homeland Security, “to support the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facilities in the event of an emergency.” The press release on KBR’s website further stated that the contract has a “maximum total value of $385 million over a five-year term, consisting of a one-year based period and four one-year options, the competitively awarded contract will be executed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District.

Fuck you you fucking fucks.
I don’t give a damn what the hell you Yankees/Texans do, do it in your own yard, and shut the fuck up. We don’t care what you do, and we don’t want your damned PVC sided beige square houses uglying up our town.
Go home, and quit looking at my home as simply a chance to line your wallets.

Fuck you Army Corps of Engineers. You are so full of yourself, and you don’t have clue fucking one. Building levees on jello. You should be tried and convicted of treason, or mass murder. Fuck you all, let’s give our money to the Dutch – they seem to have this shit figured out.~Dr. Ashley Morris~Herolero
Get your stylee FYYFF t'shirts at Dirty Coast.
Update Art Action fo'da Auction from Nola Rising.

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The Mississippi River streaks an oil sheen while workers with the U.S. Environmental Services clean oil on the levee that washed up on the shoreline July 23 after a barge accident. Photo~Ted Jackson / Times-Picayune
Wildlife refuge girds for effects of oil spill ~Cleanup crews farther upriver are redirecting oil to shorelines fortified by the levee system, where the muck can then be scrubbed, absorbed and trucked away. But preventing seepage into the innumerable channels and passes of the Mississippi Delta is another story.

Legal fight starts day after spill ~The federal lawsuit was filed by New Orleans attorney Camilo K. Salas III, Reserve attorney Daniel E. Becnel Jr. and the Parker Waichman Alonso,
a law firm in Great Neck, N.Y.

200 Ships Idled, Not Good

NOAA Responds to Oil Spill ~Beyond Katrina

on concrete levee. Photo- NOAA
~For some perspective, the New Orleans Spill is 400,000 gallons, or appx 9900 barrels of heavy #6 Diesel fuel. The Exxon Valdez spilled 10.8 million gallons of Prudhoe Bay crude oil into the sea, and the oil eventually covered 11,000 sq miles. The 2007 San Francisco Bay oil spill:
58,000 gallons of IFO-380 bunker fuel were spilled.

Special Hat T'n'T~Jeffrey!
Editilla pleads Yellow Contendere!

NOAH Devolves to Adam and Eve
~We Could Be Famous
(Post currently under cloak and digger!;)

"Lusty and clear from the goatherd's throat..."
~Your Right Hand Thief

Burmese junta pockets millions in foreign aid currency scam

Mia Farrow Calls for Global Pressure at Olympics for Burma

China: most popular blog platform blocked for more than a week~Reporters Without Borders~“Due to a lack of self-discipline of the part of a few netizens in posting sensitive information to their former blogs that is not in accordance with the discussion requirements, SOHO Xiaobao is temporarily closed. We are currently in the process of applying to have it reopened. Service has now stopped; all data will be saved, and usage will resume upon further notice. Thank you everyone for your understanding and support! At the same time, everyone is asked, in their care for SOHO Xiaobao, to be cautious of what they write during the Olympic period, and to remember that the posting of illegal information is strictly forbidden.”

Strange Bedfellows In Deed

Gaps in aging levees leave D.C. landmarks exposed

Why is Homeland Security messing with Texas levees during hurricane season?
~Facing South

Attracting young professionals to New Orleans is one thing, retaining them is another

Beans~Library Chronicles

Time to review New Orleans restaurants again
~Brett Anderson

Will New Orleans Critic Brett Anderson Go Easy on the Big Easy Restaurants? Nope! ~Serious Eats

Herbsaint Drip Glass ~New Orleans Absinthe History

Job Lead: TravelSmith
Travel-Stories from New Orleans

Chris Rose 60-Second Interview: Maria Shaw

Worship Music Publisher Donates $65,000 to Archdiocese

Music Friday: A humid city mix ~David Rutledge

Brotherhood - New Orleans Funkiest Delicacies

Chucho Valdes Presents the album "Canto a Dios"
(Song to God) in Madrid

In New Orleans, The Sound Never Sets~Deroy Murdock

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Raw footage: Mayor Nagin slams WWL Eyewitness News report
~Entire press conference where Mayor Nagin accuses Eyewitness News NOAH Report of being biased. HA!
As Squandered Heritage Strikes Again!
Baby Ray complains of Listlessness. HA! HA! HA!
Ha'T'n'T'-Big Oyster

Councilwoman Head Weighs in on NOAH~David Winkler-Schmit

Sex Senators Vitter, Craig hook up ~The New Orleans Levee

Colston inks three-year extension

Lowered flags to honor crew of crashed B-52

Ms River could remain closed for days as fuel spill cleanup continues
~A sheen of oil can be see on the river surface near Stone Oil in Gretna following a collision between a tugboat and an oil tanker on the Mississippi River which spilled 9000 barrels of diesel in the river.

"Dead Zone" In The Gulf Of Mexico Now Bigger Than Ever, Researchers Say

Lawmakers want more money to gauge levee risks

Coastal restoration funds at risk due to increased federal levee improvements costs
~Facing South

New law makes way for "forced evacuations"

FEMA seeks immunity from suits over trailer fumes...and will probably get it from the New, Bent'Over America

It's your problem, too
~TP Editiorial Staff weighs-in on new website launched by "Are We At Risk?"

Mitch Landrieu says change recovery czar

A Little Something Extra
from New Orleans
~Danielle Purifoy

Developers Pitch "Katrina Cottages" at Condo Prices
~The representatives of the project showed architectural drawings and photographs of the type of houses that would be built on lots 40 feet wide by 150 feet deep and sold at market prices, estimated to be between $110,000 and $120,000.
The 900 sq ft houses would be furnished, equipped with appliances, dishes, pots, pans and towels, said Ceaser. All a buyer has to do is “walk in and hang clothes,” said Rinaudo.

In New Orleans, You Can Get 5 Years in Prison for a Joint of Marijuana

Missing in New Orleans
~Andrew Samwick
~This was my fourth trip to New Orleans and my second since Hurricane Katrina. Unlike the prior three trips, which were all associated with Econopalooza, I took some time on this trip to see the areas most damaged by the storm. My guides were two professors from Loyal University New Orleans who have researched the local environment extensively.

Proposed waterway gate not wide enough, officials say

Wetlands save states billions, new study says

Survey of Hurricane Preparedness
~Finds Those Who Experienced Katrina Most Worried About Drinking Water and Medical Care

Better Than Power Grid:
New Microgrid Network

~Hurricane Katrina helped University of Texas professor, Alexis Kwasinski, formulate a new plan for the U.S. telecoms system:
a de-centralized power architecture that would have kept the lights and phones on in New Orleans.

Adventure calls workers to New Orleans
~While the population in New Orleans continues to limp back to pre-Katrina levels, a new rush of residents is moving in. They are typically young and educated, some with ties to the city, others without, and all tend to share a common goal: to rebuild a better New Orleans.

Architecture School~Greenline
~produced by Michael Selditch, is a documentary series chronicling a year in the life of a class of Tulane University School of Architecture students building an affordable home in New Orleans. The series will air in six episodes and play on the Sundance Channel.

New Orleans cookbook author heading trip to Iowa

2008 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival Photo Gallery ~Joseph A. Rosen
George Porter and Dr. John share a moment in the sun at the 2008 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.
Image © Joseph A. Rosen.

Gone Pecan~Scott Jordan

NEPA and NOLA Play Well Together~On Sept 13, Spencer Bohren’s musical odyssey will bring him to the Waverly Community House, where he will headline at the third event in PocoNotes’ 2008 acoustic storytelling series,
“Hear ‘Em at The Comm.”

Nat Turner's Revenge

Russell Porter: Hot 8 Brass Band of New Orleans

Guitarist Jimmy Robinson
~will perform Thursday, July 24 / 6 to 8 p.m. at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art’s Ogden After Hours.

Why am I here?~John Doheny

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Levee protection: Should Louisiana residents pay?
~S. Rosenthal

Sister Clare Cramer attends a rally in the Lakeview neighborhood of New Orleans on May 31, 2008. The rally, hosted by Levees.Org coincided with the eve of Hurricane Season.

Author John Barry will be featured speaker at RT3!
~Your Right Hand Thief

~Editilla chin'schillas~Way to go Rising Tide!
And is that the sharpest, Greg Peters poster ever? Well, there have been only 2 RTs so...
They all spankin'hot! Collect all 3!
And Let's Never Forget...this weekend!
FYYFF It’s Black and Gold Forever
Harry Shearer interviewed Barry on
Le Show Sunday and we have been listening to the itunes download over and over.
Editilla really hopes that this year's Rising Tide Conference will include more salient views from the other side of the Levees, to wit:
Real Engineering perspectives from
Robert Bea and/or Raymond Seed.
Given our
Congressional Delegation's dumbfounded ignorance of any alternative levee investigations,
given the Fact of Flowing Water Beneath the 17th Street Canal Levee Breach "Repair"
(which indeed, John Barry's own SLFPA-E has decided warrants Independent Investigation Now--apart from the
Exquixotic Corps bullshit faux buck'passing later) and given the USACE/ASCE continued practice of obfuscation and misdirection, groveling of PR Hacks named PO Cephus before us as if we were drug-addled school children, we need informed presentation,
real data. As well, may we hope to hear from

For Editilla, Life With Bad Levees Means Certain Death.
Lemme tol'yaz, that Is what it Is. Bad Levees=Death.
Alpha and Omega. To Be or Not to Be,
demandez pas
"To build safe levees or not is not rocket science.
It is geotechnic science."~S. Rosenthal
I have yet to find One Single Person---who was, as I, in New Orleans when the Corps' levees failed--who disagrees with me on this: Bad Levees=Death.
End of Story.

It would be a good thing too for this Conference to address ReInventing The Crescent, since the "Hip Cool" do not "Invent" anything, and Editilla has an oh'so humble suggestion there too...(jus'sayin:)
Joel Kotkin, author of "The City: A Global History".

More Media Coverage of the Congressional Visit Part II: Natalie Chandler on the Insurance Specifics~slabbed

Dams being Refreshed, McCain Should be Rebuked ~African American Opinion
~McCain's stance on the Water Resource Development Act in 2007 was and is preposterous.
It lacked real analysis of the problems that needed to be addressed. More than half of the infrastructure for waterways across the United States are functionally obsolete.

PHA Commission Considers About $10 Million in Environmental Improvements for Bayport Container Terminal

LA River Can't Be Navigated
~ms2 - the back yard of los angeles politics

New Orleans as a hub for social entrepreneurship innovation? ~do good well

The Weekend That Was
~Citizen K

Notes from New Orleans:
Jackson Barracks~Walter Gallas

Confessions of a Local Eater ~Sarah Andert

Satchmo, Cocktails, Culture, Food, Dance~Margarita Bergen

Monday, July 21, 2008


thank you, Masqued E'vinja

Congress Checks Conditions In New Orleans, then on to Ms Gulf
~Gulf South Free Press

Louisiana Delegation Absolutely Clueless when asked about 8/29 Commission~slabbed
~Congressman Melancon~D-La, (202) 225-4031
--who requested the 8/29 Investigation--
yesterday received an apparently Trick Question:
"What is the status of the 8/29 Investigation?"
Melancon answers with his own question:
"What is the 8/29 Investigation?"
This of course means that this legislation is
Goddamn you, Melancon, you lying backstabber!
Editilla is a little too pissed off to comment here.

"What's 8/29 investigation?"
~Your Right Hand Thief

Delegation struck by lingering N.O. need

Contract issue blocks cottages

New Orleans Hospitals Face Continuing Losses

Proposal: A Tricentennial Tower Along New Orleans' Lakefront

Mold found in 8 of 11 FEMA-provided mobile homes
INDIANAPOLIS - A state health official who inspected 11 FEMA-provided mobile homes sheltering Indiana flood victims found mold on eight of those units, leading crews to replace problematic access panels on all the homes.

Flood victims waiting for FEMA trailers~Oakville, IOWA-- Inspectors say they found mold in nearly two hundred trailers FEMA provided to eastern Iowa flood victims. Mold in mobile homes can be removed but Iowa Lieutenant Governor Patty Judge says she wants the trailers, sent here from Alabama, removed. Hat T'n'T~PJ

National Conference of State Legislatures opens in New Orleans this week

This is Our Lives, Now
~Our New Orleans Saints

Saints trade for Jeremy Shockey
~The New York Giants traded tight end Jeremy Shockey to New Orleans on Monday in exchange for the Saints' second- and fifth-round draft choices in 2009.

Volunteer grass-cutters still working in City Park

Alabama Power a big benefactor in hurricane recovery program

New Orleans~Eva Holland
Editilla would like to thank Ms. Holland for the Faulkner description of our Fair Maid, which you see now, hung'gloriously, upon da'Ladda.
Having grown up in The Delta, "that nuptial bed of love and grief", I find young Eva's interest in our culture quite gratifying, her dedication to its resurgence reassuring and her attraction to its capitol, New Orleans, downright...appetizing.


Ye Olde College Inn loses flavor with new approach
~Tom Fitzmorris

Matt Lemmler, with Leah Chase ~breath of life

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Congressional group tours 17th Street Canal~One of the top issues on the agenda during the coming days is how much should Louisiana be forced to pay for levee improvements. Right now, the state faces a cost share of $1.8 billion – money it’s supposed to pay within the next three years.
"Haven't we paid enough? Haven't the citizens of this area already paid enough in terms of livelihoods and lives lost due to the failure of the federal levees?" said Sandy Rosenthal of "We don't deserve to pay such a large match, especially since these levees should have been built right in the first place. Had the levees been built right, we'd be well on our way to recovery right now," said Rosenthal.
~Related TP article
...WWL Real Journalism Video here...but no mention of the active and growing LEAK in the 17th Street Canal Breach Repair.
~Editilla is having a hard time today

understanding What Could Be More Important than
Flowing Water underneath that Levee Repair, except perhaps
Flowing Water underneath other Corps Levee Repairs
or their practice of stuffing some of these levee repairs with Times Picayune newspapers...or perchance the general Corps engineering incompetence, albeit wit'savvy media manipulation.
This whole "Matching Funds" issue is the Corps pitting us against our own legislatures, Governed against Governor. It may look like Congress, but one must never forget that the Corps has Engineering Projects in EVERY CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT,
and has played this funding game a lot longer than anyone living in New Orleans today.
Their ultimate goal is Control of Flood Control. Monopoly.
But, then again, I was there when their levees failed in 2005.
And I was there this past May 26th, Memorial Day, (HA!) and stuck my arms elbow-deep into that growing 17th Street Leak and felt the Flowing Water. Then, returned 1 month later to find that the Leak had grown 5 times larger and now attracts migrating ducks! I mean, Goddamn It!
Who else was here in New Orleans during that flood? Who else danced at The Reapers Ball? Does No One Remember the Water? Who remembers the smell of death and can look me in the eye and tell me that SAFE REBUILDING OF OUR LEVEES IS NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING? Are people this fucking crazy? Drugged?
Rising Tide? Hello? I suppose when these levees fail again you will just have to swim with the rest of us, eh?
Or change the name to Riding Tide?
"On Monday, the group is scheduled to tour part of the metro area before heading to the Mississippi Gulf Coast."
I apologize for missing the import of this Congressional Bus Tour, and did not know that they would go to the 17th Street Canal,
~~a mere life-jacket-toss from this awful growing Levee Leak.

~However, here is another chance to make them hear us.
Please surround that bus on Monday. Make them hear us!

Locals racing to remind nation of Katrina
~If memory fades over time, then some local advocates are racing against the clock as the three-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina comes ever closer to keep Katrina in the nation’s thoughts.

Tropical Storm Dolly has formed in the western Caribbean sea.

GOP heads north to Alaska, Dems go south to New Orleans

New Katrina Talking Point

~Editilla gotta hat'toppa~
The Nola blogging community has beaten all over this issue with dead horses. Gentle'rillas gotta wonda how these Hot Bloggers do not have their own heavy'dog national whateva, as they consistently slam nails in the coffin of these never ending stories?
I gotta tol'ya...I am afraid to try to list them all so many hot ones, like letting genies out of a rat bag.

In flooded Iowa, New Orleans volunteers can say . . .

Nurses find that helping is best medicine

New Orleans to keep closer watch on its Police

La. doctor cleared in patient deaths recalls storm

Katrina, Graffiti
and the World I know~dakinikat

Update From New Orleans ~bjkeefe

Lawmaker slams FEMA for Arkansas disaster response

The Nature Conspiracy in Southeast Colorado - Part 2 ~Deanna Spingola

Marcellus girls return from New Orleans

Jacques-Imo's Cafe Spinach Salad~Chowhound New Orleans

Subversive Sounds - Race and the Birth of Jazz in New Orleans~all about Jazz

NolaFunk Lagniappe