Saturday, January 16, 2010

Geaux Saints! Divisional Champions! Yeah!

Haiti is not Katrina
~Kathleen Tierney

Why Haiti is not New Orleans
~John McQuaid
~When disaster strikes, it’s invariably followed by a rush of memes and metaphors about What It All Means.
In the aftermath of the disaster in Haiti, one of the ideas circulating is particularly facile and wrong-headed: likening the Haitian quake and Hurricane Katrina.

This is a dangerous comparison not only because Haiti is not New Orleans, but because New Orleans is not Haiti.
Yes, Louisiana has more than its share of corruption, poverty and social dysfunction. But to liken it to Haiti is to buy into the insidious notion that has plagued New Orleans before and after Katrina: that it is a geographical, cultural and demographic outlier, and thus irrelevant — and at worst not really part of America at all.

~Media Still Overplaying Race Card in Katrina Analysis?
~Vital Statistics from St. Gabriel Morgue, 11/14/05 (pdf)

How To Help in Haiti: the Grass- Roots Version~Harry Shearer


Just the facts are enough to make Chief Warren Riley look bad~Jarvis DeBerry

New Orleans mayoral candidate Troy Henry sued by former business partner~Michael Krupa
~More from American Zombie

Ethics Board backs law panel’s ruling~Marsha Shuler

Charity Hospital arbitration ruling promised within 60 days
~Jonathan Tilove

~The Charity dispute is not the only one that is being decided under the new process, but it is the largest, and, if it were not for the Charity case, the process might not exist at all.

Qui Tam Olympics – the protection game: ex rel Rigsby v State Farm ~slabbed

Uptown pianist Matthew Scoggin's LENIENT sentence warranted by harm to abuse victim, judge says~Cindy Chang
~"He's not a bad man(??), but he did something horrible to two little girls(????). Their lives will never be the same,"(???????) Van Davis said before sentencing.
~Editilla gotta ax wit'a chainsaw~ Naaahh, he's not such a bad guy! All he he did was pull down the panties of a 9 YEAR OLD LITTLE GIRL and HAVE SEX WITH HER VAGINA????
10 Years? 10 measly years? Screw Jesus on a Stick!
Provided that this asshole survives his incarceration, he will be released from prison at the young age of 61, just in time to collect Social Security. But since Pedophiles Do Not Stop, he will have other opportunities to do this again to someone's child.
Well, since he's not such a Bad Man, then he should enjoy his Prison Sex Education classes with Big Rufus on Cell Block #9. Prisoners love to get letters BTW. I would like to know if it is true what they say about Prison Justice for pedophiles, like say... Matthew Scoggin... maybe send a picture too?
Not only do the prisoners at Angola read the Times-Picayune, but we know some who read your New Orleans Ladder.
Lucky Dog Shout-outs to Ratso, Piggy and Gimp Meisterschafter.
Y'all make sure and bring out the Welcome Wagon Train for this "not bad man" would'yaz?

Latrobe, designer of domes and columns gets his pedestal
~Philip Kennicott

~"He remains elusive to me, even in this spot," says Michael Fazio, a Latrobe expert but like all Latrobe experts, no fount of deep psychological wisdom about the hapless genius who finished so little but influenced so much.
"This spot"
is a plaque in a New Orleans graveyard that marks the site near where Latrobe's body was buried.
As the film's host, New Yorker architecture critic Paul Goldberger observes, Latrobe didn't go to New Orleans to die. But dying in middle age (of yellow fever) was just another bad turn of affairs in the life of a man who came to the United States after losing his first wife, only to build and lose a career, and descend ultimately into poverty and near oblivion.

Nursing in the Storm Book Sign by Sandra Cordray & Denise Danna~Garden District Books

Call to Artists- 3rd Annual Gulf South Regional
~Ascribing Artists

New Orleans Jazz Fest accepting applications for community outreach

For New Orleans musicians, music, politics and parking tickets collide~Keith Spera

Friday, January 15, 2010


Saints Chick Chattin’: Deuce is Back and a Chat with Charles Grant~Mother Hen
Honore: U.S. military should have reached Haiti sooner

New Orleans shares culture, and tragedy, with Haiti
~Jarvis DeBerry
~That's an anguish we know all too well. It can seem like an eternity, the gap between a tragedy and accounting for everybody you love.

In Haiti, Awe-stuck News Media Run for Coverage and Ratings

Scientists defend coastal project against critics~Amy Wold

Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corp. covering fewer homeowners, CEO reports
~Ed Anderson

Slabbed Friday

P / C industry must increase to offset the underwriting investment~The most recent reports of property/casualty insurers indicate a return to profits, thanks in large measure to a quiet hurricane season. But behind the rosy reports is a thorny problem — lower investment income.

Editorial boards take notice: Charity a State issue with National consequences

To Mrs. Gadbois, Mr. Zurik, and the rest of his former WWL crew for winning the illustrious Dupont award!
~H/T~American Zombie

New trees grow in Houma
~John DeSantis

Flood plan pricetag soars
~Joe Ferguson
~The Army Corps of Engineers now estimates that rechanneling the Rio de Flag through the city to prevent flooding in several neighborhoods will end up costing taxpayers $85 million. That is a $31 million increase from the last estimate offered by the Corps in 2004. The city of Flagstaff is financially responsible for up to 35 percent of the project.

Crumbling Infrastructure a National Security Concern, Experts Say ~Matthew Harwood

Traditional Frosted King Cake Recipe ~WWL
~Lassezes Le Bon Temp Roule'!

Cuban art celebration in NOLA
~Doug MacCash

BackTalk with B.G.~Clifton Lee

Sweet Home New Orleans
Cluster Lee & The Power House Blues Band~La. Music Factory

Jazz guitarist John Scofield's gospel detour to New Orleans led him down 'Piety Street'
~Keith Spera

See You Later Alligator: Louisiana Legend Bobby Charles Dead at 71

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Entergy sues Corps of Engineers over damages it sustained during Federal Flood
~Mark 'Big Schleif' Schleifstein

~And this from our friend Allan Sayer at the AP

44 Inches of Snow on the Blog
~Hurricane Radio

Wet fall, winter could mean worse spring floods ~WDAM

HBO announces sequel to Spike Lee's Katrina documentary 'When the Levees Broke'
~Dave Walker

Yele Haiti Foundation:
Wyclef Jean Leads Effort In
Aiding Haiti Victims

~The Yele Haiti Foundation, begun by Haiti native Wyclef Jean, is collecting donations to help those affected by the Haiti earthquake.

~The fastest way to donate may be by Text :
"Haiti" to 90999 to donate $10 to the American Red Cross,
or text Yele to 501 501 to donate $5.

Ciné Institute

Pulp Fiction Thursday Takes a Holiday ~ADRASTOS

Haiti earthquake stirs desire to help within New Orleans' Haitian community~Katie Urbaszewski

Katrina Surviving Louisiana Based Company Reaches Out to Haitian Earthquake Victims

Forgetting Katrina, Heritage Foundation says W. should lead U.S. Government's Haiti recovery~David Sirota
~"This is not from The Onion. This is real...
- the archconservative Heritage Foundation is calling on President Obama to appoint George W. Bush to lead the U.S. Government's Haiti recovery efforts. I shit you not."

The Shock Doctrine in Haiti?
~Richard Seymour

Charlie Melancon urges feds to settle over MR-GO flooding
~Mark Schleifstein

"The Corps' lassitude and failure to fulfill its duties resulted in a catastrophic loss of human life and property in unprecedented proportions."
~US District Judge Stanwood Durval

Taking on the Tides
~Yael I. Friedman

The Role of Remote Sensing in Predicting and Determining Coastal Storm Impacts
~Victor V. Klemas

The 37 Great Aquifer Systems of Earth: Solution to Global Drought ~SEMP
Diagram created by Jean Margat showing the world’s 37 very large aquifer systems. Source: Jean Margat: “Great aquifer systems of the world.” In Aquifer Systems Management: Darcy’s Legacy in a World of Impending Water.

Cracking the eggs to make the Carrollton Avenue omelet
~Squandered Heritage

Let's goes behind the ‘green door’ and takes a peek at the Jefferson Parish corruption hive: Adams & Reese welcome back to Slabbed

Working On My Negro Dialect ~Cliff's Crib

Garland Robinette comes out in support of same-sex marriage; WWL-AM listeners plotz
~Kevin Allman

Vice President Joe Biden to visit New Orleans, Grand Lake Friday
~Jonathan Tilove

Commissioner concerned about privatizing some jobs
~Marsha Shuler

La. sues companies over tainted Chinese drywall~Cain Burdeau

Jumping fish fly onto menus
~Jeremy Alford

Emma Chafin's Big Buck

HBO's 'Treme' makes its debut to TV critics~Dave Walker
~The second line rolls through neighborhoods still scarred by wreckage created from levee-failure floodwater.
~Editilla NOKS Cherry'O'las!~Thanks Dave!

Four-Legged Survivors of Hurricane Katrina
~Manohla Dargis
~One from the heart, the documentary “Mine” relates yet one more wrenching, infuriating story about Hurricane Katrina and the devastation wreaked both by the storm and by human error and indifference. While many victims in the movie will look familiar — whether waving from their New Orleans rooftops after the levees broke in 2005 or talking about their ruined lives and homes afterward — the majority of the victims here have usually been seen only in the background, forlornly howling and wagging their tails.
~Editilla Double Cherry'O'las!~The tide is turning on Katrina Shorthand! Thank you New York Times!

The NOLA Art House
~Alejandro De Los Rios

A treehouse project in the Treme has become an unlikely place for art- fueled parties.
 "The Installation," as it's called, was put together by residents of the NOLA Art House, a 19th-century mansion that's been converted into an artist commune where everyone from painters to writers to graffiti artists and DJs live, play and ply their trades.

Galactic: A Typical Serving May Include Drums, Bass, Horns, Funk, Grease, And A Whole Lotta New Orleans Bounce
~Sal Nunziato

~Here's to the Handsome who bares our Sweet Soul to Heaven.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Haiti Earthquake Leaves Thousands Dead or Missing ~Bloomberg~USGS~Updates: Here, Here, Here, Here~Help Here, Here

~More Video Here, Here
~Also~Island of Salvation Botanica
Wyclef Jean helping through 'Yéle Haiti'
~Om Ah Hum Hri Om Mani Padme Hum~
Pray'em if'ya got'em!

In urgent times, avoiding online charity scams
~Caroline McCarthy

Understanding & Identifying Types of PTSD Triggers (Part 1)
~PTSD Spirituality

Are you starting to see the pattern?~American Zombie

Pull the curtain on Charity Hospital's hearings: An editorial

The Fantasy Assignment Desk: Where's the Brennan Op-Ed on Iraq?~Harry Shearer

No chérie I have not been ignoring AIG and Goldman Sachs. Lets talk TARP, Wall Street investment banking and Reinsurance ~slabbed

Department of Commerce weighs lifting tariff on Thailand shrimp~John DeSantis

Water outage hits Donaldsonville area
~David J. Mitchell

Habitat turns to modular construction to build home
~Ida Brown

Why I live in New Orleans
~Leeandra Nolting

~Hat Tweets to Charolette

N+O: Bayou Contessa Opens a Fabulous New Shop and Interior Design Studio with friend, Shawn O'Brien!

'Who dat?' popularized by New Orleans Saints fans when 'everybody was looking for the sign'~Dave Walker

Senator David Vitter (R-Pamp) 'addresses' Tea-Tea Party

Pope Fears Pagan Avatars D'OH!
Sees Threat to World Franchise!

~The Vatican newspaper and radio station are criticizing James Cameron's 3-D blockbuster for flirting with the idea that worship of nature can replace religion — a notion the pope has warned against. L'Osservatore said the film "gets bogged down by a spiritualism linked to the worship of nature." Similarly, Vatican Radio said it "cleverly winks at all those pseudo-doctrines that turn ecology into the religion of the millennium."
Holy See Batman!
You say Ecology...I say Theology.
You say Proctology ...I say Philology.
Ecology! Theology! Proctology! Philology!
Let's Call Da'Logy Thing Off!

Total inversion~science fictional

Now Playing at Zeitgeist:
“The Horse Boy”
~Lauren LaBorde, Gambit

Simon & Garfunkel to Star at First Weekend of New Orleans Jazz Fest~All About Jazz

*Ah what the hell... Sole 2010 US Gig?

*We gotta Simon making Treme, and Simon comin'ta Play!

B-52’s to headline Muses' Ball ~Kevin Allman

Preservation Hall bassist Walter Payton suffers stroke on tour
~Keith Spera

Willie Nelson kicks off a two-night stand in New Orleans

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


About Aaron Broussard’s purported ownership of Trout Point Lodge~ slabbed
Bashing NOLA transplants...
~things kevin hates

~Since my post on suburb bashing drew lots of attention, I figured I’d return to a topic I’d said I would cover: bashing New Orleans residents who aren’t natives.
This strikes me as downright inhospitable.

Just as being American isn’t really about where you were born, neither is being a New Orleanian. It’s true that the way we use the English language, you wouldn’t say you’re from somewhere unless you were born there or spent a significant part of your childhood there. But the history of this city is littered with notable New Orleans residents who aren’t from here.
~Please click Map to enlarge~Howz'ya Mominem? Book Review: "Breach of Faith: Hurricane Katrina and the Near Death of a Great American City"’s map and research to be published in Insurance Journal Magazine~Click Map to Enlarge.

Landrieu looking for new coastal approach~Clair Taylor

Reorganization of Office of Coastal Protection and Restoration to speed coastal aid?

Slabbed St. Bernard lets contracts for mass slab removal

Galveston seawall repairs should be done by April
~Rhiannon Meyers

Can New Orleans' mayoral campaign transcend race?
~Jarvis DeBerry

~Editilla Gotta'Witnasss~Can a Black call the Kettle White? ~~and a new word! Auto-Sodomy: the act of Forking One's Self in the Ass --Butt Good!
~"Are you starting to see the pattern?" ~axs AZ.

Race Assumes Central Role in New Orleans Vote
~Campbell Robertson

New Orleans music, culture are theme of mayoral forum
~Keith Spera
~Five of the six major mayoral candidates affirmed Monday that music and culture are vital to the future of New Orleans, during a forum at Loyola University.

Reggie Poised for Playoff Push?
~Canal Street Chronicles

~Bush, a Heisman winner and second overall pick, has a great knack for making an otherworldly play just when it seems appropriate to question his production in relation to his pedigree.
-Tim Layden, Sports Illustrated

My Katrina Diary
~Michael Homan

New Orleans Police officer hurt in Central Business District crash has died~Ramon Vargas

Breaking News – Bossier v State Farm fully and finally settled ~slabbed

*Editilla just can't get enough of this song or DOH Wylie Lama!

Memorial Medical Center death after Katrina still being investigated by coroner
~Bill Barrow

CA Helps Secure Louisiana Rural Health Information Exchange

Charity Hospital arbitration panel to hear from FEMA next
~Jonathan Tilove

St. Charles Ave. roadwork taking longer than planned~Jay Vise

Join Us in New Orleans for Urban Pathways to Livable Communities~Rails to Trails

Y--HPO, LPV 110, CSX Railroad Gate, New Orleans East Levee Enlargement, Orleans Parish

New St. Bernard Parish Animal Shelter Opens

Post-Federal Flood, Pet Custody a Prominent Legal Issue
~Linda Lombardi

"Assessing Post-Katrina Recovery in New Orleans: Recommendations for Equitable Rebuilding,"~Dept of Urban Studies and Planning, MIT
~Professor Karl Seidman has released a report detailing DUSP's work in New Orleans since Katrina and offering policy recommendations to address serious shortfalls in the government's response to date. The department has been and continues to be among the most active urban planning departments on the Gulf Coast since Katrina struck in 2005.

Using Hurricane Katrina As Model, People's Racial Biases Can Skew Perceptions of How Much Help Victims Need
~Kansas City infoZine

Seven Questions for the Country’s Top Emergency Managers ~BioSeal Systems

Whats more destructive..?
~Tornado Questions

~God tries but Fails to smite Tower of Babel.Dubai

Tickets to City of New Orleans Grandstands on sale now!
~MG Parade

The “Tremé” trailer~Gambit

'Jonah Hex,' shot in New Orleans, reloads for reshoots
~Mike Scott

Q & A with Author Elise Blackwell~Karen Zacharias

Jazz records: The cult of obscurity ~Harold Jackson

The New Orleans music scene:
A decade in review
~Geraldine Wyckoff
~H'T'n'Ts to Red Stick Irene! Happy New Year, Gal!

Anders Osborne and Juice heat up Tipitina's on Friday night
~Martha Alguera

Monday, January 11, 2010


This explains so much...
Little did I know our police chief was paranoid schizophrenic.
~American Zombie

The Mobile Press Register tackles NFIP reform:
The Slabbed are the fly in the ointment that just won’t go away

Sometimes Editilla just needs to return to the good Map...

Image: Fisk, 1944. Map of ancient courses of the Mississippi River, Cape Girardeau, MO - Donaldsonville, LA. See the entire set of beautiful Fisk Maps here... all brought to you by Pruned.
We just loves maps.
I first ran across this map here, ironically in the fields of my youth.

Five levee questions — who, what, when, where and how (why is implicit)

Hearing starts in Charity Hospital, FEMA dispute
~Jonathan Tilove

Charity Hearing Behind Closed

Louisiana angling for an answer on invasive fish

Presidio Flood Control Project ~Cubit

Corps, EPA and WVDEP to explain permit process
~Ken Ward Jr.

Hybrids make push into heavy equipment sector
~Korky Koroluk

Mentally Limited and Attitudinally Limited
~Bree Palin


Mother Catherine by Zora Neale Hurston~52 Stories
~One must go straight out St. Claude below the Industrial Canal and turn south on Flood Street and go almost to the Florida Walk. Looking to the right one sees a large enclosure walled round with a high board fence. A half-dozen flags fly bravely from eminences. A Greek cross tops the chapel. A large American flag flies from the huge tent. A marsh lies between Flood Street and that flag-flying enclosure, and one must walk. As one approaches, the personality of the place comes out to meet one. No ordinary person created this thing. At the gate there is a rusty wire sticking out through a hole. That is the bell. But a painted notice on the gate itself reads: “Mother Seal is a holy spirit and must not be disturbed.”

Local Abbeville author publishes debut novel~Jack Murray of Miami attempts a simple residential burglary which backfires, landing him in jail. When he gets out a year later, he runs into his old partner in crime, Rudy Maxa, who got away with the money.
As Murray tries to choose between leading a legitimate life and falling back into old ways — Maxa is now partners with a dangerous criminal named Tiras with ties to running guns — there’s intrigue, romance and more in Brandon Hebert’s novel, My Own Worst Enemy (Gale).

Sculpture for New Orleans
~Doug MacCash

Now New Orleans Is His Focus
~Larry Blumenfeld

~"I remember stumbling into my first second-line parade maybe 20 years ago," said Mr. Simon, now 49, as he leaned back in his chair at a production office in Manhattan's West Village. "The Treme brass band went up Orleans Avenue to Claiborne Avenue, then stopped under the I-10 bridge. The echo was fantastic. They went past the Lafitte projects and people came out of their homes to join in. I was all the way up in Mid-City before I realized I'd walked 30 blocks and would have to walk all the way back. I didn't know exactly what was going on, but I was hooked."

Oyster Evangelists Rise Up
~The Specialist,WSJ

Michael Pollan Offers 64 Ways to Eat Food
~Tara Parker-Pope

Irvin Mayfield to teach 2nd class at the University of New Orleans
~John Pope

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Man of the Year Vs. Apeshit Rich Guy~American Zombie

Experts on sleaze are all over the place~James Gill

Police Superintendent Warren Riley joins the Race Card Game ~Brendan McCarthy
~Without offering evidence, Riley alleged Wednesday on an interview on WBOK-AM that the message from Head referred to him as a "nigger." The allegations are the latest in a long- simmering feud between the police chief and the councilwoman.
Head called Riley's assertion, for which he has yet to offer any proof, "absolutely, wholeheartedly, unequivocally not true. It's against my grain; it's against my core."

Jindal fielding inquiries on
Lt Gov job~Central La Politics

We wonder if new EPA Chief is as Clueless, Inaccurate and Fragrantly Bigoted as the AP?
~More than four years after Hurricane Katrina, the single-story brick rancher in Pontchartrain Park where Lisa Perez Jackson grew up stands empty.
Katrina was the closest that an environmental disaster had hit home for someone who has spent her career solving environmental problems. The storm's toll on Jackson's childhood house and on New Orleans, particularly the Ninth Ward where she was raised, has intensified her quest for what's known as environmental justice.

~From the comments: "What is Lisa Jackson's mother doing with no home insurance while her daughter is one of New Jersey's highest ranking and paid state officials? And, how come after the storm that a volunteer group had to clean out her mother's home? I'm in shock anyone would even begin to think this was a good article outlining this woman's agenda. She sounds nauseating and frightening. I don' t care what her race is."
~Editilla Roiltellas~ Despite her boss, His'O'ner the President, finally dropping by New Orleans like Elmer Gantry on tour with a faux-southern accent to pee down our leg and tell us it was Katrina, we sincerely wonder if Ms Jackson knows that her momma's home was flooded by the Corps of Engineers and not Katrina? Yes, lets talk about "Environmental Justice"! It is a good question because the Corps might easily Do It Again.

What is
~Sandy Rosenthal

Never forget, never forgive ~Louisiana 1976

Download America Betrayed
~“America Betrayed” (First Run Features) looks at the response (or lack of response) to Katrina and it is even more shocking now. The nation is still in denial about what really caused the post-storm disaster which in many cases was worse than the bumbled immediate emergency disaster.

FEMA and Corps have explaining to do~Sen. Dick Durbin last week added his voice to the chorus calling for FEMA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to explain themselves on the metro-east levees.
"Understanding the structural integrity of the levees in the metro-east area and the risk to those living behind them is fundamentally important to my constituents: hundreds of thousands of lives and billions in economic activity are at stake,"
Durbin wrote to the two agencies. Local leaders asked for this information months ago, but have yet to get a detailed response.

On Sunday even God gat slabbed

Insurance companies do well from flood program; critics question whether industry alliance is good for taxpayers
~Sean Reilly

Climbing insurance premiums raise concern locally

Proposed Cape Cod wind farm halted by Native Americans
~Katherine Butler

~In a move that will further delay the already controversial Cape Wind project, the National Park Service announced Monday that Nantucket Sound was eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. This decision came as a reaction to a request from the Mashpee Wampanoag of Cape Cod and the Aquinnah Wampanoag of Martha’s Vineyard, who claim the 130 proposed wind turbines would thwart their spiritual ritual of greeting the sunrise and disturb ancestral burial grounds.

Biofuels Research Center to focus efforts at LSU AgCenter
~Molly Reid

Nice Little History of Louisiana

The Americanization of Mental Illness~Ethan Watters

PTSD Spirituality:
The Causes of PTSD

1st Librarian chosen as National Archivist ~NPR
~Some 10 billion things are housed in the National Archives, from the monumental to the miniscule, and David Ferriero is now in charge of them all. He'll be sworn in Wednesday as the new Archivist of the United States, the 10th person to hold the position, and the first librarian.

Because there seems to be some interest in comfort food today
~Library Chronicles

Sitting On My Porch Part Thirty Eight~Cliff's Crib

Down In The Hole with David Simon
~Odd Bits of Life in New Orleans

Midori is not a liqueur
~Kosher Computing

Sunday Funnies~Citizen K

Lady Jetsetter Secondline Parade Sunday 12noon - 4pm
~Red Cotton

Ways to Give this Season and Have a Blast While Doing It! Part One: The Pussyfooter’s Blush Ball ~NOLAFemmes