Saturday, June 5, 2010

Gulf Conservationists Challenge Phony BP Oil Disaster Cleanup Plan~Gulf Restoration Network
~Earthjustice filed suit today in federal court against the U.S. Minerals Management Service challenging the agency’s arbitrary approval of BP’s oil spill clean-up plan. The clean up plan was approved in July 2009 prior to the approval of the exploratory drilling plan. If successful, this legal challenge will result in a court ruling that Minerals Management Service’s approval of BP’s spill cleanup plan was illegal and a new plan needs to be crafted and approved before BP can do any more exploratory oil drilling.

BP Claims Tides Will Help Remove Oil from Marshes
~Michael Whitney, The Seminal

Today in BP Oil Disaster: Day 47 ~Gambit~Viva Mollusca

Spill workers sent on daylong search for checks

Interview: Rep. Charlie Melancon~Situation Room

Senator Mary Landrieu still sucking off Oil Derricks and their Lobbyists: "Safe" Offshore Drilling Is Key for Our Energy Future" --BWAHAHAHAHA!!!
~"These are not just Louisiana’s wetlands. They are America’s wetlands, and this is America’s working coast."
~Editilla Mortemellas~ Hail Mary, after you go to confession for Lying about American Real Energy Technology Acumen, and school yourself on Louisiana Property Law regarding "America's Wetlands", please tell us whether you are with Louisiana or with the BP Terrorists. You make the call.
We'll make the vote.
"America's Wetlands" My Ass!
Little progress made with Obama, local officials say
~Naomi King

LET THE GAMES BEGIN! Riley: Obama orders Coast Guard to protect Alabama from BP Oil Fail
~President Barack Obama is greeted by Alabama Gov. Bob Riley, left, as Florida Gov. Charlie Crist looks on, upon his arrival at Louis Armstrong International New Orleans Airport in Kenner, La.,
Friday, June 4, 2010.

Earlier in the week, Riley complained that the Coast Guard had moved containment boom to Louisiana that had been on standby in Alabama.When asked Friday if he wanted the boom back from Louisiana, Riley said, "I don't care where they get it."
~Editilla Rotellas~United We Stand, Divided We Slick.
I don't care how they shuffle this around, as long as highly compromised BP Admiral Thad Allen is in charge then there is No Difference and BP is Still Running This Show. Every word out of Thad The Impaler's mouth is to cover BP's Ass. Every word.
It is because of Thad Allen that BP was able to LIE.
And now we also have the Head of NOAA LYING for BP on the oil plumes, despite half a dozen independent observations to the contrary and it turns out the MMS/Industry's OWN STUDIES?


Krewe of Dead Pelicans and
The Tar Ball~Humid Beings

Officials see little cleanup of oiled marsh~Amy Wold

But in consolation, it gives us cash receipts~Library Chronicles

Cleaning Birds~Bayou Child

Northern waterfowl could be sitting ducks in Gulf

Billion Dollar Corps Contractor Shaw Group gets projects to guard La. coast~When asked whether the contract was considered an emergency no-bid contract, Graves said, "This is an emergency. Oil is literally destroying our coastal fisheries, wildlife and ecosystem every day."

Q&A with Landrieu staffers
~Brentin Mock, The Lens

~Editilla does the robot~Warning Will Robinson!
I don't know about y'all, but, in the midst of this incredible threat we all face, I felt nauseated by the bullshit PR these staffers attempted to shovel. No information, No connection, AllPolitics.

Possible Leak From Platform 23051~SkyTruth~As we wrote yesterday, SkyTruth may have discovered a small but persistent leak or oily discharge from Platform #23051 in the Gulf of Mexico, unrelated to the ongoing BP / Deepwater Horizon oil spill.
We see a small slick apparently emanating from the platform location on multiple satellite images taken since April 25, including yesterday's Envisat ASAR radar image.

~SkyTruth New! Free! SkyTruth iPhone app lets you upload pics and reports on how BP #oilspill is impacting your beach -

Nationwide fundraiser for Gulf Oil Spill Fund puts Gulf seafood on the menu

Why Your BP Stock Is Worthless ~Phil Butler

Hayward under pressure as BP’s market capitalization evaporates faster than the spill ~slabbed
Slicked and Slabbed the BP disaster Part 3: Commencé Au Festival. Let the stock bashing begin!

Dudley Do-Right (BP managing director, Robert Dudley) rides in on his trusty steed (BP Shareholders) to save Nell (BP CEO Tony Hayward, who claims a "thick coat") from the dastardly Snidely Whiplash (Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser, who called Hayward "A disgrace") and show the world that the Brits are still on top.~Thanks youz~ Horatio Algeranon

Friday, June 4, 2010

BP Tony Fey Hayward hives off 'toxic' Gulf spill operation to dilute anti-British feeling in US ~Guardian~Chief executive Tony Fey Hayward hands responsibility for clean-up to American as new containment cap is placed on top of leak. The surprise announcement was made during a teleconference with City and Wall Street analysts in which Hayward attempted to shrug off the personal criticism saying words "could not break his bones".
~Editilla Hivellinas~ If we aren't going to arrest him, at least take the Perp's Passport? Don't let him leave the country.
Besides, BP Adm Thad The Impaler will be pining for Tony Fey's Special Spotted Dick. His Shoogha'Daddy Gone! Poor Thaddy!
Wayword Hayward
by Horatio Algeranon
There once was a man named Tony
Whose claims were patently phony
"There's no oil below"
He said to Cousteau,
Who simply replied "Baloney!"

Oil companies tax our coast; it’s time we tax them back
~Mark Mosely, The Lens

Jindal: Glad Obama Came to Louisiana, BP Sent PR, No $ ~BBuzz

Ivor van Heerden renews effort to reclaim job after LSU hires new professor~Bill Barrow
"The court found the defendants and the alleged 'decision makers' testified 'truthfully' about the budge issues facing LSU," van Heerden's filing states. "Indeed the sworn testimony of several of the defendant's witnesses was to the effect that if the court issued an injunction and ordered the plaintiff back to work at LSU, that the College of Engineering would have to lay off and/or fire other employees." It continues: "The testimony cannot possibly be factual when the defendant then turned right around and hired a brand new faculty member in the same rank as plaintiff and even gave him tenure. ... Stripping the situation to its essence reveals the only reason: retaliation."
Panel of Fed 'experts' backs BP in continued use of its proprietary UK-banned oil dispersant?
Hazardous Substance(s) CAS NO % (w/w)
-Distillates, petroleum, hydrotreated light
64742-47-8 10.0 - 30.0
-Propylene Glycol 57-55-6 1.0 - 5.0
-Organic sulfonic acid salt Proprietary 10.0 - 30.0
Hazardous Substance(s) CAS NO % (w/w)
-2-Butoxyethanol 111-76-2 30.0 - 60.0
-Organic sulfonic acid salt Proprietary 10.0 - 30.0
-Propylene Glycol 57-55-6 1.0 - 5.0

Lisa Jackson Toes BP Line "There is nothing we can do!"
~Editilla Motellas~Ms Jackson and her Bosses need to get the picture here. They are either with US or with the Terrorists.
Listening you on the radio, I can hear your cognitive dissonance.
It's like hearing the cool-aid broadcast from Jonestown!
~Oiled Pelicans, impacted from the BP Oil Fail, huddle together for warmth at Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research after they were admited to a triage facility at Fort Jackson in Buras, La.,Friday June 4, 2010. One of the side effects of being oiled is that the birds have trouble regulating their body temperature. Photo: Mathew Hinton/Times Picayune
~Volunteers welcome, but rescuing oiled wildlife requires training, certification
Terrebonne and Lafourche excluded from sand-berm plan
~Residents unite to save land, water
"But that doesn't take away the hard fact that (some) people are going to get and some people are not going to get, and so you see this now with the governors of Alabama, Mississippi and Florida wanting to protect their constituents saying, 'I need the limited resources,'"
"The bigger question is: Why do we have limited resources?" he said. "Is this nation really capable of doing big things? We're seeing once again that there are some catastrophic events that we are not, as a nation, fully prepared (for), or as a private industry."
~New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu
~Editilla Pointellas~ Nagin (or even Obama) couldn't have pulled that one outta his ass with an oil derrick... ---even if he was hypnotized.

'Successful placement' of containment cap at spill site; oil begins flowing to ship, BPPR says
~BP Spokesman Thad 'The Impaler' Allen, the compromised former Coast Guard admiral overseeing the BP Oil Fail response, said a very rough estimate of current collection would be about 42,000 gallons a day, though he stressed he wasn't certain.
~Editilla gotta axe~ So what ARE you saying, Thaddy?
That you don't know a damn thing are talking out your ass for BP-PR here? Does THIS look successful?

Seize BP Week of Action

State of Louisiana Still Making Repeated Requests to BP with No Action from BP

~Hat Tip~Krewe of Truth

Spills and Spin: Is the BP oil disaster just like a 'plane crash'?
~Facing South

Drilling moratorium pits lives
against livelihoods
~Jarvis DeBerry

~Editilla Hotellas~ Wake up and Smell the Fear!
What we have heaaah, is a FAIL'ya ta'COmyewnicate!
We The People did NOT flood the Gulf with Crude!
This is actually a case of BP and their Oil Industry Padnas pitting Lives Against Livelihoods, Region Against Region, States against Feds, State Against State, County Against County, Parish Against Parrish...
--when the reality of this Drilling Moratorium is this: We The People Protect Ourselves from Corporate Avarice and Greed!

Erin Brockovich wades into waters of BP Gulf oil spill
~Green Heritage News

Oil spill ashore at Gulf Shores, Alabama; smell in air

Gooey tar balls seen near Pensacola Beach on Fla coast

Another Federal Judge Recuses From Oil Spill Cases …and then there were five ~slabbed

Special Report: Amid Oil Spill Crisis, U.S. Authorities Search for Undocumented Immigrant Cleanup Workers
~Hat Tweet~TheLensNOLA

Why We're So Bad at Managing Risk~Lane Wallace

Tragic BP Gulf Spill Casts Light on Chevron Disaster in Ecuador
~While BP is Largest Spill in U.S., Chevron's Ecuador Disaster is Largest in World. Chevron Admits Dumping at Least 16 Billion Gallons of Toxic Waste into Rainforest.

Addicted to Oil~Harry Shearer
~Please also make sure to check out Harry's latest: Deaf Boys!

New Orleans, Louisiana Police sue BP~The $310 million New Orleans City Employees’ Retirement System filed a suit on June 3, and the $1.2 billion Louisiana Municipal Police Employees’ Retirement System in Baton Rouge, filed a suit May 10. Both suits were filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana because of losses related to the massive oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.
~Hat Tip~Bayou Buzz

BP To Brief Investors Friday On US Oil Spill Cleanup~WSJ

The Man from BP
by Horatio Algeranon
There once was a man who killed fishes
And claimed that they were quite delicious
When coated in o'l
From the Deepwater hole,
His company was "Beyond Pernicious!

Please don't let them take my City of NO ~Library Chronicles

National Guard available -- but only fraction used in clean-up

LOOP offshore oil port staying open despite spill

Louisiana Industries Affected by Oil Spill
~Despite the broad implications that are inevitable, the area most damaged will be Louisiana. Many of Louisiana's biggest industries are already feeling the hurt from this spill (at the time of writing a month old), and will only get worse as time goes on.
Sign at Shimmy Shack on Dickory: Our oysters are wooed, nude and have no crude!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

BP / Gulf Oil Spill - Landfall in Alabama?~SkyTruth
~MODIS images today were too cloudy to be useful, but an excellent radar satellite image was taken today of the ongoing Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. This image, taken from the Envisat satellite using the ASAR radar sensor, shows oil apparently making landfall in Alabama on the east side of Mobile Bay, in the Fort Morgan - Gulf Shores area. An article on the Washington Post website today seems to confirm what we're seeing on the image
New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu predicts ugly fight for resources to contain oil, as Gimp Obama allows BP's Thad Allen to pit State Against State and Parishes against Counties... Citizen Against Citizen
~Landrieu said the federal command structure - with Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen charged with parceling out absorbent boom, skimmers and other resources - bears a marked contrast with chaotic efforts after Hurricane Katrina to secure federal aid. "But that doesn't take away the hard fact that people are going to get and some people are not going to get, and so you see this now with the governors of Alabama, Mississippi and Florida wanting to protect their constituents saying, 'I need the limited resources,'" Landrieu said.
"The bigger question is: Why do we have limited resources?" he said. "Is this nation really capable of doing big things? We're seeing once again that there are some catastrophic events that we are not, as a nation, fully prepared (for), or as a private industry."
~Editilla say United We Stand, Divided We Punk'd!

BP Mole Tells All About Forbidden Island
~Mac McClelland

Heartrending Photos of Oiled Birds~GRN
~A Brown Pelican sits in heavy oil on the beach at East Grand Terre Island along the Louisiana coast Thursday, June 3, 2010. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)
La Vie Lafourche-Livin’ on the Edge~Bayou Child

Governor Jindal Views Oil Impacts June 3

Obama says he's furious about oil spill but loves 'best job on Earth'. Aren't we glad, America?
Are We Not Not OK Yet?

Banksy’s Comment On The Oilspill ~NOLAFemmes

BP oil spill: Will the 'sweeping arm system' from the Dutch help?~In a press conference Tuesday, BP Adm. Thad 'The Impaler' Allen would neither confirm nor deny that the technology would be used in the Gulf oil spill. Allen would only say that recovery officials were “reaching out to the Netherlands, Canada, and Mexico” for technology assistance. “We’re looking at all sources,” he said. (America says riiight, Tony, erruh, Thad)
Dutch companies that manufacture the sweeping arm system first contacted BP officials April 23, three days after the Deepwater Horizon explosion, according to Mr. Huisman, who spoke by phone from his office in The Hague Tuesday.
After receiving little reply, the companies turned to his department for help in reaching out to the US State Department, Huisman says.
~Editilla suspectellas~ We think Thad The Impaler isn't kidding anyone about being embedded with BP PEO Tony Fey Hayward. It is pretty obvious that disgraced Adm Allen has his head in BP's pants. He is more compromised than a jailhouse punk. We do not believe Thad The Impaler speaks for anyone but BP PEO Tony Fey Hayward. This is patently obvious. He's lying.
What we really need to know is who else in the US Coast Guard is Lying? Who else at NOAA is Lying? Who else in Washington is Lying for BP? We know why. We just need to know who they are and where they are. You are either with us or with the terrorists.
THE BP BLUES~Dirty Cajuns

Gov. Jindal: BP CEO Hayward's statements ''idiotic"~WWL
~"It is amazing to me, the number of statements," Jindal said with some exasperation in his voice, "the fact that he said that maybe there wasn't that much oil, the fact that he said it was a big ocean, the fact that he wasn't convinced there was any oil sub-sea."

Demonstrations Today~Seize BP
~From coast to coast, people are stepping up to the plate and organizing demonstrations for the Seize BP Week of Action in their cities and towns. We will take to the streets from Thursday, June 3 to Thursday, June 10 in cities across the country to demand: Seize BP!

Sure: Sarah Palin Blames, Let’s See, Environmentalists for BP
This year's scramble
~Fix the Pumps
~So we've detailed the repair work done on the rusty pumps last year, and the Corps decisions in 2006-07 which led to that work. The repair work is being funded with dollars that were supposed to go toward placement of a permanent pumping system at the lakefront. Instead, they're fixing their three-year-old screw-ups.

Who runs Bartertown?
~American Zombie

Is the Gulf oil spill just the white man's burden?
~Green Heritage News

BP Oil Spin meets Katrina Shorthand~Sandy Rosenthal, Huffington Post~"And now, inside of 5 years, due to the carelessness of engineers and lax federal oversight, a large portion of south Louisiana's geography is again laid waste."

Gulf of Mexico - Time To Get Serious About Routine Satellite Monitoring ~SkyTruth
~The ongoing Deepwater Horizon oil spill has provided a rare scientific opportunity: for the first time, multiple satellite remote-sensing systems, from visible to infrared to radar, are providing daily images of a large area in the Gulf of Mexico. This systematic imaging is proving useful for measuring the size and location of oil slicks and sheen, and for estimating the rate of leakage from BP's failed Macondo well.
It's also demonstrating another important ability -- here at SkyTruth we think we've discovered a small but possibly chronic leak from an oil platform located a few miles off the Mississippi Delta, unrelated to but not far from BP's leaking well.
~SkyTruth BP #oilspill: Yikes - video shows NCAR simulation - possible fate of oil caught in Loop Current and Gulf Stream -

Obama Administration sends BP $69 million bill for clean-up efforts for Gulf oil spill
~Cool! But it fails to mention who will make them pay-up?
Would Rand Paul help save "our" coast? A guest column by John A. Lovett
~One of the few silver linings of the Deepwater Horizon disaster is that it demonstrates that views like those of Rand Paul are basically immature, adolescent views of property. They remind me of teenagers who like to put up signs on their bedroom doors warning their siblings and parents not to enter at any cost.

~This image, acquired on May 24, 2010 by the Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) instrument aboard NASA's Terra spacecraft, shows oil from the former Deepwater Horizon rig encroaching upon several of Louisiana's wildlife habitats.
The source of the spill is located off the southeastern (bottom right) edge of the image. The left-hand image contains data from the nadir (vertical-viewing) camera, and is shown in near-true color except that data from the near-infrared band, where vegetation appears bright, has been blended with the green band to enhance the appearance of vegetation. The Mississippi River delta is located below image center. The slick is seen approaching the delta from the lower right, and filaments of oil are also apparent further to the north (towards the top). The oil is made visible by sunglint off the sea surface. Oil is known to have a damping effect on surface waves, making the surface look brighter under these viewing conditions than it would if the oil were not present. However, other factors can also cause enhanced glint, such as reduced surface wind speed. To separate glint patterns due to oil from these other factors, additional information from MISR's cameras is used in the right-hand image.

Science is losing the coastal sand wars ‘game’ amid calls to “dredge, baby, dredge!” ~LaCoastPost

Under Pressure to Block Oil, A Rush To Dubious Projects
~Rob Young

BP's intellectual dishonesty
~Anyone who trusted BP to be honest in the public debate about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and its impact should have those notions dispelled by now. Note the outstretched hands of punked Admiral Thad 'The Impaler' Allen of Tony Fey Hayward: is that Shit in one hand, half a dozen in the other? BTW, who takes the check when these two lovers go out on a date?

~Editilla NPR says Oil Rigs contribute to LA Fishing industry! Says 70% of LA Oil comes from Deep Water Drilling! #BP #oilspill (National Public Relations)
Corporate Lieability BP Boardroom Banter
(imagined, of course)
by Horatio Algeranon

It's really undeniable
To tell the truth's not viable
If we are not lieable
We're liable to be triable
And found financially liable
...Maybe [gulp] even hogtieable.

~Editilla jus'sayin~BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Thanks, Horatio! Really made my Dirty Harry! Hahahaha!
Hey, think you could do us a limerick or three?
There once was a Brit named Tony Hayward
who met his catch on the Gulf Fey'ward
He was looking fo'some Vlad,
when he came upon Admiral Thad,
so now he rides Thad The Impaler!

The Dirty Coast Green Peace BP Re-Brand Entry Coming to a shirt near you this week
~Special Thanks and Big Who'dats to Greenpeace UK!

Recused is the news: Guess who won’t be on the bench when oil spill litigation goes to court? ~slabbed

Protests set to start, Obama set to return to Louisiana to kiss Tar Baby, BP set to profit-fuck US, BP Adm Thad 'The Impaler' Allen sets to bed CNN in Big Helicopter

Extreme Greenies: Sarah Palin would like a word with you
~Kevin Allman, Gambit

Director James Cameron says BP turned down help offer
~Film director and deep-sea explorer James Cameron said on Wednesday that BP Plc turned down his offer to help combat the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
"Over the last few weeks I've watched, as we all have, with growing horror and heartache, watching what's happening in the Gulf and thinking those morons don't know what they're doing," Cameron said at the All Things Digital technology conference. Cameron, the director of "Avatar" and "Titanic," has worked extensively with robot submarines and is considered an expert in undersea filming. He did not say explicitly who he meant when he referred to "those morons." His comments came a day after he participated in a meeting at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency headquarters in Washington to "brainstorm" solutions to the oil spill.

Gulf oil disaster propels tribes into crisis~Indian Country Today ~Hat Tweet~facingsouth

Alabama coast readies for incoming slick; Efforts focused on sealing off inshore waters
~"The pass is an unbelievable obstacle and I don't know how we're going to keep oil completely out," Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon told more than 500 constituents who crammed into the municipal gym for a weekly oil spill forum. "There's no structure that can withstand the tidal surge in and out."

Ala. governor: boom plan faulty as BP Coast Guard pits State against State

~EDF_Louisiana Fisheries disaster declared for Florida (already declared for LA, MS, & AL): #oilspill #BPOilDisaster #oceans #fish

Catastrophe in the Gulf: How Bad Could It Get? ~Time

Oil spill could be eaten by tiny bugs, Louisville professor says

Scott Fujita: text-message drive for America's Wetlands

Gaylord Opryland takes steps to recover $225 million in flood costs~During a one-hour conference call with Wall Street analysts on Wednesday, Gaylord CEO and Chairman Colin Reed stopped short of suggesting the hotel chain would sue the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers or other agencies, but he said authorities sent him flawed forecasts just hours before the flood topped levees around the property and endangered hotel guests and staff in early May. Legal analysts say suing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is a tricky business that rarely succeeds. New Orleans attorney Chris D'Amour of the Adams and Reese law firm said the MRGO case is one of the few times the Corps of Engineers' general immunity to lawsuits after floods has been breached, and it required a massive legal effort.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Plan to halt Gulf oil spill ends with saw stuck in pipe
~Subsea dispersants were being used at the site to prevent oil from rising to the surface while the pipe was being cut, admits BP Incident Commander Adm. Thad 'The Impaler' Allen.

NOAA Director Toes BP Line; Won't Confirm Sub-Surface Oil Despite Evidence~Despite more than three weeks of accumulating scientific evidence that gargantuan plumes of oil lurk beneath the surface of the Gulf of Mexico -- presenting an imminent threat to sea life and a possibly decades-long threat to the nation's coastlines -- NOAA Director Jane Lubchenco on Wednesday refused to contradict BP CEO Tony Hayward's statement over the weekend that "the oil is on the surface" and "there aren't any plumes."
~Editilla Hotellas~ Do we have to ask this question?
The Question? Who is our Fedless Government working for?
Does our NOAA work for We the People? Or does our NOAA, Coast Guard and President work for preternational BP?
I mean, we can forgive incompetence. Just look at Bush. But I certainly didn't expect to see such a total sell-out of our Executive Branch. What else is this? Who called This junk shot with NOAA?
I thought NOAA was full of Smart People that Study Things and Tell the Truth. This response from Jane Lubchenco is NOT something I recognize from NOAA. This Smells Like Team Spirit.

BP's Lobbying Clout: 27 Former Hill, White House Staffers Working For Oil Giant
Aw'Dat! BPGlobalPR generates $10,ooo for Gulf helpers!
~Gulf Restoration Network official Aaron Viles says the person who has been tweeting as "BPGlobalPR" put $10,000 into the organization's PayPal account Wednesday. And Viles says there's a promise of more if the tweeter's T-shirts satirizing BP keep selling.
~BPGlobalPR It's official. We were just forced to donate $10,000 to @healthygulf from the sales of our free $25 shirts.

Alternative for dispersants to break up oil hampered by politics and bureaucracy
~Brentin Mock, The Lens

Senators push BP to suspend dividend

James Carville meets da'boys on de'battle front
~James Carville walked into one of his favorite New Orleans eateries, Eleven 79, Tuesday night — and was stunned to find BP CEO Tony "Fey" Hayward and Coast Guard Adm. Thad "The Impaler" Allen, the two men tasked with stopping the Gulf spill, eating dinner together. (Holding hands?)
Hayward, looking up from his Gulf shrimp and pasta, wasted no time defending his embattled and vilified company — to the rail-thin Democratic operative who has come to embody the growing popular disgust at BP and the federal government.
“You’ve said some harsh things,”
Fey Hayward pouted, according to Carville, who sat with the pair for about 30 minutes — the time it took the Louisiana-born Democratic consultant to polish off a Maker’s Mark.

Father Of BP Victim, Gordon Jones, Lashes Out At BP CEO Tony 'I want my life back' Hayward

Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser: BP CEO is
'A Disgrace'

~NOLAFemmes Oil rig workers widow speaks out #oilspill #gulfcoast #nola #deepwaterhorizon #bp

Flashback: Jindal Tells How He Grew Up with Oil Industry and that Threat to Environment is Balanced in Louisiana
~Who's shoes are these anyway?

Louisiana Governor Wins Approval for More Sand Barriers Off Coast
Alabama fishermen block mouth of Bayou to protest BP hiring, payment practices
Before dawn today, more than half a dozen small boats formed a line near the mouth of the bayou, effectively blocking access to the Mississippi Sound to protest what some local fishermen called unfair hiring and payment practices by BP PLC.
Above- Johnny Bosarge, an oysterman for 14 years, stands in protest at the city docks. At least two boats were blocked from passing through the mouth of the Bayou before police and other authorities asked the men to end the blockade or face arrest.

Fisherman who fell ill during oil spill clean-up alleges BP tried to cover-up evidence.
BP PEO Tony Fey Hayward says it must be food poisoning.
No kidding. Really...yeah.

~watergatesummer ls share #OSHA #OILSPILL Factsheet 4 Safety of #Gulf Workers & Residents (goodinfo on #fumes etc)

The gang that couldn’t shoot straight after Katrina aims criminal probe at Gulf oil spill ~slabbed

Send military to fight oil spill, Florida senator urges Obama BWAHAHAHAHAHA

NOAA Modifies Commercial and Recreational Fishing Closure in the Oil-Affected Portions of the Gulf of Mexico~Hat Tweet~EDF_Louisiana
Slideshow: Coral Reefs Threatened by Oil Plumes
Hey Tony, Here’s What You Can Do With Your Sunflower!
Michael Shaw, Bag News

~On one hand, you gotta think: what took so long?

Without bolder action on spill, greatness to slip from America
~Mark Moseley, The Lens

Rep. Charlie Melancon (D-La) says Fire BP Coward Hayward while Sen. Diaper-Dave Vitter (R-Pamp) goes to bed with BP for a Liability Night Cap
~When the Corps of Engineers levees failed in August 2005 causing the deaths of over 1,400 and putting a major city underwater, no one, including Rep Charlie Melancon called for the firing of Corps Commander Lt. Gen Carl Strock.
And no one including Rep Melancon objected when Lt. Gen Strock in Oct 2005 ordered an investigation of the levee failures, which amounted to an analysis of his agency's own work, a self-study of the levee failures.
We the citizens couldn't object because we were trying to figure where to live, work and send our kids to school.
150,000 families were displaced.

As pointed out by James Carville this past Sunday on CNN, the nation stood by "..passively as Louisiana continues to lose vital marshlands and wetlands, as it did when 80 percent of New Orleans was under water during...Hurricane Katrina because the Army Corps of Engineers "built shoddy levees.""
~Sandy Rosenthal, Founder/Director

In oily beds of Louisiana who slept with the 'enemy?'
~Green Heritage News

BP Oil Disaster: Day 44~Gambit
~Clancy DuBos on Bobby Jindal: the Orwellian Mulit-tasker
~Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal to view Plaquemines Parish oil spill efforts, hold news conference today

How are you helping? How can we all help? Share it here
~Humid Beings

Conservatives Seek Government Solutions To BP Problem

Obama's "Revelations" and the Oil Industry's Slimy History
~Mother Jones

Louisiana was Big Oil's best friend, but Big Oil wasn't always Louisiana's best friend
~James Gill

Pelicans wade on an oil soaked island near Grand Isle
Tuesday, May 25, 2010. John McCusker / Times-Picayune
~TheLensNOLA #oilspill a prayer circle in Grand Isle. They are praying for the flow of oil to stop

4 more oiled birds saved:
2 in LA 1 each FL, MS

Oil reaches Alabama, Mississippi

Iiiiii'm Dreaming of a....
~Florida's $200K oil-gas drilling study, now ridiculed amid BP disaster, still worth a read

Society of Environmental Journalists launch The Daily Glob, tracking Gulf oil spill news #oilspill #bp #sej #media

CNN: The Good Side of the BP Oil Spill ~Gambit

'Voices for the Gulf' on Facebook

~Members of the New York Times Regional Media Group are collaborating to bring you news and information from around the Southeast and specifically from the coastal areas from LA to FL.

BP Disaster: Where is the Chemical Safety Board?
~Ken Ward Jr.
~Hat Tweet~johnmcquaid

FBI expands BP investigation

Another Victim of Gulf Oil Spill: Louisiana Public Defense

The hurricane season of 2010
~Jeff Masters, Wunderblog

Oil refinery accidents during storms cause air, water pollution, study says
~Mark Schleifstein

Orleans Levee District asset management measures approved by Senate

Pirates Parlay~American Zombie

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why is Ret. Admiral Thad Allen still straining the uniform?
~"As a result of that, we thought of oil containment, rather than capping the well," National Incident BP Commander Admiral Thad 'The Impaler' Allen said.
~Editilla humbly asks a few things~ Containment? What a nice word. A little late for that eh, Thad? "Containment" sounds so much more hopeful than 100,000,000 POUNDS OF OIL RELEASED. Doesn't that sound more cheerleadingful? Thad?
This BP Spoker retired from the Coast Guard last week, after an ignoble stint as BP's Incident Commander. There is a new Commander. Why is this man still wearing the uniform of our US Armed Forces, fey as they seem to be at responding to this threat upon our shores? Where is the Difference here that makes a Difference between Stopping this Oil and BP getting its Profit back? Would the difference here involve Thad's employer?
Who is Thad the Impaler working for anyway? U.S. or them?
Goddamn It! What happened to our Coast Guard, you assholes?

Sen. David Vitter (R-Pamp) works to limit BP liability!
~What happens when you're a small government, pro-business conservative and your state gets pummeled by one of the worst man made disasters ever? If you're Louisiana Senator David Vitter, R-Pamp, you double down on offshore drilling and push for a liability cap for BP.
~Editilla gotta axe~ In these trying times, with everything we hold dear in the balance, do you really want such a 2-Faced, Lying, Diaper-wearing, BP Punk standing for Louisiana?

La. governor loses his free market religion in oil leak
US opens criminal probe of oil disaster ~WWL
~More detail: Wall Street Journal
~Speaking of Probes, BP-Coast Guard spoker and future federal consultant Thad 'The Impaler' Allen just said on NPR: the focus is on BP Capturing the Oil instead of Capping the Well!
Well, fuck me with an atom bomb! Bring In The Gimp!

BP oil spill contract and letter cloud media access

Recent oil sightings in three coastal Louisiana parishes
~A yard full of crosses representing 'all that was was lost courtesy of BP and our Federal government' fills a front yard on Grand Isle
~TheLensNOLA Saw heavy oil coating a 40-sq.mile area off the shore of Grand Isle: color of blood & the consistency of latex.
~Oil from Gulf spill could hit Florida Wed.

Just in case you're wondering...BP doesn't give a nutria's ass about Louisiana.
This oil for the most part goes to Texas.

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