Saturday, December 20, 2008


The Times Picayune cries to wipe its ass
of its own Conflicts of Interests
with the Corps of Engineers
with a new Advertorial
on Corps Conflicts of Interests!

"Any corps employee, especially in New Orleans, who thinks that residents here are to blame for their homes being flooded shouldn't be a corps employee. "
Editilla wants to know if they are talkin'bout the entire staff of the Times Picayune?
~Editilla Crowellas~
Abbey Hoffman might be dead...
--but we stole that book!~
These egregious offenses against the Public Trust didn't happen on just " blog".
They happened on the Times Picayune blog!
Now the Times Picayune is trying to distance itself (wipe its ass) from the fallout of this Breach of the Public Trust in the veracity, or even "truthiness", of their advertorial journalism.
The Times Picayune is NOT watching our backs, but stabbing.
Like Carney Barkers straight out of the PT Barhnam School of Shameless Self Promotions PR 101: When caught Red-Handed then issue a statement of plausible deniability, as ASCECORPS on WWL:
“There are over 1,600 people working at the Army Corps of Engineers New Orleans District to reduce risk for the metro New Orleans area. As each day passes, we are reducing risk. This isolated incident involved one person out of 1600 people that make up the New Orleans District."
Cocky Bastards, Them!
Then OK, when that doesn't work, when this story makes it out of the bag across the nation to places like Michael Moore's website, InfoWars, top 5 You tube, various and sundry other blogs, the Abbey's bathroom wall and even a tiny site in Mongolia, then it is time to #2: Issue the Apology to Ms Rosenthal and,
to nip it in the Rosary Bud, let the story quietly die,
attempt to "own the story instead of it owning you" so to speak:
On Thursday, Dec. 18, Colonel Alvin Lee sent a formal apology to Ms. Rosenthal: “Please accept my apology for the unprofessional comments someone in my District posted to your web site,” said the letter. “I have reinforced with my entire staff that this was an inappropriate and unacceptable use of our computers and time."
Oh? Not so full of Hubris now are we?
"Inappropriate and Unacceptable use?"

How about a punishable violation of the US code:

It appears that, with today's advertorial, potential cover-up,
the Times Picayune is stuck on stupid, #1: Plausible Denial.
It was on their own TP/ website that this started!
Once you spot the smell you can find it on the shoes of comments with every article they publish on the Corps. PR Flash Ads or not!
Next, the Times Picayune will try to spin this that they are not the same as, and those ads are on not the TP.
Editilla say suck my toe!
A difference that makes no difference is no difference!
As an experiment, try to flush the Times Picayune down your toilet and then try to flush the Corps of Engineers IPET Report on their Failures in building our levees.
Same result and they both mean more flooding!
ASCECORPS also came onto the blog proper.
And, Not Only There but we've already shown Gentle'rillas how these Creepo'Nawlins fakirs like "Stevo" and Nameless Tim Ruppert have come onto this Ladder to spew their bile and attempt to misinform the public.
And Ruppert spoke fo'da ASCECORPS at Rising Tide?
Using what Ms Rosenthal refers to as "Internet Caller ID for IP addresses", Editilla also has reams of screen shots and what'nots of my stats pages showing them (CORPS), the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) all over the Ladder, (ASCECORPS).
We maintain that this Counter Insurgency Tactic is not about intimidating Sandy Rosenthal. HA! They should know better. Poor is simply the easiest target because Sandy Rosenthal is Always In Their Face making the Corps Face Facts.
This is a blatant attempt to Re-Frame, Re-Tell and Basically Lie the Story of the Catastrophic Failures of the Corps of Engineers' Flood Control Structures on August 29th, 2005.
This is about Hearts & Minds, Gentle'rillas...
...winning back Hearts & Minds...
--both of which Editilla lost that first week of the Corps' Flood.
Hearts & Minds.
... (Oh, and the MRGO lawsuit April 20th!:)

As bloggers and news outlets around the country begin to study their own stats, they are beginning to realize that the Exquisite Corps truly is...
Every Where We Want To Be.

If/when any'youz Gentle'rillas finds these creepo ASCECORPS cronies skulking around your own sites, then please by all means take a screen shot of your stat page and send it to:
codeword: SpinFiltration.
Tell'em Editilla sent'ya!
But tell them...tell everyone! hahhahahahaha!
WWL watches NOLA's Back so NOLA watches WWL back!
WWL first broke this story so we reward them with our patronage, love and affection! And they also do not run any Goddamned Expensive Tax-Funded Corps PR Flash Ads.
But Editilla gots one thing to say to all this Boo'Rah, (HA!)
~Please click flags~

Please click on the commemorative flag poster
Editilla watchin'youz!
Special Thanks, Illustrations by The Masqued E'vinga!

Friday, December 19, 2008


City could lose almost a billion in GO Zone bonds because recovery so slow~Robert Travis Scott

Arianna Huffington’s Web site reprints the work of others without permission. Just try it here. The 504 don’t play
~Kevin Allman

New Orleans Judge Dismisses Insurance Price-Fixing Lawsuit

Guard to continue patrolling New Orleans~Becky Bohrer

For Louisiana, Bons Temps Proved All Too Brief
~Adam Nissiter

Time To Put The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale To Rest

Mapping the Rats in New York City~Christine Gorman
~Editilla'T'n'T- Planetizen

Clinton Group Got Millions From Overseas~CBS News
~Katrina donors ended up on the list of Clinton supporters when donations poured in before the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund was fully set up, so the former presidents held the money in two other charities: the Greater Houston Community Foundation and the Clinton Foundation.
That pit stop in the Clinton fund officially turned those Katrina donors into Clinton donors--people who expected their money to go directly to hurricane relief.
And just two weeks ago, thousands of them got letters saying their names were about to be made public.
Among those "surprised" to find themselves on today's list was former Congressman Rob Portman, a Republican on Bush's cabinet at the time.
"These are folks who saw the tragedies of Katrina and wanted to donate," said Dean Zerbe, who was the lead investigator of charities for Congress. "How they've gotten themselves wrapped up into having their names put on a web site is beyond me." (Editillitalics mine)

2008 Cats 2nd Costliest In Insured Losses
~Steven Wevodau

Selling Christmas Trees For Katrina Relief~Karen Kruschka

Artichoke-oyster soup, chicken Pontalba are a recipe for holiday elegance~Marcelle Bienvenu

Appetites Nola Blog~Pistolette

Photographers’ Visits
in New Orleans
~Look Underfoot

~A Christmas Story

Saved and Fly: Interview with DMV urban gospel artist Jocelyn AKA iNDIGO~Affrodite's Adventures in Nappy Hair

The bon temps are back in New Orleans~Todd R. Brown

Pianist Judith Owen on her annual concert sing'a'long

Music Review:
KAL Radio Romanista
~Richard Marcus

New music from Irma Thomas, Southside Johnny covers the songs of Tom Waits
~Kirk Robinson

Accordion Dreams
~Univerity Press of Mississippi

More songs for the Holtzberg's
Teruah - Jewish Music

Tribute to Mumbai, one peace at a time,
--one for the Vatul and one for The Line

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Screen shot of today, Dec, 18th. Click to enlarge.
Part 3: Protecting southeast Louisiana will be extraordinarily expensive~Mark Schleifstein
~Editilla Notellas~ It would appear now that the Corps Marketing Contractor has begun tailoring the ads to fit the articles published. This makes them Advertorial.

New computer storm model condemns role MRGO played in Katrina flooding~Sheila Grissett
~Commissioners peppered Van Heerden with questions, quizzing him for details of the work done by his team at the LSU Hurricane Center, along with a well-known modeling company in the Netherlands and a group of engineers from the University of California at Berkeley. At least one of the Berkeley scientists also does work for the litigation team in New Orleans.
~Editilla gotta ax~ Ms. Grissett, can you please write something other than unmitigated horse Spin? If you were actually there, can you please tell us with what questions the Levee Board "peppered" Dr. Igor Van Herrden, and his answers?
If you were not actually there, as it appears from this article, then what are you doing here, scratching your advertiser's ass,
writing Advertorials for the Exquisite Corps?
Come on Ms. Grissett! For all our sakes MRGO HOME!
Monday the Corps goes before the Judge to present their "expert evidence", in the MRGO Lawsuit. Trial is set for April 22nd.
These are our citizens, Ms. Grissett, the people of New Orleans.
And, since you failed to note his identity, that "Berkeley scientist" is Dr. Robert Bea, an esteemed and highly qualified expert witness with 45 years of geophysical engineering, marine structures science experience. Your bias is evident.
That litigation which the Times Picayune continues to fail to mention is known as: "Robinson v. United States of America".
Information can be found here and here.

Mr. Cerasoli’s morning
~Kevin Allman

N.O. Inspector General Has Big Day~ Jeff Crouere, BBuzz

State rejects FEMA offer on N.O. hospital~Allen Johnson Jr.
~O'Dell: Offer for Katrina-damaged hospital firm

~Special thanks~ Food Music Justice

Millions in aid confirmed for Terrebonne, Lafourche
~Naomi King

I forgot about the library
~Jewel Thinks

Gallup Path for Macroeconomics
~Famille d'Entreprises

~Lieutenant General Russel Honoré (retired) explains how the application of business and charitable principles can give people around the globe what they need most: a good job.

Swiss Re says 2008 insured losses $50 bln for industry

Clinton discloses Katrina donors

Map of Death ~Brooke Borel
~Heat and droughts caused the most deaths at 19.6 percent, followed by severe summer weather at 18.8 percent and winter weather at 18.1%.
Together, earthquakes, hurricanes and wildfires made up 3.4%.

PR-Barnes & Noble, Inc.
Project Home Again Reunites Gentilly Neighborhood in Time for the Holidays
~Today Leonard Riggio, the Chairman of Barnes & Noble, and his wife Louise, will for the first time meet the twenty Hurricane Katrina survivor families to whom they are personally giving the gift of a new home.
David Briant, a single father of two who has been sleeping on his sister-in-law's sofa with his young son since Katrina, says that the work the Riggios and Project Home Again are doing is different than what anyone else has tried to do in New Orleans.
"The Riggios are reaching out to help working families, people who had homes before Katrina and were trying to take care of their families,"
said Mr. Briant. (Italics mine)

Celilo Falls~Cascadia Journal

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Wheel in the sky wows local residents~Nikki Buskie

Environmental impact of Dulac levee improvements outlined

Buck up Buddy, it’s time to sink or swim - Foti’s insurance antitrust suit dismissed ~slabbed

Nation Of Morons:
Oh, Those Clever Engineers!

Katrina recovery: new push to help small landlords
~John Moreno Gonzales

~An $849 million Hurricane Katrina recovery program hobbled by red tape and the national credit crunch will seek to issue rebuilding money directly to small landlords without the involvement of banks, officials said Wednesday.

Nagin defends untouched recovery funds
~Allen Johnson Jr.

Council May Override Nagin's Budget Veto~WDSU

Larry Flynt To Run For Mayor Of New Orleans
~Editilla O'rilla d'Aphasia

Critics say hazardous shipping rule falls short

Building a time bomb
~Much concern should be given to the planned building of the New Orleans Cold Storage warehouse at the foot of Esplanade, right next to the US. Mint, at the Governor Nichols St Wharf. Why? Because of their Blast Freezers which are anhydrous ammonia refrigerant systems!!!!

Fighting the wrong ideas

NASA assigns engines tests to Stennis

Tiger’s fate discussion gets unruly in hallway~Greg Garland
~The battle over the fate of a tiger on display at a Grosse Tete truck stop turned ugly at an Iberville Parish Council meeting Tuesday night as opposing sides nearly came to blows outside the council chambers.
One of Sandlin’s workers, a woman, had to be physically restrained several times from attacking an animal rights activist who called her “an inbred.”

See the labyrinth
~New Orleans Can Thrive

New Orleans Music World Lacks Business Opportunities~BBuzz

R.I.P. Michael P. Smith
~Black Cat Bone

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


~Editilla can't stands no'mo!~
Video here.

Reducing Risk My Ass! What the hell are they doing with all of our Flood Control Funding?
Why, using our dwindling tax dollars to Infiltrate and Spin the story of the cause of the Federal Flood!
~Further evidence here.
See also comments here
UpDate 1:
Thank You First Draft see comments too
Apparently the Corps doesn't know when to quit!
Needless to say everyone within blogging distance of the our Exquisite Corps needs to go look over their own Stats and see if these underhanded, Over'rot, homo- entropic,
Creepo'nawlins faux engineers
are skulking around their own blogs as well?
If anyone finds these IP addresses in your stats, please save a screen shot of it and send it to Dennis Woltering at WWL TV. Thank you, WWL. You Editillero! Eye on the Ball!
(click pic to enlarge) Editilla T'n'T~ /
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Vendredi~Déjeuner":

Thanks for the link to our "conversation" on the levees blog. Maybe some of your readership (what, 2 or 3 other kooks) will actually learn something. Your rants are certainly entertaining, I'll give you that.
I am not a Corps employee as you allege nor am I trying to intimidate or any other single-minded Corps-haters. I am, however, determined to push back against uninformed, hate-filled diatribes that do nothing but inflame emotions and harden feelings. It's called balance; it's called dialogue - a necessary component of democracy. Later...

Posted by Anonymous to New Orleans Ladder at December 8, 2008 9:47 AM
Editilla said...

stevo, I deleted your comment because no one is allowed to insult our valued readers on this blog.
This ain't just child's play --and 120+ hits/day (and growing) proves that our Gentle'rillas appreciate that.

They are welcome to go watch you make a fool of yourself in the Times Picayune but not here.
I am the only person allowed that privilege on this Ladder.

Show some balls, stevo, and comment on the blog where you have already shown your ass.

Thus spake Editilla.

Editilla said...

And stevo, you engineering suit freaks can't even spell Statcounter?
Stupid Stupid Stupid.
Plodding, predictable pricks.
You really should be more careful with our tax-paid government property.

You told me that you do not work for the Corps of Engineers, yet you seem to have no problem using their computers, which might be a felony for this type of activity --especially if, as you allege, you do not work for the Corps of Engineers.
My attorney is looking into it.

Or, perhaps you just suck Corps over at ASCE:
AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS UU-65-210-114-D6 (NET-65-210-114-0-1) -

Which is it, dogo?
Either way this is why I refer to you assholes as ASCECORPS.

UpDate 2: It would appear that the ASCECORPS
has many heads looking into this breach of the public trust.
Now from today's Ladder's stat counter page. Click to enlarge.
Blogging and Commenting: US Army Corp of Engineers Takes it on the Chin Courtesy of Blogger Sandy Rosenthal ~slabbed

Reform the Corps Now~Gambit
~Editilla crowellas~ Once again a Herollero Shout-out to Gambit for watching our backs. Thanks Gambit!
Unfortunately for us, such prescient gumshoellery obviously matters not one whit to how the Corps of Engineers behaves, when it always seems to come out swinging after dark.
The Time is Now to Pass the 8/29 Investigation Legislaton!
Introduced by our own Mary Landrieu and Charlie Melancon.
I mean, where do hundreds of tons of surge barrier piling sleep?
--Any goddamn where our Exquisite Corps wants to lay it!
Why, just ask their consultant on the Levee Board: Tom Jackson.
Gambit can't do this alone. That was one fine article,
but we need Congress Hip to the Corps. We need the 8/29!
IT'S THE LEVEES STUPID!!! No 2nd chance Engineering.
~Editilla Notellas~ Please make sure to pick up the Gambit hard copy around town too. It's free and we can read it by candle light when the levees fail again!

Iowa Cities want flood gauges, but the Corps says price is too high!~Des Moines Register
~The Corps of Engineers, which pays for gauges near its reservoirs, is unlikely to be able to finance gauges in other locations, said Corps spokesman Ron Fournier.

Report: Engineering society needs ethics policy~Clear News

Work starts to plug leaks in Kenner floodwall~Sheila Grissett
web shot of TP Corps Flash Ad beside this article. Click to enlarge.

Best of New Orleans Contest: YOU be Quint Davis, 2009 Jazz Fest lineup announced
~Gambit Daily

Promised Progress
~Richard A. Webster

Special thanks~People Get Ready

Alvar Arts Night: Music Edition! Tuesday, Dec 16 ~nolabrarian

31, Live at The Library,
Irvin Mayfield’s 2nd Annual Birthday Bash

Dewey: The Small Town Library Cat Who Touched the World
~The Library of Digress

Second Baby Grand Piano FInds a Home~NOMRF

Sunday, December 14, 2008


'The Color of Loss' photo exhibit finds unexpected beauty in post-Katrina New Orleans
~The startling images that photographer Dan Burkholder encountered in post-Katrina New Orleans include
"Computer With Window".

The Myth of the Lakeview Butterfly
~Editilla weighs in here heavy on the idea of blogger, media harassment and spin'filtration by Our Exquisite Corps,
like finding a nanomeme in a haystack.
~Web snapshot of Times Picayune Corps Flash Advert on blog page today. Please click to enlarge.

A Tale of Two Cities:
Desolate New Orleans, Ruined Galveston That Gets New Body Blow~Carol Forsloff

Analysis: Katrina's towering reminder~Brian Schwaner

More Evidence of Slabberator
Misuse: The Farm’s “Sham
Transactions”, Zurich’s Sham Reinsurance Deals~slabbed

Coast financial outlook upbeat
~Mary Perez

Coming up in Gambit Weekly: Mayoral line-item veto edition

New Orleans on track to deploy
~Philip Ewing


The Katrina of Real Estate
~Mark MacKenzie

Funding still trickling in for Iowa flood recovery
~Christinia Crippes

Health Care And Preparedness Report Cards: The System Needs Work~DemFromCT

The Unites States is the Best Country in the World, Except When it Isn't
~Francis L. Holland

Secure operating systems
~SMPN 12 Tangerang Cyber Club

FDNY delivers smiles to
Bayou La Batre~David Ferrara

Day 7: New Orleans Part 1
~Dave Ford Does Earth

48 hours in New Orleans

Earl King: Hard River To Cross
~Blues Town

Dixie Ticklers' New Orleans-style nursery rhymes~Editilla T'n'T~se1