Saturday, January 5, 2008


Exquixotic Corps' study urges new wall
Editor studddders~What study?
1)Why announce this now, when the engineering figures are months away from public release and hence outside review? Answer: Advanced PR by the Corps, known to any circus magician as 'The Set-Up'. In other words, the contracts are already signed. The fix is already in and here comes a Shiny Coin for the us all, plucked from thin air right before our astounded faces! Simply Amazing! How did they do that?!?
2)Who is double-checking the Corps historically double-dealing, inaccurate and incompetent engineering math?
3)Does anyone else notice a recurrent pattern here?
4)Where is the 8/29 Commission Investigation into the Corps engineering of the last flood wall and levee failures which costs 1000s their lives? The project director, Sturart Waits, has at most 10 years previous civil engineering experience~all with the Corps...mostly in the construction arena...eeghadzooks!
5)Who'ya gonna believe? The US Army Corps of Engineers, who built the levee to your left, or your own lyin'eyes?
6)Please note two previous 'set-up' articles in yesterday's TP. The 2nd article is also republished in today's TP (known as 'hammering the nail'). Why no questions asked, no follow-up investigation presented...just the word of the USACE? Bigger floodwall best bet, study says~~Harvey Canal project picking up steam
editor wonders~is this what is meant by the term "getting rolled"?

CA~Levee break floods homes; mudslides possible

Levee breaks in Nevada, 3,500 stranded

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Levees of Maintenance

Is US up to post-Katrina task?

Permit holdups stall riverbed clearing

Road Home will add case workers

Inspector general inching along

Plan redirecting landlord aid stalls

Skeleton found in N.O. housing complex

2 homeless people freeze to death

Breaux teaming up with Trent Lott

{editor ventriloquates~Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!}

Baker leaving House for lobbying job with Mana
ged Funds Association, Hedge Funds

Why Iowa? Sociologist says it's groupthink

{Anthropologists say it's lemming-think. Iraq War Contractors say Cha'Ching! Da'Wizard say "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"}

Chancellor's job may be in peril

Rebuilding New Orleans~Real Travel

Reviewing everything in New Orleans~Boots in the Oven

Every picture tells a story

Liprap's Lament~The Line

Your Right Hand Thief

A New Year's Wish & Farewell~Andrei Codrescu

3 Ring Circus~Big Top Art Opening 6pm

House of Wax


Friday, January 4, 2008


Fight Songs~Battle a'da Bands!

Heavens! Bishops of the Good Book taking game bets

Let's get the Gulf Coast on the campaign agenda~Facing South

Notes from New Orleans: Permit Moratorium~Walter Gallas

Carnival firm given to-do list

Carnival of Hurricane Relief~Since (Not Quite) Before the Flood

Krewe de Vieux~Jan 19th, 2008~The Magical Misery Tour

Question for the Ages

N.O. council approves Entergy cut, 2nd Line Task Force

Opinion backs Riley on low-level arrests

Group settles 22 Katrina cases with State Farm

State Farm wants attorneys removed from Katrina case

Is The Concurrent Causation Clause Ethical?~Sam Friedman

FEMA funds surpass $9 billion mark for Gulf Coast recovery
~Relief Web

75 restaurants added to last year's Zagat list

Two years after Hurricane Katrina, a small but steady stream of chefs and restaurateurs are finding their way back home

Business seeks to block ban on fortune telling

The Indefatigable Leslie Gets Some Attention~Kicking Over My Traces

Louisiana Is More Than Just The New Orleans Area

Exquixotic Corps

~GAO backs corps on rushing pumps
~Burlington man opposes barge project
~Tetra Tech Joint Venture Wins $500 Million Savannah District MATOC
~Corps Cleared Of Improper Handling Of Contract~
Full Report Here

Water pipeline crosses beneath river

At least one newspaper has the right idea
~Chin Music Press

What a boy wants...Chasing Ray

Crowdsourcing a NOLA network to a team to a building to a coffeehouse~Cool Town Studios

OK Go EP, New Orleans Benefits Feature Members of My Morning Jacket, The Wrens

"Pianorama": Nola inspired, but all Northwest

An Event Apart New Orleans

Volunteers Needed! Help to Build an Inner City Park in New Orleans

The 60-Second Interview: Clint Maedgen~Chris Rose

Lawsuit accuses rapper Birdman of copyright infringement


Thursday, January 3, 2008