Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tom, you ignorant slut! ~and~ Silly wabbit, looting charities is just for kicks: A Cedric Richmond/Byron Lee charity looting update ~slabbed

Happy Birthday, Cayne Miceli. We all love you and miss you.
~Editilla Notellas~ We were reminded of the tragic loss of this beautiful soul in the comments section of one of The Lens' many articles on expansion of Sheriff Gussman's OPP <--arguably the man and institution at the heart of Cayne's negligent homicide while in their custody.
The title link is a blog post that I have gone to many times since her death.
I so appreciate The Lens and Matt Davis for doggedly getting to the bottom of Gussman's political manipulations and power plays he employs to grow his base at OPP at the expense of the human rights of our citizens and to the detriment of our nascent criminal justice system. Gussman should resign, or be fired, or taken out and shot. But personally, I would just like to have him in one of his own 5 Point Restraints at OPP for just 5 minutes.

End of daylight saving time dooms after- school practice at New Orleans playgrounds~Katy Reckdahl

AAUP to investigate more LSU firings

Robert Dudley – “Not going to shy away from the risk”~Disenfranchised Citizen

The Video NOAA and The FDA Are Afraid You’ll Watch. Lab Finds 193 ppm Oil in Gulf Shrimp~Project Gulf Impact

Oil Does NOT Vanish
~dakinikat, Sky Dancing

Malaka Of The Week: MSNBC
~Adrastos, First Draft

Dona Nobis Pacem ~NOLAFemes

Jackson Barracks back on guard
~Sandy Davis

Science, technology and robots the focus of today's competition in Marksville~Karina Vailes

Polymnia Street: Where poetry meets architecture~Stephanie Bruno

'Forbidden Broadway' opens at Le Petit Theatre~Ann Maloney

Eric Lindell, OK Go and more music in New Orleans tonight!~Keith Spera

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Smaller jail, revamped funding recommended by consultant
~Matt Davis, The Lens

Focus of Lens story gets demolished
~Karen Gadbois

So Greg Meffert cuts this deal with Team Letten... ~slabbed

Hurricane Tomas lashing Haiti with torrential rains ~Wunderblog

Honoré focuses on Haiti~Sandy Davis

New Orleans, Netherlands, Fulbright, Miriam, Dry Feet, Droge Voeten, Blog
~Watershed NOLA

Making Plans; a Review of Clear as Mud: Planning for the Rebuilding of New Orleans~Frank Gruber
~Editilla Crowtellas~It is obvious that Urban Planners don't know shit from Shinola about Civil Engineering Failure and why New Orleans flooded on 8/29/05! They're first and apparently only concern is to justify their employment --even if it means misunderestimating the Twoof.

Corps to hold another PR-staged public meeting to discuss levee and floodwall remediation

Deepwater Doctor~Shelly Brown

Scientists find dead and dying coral covered with a brown substance 7 miles from BP oil spill site~Mark Schleifstein

About Oysters, Tidal Exchange, Fresh Water Diversions, and the BP Gusher in Barataria Basin and Breton Sound ~Quinta Scott
~Editilla Notellas~This is a dated post but still salient in its treatment of oyster production. We missed it then, but we got it now!

NOAA’s lead public affairs officer “demanded” website “withdraw its story” on Gulf~Florida Oil Spill Law

Corrosion Warnings at BP Facilities in Alaska: Here’s What the Data Means
~Abrahm Lustgarten, ProPublica

Burma's Checklist for a Bogus Election
~MAc McClelland

Sima Dives In ~dakinikat

War Paint~Kyle Cassidy
~Hat Tweet~ Does anyone know any veterans with tattoos? @ is going to be in NOLA photographing his War Paint project.

Hey Weekend, You are Looking Good
~Blackened Out

Does New Orleans only have 100 great restaurants? Well, here's the thing...
~Brett Anderson

New Orleans Coffee Festival
~2nd Annual New Orleans Coffee Festival Teams With Local Indie Novel: The Coffee Shop Chronicles Of New Orleans

2010 Mirliton Festival

Got an appetite for books? Head to the New Orleans Book Fair
~Now in its ninth year, the New Orleans Book Fair celebrates independent, alternative, regional and self-published books. It draws vendors from as far away as California and Connecticut.

Rosanne Cash, Composed
~Myllyrd Fyllmore

Help keep music alive at James Singleton Charter School! ~WWOZ

Jazz concert tonight at Tulane tonight, music of Monk and Harold Batiste
~Hat Tweet~

This one goes out to those victorious Republicans who shall remain nameless.
---Ok, a few names: Dickerhead, Handmaiden, Flipwad, Orange Julius, Asshat..
~Special Thanks~Veracity Stew

AAUP wants LSU to reinstate instructors~Reveile
~The letter is the third such complaint this year. The AAUP, American Association of University Professors, blasted the administration in February for not renewing Ivor van Heerden, the marine sciences professor who made national headlines for his post-Katrina criticisms of the Army Corps of Engineers' maintenance of the New Orleans levees. The group claimed the administration had Ivor van Heerden fired because those criticisms could have endangered federal funding funneled to the University through the Corps.

Current Saints better than '09 Super Bowl champs~John Marcas

No contest: Sheriff snags ankle- monitoring contract
~Matt Davis, The Lens

Real estate agents and title attorneys warn of chaos in the New Orleans market ~WVUE~While on the 4th floor of the Amoco building in Downtown New Orleans, Lapeyre tried searching through mortgage records on Wednesday so his clients have the documents needed to officially close on the sale of their homes. Lapeyre, however, says he can't finish, and adds neither can any other title attorney in the city, because the electronic database with the information is down--more than a week now and counting. "Real estate is on hold,” Lapeyre said. “Until the system gets fixed."

Slabbed Jefferson Parish news Miscellany: Work for the Parish and travel the world plus the Parish Council weakens the disclosure law

Checking wit ~American Zombie

Terrebonne levee director heads to the Netherlands ~Daily Comet

Times-Picayune returns to 1-sided PR "journalism" for the Corps of Engineers

The Tiger Oil Memos~Letters of Note
~Special Hat Tweet~

This citizen is officially on overload… Barton potentially chairs house energy panel, and more!
~Disenfranchized Citizen

~You know that post I wrote yesterday? That whole outreach to your community thing cause its important to know your neighbors in these economic and political times? Yeah, I still agree with what I wrote – even more now because not even on my most cynical day could I have expected the fantastic amounts of utter shit I had to deal with in the headlines throughout yesterday. I know I’m not alone in this, but man, how’s a guy supposed to do his job when every time he glances at his computer screen he sees a headline like: LAWMAKER WHO APOLOGIZED TO BP MAY CHAIR HOUSE ENERGY PANEL. Nope, not kidding at all.

Local doctor links spill to symptoms
~Stuart Smith Blog
~Hat Tip~ Beyond Katrina
~Kindra Arnesen: November 2 "my body felt like it was attacking itself"... "There's people sick everywhere"; Vicki sa

Tomas' rains reach Haiti and Jamaica ~Dr. Jeff Masters, Wunderblog

Santa Fe Redux~Blackened Out

Festival offers tastes of Scandanavian and much more~Judy Walker

LadyFest New Orleans~Humid Beings

2010 New Orleans Po-Boy Preservation Festival~WWOZ

Wizard World Absorbs NOLA Comic- Con into New Orleans Comic Con

~Comic Book Bin

IT'S YOURS, TAKE IT - NoLA 4 (Four / quattro / τέσσερις / أربعة / quatre / cztery / четыре / cuatro / 4)~NOLA RISING

Julia Pretus Photographs Voodoo Fest!

An Open Letter To Dwayne Carter
~Cliff's Crib

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Senator Landrieu plans trip to study Dutch flood control founder to be guest on international panel

George W. Bush recalls 'disgusting' Kanye West moment, doesn't as much recall suffering flooded New Orleans

S&WB votes to boost drainage taxes by 6.16 mills; council approval needed
~Michelle Krupa
~Mayor Mitch Landrieu blindsided by S&WB proposed property tax rate increase
~Editilla doesn't buy this one for a split gnat's ass second!
Mitch'mo should have seen this one coming given the council was debating --back in Dec of last year (please suffer through the opening Corps PR Boo'rah, they get to the meat after that) $10 Million/year for 10 years for maintenance on these Corps Pumps for Option 1 on the outfall canals. Mitch should have seen this coming. Blindsided my eye. Special Thanks for blogging on this to Fix the Pumps.

That’s One More for the Bad Guys ~moosedenied

Budget talks focus on transparency, expansion of open-government budget
~Matt Davis, The Lens

ACLU questions spending on New Orleans jail addition ~WVUE

Freret property campaign launches anti- blight effort~Uptown Messenger

You gotta give a little to get a little. This is what the coast lost in last night’s election ~slabbed

Crawling From The Wreckage
~Adrastos, First Draft

Real Politics…elections come, elections go ~Disenfranchized Citizen

Regarding the Midterms, Part 1: Allow Yourself to Despair Today
~The Rude Pundit

Kindra: BP worker with “brown spots all over his arms” — “Everybody’s getting that out there”
~Florida Oil Spill Law

For Jumpy Gulf Residents, a Trust Gap on Oil ~John Collins Rudolf

Firm that certified safety of BP oil rig in Gulf of Mexico to do blowout preventer autopsy

Pipeline Safety Conference 2010 this week in New Orleans ~Hat Tweet~

Oil & Water Do Not Mix~Humid Beings

A weakened Tomas still a grave danger to Haiti ~Jeff Masters, Wunderblog

Tomas Puts Haiti on Red Alert
~Mac McClelland

Katrina commander Russell Honore to visit Houma
to raise money for Haiti

Thanksgiving is Coming
~Blackened Out

Football pro-turned-chef delivers meals with a punch~Kandace Power Graves

Pete Vazquez, former chef-owner of Marisol, resurfaces in River Ridge
~Brett Anderson

Abita Brewing Co., New Orleans
~Beer Blotter

The “Green Streetcars” of St. Charles Avenue~GO NOLA

New York street artist Swoon speaks at Tulane tomorrow night
~We Are Constance

Wednesday Reads ~dakinikat

Arts Council seeks Development Intern

Verite documentary 'Last Train Home' is simple but searing stuff~Mike Scott

~ Award winning documentary "The Sound After Storm" premieres 2nite in NOLA Check it out Video

Happy Post Election Blues

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy 44th Birthday to the 44th Superbowl Champion N.O. Saints!

11TH Annual All Saints Day Jazz Funeral Second Line Today, 3 P.M.

Why All Saints' Day Means More in New Orleans~Errol Laborde

Gusman’s courthouse threat looms as he awaits payment~Matt Davis

I love this blog~American Zombie

For some homeowners, disputes with lenders over flood insurance proceeds lead to foreclosure~Rebecca Mowbray

Upper Hurstville lowers security fee as election nears~Uptown Messenger

Nagin-era records continue to muddy city loan account
~Ariella Cohen, The Lens

Between a crook and a hard place: A Louisiana Lite Gov election update ~slabbed

Louisiana Green Corps November 5th Outreach Party~Watershed NOLA

LSU professor: Crude oil in seafood NOT detectable by ‘smell test’ — “We are being lied to”~Florida Oil Spill Law

BP Oil Spill Taking Toll on Louisiana Indian Tribe~Joshua Philipp

‘Uncertainty’ Leads to Next Wave of Economic Fallout~Veronica Del Bianco
~“People talk about the Gulf Coast economy like it’s a homogenous thing,” says Dr. William Barnett II, a professor of economics at Loyola University’s College of Business in New Orleans. “It’s not,” he adds.

SkyTruth-MCBI Study Looks Back at BP / Gulf Spill, Looks Forward With Recommendations

Number of residents denied BP money up sharply

Trying to gauge a Louisiana recovery

Monday Reads~dakinikat

Book of Rocks, Flowers and Birds
and Precious Horshes~Gambit

~Voodoo Hash House Harriers

New Orleans Coffee Festival coming up this weekend ~Bouille

Goodrich to Showcase Geospatial Capabilities at GeoInt 2010 Symposium in New Orleans

From car bodies to guitar bodies

Kermit Ruffins: He's just not about the music Happy Talkin', Cookin' and Swingin' ~Geraldine Wyckoff