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Thanks again New Orleans Daily Photo

Safety and surge protection
~Corps officials in New Orleans have said that they believe Congress only authorized building new stations for storm surge, not the more expensive, all-purpose stations that Sens. Landrieu and Vitter are advocating. But Adam Sharp, Sen. Landrieu's deputy chief of staff, said that "it's up to Congress to decide what is or is not authorized. And in order for a decision to be made, Congress needs cost estimates."
~Editilla Interrupta~Sharp refers to cost estimates from the Exquixotic Corps of Engineers--already ordered by Congress--rather than the Corps' relentless, obfuscatorial misinterpretations of past congressional mandates, or the meaning of the concept: tax-payer funded flood protection.
And btw, Times Picayune, how much levee has the Corps of Engineers 'rebuilt' already with their corrupt, mafia engineering 'cost recovered' bidding?
Please do not misunderestimate the Corps Intrasigence as a result of True Project Engineering Challenges---but understand it for the election-year hard'ball that it is. The Corps inbred policy is to deal with so'called "Congressional Mandates" or "SETTLED LAW" by simply waiting out any elected opposition to their subterfuge. They actually attempt to swing the next the next election with: fear (as in known flood threats), bribery (as with who will get Project Contract Dollars) and extortion (as in the current Criminal Case of Levee Reconstruction sited above).
These people are admitted criminals. They should be arrested and sent to OPP to sit-out the next hurricane season. Then, if we have a court left, we try these war criminals and drag them in chains down the middle of Canal Street, through the length of the 17th Street Canal and off into da'bayou to Angola behind the next evacuation 2nd Line. No public humilitation is too good for these bastards as no public humiliation will ever match the nationally televised rape and crucifixion which they perpetrated on the City of New Orleans. The Corps of Engineers needs to be shown how it really works in a prison: "Punk me once and I either take you out or you punk me whenever you want, again and again and again."
Please demand the 8/29 Commission.
~Editilla UpData~
Is this shit--or jus'more of the same shinola???
!?*%#?!~Given that most New Orleanians already know where they got they shoes, we may still wonda what the hell we steppin'in. Hence, I would like to know the ad costs: to the Exquixotic Corps for mid-page flash- player media ads like the one playing on and off James Gill's Online Times Picayune article (hung below...)
(...and god only knows where else across the country in different Corps PR machinery).
Our taxes working against us.
How much did our Corps pay for this adversisment which links to their beautiful, ecosmiley
website--itself a pretty slick set up by Corps Public Relations Contractors like this one? How much tax money did da'TP take from da'Perps?
Sorry but this is Not Bagdhad on'da Bayou and This Dog will Not Hunt. As there is no inherent military contracting secrecy problem here, though this does in fact involve our future homeland security, the TP must release the details of this Ad Contracting Assfuck to the public who paid for it.
This is rediculous. I cannot afford an ad with the TP--and would be willing to wager with James Gill that neither can tiny afford such an ad, or Friends of the Sunflower River, or any of the myriads of Citizen Warriors across the country in various theaters of battle with the Corps--or they would have one as well to counter this Corpscicle Spin. This is why we do not accept ANY advertising revenue at da'Ladda. We know how to spell schmethics and the difference between that and aesthetics, aesthethics and just some shmo'ma from'da PT Barnham School of Shameless Self/Promotions!
Why am I funding Corps of Engineers Public Relations through the Times Picayune? I am no more interested in supporting any criminal's public relations than I am in opposing the death penalty for pedophiles.
What if the gang-banger murderer of the drummer for the Hot 8, well covered in the TP, wanted to run Flash Ads on behalf of his defense of that murder? What is the difference?
Whoever gots da'gold teeth makes da'ruels?
Is this not A CONFLICT OF INTEREST on the part of the Times Picayune? This is not a public service announcement but a rather expensive PAID ADVERTISMENT.
AAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEeeeee....OK, I feel mo'betta. Ahhh?
And a -Big A- Fuck These Fuckity Fucking Fuckmooks!
Oh! OhOhOH! I Get It Now! SILLY ME! Judas Priestess! Forgive my Bourgeois Nievete....who will the Times Picayune endorse in the upcoming elections? Enqueerin'Rillas want to know.

U.S Army Corps sites in GA:
'no guns here'

Flood Stage Levels current 'real-time' guage readings~USGS

Go to Work, Go to Jail~Recently, more than 100 workers in Pascagoula, Mississippi walked off the job at the huge shipyard to protest conditions similar to slavery.
The workers were protesting the conditions they have been living and working in since being hired from India after the disaster.
According to the lawsuit filed in the workers' behalf, they were offered jobs, green cards and permanent residency in exchange for as much as $20,000 each that they paid to recruiters working for a
Northrop Grumman subsidiary in Bombay. Perhaps this one?

Immigration Raid Jars Small Town~"They don't go after employers. They don't put CEOs in jail," complained the Postville Community Schools superintendent, David Strudthoff, 51, who said the sudden incarceration of more than 10 percent of the town's population of 2,300 "is like a natural disaster -- only this one is manmade."

Burma crossing~Patricia Evangelista

Repression plumbs new depths under Burma's Jackal Junta Leader
~aka: Panty'Face
~aka: Than Shwe~aka: the Butcher of Burma

Why Am I Not Surprised? ~Hanscom Family Blog

10,000 hurricane insurance cases in federal court in NOLA~slabbed

Give'em Credit~James Gill

CNN, TP seek release of files
~The Times-Picayune and CNN on Friday asked the Louisiana Supreme Court to overturn an appeals court decision that will keep secret documents detailing the investigation into deaths at Memorial Medical Center after Hurricane Katrina.

New Orleans, Blakely Inspect Target Blight

New Orleans symposium will cater to those who build for boomers

KTGY Principals to Speak At NAHB 50+ Housing Symposium in New Orleans

Asheville Businesses Team up to Support Rebuilding in New Orleans

New Orleans Nagin's Homeless- Spun Joke~Jeff Crouere

Colleges in New Orleans Expect Enrollment Growth

Another step towards recovery– First Book returns to
New Orleans

Napkin orders show that tourists are back in New Orleans?

New Orleans French Bread Recipes~Killoggs

Louisiana's First Shrimp of The Season Presented to Chef Paul Prudhomme

New Orleans Botanical Garden Spring Events
~News du Faubourg St. John

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A former contract employee of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and a dirt, sand and gravel subcontractor were both indicted in connection with a $16 million hurricane protection project for the reconstruction of the Lake Cataouatche Levee, south of New Orleans, the U.S. Department of Justice announced yesterday.
Dark City Photo-Wet Bank Guy

US probing Iraqi companies for insurance fraud

Corps Tests Pumps, Flood Gates

Will Sacramento be the next
New Orleans?~ecolocalizer

New Campaign -- Control Spending Through Accountability~Darryl Perry

Texas officials sue US over border fence

"Shock Doctrine" Spin in U.S., Burma and Beyond
~Smirking Chimp

"The effect of the disaster and the Burmese government's insufficient response to it means that a good share of the junta's political opposition is now dead or dealing with the aftermath of the huge, rampaging storm.
In other words, the disaster offers a great "opportunity" for the ruling elite to settle old scores by continuing to repress the opposition and to remake the affected areas as they wish.
(There have been reports, unconfirmed, of bodies of monks being found in the cyclone rubble -- burned in a suspicious manner -- mixed in with the tens of thousands of other corpses found floating in the rice fields and ditches and rivers."
And now for something not so completely different...

Burma's Junta Will Survive the Cyclone, prosper from death toll

Burma official death toll: 78,000

Heavy Rains Lash Burma's Cyclone-Struck Irrawaddy Delta
Latest Burma Weather here

Burma seals Irrawaddy delta to hide victims' plight
For example: What if, after the next hurricane,
Michael "Jack'ya" Chertoff, Chief of the Dept of Homeland Insecurity and legally the Top Officer in Comnmand in the event of a declared National Situation, decides to seal'off the state of Louisiana, or the southern part of the state, or even just New Orleans, under quarantine due to spreading disease in the storm's aftermath, from all the dead animals and standing water, or just under the order of complete command coordination of the National Response Team? Whence comes the Net of the Rising Tide then? Who we gonna call? How will we stay in touch?
To use an old nut'house euphemism, it will be a scene where the rubber meets the room, the kind of bully'pulpit confrontation that will seperate Hackers from Crackers, sever mere humanity with the shock of mere survival. The rest of the country will not know that the math has changed...that now 2+2=5, that our citizens' blood has gone thinner than Black Water, our posterity sold-off
to the American wet dream.

I was here in the city, during that first week of the flood, with only one or two roads out of New Orleans--and the bridge over the river going west was guarded at gunpoint by frightened, ferel Gretna cops. Roads going east and north around the lake were out.
With the Causeway closed this left us with no way out (or in) and the river at our backs, cornered like rats on a burning ship.
Soooo, how hard would it be to seal'off New Orleans from the rest of the country? I understand the scale of such an operation might not seem plausible, but everyone has seen how these neocowards at the helm are Not at All about Competent Logistics, but All about Plausible Deniability hidden behind a curtain of Freidmaniacal Economies of Scale.
Ergo, this is a valid question because I saw it happen. Other than the old "Huey P. Long Payphones" in the French Market and a few ground lines out of the city we (excluding expendable officials and journalists) were as isolated in the dark as rats in a bag.
So the people of Burma struggle to survive. They are Sinn Féin.
You think I exagerate? HA!!! Exagerate what is left of THIS!
Can we leave them to die too, rather than instead,
denied as we are now the luxury of thinking of them or us? Rats!

God Admits Burma Cyclone Actually Intended for New Orleans~The Proper Ghandi

A woman prays inside the rubble of the Aung Zey Yong Pagoda and monastery in Kyauktan Township, southern Burma-AP
Now is a good time to listen to Ian Mathews on the player to our right and just look at the reflection of the pagoda in the floodwater. Turn the music up LOUD!
As our eye moves back and forth, from then to now,
can we we cried
Remember the looted churches, the broken organs, the empty, ransacked, mud-caked pews of our own temples,
New Orleans. How's Your House~How's Your House?

Strong aftershock rattles China quake zone

57th International Annual Convention and Exhibition presented by NCTA.
The Cable Show '08.

~H/T'n'T~Citizen Rain
~Juniper Networks Brings High-Performance Networking to New Orleans
~Cable Helps Restock New Orleans School Libraries

Petition: Keep the National Guard in New Orleans
~Metblogs New Orleans

Undocumented Immigrant Workers Begin to Leave
New Orleans

New Orleans East update
~Thanks Katrina

Notes from New Orleans
~Preservation Nation

Where to live in New Orleans

One Post-Katrina New Orleans Home to be Retrofitted with Universal Design, Green Features~Rolling Rains

Music Friday: Zen walking
~David Rutledge

New Orleans Part 4

Chicago-area Literary Festival to Benefit New Orleans Public Library~Accidentally Jewish

Incite! New Orleans needs books by WOC authors~secondwaver

NEW Scarlett Johansson
- I Wish I Was In New Orleans
~The Beeb Blog

Young @ Heart
New Orleans Movie Listings

Allen Toussaint's "Yes We Can Can" will be featured in the documentary Young at Heart by filmmaker Stephen Walker. Young At Heart is based on an elderly singing group performing rock tunes. "Yes We Can Can" performed by the chorus is a group favorite says singer Steve Martin, "That song typifies who we are, that even at our average age at 78, we can exude that kind of energy." The documentary has been nominated for several awards in 2007.
Allen Toussaint will be touring troughout 2008. - see tour dates
Please see their youtube video posted here yesterday, under the heading "something not so completely different."-Jeudi.

Bonnaroo adds Somethin’ Else
~Consequence of Sound

First Family of New Orleans Music - The Nevilles

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Katrina the Clown claims Vitter affair~The New Orleans Levee
~Katrina says the senator (R-Pamp) liked for her to create erotic balloon figures

Heavy rains head toward Burma
Latest Burma Weather here and here.
~Heavy rains and another potentially powerful storm headed toward Burma's cyclone- devastated delta today even as the United Nations warned that inadequate relief efforts could lead to a second wave of deaths.
Map: Free Burma Rangers
The International Red Cross said in a new estimate that the death toll may already be between 68,833 and 127,990 – considerably higher than the Burmese government's latest official count of 38,491 dead. The Red Cross said it made the estimate by compiling figures gathered by other aid groups and organizations and extrapolating the total.

Burma cyclone: Survivors used as forced labour

China earthquake: Small miracles recovered from China quake debris
~A child weeps as residents from Chuanbei county move to a safe place in Mianyang.
~Photo: Getty
~For the first time yesterday, aid reached the epicentre of the 7.9-magnitude quake, and the first batch of 47 survivors were evacuated.

Liprap's Lament - The Line

Nothing "major"
~Your Right Hand Thief

Library Chronicles

Improvements in New Orleans Schools~Brenda Mitchel

DHS Secretary, Michael "Jack'ya" Chertoff, Tours Storm-Damaged Midwest~FEMA
Procurement Specifications Require Significantly Reduced Formaldehyde Levels In Mobile Homes
Current Homeland InSecurity Threat Level: Yeller

Corps defines New Orleans 100 year flood

Flood Stage Levels current 'real-time' guage readings~USGS

USGS Measures a Century of Floods

Visit DOTmed at Booth #570 the SNM Annual Meeting in New Orleans~The Annual SNM Meeting Meeting,
June 14–18, has been recognized by thousands of professional attendees as the premier event for educational and networking opportunities in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging.

New Orleans-based Southern Pine Council Contributes to Season Finale of ''Extreme Makeover: Home Edition''

Commence Planning of Boozy Long Weekend in New Orleans

Coin dealers examining gold find off La. coast

And now for something not so completely different?

Starbucks plans leadership conference in New Orleans
~Editilla gotta brieux'ya!~Without coffee I could grind the world to dust between my teeth. Oh yeah, talk about a full circle, a complete ring around da'cup,
from Brooklyn to Seattle to the City That Coffee Begot. They all come home for the kindness of strangers,
and a hot cup of Joe
...or maybe even a blanket?

Father, daughter team up
at New Orleans clinic

~Concord -
Driving from a New Orleans airport to the Lower Ninth Ward Health Clinic, Maddy Bilodeau overheard a fellow passenger in the car ask, “Is this America?” upon observing their surroundings.

Clarion students' eyes opened during trip to New Orleans~The Derrick

Carter, Connick do their home work in New Orleans

New Orleans Artists Rebuild Livelihoods With eBay Charity Auction on May 23

Adventures in NOLA, Episode 1:
Thursday Night on Frenchmen
~Creative Loafing

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New cyclone heads for storm- devastated Burma
~The Joint Typhoon Warning Centre
warned that a "significant tropical cyclone" could form in the next 24 hours and pass over the Irrawaddy delta area.

Children congregate outside a school near Kundangon Burma. Photo: Reuters
~Brutal military junta states 34,000 dead, UN Reports Burma's Cyclone Relief Still Inadequate~UN estimates 100,000 casualties due to government's deliberate witholding aid to Burmese people. World sees Crime Against Humanity
~Burmese military junta selling emergency aid supplies in local markets
~Use all means to get aid to Burma, says EU chief~"We have to use all the means to help those people," Javier Solana said before an emergency meeting of EU ministers in Brussels, "The United Nations charter opens some avenues if things cannot be resolved in order to get the humanitarian aid to arrive."

China quake toll hits 15,000 as aid arrives~USGS Summary & Maps

President Bush's monumental error in the Cres(c)ent City
~The New Orleans Levee

Katrina, George Bush, John McCain, and Cake

Road Home slows claim payoffs

U.S. Senate renews flood insurance program

State Farm Convinces Some Weary Policyholders to Settle Hurricane Katrina Lawsuits

Insurance rates near pre-Katrina levels?

Human Rights for Hurricane Katrina Survivors

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Kevin Siers -The Charlotte Observer -5'13'08

Bodies retrieved as China quake toll tops 12,000

U.S. diplomat: 100,000 may have died in Burma cyclone

Monks Help Cyclone Victims Despite Military Pressure

We don't need your stinkin'skills! -says Junta
~Vice-Admiral Soe Thein, quoted in government mouthpiece the New Light of Myanmar newspaper, said the needs of hundreds of thousands of storm survivors "have been fulfilled to an extent".

Exquixotic Corps of Engineers to Host Public Meeting in Washington, DC ~on Revising the Economic and Environmental Principles and Guidelines for Water and Related Land Resources Implementation Studies The public meeting will be conducted in the Washington Court Hotel's Atrium Ballroom; 525 New Jersey Avenue, NW; Washington, D.C., June 5th from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
The Washington Court combines all the
amenities of a true full-service luxury hotel with abundant gathering space, delicious dining options, relaxing bar and billiards room, and superlative service in a location that is second to none! And hey, what better place to PAC a Lobby with shitting cows, eh?
Yo'Breauxlotta Da'Potay!
~Editilla gonna tol'ya in'da intress 0'rilla disclos'ya~
Da'Editillero and Da'Breauxlotta have been vexed and vixious underground illuminati competitors er'since our school days at the Happy Valley Boys Ranch for Intelligent Delinquents. Gentle'rillas can imagine how we'tillas all ways bested the wailin'smeagleys, and at every angle of the dangle sent the little chicken'hawks go pray on the shoulder of their Dark Lord Avatar of'da Big Man in'da Sky wit'da Book. Y'all know da'Guy--not at all to be confused with DUDE! Hence, later in life, da'Breauxlotta went down that slippery path of neodominionistic self delusion to Congress and yer oh'so humble Editeurilla traveled up the back'hand path of self regalization to Rock'N'Roll. They have become powerful Washington Lobby Potty and We are a their worst blogger nightmare! Together we fight over the Exquixotic Corps like rats on a sinking ship! But da'Editillero will prevail in this battle fo'da Body Politic, this epic trow'down ho'down
fo'da Hearts of Hens. We will have our Corps
and eat it too! MMMWWW'HA'HA'HA HA!!!

Exquixotic Corps Admits to Knowing Little of Levees...or Pump Design...or Delta Flood Control, Wetlands Mitigation, Munitions Discovery and Disposal, or...

The Next New Orleans?

Douglass High School Closing
~Dity South Bureau

Report finds progress for some, hardships for many since Katrina
~Facing South

Study: 2005 storms hold back many

CDC study inconclusive about effects of formaldehyde on kids

MS high court gets wind-water case

One Lawyer’s Modest Proposal on Wind vs Water

Rigsby Qui Tam - Motion for hearing and oral arguments filed~Slabbed

Old N.O. Rum takes home four awards at international tasting

N.O. clinic's reins shift to Charity Hospital system

When Iraq becomes safer than New Orleans~Kiss My Gumbo

La. furniture salesman guilty of spying for China

So why does Brad Pitt have a map of New Orleans tattooed on his back? ~Genltle'Rillas want to know.

Bizarro Blogosphere Digs
~Liptrap's Lament

Blogging New Orleans
~Aroma Cucina

Childish superstition: Einstein's letter makes view of religion relatively clear

Williams plays the trombone - for real

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Lundi~Oui-da'Grasse Dame va se Produire

USGS Summary & Maps
01:28:00 AM-Central Daylight Time-Memphis
Epicenter: 30.10*N 103.27*E
China: 7.8 Magnitude Eathquake

10,000+ Dead

~Buries 900 pupils
~One school has collapsed and a desperate search effort is under way to find survivors. There are harrowing reports from the scene of the school collapse in Dujiangyan city - about 100km 60 miles from the epicenter.

Teenagers buried beneath the rubble of the three-storey Juyuan Middle School building were struggling to break free, while others were crying out for help.

~Disrupts power plants, flights, factories.

Earthquake hits China headlines ~Chinese media have been quick to cover today's powerful earthquake, unlike past disasters.

Victims of Nargis Cyclone, Hard Photographs~Ashin Mettacara

<-click pic to enlarge
Rangoon Burma

Burma’s Generals:
Blending Nazi-like Thought, Astrology, Brutality and Greed
~Benedict Rogers

Two McCain Aides With Ties to Burma Junta Resign

McCain's plans for Katrina Recovery
~James' Social Problems

McCain's Dom Pastorass, Hay'gee, Reneges On Retraction Of His Prophylaction Faction's Eyeraction Slaction Fatwaction Neosmaction Katrina Words: ‘God Always Punishes Unconfessed Sin'

Assessing Nagin
~Your Right Hand Thief

Psychological Resilience and Disaster Management
~In Her Own Voice

Louisiana Legislature looks to streamline state's recovery
~Tri-Parish Times

Plans form for Bay St. Louis beachfront

~click pic to enlarge~
Lake Pontchartrain and the Bonnet Carre Spillway~NASA

Exquixotic Corps of Engineers: Condition of many levees a mystery nationally~"We have to get our arms around this issue and understand how many levees there are in the country, who's watching over them, what populations and properties are behind them," Eric Halpin, the corps' special assistant for dam and levee safety.

Dam's rating unnerving
~"You can never discount the possibility of a failure," said Wayne Bissette, chief of engineering for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Wilmington District, which manages the lake.

Politics, Dow and dioxin
~After the behind-the-scenes intervention of Lt. Gov. John Cherry late last month, state environmental regulators backed down on their objections to a dioxin disposal plan proposed by the Army Corps of Engineers.
The Corps of Engineers is going ahead with plans to start dumping thousands of tons of dioxin-contaminated sediment in an unlined pit in Saginaw County this summer, according to a corps' spokesman.

Saving wetlands: a broken promise

Special Thanks Raymi The Minx

Volunteers share story of Katrina recovery

Lickalotta Lickety Split~PrideDEPOT

Rockie's Riccasha
~Home of the Groove

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New Orleans Day 3 (4/22)
~Millennial Law Prof

Few know the creative afliction of thinking wit'ya mouf'open better than yer Editilla O'rilla d'Aphasia.
Without getting too schizilly about the Search Engineering that I bugger to do da'Ladda every day, lemme see if I can'splain some of it...suffice to say there is more to working wit'a couple'dozen independent aggregates than riding a tricycle into a fire hydrant.
As with Individual Memory (IM), retrieval of our modern'day Collective Memory (CM), within Information Theory (IT), boils down to how you ask for it. Tag, yer'It! {Hence the function of that fond Nola'quial Greeting: Hey! Where'Yit?:}
But the odd Parydox of that comes from the fact that I may not have Experienced the CM personally, though it has happened (or been remembered as happening) already, within what is becoming our world's "collective consciousness", that verdant and puissant virtual domain of Our Memory (OM) known as
the Internet. What used to take at least 25 refinement processes or a walk in the cow'pasture can now be gotten'to with the click of a mouse. ~More here

Hats matter in New Orleans
Other habberdasheries: Sushan's, Kabuki Design Studio & Be-Native, Fleur de Paris, Saints, Gumbo Pages...and memory fails to give up the name of that great hattery that used to be on Magazine Street?
Why, you ax, Hat Madders in New Orleans?
Well, Editilla gonna tol'ya da'way I got tol'it...but don'ask how I got it'tol--and for damn sure ask not for whom this bell tolls...ya'heard me? And'a...
"It rains everyday in New Orleans--somewhere."
-Old Lady at the bus stop.
2: "In a city one wears a hat and takes their lunch in a restaurant. It is the civilized way to live."
-Alfred Hitchcock
3: Without hats there would be no tips.
-Annonymous Editillero...
:Because..."Sometimes the Grave Is a Fine and Public Place""~The story goes that Paul Tulane, who made his fortune as a haberdasher in 19th-century New Orleans, wanted to give part of that fortune to the university in his hometown, Princeton. The catch was that he wanted the university renamed for him. When that didn't happen, he gave his money to the university in New Orleans that now bears his name.
He eventually came back home. But before he died it is said that he demanded that the statue on his grave face away from the Princeton University campus. "That seems to have been pretty much debunked by now," said George Brown, Princeton Cemetery's historian. "But he must have been a pretty egotistical guy. He's the only one here with a big statue of himself."
Mr. Tulane (1801-1877) would probably come up short on the list of accomplished people buried in Princeton Cemetery, which is just off the heart of town at Witherspoon and Wiggins Streets.
All right, so Mr. Tulane is credited with developing the crease in trousers -- "He was cranking them out so fast he stuffed them in little boxes so they got the crease," Mr. Brown said.
[Editeurilla wondas and would not be surprised to discuva, if Toole, who taught at Tulane, knew this about its founder when he scribed Gus and Levy Pants, in Confederacy of Dunces? Enquirin'Rillas want to know.]

... Yet also buried there are a United States president, Grover Cleveland; a vice president, Aaron Burr Jr.; and other people of great accomplishment, from the pollster George Gallup to the novelist John O'Hara to the mathematician John von Neumann. Mr. Brown calls Princeton Cemetery the Westminster Abbey of America for the abundance of stars buried in its compact space."
5: But the best and most imortant reason to wear a hat in New Orlean? New Orleans Ladies!

Flood Stage Levels current 'real-time' guage readings

nation's projects impacted wetlands

Dispatch from New Orleans: Interesting or not?

Multicultural Tourism Network hit hard by storm

The jazz problem
~Louis Maistros

So Im a felon now. This is my story.