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~and a little'mo Lagniappe from Squandered Heritage.

Navy Week: Johanna Mudge

Ida might skip Louisiana, veer to Florida~Mark Schleifstein

Faster mobile Internet on its way to Houma-Thibodaux by month’s end~Kathrine Schmidt

An Administration Run Amok ~Clancy Dubos

Eastern Oregon City Pushes Back The Floodwaters~Ethan Lindsey

USS New York commissioning underway ~Verena Dobnik

Giant dominoes form tribute to Berlin Wall's fall~David Rising

“errata”~Robert Frost's Banjo

Visual effects company Pixel Magic to open new Louisiana studio, create 40 jobs in 3 years

Au Contraire, Mon Frère ~truforia ~SHAME ON TYLER PERRY and Oprah for signing on as air-quote executive producers of Precious.
After this post-hip-hop freak show wowed Sundance last January, it now slouches toward Oscar ratification thanks to its powerful friends.Winfrey and Perry had no hand in the actual production of Precious, yet the movie must have touched some sore spot in their demagogue psyches. They’ve piggybacked their reps as black success stories hoping to camouflage Precious’ con job—even though it’s more scandalous than their own upliftment trade. Perry and Winfrey naively treat Precious’ exhibition of ghetto tragedy and female disempowerment as if it were raw truth. It helps contrast and highlight their achievements as black American paradigms—self-respect be damned.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Flood Insurance: The Flip Side of Katrina~Harry Shearer

Ida Update
Estimated Profit: Corps' price for Not protecting New Orleans
~Michael Luke

~Editilla A'hemas~ We saw this very show in Jackson, MS

Tropical Depression Ida approaches Honduras

Rep. Cassidy urges to rethink conservation efforts
~David Bennett

Polluters feel the heat in rising legal tide~Paddy Manning

New fish found off Terrebonne’s coast
~Jeremy Alford

Riverfront park plans advance with rezoning approval
~Bruce Eggler

Recovery School District would not be focus of Race to the Top federal grant, Pastorek says
~Robert Travis Scott

John Georges, The Dilettante Beotch, now claims he is a Yellow Dog Democrat??? Like Ray Nagin was The Color Chocolate?
~Editilla Double Dog Dares'Ya! Who Gets It???
Who'dat Say De'Gonna Beat Dem'T'aints?

Landrieu Legislation Reforms SBA's Disaster Recovery Role

Oops! State Farm’s experts on damage to Bossier’s home aren’t licensed – Judge Senter to issue ruling today ~slabbed

Monmouth County Dentist Fits New Orleans Saints with Pure Power Mouth Guards

Ed Blakely, red tape, and "locking people in cages"
~Library Chronicles

Jarvis DeBerry Cries More
Alligator Tears for Smears

Relic draws prayers, smiles and some tears~John DeSantis

World War II museum to dedicate major expansion Friday in ceremony with Hanks, Brokaw
~John Pope

Portraits created for families who lost theirs in Hurricane Katrina ~C.J. Lin

Yes Ma’am: Artist Kelli Anderson On Designing For The Yes Men
~Kat Irannejad

The face of soul: Pictures document rhythm of the blues
~Bob Mehr

offBeat solicits photography

A Look at the Music of
'The Princess and the Frog'

Michael Cogswell, Director of the Louis Armstrong House Museum

Big Sam’s Funky Nation:
New Orleans In New York

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Raw-oyster proposal targeted by federal legislation~Bruce Alpert
~Three Gulf Coast senators introduced legislation Thursday that would bar the Food and Drug Administration from using federal money to enforce a ban on the sale of raw, untreated oysters during warm-weather months.
United Houma Nation plans options for storm-prone communities ~Naomi King

Coastal wetlands education program conveys memories of fading lifestyles ~Katie Kennedy

Report challenges feds to eliminate barriers to saving the coast~Daily Comet

Interactive climate map shows world after 4C rise

World conference on deltas to be held in New Orleans next year
~Humid Beings

It Can Be Done
~Maitri's VatulBlog

~Editilla jus'wanna say Maitri Rocks On!

Hurricane Ida erupts in the Caribbean. Next up NOLA?
~Tony Pann
~Wunder Blog~AP
~Editilla Geaux'tellas~ As Gentle'rillas well know, and all of you should know, that if this storm starts getting Real for the Gulf, then Editilla won't be sleeping, we'll be hangin'it 5X5 24/7.
On the Top Right Side-bar we place all our Storm Tracking Machinery, Links, Remote Imagery, Maps, River Gauges,
Surge Gauges and whatever else we can find so as to See This Coming and Know Where To Go or Not. Who'dats Wher'yats.
It ain't like we really have a choice in the matter, Sinn Féin.

Complete Youtube Catalog of recent Religion, Science and Environment sessions

Judge Senter dismisses jury briefly, suggests State Farm settle with Bossier (can you belive it?) ~slabbed

Law professor: States likely to win dredging fight
~The states are suing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers because they claim the agency is going ahead without their approval to deepen the river channel by 5 feet. The states are seeking a federal injunction against the work, planned from Philadelphia to the mouth of the Delaware Bay.

Metairie map maker begins trip from Canada to New Orleans on original Jefferson Highway
~Mark Waller

CAOS in Pakistan

Blogging 101…and Beer!
~Rising Tide

Odd Words
~Odd Bits of Life in New Orleans

Tom Dent Literary Festival ~nolabrarian

OK, Gentle'rillas! Thursday is Video Day! HA! Riiight! Actually, we are just waiting for that Dilettante Beotch Georges to get his happy ass curtsy outta'da Way --so Leslie Jacobs can step up and bring this city home. Leslie Jacobs Gets It?

New Orleans Could Always Use More Nationally-Acclaimed Heroes ~Alejandro de los Rios

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Out of the Mouths of Corps Managers...~Harry Shearer

King Milling's Exquisite Corps and the Sell-Out of South Louisiana

Tropical Storm Ida threatens Central America, could be in Gulf of Mexico by Monday
~Mark Schleifstein

~Wunder Blog
Charity Hospital reimbursement claims inflated through error, bias, FEMA argues~Jan Moller

LSU student, rape-survivor,
confronts Louisiana Senator
David Vitter (R-Pamper) over his
vote against the rights of raped
Citizens to criminal prosecution

Vitty'cent Humpin'Day~slabbed

Questions I Have for the Army Corps of Engineers
~Alyssa Rosenberg, FedBlog

Witness says wind, adjuster says water~Anita Lee

Ed Blakely, the czar that had no clothes: An editorial

Poor Nicolas Cage. Literally
~Dayana Yochim, Motley Fool

Cakespy: Leftover Halloween Candy Pie ~Serious Eats

LadyFest New Orleans!
~casa de Charlotte Della Luna

New Orleans

is a non-profit music, spoken word and arts festival organized by local women to showcase, celebrate and encourage activism through the arts for and by New Orleans women.
It also serves as a benefit for local organizations that support women.
The festival runs for five days at five different venues.
It will begin on Wed., Nov. 4,
6 pm at
St. Anna’s Episcopal Church, 1313 Esplanade, with Homily by Deacon Joyce Jackson, the first and only black woman Episcopal deacon in New Orleans. This will be followed by gospel music from Tonia Scott and the Anointed Voices who were the featured choir in the movie “Skeleton Key”.
The Queen Clarinet of Louisiana, Doreen Ketchens, will close out the evening with hotness from Doreen’s Jazz New Orleans.

Dave Eggers discusses Zeitoun
~David Winkler-Schmit

NOLA Bookfair showcases indie publishing~Susan Larson

WWII theater to open with
Tom Hanks', '4-D' film

‘Forgotten but Not Gone,’ New CD Benefiting Gulf Coast Residents Still Displaced by Hurricane Katrina

Plunge, Dancing on Thin Ice
~Aaron LaFont, offBeat

In Jazz, as in Life, Choices
~Larry Blumenfeld

NolaFunk NYC

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mardi Who'dat 7-0???

One Year Along:
~Harry Shearer
~It was maybe March of this year that I first said to someone who asked what I thought of the then-new President that he was in the process of making two major, perhaps historic, mistakes: pretending that Afghanistan had patiently waited for seven years while the United States dithered with Iraq and pretending that the only man-made disaster New Orleans had suffered was at the hands of Bush's FEMA. Now, some months later, regrettably, that verdict stands.
Would any of us have expected this one year ago?
But don't blame politics; we experience the same disparity between the sales pitch and the actual product every day, don't we? Or haven't you signed up for your "free" credit report from
~Editilla Crow'tellas~ Bless'Ya Heart, Harry, Bless'Ya...
We jus'got one thing to say to'dat...WHO'DAT? 7-0 Baby!!!!
Who'dat say they'gonna beat them Saints? Who'dat?
Who'dat? Who'dat say they'gonna beat them Saints?

Sssssssmell the Glory!

The City that Responsibilty Forgot ~American Zombie
Slidell senator wants mud from Corps projects for planned 'megaport' near mouth of Mississippi River
~Jen DeGregorio

~The Army Corps of Engineers may play a role in building a planned megaport near the mouth of the Mississippi River, potentially using mud dredged from the channel as construction material for the massive shipping platform.

Academics Dig Into Offshore Drilling Debate
~Jacksonville Observer

Katrina and the Paralysis of Fear
~Franklin C. Spinney

People to People Ambassador Programs Remembers Hurricane Katrina with Unique Summer Travel Opportunity for Students and Adults~Ambassadors GRP
~People to People Ambassador Programs, the leader in global educational travel experiences, commemorates the upcoming fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina with a new summer program in 2010 entitled "Leadership Summit: Remembering Hurricane Katrina." Taking place June 28 - July 6, 2010, the new program is part of People to People's premier Leadership Programs that teach students in grades five through twelve important leadership and teamwork skills through workshops, community service projects and discussions with well-respected authorities on service and leadership.
Participants will also learn more about Hurricane Katrina through cultural visits around the city and by hearing first-hand accounts of the events as told by important guest speakers, including General Russel Honore, the US Army Lieutenant who led Task Force Katrina in the aftermath of the devastating hurricane,
Tom Piazza, nationally acclaimed author of Why New Orleans Matters and Jim Reed, world-renowned weather photographer and self proclaimed "storm chaser".
~Editilla Notellas~ Genlte'rillas know how we Love to hang Noble Efforts of Flood Recovery here on da'Ladder.
Yet sewn'n'sown within the fabric of our Emperor's New Clothes lie the course threads of bad media framing, a sort of brittle public relations imagery that seeks to cover our body politic in a fetid haze of misunderstanding, even misunderestimation, of the true Causes of our devastation. We call it Katrina Shorthand Media.

But here we sense a good thing happening, a scene of an immune response for our wounded nation, yet not a word about the cause of our incongroovience. Thankfully there will be heroes teaching, but nowhere did they mention the Exquisite Corps, or any design to focus on That. All Katrina All The Time: The Katrina Network.
That is what we shall call a beast of this sort.
But we have golden opportunities her'ah for more than just spare change as they happen upon our Fed Flooded City to work their Can'doo magic.
Yes We Can show them Where, even How, if not Why.

Katrina Shorthand illustrates a symptom of a deeper still palsy on our body politic, to wit: Katrina=Natural Disaster Capitalism =Inevitable=New Orleans=Social Engineering Gone Wild Movie
-Civil Engineering Failure-Man Made Disaster-Lives Lost=Mo'Lies
=ASCEFORK from'da ASCECORPS... jus'sayin... give these bones
to Henry Jones --'cause Henry here don't eat no meat.

O'Henry~Teen In Jail

Wise as an owl, smart as a fox – Sarah Vance, Federal District Judge Eastern District Louisiana ~slabbed

Fielkow: Ed Blakely's comments 'offensive, divisive, unprofessional, erroneous'
~Gordon Russell

Homes at last: Jarvis DeBerry

Nutria: It's not just for Louisiana anymore ~Nikki Buskey
Louisiana’s coastal wetlands sustain the most damage from the voracious animal, and the state has pioneered efforts aimed at controlling the rodent’s population. But other states are starting to catch up. Enter the Nutria Eradication and Control Act of 2009, introduced by U.S. Rep. Charles Boustany, R-Lafayette, and Frank Kratovil, D-Md. The bill would authorize the U.S. secretary of the interior to provide money to Maryland, Louisiana, Delaware, Oregon, Virginia and Washington to eradicate or control nutria and restore damaged wetlands.

Masonic Lodge in the Quarters coming back~Krystal Allan
~A historic landmark left on life support after Hurricane Katrina is being revived in central Gulfport. The Masonic Lodge is coming back to life in a community known as the Quarters, a historically black community dating back to the early 1900s.

U.S. Navy honoring New Orleans this week (Nov. 2-7) ~NOLAFemmes

10 Pix from 11th Voodoo Fest
~Karen Dalton-Beninato

Monday, November 2, 2009


Leslie Jacobs enters Mayor's race in New Orleans

Make levees, not war
~~An unsigned editorial from New Orleans City Business

~Editilla Hmmmmellas~ Given the rhetorical holes in this editorial, big enough to suck a train through, we have to wonda what in the world is this "editor" doing here? Since when did the difference between Civil Engineering Failure (the flooding of New Orleans 8/29/05) and Natural Disaster (hurricane Katrina striking MS 8/29/05) become a "simple matter of semantics"??? Right off the bat I'd say when the Corps tried to tell the world news --not a week after they flooded the City-- that our flood walls were "over-topped" by Storm Surge, when In Fact they failed from beneath, below design spec, at half load capacity.
The difference between Man Made Civil Engineering Disaster and Natural Disaster is a non-simple, non-semantic Difference that makes a Difference --indeed has made an Incredible Difference in the way we view our recovery from either, locally and nationally.
In drive-by talk-radio commentary, NO City Business attempts to label an organization like that is trying to spread the truth as one that is dabbling in semantics.
Isn't that kinda semantic booger'flick on its own?
NO City Business apparently doesn't DO the Accuracy and Accountability Thingy in Journalism, or they would disclose the owner's Conflict of Interest in his board activities with LSU Medical et al, their coverage and dismissive, derisive blog postings on Rebuilding Charity Hospital.
Their editorially compromised position there begs the question here as to what foreskin they have in the Corps' shell-game.
There is a salient difference (that makes a difference) between Public Relations "News" Media and Actual Journalism, as is apparently aptly illustrated by NO City Business. But, Editilla is beyond fed-up with a "news" media that Fails To Get It, that continues to Pee Down Our Leg and tell us It Was Katrina.

Fletcher Mackel says he 'can be objective and also enjoy the ride' when it comes to New Orleans Saints~Dave Walker
~Editilla Crow'tellas~ Here is a Pristine Example of how it is done, how one Journalist Editillero Gumshoe GETS IT!
And as well, here is also why it matters...
"The birthday jersey – a treasured keepsake, a survivor of the post-Katrina London Avenue Canal levee failure that flooded Mackel’s childhood home in Gentilly with 9 feet of water – represents a challenge to anyone covering the Saints in New Orleans this season."

The MRGO Monster Mash ~slabbed

Crime-camera vendors win $16.3 million from Dell, Greg Meffert, others in civil trial
~David Hammer

Record rainfall made October one of the wettest months on record
~Mark "Big Schleif" Schleifstein

Women gaining ground in the oilfield~Kathrine Schmidt
~In oil production and exploration, women make up 7.2 percent of the workforce in Terrebonne and 15 percent in Lafourche compared with 10 percent statewide, according to the Louisiana Workforce Commission.
~In manufacturing, which in Houma often means oilfield components, women make up 13 percent of the workforce in Terrebonne and 20 percent in Lafourche compared with 19 percent statewide.
~In transportation and warehousing, the category that includes marine occupations common in Houma-Thibodaux, Terrebonne and Lafourche lag behind the rest of the state in terms of female workers, with 12 and 10 percent respectively. Statewide, the average is 16 percent, but the numbers also include clerical and administrative positions.
~The situation is equally disparate when it comes to pay.

Musician Sonny Landreth 'sliding' around the world ~Steven K Landry
By early 2010, Sonny Landreth will have his own signature slide-guitar Stratocaster series, an honor normally reserved for the Eric Claptons and Jeff Becks of the world. But, around Acadiana, fans knew of 58-year-old Landreth’s genius since the early 1970s when he first jammed with zydeco king Clifton Chenier.
His hard-to-describe style will be on display Friday and Saturday at Rock’n’Bowl in New Orleans.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Leslie Jacobs enters Mayor's race
~We just got this from her sister-in-law, Sandy Rosenthal, the founder and executive director of
Ya'hoid it Heah Foist! Editilla loves scoop'in I Scream!
We feel that this doesn't signify an endorsement of her candidacy as much as signal that New Orleans Flood Safety will be first and out front in Leslie Jacob's platform as her brother is on the board of the Flood Protection Alliance and his wife founded
For me, the previous mayor was a big part of the Problem with our City's Punk Relationship to the Exquisite Corps of Engineers, thus, Editilla sincerely hopes that Leslie Jacobs Gets It, and presents her candidacy as a big part of the Solution.
It is past time for New Orleans to gain a Chief Executive who is smart enough to understand the games being played by the Corps' New Orleans District and, in this case perhaps, possesses the ova to confront them --with the connections to back it up.

Who'dat Boo'dat?

Celebrate All Saints Day by learning more about New Orleans jazz funerals
~Maria C. Montoya

~Image boo'dats to: Haunted America Tours

Mardi Gras Indians are singing the Saints praises
~Alison Fensterstock

10TH Annual All Saints Day Jazz Funeral Second Line Today, 3pm
~Red Cotton

Local parading heritage finds its own stomping grounds at Treme museum~Lolis E Elie

Ms Sallie’s Temple ~NOLAFemmes

Scruggs Prosecutor Writes Tell-All Book ~Joe Palazzolo

The day the public option returned to New Orleans
~Your Right Hand Thief

Coming up in this week’s Gambit Hallovoodoodaylightsavingtime edition~Kevin Allman

As tropical storms ebb, climate debate kicks in~Eric Berger

Businessman finds shrink wrap franchise successful in Louisiana climate~Ted Griggs
~Baton Rouge entrepreneur Charlie Henry started thinking about the best way to protect equipment from the elements after Katrina, but the solution eluded him until he heard about Fast Wrap USA, a shrink wrap franchisor based in Reno, Nev.

After Katrina, saving animals led to new career
~Nancy Jones-Bonbrest

Perch New Orleans

Inspiration may just be the best medicine

"Never let anyone rent space in your head", an interview with 'Hooked' author: Les Edgerton
~"While homeless, the biggest lesson I learned was to try not to go hungry. It's not always easy to accomplish that, especially when you don't have access to food. The Salvation Army has the best meals on holidays, except for the one in Baltimore. It's okay but I'd hesitate to give it four stars. New Orleans has the best food in shelters. Shelter food there is better than the best restaurants in Indiana. California is maybe the worst. They don't believe in meat in California – they're all ruminants and eat lots of grass dishes. At least, I think it's grass. (And not the good kind that you use in brownies.)"

Nola Glass Artist Megan Hillerud To Show in Gulfport

Interracial gospel choir, performing Saturday, mirrors New Orleans~Sheila Stroup

Mumbo Jumbo~The Wonderful World of Louis Armstrong

In conversation with Terrance Blanchard~Ted Panken