Saturday, January 10, 2009


Parish residents say recycled shingles help land, officials disagree~Naomi King

Flood Map changes bring relief
~J.R. Welsh

Want a copy of Lafourche’s storm plan? No problem
~Matthew Pleasant

Monitoring Inland Storm Surge and Flooding From Hurricane Gustav in Louisiana ~USGS

Corps of Engineers' "nuisance flooding" creates disaster in Pacific, WA
~The Corps says there is no way to know if the release caused the White River, which runs by Pacific, to flood.
The residents say, what else would?
Editilla sayz~ There are no 2nd Chances in Civil Engineering Failure --except for the Exquisite Corps!

4 Wash. rivers still flooding, cleanup begins

Obama-Bush Teams To Stage 'Disaster' Exercise

Archbishop Hughes, Church
"At Peace" with Property Theft and Molestation of Parishioners

Woman dies after collapse in Orleans Parish jail's psych unit
~Laura Maggi

New Orleans To Hold Abandoned Vehicle Auction ~WDSU

Somali pirates drown with ransom ~"There has been human and monetary loss but what makes us feel sad is that we don't still have the dead bodies of our relatives. Four are still missing and one washed up on the shore," Abukar Haji, the uncle of one of the dead men, said.
Editilla can't hold it~Aaaaawww poor Pirates!

More pressure for Sunset Limited restoration
~Trains for America

NYC's Rockefeller tree to become lumber for homes

Paint Party Rain Date
~casa de Charlotte della luna

American Routes 10th to Feature Feufollet

Tonight is for Dinerral
~Big Red Cotton

Thursday, January 8, 2009


NW Wash. state cut off by flooding, slides, avalanches

Flights to Portland filling up fast as floods, slides cut off Seattle

'Brownie' Evacuated From Colorado Wildfires~Ed O'Keefe

Jim Brown on Socialism and Insurance, Louisiana Style ~slabbed

Ecosystem Restoration as Infrastructure–MRGO, Part 1
~Quinta Scott’s Weblog

Independent exam by former Corps Consultants concludes 17th Street Canal seepage
'not a safety issue'

~Editilla Notellas a Fail'ya to Co'Moonicate~
Indepentend Expert #1- Ray Martin is a heavily contracted with the Corps of Engineers: "Some computations show the wall is going to fail at certain water levels; some show it won't," said Ray Martin, a geotechnical engineer consulting with the Army Corps on this project.
Independent Expert #2- Robert Bachus' Engineering firm is heavily contracted with the Corps

~Corps alleges to bolster Industrial Canal flood walls before June 1
~Levee work gives St. Charles parish a break on FEMA insurance

Officials seek input on federal fisheries aid
~Naomi King

Savannah's Port:
Corps foot-dragging
~The Savannah River deepening is one of the most studied projects in U.S. history.
It's had input from the U.S. departments of Commerce and the Interior, the Environmental Protection Agency and Georgia and South Carolina resource agencies - not to mention environmental groups and concerned citizens.
Still, the Corps announced in October that it wants another six months of economic impact study, followed by an additional six months to deliberate over the findings of the new research. That means we're still up to 10 months away from a resolution.

Area to miss deadline to certify Big Ditch levees
~The Wichita Eagle

Check out the Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival
~Angela Dicianno

Bushes Protect Obama From Scary Old Democrats ~Wonkette

~Editilla would like to Pointificate~ Here is where you can reeeeallllyyyy see the Face of Change. Damn!

Candlelight Vigil and Funeral Services Info For Ja'Shawn Powell, 2 year old black toddler knifed to death by his black father in Rat Race Wars

Terence Blanchard
~all about Jazz

A symphony soloist at age 7, fiddler Amanda Shaw made switch to Cajun music at young age~Brian McElhiney

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Let's Roll!~Jennifer Jones leads the Treme Brass Band into a news conference Tuesday in New Orleans.
City officials and local carnival organizations came together to celebrate the start of the Mardi Gras season. Joining Jones is one of the Mardi Gras Indians.

Blaine Kern Studios will open up a new facility next month
~Jaquetta White

Battling to Rebuild New Orleans
~June Cross

Chenier Plain Symposium
~Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana
~Editilla T'n'T~Levees Not War

Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corp. raises insurance rates by average of 7 percent
~Rebecca Mowbray

Northrop Grumman Facility To Open In St. Tammany Louisiana ~BBuzz

Holy Mole, Batman! Who Saw that Coming?~Vérité Parlant

Man Wants His Kidney Back
In The Divorce

~Now'dat what Editilla calls that Family Value!

Weekend storm trounces pumps
~Matt Scallon

Cook the Book: Chicken and Vegetable Clay Pot Rice
~Serious Eats

~While traditionally made in a clay vessel, today's Cook the Book recipe is just as easily made in a Dutch oven. In fact, Andrea Nguyen, author of Into the Vietnamese kitchen, prefers it that way, because a beautiful, crunchy crust forms at the bottom. "Scoop it out," she writes, "and serve the shards separately for anyone who enjoys their crisp, nutty taste."

yogurt! in a crockpot!
~A Ginga in New Orleans

New year and the relaunch of Rampart

New Orleans: Soul City
~A Deeper Shade of Soul

Walkin' My Baby Back Home ~Ricky Riccardi

Blue Note's Birthday~Rifftides

BeauSoleil Alligator Purse

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Eli, Eli lama sabachthani?
Three arrested as New Orleans police remove parishioners keeping vigil at closed Uptown churches
~At least three people have been arrested today after the Archdiocese of New Orleans sent police to two occupied Catholic churches to remove parishioners who for more than nine weeks have participated in a vigil in resistance to a closure plan.
Police were instructed to arrest occupiers if they continue to resist, with Archbishop Alfred Hughes deciding "It's time to bring this to a close," spokeswoman Sarah Comiskey said.

Child's love answered with a knife~Jarvis DeBerry

NOLA Crime Watch:
Citizens as “co-creators rather than subjects.”~Humid City

Topics covered in this Citizen Crime Watch letter:
1~We could use some more of that sunshine disinfectant
around here.
2~When the police respond to your 911 call,
they’re already too late.
3~Strike Against Crime.
4~Police Violence?
5~Remembering Ja’Shawn Powell.
We could use some more of that sunshine disinfectant around here.
Lessons learned. Painful lessons learned.
That’s one way to characterize the experience of living in post-Katrina New Orleans.

Orleans DA seeks state OK to file for bankruptcy
~Allen M. Johnson Jr.

Getting our housing in order ~slabbed

Port of New Orleans, city spar over future of wharves. Riverfront could get park, or poultry firm~Jen DeGregorio
~Editilla Notellas~ There is Clear and Present Dangers in placing and transporting Anhydrous Ammonia for refridgerant, over 50,000 pounds of it, right in the middle of our World Class Tourist Center right next to the US Mint, the French Market, current river park benches, future park, Washington Park, Frenchman Street, established NOCCA High School and the very neighborhood where Editilla did the Federal Flood of '05.
Special thanks for lede photo from this Website:
Building a time bomb~Best site for This Info.
~video here
~Editilla would like to Remind Everyone that 50,000 pounds of Anhydrous Ammonia ain't nothing to sneeze at, and it is the Stupid Shot that will Kill You Every Time! This unbelievable discussion should not even be happening.
We started posting on this Dangerous Issue back in the summer, then again in December, and again today. Same issue. At no time has the Times Picayune reported one single word on these inherent dangers of this Anhydrous Ammonia...
---despite our continued pleading with them to do so.
Thank youz Sean Cummings for opposing this.
As we redesign our riverfront, the Freight system along this stretch of river will have to move to accommodate our safety.
That is really the 600 Godzillian Pound Gorrilla in this discussion.
Those Train Tracks will have to be dealt with eventually.
The day before Katrina we counted over 75 Tank Cars of Extremely Dangerous Materials parked all along the flood wall for their safety --not our safety.
There were dozens of these tank cars filled with Sulfuric Acid, Anhydrous Ammonia and other stuff that kills on contact. Still Responding to UNO engineering professor's Folsehoods
~Editilla gotta toll'yaz~ We always enjoy moving a post from day to day (composting) if their comments section stays as active on an Issue as this one. Damn Rollicking I'd say!

Corps of Engineers to survey Metairie side of 17th Street Canal ~Sheila Grissett

Five Unanswered Questions for Federal, State and Local Officials

Katrina Recovery 'Activist' Outs Himself as FBI Spy
~Karen Dalton-Beninato

Twelfth Night! ~Kevin Allman
~And congratulations to Karen Gadbois

JCC Maccabi ArtsFest being held in New Orleans August 2-7

Thibodaux rocker overcomes grief to play again
~Laura McKnight

Danza Quartet Welcomes 2009, Bayou Style~Josh Jackson

The Radiators play in Edwards

Monday, January 5, 2009


Why I’m Here
~Michael Patrick Welch

~Editilla Crow'ellas~ Hey y'all, I have gotten myself wrapped up in a tilla'rant & dust'up with a real Music Writah over on THE Gambit! Hahahaha... come on over and join the partay! Gentle'rillas know well how Po'Editilla can stick my foot in it! Hahahaha.... really though, THE Gambit always does that to me.
I often end up saying more there, on the Blog of New Orleans, than I would here --or in more polite company.
It is like they have some mysterious, ho'jo boo'rah animagnatizm spell'checkah goin'on or some'ting. But then again, much of the Nola Blog'0'reamery seems like an open savanah complete with wild animals and hunters and everything you need to survive. They often will write these little posts and have comments post the post post post... HA!
But yesterday on THE Gambit I found one of those Petulant Feudalist Tart Mall Rat'fink Music Writahs bitching about New Orleans. So about 1 in the morning I let him have it. Hehehe.
An 8 YEAR VETERAN of the city (yawn) and NOVELIST to boot! If you don'beeleeve me then jus'ax'im. Hesayz New Orleans music needs to do this, New Orleans music needs to do that....
--like (get ready you know it's coming) like Austin.
Well, Gentle'rillas may well imagine the flea that jumped up Editilla's Ass upon hearing such a piece of co-dependent Beotchwolfery! Slooooowly I toin! Step By Step, Inch By Inch,
Miiiilllle By Mfkn Texas Mile! And I pick up a Rock... Album!
I have been watching Music Mavens circling New Orleans for longer than 8 years. Circling like blinded vultures.
The Crucifixion of August 29th, 2005 gave them all easy pickins.
They land. Editilla pounce.
Dat'who'dat in da'bayou state. Sinn Féin.
He may be a Music Writah, but I. Am. A. Magazine. Readah!!!

8 dead, 1 hurt after chopper crashes in La. marsh
~Cain Burdeau

Katrina Denial Has Already Begun~Pierce O'Donnell

New Orleans City Council approves recovery money for hospitals, park, arts projects
~Bruce Eggler

~The total includes $75 million to prepare the site for the planned new Veterans Affairs hospital, $25 million to acquire the site for a hospital in eastern New Orleans, $70 million for New Orleans Redevelopment Authority property acquisitions and blight reduction programs, $30 million for a riverfront park in Bywater and Faubourg Marigny, and $15 million for a Canal Street "performing arts district.
"Together with $102 million in LRA-financed programs approved for 2008, the 2009 recovery budget provides money for plenty of what Recovery Director Ed Blakely, almost two years ago, famously predicted would be a proliferation of "cranes on the skyline."
But No Soup for Charity! Get'em Grrrrrillas!

T&I Committee Tabs $85B for Infrastructure

Mountaintop removal mining

A bit more on defensive blogging ~Major Jacob Bruhl
~Editilla Notellas with Extreme Prejudice~
This officer in Army Public Affairs has misunderestimated the difference between what he is attempting to sell as "Defensive Blogging" and the commentary of the survivors of his Corps' catastrophic failures, which I prefer to call "Offensive Blogging".

The Other French Style
~Visual Vamp

Other Matters: Togetherness
~all about Jazz

Galactic's Show Friday at Revolution Should Be Heavy on Horns, Light on MCs
~Saby Reyes-Kulkarni

Top Cajun band to highlight Chandler festival~Luci Scott

NolaFunk NYC Lagniappe

The Hot 8 Brass Band
~The Maas:Media

~Hypersonic Beams