Saturday, May 16, 2009


MRGO trial ends quietly:
is this a harbinger of journalism cutbacks? ~Lacoastpost

New Orleans may relax Inspector General prerequisites
~Michelle Krupa

~Interim Inspector General Len Odom and his predecessor,
Bob Cerasoli, the first person to hold the post, also objected this week to a concurrent move to give political appointees on the Ethics Review Board authority to amend the inspector general's annual budget, which now is reviewed by the City Council.
The move, they said, would chip away at the inspector general's autonomy. Even though one of the proposed changes would allow him to seek his post permanently, Odom opposes it so strongly he said he'd quit if it becomes law.
"I will not work in an environment that is different than what the people approved, "
he said. "I don't want there to be any claim that I was looking out for my self-interest."


Missed the Easter Bunny?
Find what State Farm wants to keep hidden, win chocolate egg ~slabbed

Miss. AG: Keep State Farm settlement deal sealed

Coastal money survives debate ~Jeremy Alford

Big Money Spent On Temporary Sewage Pumps~WDSU

FEMA Works To Avoid Formaldehyde In New Units
~Brian Naylor

Swine flu confirmed in Terrebonne ~Nikki Buskey

Singular New Orleans Double Eagle Headlines Heritage Long Beach Coin Auction

NOMA Presents The Art of Caring: A Look at Life Through

Call for Graduate Student Fellow
Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public Life
Tenth Annual National Conference: Culture, Crisis, and Recovery

Yard sale to benefit N.O. trip

What's a Whiter Shade of Pale? Interview: Lyricist Keith Reid
~Karen Dalton-Beninato

Instruments A Comin' | 04.27 | New Orleans~NolaFunk NYC

Friday, May 15, 2009


"Why Are You So Afraid of Us?" After Years in Isolation, Burmese Dissident Still Torments Her Tormentors~NYT
“Why are you so afraid of us?” Daw Aung San Suu Kyi called out, taunting the military government of Burma as thousands of rapturous supporters listened in the rain, whistling and cheering from under a sea of black umbrellas.

That was 13 years ago, during a temporary period of freedom from house arrest, and Mrs. Aung San Suu Kyi was putting into words the dynamic that has kept her under detention for most of the past two decades. The seemingly all-powerful junta, which jails its opponents and crushes popular uprisings by force,
is afraid of Mrs. Aung San Suu Kyi, 63, the country’s pro-democracy opposition leader, and of the continuing undercurrent of support she commands among the people.
~Was Yettawa Pawn of Burma’s Generals?

Gen. Russel Honore says Louisiana should drop appeal and pay for new hospital itself
~Jonathan Tilove

Comments on Proposed VA Medical Center Designs

MRGO flooding trial ends!
Verdict now in judge's hands
~Mark Schleifstein

Going, going, MR-Go is gone
(for now)~slabbed
~Worry not if you’re feeling hopelessly lost trying to understand MRGO and the rest of the Canal Breaches litigation. Starting this weekend, SLABBED will be publishing a series of post that put MRGO in the context of the Consolidated Litigation.

Trial Against Corps of Engineers for Katrina Flooding Goes to Judge~Courthouse News Service
~Editilla Notellas~ We will post different articles on MRGO as we find them around the nets, apart from the AP media shotgun that most outlets simply repost <--which in this case unfortunately quotes the wrong, misleading and uninformed ASCECORPS mouthpiece. We also shall leave the wayward journalist nameless, since Editilla has decided to lay off journalists who can't seem to do their homework. Hell, what's the point anymore as ASCECORPS seems to have most journalists charmed like bugs on truck grill anyway.

Landrieu Leads Second CODEL To Netherlands to Study Dutch World-Class Flood Protection
Senator Mary Landrieu, D-La., will this month lead the second Congressional Delegation to the Netherlands to study the Dutch integrated water management system. Louisiana and administration officials, including EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, will join Sen. Landrieu to study the world-class water management and flood protection system in the Netherlands, which shares many of Louisiana’s challenges in protecting populations and economic infrastructure below sea level.

In early 2006, Sen. Landrieu along with the Royal Netherlands Embassy led an initial Codel to the Netherlands. Since 2006, Louisiana has made progress in protecting coastal communities, including 100-year flood protection for the New Orleans region to be completed by 2011, but this trip will help the state assess remaining challenges. Sen. Landrieu will also explore policies, which may include innovative Dutch technologies and practices, that can reduce the persistent delays and cost overruns of Army Corps of Engineers projects.
Also joining the CODEL:
New Orleans City Council President Jackie Clarkson;
Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority East Regional Director Bob Turner; Terrebonne Parish President Michel Claudet; U.S. Army Corps of Engineers representatives from Corps headquarters and the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army; Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works Staff Director Bettina Poirier; New Orleans Director of Disaster Mitigation Dr. Earthea Nance; American Planning Association Executive Director/CEO Paul Farmer; Levees.Org Executive Director Sandy Rosenthal; American Society of Civil Engineers President Wayne Klotz; Center for Planning Excellence, Camille Manning-Broome; Louisiana Speaks, Lee Einsweiler; LSU Hurricane Center Interim Director Joseph Suhayda.
Tuesday, May 26: AMSTERDAM
Site visit and briefings include: Amsterdam WaterNet, the city water management and supply agency, on living with water: flood control, ground and surface water levels, water quality and ecosystem health; Amsterdam City Architect Ton Schaap briefing and tour of the Eastern Docks and Ijburg: discussion of successful redevelopment projects, as well as water management, flood safety and economic vitality working in tandem.
Wednesday, May 27: THE HAGUE
Briefings include: Association of Dutch Water Boards; Netherlands Parliament, Committee on Water Management; Cees Veerman, Chairman of the Delta Committee; Tineke Huizinga,Vice Minister of Transport, Public Works and Water Management.
Thursday, May 28, 2009: ROTTERDAM and DELFT
Site visit and briefings include: Rotterdam city architects on Rotterdam Waterplan and the city’s climate-proof initiatives; Delft Technical University briefing on Delta Urbanism; Deltares, the leading research/scientific organization on water, soil, modeling, climate change.
Friday, May 29: KAMPEN
Site visit and briefings include: Officials from Kampen on projects under construction, river diversion for flood safety, flood safety created by dredged material, ecosystem restoration and urban flood risk mitigation efforts.

Rally For Coastal Restoration
June 1st

~Caffin @ Florida, on the water - Lower 9th Ward
June 1 - Rally for Restoration
Noon - 1pm

Bayou Bienvenue Wetlands Platform, Lower Ninth Ward
~Despite congressional mandates, the Army Corps is years behind deadline to restore the decimated wetlands along the MRGO. Join your neighbors to ask the Corps to make the protection of our communities a priority! View Flyer [pdf]

Corps of Engineers or SHINOLA? Re-Branding, Re-Marketing
the Re-Branding Re-Marketing
of the Corps~WWL

~Stacy Mendoza, employee of Outreach Process Partners, said the polling graph, showing what she calls a "case study," <-(Oh My! How bloody rich!) was "misguided,” "too boastful" and "a mistake."
“I understand the confusion we've created over our role, which is a support role to the Army Corps and I'm sorry that there is that confusion,” said Mendoza.
~Editilla Rotellas~Like a self-cleaning outhouse,
da'Corps' $5 Million PR Firm OPP says its own PR is Aaaaalllll just a Big Misunderstanding!
A Mistake! Yeah, that's the Ticket!
Sniffle... those poor poor Girls of OPPsee. But, they are sorry!
But...BUT, are they smoking Crack? Strung out on Xanex?
Are they Out of their ad-addled, idiot'wind blown minds?
Genteel'rillas are crying to know. Who's on First?
We are paying this Band of Miss'Fits to fork us around like this?
These are 7 women working for this increasingly hysterical Miscommunications Company, fey Piraterixes of the Word.
Now, we gotta figure the Corps buys the Ads, rents the meeting spaces, pays for all the supplies and sundry fetishes these ghastly haints must have to weave their haintly spells --even down to the Dixie Cups into which they pour their red Happy Corps Cool Aid.
Soooo one wonders how this $5 Million take is split amongst the Malevolent 7... Mrs. Mendoza... I really feel your pain.
Really, heavy sigh... poor misguided marketeers...
Hence I will post this as often as it takes so you know we know
You Know that We Hear Your Mouf'Talkin
OPP provides media support for print, broadcast and Internet media on local, national and international levels including outlets such as the Times-Picayune, WWL-TV CBS New Orleans, Associated Press, USA Today, The Weather Channel, The Today Show, French TV Channel 5, and Engineering News Record on issues such as Hurricane Gustav, “paper in the floodwalls” and other investigative responses, seepage, peer review and the state of the hurricane and storm damage risk reduction system.
As part of this cause <-(W'everTF that means?), OPP fosters strategic relationships with media outlets that result in more accurate and balanced stories.
Results: OPP's media support has been a fundamental part of the transition from typically negative news coverage to more neutral and positive news coverage.
That looks pretty clear does it not, Gentle'rillas?
Does the above marketing assessment sound like it comes from a company who is in the business of mistaking communications? Pretty goddamn expensive Mistakes if you ask dumb'ol Editilla. What is not so clear is OPP's other, lucrative, neoconcon'ethical
cross-lobbying, inter-agency "Strategic Partnerships".
And just to make sure y'all don't miss this salient information:
[Curiously, I missed one job Janice held in-between GSIPT and OPP; that of VP Marketing for eTelemetry, a company that can “Find the person behind an IP in real time and historically. Track VoIP phones automatically. Monitor bandwidth usage, sites surfed, and chat times by person and department. Know how your network is being used.” Sounds like they’d be perfect for teaching people how to fake blog posts, eh?] Rut'Row, Astro!
The Corps own spokesman is just a few weeks on the Job, the latest Instant Press Officer Perp (IPOP) and doesn't seem to know the difference between a Contract and a Contract.
He will not be missed. Y'all remember PO Cephus?
Your New Orleans Ladder was first on these Ho's on May 5th.
Here is that entire week as took the story national.
Editilla recommends y'all go to the bottom of the week, scroll'up.

Budget votes
~Michelle Millhollon

~Coastal Restoration Funds Survive

Assessor sues oil company for millions in taxes~Robert Zullo

Tidewater seeks compensation for seized assets
~Stephen Maloney

Sandra Bullock To Be Honored By New Orleans School ~WDSU

Small-batch beers take center stage this week in New Orleans
~Todd A. Price

New Orleans Food and Wine Experience: It's wines. It's food. It's an education~Lolis Eric Elie

New Orleans Modern Jazz Pioneer Mike Serpas Dies at 77
~all about Jazz

Vasaraasia~Prog Archives

~"It is almost inconceivable to me than anyone wouldn't love this band. Imagine a Bar Mitzvah played by Apocalyptica...or Finntroll with 60% less Black Metal and 80% more authentic instruments...or even John Zorn with a Gypsy fetish. How about Tom Waits' backing band doing Univers Zero cover tunes?
What's not to love?"

Better Than Ezra new album out! "Paper Empire" Tour starts 29th at House of Blues, New Orleans

Thursday, May 14, 2009


FEMA Denial Renews Charity Hospital Debate~WDSU

Congressman Cao expresses his concerns over Charity appeals process~Gerard Shields

Rep. Peterson working to steer millions to GNOBEDD
~Save Charity

~Remember GNOBEDD? It stands for the Greater New Orleans Biosciences Economic Development District and it represents a state-empowered special tax district comprised of a host of public and private partners including the Downtown Development District and the Regional Planning Commission.
It was officially created by the State of Louisiana in 2005 to help attract businesses associated with the biomedical industry.

City of sickness~The Economist

Spillway meeting shows diversity, says PR Firm OPP

Funding sought to keep highway dry to Port Fourchon
~Allen M. Johnson Jr.

Barack Obama on Multiperil Insurance: I was for it before I was against it... ~slabbed

Release and Conceal:
The Mirror-World Edition
~Harry Shearer

~So, to review, Cheney wants more stuff made public and Obama wants less stuff made public. Will Cheney soon come out, so to speak, in favor of gay marriage? Will Obama soon support prayer in public schools? All we can do is stay tuned. Or tune out.

Don’t let the door hit'ya....
~C.B. Forgotston

Email-gate rules the planet
~Garland Robinette

New Orleans Nagin, Activists:
Off Head of Stacy Head
~Jeff Crouere

Jim Letten's true nature to be revealed?~NOLA-dishu

Organization Critical of
New Orleans Subsidized Housing Rebound ~BBuzz

~According to the Bureau of Government Research in a report released Wednesday, “In the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the federal government made available significant funding for rebuilding low- and moderate-income housing. As a result of these programs, the number of subsidized rental units in the city has already rebounded past pre- Katrina levels, and is expected to far surpass those levels by 2012.

Some Find They're 'Not Homeless Enough' For Help ~WDSU

Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts Train to Fight Terrorists, and More
~Jennifer Steinhauer

~Not to be confused with adolescents between the ages of 14 and 18, who have joined up "voluntarily" to survive in war-torn regions or to avenge violence inflicted on their family?

New Orleans delegation will travel to 2009 Bio International Convention in Atlanta

Green Crawl - green building resources party!!
~Alliance for Affordable Energy

First annual Veggie Fest wants to appeal to all types of eaters
~Judy Walker
~Attention, carnivores: You are specifically invited to the New Orleans Veggie Fest!

Jeff Buckley: 'Grace' Anniversary edition on the way
~Burn the Bowery

High-spirited Zydepunks share spice of Big Easy life
~Tony Sauro

Partisan or Parasite? Daniel Kahn and the New Jewish Questions~Rokhl Kafrissen

Tsunami Dance hopes to spark a renaissance of ballet ~Molly Reid

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


FEMA won't pay to replace Charity hospital ~Becky Bohrer

FEMA trailer residents face final evictions~Desiree Evans
~More than 5,000 people in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama were living in temporary Federal Emergency Management Agency trailers and in hotels financed by the agency as of May 1. Now FEMA says its housing program has officially come to an end, and the agency plans on evicting all residents by the end of the month. But many residents say they have nowhere to go.

Policies that Make People Disappear~Kate Scott

Power of Word~slabbed
I think that I shall never see
all that change you promise me.
But maybe I misunderstood
and what you meant was making change-
like giving our people a two-bit change at FEMA
and expecting folks to act like it’s worth a dollar

Coming Home provides more Katrina relief~Anita Lee

Artificial reefs may help restore a diversity of fish species to Lake Ponchartrain~Chris Kirkham
~The Lake Ponchartrain Basin Foundation along with the LSU Sea Grant and other organizations Tuesday deployed four new artificial reefs in Lake Pontchartrain designed to increase fishing opportunities for anglers. Implications of proposed 2010 Corps budget~Lacoastpost

Local senator chosen for top levee position~Nikki Buskey

NOAH Meeting Tonight
~The New Orleans City Council will be holding an after-hours meeting, 6 p.m.-8 p.m., to discuss the planned closing of the New Orleans Adolescent Hospital (NOAH). The Council decided to hold the NOAH meeting during the evening in order to allow concerned citizens, who might not otherwise be able, to attend.

Survey: Just half of business in metro area have reopened since Katrina~Dominic Massa, WWL

Appeals panel clears the way for Tracie Washington to post City Council e-mails on the Internet ~Frank Donze

USS New Orleans back at sea~The vessel was "fully mission capable" on Tuesday night after repairs were made to its damaged hull, ruptured fuel tank and ballast tanks as result of a collision with USS Hartford in March in the Strait of Hormuz, the fleet said in a statement.
"While underway in the US Fifth Fleet area of responsibility,
New Orleans is scheduled to conduct maritime security operations," it added. {Pirate Huntin!}

Computer Animation Festival

Broadmoor Neighborhood Festival features Manmade Disaster, Sunpie and the Louisiana Sunspots and Vivaz!

Celebrate St. Bernard Kickoff Party, May 14th

New Zombie Thriller Necravin

Local trumpeter Shamarr Allen to tour with Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan~Keith Spera

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Survival tips, from a man who knows ~Rosalind Bentley
~Lt. Gen. Russel Honore, now retired, was lauded as the “John Wayne dude,” the face of competence and voice of clarity during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
Last week Honore’s book “Survival” (written with former AJC military affairs reporter Ron Martz) hit the stands.
Part memoir, part doomsday checklist, the general puts forward a plan to make the nation more prepared to face disaster, natural or otherwise. Here he talks about pandemics, waterboarding and why chivalry still has its place.

Critics fear LSU Hospital site could end up half-empty
~Bill Barrow

Corps of Engineers prepares to fortify local pump stations,
says Corps PR firm OPP
~Sheila Grissett, Michelle Krupa

~Editilla Crow'tellas~If the Exquisite Corps tells'ya yo'mamma loves'ya, then ya'betta take it up wit'da OPP!

‘Shovel ready’ stimulus money goes to studies, not shovels
~Nikki Buskey
~The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will receive $162 million in federal economic-stimulus money for so-called “shovel ready projects in Louisiana,” the agency announced this week.
However, only $35 million will go to actual construction of projects, and $9.3 million committed to levees in Terrebonne and Lafourche will go to pay for continuing studies on those projects.

Water and Storm Management in New Orleans, A Selection of Historical Documents
~Bill Thayer

N.O. residents band together to grow post-Katrina~Molly Reid
~Dubbed the Capacity College and organized by the nonprofit Neighborhoods Partnership Network, the program consists of two peer-led classes each week, for 78 representatives of 20 neighborhood organizations and nonprofit groups.

Making History More Palatable: Slave Auctions In New Orleans
~Socialogical Images

What I learned in New Orleans
~Eastside Eye

Work by traveling artist William Aiken Walker finds a home in New Orleans~Jill Anding

Delfeayo Marsalis Brings New Quintet to the Dakota, Minneapolis May 12-13
~Andrea Canter, Jazz Police

Dave Matthews talks about recording in New Orleans and his Jazz Fest show
~Keith Spera