Saturday, December 4, 2010

With Corps Levees Already Sinking,
Future Funding of New Orleans Area
Levees Begs Questions for Taxpayers

~State and local levee officials are rightly worried about how they will meet the costs and demands of maintaining levees that are now under construction, especially since settling is a normal and anticipated part of the construction process. This is an especially pressing issue on the West Bank, where some new levees are settling as much as 2 to 4 feet during preconstruction work, raising the possibility that many additional and costly lifts will be needed.
"We want to make sure that the June 2011 date doesn't trump sound engineering and construction,''
said Susan Maclay, president of the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-West.
~Editilla Witnellas~ See the Corps. See the Corps play all sides against The Middle. See the Corps factor in Costs Overestimates for future make work upon The Middle. See The Middle, We The Taxpayers, ask ourselves how we came upon such badly engineered flood protection infrastructure AGAIN!

Wow! Check this Cool Stuff from Dixie Tours Post Flood!
~Editilla Jus'sayin~ They do start off with the 17th Street Canal Breach State Marker that pulled off. That's spankin'!

Dispute hinders Gulf leak studies
~Gerard Shields

And now a word from our sponsors…
BP PLC Version
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Wetlands project may be blocked
~Claire Taylor

Christian Louboutin helping to save the wetlands and at the same time recycle and reuse wasted materials

Jindal, Palin show some spine (on the bookstore shelves)
~Mark Moseley, The Lens

Algiers Point Christmas bonfire returning, first time since Katrina

National Urban League to hold 2012 convention in New Orleans

Camellia Grill opens in the French Quarter~Kevin Allman, Gambit

WWOZ radio marks 30 years on the air with second-line, show

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

South Louisiana areas could flood half of every year~Nikki Buskey
~Grand Isle and low-lying coastal communities in Terrebonne and Lafourche could flood for as long as half of every year by 2100 as land continues to sink and sea levels rise, a new study shows.

False River study given final funds ~Koran Addo
~The federal government has committed $400,000 the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers needs to finish a nine-year study of False River to determine how best to improve the oxbow lake’s declining water quality, officials reported.

God Damn the Corps of Engineers
~The Frog Pond

Ken Feinberg doing his best to make BP look better~Disenfranchised Citizen

Fisherman “very depressed and suicidal” but changed mind in order to fight — “It’s time for everybody else to fight”~Florida Oil Spill Law

Offshore drilling regulation overhaul appears out of reach~Bruce Alpert

Capital One Southcoast 2010 Energy Conference Dec 7-9

Council raises taxes, trash fee; further trash hike on the way~Karen Gadbois and Ariella Cohen, The Lens

New Orleans City Council boosts property tax by 6.74 mills, hikes monthly trash fee to $20 per household
~Michelle Krupa

Byron Lee’s Maxima Group Behavioral Services, Inc. needs an attitude adjustment: A Dollar Bill Jefferson Crime Family Con Profit update ~slabbed

Sustainable Site Design for New Orleans ~Hooray!!!~Watershed NOLA

Sitting On My Porch Part Fifty Nine
~Cliff's Crib

New Orleans’ Youth To Be Ambassadors To South Africa ~NOLAFemmes

Clean up on Aisle 111~Sky Dancing

Hillary Clinton gets a haircut in Cloutierville to prepare to see the world leaders~Poke Salad Granny

Louisiana's problems just not big enough for Gov. Bobby Jindal
~John Maginnis

LSU considering big tuition hike

Raspberry Merlot Sorbet
~Scoop Adventures

Challenge Submissions and a Few Linkatudes~Blackened Out

Press Street releases post-Katrina "field guide"~Alex Woodward, Gambit

A Chat With Welcome to the Rileys Director Jake Scott~Amrita Khalid

PhotoNOLA Festival of Photography

Tremé Creole Gumbo Festival 2010

Upcoming: Red Hot & New Orleans @ BAM feat. Trombone Shorty
~NolaFunk NYC

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hurricane flood vulnerability displayed in National Hurricane Center maps
~Mark Schleifstein

Reckoning with Man-made Disaster

~Hat closes chapter of harassment by ASCE

Mapping Mangroves by Satellite ~NASA
~Mangroves are among the most biologically important ecosystems on the planet, and a common feature of tropical and sub-tropical coastlines. But ground-based evidence suggests these vital coastal forests have been strained in many regions because of harvesting for food, fuel, and medicine. Now, scientists have used satellite images to compile the most comprehensive map of mangroves worldwide, which should help in future efforts in monitoring and conservation.

Corps to raise part of MS River levee

Pilot program will remove hazardous anchors used to secure oil spill boom
~Benjamin Alexander-Bloch

New Orleans Saints Super Bowl license tag goes on sale Wednesday
~Defend New Orleans

It’s nice to see conservatives standing up for our freedoms
~Mark Moseley, The Lens

Bobby Jindal Doesn't Care About Louisiana Peoples!

Working girls: “Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.” ~slabbed

BP among companies Obama excluded from US environmental oversight
~Disenfranchised Citizen

BP spent $1.86M on lobbyists in 3Q

~ BP Public Relations~
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Dew Brees is Sports Illustrated’s sportsman of year

On ‘Dine Out’ Night, 200 Chefs Serve Up Message About Gulf Seafood Safety
~Louisiana Seafood News

2010 Challenge: Cracklin Crusted Mac- n-Cheese~Blackened Out

A look at December book events in N.O.

Deck Yer Balls! Judith Owen & Harry Shearer's Holiday Sing-A-Long at CAC!

Rebirth, remixed
~Alejandro de los Rios, Gambit

Louis Prema Statue Dedication

~Polly Jackson~"A Dusting", acrylic on canvas, 36 x 48" (large), just finished $1450 + shipping