Saturday, January 2, 2010


Can someone tell me why Crappy'Doo Katrina Journalism from 5 years ago gets recycled today with new dates?
~Officials from President Bush down to Marc Morial, a former mayor of New Orleans, said the impact of Katrina was worse than that of the 11 September attacks on New York, and so required an even more energetic response. "So many of the people who did not evacuate could not evacuate, for whatever reason," said Mr Morial. "They are people who are African-American, mostly but not completely, and people who were of little or limited economic means. They are the folks, we've got to get them out of there."
A Call to Action
~American Zombie

Malaka Of The Week
~Adrastos @ First Draft

Broken promises follow Tennessee coal ash disaster
~Sue Sturgis, Facing South

New Orleans - or How I Got Engaged to a Fantastic Guy ~Pigeon Point Fiber and Glass

A Town Called Panic, at Zeitgeist

Friday, January 1, 2010


A Top Story of the Decade Deserves Accurate Coverage
~Sandy Rosenthal, Huff Post
Suit filed over Cayne Miceli death at New Orleans jail
~The father of a New Orleans woman who died after being put in restraints in a jail psychiatric unit is suing Sheriff Marlin Gusman and several of his staffers.
The federal suit filed Thursday says 43-year-old Cayne Miceli had a history of asthma, panic attacks and depression but was denied adequate medical care after she arrived at the jail in January 2009.
"It's hard here, don't get me wrong...
and even the people doing well are apt to be busted broke,
but I think the lack of money is like a great equalizer that existed
even before the storm and it's more true than ever now:
A LOT of respect is paid
and a LOT of value is placed
on what you can DO
rather than what you can buy...
and everything good that comes back is celebrated...
You can dance with your whole body here

and everyone approves and from babies to old folks,
if they can stand up they will dance with you :)"

Farewell to the Decade of Fear ~Michael Barone
~Editilla Co'tellas~ We weren't going to mess with this pie of Katrina Shorthand Horse'doo. But alas, our unsinkable Sandy Rosenthal always shows up on our side of the Failed Levees, to mix up the comments section, get these trolls all riled and onto thinking of our Engineering Failures 8/29, with Documentation and Links and steady Fight-Back.
SandySays -Jan 1, 2010
Dear Mr. Bibb (rocketman),
The science of building levees is not rocket science, it's geotechnical science, and any college student in engineering 101 knows how to build levees on peat.
Geaux Sandy! Hey, come join the partay here too!

Katrina shaped first decade of 21st century in Louisiana
~Mike Hasten

Don’t forget cabbage and black-eyed peas~Naomi King

'We Like Lists Because We Don't Want to Die'~Umberto Eco

Port Allen
Girl chosen for commercial with Reggie Bush

Ratty fur coats: big in 2010
~Missy Wilkinson

~Editilla Noletllas~We hung nutria fur coats on the Ladder Nov 22, from an article in the Daily Comet about: “Do you know who this is? This is the Nutria Man from south Louisiana.”
It will be nice to see how PETA embraces such fashionable efforts to help save our wetlands.

Federal Dollars Continue To Flow Into New Orleans Regional Transit Authority Facilities

Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District to Implement Dataforensics PLog Enterprise for Geotechnical Data Management

Welcome to eLiberation!
~Writer's Dreams

~The annual conference for members of EPIC, the Electronically Published Internet Connection, is the gathering place for authors, publishers and other industry professionals to celebrate the best of the best with the EPPIE Awards, to share newest information and ideas, to hone their writing skills and explore new markets. So put this wonderful event on your calendar next March 4-7th, 2010 at the beautiful Sheraton New Orleans in New Orleans, LA.

The Heartbeat Award:
Threadhead Records ~offBeat

Thursday, December 31, 2009


Editilla say, 2010 Bring It On ~Private Symbols
~Editilla Crowwwtellas~New Blogger Alert Thingy Yeah! Blogger In My Back Yard! NBATY BIMBY!
Yaasssah! Show me a Sign! Found a new blog'thingy yea'n'verily to start the new day wit'da JS Day. This fool, ahem, now loyal reader made the mistake of leaving a comment and, yes, complimenting your New Orleans Ladder! Snap Rattle'N'Hum!
Mwhahahaha silly blogger, now we have them!
Do go check out their other blogs too. This one above is just the one I picked for the extremely cool pict'chas.
Bit on that note, we'd like to thank all of our new blogger friends from this past year, many of whom we've seen dis-(ahem), graced, hung up'n'down this Ladder wit'care. And we do care, a precious endowment of hope and survivability, resting in a nuptial bed of Love and Grief, Sinn Féin, New Orleans.

New Year's Eve in New Orleans won't lack for music~Keith Spera
~Also~ Martha Alguera,

Why do people confess to crimes they didn’t commit? ~slabbed

Reflecting On Ten Years Of Change~Cliff's Crib

Listomania: The Decayed Decade

You don't have to put on the red light cameras
~Oyster @ Humid Beings

Process Matters: The Revolver Fund and the Chevron Deal
~We Could Be Famous

Maitri's VatulBlog


DHH to cut 450 jobs
~Michelle Millhollon

Disaster Questions~SEMP

Red River Flooding Solution Is a Problem to Some~Monica Davey

Investors see farms as way to grow Detroit~P.J. Huffstutter

New Orleans, Louisiana -Hurricane Katrina Sculpture

~Scrap House~Thanks Youz, Ponchartrain Pete

Outrageous Fortune~Culturebot

Waxing and Lamenting – Jim Russell Records in New Orleans
~State of the Re:Union

Catching Up: Plunge, Asmussen, Koorax~Rifftides

New Orleans is the One I Love SONOMA
~Business Musician's Blog

Let's All Go Down To New Orleans - Live At the Palm Court Jazz Cafe'
~Louisiana Music Factory

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Cheney's Game~Harry Shearer
Who'dat Just Left Chicago...#1 Glory'Bound for New Orleans

More New Orleans Saints anthems hit the airwaves
~Molly Reid

$3M grant to help rebuild decimated coastal reefs
~Harlan Kirgan

EPA used ‘backdoor' on greenhouse rule, critics say
~Jeremy Alford

Top-rate attorney didn't plan on law ~Kris Wernowsky
~Matt Schultz was part of a legal team of more than a dozen attorneys from across the country who helped secure a federal court ruling against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in favor of families affected by the flooding that ravaged homes in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. "It denuded all of the wetlands that act as a natural surge buffer. The channel grew three times its original design. They didn't take proper precautions along the levees," Schultz said. "It's important to remember that Katrina didn't sock New Orleans. The Army Corps of Engineers socked New Orleans."

New Orleans' venerable jazz joints at risk~Rick Jervis
~Editilla Matrix'lixas~
We just want to give Rick Jervis the Blue Pill.. or the Green Pill... or whateva Pill --until he Gets It that Katrina missed New Orleans and devastated MS but the Corps of Engineers hit New Orleans and killed over 1000 American Citizens. The good folks at, and the new cool blog On Levee Failures and a Weather Event, are nice people, waging a relentless campaign to rid us of such lazy journalists' Corps'pawned Katrina Shorthand misstatements of Fact.
But, after trying that way and contacting these offending parties, Editilla has moved past that and is Not Nice about this anymore and would gladly drag this gadfly faux'gumshoe into the street screaming at him: "You Idiot! Why can't you forking get it right? IT'S THE LEVEES STUPID!" But barring that, I hope our Gentle'rillas will join me in communicating Yet Again to Mr Jervis and his bosses that we expect factual reporting from USA Today. Toll'em I sent'ya!

What would it take to fully recover?~Heber Taylor

Jim Brown on airline security and the latest would be terrorist: Great Balls of Fire! ~slabbed

Levees Proving Less than Reliable to the North WA

Readiness & Survival in an Uncertain World: 3 Things You Can Do to Prepare Right Now!
~General Russel Honore', the commander in charge of the post-Katrina recovery, suggested that the most important lesson we should have taken from the Katrina disaster is that we have, as a population, lost our ‘survival’ instincts.
In a pre-world war II society, argues Honroe’, Americans maintained a ‘culture of survival’ where independence, self-sufficiency and rainy-day preparation were simply a way of life. Long term food and water storage and collection, along with essential survival tools and skills were commonplace in those days; people were realistic enough to know that in a severe emergency, they would have to rely upon themselves, not FEMA.
In fact, FEMA didn’t exist, at least not in the form or function as it does today. Our complacency toward personal survival today, argues General Honroe’, has crippled us.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court outlines emergency powers, duties of county courts
~Jim Hook
~A county judge in Pennsylvania can cancel trials and jury duty in the wake of a catastrophe.
The power is outlined in rules that the state Supreme Court ordered Monday. The 13 pages of rules tell how Pennsylvania Courts of Common Pleas will operate during a pandemic, natural disaster or other public emergency.

What is Money When the System Collapses?~The Survival Mom

Teacher program taking off in La. ~Will Sentel

My First Tracheotomy
~Crescent City Hack

New Orleans film classic Jezebel named to National Film Registry
~Dominic Massa

Poppy Z. Brite: Second Line
~Will Coviello

~Editilla Crowtellas~ As usual Coviello does the best "reviews" by making them "interviews", so we get the soup on this author along wit'da baguette to handle the rest.
Editilla wants everyone to go check out the comments and Stand On Finn Mac'Fuckmook. It is always those who don't who think they can. Mean People Suck, Nice People Swallow...
--New Orleanians bite back.

Silence is Violence benefit Sat: Dinerral shavers education fund ~Gambit

LiveDaily Interview:
Richard Vogel of Galactic

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


The 2009 Sneaky Snake Countdown~American Zombie

Blue Moon New Year's Eve: 2010 To Begin With Extra Full Moon
~Alicia Chang

~Blue Moon 1/31/99
“First get your facts. Then you can distort them at your leisure.”
~Your Right Hand Thief

Airport Security: Everything but Accountability~Harry Shearer
~If employees at the TSA (or the Corps of Engineers) see that there are no career consequences for dramatic and/or catastrophic screwups (for the latter, see New Orleans, 2005), they will have learned a regrettable lesson: there is no price to be paid for failure. In that direction lies more failure.

A Phrase Sets Off Sniping After a Crisis~Peter Baker

More Photos from Iran Unrest ~Payvand News
An opposition supporter stands near a police motorcycle set on fire during clashes with security forces in Tehran on December 27

World War III museum planned
~The New Orleans Levee

St. Bernard Parish breaks ground on new public works facility in Chalmette
~Bob Warren
~The Public Works Yard will cost around $1.8 million and consolidate the functions of five buildings that were destroyed by the Corps of Engineers in 2005, the parish government said in a news release.

Henry Wants To 'Re-Engineer' New Orleans ~WDSU

A mind is like a parachute. If it doesn’t open, you’re f#@%*d! ~slabbed

Habitat for Humanity Used, Distributed Chinese Drywall in New Orleans Following Hurricane Katrina
~Murphy Law Firm

Audit cites problems with program, Disaster expenses reviewed~Michelle Millhollon

Child-Governor Of Hurricane- Ravaged Louisiana Tries To Block Climate Change Regulation
~Think Progress

The decade that came and to enlarge.
Satellite Imagery from Landsat-7 and WAVCIS...9 years apart.

Shrimp dispute has fishermen confused~John DeSantis

Canal Expansion Sets Off Race Among Gulf Ports~Alan Sayer

Minnesota, Ohio join lawsuit against Illinois over Asian carp
~Mark Guarino

Elder continues Mardi Gras Indian craft~Katherine Schmidt
~Isaac Edwards had been sewing Mardi Gras Indian costumes for 69 years. Mr. Ike, as he is called, wasn't going to let a Corps Flood stop him from continuing that tradition.
Here he sits next to a small sample of his Mardi Gras Indian bead work at his house on Willow Street in Houma.

Dome Field Advantage! ~NOLAFemmes

Lucky dogs in New Orleans
~Safe & Sound blog, adventures of a woman and her seeing eye dog
~I wish y’all could have seen the big smile on my face when a message from the New Orleans Public Library turned up in my “in box” a few weeks ago.
Milton H. Latter Memorial Branch on St. Charles wanted to know if I’d come visit as a guest storyteller on Dec. 29, you know, while the kids are out of school for their holiday break. I couldn’t get my fingers on the y-e-s keys fast enough!

Santa's Little Brother attempts to steal small-plane, escape from Patriot'land, makes it until end.. of runway
~Santa's Little Brother, the one they don'talk about, AKA: Calvin Cox, got himself stranded in Maryland somehow, who knows when, probably a long time ago. Hell, maybe he stole Santa's sleigh one Christmas and couldn't fly it either, made it as far as Maryland? Maybe there is something going on 'tween Santa and him, kinda like a fallen'angel thing,,, like maybe Little'Bra became a Patriot Fan? And, well, obviously Santa is a who'dat... I mean, SAINT Nick... always laughing and callin'hos...
gets dressed up once a year to spread good cheer...

Interview with Walker Percy
~The Truth Will Make You Free

Ray Davies's heaven on earth: New Orleans~I might have been shot while chasing thieves in New Orleans almost exactly six years ago, but that's never put me off the city. I'd walked the same street countless times without incident and New Orleans will always be one of my favourite places in the world.

High school marching bands learn classic New Orleans songs
~Aariel Charbonnet

The Year in Music
~Noah Bonaparte Pais

Keith Spera rolls rock on the best local CDs of 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009


Who'dat!?~Canal St Chronicles
~ "Right now, what's heartache for me ... when you walk off that field and you've got guys out there playing their balls to the wall, and you've got folks in the stands screaming and hollering, 'Y'all (expletive) suck,' you know, you don't do that," Grant said.
"This team has worked harder than anybody I've been around for eight years. This group of men in the locker room, they work hard in the offseason. They do everything to be accountable to each other. Hey, look, we're 13-2 right now, we've still got a chance to go to Carolina and be 14-2.
The New Orleans Saints ain't never been 14-2.

"I mean, we know what we have to do as a team. But stuff like that ticks people off. Players don't want to hear that after they got out there and played over a 60-minute ball game.
Don't be a bandwagon (fan). Don't jump on and jump off. Don't do that. That ticks me off."
~Charles Grant
~Editilla Who'datellas~ Fuckin'A'Dat! Geaux Saints!
I don't even want to talk about all the crappy'doo and Boo'dat that was spewed upon da'Boyz BY OUR OWN GODDAMN FANS in the Sacredome and on the comments pages later last night. At one point I even forgot that this was a HOME GAME ---because I couldn't hear the Who'dats??? Such sudden disregard reminded me of that first week of the Flood in '05. We turned on each other with Nothing to save us from ourselves. That's how this feels.
We don't need that shit. We are better than that. And if y'all don't think you are an integral part of this team then move the fuck out of town, stay home, shut your trap. Go away, go to Hell.
Even dumb sports-challenged Editilla knows the difference between Pre and Post season, two completely different scenes, and I still BELIEVE we could win the Super Bowl! WHO'DAT!

Road Home program still a dead end for some New Orleans homeowners~David Hammer

Curly takes the stand ~slabbed

Birders get set to count area species~Amy Wold

Rain leaves bitter harvest for sugar farmers~John DeSantis

'Certifying' local levees in WA could be costly endeavor
~Andre Stepankowsky

Rise in sea levels forces drastic changes on Florida

Alexandria focuses on building movie business

How to Cook a Perfect Prime Rib ~Serious Eats

A Song for Humanity: Peace at Christmastime by Tina Micula
~Plutonian Mac

~Editilla wishes we'd spotted this one sooner. Thanks Mac!

Peaches Records Stays Rooted in New Orleans Music
~Kendric Perkins

Shamarr Allen–a very good year ~Geraldine Wyckoff

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Never Leave It Up To The Kicker ~Cliff's Crib
Photos of Protests in Tehran
~Payvand Iran News ...

~These photos by Arash Ashoorinia are from the protests held by the Green Opposition Movement supporters in Tehran on December 27 on the occasion of Ashoura. According to reports by the reformist web sites, four people were killed during these protests when the security forces fired live ammunition at the protesters. The nephew of the opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi is said to be among the dead.
~Death toll rises to 10~NYT
2010 will see unprecedented levee spending~Nikki Buskey

Cleveland Leads to Hell as Austin still doesn't 'Get It' and Time turns to the gods~Of Levee Failures and a Weather Event

Questions continue about construction of Olney Creek levee~Scott Mobley
~Redding, CA~ The Olney Creek dike was never constructed as envisioned. But the earthen berm apparently was built according to plans developed 30 years ago, city documents show. That distinction may not matter much to 648 south Redding households just east of the dike who learned earlier this year that they are losing their flood protection and will have to purchase expensive insurance.

Arkansas Lawmakers say levee data key for plan to avert catastrophe~Rob Moritz
~When excessive rainfall caused a breach in the old Skaggs Ferry levee system along the Black River in late March 2008, hundreds of acres of farmland upstream from Pocahontas flooded.
Randolph County Judge David Jansen initially thought it was the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ responsibility to fix the break, but he soon determined that a levee district board was in charge of maintaining the eight-mile stretch of levee along the Lawrence and Randolph county line. Jansen also learned that the board no longer existed. “In the late 1960s or early 70s, the board members, they got tired of getting chewed out, basically, by the Corps of Engineers for not maintaining or operating the levee district, so they just quit,” he said.
Worried that the same scenario could play out across the state, with disastrous results, the Legislature this year adopted legislation requiring an accounting of the status and funding of each levee district in every county.

Tax Advantages Profit Blooming Nonprofits ~NPR
~The number of nonprofits in the U.S. has grown more than 60 percent in just a decade, raising concerns that some are exploiting the tax code's broad definition of charities.

Louisiana doctors working on 'crisis standards' for when medical system is overwhelmed
~Sherry Fink

NY area builders continue to take up tools to help survivors of Federal Flood

Sunday Funnies~Citizen K

5 Lawyer Quotes we loved in '09
~Lawyers and

~Memorable, thought-provoking, grounded in principle—and one that capped off an emotional trial in New Orleans and marked a victory long overdue—the following are some quotes from attorneys we interviewed in 2009…

Fight Back Center Grand Opening & Announcement of New Orleans Take Back the Land Initiative~Communities Rising

Yes, KBR, (and USACE) Congress is Talking About You
~David Isenburg
~"Seems to me WWII went okay, ...Corps of Engineers construction in both theaters. No cost analysis that I recall concerning which approach cost more or less, ... at least not from the CBO or other reliable sources. Then again I didn't hear stories of GI's killed taking showers, until these lunkheads took over."

Bring excess equipment home
~US Rep. Gene Taylor

Red snapper rebounding in Gulf, study finds~Cris Kirkham

Support builds up to return Amtrak's Sunset Limited

Public Relations Society of America Draws Spotlight Online
~Jack O’Dwyer

Payvand Iran News...

The (Blues) Christmas Train #5
~Robert Frost's Banjo

~Editilla Notellas~ Sorry we missed this one on The Day.

On This Day In Jazz Age Music

NolaFunk NYC

A Viper Night on Frenchman
~Odd Bits of Life in New Orleans

The Music of New Orleans Funk'n Blues Legend Ernie Vincent and the Top Notes