Saturday, July 2, 2011

Report card out for Landrieu Administration ~WVUE
~Editilla Brotellas~ Geaux Mitch'Mo!

In which Stacy Head wants to tow your car ~Library Chronicles
~Between Serpas sending people to poke around in it while it's parked and Head trying to get it towed, I'm starting to wonder if I'm better off just selling the thing. I'm sure it's worth tens of dollars to somebody.

As high waters go down, wildlife areas reopen

River flood work lacks permits
~Nikki Buskey
~Racing to battle floodwaters this spring, Terrebonne Parish and other communities were allowed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to build flood protections without the normally required emergency permits.

Mississippi River flooding damage to farmland assessed by agriculture commissioner

Citizens blow levee north of Council Bluffs, Iowa

This one goes out to for their hard work placing La State Markers at breach sites across the city and getting levee breaches which flooded New Orleans 8/29/05 onto the National Register of Historic Places.
Imagine if Editilla were trying to get this done! Mahnahmah-Nomination!

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Seafood

Feds grill ex-BP chief, Brit on a Spit!

Oyster-shell gemstone replaces agate as official Louisiana gemstone

Another Goat Day
~Robert Frost's Banjo

Introducing Miss Bananas Foster
~Ken Foster

French Film Fest
~New Orleans Film Society

Well! It appears that Editilla doesn't have Rhinoceritis after all! "The Frustrating Unlikeability of Treme" ~Grantland

~Hat Tweet @~It's today , 1-4p. Abita & 300 brews around the world. Tickets at the door or Ticketmaster. See you there!

Kanye West, Jill Scott, Chaka Khan and more on Essence Fest mainstage Saturday

Friday, July 1, 2011

Raise a pint for D.B.A.'s Ray Deter, who passes on this weekend
~Respects: The Avenue Pub

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway refuses to relinquish 'world's longest bridge' title to China
~"Bunch of wannabes,'' Causeway General Manager (and obvious Nola Whodat) Carlton Dufrechou said. Dufrechou allows that the Jiaozhou Bridge, which like the Causeway will eventually charge a toll, is a "beautiful bridge,'' and that it does indeed measure 26 miles. But that's "cumulative roadbed length" -- in other words, the total length of the span. And some of that length comes courtesy of a curve in the bridge. The total over-water length for Jiaozhou is around 16 miles, he said. Respectable. Even impressive. But, Dufrechou said, not quite Causeway material, which has its nearly 24 miles all over water. "Over water? It's still the Causeway by a long shot,'' he said, calling the reports out of China nothing short of "propaganda.''

Mayor Landrieu: city hitting some goals, needs to do better elsewhere ~Chris Miller, WWL

St. Charles line to get shelter at Carrollton and Claiborne terminus!!
~Hat Tweet @

Blight-fighting projects are awarded $1.5 million in grants

BP does George Orwell proud…
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Army Corps: St. Louis-area rivers manageable

David Simon Loves New Orleans Too Much to Make 'Treme' Interesting
~Dave Thier, The Atlantic

~Hat Tweet @ the Pun~In reply I don't care for the show either, but Simon got the main character right: New Orleans Music. Thier missed that. cont>
~> aaand, Simon showed the nuts to include writers --not tokens-- for this deeply personal story.

2011 Maafa Commemoration of the slave trade is Saturday
~Kandace Graves, Gambit

Moss - Original oil painting by Rex Dingler
~Editilla Crowtellas~ We so love this artist's work, both on and off the canvas, that at least one piece (and probably more) will grace the unveiling of Editilla's House of Piety. Everyone has their story of when they spotted Nola Rising in those dark days of The Line after The Flood. I can't tell mine. But, I will say that whenever I looked up there Nola hung, pulling me through it all.

Mailing it in: The New Orleans Dining Scene in 2011
~He Said/She Said NOLA

Ste. Marie, restaurant in New Orleans' CBD, rates Three Beans
~Brett Anderson

The swingers convention is coming to New Orleans~Lauren Laborde

Baton Rouge Beer Fest Tomorrow!

Young Brass - TBC Performing Saturday at Essence Fest
~Big Red Cotton

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Council puts hope in criminal-justice reforms but raises questions about some budgets~Matt Davis, The Lens

New NOPD safety initiative raises legal questions~City Business
~Checking to see if car is locked to prevent theft may be a violation of Fourth Amendment, legal experts say

New Orleans school construction blueprint revised

Jefferson Parish cops hunt coyotes

Funny thing about Gill
~Library Chronicles

Census: Fewer black children in biggest US cities~David B. Caruso, AP
~Comment Posted by SandySays | 06/30/11 12:29 PM EDT
Interesting story. And we are extremely pleased that the writer, Mr. Caruso blamed the emptying of New Orleans on a catastrophic flood, not a weather event. As Gaye Tuchman, author of Wannabe U, wrote: "Look behind language that would seem to attribute social change or calamity to unpreventable weather."
The flooding of New Orleans was due to the failure of the levee system which should have worked, not a weather event.
Sandy Rosenthal, founder of

I ask for your help~American Zombie

Bays closed, spillway open to fishing

Spilled boat fuel soils Bayou Barataria shore Wednesday

Another day, another spill...or two... in the Gulf~SkyTruth

Coastal restoration grows at Nicholls State University farm

~Also~Texas wetland restoration could be model for Gulf region

Louisiana Derby sandwiched around Final Four games in New Orleans

Odd Words
~Odd Bits of Life in New Orleans

A month of all-local foods changes writer's diet - and perspective
~Rebecca Mowbray

Blueberry Mojito Cupcake at Bee Sweet Cupcakes~Uptown Messenger

New restaurants and pop-ups add different flavor to the New Orleans palate ~Colleen Rush

District Supper Club: Coquette
~He Said/She Said NOLA

More Fun with Garden Herbs
~Blackened Out

2011 Geaux Fish offers $275,000 in prizes~Kandace Graves, Gambit

Latest News from Hogs for the Cause
~Editilla Notellas~We got this from their Newsletter, and didn't know how else to link. We love these folks and recommend everyone subscribe to HFTC so you can get gems like this recipe below.

Chef Stephen Stryjewski’s Braised Pork
with Mayhaw Jelly and Black Pepper Biscuits
~Stephen Stryjewski, executive chef of Cochon Restaurant, has had a 2011 full of Dominating: the 2011 James Beard Award for Best Chef 2011, a third place finish at Memphis in May in the Category of Whole Hog, and of course the 2011 Whole Hog Championship at Hogs for the Cause. Here, Chef Stryjewski shares his recipe for braised pork with black pepper biscuits and mayhaw jelly. But he had us at braised pork.

Braised Pork
8 lbs pork shoulder, bone in
5 Onions, peeled
5 Oranges, peeled
1 can Chipotle
10 Jalapenos, stem removed
3oz thyme
½ lb Garlic Cloves
16oz OJ
1T Cayenne Pepper
3T Chile powder
2T White pepper
5T Salt

Puree all ingredients except pork in a food processor and rub it in to the pork shoulder. Refrigerate overnight. Place pork and all juices into a dutch oven, cover, and place in a 350 degree oven for 4-6 hours or until meat is falling off the bone

Black Pepper Biscuits
5 cups White lily flour (measure after sifting)
1T plus ½t baking powder
3 T black pepper
1T kosher salt
½cup (1/4 lb) packed lard, chilled
1¼ cups buttermilk
3T unsalted butter, melted

Mix flour baking powder, black pepper and salt thoroughly. Add lard, half flour finely blended the other half about ½ inch pieces. Pour in buttermilk, and stir quickly just until dough is a blended mass. Turn dough immediately on floured surface, knead 8 to 10 times. Gently flatten dough with hand into even thickness, then roll out ½ inch thick. With a dinner floured dinner fork pierce the dough completely through at ½ inch intervals. Cut with a 2 1/2 or 3 inch round cutter. Don’t reroll scraps. Bake 10- 12 minutes. Brush tops with melted butter.
Yield: about 15 2 ½ inch biscuits. Mayhaw Jelly can be purchased at a specialty grocery store. It can also be substituted with Orange Marmalade or Pepper Jelly.

To serve: Cut hot biscuit in half and fill it with braised pork and Mayhaw Jelly

A new New Orleans resident, Spider Stacy of The Pogues

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Army Corps of Engineers, West Bank authority update Jefferson Parish Council on debris in levees ~Paul Rioux
Gaye Tuchman: Look behind language that attributes calamity to weather
~Also~Corps retrenches, alienates friends, in wake of Katrina/Federal Flood~Stuart Leavenworth

The Danziger Bridge and chaos theory ~Jarvis DeBerry

Tropical Storm Arlene--a heavy rainfall threat for Mexico~Wunderblog

Fading Footprint? The Fate of the State's Proposed University Medical Center Hospital is Now More Uncertain Than Ever~Brad Vogel

How Lessons From Toyota's Production Line Will Help Efficiently Rebuild New Orleans?
...or Tales from the Gripped

New Orleans cemetery blighted, tombstones covered in weeds

Dozens of U.S. cities are contesting 2010 census

BP exerts too much influence over oil spill cleanup, Louisiana official tells senators~Bruce Alpert

Official: BP cash under BP control
~Gerard Sheilds

~Also~Another feckless editorial from the Times-Picayune about Congress' --ie our 2 Oil Senators-- need to earmark BP Fines for wetlands.

Ken Feinberg defines “risk” and “leadership”~Disenfranchised Citizen
~Also~ McMoRan Exploration Co. Updates Gulf of Mexico Exploration & Development Activities

Court remands water wars to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Today Show features Atchafalaya Basin ~Gambit

New Orleans City Park covers appx 1300 acres, Central Park NYC: 850

Art By Martin ~Hat Tweet @

~Hat Tweet -RT @TheGreenProject~It's Wednesday! You know what that means... We're FREE today!! Come visit today & beat the heat. ( )

Lower 9 Equine ~Hat Tweet @

Sno Holds Barred: Sno-Ball Sellers Allege Manufacturer Used Organized Crime Tactics~Nola Defender

The Frog Pond Dish

Cooking With Wine~Blackened Out

Swoon is coming to New Orleans!

~Hat Tweet @humidbeings ~Editilla's House of Piety, is across the street!

dba bar owner Ray Deter in grave condition after being hit by car while riding his bicycle
~Hat Tweet @

Trombone Shorty: Pied piper of Treme

Impulss n' Bazooka Joe~OffBEAT

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Edwin Edwards in talks for a reality show~Michelle Millhollon

CenLamar's must-read roll on Uncle Eddie's Irreality Tour

In this episode of Magnum J.D.: Continental Casualty Company call Bull (Durham) on Magnum and his firm, files suit ~Slabbed

Pastors beseech Uptown: March against crime, or at least come outside
~Uptown Messenger

New Orleans inspector general posts own credit-card statements online

When it comes to weird and slippery, Weiner’s got nothing on Vitter
~Mark Moseley, The Lens

Tropical Storm Arlene heads for eastern Mexico

Hurricane Katrina Returns To New Orleans To Apologize

A muddled world
~Wendy Rodrigue, Gambit

Reminder: Releases Video of London Avenue Historic Plaque

Corps of Engineers' new PR Ad Words: Restore and Reset

Oil Slick at Platform 23051 Site, Gulf of Mexico ~SkyTruth

Dirt: The key to restoring wetlands, task force says~Houston Chronicle

Maps of sediment entering Gulf from Mississippi River floods, based on satellite images

New Orleans City Park welcomes new Big Lake enhancements, plans for more

"How I want to be in that number..." ~NOLA DEFENDER

FEMA Home-Raising Money Goes To Terrebonne

State Rep. Greg Cromer to discuss flood protection in Slidell

Our View: Right Now, The River Controls The Corps
~Yankton Press and Dakotan

Levee breach sends water into Sugar Lake, Mo.

Short Order Reviews~Blackened Out

"When the evening is over, it's over:" Coulis chef remembered
~And this from beerfooddude~Hat Tweet @skooks
~And this from Brett Anderson

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Get You Some Tough Lovin! ~Corps Commentary from da Tuffcookie
~Editilla Cotellas~ We've admired and supported this commenter on every Corps-related story in the New Orleans News Media, but particularly at the Times-Picayune. Indeed, we developed many of our stronger techniques for badassery in fending off Paid Corps Astroturfers as they keep spinning the lie, as well as the ignorant rants of the bourgeois navete Nola Bashers, at the side of this noble Nola Warrior and others like Sandy Rosenthal, and engineers like JohnBGood, FLOODWALL. It's a noticeable anonymous cadre of Nola Defenders swarming, to pay attention to what was happening -or not- in telling the Story of the Federal Flood of New Orleans ---and Counter the Corps PR Spin'filtration. Silly job I suppose, but goddamn Someone had to because WE WERE LOSING THE STORY TO THE CORPS.
Jus'sayin... We Don't Bow Sinn Féin.

And speaking of Spin'filtration, Jeffrey @ Library Chronicles nails Michael Brownie's Nola Book Tour to da floor

And speaking of another Disaster Punkster, Stephanie Grace takes Ray Nagin fo da Carpetbagger

Lions, Tigers and Bears Oh My:
Is there a media conspiracy?
Slabbed reports you decide.