Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Details Emerge in Lawsuit Against Army Corps Over New Orleans Flood ~Sandy Rosenthal, Huffington Post
Corps of Engineers Smurfs

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It's 11am, Nola, do yous knows where are all the little piggies?
~The Bryan Davis sayz: Are you ready for some butt? How about some ribs? Team Hock and Awe is raining down delicious on Saturday’s Hogs for the Cause.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu blasts SUNO -UNO merger plan

New Orleans officials and police officers need to fully embrace police reform: An editorial~H/T~Suspect Device

New DOJ report on NOPD Homicide division~Library Chronicles

New Orleans Public Belt Railroad money not available to city's general fund, attorney general says

Study finds West Bank turnpike cost triples

“Black Hat” West Bank Soprano Chris Roberts now wants to pretend he is not in the mob ~slabbed

Feds investigate Nungesser contracts

Feinberg fails, to succeed…and gets a raise!~Disenfranchised Citizen

LSU law chancellor Jack Weiss chosen for Gulf of Mexico oil spill claims appeals job

San Francisco Treat~Gambit
~Will Coviello chats with Tales of the City writer Armistead Maupin, who's coming to this week's Tennessee Williams Literary Festival

kaleidoscope eyes~hungry termite

Robert De Niro set to join 50 Cent on New Orleans-shot 'Freelancer'

Zulu resolves lawsuit over Mardi Gras merchandise

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Lady Tambourine New Orleans

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hogs for the Cause, Pig Fun comes to City Pork!
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The Disneyfication of New Orleans: The French Quarter as Facade in a Divided City~J. Mark Souther ~Big Hat Tweet to lunanola

The New Zorro~Cenlamar

I Just Want To Say That You're A Good Man~Cliff's Crib

Prison workers protest
~Michelle Millhollon

Today is Grand Jury day for the Jefferson Parish Council ~slabbed

Feds open probe into Plaquemines Parish government~Lee Zurik

Feinberg fights back? An answer to his answer to the Strange letter…
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Dolphin samples leaving Coast

Anglo-Suisse named officially responsible for spill

Waggonner & Ball selected to develop Water Management Strategy

Attend RTA's Public Meeting on Rampart/St. Claude Streetcar
~Transport for NOLA

New Orleans students learn, eat during visit to urban 'micro-farm'

Nominations Due for 2011 New Orleans 9 Most Endangered Sites List~PRCNO

Lo the Irony for Pumps Manufacturer
~Todd McGee knows all about floods. The Fort Myers-based company McGee owns with four partners, D&D Machine & Hydraulics, manufactures giant pumps for flood control. Its pumps have been installed around New Orleans, for example. So you can imagine McGee’s surprise when he discovered his company’s headquarters on Metro Parkway in Fort Myers is now located in a flood zone.

‘Hole-in-One’ Cat Bonds Are Top Asset Eluding Quake’s Grasp

Louisiana HBPA case of fraud, conspiracy divides horsemen
~Ryan Goldberg, Daily Racing Form

Swamp Monster! ~Riverside Nola

Mahalia Jackson Theater unveils new season

French Quarter Fest Food: Our Essental Guide~He Said/She Said NOLA

New Patties Beef Up New Orleans’ Burger Scene~Anne Berry

Payton’s ‘Bitches’ a nod to Davis
~Dave Hoekstra

"Industry Influence" hip-hop networking event to launch weekly TV show~Alison Fensterstock

Hugh Laurie says goodbye to acting (temporarily) as he launches a music career with his first ever performance

NOLA Pyrate Week Kicks Off Tonight With A Pyrade!

Second line Sunday: Revolution Second Line~Red Cotton, Gambit

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Crowded at the landfill
~Stephanie Grace
~Also~ This from Paul Rioux
~Aaand~ slabbed --who started logging this forest well before anyone was around to hear the 1st tree fall.
~Editilla Notellas~ We re-posted this editorial onto Goggle Docs because for some reason the version's Text Typeset showed up Tiny on my puter screen (editorial only, not Title or Comments, weird) (After all, we do aw'dis Ladderatin' and Aggregatin' as much for our own tired old eyes -as our Beloved Gentle'rillas- to see da' Nola news, views and whatnots -usually whatnots :)

No. of LA dropouts drops 28 percent

Links~Library Chronicles

Hospital Settles Corps-initiated Flood Deaths Class Action~Laura Maggi

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~ReTweet @ Big Info still emerges in investigation of BP disaster. When will there be an investigation of levee failures in NO?

Coast Guard checks out dark-stained water in Chandeleur Sound
~Mark Schleifstein

Blowout preventer failure in Gulf of Mexico oil spill traced to bent drill pipe
~David Hammer

~SandySays March 24, 2011 at 9:50AM
~The report neither exonerates nor places blame. The intent is to find out what went wrong and why and to prevent future disasters. It is the intent of the independent investigation that President Obama ordered 84 days after the Macondo Well blew. Meanwhile, it has been more than five years since levees and floodwalls failed catastrophically in New Orleans and St. Bernard Parish swamping a major city and killing over 1,500 people, and no independent investigation has yet to be ordered. When the investigation is finally ordered, at a cost of about $5 million, we will finally find out what went wrong and why. The report would also recommend what changes, if any, should be made to the way water projects are chosen, funded and built in this country.

~Sandy Rosenthal, wife, mom, Who dat and founder of

Here come the Attorneys General…
but where’s Obama?
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Mississippi makes list of 10 top states – for highest auto insurance rates – but Louisiana roars in at #2! ~slabbed

Panel approves addition to bill
~Marsha Shuller
~By a slim margin, a Louisiana House panel voted Wednesday to add a 30th black majority district to a plan that would reshape the chamber’s 105 election districts.
~Also~ This from the Alexandria Town Talk

NOLA Pyrate Week!~Humid Beings

New Orleans Roadfood Festival offers bites of great food from throughout the city~Todd Price

Lunch at K-Paul's~Blackened Out

Crawfish season is off to a slow start, but lots of mudbugs and low prices are expected~ Benjamin Alexander-Bloch

“An Ode to Crawfish”
~Georgia Pellegrini

Treme 1st season goes to DVD!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hogs for the Cause and Ben
~In November of 2008, 4 year old Ben was diagnosed with DIPG, an incurable killer. After meeting Ben and seeing his love of life in the face of such terrible circumstances, Becker and Rene decided to focus the first Hogs For The Cause on raising money to help Ben and his family. That first year was a success and Ben continued to battle DIPG, all the while with a smile and more often a joke. Tragically, Ben lost his battle a week before Hogs for the Cause 2010. Ben’s story only solidified Becker and Rene’s desire to do whatever they could to help families who are struggling with the financial burdens of taking care of a child with brain cancer.
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Sean Payton talks contract extension --for himself!~WWL

Metro New Orleans area community meetings for Tuesday, March 22
~HERO CANAL CLOSURE MEETING~Thursday, 6 p.m. open house and 6:30 p.m. presentation, at St. Paul's Benevolent Association Hall, 128 E. St. Peter St., Oakville. The Army Corps of Engineers will explain plans to temporarily close the easternmost part of Hero Canal in Plaquemines Parish as part of a levee tie-in project.~Also~Corps dredge suit judgment upheld~Dredging News

More oil washes up on Grand Isle
~Daily Comet

Worker notes delayed health effects from oil leak~Amy Wold

And now, a word from our sponsors… Crossroads Anthem Version
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Gotta be the full moon – the howlin’ and jowlin’ “media narrative” about the dismissal of the Farese bar complaint filed by Zach Scruggs ~slabbed

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mardi Gras Indians Bring It On Home!
~Photos by Michael Hinton, T-P

~Editilla Featherellas~
~Soooo many Little Indians!
We couldn't post yesterday due to the rollicking good time had by all with the Mardi Gras Indians Supa Sunday parades. We tollin'ya, it will remain, for y'Ho Ho Homble Editilla, one of the most beautiful set o struts --as we'd never seen That many Indians and get to check out their Costumes with such leisure! Also, they were out posing with ANYONE no holds barred except if you were an asshole professional carpet photographer ahem! But they laid their Costumes out on the ground so we could take pics of Every Single Piece. It was nothing short of Stunning Outreach.
We all killed our Camera Batteries. Gentle'rillas can see my pics as we post them to Twitter today. Aaaaand, gotta give Hats Off to'da NOPD for rolling wit'it all!
~Also~St. Joseph's night with Mardi Gras Indians~Humid Beings

The NOPD report: white man in Jacksonsmith Palais…
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Ms Tabea Schiffahrtsgesellechaft MBH & Co. KG v. Board of Commissioners of Port of New Orleans

It's Monday, whadda'ya gonna do?

Haunting images from Japan evoke memories of Katrina for Gulf Coasters
~Sun Herald

Coast Guard: Gulf sheen likely came from river~Daily Comet

Oil-recycler subject of hearing

Panel to consider Louisiana House redistricting plan today~Mike Hasten

Jindal releases budget proposal
~Michelle Millhollon

The People Say Project: Conversations in Culture and Money~Humid Beings

Verti Branjalina!

Anders Osborne Crushes Brooklyn Bowl ~Hat Tweet @champsuperstar
~Editilla Notellas~ Andres will perform at Hogs for the Cause!
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