Saturday, January 12, 2008


NAFTA, Farm Bill are double trouble for La sugarcane

Editor notes~Brazilians power their cars with sugarcane. We have Archer Daniels Midland~Follow me, Chicken, I'm full of Corn!

Salvage project targets damaged N.O. properties

Deconstruction~Ghost of Foucault?

Work begins on Mid-City rentals

State orders Allstate to reinstate coverage

Exquixotic Corps set to update hurricane protection projects

Army Corps defends its levee project, Hammond Indiana

Corps of Engineers rejects Ohio court's shore ruling

'Baby' Ray Nagin Pays DA One Million For DA Jordan Race Lawsuit

Scattered Mardi Gras Tribe Members Struggle To Participate In New Orleans Tradition

Now they've gone too far~Library Chronicles

Marjetica Potrc, Future Talk Now: The Great Republic of New Orleans

New Orleans Women's Health & Justice Initiative 'Organizing Institutes' throughout 2008

We Remember You~Toulouse Street

Ingrid Lucia~Don't Stop

Jake Smith: A New Orleans eclectic makes it Real

Hard Choices on a big plate~Johnny Vidacoviche, James Singleton with Mose Allison at Snug Harbor, 8 & 10pm...Best of the Beat Awards at House of Blues, 7pm...Tipitina's 30th Anniversary


Picayune B00k Review~Author Kim Sunée's memoir

Chasing Ray~Future Fears and Science Fiction

Editor congrooviates the need fo'mo Mo!

Photography Courses at New Orleans Academy for the Fine Arts: Spring 2008

New Orleans Daily Photo

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Thank you New Orleans Daily Photograph
Editor reminds those 'outside' of New Orleans culture~Whoever finds the baby gets to serve the next King Cake!

Good times are rolling on abbreviated schedule

Zulu krewe to host African Mardi Gras

Troubles persist for plaza's homeless

Gambit Weekly Honors LRA Chairman for New Orleans Recovery Efforts by Georgianne Nienaber

Ban on houseboats doesn't float

Exquixotic Corps to discuss projects for hurricane protection

Katrina damages claims are astronomical

Editor still wonders~how would anyone else feel if Exquixotic Corps of Engineers had beaten, raped & crucified their daughter while the entire country watched? Remember 8/29? Remember the FLOOD? Please let us keep our cryin'eyes on the real culprits of this crime against our taxpayers: the United States Army Corps of Engineers~~who built these failed levees incompetently in the first place, then tried to lie about it and now continues to try to get away with this maleficence by issuing press releases about the lawsuits (to frame them as frivolous) to divert our attention. Why else would the Corps release the plaintiffs' zip codes? Hell yeah $3,014,170,389,176,410! What price would anyone put on their grandmother drowned by the Corps' admitted product liability? Daughter? Over 1000 other souls killed because of the USACE? How much? Who is going to pay for destroying our homes, spiritual temples and neighborhoods goddamn it? How do we keep this from happening again and again in any backyard in America? Would it not be far more sensible, honest and just to have our US Congress convene the 8/29 Commission and finally get to the bottom of this flood and who in the US Corps of Engineers needs to go to jail over it? We already know who is responsible: USACE. But we need to know Who in that insipid organization did this crime! Apparently crime pays very well for the Exquixotic Corps as we hand them even more money and allow them to continue double-dealing just like any other street corner thug!

Santa Maria River Levee~Sound Familiar?

FEB 5-8: 2008 Katrina Economic Development Summit~"Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name?"

Violent Offenders Unit logs 93 percent conviction rate in first year

WTC lease OK could trigger $160M project

World Trade Center deal OK'd

Push grows for project on river

City of New Orleans Forms Partnership with MWH to Accelerate Post-Katrina Rebuilding Effort

Jazz Fest Foundation giving away 8,500 tickets

35th Annual International Association of Jazz Educators Conference~January 9-12~Toronto, Ontario,Canada~thanks

Jazz legend to lead MLK event

Susan Cowsill Garners Best Female Vocalist Award from OffBeat Meagazine


Photo exhibit focuses on Rebirth Brass Band in Cuba

Video: "Rhythm 'n' Bayous: A Road Map to Louisiana Music" (2001)~Dablog by Daslob

This blog sponsored by Kleenex~Kiss My Gumbo

Dan Baum on New

Diplomat to discuss U.S.-French relations

Katrina study looks at Vietnamese community

Teacher in Luling likes to challenge students

La Armed Forces

Soft-shell crab with meuniere sauce and a nutty option

Galatoire's Mardi Gras table auction to help LA/SPCA and COPS 8