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My Weekend Vibe :
Georgia Anne Muldrow
~Cliff's Crib
~Editilla say Thanks youz this hit da'spot!

Who Dat Nation may secede
~New Orleans Levee

Some offBeat Progress
~Jill of All Trades, Master of One

We set the City On Fire ~Slimbolala
Coastal official says federal interest in restoration improving
~Nikki Buskey

Coastal policy paper more travel guide than road map ~LaCoastPost

Drainage Master Plan Scope of Services Reformatted
~Watershed NOLA

Water Council Inc on 2011 Civil Works Budget ~SNAME

~8 Color Silkscreen 16"X14.5", Courtesy James Cohan Gallery.
~In a brand-new Limited Edition to benefit Prospector New Orleans, acclaimed NY artist Fred Tomaselli has taken as his starting point one of the most harrowing post-Katrina media images. On the front page of the New York Times for Wednesday, August 31, 2005, readers saw the first printed images of the city engulfed by waters, and Tomaselli has astutely captured the sense of unreality and dislocation still associated with this image in the popular imagination.
A full day following the hurricane’s pounding of the region, and when most of the world (including New Orleans itself) believed the city had been spared the worst, the levee system had unexpectedly failed in multiple locations, rapidly submerging eighty percent of the city in toxic waters for nearly three full weeks.
~Art Knowledge News

Jindal gives So. Lafourche Levee District nearly $20M
~Tri-Parish Times

Fargo officials in full flood-fighting mode

Feds say Iowa misspent $10.5M in flood aid

Lakefront still dark at night - more than 4 years after storm

Katrina and the Fleecing of NOLA - 5 Years On...
~On Transmigration

Journey to the Center of the Earth ~Matthew Phillips
~From the window of a helicopter 1,500 feet above the Gulf of Mexico, oil platforms look like Tinkertoys in a swimming pool. Dozens dot the horizon stretching south from New Orleans and continuing out as the water deepens and turns a darker blue. Then, about 50 miles offshore, the platforms stop, and for the next hundred miles there's nothing.
This is the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, where the ocean floor is 8,000 feet down and covered in a heavy layer of muck. Below that is an ancient salt bed several miles thick, and hidden under that, trapped tens of thousands of feet down, there's oil—billions and billions of barrels of it. And it's all in U.S. waters.

New Orleans Hotel Offers To Host Canceled MS Prom
~Meanwhile, New Orleans hotel owner Sean Cummings is offering to take the students to New Orleans by bus, and host a free prom at one of his properties.

Coming up in this week’s Gambit: Happy St. Pat’s and St. Joseph’s Days

Fountainbleau State Park Links ~Thanks Katrina~These links are left for a person traveling thru our area interested about Fountainbleau State Park and Northlake Nature Center

Rachel Alexandra returns to racing today in New Orleans Ladies~Bob Fortus

See what's happening in Terrebonne, Lafourche

The Jazz Vipers in New Orleans
~Editilla Hotellas~Miki posted this after we hung them on da'Ladda yesterday! That guy, Bruce, he keeps stalkin'us.

New Orleans Jazz Fest Gala Honoring Dr. John Benefits Afterschool Music Program

Foburg Festival's first night impresses with quality, diversity of

Rockie Charles, the 'President of Soul,' dies at age 67

Friday, March 12, 2010


Hurricane projects still being delayed by contractor protests, Corps of Engineers says go fish
~Corps representatives said this week that until all protests are settled and final contracts awarded, it isn't possible to provide new completion schedules for any of the projects.
Louisiana Recovery Authority: Federal grant money can't go to Rapides levee repairs
~Mike Hasten

Louisiana Recovery Authority expects to fold with millions unspent~David Hammer

Levee Confusion Indicative of CenLa’s Greatest Developmental Hurdle ~CenLamar

Louisiana's birds threatened by climate change, report says
~Mark Schleifstein

~Climate change poses a threat to most U.S. bird species, including many that live and visit Louisiana's rapidly disappearing coastline, according to a new report released Thursday by ornithologists with university research laboratories, federal agencies and environmental groups.

"The State of the Birds: 2010 Report on Climate Change" says the effects of climate change over the next century will vary across the United States and the world, causing a variety of threats to bird species that could foreshadow similar threats to humans.

Have You Registered Yet?

In Xynthia’s Wake, Increased Awareness of the Link between Windstorm Vulnerability and Wetland Loss~Seyi Fayanju

What caused the Federal Flood of New Orleans during Katrina?

Welcome to Haskoning Inc. Dutch Engineers active in the Flood Protection of New Orleans

Lesson for SA in New Orleans
~Peter Vale
~If Mardi Gras dates back to ancient times, the legacy of the Super Bowl (and the triumph) was more recent – this was the first time in 43-years that the Saints had emerged as national football champions. But, as importantly perhaps, the latter has become the bellwether for the recovery of a city – and, indeed, a society, that almost drowned in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina revealed the devastating effect of the lack of public expenditure on the infrastructure of a single city.
New Orleans is no run-of-the-mill American city.
But what is the link to South Africa? Poll numbers showed that the new mayor was elected by 70-odd per cent of white voters and by 63-percent of the city’s black voters. Quite a remarkable outcome given that the city, historically, has voted along racial lines. Dissatisfaction with efforts to rebuild after Katrina may explain some of this, of course. And if it does, it suggests that in New Orleans certainly the ability to get the job done – “to deliver”, as we say in this country – may have been a decisive factor in the election.
But what may matter even more – in both New Orleans and here – is the growing recognition that history, culture, cuisine and music – draws embattled communities closer than the false dawns promised by politicians.

Applying Hurricane Katrina's lessons to help post-quake Haiti
~Facing South

~The project was launched by Jacques Morial, co-director of the Louisiana Justice Institute, and Charles Allen III, director of New Orleans' Center for Sustainable Engagement and Development and chair of that city's Holy Cross Neighborhood Association.

Understanding the Revolver
~Anmerican Zombie

Contractor being paid for work done by city employees
~Ariella Cohen, The Lens

New Orleans City Council reform-minded as terms end
~Bruce Eggler

Deep and Wide, there’s a fountain (of information) flowing…New subpoenas issued in Jefferson Parish ~slabbed

Harrington has eye on
New Orleans post

~St. Paul Police Chief John Harrington is at the top of a list of contenders for the New Orleans police chief job, a New Orleans television station reported Thursday. Harrington said earlier Thursday that he is considering applying for the job.

Poverty and tyranny central to immoral practice of mountain destruction, water and air poisoning~Robert F. Kenndy Jr.
~Hat Tweet~Facing South

KS church plans protest of LA high school play ~WAFB
~Hat Tweet~ Gambit

List of local St. Joseph's altars

St. Patrick's Day Parades!

AAOS: Cementless Hips Better for Younger Patients~Cementless total hip replacements appear to have greater longevity than cemented implants in younger patients, a Finnish study showed. Cementless cups, stems, and combinations had superior 15-year survival from aseptic loosening than cemented hip replacements, Keijo Makela, MD, of Turku University Hospital, reported at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons meeting here.
~Editilla Notellas~How could we pass on a Lede like that?

EBR hosts bloggers meeting
~Gary Perilloux

Flood survivor gets ISU help
~James Pusey

~After a coincidental meeting last fall in New Orleans, landscape architecture students at Iowa State University are doing their part to make a Flood survivor’s dreams a reality.

Eventbrite to Power The Summer’s Most Spirited Event, Tales of the Cocktail

Seasoning can keep name
~“Punch Ya Daddy” seasoning can keep its name but has to change its packaging to avoid confusion with spice rival “Slap Ya Mama,” a federal judge ruled this week.
~Just like Who'dat? say they gonna Slap My Mama?

Joseph Mumfre, Axeman from New Orleans~Crime Chronics
~There are murders in crime history that still remain unsolved. The case of Joseph Mumfre, Axeman from New Orleans is one.

Guest Blogger D. B. Grady on Southern Literature
~Beyond Acadia

John Buffalo Mailer Talks New Orleans Through The Eyes Of Strippers (Part I)~Mark Corker

Odd Words
~Odd Bits of Life in New Orleans

Happy Birthday Jack Kerouac, Queens "Recluse" ~Gothamist

The Spotted Cat in New Orleans
~Editilla Mo'tellas~We stumbled onto Miki online for obvious reasons. She has returned home to Spain. But we have a Lot of fans in Spain too, so y'all keep your Eye peeled for her work as we hang it here on Your New Orleans Ladder.
We gots so many friend'0'rillas All Over The World now and they Love New Orleans. We like to call it Stitch'hiking the Net.
Alas Editilla wonders if today's Cat is the same Cat that'd sooner take my dog Flora through the door than me most days.
And we wonda who gives a shit really.
The Vipers still play there on Frenchman.
I have sat in that very chair in the painting, on a sleepy Sunday afternoon, feeling very much like a Suzanne Saunders painting that used to grace that wall... and played my ass off --to an empty room! But only to look outside, and see them clapping from the sidewalk. It's just toooo Hot in New Orleans sometimes!

Musicians Clinic celebrates Wardelle Quezergue with a diabetic-friendly menu on his 80th~Judy Walker

Sal Nunziato: Maurice Brown: His New CD “the Cycle of Love” and How Jazz Is Stuck

Smokey Johnson:
Under The Funkie Moon
~Home of the Groove

New Orleans Sissy Bounce:
Rap Goes Drag (Vanity Fair)
~Humid Beings

Mayer Hawthorne brings his retro soul and funky style to New

A week's worth of good music starting Friday
~Allison Fensterstock

Spring 2010 Membership Drive Photo Highlights~WWOZ

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Officials to meet with La. Recovery Authority on levee issues~Bret McCormick
~Alexandria Mayor Jacques Roy and Rapides Parish Police Jury President Richard Billings will appear before the LRA's board of directors at the State Capitol, along with officials from the Red River, Atchafalaya & Bayou Boeuf Levee District to discuss the levee certification issue.
Levee request fits the mission of the LRA~Alexandria Town Talk

Climate Change and the Resilience of New Orleans: the Adaptation of Deltaic Urban Form~Armando Carbonell, Douglas J. Meffert
~This paper cuts across all five of the URS research clusters summarized in the URS2009 Concept Note, with a particular emphasis on Cluster 3 (Role of Institutions, Governance, and Urban Planning). The foundation for analysis includes the flood advisories established by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) after Hurricane Katrina, the proposed resettlement and land use proposals developed through the Unified New Orleans Plan (UNOP) and other relevant urban/regional plans, the recent investments through the Louisiana Recovery Authority in targeted reinvestment areas established by New Orleans’ Office of Recovery and Development Administration (ORDA), the Comprehensive Master Plan for New Orleans currently under development, as well as the status of other recommended flood risk mitigation and adaptation activities (e.g., land swaps, voluntary structural elevations).
Predicted Louisiana deltaic coastline comparing current extent of coast with 1 to 3.3 feet relative sea level rise predictions by 2100 (graphic by Jonathan Tate).
~And check out this going on at LaCoastPost

Profiles in Restoration: The Central Wetlands Unit, Part II
~Environmental Defense Fund

Soft Coast Engineering~The Dirt

Mayor makes pre-emptive strike on flooding emergency
~Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Katrina Myth Spread

Not Just the Levees Broke
~Being the Change
~I don't think any of us that weren't there will ever really understand what happened and what was endured. Perhaps it has been melodramatized and glamorized like so many other things by our media....but I can't help but hear the honesty and the pain in this woman's voice and others voices I have met...can't help but believe that their stories are true and that their stories demand answers that too many in America aren't ready to give.

It’s Katrina @ 5
~RE: Philanthropy

~Editilla Philantropillas!~
We do know the difference between Philanthropy and Work, right? Riiight.
We enjoy Dale Carnegie's take on it, to wit: if anyone tries to tell they work hard at Philanthropy they are effete fools.
But, make no mistake, he worked hard to become a Philanthropist.

Orleans coroner says no homicide in hospital death during Federal Flood

Citizens gather in Washington to end 'mountain bombing' of Appalachia ~Facing South

Breaking Bull Shit! Oh Boy, I'm Chaneling the Dutch, Sliding to Senilicide~American Zombie

Desiree! Report to Axelrod!
Desiree! Report to Axelrod!

~Long before the State Dinner party crashers and the tension with her White House colleagues and the strain in her relationship with the first lady, Desirée Rogers began to understand she was in trouble when David Axelrod summoned her to his office last spring to scold her. Ms. Rogers had appeared in another glossy magazine, posing in a White House garden in a borrowed $3,495 silk pleated dress and $110,000 diamond earrings. But if the image was jarring in a time of recession, Mr. Axelrod was as bothered by the words and her discussion of “the Obama brand” and her role in promoting it, according to people informed about the conversation. Brand Desiree?

Politics with a Punch Tonight! ~BBuzz
Margarita Bergen ,
Diva of Culture and Entertainment

Jim Bernazzani,
Past Special Agent in Charge, N.O. FBI Office

Steven Forster,
Celebrated Photographer, TP “Big Easy” Page

Liam Kraus,
Renowned Actor and Comedian

Vincent Sylvain,
WBOK Talk Show Host, Newsletter Publisher

Irma Thomas,
Queen of Soul, New Orleans Musical Legend

Rachel Wulff,
WDSU-TV Channel 6 News Anchor

Ashton "Omega Man" O'Dwyer
Sprung from Fed Custody --subject to several (ahem) special conditions -plus- Dear Gang, there appears to be a problem. Love Anne Marie. XOXO ~slabbed

Priest with New Orleans ties faces sex abuse indictment in West Virginia~Bruce Nolan

Volunteers help rebuild world

The 55th Annual New Orleans Home & Garden Show Opens

Old New Orleans Elegance:
The Columns Hotel

New Orleans Could Become Digital Hub Of U.S. With Google's Help~Alex Woodward

Make "High-Speed" Rail Speedier ~Planetizen

St. Patrick's Day Parades!

Patois 7th Annual New Orleans Human Rights Film Festival: "Songs of Solidarity" Benefit
~Humid Beings
~Also~A Reading with Amy Hempel: 25th Zale-Kimmerling Writer-in-Residence
~The Fantastic Mr. Fox opens at the CAC, March 12th.
~Up-Tweet!: Fantastic Mr Fox postponed to 3/26~Gambit

Junta ups ante, says Suu Kyi can't even vote~Times of India
~Aung San Suu Kyi's pages

*Burma News Ladder
The regime's election watchdog~Irrawaddi
In a message of encouragement to Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, South African Archbishop Emeritus and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Desmond Tutu said he looks forward to traveling to Rangoon “to join you in your celebrations when you, my sister, are inaugurated as the true, freely elected leader of Burma.”

Flood-Inspired Hell and High Water Will Get World Premiere in NYC April 1~Playbill

Euclid Records opening a store in New Orleans~Kevin Johnson

Trombone Shorty bringing New Orleans soul to Harlow's
~Jonathan Mendick

Ornette Coleman is 80
~Doug Ramsey, All About Jazz

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


A Citizen's Guide to the Corps of Engineers~American Rivers
~As the nation saw all too clearly when Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast in 2005, at its worst, flawed Corps planning can have deadly consequences. Corps projects destroyed coastal wetlands that would have buffered Katrina’s storm surge, funneled and intensified that surge into New Orleans, and encouraged development in high-risk areas. With this stage set, the Corps sealed the city’s fate when it used flawed designs to build the levee and floodwall system that was supposed to protect the city — but clearly did not. Ongoing operation of Corps projects can also lead to devastating results.
~Rehberg Joins Congressional Levee Caucus, Asks for Answers from Army Corps of Engineer

LSU, engineering firm team up to study storm surge
~Nikki Buskey

Editilla has found WAVCIS a vital tool in following Heavy Weather.
Timely, thorough
and mashable.

Please watch this and go do the youtube vote-up/rate thingy!


Alexandria City Council relunctantly approves $500,000 to study levee problem

Kicking the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal anthill… ~LaCoastPost~Len Bahr, a coastal adviser in Gov. Mike Foster’s administration, said that one way the Army Corps of Engineers might overcome near unanimous opposition from environmentalists to the lock project would be to reconfigure the design so that it isn’t merely a navigational project but one that also helps “mitigate the enormous environmental destruction caused by the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet.”
The idea…would be to use the lock project to move a significant volume of river water and sediments to restore wetlands destroyed by the MR-GO. Bahr acknowledges it would be hard to get the necessary bureaucratic approvals from the corps, and perhaps Congress, but says the effort is worth it.
~On The Hill
~Lake Pontchartrain with sediment from the Mississippi River via the Bonnet Carre Spillway, lower left only a few days after it was opened April 11th, 2008. Click pic to enlarge.

Davis pushing for Northshore storm protection~Dave Cohen

Louisiana’s LIGO facility affected by Chile quake~Jordan Blum

Corps continues to shuffle commanders overseeing Dallas Trinity efforts

Feds will investigate why agencies lack information about condition of metro-east levees
~Top administrators for the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have promised to investigate why their agencies lacked the information to support claims that metro-east flood levees should be de-certified.
U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Springfield, and U.S. Rep. Jerry Costello, D-Belleville, on Wednesday called on both FEMA and the Army Corps to produce the data leading to their determination that American Bottoms flood levees don't meet federal standards

~Use of Federal Water Projects for Municipal and Industrial Water Supply: Current Legal and Policy Issues Related to the Water Supply Act of 1958

Carly'Vu Do That Neo'Kat Jive!
~Editilla gotta Oxymoron who'z name is Carly'Vu!
Carl Rove's Memoir, if that ain't the Oxen'est Oxymoron of All!
It is getting harder to Hang Irony onto these Idiot Bastard Sons.
DoubleThink 101: To Lie Is Confessional. He admits His Ass!
This article's journalist, like so many in the Roll Out, have fallen prey to a insidious Level in Editilla's Disaster Shorthand Jive,
to wit that: A) proven pathological Liar Carl Rove's "Admissions" are anything other than more Lies. B) he and his gang of crackers were competent when they allowed us to Get Screwed on 9/11/01. C) he and his pack of looters were still competent when they allowed us to Get Screwed Again on 8/29/05. D) we won't even Pull that Train wreck of Other Uber- Failures for which Carly'Vu would never admit to remember.
What is it with these privileged people who did not see dead bodies floating in the water or dropping out of the sky?
Neo'Kat Short Hand Jive. This Porkest of Peccary Punkdom, code-named "Turd Blossum", is still trying to "Admit Lie" away his own Failure to Communicate which gave us 9/11: That Other Bad Time when he and his Posse let the country down most terribly. Carly'Vu and The Gang "simply weren't up to the challenges." Poor C'Vu still carries their Guilt Bad Meme from 9/11 to scare everyone into buying his Military Solutions to Man-Made Disaster in New Orleans. He wasn't there either btw.

Yawning gap mars Senate race ~James Gill

Oh! Hump Day! Do Get Slabbed!

Putting a Platitude it in the Grave~American Zombie
~Editilla gotta Ax~ Dat make dem'da Zombie Pundertaker?

Still a douchebag
~Library Chronicles

Congressman Joseph Cao commemorates Bloody Sunday
~Krewe of Truth

Google Bikes~Alex Woodward

Hazard Mitigation Grant Program frustrating, homeowners and contractors say
~David Hammer

Venison Heart Tartare
~Chichi Wang, Serious Eats

~Route 66 out my living room window, Polly Jackson

Event to Preserve Native Sites and Culture March 13
~Locust Fork News-Journal

~Hat Tweet~Facing South

Through a Glass Darkly: Crime Fiction as a Window on American Culture
~Dennis Palumbo

New center honors Percy
~The Advocate

INSPIRE - "Students Of Life" Wall~NOLA RISING

New Orleans Zeitgeist~Five DC

Myanmar junta bars Aung San Suu Kyi's election participation
~Myanmar's ruling junta announced Wednesday a new election law that disqualifies pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi from participating in upcoming national elections.
The Political Parties Registration Law, announced in state-run newspapers, excludes electoral participation by any member of a political party who has been convicted in court. A Myanmar court convicted Suu Kyi, 64, in August for breaching the terms of her house arrest after American John Yettaw swam uninvited to her lakeside house in Yangon and briefly stayed there. Her ongoing detention was extended to November 2010, and in February a court rejected her appeal.

Hundreds rounded up in Tibet crackdown

New, used instruments being collected for Haiti

Upcoming: Walter "Wolfman" Washington / Joe Krown / Russell Batiste @ Sullivan Hall tomorrow night~NolaFunkNYC

Jay Electronica Disguised His Voice To Avoid Hip-Hop Prejudice~Hearing the commanding voice of Jay Electronica on the microphone, one probably couldn't detect his New Orleans roots. Years ago, like many MCs from the South, Electronica experienced some hip-hop prejudice when people heard the Southern twang in his voice, so he started disguising it.
"I would go somewhere — I would go to an open mic and when they heard my accent and not understand what I'm saying, it would just be a door-closer," Jay told MTV UK on a recent trip to Europe. "I made a point in being able to speak in a certain way that I wouldn't get the door closed on me. All of these things make me who I am now, you know."

Peaches Records stays rooted in New Orleans music
~Kendrick Perkins, La Weekly

Percy Sledge, Atlanta Rhythm Section lined up for Alabama Music Hall of Fame


Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Tear Down Knowledge Silos with Enterprise Social Networks~Len Rosen
~Can the failure of the levies around New Orleans be attributed to the silo effect? The Army Corps of Engineers, climatologists, federal and state government bodies, all failed to act in concert to prevent the post-Katrina disaster.
Each knew that the levies could not withstand a significant storm surge resulting from a hurricane. The result — the flooding of 80% of the city and the death of over 1,800 people.

~Editilla Co'swellas!~
Big Cherry'O for Len Rosen!
If that ain't the Direct Opposite of Evil Katrina Shorthand Disaster Mythologizin then I will Kiss Yo'ASCE! Ho'Yeah!

Honor singular tradition of New Orleans Mardi Gras Indians
~T-P Editorial

Contractor for recovery oversight is overcharging,
says ousted city official
~Ariella Cohen, The Lens

Ray Nagin isn't an innocent bystander when it comes to the police ~Jarvis DeBerry

Sieg Heil! Discrimination lawsuit adds color to the “corporate culture” in Jefferson Parish Government ~slabbed

The Impact of Storms on Coastal Cities
~Dr Ivor van Heerden will speak to the Special Libraries Assn. about the man made events that led to the catastrophe and how ignoring pertinent science led to greater devastation.
Please click book or banner.

Louisiana 6th in census-based federal funds ~Steven Ward

Sewerage & Water Board of
New Orleans -Public Meeting- Hazard Mitigation Plan ~Watershed NOLA

The mayor doesn’t oversee education but should get involved anyway
~Eli Ackerman, The Lens

Complicated Justice In The 504 ~Cliff's Crib

Bad to Worse?-American Zombie

Mayor Ray Nagin seeking general contractor for $30 million riverfront park~Michelle Krupa
~Hat Twt~Deb Cotton
~"When is someone gonna smite this fool already?"

What Does Mass Euphoria Feel Like? NOLA! ~NOLAmotion

Cisco lays foundation for next-gen Internet, new routers
~AT&T recently tested the Cisco CRS-3 between New Orleans and Miami in its first trial of 100-Gigabit backbone network technology. Other trials are under way.

Spring Greening 2010 Kicks Off!

~Hat Tweet~EDF_Louisiana

Intergrow~Tom Rivers

BECA chooses New Orleans for ICAD development

Rachel Draws Post 2 in
New Orleans Ladies Stakes

Monday, March 8, 2010


Editilla's really just a guitar player. The song is what matters.

Litigation Resource Center covers Van Heerden Lawsuit

Corps awards St. Charles levee contract ~Matt Scallan

Jean Lafitte to host Tuesday public hearing on Donaldsonville- to-the Gulf levee project ~Paul Rioux

In Rapides Parish, the scramble is on to find levee-repair money
~Alesandria Town Talk

Deadline For Submitting Louisiana Hurricane Mitigation Grants Coming ~BBuzz

Marina won’t be protected by Morganza levee system
~Nikki Buskey

FEMA's new flood maps go too far, some cities say
~Lynn Thompson

More Jawboning from da'Beast

That Eau de Landfill has me in a spell. Slabbed ties a few things together on the River Birch landfill as we add an Alario to the woodpile.

Jordan not exonerated just because Anderson might be; Cannizzaro won’t yield
~Eli Ackerman, The Lens

9th Ward residents’ ‘Call for Action’ ~Nayita Wilson

Mardi Gras Indians concerned about police antagonism
~Katy Reckdahl
~As seven New Orleans police cars converged on the corner of Second and Dryades streets on Mardi Gras night, Big Chief James Harris of the Seminole Warriors grabbed for the five youngest members of his Mardi Gras Indian tribe, all of them younger than 6.
Holding up his feathered purple, green and yellow wing, Harris tried to slow the cars, but they kept moving through the thick crowd of parading Indians and spectators, sirens blaring and tires squealing. Harris said he barely was able to pull the children to the sidewalk. “They were scared,” he said. “One ran this way and the other ran that way.” Starting about 6 p.m., the police cars raced for at least 15 minutes, according to cell-phone video accounts, and officers insulted bystanders, spectators said.~Indian Council annouces Super Sunday route

NASA Astronaut Sandra Magnus to Talk to New Orleans Girls About Science

The nation's first minor in the study of New Orleans is official

Louisiana College students help in Haiti ~Abbey Brown

Profile: Nina Schwanse~Art 21

OK! Let's Be Totally Clear. Is this about the Faubourg or is this Fo the Borg... or do these people write for offBeat?

NOLa Sunday afternoons – The right time and the right place
~Geraldine Wycoff

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Hold the hallelujahs
~Keith Magill, Houma Courier

~"My first reaction to last week’s announcement was something like this: Finally. After 15 seconds or so, my skepticism returned, along with my nagging suspicion that only a miracle will prevent Terrebonne, Lafourche and the rest of coastal Louisiana from becoming the next Atlantis."

As concerns about Red River levees rise, details only seep
~Alexandria Town Talk

~The scary part about the condition of the levees along the Red River in Rapides Parish is not so much that the earthen berms may have some weak spots. Why wouldn't they? Nothing can last forever against the incessant rush of the Red -- or any river, for that matter. What is scarier than the specter of overflowing water at the moment is the flow of information about the situation, which is best described as "seeping."
What else can you say when direct questions about specific issues are met with the damming effects of federal bureaucrats?

And yet, all the more reason that this matters so much...



Special Thanks to Greg Palast ~Also worth considering: National Ports and Waterways Institute
"His lawsuit sounds like a long shot, but I’m rooting for Ivor van Heerden."

Corps hazing egrets, yet another Co'PR Piece from Sheila Grissett
~Great egrets are being intentionally scared away from a St. Charles Parish rookery favored for four decades to stop their nesting within 1,000 feet of levee and floodwall construction, a proximity that government biologists fear could harm the birds and potentially delay flood protection work.
To head off either scenario, an Army Corps of Engineers' contractor is using propane cannons, bullhorns, lasers and even water-loving dogs in a "hazing" campaign designed to drive migrating egrets from the small, swampy rookery their species has long used to nest, mate and raise young.
~Editilla slams brain in car door~
OK, lemme get this straight: the Corps of Engineers will, in order to Protect the Egrets (and not have them cause project delays) Attack the Egrets in their Egret Rookery with Dogs, Cannon, Lasers (LASERS???) and Scream at them with Bull Horns????
What are we missing here? Oh, BlackWater.
We need Special Forces to go after these Boids!

Teaching hospital board appointment process addressed
~Sen. Edwin Murray, D-New Orleans, wants the Louisiana Senate to have confirmation authority over all appointees to the governing board for the teaching hospital slated to be built near downtown New Orleans.
~Also Please

Doctors Warn Of Health Risks From Chile Wreckage~WDSU

US Troops Leaving Haiti

Did Danziger Bridge police cover-up reach into court?
~James Gill

Nagin put the revolver to our head~American Zombie

See for yourself: Zulu, others vie for city grant money
~Ariella Cohen, The Lens

New Orleans official says he left City Hall to uphold his ethical code~Michelle Krupa

Guidry defeats Batt in Dist. A

The Sun Herald and Anita Lee slabs Mississippi Insurance Commish Chaney and the insurance bastards at Liberty Mutual ~slabbed

New policy would encourage Louisiana utilities to produce more electricity using renewable sources~Rebecca Mowbray

Deconsolidation divides
~Daily Advertiser

~In their two years as City-Parish Council members, the nine men who hold those seats have been tasked with making many big decisions effecting the current state and future growth of Lafayette. Reducing or increasing budgets, signing off on road and bridge projects, moving forward with a comprehensive land use plan and keeping an eye on the speed van and red-light camera programs have at times turned into passionate debates with strong arguments.
But those items pale in comparison to what these nine men face Tuesday night when they will consider whether to let Lafayette Parish voters decide on Nov. 2 if they want to stick with Lafayette Consolidated Government or go back to the pre-1996 system of separate city and parish governing bodies.

NWS forecast calls ‘significant flooding’ likely in central Iowa
~Dallas County News

~H/T~Iowa Flood Watch

Cedar Rapids still waits as a new flood season arrives
~Des Moines Register

Flood threat in Rose Park?
~Salt Lake Tribune

~Jordan River: New rules could force county to build $14M levee; homeowners call it nonsense.

Matt Damon forced to wear New Orleans Saints jersey after losing bet~Monsters & Critics

Who Dat? That Who Owns The Rights To It? NFL, WhoDat? Inc, Or Nobody
~The Domains

Soup, potters, winners and... 'Blue Dat Nation'
~Thomas B. Harrison

Dave Eggers: From 'staggering genius' to America's conscience
~Rachel Cook

Julia Reed speaks for Authors in April~Shreveport Times

Bill Cosby all smiles about Playboy Jazz Festival
~Imani Tate

Given that Editilla can piss off even the most gracious of Ladies...

Special thanks to da'Stratcat! Who noted that from the Death of Lennon we were all lost... until the Death of Disco

~Of course then there is the ultimate Queen Tribute...

*Hell, we post because we can!