Saturday, April 4, 2009

Samedi~La Louisiane se réveille

Strawberry Festival, April 4-6
~New Orleans on the Cheap

Ponchatoula emphasizes quality over quantity
Visitors to the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival this weekend should be prepared to pay a little more than usual for a flat of berries, as the recent heavy rains have battered the crop and reduced yields. Still, festival organizers are expecting attendance to approach 350,000 for the festival, which started Friday evening and runs through Sunday.

List of 14 weekend festivals in New Orleans region~WWL

Rebecca Rebouche Showing at Freret St

City Park to Host Largest Green Fair in Louisiana History
~Live Green Orleans

Louisiana Roadfood Festival in New Orleans This Weekend
~Serious Eats

For a great time, good food, hot music, and family fun, come out to the
Celebración Latina tomorrow, Sunday, April 5, in Lawrence Square at the corner of Napoleon and Magazine. Enjoy Latin culture, food, music and show your support for the Children's Resource Center of the New Orleans Public Library at the same time. ~Huck Upchuck

Vicksburg native's film to debut
in New Orleans Sunday
~Manivanh Chanprasith

~On Sunday, a 1995 Vicksburg High School graduate will premier her debut documentary, “No Cross, No Crown,” at the sixth annual New Orleans International Human Rights Film Festival.


Mr. Cao’s persistent pattern ~Kevin Allman

In Case You Didn't Notice
~We Could Be Famous

If FEMA says your mama loves you, check it out ~Ben Lundin

Shrimper group boiling mad over foreign fraud
~Jeremy Alford

Jean Lafitte Park gets room to grow, extends protection
~C.J. Lin

USA Today report about national levee safety standards

Minn., N.D. governors want Corps off its ass and on the clock!
~Mark Brunswick

~Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and North Dakota Gov. John Hoeven said the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers study is not scheduled to be finished until December 2010, a timetable they said is too slow to address the needs of the flood-prone region.
~Editilla Alligators~ We can't help but Cry Alligator Tears here for these poor people at the Faaaargo end of the Corps failing systems. Really, it now appears that flood failures are not unique to New Orleans, or to elevations above sea level --neither even the color of our skin nor the content of our character.
The Corps issue is about Moving Water the Wrong Way.
With each passing season Systemic Failures in the Corps of Engineers' Civil Works become more and more apparent.
Our nation's fate is tied to the hull of a ship arriving too late to save a drowning witch, piloted by the Krewe of Leakes.

Corps plans to upgrade levees in southeast Des Moines
~The Federal Emergency Management Agency announced Friday that it was moving to change flood maps because the Corps could not certify that the levees would protect against a 100-year flood, or one with a 1 percent chance of occurring in a given year.

Making it right in New Orleans
~Mike Holmes

Study finds paint isle at Lowe’s best place to have complete meltdown ~slabbed
~The study, which observed a cross-section of 750 average, mentally sound Americans as they shopped at a variety of retail outlets, found that the singularly chaotic qualities of a Lowe’s paint aisle, combined with its overwhelming number of product choices, make it the ideal place to completely fall apart.
Editilla is not surprised, being quite the connoisseur of best places to lose it. I generally prefer the tunnel/gyms at any Childrens' Museum as they usually have to call a FIREMAN too. Rite Aid is nice because their guards are rarely armed and many of them have mini GNC stores inside so you just go there and start screaming about your steroids. Churches are out now... But if Gentle'rillas want a really great place to lose their mind or just a few of their more volatile personalaties --where you'll never find them again-- we suggest 7400 Leake Ave
New Orleans, LA
... and bring a box of Hubigs.

Musicians, Jackson Square, New Orleans~Urban Sketchers
You can see more of Wally's sketches at his blog.

"683 Things About New Orleans"
~Monica M Dalide

~The 683 Oddest, Most Inspiring, Totally Scandalous and Just Plain Weird Things You Never Knew about New Orleans.
~Editilla Mo'tellas~ Oh Yeah?
We wonder if they included the Midget Brothel in Exchange Alley. How about the rites and secret politics of the Mule Breeders?
“Take care when you handle Cliche’ lest you draw offense of Metaphor as neither will honor what they seem in life nor what you would wish of them in death.” …said Down the Gravedigger.

Hurricane Katrina Runes
~Cut Out + Keep

~"My sister and I made these from fallen branches after riding out the storm of hurricane Katrina.

While burning the runes into the wood, I discovered an added bonus...the heart of the wood has a tiny star in the middle! Score!"

Happy Mayan New Year 11 Ik ~Austin Seraphin

New Orleans Fundraiser
~Blah Blog Blah
~If you are anywhere near the East Village tonight, Sat. April 4, please make a point to stop by the 6th Street Community Center and donate something to the high school kids who are holding a Jazz Festival to raise money for their April working trips to New Orleans.

The Drummer’s Toybox
~Drummer Talk

Youman Wilder and Weird Stories Live from Here
~all about Jazz

Friday, April 3, 2009


WWL TV Wins Peabody Award
~Puckett's Projects

~Editilla Whooo'datas~ Big Congratulations and Ho'tellas to the whole krewe at WWL. Every time they speak, it is for New Orleans. And best of all (for your oh'so humble Editilla) they do not allow their journalistic integrity to be skewered by any
Punky Advertisements for the Exquisite Corps of Engineers.

Worries recede in St. Tammany as West Pearl River peaks
~Jeff Adelson

Army Corps of Engineers'
hurricane chief leaving N.O.
---after just 6 months on job?
~Sheila Grissett

Corps will pay for full cost of $50M Grand Isle levee
~Paul Rioux

Buttressing Grand Isle dunes: what about live oak trees? ~lacoastpost
~Sapelo Island, Georgia
What’s wrong with this picture?

GRN’s “No Coast, No Music” video released!

New bill would restore protections for wetlands
~Ducks Unlimited

Jarvis DeBerry: Mayor needs no 'conspiracy' to look bad

Louisiana Child-Governor Jindal
Honeymoon Is On A Vacation
~Stephen Sabludowsky

Barack Obama You’ve Been Punked. AIG is a Massive Financial Fraud. Citizen Bloggers close in for the krill~slabbed

FEMA's revolving door?
~Jen Dimascio

Fargo resisted FEMA recommendation to evacuate

Restore Couturie Forest at City Park!
~Friends of City Park
is committed to transforming the damaged woodland into a verdant and thriving ecological destination.

Fix Your Shit!

TECH-250: CommunityViz Build-Out ~Planetizen
This one-hour hands-on webinar will explore using CommunityViz to calculate build-out of a zoning or land use plan.

The Natural Disaster Stimulus Plan~Prashant Gopal

Disaster Preparedness Still a Disaster~David Uhlman

National petition to restore The Sunset east of New Orleans
~Trains for America

Entergy unit wants lengthy delay in plant project~Alan Sayre

MMS sets Lease Sale No. 210 for Aug. 19~The U.S. Minerals Management Service (MMS) has scheduled the next oil and gas lease sale in the Gulf of Mexico. Western Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale No. 210, to be held in New Orleans, encompasses about 3,400 unleased blocks covering around 18 million acres in the Western Gulf of Mexico Planning Area offshore Texas. The blocks are located from nine to about 250 miles offshore in water depths of 16 ft to more than 10,975 ft.

Air Force picks Louisiana base for strike command~Ben Evans

Annual Corporate Law Institute
~Deal Makers and Jaw Breakers, Humpers, Trumpers, Jumpers and Forrest Gumpers!
~This year’s conference comes as the turmoil on Wall Street and in the credit markets has taken a serious toll on M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) activity. And judging from a survey of 59 bankers, lawyers and other experts here at Tulane this week, the boom times aren’t expected to return anytime soon.

Former Black Panther encourages student activism
~Kelley Bruce Robinson

~Vietnam veteran and former Black Panther turned Hurricane Katrina activist Malik Rahim stood in front of over 80 students and community members Thursday, encouraging students to embrace their leftist activism.

Author shares Superdome experience ~Alex Chachkevitch

Performer's 'tough questions' shed light on issues ~Erica Goff ~Torres Tama is not one to avoid talking.

Houston to present Katrina art talk at U of Iowa today

Fats Domino tribute concert to feature Chuck Berry, Little Richard and more ~Kieth Spera
ALSO~The Radiators on the north shore, a Wild Magnolias reunion and more music in New Orleans.

Dr. John honored with award
~John Wirt

Judith Owen - Live Performance

Coco Robicheaux - Louisiana Medicine Man 1997
The Monk's Jazz and Blues

Sonny Landreth to Reissue
Levee Town Album
~Music News Net

Music Review: Klezmer All-Star Bash~Jon Pareles

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Protesters stage jazz funeral for arts programs~Sarah Chacko
~Brandon Nicholas, left, Derek Mudd and Brianne Waychoff carry a mock coffin during a jazz funeral Wednesday for the loss of state arts funding. Gov. Bobby Jindal’s executive budget proposes an 83 percent cut to a $3 million grant program. The protest march made its way from the Shaw Center for the Arts past the State Capitol to Capital Grocery on Spanish Town Road.

Child-Governor Bobby Jindal:
Louisiana's Fundraiser In Chief
~Jeff Crourere
~This story is getting very old.
Once again, our Anti-science Christian Exorcist Repo'Page- Governor is leaving the state for a fundraiser. Over the next two days, The Governorcist is visiting Missouri and Illinois to raise money for his continuous gubernatorial presidential campaign.

F*cked Up by Church and State?
~"As long as the husband is not traveling, he has the right to have sexual intercourse with his wife every fourth night," Article 132 of the law says. "Unless the wife is ill or has any kind of illness that intercourse could aggravate, the wife is bound to give a positive response to the sexual desires of her husband."

The Nagin Countdown Clock
~Krewe of Truth

NYT promotes New Orleans
correspondent, Adam Nossiter,
to West Africa bureau chief

~Editilla jus'axin~Promotion, right? Vacation? Therapy?

New storm barrage causes train collision in South
~Holbrook Mohr

Pearl River crests today at historic level~WWL
Floodwaters inch into St. Tammany Parish~TP

Editorial: Fargo's disaster envy

That’s a lot of sand
~Matt Chambers

~As interesting as that graphic is, I don’t quite feel it does the number of sandbags, or the effort of the volunteers justice. One sandbag placed next to Jin is an easy reference to grasp, but he is a tad out of proportion next to 3.5 million sandbags.
The real cool figure is three-point-five million. That is the number of sandbags that all ages of volunteers cranked out in just a matter of days. These sandbags were police escorted on flatbed tractor-trailers from the numerous sandbag- making stations to dozens of dikes in the Fargo metro area. Many of these sandbag dikes ended up being taller than 4′ and a half-mile in length or longer.

No one answer to Red River's troublesome ice jams
~Chuck Haga

An aerial view shows ice south of Fargo on Sunday.
Photo~ Allen Fredrickson, Reuters

Whistle-blowers say disasters from storms can be avoided
(Part 6)~Carol Forsloff

~Editilla T'n'

Daily Slabbed

Mississippi Sea Wolves Leaving?

Biking in New Orleans:
Sprocket Science~Ian McNulty

Chinese Drywall in New Orleans and Louisiana

It’s not all fun and games on
Bayou Lafourche~Robert Zullo

Two councils unite to discuss
Army Corps' plan for canals
~Scott Satchfield, WWL

Obama nominates Water Warrior Jo-Ellen Darcy to oversee Army Corps of Engineers
~Mark Schleifstein

Officials: Taxpayers paid too much for storm protection
~Ben Lundin, Daily Comet

Levees may not protect downtown, Corps of Engineers' final report says
~The Dallas Morning News

Court Rejects Army Corps Permit for King William Reservoir ~Mosquito Blog~U.S. District Court Judge in D.C. Finds Permit "Arbitrary and Capricious"
~Editilla hits da'Fat Signal~ ~dat'what call da'Fatman for a new blog find! 'Course, Gentle'rillas may be more familiar with the Bat Signal we send out when quick Bat Action is required... Fatman and Batman bein'related, super heroleros don't'cha know.
Plus plus plus we get a Motto of the Month for New Orlean's shrunken foot print: "If you think you're too small to be effective, you've never been in the dark with a mosquito."


~An under- ground bed or layer of earth, gravel, or porous stone that yields water.

Please click to enlarge.

2 convicted of bribery in Katrina levee case~A former Army Corps of Engineers consultant collapsed and had to be carried out on a stretcher after a jury convicted him of bribery Wednesday. Kern Wilson, 58, of Apollo Beach, Fla., was convicted in federal court along with Durwanda Elizabeth Heinrich, a subcontractor.

Court hears Texas case over animal sacrifices
~Michael Kunzelman

~A Santeria priest who sued a Texas city for denying him permission to sacrifice a goat as part of a religious ceremony asked a federal appeals court Wednesday to let him resume the ritual in his home.

What's new in spring cookbooks and food books~Judy Walker

What It Means to Miss
New Orleans?~Elyse Glickman

The Tio Family: A New Orleans Clarinet Dynasty~Riverwalk Jazz

Book Review: Hotter than That
~Trevor Herbert
~Gabbard romps perilously through the history of the trumpet. He does history badly - very badly: generalisations come easily, his faith in anecdote is relentless and he resorts to cliche without hesitation.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Springtime in New Orleans

Like you, I miss him fiercely
~Your Right Hand Thief

Pearl River sees "major flooding"

Northern legislators form “Yankee caucus,” will file “the coast is toast” amendment shifting coastline to BR! ~lacoastpost

Corps of Engineers Unleashes FART ~WaterWired

Are Jindal and Levine Lying About NOAH?
~New Orleans--It's Just Me

Louisiana Child-Governor Jindal rejects more stimulus cash; this time for Medicaid programs, travels to Chicago for yet more out-of-state fundraising

After Flip-Flopping On Recovery Package, Rep. "Sacred" Cao Suggests He Might Support Obama’s Budget ~Think Progress

Nagin Still Chewing Over Shock Doctrine~We Could Be Famous

Welcome Home!
~Ben Jarrell and his girlfriend of two years, Camille Forstall, both of Covington, share a quiet moment away from the crowd following his return to Baton Rouge. Jarrell and fellow members of the Louisiana Army National Guard’s 1st Battalion, 244th Aviation Regiment, headquartered in Hammond, were reunited with family and friends Tuesday on the tarmac at Baton Rouge Metro Airport.

New Gulf recovery chief is appointed~Jonathan Tilove

Local government Katrina loans could be forgiven ~Becky Bohrer

Napolitano misses essence of New Orleans Problem
~The American Prospect

Temporary pumps at Orleans,
London and 17th Street canals
safe, investigation shows
~Sheila Grissett
~The new report is the latest of at least a half dozen on the issue. It was written by Parsons Corp. of Pasadena, Calif., which holds multiple corps contracts for work around the world, including some work that has come under fire from the corps.

Disaster Law Reader:
Call For Papers

New national volunteer group to rebuild homes in neglected New Orleans lakefront community

Buck Moth Caterpillar (Hemileuca maia) Susan Ellis,
Buckmoth Caterpillars... Fiyo!
~The Red Panther

Soil to stoops: Local food movement hits New Orleans

Pirates Are Coming
~Lord David, Humid City

NoLa Rising, It has begun...

Andrei Codrescu's latest work is a guidebook to a strange new era ~Susan Larson

Eric Lindell 's new "Gulf Coast Highway"~Jim White

Luther Dickinson, Alvin Youngblood Hart & Jimbo Mathus Tour as South Memphis String Band~all about Jazz

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Live music calls for hip shades ~Madam Lamb~Obama at the Pasadena Jazz Fest. The photographs were taken by Eric Moore, a friend of Obama's from Occidental College. circa 1980.
~Editilla Krewellas~ Jus'sayin...
that is the President of the United States there.
The President, Ladies and Gentlemen, of the United States.
Get Down! Get Back Up Again! Y'all think he need a Brass Pass?

On a Wing and a Prior
~"She has not returned my money or gotten me the correct wings. My original order was placed last September. She will not return my calls." ~Tawnee Lynne
~Editilla Mo'tellas~Wings is serious business in this naked City of Living Metaphor. Not only that, but Mz Lynne has grand and benevolent healing plans for these wings, photographs my new dog, Mazy, and is a huge fan of New Orleans, the Nola Blog'O'sphere and Your New Orleans Ladder.
Hence we take care of each other Sinn Féin!
Please help locate the crook wha'took this artist's money and get her reconnected with da'real angels.

Photo Finish, Winning shots from The Gambit's Pet Photo Contest

Outstanding Article: "Why I Live in New Orleans"~Ramblings of a River City Resident

Fargo Levee Flop Not So Different from New Orleans
Dear Editilla
Do President Obama's most trusted advisers truly understand what caused the 2005 flood in New Orleans?
On March 4-5, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano toured New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region on a fact finding mission.
That visit hosted by Senator Mary Landrieu D-LA and others was meant to demonstrate that the new Administration is committed to the Gulf Coast's recovery and understands the issues the region faces.

Yet last Friday, while answering a question about how she believes the Obama Administration will make good on their promise to assist New Orleans, Secretary Napolitano said this: "I don't know that there ever is a levee big enough to withstand a Katrina-size storm..." *

The Secretary's statement is untrue for 3 reasons:
#1 When the Industrial Canal Surge Barrier is complete in 2011, the Army Corps of Engineers reports that the main basin of New Orleans should experience zero flooding in a Katrina-like storm (400 year event) and very minimal flooding in a 1,000 storm.**
#2 Levees in the remaining metro area can easily be improved to meet 400 year protection. And there are huge cost benefits to doing so.
#3 Not only does America have the technology to build protection against another Katrina (so-called 400 year storm), the Netherlands has protection against a 10,000 year storm! Before sending this email, we chose the road of "caution and cooler heads" by speaking directly with Sean Smith, assistant secretary of Public Affairs for Homeland Security about Secretary Napolitano's statement.

"Don't be concerned," he said. "The Secretary had just been briefed on the Gulf Coast Region and she was referring to the Mississippi coast in her statement."

Nonetheless, Levees.Org remains alarmed. believes that if the Secretary were, in fact, referring to New Orleans, important gains over the past three years in educating federal officials and the public at-large might be lost. While the President's commitment to the recovery is laudable, it would be troubling if the new Administration were unaware of what caused the metro New Orleans flood.

Please take action!

Please click here and write the President and your Members of Congress and let them know that America DOES have the technology to protect greater New Orleans from another Katrina! And that there are many reasons to do so.
*Interview transcript, "Obama Administration Says New Orleans is Not Forgotten." Scroll to Recent Press.
The Corps of Engineers' flooding maps can be viewed here.

Thank you,
Sandy Rosenthal
Founder, Levees.Org
ND Flood costs put at $40M
~Brian Duggan

Once the butt of jokes, floodway now treasured in flood fight ~Steve Lambert

Coast Guard continues rescue operations and urges caution to boaters ~Coast Guard crews recorded their 95th rescue, March 30, 2009, after 6 days of flood response operations along the Red River.

Mississippi River to go above flood stage this week
~The Mississippi River at Cape Girardeau will rise above flood stage later this week, according to a Monday morning forecast issued by the National Weather Service.

Fisk, 1944. Map of ancient courses of the Mississippi River, Cape Girardeau, MO - Donaldsonville, LA.
See the entire set of beautiful Fisk Maps here... all brought to you by Pruned,
Editilla's new fav blog'O'rilla!
We just loves maps.
I first ran across this map here, ironically in the fields of my youth.

River flooding overwhelms homes in Washington Parish
~Doug Mouton

Homeowners group threatens to
foreclose on New Orleans Mayor
"Fey'Ray" Nagin's Dallas Palace
~Theodore Kim

After Child-Governor Jindal's
Remark, Alaska GOP Senator
Introduces Volcano Bill~BBuzz

Jarvis DeBerry: Band at anti-crime rally symbolized unity

Participatory Comprehensive Plan for New Orleans
~Planning Pool
~Looking through the lens of the Caribbean, New Orleans is not among the most haphazard, poorest or misgoverned American cities, but rather the most organized, wealthiest, cleanest, and competently governed of the Caribbean cities.

Many saying New Orleans not business friendly~Eric Paulsen

New Orleans City Council to receive NOAH contractor records today~Michelle Krupa

Mideast conflict spills onto Canal St.~Valerie Faciane

'Citizens' passes on settlement in Katrina class action suit
~Rebecca Mowbray

Weather Forecast for Spring Planting~Margy Fischer
~With severe flooding in the Red River Valley and Upper Missouri River Valley, farmers are casting a weary eye to the weather for the upcoming 2009 planting season. During the Top Producer~Pre-Planting & Weather Outlook Webinar, Planalytics Senior Ag-Business Meteorologist Fred Gesser provided insights on the current weather news and outlook.

Jobelyn - a Sorghum Based Natural Product May Provide Succor for Cancer and Cardiovascular Patients World-Wide

Alaska's Redoubt volcano changes eruption pattern
~Mark Thiessen
~Federal and state officials also have established a unified command to address the volcano's impact on an oil storage facility holding more than 6 million gallons of oil.

Revamp your lamp
~Karen Martin
~Baton Rouge women patent, market idea for lampshade slipcovers. It’s one of those things so simple, you can’t believe no one thought of it before.

Booker T.'s New Band:
The Drive By Truckers
~Robert Levine

Mississippi Blues Festivals in '09

Amphitheater being discussed for Mandeville's Dew Drop; the country's oldest rural jazz hall
~Cindy Chang

Preservation Hall Jazz Band
at the Blue Note~NolaFunk NYC

B.B. King, Pyrates, Strawberries highlight the week ahead
~Keith I. Marszalek

If It's Tuesday, It Must Be Street Date~Burning Wood
~John Scofield's "Piety Street" and other Gem'a'rillas!

WWOZ Piano Night

Leroy Jones Reassembles the Fairview Brass Band for a Special Concert at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2009
~all about Jazz

Voodoo Coup~Keith Spera
~"Voodoo's economic impact on the area is in the tens of millions of dollars. With such destinations as Las Vegas and Miami's South Beach competing for the same 18- to 33-year-old demographic, preserving Voodoo was essential," said Convention and Visitors Bureau President Stephen Perry.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Marsh madness!~lacoastpost

Ascension tries for Spanish Lake deal~John McMillan

Computers and Writing: Lessons in Literacy from the New Orleans Blogosphere and the Comp Classroom ~Daisy Pignetti

Fargo vs New Orleans, It's Begun
~Neal Borshe

~Editilla locks'n'loads~ Get this bastard. Yeah I misspelled this Ann Randy Beotch's name because he is cold soup. "Discussion" thread here, started within the hour of the
Kneel Boorish article. Jeez Louie, they're like Cagga'roashes!

Scuzzbucket~Thanks Katrina
~Editilla T'n'T to Mz JudyB!

Rave: New Orleans wants Super Bowl in 2013
~Editilla Ho'tellas~ A little dust'up goin'down here.

Moral Hazard? Slabbed wipes our a$$ with Moral Hazard
(Part 1)

New Orleans Nagin Katrina Aftermath: Media, Race And Division ~Jeff Crouere

Trial opens in Katrina levee bribery case
~Michael Kunzelman

Corps "engineering on the fly" to protect levees from wave action

Rising sea level gets city's attention ~Daniel DeBolt ~New report says Bay, creeks would flood Mountain View's job centers

Tensions High as EPA Reasserts Mining Authority~Mike Lillis
~Just one day after the Environmental Protection Agency announced plans to reassert its powers to protect mountain streams from the ravages of mountaintop coal mining, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers approved the broad expansion of such a project without EPA input.

Company loses court appeal over Hurricane Katrina debris

Bid to oust Louisiana's top Dem fails~Ed Anderson

Miss. not as broke as rest of America~Mary Perez

28 injured as tornados rip through southern Miss.
~Holbrook Mohr

Abandoned Harahan warehouse
to become largest film studio east of MS River ~Mike Scott

New Orleans and Philadephia Society, Part I~Hunter Baker

Fabergé Easter Egg hunt at NOMA~Ashley Morris: the blog

Call to Artists: City One Minute New Orleans~NOPA

Serious Eats: Sex Foods

Teena Marie new single with Faith Evans~Big Ced

Preview from Marcus Roberts' "New Orleans Meets Harlem, Vol. 1"~Nick Deriso

Library of Congress Jazz Film Series~all about Jazz

NO Jazz, a 2009 Status Report
~all about Jazz

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Breach sends water onto school campus in Fargo
<~Water sprays up at volunteer fire fighters from three neighboring towns as they attempt to pump flood water from the Red River out of George Korsmo's basement and brick enclosed outdoor hot tub area in Moorhead, Minn., Saturday, March 28. AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast
Bob Marshall: Solid wall not the right way to close MR-GO

LSU at odds with Tulane, other
schools over hospital authority
~Bill Barrow

Lafitte public housing residents
ordered to leave at once
~Katy Reckdahl
~Although their leases were supposed to run through Tuesday, tenants of temporary apartments in the Lafitte public housing development said Saturday that they were told they had to move out immediately or face arrest.

Businesses need better awareness of levee risks
~Business Insurance

~There are an estimated 100,000 miles of levees in the United States, but many businesses may be unaware their facilities could be devastated should water over-top or breach a levee, says Carol G. Barton, senior vp of underwriting and reinsurance for Factory Mutual Insurance Co., which does business as FM Global.

Letter: Richton report’s political ties negate its credibility
~Mississippi Gulf Coast

~"In reference to your so-called scientific studies performed on the Pascagoula River and in the Gulf of Mexico to assist the ongoing preparation of the supplemental environmental impact statement for the proposed DOE Richton Strategic Petroleum Reserve, it appears you would rather accept reports from paid individuals with ties to the political machine instead of from those who have no ax to grind. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was used as an “authority” in your report. If it weren’t so important, I would think it was a joke and laugh. Personally, I see very little credibility in the Corps."

Bill O'Reilly Flaming Asshole Voodoo Doll ~Hrrmph!

Nolafugees' New Site (to me)
~Editilla jus'haddena been there in a while. They went dim for a time. Great looking site, tight'n'right.
Like much of New Orleans as time goes on and the waters roll over da'rockin, all the jagged edges seem to be getting buffed off, smoothed over. Yet They still advocate secession...
--and that's a good thing.

Will Fey Ray Nagin Lose His Dallas Palace?~Clancy Dubos

The genie-soul of the place
~Odd Bits of Life in New Orleans

~The room announced in understated ostentation:
"here at the Historic New Orleans Collection we are about the business of history.

Strawberry Napoleons, Mint Juleps and Recipes That Work
~New Orleans Can Thrive

Single Men Social Aid & Pleasure Club Second Line Parade Today
~Big Red Cotton

R.I.P Jerik
On the night of August 28th Katrina which filled the TV radar screens hugely, being larger than all of Louisiana and half of Mississippi combined, began to arrive. My apartment was directly under a flat, tapered roof, thankfully windowless in the center of a large 180 year old brick building that had weathered many storms before. I believed it would stand through one more, and was willing to bet my life on the outcome.
Thank Youz: Nicolette/post, Tawnee Lynne/photograph
~Editilla Notellas~ This news of Jerik's passing came late to me.
I remember him during "The Troubles" that first week of the flood after the levees failed. He was a good person to have around at such a time in our damn'nation. Still, his name has been called --better late than never-- and he is going home.

New Orleans' Marcus Brown's musical sculpture 'HUMs' its own tune ~Doug McCash

In spring, a columnist's thoughts
turn to gardening~Angus Lind

Café Des Amis, Breaux Bridge
~The Splendid Table

Sunday Funnies~Citizen K

Sunday Slabbed

Midnight Bayou: Haunting Romance in New Orleans
~Jerry O'Connell is appealing as Declan Fitzpatrick, a Boston lawyer who moves to New Orleans and buys a restored plantation manor that everyone says is haunted. He sees the ghosts right away.
They're fucking everywhere don'chya'know.

– Unity in the Community

Joe Krown Trio feat. Russell Batiste & Walter "Wolfman" Washington at the Maple Leaf