Saturday, April 24, 2010


Tornado kills at least 7 in Mississippi~Also~NPR

Oil leaking from well at blast site ~WWL~"This is a very serious spill, absolutely," Rear Adm. Mary Landry said. Coast Guard and company officials estimate that as much as 1,000 barrels of oil is escaping each day after studying information from remotely operated vehicles and the size of the oil slick surrounding the blast site.
~Update: Make that 42,000 gallons/day!
Senator David Vitter holds up promotion to lobby for Morganza, corps reforms
~Nikki Buskey

The corps of engineers has problems, Senator Dorgan:
An editorial of Alligator Tears

The Katrina Myth to be shown at California Conference

Speaking up for The Big Easy
~Rick Foster

Dr. John rails against the rain and more at Jazz Fest
~Keith Spera
~Maybe it was the rain, or maybe he's still stewing over the whole breached levee thing.
But a clearly agitated Mac Rebennack came across as more focused and engaged than I've seen him in a while.

Campaign to Save Ivor van Heerden’s Post at LSU
~Levees Not War

From the Brookings Institution ~On Levee Failures and a Weather Event

Oil rig explosion could become one of deadliest industry disasters in Gulf
~Drilling rules sought

Sitting On My Porch Part Forty Three.....Continued~Cliff's Crib

Not exactly Saturday music but music to my ears – Dexter McCluster #36 pick in the Draft ~slabbed

Insurance penalty targeted: Policyholders must pay to switch

Loving It To Death~Citizen K

Crunch Time~Foxessa

Taste new brews at American Craft Beer Week~Todd Price

'Treme's' Wendell Pierce shares performance anxiety with New Orleans Jazz Fest fans
~Dave Walker

~Also~ from Tommy Stevenson

(Speaking for Authenticity) whatever you do don't piss off the tourists~Deb Cotton

Five ways JazzFest and Disney World are alike~YatPundit

Grandpa Elliott Small debuts at New Orleans Jazz Fest today
~Sheila Stroup

Friday, April 23, 2010


Flash flood warning now issued for New Orleans area

Coast Guard: Oil sheen is expanding ~WWL

Katrina storm surge led to over 200 onshore releases of petroleum and hazardous materials, rivaling Exxon Valdez oil spill~According to comprehensive research using government incident databases, about 8 million gallons of petroleum releases were reported as a result of Katrina hitting the U.S. Gulf coast in 2005, nearly 75 percent of the total volume of the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska.
The releases were largely due to storage tank failure and the shut down and restart of production processes. Storm surge floods were the primary cause, but some incidents occurred as a result of hurricane and tropical storm strength winds where no surge was present, according to the authors. The study appears in the April issue of the journal Risk Analysis.

Sen. David Vitter's delaying tactic aimed at Corps of Engineers infuriates ND Sen. Byron Dorgan~Jonathan Tilove
And~ this from Gerard Sheilds
~Houma Courier ~H/
“My friend is fast wearing out his welcome,” said Dorgan, who kept pointing his finger at Vitter. “My friend might want to learn the words thank you, thank you to this chamber.”
Vitter refused to back down, saying that his hold on the promotion of Brig. Gen. Michael Walsh to major general was warranted because the corps has failed to move on critical Louisiana flood control projects and has repeatedly failed to meet report deadlines. “I’m disappointed my distinguished colleague is continuing to blindly, in my opinion, be a fierce defender of a bureaucracy that is clearly broken,” Vitter said.
~Editilla axes Who'dat Yessir Ya'Bitcha?~
Poor Fargo Dorgan wants that BILLION Dollar Flood Diversion Project the Corps is trying to Sell them and MN.
This is a Perfect example of how the Corps of Engineers says that "We don't Lobby members of Congress." Yeah, well, riiiiight.
But their friendly contractors indeed do! Like the way the Mafia never "Lobbied" their protection plans to the neighborhood.
But lest ye'wonda who is the Real Insubordinate Asshole here, allow us to introduce Brigadier General Michael Walsh, Commander, Division Engineer, Mississippi Valley Division
US Army Corps of Engineers and Yes'Mam of Yes'Men at the Full Committee hearing entitled, "New Orleans Hurricane and Flood Protection and Coastal Louisiana Restoration: Status and Progress."
~I swear if we hear another "soldier" like General White Walsh pine and crow to Congress about their service to the country then we outta get all the purple hearts we can find in the pawn shops and shove them up their whiny fey ass one at a time.

How to destroy a delta: Mississippi vs Nile approaches ~LaCoastPost

Officials celebrate Earth Day with coastal work~Nikki Buskey
~Earth Day is celebrated a little differently in Louisiana, where the earth under our feet is disappearing rapidly.

Corps' Big Dig Engineer oversees levee soil mixing

Corps of Engineers, local levee officials fault record winter rainfall for seepage
~Sheila Grissett

So, who got “soaked” -after- Katrina aside from Alabama taxpayers – and other things you can learn from Congressman Taylor’s Chart ~slabbed

Low Expectations

Scrappy New Orleans advocates try winning journalists with compliments instead of criticism
~Eric Deggans

Wendell Pierce spotted at Jazz Fest, discusses rise in celebrity

Oh Snap! Uplifting ‘Treme’ has potential to surpass ‘Wire’
~Oscar Dahl

Hack of Town ~Blogging Crème
~This weeks Cremetheme: "The Thread", or, "How I had no idea Orleans Parish Prison was such a dangerwous pwace!" and also "the quietude of captive stories".
No spoilers or discussion of an episode before it has aired at least once on Regular Folks’ TV.
You will obey this. (Quiche?) Capische?
Play nice or don’t play. No white t-shirts. No outside drinks.

people who only associate with like-minded people
~things kevin hates

~Hat Tweet~

Bloggers are betcha!~American Zombie

To what extent is Stormy Daniels responsible for the financial crisis?~Your Right Hand Thief

Not gonna argue
~Library Chronicles

Volcanic ash cloud strands foreign musicians in NOLA ~Katy Reckdahl

Tennessee Fest Gets Props
~Deep South Magazine

Pen to Press writers' conference
~Gumbo Writer

Theresa Andersson at Le Petit

Get the scoop on Jazz Fest food straight from veteran eaters

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Mayor-elect Mitch Landrieu receives 80 policy recs from citizen task forces
~Finally, on flood protection and coastal restoration, task force members said Landrieu should use his bully pulpit to press for 500- to 1,000-year levee protection.
They also called on the new administration to implement a "world-class urban water management system" to reduce levee overtopping and improve drainage during heavy rains, and to institute wetlands conservation programs within the city.
Those are initiatives Landrieu could foster in one of his new mayoral roles: president of the Sewerage & Water Board.
~Editilla Uuuuuuhhhhmmmbrellas~That's it?
Actually, #1 is pretty much what I have dreamed of for the city.
With #2 as the Cabinet Level type person to face down the Corps.
I will say this too, special thanks to all the Task Force members for putting in the dues to draw our dozens.
We also note that Mitch'mo gave Each Task Force only 5 minutes to present all the work they have been hashing through to come up with these recommendations. Perchance we will learn more of what these folks are saying as we enter Hurricane Season.
Oil rig that exploded has sunk
Our prayers go out to those lost and to their families.
Happy B'Earth Day John Muir!
~El Capitan~
This beautiful black and white photograph is hand made from Ansel Adams' original negative, and available exclusively from the family-owned Ansel Adams Gallery.
~Please also see: Sierra Nevada: The John Muir Trail
~And, for the gender-challenged who wonder about the stance of our Earth Mother in these harrowing times, we offer Urban Dictionary's Word of the Day: Buy-Curious

~Tiger Pass, just south of Venice, 1995
~Nyman characterizes Pass a Loutre in the 80s as “verdant tunnels of black willow.” When I first went to the coastal wetlands in 1995 I found stands of black willow at Tiger Pass, assuming I located myself at the correct place on the USGS maps I always carry with me. When I went back ten years later I found no willow south of Venice, again assuming I located myself in the correct place on the USGS map. ~Quinta Scott, wetlands photographer and author of the wonderful new, must-have, book The Mississippi: A Visual Biography.

Dr. Ian Malcolm: God help us; we're in the hands of engineers.
Dr. Ian Malcolm: I'll tell you the problem with the scientific power that you're using here: it didn't require any discipline to attain it. You read what others had done and you took the next step. You didn't earn the knowledge for yourselves, so you don't take any responsibility... for it. You stood on the shoulders of geniuses to accomplish something as fast as you could and before you even knew what you had you patented it and packaged it and slapped it on a plastic lunchbox, and now...
[pounds table with fists] you're selling it,
[pounds table again] you want to sell it!

StoryCorps New Orleans debuts with tale of Memorial Medical Center nurses in aftermath of Katrina (the Man-made Flood)
~Editilla threads the needle~ We are trying to figure out if Bruce Nolan, one of the baddest and last of the Katrina Shorthand Journalists is smearing his meme on the Witness Accounts of this Man Made Disaster: "On the Saturday after Hurricane Katrina destroyed her home, her job and her community, Pam Mathews stood in line in an Old Navy store in Baton Rouge, owning not even the clothes on her back."
He links to the Story Corps page, yet of those on that page with their Stories, you will find that they are well aware that it was Not Katrina which devastated their city, killed friends and family.
And in the actual accounts in the article, Nurse Mathews makes a vibrant distinction between the storm and the levee failures.
Nolan is one of the last of the wiley'waskles of bastards when it comes to Katrina Shorthand blaming the Flood on the Hurricane. So we are wondering if the Black Tag of Misnomer applies here, as it is one thing to carry the Lie for the Corps of Engineers, but another sin altogether to put words into the mouths of those who suffered at the hands of the Corps Bad Engineering. For many of these Witnesses, they did not know that the levees had failed because of Bad Corrupt Engineering by the Corps. For so many it was Katrina Writ Large. But the Truth is so much more important.

~Since we were asked, this song is for my friend who worked at Charity during the Flood, and told me she thought of it often as things just got worse and worse.

Man-made reefs to protect Grand Isle from erosion
~Mark Schleifstein

New Orleans before and after Hurricanes Katrina/Rita:
A Quasi-Experiment of the Association between Soil Lead and Children’s Blood Lead

Green groups press council members for promises
~Brentin Mock, The Lens

Big Easy to restore hurricane-damaged green space
~Michael Keating

Coastal restoration priorities urged~Amy Wold

Nutria burrowing in area levees
~Katherine Schmidt

Quote of the Day
"To some in NFL circles, the former Florida State star's decision to put football on hold for a year while studying at one of the world's foremost academic institutions — not to mention his plans to become a neurosurgeon — indicates a lack of commitment to the game..."

~Courtesy of the Big Molluski
Let’s talk multi peril insurance and NFIP reauthorization as Slabbed updates the Washington front

NAHB addresses NFIP
~While requiring mandatory flood insurance purchase is one option (NFIP), another option may be to require that structures meet federal residential design, construction and modification requirements. NAHB is strongly opposed to expanding such requirements to new classes of structures, including those found behind flood protection structures and those affected by any programmatic change to the SFHA (Special Flood Hazard Area).
These requirements would substantially increase the cost of new home construction and severely impact housing affordability. For example, on the Gulf Coast, elevating new structures could add $30,000 to the cost of the homes, depending on the estimate source and size of the home.

NAHB has conducted research that shows that a $5,000 increase in housing price in New Orleans would eliminate 6,089 households from the housing market. It is easy to see the tremendous impact that such reforms would have not only on nation's home builders, but on the nation's home buyers. NAHB urges Congress to soften the impact of any programmatic changes to the NFIP by ensuring that construction requirements remain tied to the 1% standard.

Court throws out $35 million settlement of a class action against Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance

Blogging Treme, the Comic Book
~Editilla Hotellas~ We apparently Do Not Fit In with this Club of Nola Bloggers as extra'd in the TV Show Treme, so they don't post our comments on their Treme Blog when we think they get a little Poodle Cheese with their Baseball Card trading on what constitutes the Story of New Orleans post-Flood.
Sinn Mfkn Féin, Gleichschaltung Bitches.
This is what they think is so campy for the next plot twist:
~A suicide note in the pocket of a man who jumped off the Omni Royal Orleans Hotel late Tuesday led police to the grisly scene of his girlfriends murder, where they found her charred head in a pot on the stove, her legs and feet baked in the oven and the rest of her dismembered body in trash bag in the refrigerator, according to police and the couples landlord.
The man, Zackery Bowen, a tall man in his mid 20s with long blond hair, claimed in the note to have killed his girlfriend, Adrian Addie Hall, on Oct. 5, according to police. Hall was also in her mid 20s. In the five-page note, Bowen claimed he strangled Hall in the bathtub, then dismembered her body before taking it in pieces to the kitchen, police said. An autopsy conducted today shows that Hall was in fact manually strangled, police said. It also appears that Halls body was cut up after she died, police said. He appeared to clean up the bathroom a lot after he did it, one officer said. Police found the victims head burned beyond recognition in a pot on top of the stove, and her legs and feet in the same condition in pans inside the oven, police said.
But they blog it as just another episode of Leave It To Cleaver.
I sure hope David Simon is not so filled with Bourgeois Naivete.
I think the Adrastos at Creme' calls it "Cattitude".
How about Krewe d'tude, Assitude, Rattitude, Flatulentude?

Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival Poetry Writing

The lefty history of New Orleans' iconic po' boy~Francis Lam
~Hat Tweet~pbodenheimer (via @curechef)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Army Corps and local levee officials BS faults record winter rainfall for Levee seepage
~Shleila Grissett
Coastal restoration project is ill- advised, St. Bernard residents say~Also~Projects need team of plant experts, Breaux Act panel says ~Mark Scleifstein

Over a dozen pump stations back in Plaquemines Parish's control
~Maya Rodriguez

Donaldsonville-to-the-Gulf levee alignment decision is postponed
~Paul Rioux
~Hat Tweet~Healthy Gulf

University biology professor demanding apology from LSU
~The Daily Reveille
~A wildfire of criticism brought the University’s academic sanctity into question following the removal of Dominique Homberger from teaching an introductory biology course because of students’ low grades.
Those advocating the University’s position say it was a necessary removal to protect students.
On the other side, there are faculty who believe “the University has defecated on the Holy Grail of academic freedom,” as one faculty member bluntly described the situation.
~Editilla say all work and no school makes LSU a dull board!
Or, an Ivor a Day keeps the Tigers in Play!

7 injured, 11 missing after deep- water oil rig explosion

Can California fix the Delta before disaster strikes?

Speaking of Disaster Scholars,
Katrina Longhand and
Fuckmookery in the 1st Degree...

~I realize it is not politically correct to talk about abandoning a city with a 300-year old history. And New Orleans is an important conduit for oil, natural gas, and other products entering through that deep-water port. However, I am sure that some kind of elevated housing could be constructed for those who choose to remain there to work in those industries, which are vital to U.S. commerce. I envision that something like an oil rig structure could be devised that would serve the purpose.
But to spend billions of dollars and to squander hundreds of tons of physical materials to rebuild repeatedly seems like folly, not to mention the future human suffering that this encourages.

~Editilla Bat Signals~Y'all go and pay this indecent intellectual some choice commentary, let'em know we care?
For the moment Editilla is having to sit a spell, breath deeply, eat my nitro pills and play darts with my knives on what is left of a shredded picture of The Red Castle.

Innovation in the Face of Climate Change~Elizabeth Skree

City lied about cost of demolishing Lower Mid-City

Friends & Charity Hospital Babies--
This Thursday, April 22nd, at 10:00 a.m. at City Hall, the City Council is holding a public hearing to decide whether to allow the closure of streets on the proposed footprint for the VA hospital. While the City Council is only debating whether or not to shut down the streets, the Council's role as a rubber stamp represents their first ever public hearing about the hospital issue.
We believe that the City Council should deny the closure of streets before the full cost and impact of these hospitals is known. It is unconscionable that residents who fight for their neighborhood, while permitted access to their own homes, would be slowly choked off from what was once their community.

It is unfortunate that the City Council has taken a piecemeal approach to these projects. Rather than address the full scope of the proposed medical complexes, we are stuck debating streets. However, we must use this opportunity to make our voices heard.

Just last week, The Lens reported that the City has already appropriated an additional $25 million from the revolver fund to go towards the Lower Mid-City plan -- a surprise to the City Council. The City has been lying about the cost of demolishing Lower Mid-City and the true cost of these projects continues to be hidden from public view. We cannot allow them to proceed.

Please urge the City Council to halt these projects until the full impact is understood.

Here's what you can do:
Thank you for your support. We hope to see you at City Council on Thursday.

Yours sincerely,

State releases long-awaited lead cleanup money, but city takes no action for daycares
~Brentin Mock, The Lens

“Power to issue regulations is not power to change the law” – Rigsbys issue subpoena duces tecum to FEMA ~slabbed

Conservative challenger to David Vitter has an arf-fully interesting side business~Kevin Allman

More Local Talk About Treme ~NOLAFemmes

Unquiet on the Battlefront
~Back of Town blogging Treme

~Editilla Cronellas~
New Orleans has never suffered Fools kindly. For me that has always been the living dying irony behind the Harlequins.
Cliff describes an innate dissonance of New Orleans culture, the violence of which had come to nearly every doorstep that summer before the flood.
What would happen during the flood came fast and final.
This is not that story, I know, but what Simon will have to show me is how all of this comes through the wood-chipper post-flood. Given our loss since the water went down of beloved musicians, renowned film makers and precious artists just to not name a few, this scene with the Chief strikes me as almost gratuitous.
For me this Flood was no more Racially effective than the Reaper, yet post-flood I have seen every attempt to drive the narrative in that direction. I am hoping that “Treme” is not shaping up to be just such a vehicle too, with a certain cliche'd viscosity of fuel.
I was also stunned by the hubris in the voodoo references. I can’t go there but to say that “Angel Heart” nearly had to shut down because of the workers’ comp claims…. and that Armstrong Park sat dark for over 20 years after they put it on top of that hood.
Y'all can laugh all you want about who takes the cock in this city, but I'm not going to be standing next to you when that piano drops outta'da sky right on top of yo'bumb ass. Jus'sayin, take the Lucky Beads...but don't ask the Crone from whence they came.
Great blogging and commentary over at Back of Town.

Authenticity tourism
~Library Chronicles

A Non-New Orleanian's Guide to HBO's New Orleans~theBVX
~Authenticity is "Treme" creator David Simon's calling card. On "The Wire,", Simon immersed us in the sights, sounds and slang of Baltimore. He does the same with New Orleans on "Treme," but the learning curve for culture in the Big Easy is pretty steep so theBVX is giving you a cheat sheet .
~~~Hurricane Katrina was not a natural disaster,
it was a man-made.
An opening scene shows professor Creighton Burnette, played by John Goodman, barking at a news reporter who's made the mistake of referring to Hurricane Katrina as a "natural disaster." "What hit Mississippi," says Burnette, "was a natural disaster, but what led to 80% of New Orleans drowning under water was the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' faulty levees." Burnette is not splitting hairs. Katrina actually missed New Orleans, but the surges led to the infamously tragic flooding. Activists have organized at to ensure that America never forgets this important distinction. In real life, Goodman is a spokesman for the group.

New Orleans Marching band
~Mark McNulty Photography

Bobby Jindal: Tea Party Mascot?
~In a contest of shape-shifting exorcistic frenzy during a recent fundraiser for the coming Palinate, child-governor Bobby Jindal misspoke from the Lizard Spell Book for Chameleons and instead turned himself into an Iguana. But that spell contains no "Change-Back" clause, thus slowing the evolution of poor Pyush's plans for higher office for the next oh, 160 million years. Zeigen Sie Eidechsewohlfahrt!

That's Sweet!~Judy Bastien
~Veronica Fuselier Paul has been cooking almost all her life.
The Opelousas native has taken a skill that was developed out of necessity and turned it into a career in New Orleans. She has since retired and moved back home, but she hasn't stopped cooking. Just about every week, Mrs. Paul can be seen at the Music and Market event with trays full of goodies, like pralines, pepper jelly and her fresh-from-the-oven sweet potato pies.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Pentagon Not Accountable for Contractor Spending, But New Orleans Better Be Accountable for Road Home Grants
~Harry Shearer

No progress on Cat-5 protection: An editorial
~Editilla say~Cry Me a River of Alligator Tears, Times-Picayune!
Butt Oh that would be Redundant like other things we could do with your Failed Paper!
Special Thanks to da'Masqued E'vinga!
fo'da Illustration!

Share Your Ideas with the Flood Protection and Coastal Restoration Task Force
~Options on the Outfall Canals
Please defeat the Corps of Engineers' Option 1,
and advocate for Options 2/2a as they are Tech Superior.
Option 1 will leave standing the Same Old Failed Flood Walls, and cost New Orleans $10,000,000/year for the next 10 Years in maintenance alone when the Corps hands it off to the City.
by Editilla~New Orleans Ladder on 4/16/2010 at 2:27 PM
~Editilla Hammerellas~Y'all go for this and let'em know we care! Let Mitch'mo know We Got Balls in his game.
We will carry this post from day to day so youz folkz can Geaux There! Place'Ya Bets! Place'ya Bets!
Each of the 17 Task Forces, formed to gather information and public input on a variety of issues that affect the quality of life for the residents of New Orleans, will take the opportunity to show key recommendations to Mayor-elect Landrieu and the public:
Thursday, April 22nd ~1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Earth Day!
(Program will start at 1:30 p.m. Task force members are asked to arrive at 1:00 p.m.)
@ Mahalia Jackson Theater for the Performing Arts 801 N Rampart St.
(parking accessible at 1419 Basin Street)

~Cartoon appeared in the Baton Rouge Advocate in Dec 2009.

St. Bernard Parish filmmaker honored for film depicting Hurricane Katrina memories
~St. Bernard Parish native and Tribeca Film Festival winner Matt Faust was back in his home- town Tuesday being honored for the critical success of his short feature film, "Home."

Notes on the 2010 Tulane Engineering Forum
~And~How an Engineer Eats Oysters ~NOLA-dishu

Corps to hold MRGO restoration plan meeting tonight in N.O.

Gulf of Mexico fish farming pros and cons aired at New Orleans meeting~Chris Kirkham

Flood reduction project expected to impact southbound Causeway

Biodiesel plant financing approved by St. Charles Parish

Coastal plan heads to Legislature
~Nikki Buskey

Corps chief outlines look on river

One Block Off The Grid (1BOG) Introduces New Orleans Solar Group Purchase Campaign ~Earth Times

Prefabulous New Orleans
~Marcie Dickson

Ground broken for Mississippi River bridge @ St. Louis

"Something" called.... Eyjafjallajokull
~Your Right Hand Thief

Tuesday Slabbin'Monday!

More commentary on
The Art of the Cherry Pick
~American Zombie

Trouble in the moonlighting
~Eli Ackerman, The Lens

The Mayor and Me
~Chris Rose, Gambit

~Nagin came to power under the auspices of candor, integrity, technological savvy and political transparency. Reviewing the words I just wrote, it's hard — nearly impossible — to reconcile them with the man we now see swaggering his way out the door, disrespected, disgraced and dishonored.
Perhaps we should have known that any man who could convince New Orleans it needed a professional hockey team back in the '90s — as Nagin did — was not altogether of sound judgment. Then again, we took the bait, didn't we?

Transgender Community in New Orleans Fights Police Harassment ~Jordon Flaherty

Lafayette Tea Bagger Running for US Senate~“It’s time to re-ignite the fight for liberty, to take the Tea Party into the halls of Congress, to take back our country,” ~Mike Spears

Novel Crime Clues

Patti Smith Comes to NOMA! and a Blog For Fair Pay For Women ~NOLAFemmes

Zulu coconut lawsuit thrown out
~Carnival New Orleans News

New Orleans' Jazz Fest dominates the week ahead
~Keith I. Marszalek

Ya Heard Me? Don't miss the New Orleans opening
"Where They At" this week!

Treme Brass Band's 'Uncle' Lionel Batiste readies for Jazz Fest~Sheila Stroup

Hear the Sounds of New Orleans: 24th Annual Long Beach Bayou & Mardi Gras Festival,
June 26 & 27th~All About Jazz

Monday, April 19, 2010


Powerful interests wanted scientist out of LSU
~James A. Cobb Jr.

The Man Who Knew ~NOVA
~Hat T'n'

Shame on you LSU!~slabbed
For our friends on the slab...

Levee director, senator to visit Holland~Nikki Buskey

Levees need corps' hand?
~Monroe News Star

~That's what the Army Corps of Engineers has offered the Tensas Basin Levee District. We're thankful for the morsel, but it leaves us wanting more.

HDNet's 'Dan Rather Reports' - Is the Disappearing Louisiana Coastline Our Nation's Biggest Environmental Challenge?

Convert the old bridge into a car-free linear water park: a concrete proposal ~LaCoastPost

US Needs to Adjust View of Infrastructure~Ryan Clark
~The Urban Land Institute in conjunction with Ernst & Young produced the "Infrastructure 2010: Investment Imperative" report, focusing on the nation’s infrastructure and water.

Louisiana's auto insurance rates have climbed steadily since Hurricane Katrina and are now the highest in the nation

I’d “build me a bar in the back of my car and drive myself to drink” – if I had to buy auto insurance at Louisiana rates! ~slabbed

Higgins Fights FEMA on Buffalo Flood Maps

Seuss book offers a conservation lesson at Saylorville, Iowa
~Yes, well...Ahem!

Frustration expressed over remaining FEMA trailers in N.O.
~Maya Rodriguez, WWL

Buck moth caterpillar assault set to begin~Mark Schleifstein
~Editilla Swears Up'n'Downaaaaah!~
These things feel like you suddenly realize someone has been holding a Bic Lighter to your neck for the last 20 seconds! And then there's nothing you can do but Scrub Them Off! OooOuch!

Lakeview resident says power bill is down to zero ~WWL

Are 'tea party' rallies given preferential treatment by police?

Tocqueville’s New Orleans

This Week on 'Treme':
Well, That Got Real~The Atlantic

Twinkie Pup, musing over last night's Episode 2 of Treme

Treme "Meet de Boys on the Battlefront": Pride on Bourbon ~thus spake drake
"As an actress, it's the type of juice you dream of playing, but when you step back and hear the stories and get to know people, it can take you to the bed quite a few times."~Khandi Alexander
Simon is going to break our heart again with Goodman's Creighton

Crystal Hot Sauce gets its due

Simon on Pity and Tourists
~James Poniewozik

Five New Orleans Brass- Band Jams
~Josh Jackson

~Benny Jones Sr. is the leader of the Treme Brass Band.
~In the New Orleans of Treme, joy is irrepressible.
But in episode two, frustration looms large.

Backatown with Trombone Shorty is the talk of the town
~Geraldine Wycoff

~Editilla Notellas~Back of Town is also the name of one of my favorite Treme Show Blogs, inspired no doubt by the hood.

Where is the best snowball stand? ~Gambit

The World's Saddest Cookbook
~Serious Eats

homeFestival International returns!
~With spring resurging across Acadiana, Lafayette’s festival scene is preparing to shake off the last of winter and celebrate its annual Festival International de Louisiana, which is returning to downtown Thursday through Sunday with a technology twist and more emphasis on children’s events.

Documentaries about Louis Prima, New Orleans bounce music showcased at Ogden
~Mike Scott

Anders Osborne on Kitchen Sink 10 to 12 Show Wednesday Night

Scenes from The Revolution and Pigeon Town Parades
~Red Cotton

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Big Easy to Big Empty

Special Thanks to Greg Palast
"His lawsuit sounds like a long shot, but I’m rooting for Ivor van Heerden."
Notes on the 2010 Tulane Engineering Forum ~NOLA-dishu
~Dr. Chrisian's list of things the Corps does "not-good" was pretty scary. First, he says that all too often you'll have a representative from the Corps, say that the Corps has never had a failure. He says that if you put enough modifiers and adjectives in there, you can get a strictly factual statement, but, in the end, THE LEVEES FAILED!
It's sad to say, but the Corps failed, the Corps failed, the Corps failed. He said it needs to be drilled in that the Corps' levees failed from Katrina's glancing blow under stresses far below their design capacity. The Corps-built levees resulted in the worst civil engineering disaster in American history. Dr. Christian was adamant that that fact not be overlooked in any way.
~Editilla Bat Signals~
Y'all get over here and check this out!
Poor NOLA-dishu has attracted The Fly, Nameless Tim Ruppert, Co'Intel'Bo of the Corps of Engineers, who not only had the unmitigated gall to question our intrepid Engineer blogger's presence at this Engineering Forum (like what... Wittle Timmy was raised in the fucking Back Yard???), but also showed the blunt temerity to say the Levees Did Not Fail! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Whew!
I mean, Goddamn the Pusher Man! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH... really. That's what he said, in pedantic, soft- handed mono-thought Corpspeak!
Yikes it's goddamn creepy. Wittle Timmy contradicts himself before Engineers who have more experience than he, like Dr. Christian quoted above. Tim Ruppert is the exact Bad Engineer this Good Engineer nails with the word FAIL!
I mean, when you consider the hubris of Tim's arguments any prospect of sensible engineering discussion just falls into the outhouse. It is That Bad. His comments read like a Mantra of the Reverend Moon of Corps Engineering: iyam no twat iseem
Wittle Timmy made his career at the Corps of Engineers before they Flooded New Orleans, and he continues to do their bidding in the Aftermath, so we bought him a New Home on Higher Ground.
Editilla will probably carry this Fine Post of NOLA-dishu for a few days. It is That Great! Damn Fine Blogging. Fuck Tim Ruppert.
Said da'Goddess of Butter to'da FYYFF Exquisite Corps:
It's not be nice to Fool Mother Nature...

--but it's Goddamned Foolish to Fuck New Orleans!

{Big Thanks fo'da Masqued Evinja illustration of Shameless Tim}

Haiti help or Haiti hoodwink?
~Jocelyn M. Goode
~Not since the levees exploded in New Orleans and caused the devastation attributed to Hurricane Katrina have the people of the U.S. been so committed to relieving the suffering of Black people.

The Screw Pump is a better option for flood control?
~Kaeiteur News

Causeway faces two years of southbound snarls during floodwall construction
~Sheila Grissett

The Art of the Cherry Pick
~American Zombie

New Orleans Is Rough But It's Not The Congo~Cliff's Crib

Sunday Funnies~Citizen K

On the 7th Day, Goddess slabbed

Billy Sothern on Treme ~NOLAFemmes

Don't expect 'The Wire' - this is New OrleansSean O'Driscoll

Where will you watch HBO's 'Treme' on Sunday night?

Eastern Gulf of Mexico is considered a good bet in the search for oil

Today! Downtown Baton Rouge
Main Stage
1:00 – 2:00 Rudy Richard Blues & Zydeco Band
2:15 – 3:30 Bucktown Allstars
4:00 – 5:15 LeRoux
5:45 – 7:00 The Radiators
7:30 – 8:45 Wayne Toups & Zydecajun
Louisiana Heritage Stage
1:00-2:00 Little Bayou Band
2:30-4:00 Cajun Gold avec Paul Daigle
4:30-5:00 Recycle Couture Fashion
5:30-7:30 Steve Riley and Mamou Playboys
Sunday in the Park Stage
Noon – 3:00 Tyler Kinchen Group & 484 South
3:30 – 5:30 Big Buddy Program’s WordPlay
~Hat Tweet~EDF Louisiana

Burmese rebels with a cause
~Missy Wilkinson, Gambit

Second Line parade Today! Old/Nu School Social Aid & Pleasure Club feat Stooges Brass Band ~Red Cotton, Gambit

~And btw y'all, that ain't no soundtrack. The band is off to the side and our diligent Cotton has got themselves placed perfectly as usual to cover the show. The Band just keeps on playing!
New Orelans Sinn Féin! So Beautimous! Click lede for route.
~And Please go check out Cotton's New Website!!! Smokin!