Saturday, November 27, 2010

3rd Annual 101 Days 'til Mardi Gras
~Humid Beings

~Spend Thanksgiving weekend with the Mardi Gras Indians.
Come to Tipitina’s Saturday night and dance off all of the stuffing and gravy.

Thankful for the Truth-Tellers
~Harry Shearer

Volunteers host big dinner in Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans
~Kathie Dickerson, Coshocton Tribune

Making Things Right…
By Whose Definition?
~Disenfranchised Citizen

BP Oil Disaster ~ Hell No It's Not Over!
~"I picked my team a looong time ago..."~Kindra Arnesen

Drew Brees Says New Orleans Saints Have a Chance To Be Better Than Last Year~Randy Savoie, Bleacher Report

Bobby Jindal: Road Scholar ~CenLamar

Rebuilding the family business
~Ted Griggs

Students fight coastal erosion
~James Minton

Feds sue Transocean for access to Deepwater Horizon documents
~Tom Fowler

Reincarnated Joseph McCarthy is a woman brandishing a rifle
~Carol Forsloff

New Orleans: 6000 anthropologists, much tweeting, some blogging, no press

~An Anthology of Writing from Postdiluvian New Orleans
~Contributors include cookbook author and travel-and-sailing writer Troy Gilbert, poet Valentine Pierce, Professor Jerry Ward of Dillard University and poet/playwright Raymond “Moose” Jackson together with the work of bloggers who are by day engineers, teachers, geologists, computer programmers, bankers, and social workers but in their spare time writers of talent whose only prior outlet has been their Internet-based blogs. These works were edited minimally for basic spelling and grammar, mistakes easily made writing first hand accounts created under great duress, in an attempt to preserve the original "howl" of people who experienced these events first hand.

Ineffable Magazine Street
~Excelsior! New Orleans!

couches! running water! cat!
~elf in self

EMERGE: St. Claude Arts District and Beyond~Defend New Orleans
~41 New Orleans Artists from “The Saratoga Collection” at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Pilgrimage to the Past
~Odd Bits of Life in New Orleans

~We should all set a place for our ancestors and feed the children from that plate.

Scientists, drilling experts say BP valued speed over safety in oil rig disaster

West Bank pump station is big enough despite reductions, study says
~Paul Rioux

Corps searches for quality dirt in Raceland to build levees
~Nikki Buskey

The Newer Meanings of Black Friday… sentimental thoughts
~Disenfranchised Citizen

INLAND: Gulf resident’s November blood test shows ethylbenzene levels HIGHER than cleanup workers tested in August~Florida Oil Spill Law

E-mails show struggle to guess size of Gulf spill~Larry Margasak

Enviro-group “One Mississippi” puts focus on the river~Matt Kelly

~Editilla Crowtellas~"Your photographs always look like paintings to me at first, and they have this distinct quality that says Quinta Scott Was Here, Really."

Small Price to Pay for the Smiting of One’s Enemies ~moosedenied

If the Turkey didn’t put you to sleep
~Dainikat, Sky Dancing

5 Urban Farms Reshaping the Food World in New Orleans
~Michael Levenston

Foreign demand aids pecan farms
~Koran Addo

4th annual New Orleans Middle East Film Festival to start off with a -- laugh?
~Mike Scott

NEW ORLEANS: What Can't Be Lost
~Octavia Books

~The eighty-eight stories and traditions in New Orleans: What Can't Be Lost are the piano keys in a love song to the city. Alongside Christopher Porché West's alluring black-and-white photographs, New Orleans' culture bearers pay tribute to the city they call home.

Ruffins and Ward, Trombone Shorty, Bonerama and more music for Nov. 26

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"We Are A Nation In Mourning"
~New Zealand~Family members after they had been told that a second explosion in the Pike River Coal Mines that they didn't expect any of the 29 miners and contractors trapped underground would be found alive. Photo / NZPA

Tarballs close 4,200 square miles of Gulf of Mexico to fishing for royal red shrimp ~Mark Schleifstein

Water system shutdown was caused by broken interior tubing in boiler at power plant~Michelle Krupa

New Orleans still working to fix real estate computer crash~Bruce Eggler

New Orleans still lacks affordable housing for its poorest people, report says~Katy Reckdahl

Sheriff convinces jail group to back off of demolitions~Matt Davis, The Lens

Who dat service announcement
~Hungry Termite

Professor believes most spilled oil settled on ocean floor~Sarah Owen

Project Gulf Impact: “Scientists Paid To Cover Up Toxic Dispersant”
~Florida Oil Spill Law

New Gulf oil spill claim rules announced by Ken Feinberg

$14 Billion Dollars Returned to BP, Feinberg Estimates
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Giving thank~bayougirl

Dueling Turkeys

Teachers Respond to 'Waiting for Superman' ~Kristina Rizga

The Case of the Angola 3: A Review of the New Film "In The Land of the Free"

Granny tells the story of an hour
~Poke Salad Granny

The Lighthouse on Camp St.
~Fig Street Studio

Christmas specials — on local stages
~Kevin Allman, Gambit

NOLA History: Home for the Holidays via Train~GO NOLA
~Also~5 Things to do on Thanksgiving in New Orleans (That Have Nothing to do With Turkeys)

Thanksgiving is Coming: Side Swiped
~Blackened Out

Judy Walker's Favorite New Orleans Thanksgiving recipes

A ‘Top Chef’ Turns Up the Heat to Draw Support for Gulf Seafood
~Louisiana Seafood News

NPR affiliate WWNO-FM expands its slate of local programming

Tom Waits Releasing Poetry Book Titled 'Hard Ground' ~Nick Neyland

Tuba, Tuba, Tuba!

Andrew Lamb Trio: New Orleans Suite ~Jazztimes

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Harry Shearer Fact-Checking the Bush Memoir: New Orleans
Crowd of schoolchildren on motorcade route in Fort Worth, Texas...
John Kennedy and Jackie

~Courtesy Fort Worth Star-Telegram Collection, Special Collections Division, University of Texas at Arlington Libraries
~Editilla Democratellas~ It's late, but still waters run deep.
We don'go deep conspiracy. They shot our MFKN President. there such a thing as Checkmate in an American Democracy? I think not.
I believe our founders saw the writing on the Walshirts.

Nothing says “Obey Me” like a bloody head on a fence post ~moosedenied

New Orleans Saints' Offensive Player Grades vs. Seahawks
~Canal Street Chronicles

Kin of Gulf oil rig workers killed in explosion feel left out
~ National Oil Spill Commission: Low-ball estimates of the BP rate hindered containment and cleanup efforts

Title Search in LA~slabbed

New Louisiana state flag with bleeding pelican is unfurled
~The new design was required by a bill passed during the 2006 legislative session based on the historical research of a Houma student, which indicated the existing pelican seal did not have the bird tearing at its breast, include the three drops of blood, described as a sign of the state's willingness to sacrifice itself for its citizens. The design goes back to medieval times, when people believed pelicans fed chicks with their blood.

Corps' self-study details lessons learned from Nashville 'flood event' pdf

Defenders of Earmarks Point to Urgent Infrastructure Needs

Dead gators found in Gibson
~Defend New Orleans

Craft Mafia

Dueling Bloggers: Tipping
~Blackened Out

Turkey of the Sea~Ian McNulty, Gambit

NoLA Rising to begin mega mural
~Doug MacCash