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Earl a threat to the Lesser Antilles; Danielle misses Bermuda; 97L organizing ~Wunderblog
Bicycling into the heart of the flood:
A Hurricane Katrina remembrance

Louisiana State Museum Miss-Frames the Flood of 8/29/05 as Katrina and not Engineering Failure!

Film review seemed unkind to N.O.
~Yes, New Orleanians continue to insist that Hurricane Katrina did not flood their city. They do this because it is the truth. Inadequate and failed levees flooded the city. The Army Corps of Engineers admitted its own culpability after independent engineering studies found damning evidence, and a federal judge has lambasted the Corps for its fecklessness and incompetence.

~We gotta admit that Brad Pitt is pretty fucking cool... I mean, really...

*Artifacts Not Politics....we took some out of town friends over to the Make It Right homes this week. I swear there were more homes there than when I saw it back in April, and other homes on the Rise. I mean... some people talk about doing shit, some people blog about doing shit, and Some Peoples get out there and Plant It in the Ground! ARTIFACT, think about that, take the word apart... do it.

Harry Shearer vs. the Army Corps of Engineers~Mother Jones
~Editilla Crowtellas~Our Herolero Harry here is by far Not Alone...
--Sinn Féin! ~Harry, Sandy Rosenthal, HJ Bosworth and Roy Arrigo at the unveiling of the first Louisiana State Marker dedicated to the Truth about Greatest Civil Engineering disaster in the history of the nation: the Corps of Engineers' floodwall failures of Aug 29th 2005.~Photo/Judi Bottoni
~Please also see Michael Hinton's photos of this Historic Dedication

~Editilla Shotellas~Gentle'rillas doubtless have noticed that we are laying back a bit on ranting about the Corps of Engineers and the Criminally Negligent Homicide they perpetrated upon New Orleans 8/29/05. I would like to say, however, that these worthless failed lying engineers at the Corps' New Orleans District LOVE IT WHEN THEY HEAR THE NAME KATRINA to describe their horrible man-made disaster. They have spent MILLIONS of Tax Dollars to cover up this story and redirect the nation's attention onto The Storm and away from The Flood. You can hear more of the Corps Lies at the Rising Tide today, when Timmy Ruppert gets to give their 2nd soft-handed book-report Presentation to this local blogging club.

Five Years Later, Roy Arrigo Still Marks Where Water Drowned His Home

1 Day 2 Year 5:
A Photographic Journey

New Orleans' Rebuilding:
An Inspiration~Wyclef Jean


Five Years After Katrina, A Return To Bay St. Louis~NPR
~~"Anyone you talk to in Bay St. Louis, you ask them what the No. 1 hindrance to things are now — is insurance," Anderson says. "It's astronomically high now. It's created lots of anger and animosity."
In Bay St. Louis you don't hear complaints about the Federal Emergency Management Agency or the federal government so much as insurance companies. Many people had to wait a long time to receive just modest settlements. Many have anecdotes about clever arguments they say insurers used to limit payments, like insisting that it wasn't the 125 mph winds but the 30-foot tall waves that smashed their house to smithereens. Who can tell in a hurricane?

The Sun Herald Remembers Katrina plus 5: Katrina anniversary coverage miscellany ~slabbed

Five Years After Katrina, and Still No Coast Rescue Plan in Place ~GRN

Rachel Maddow on MRGO and its Role in the Drowning of New Orleans
~Quinta Scott

Remembering 'The Kingfish': Questions about Huey Long's death linger
~David Zinmen

BP to remove failed blowout preventer from oil well in Gulf of Mexico this weekend~Jaquetta White
~Additional federal waters opened in western Gulf~Sandy Davis

Commission on BP oil disaster lacks expertise

Jus'sayin... we got expertise! And we just love Space Shots!

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NPR--the Initials Stand for Nothing
~Harry Shearer
~ Editilla @letwits Really, Ian Punnet does a great interviews. This will be good radio. Long Interview too. #TheBigUneasy #nola

Voices From New Orleans~WSJ
~Roy Arrigo: "I had $200 worth of damage to my house from the hurricane—a piece of aluminum blew off—but I lost everything I owned to the levee failure, due to the mistakes of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
There is a big, big struggle among people here to get the word out that this was not a storm or a weather event, this was a manmade disaster.
Since that time, we've seen a lot of work done and everyone says, 'Oh, I feel safer,' but no one has been held accountable or jailed, so why can we trust what they say? Why can we trust their work now?"

~Please also see~On One Block, Resilience and Despair

President Obama's advisors address disaster hearing In Chalmette~WWL

I love it...~American Zombie~So as it turns out the Baton Rouge bar fight was over a pool game...awesome. Tell you what I'll do, I'll challenge Cedric Richmond to a pool match...8 ball, race to 7 games, APA rules... if he wins I will take down every blog post I've written about him, if I win he has to give me a one hour interview and answer all of my questions.

Is Slabbed stuck on "Katrina" -vs- "Man-made Disaster" like a gimp on a plumb bob square pants?
Danielle a Cat 4; Earl more organized ~Wunderblog

Katrina, I’m Over You Bitch ~NOLAFemmes
~2 Days 2 Year 5: A Photographic Journey

Five Years On, New Orleans Musicians Still Struggling ~Tim Cole, NPR

DeLuna Fest rounds out its lineup for free day

Louis Armstrong is the subject the old-fashioned film 'Louis the Movie'

Shaw joins Make it Right in NOLA for Flood fifth anniversary

Jus'sayin...Let's Rock!

BP Engineers Remember the Day the Rig Exploded~Harry Fontain

Investigators question BP on safety attitudes~Houston Chron

A lot more underwater, or not? ~Globe

It turns out these "Oil Men" had no fkn idea who had control of their ass heads on the BP Oil Crime! And people still wonder about a Deep Water Horizon Drilling Moratorium?

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After the Levees Failed, New Orleans Cops Were Told They Could Shoot Looters

Arriving Migrant Shorebirds Deal With Contaminated Coast

Louisiana authorities report oil sightings from Gulf of Mexico spill

BP Balloons Costs for Oil Spill, now saying $6 Billion spent! Hahahahahahaha

Mayor of Red Stick gets the Red Ass ~American Zombie
Please join Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu
(Mitch'Mo!:) for Commemoration and Determination: Katrina V
(We call it Flood+5)
~A special event to mark the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina as the City commemorates the lives lost and celebrates the spirit of determination in all of us as we look to the future.
August 29, 2010 -6:30pm~Washington Artillery Park
(located at Jackson Square & St. Louis Cathedral)
Let us know you plan to attend by clicking here. For more information please call (504) 658-4900 or go to
~~Jus'sayin... Katrina Five does have a pop ring to it...

~It's the Levees Silly...
~Aw'Man! I just saw that Mayor Mitch'mo has endorsed Cedric Richmond. That sound you hear is Mitch Landrieu's credibility flushing down the toilet.
Say it ain't so Mitch'mo! Please tell us you aren't such an absolutely clueless stupid dumbfuck to endorse an obvious criminal? WTF?

We insist that New Orleans' critics get the facts~Jarvis DeBerry

Skeptics worry about post-Flood levees

What if It Never Happened?
~Chris Rose, Gambit

Shawn Walker
Dance umbrella, New Orleans, Louisiana. © Shawn Walker

One of my interests was in the levees that had failed and allowed New Orleans to be so totally flooded. Not familiar with what they were or how they were supposed to work, I had someone take me to an area where they were being repaired. The naked face of the city--which sits below sea level--was impressive viewed from the perspective of all the damage around me.

Much of the repair work has been done. The Times Picayune reported this July that 380 miles of levees, floodwalls and gates have been completed, costing $1.1 billion so far with another $5.8 billion of work left. While most people, including the Army Corps of Engineers, feel that the system is stronger and more resilient than ever, others have raised concerns that the new system will be unable to protect the New Orleans area from future storms.

Shawn Walker is a New York-based photographer whose work is exhibited and collected by major institutions, including the Brooklyn Museum, the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Studio Museum in Harlem. He is a member of Kamoinge, an African American photographers' collective. For his Katrina Media Fellowship project, Walker documented the new urban landscape New Orleans residents were left with after the flood waters subsided. See more images from Shawn Walker's Katrina Media Fellowship project.

The Legacy of Katrina Study – The Kids Aren’t Alright~Disenfranchised Citizen

Five years after the Corps of Engineers devastated the city, New Orleans faces bill for keeping its footprint
~Michelle Krupa

SBA fails post-Katrina and Rita

Tuesday's Flood Anniversary events

5 Days 2 Year 5:
A Photographic Journey

The Rising Tide screens at Zeitgeist
~Will Coviello, Gambit

Donna's Bar and Grill, longtime home to brass bands, closes~Keith Spera

~dear_nola Out now! "Dear New Orleans" digital benefit for NOLA + the Gulf. Available here (w/ full liner notes + bonus tracks):

Richie Hayward: Little Feat's Funky Heartbeat~Home of the Groove

Chasin’ the Dream~moosedenied

"Employers sense in me a denial of their values"~Library Chronicles

LibraryThing: State of the Thing

Fox News owned by terrorists? ~slabbed

BP engineer who wrote telling e-mails pleads the Fifth to avoid testifying at oil spill hearings~David Hammer

Sound Truth and Corporate Myth$ ~Riki Ott

A Sad Return Trip to Barataria Bay, Louisiana~Sea Turtle Rest. Project

Ray Mabus presents a "Cliff Notes" Book Report on "Long Term Recovery"

Monday, August 23, 2010 Artifacts Not Politics!
~letwits Back in NO, helping dedicate a plaque at 17th St. Canal.
One week til "The Big Uneasy" screens nationwide...the "why"of flood

~When: Monday, August 23 at 10:30a - 11a
Where: 6932 Bellaire Drive
(T-intersection of Bellaire and Stafford)

~Founder and Director Sandy Rosenthal unveiled today Louisiana's first ever State Historical Marker to state the Truth about what happened with The Flood 8.29.05 and commemorates what was lost in New Orleans to gross negligence and catastrophic civil engineering mistakes by the US Army Corps of Engineers in the design, building and maintenance of our Flood Protection System.
~Click pic to enlarge ~More pics here.


Storm Urgency~Ken Forman, Gambit
~On the Fifth Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Harry Shearer's documentary tries to set the record Straight

New Orleans’s Levees Are Nearly Ready, but Mistrusted~John Schwartz

The proposed decertification of the Mississippi River Levee System might ... Finish off the Delta
~Becky Gillette, Dolan Media PR

~Editilla Goes Advomercenary~ Is this the next Corps PR Hack, this one for the Vicksburg District? The Corps has Ruled this District all the way to the headwaters of the Sunflower River, sooo why don't their levees rate with FEMA? Huh? I mean, we cut our teeth on the Corps Lower Sunflower River Chicanery, I can't believe their extensive all dominating levee/dredging work there doesn't rate with FEMA! Apparently this Public Relations firm agrees, but probably from a different angle --the stakeholder! Who it this PR firm's Stakeholder?
Doesn't look like it's the MS Tax Payer. More later.
We're still waiting to see who gets the next PR contract out of the Corps NO District, after Optimal Process Partners' $5 Million contract ends this September. They have proven themselves to be such Haintish Boids, we can't imagine their bungling another $5 Million they way they have this last contract: all those meaningless, ineffectual "public meetings", the slick website that still operates like a mid evil torture room, that ridiculous work on the comments sections... OPP were complete losers in PR terms. Absolute PR Losers. But they did waste our tax-paid time and served to distract the public attention away from the Corps foibles this past 3 years. So who's next? OPP Again? HA!

State authorities say fish kill in St. Bernard Parish waters likely caused by low oxygen levels~Bob Warren

WhoDat35 Kindra Arnesen spent Aug. 19 in bayous taking water samples; documenting oil that BP can't seem to find #NOLA

Cedric and Ike's greatist hits, Vol. 1
~American Zombie

Flood + 5, anniversary events

New documentary explores long term disaster recovery in New Orleans after Corps of Engineers flooded the city 8.29.05~“Coming Home: Hurricane Katrina 5 Years Later,” directed by David Barnhart, focuses on one of Katrina’s more intriguing human phenomena. Five years after the storm, many residents and New Orleans natives are still trying to make it back home. For many, this was made possible not by government grants or the natural retreat of the waters, but by volunteers. “Coming Home,” narrated by actress Khandi Alexander of HBO’s Treme, delves into the relationships that have formed between these volunteers and the grateful residents they’ve helped.

Five years after The Flood, how NOLA saved its soul ~Dan Baum

Local universities were forced to set their own course to recovery after Corps flooded New Orleans 8.29.05

Walk, events to mark MS Gulf Coast Katrina 5th anniversary

6 Days 2 Year 5:
A Photographic Journey

Hurricane Katrina/Flood photography panel discussion at the Ogden Museum in New Orleans

I'm Howling In The Wires ~Cliff's Crib

'A Confederacy of Dunces' is 30 years old, and Loyola is celebrating

Big Easy Bash at WEFTEC.10
~Water for People
~Hat tip~Watershed NOLA

Danielle getting stronger in the Atlantic

Oil leak worries linger For many in Gulf, disaster not over
~Amy Wold

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Welcome Danielle

REVEALED: Ed Overton works for Feds and helps out company responsible for largest oil disaster in U.S. history…
--IN 1989!~Florida Oil Spill Law

The Overton Window
~by Horatio Algeranon
Is predictably shifting
Like BP words
And oil drifting.
Reflecting government
Proclamations From EPA, NOAA
And Coastguard stations.
Framing environmentalists
As extreme
For propagating
The "Catastrophe" meme.

To a fuller picture on recovery, Flood+5 ~Times-Picayune editorial
~Just last week, Hank Stuever of The Washington Post noted, with not-so-veiled disdain, that for New Orleanians, Katrina did not cause the flood is a mantra, while New Orleans is below sea level seems an irrelevant bit of trivia.” Sea level is not the relevant factor in managing water and preventing flooding in a flat river delta, as anyone who understands what happened during Katrina knows. Indeed, flooding is the most common risk of disaster for the vast majority of Americans. Recent floods in Nashville and Missouri, both located hundreds of feet above sea level, attest to that. After Katrina, Congress ordered the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to come up with a plan to give us that ultimate level of protection. Instead, what the Corps submitted was an unwieldy, cafeteria-style inventory of choices that are unlikely to produce a real plan in the near future. That’s unacceptable five years after the federal levee failures flooded our region — and the Corps’ dithering warrants national attention.

Mayor's office to attend Levee Breach Historic Marker Dedication
~Also, a member of the mayor's office will be on the Team to nominate further breach sites to the National Register of Historic Places.

Tropical Depression Six arrives ~Wunderblog

Martha's Vineyard: Notes On a 5 Year
New Orleans Evacuation
~Karen Dalton-Beninato

7 Days 2 Year 5:
A Photographic Journey

Coming up in this week’s Gambit:
All Katrina All the Time!

Second Line Season Starts Today With The Valley Of Silent Men
~Red Cotton, Gambit
~DebCotton TobeContinued BrassBand playing 10pm tonite @the Wolf Den 907 S. Peters in the Warehouse District. $5 cover kitchen is open #footwork #nola

A Sentimental Mood (in New Orleans)
~Musings of an Artist's Wife

Jus'sayin...Editilla thinks about this all the time....yes, and you and I!

Photographers Reflect on The Flood, Katrina and Rita, Five Years Later
~Yukiko Yamagata

To amplify some of Dambala’s recent posts. Follow the money folks ~slabbed

Neighbors join in and KaBOOM! Playgrounds appear!

LA State waters open to fishing

BP Begins "Fishing Operation" - and Open Thread ~Oil Drum

BP oil spill disaster could end up working in favor of coastal restoration
~Bob Marshall

LSU researchers survey health impacts of BP Oil Disaster

Oil spill stigma affecting Louisiana housing market~Alexandria Town Talk

Project Eco-Delta:
Design for Coastal Cities

Experts discuss ways to fix oil damage
~The discussion took place in the Acadiana Center for the Arts against the backdrop of "Shifting," an exhibit by New Orleans artist Michel Varisco that includes several photographic images of the coastal wetlands and Gulf of Mexico before and after the oil spill.

~ Editilla Yall think Editilla so damn hard? Inglorious Brad Pitt want his scalps of Oil Spill Perps! HA! #bpcares #oilspill #nola

BP Gulf Oil Spill cleanup relies on vacuum excavators

BP now removing “drill pipe and OTHER EQUIPMENT” from wellhead; Experts believe it’s the CASING (VIDEOS)~Florida Oil Spill Law
~oilflorida Fed-friendly Ed Overton slips up -- Reveals storms can AEROSOLIZE weathered oil and SPREAD IT AROUND (VIDEO)...

New oil spill lawsuit seeks to test limit on puntitive damage awards
~Michelle Krupa

Officials in four states say Gulf Coast deserves economic development after oil spill~Robert McClendan

Mobile food vendors cropping up around BR~Chad Calder

Sunflowers in the Bonnet Carre Spillway are more than pretty
~Sheila Stroup

And now a little note from da'Humid Beings...