Saturday, February 4, 2012

More criminal charges for former Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard
~Also~River Birch landfill owner yet to collect on loan to Garland Robinette

Since I’ve gotten so much free legal advice over the past couple of days lets talk 1st Amendment and Defamation ~Slabbed

Lee Zurik Investigation: Will feds raise the pressure on Hingle?

Jay: Indy's nice, but it ain't New Orleans

FEMA grant helps restore N.O. archives
~Editilla Hellotellas?~ We hopes they store these archives upstairs this time?

Sen. Mary Landrieu promotes New Orleans as site for patent office

The historic way to transport bulk loads still used, take the Ohio River for example
~"A barge puts out 19.3 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per million ton mile, as compared to the 29.6 tons put out by a train and 71.6 tons put out by a truck. He added that a barge carries an average of 1,750 tons of material but a single truck or rail car is not able to haul nearly that much." You would need 16 rail cars to haul that one barge worth or 70 trucks on the road," said Lin Prescott, an economist in the Corps' navigation center.

Craig Giesecke: The chef’s meal
~Uptown Messenger

Mardi Gras Parade Season is Off to the Racy ~NOLA DEFENDER

Today, Get Yo' Crimes Against Nature...ON!
~Wearing a V for Victory and an A for the Apocalypse in carnival colors the 2012 Parade this year is on Saturday, February 4, 2012 and the Krewe will be rolling and stumbling through the Marigny Triangle and the Lower French Quarter.
This year’s Queen is Deon Haywood, executive director of Women with a Vision.

Friday, February 3, 2012

The problem with the media coverage of Tourism Libelists Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret in Canada is it is built upon a foundation of straw ~Slabbed
Football is just a game, but it's powerful
~Steve Gleason

Whodat! DREW! This was as close as any Saints game!

Corps of Whingeneers ~Fix the Pumps

Sheriff’s deputy indicted after inmate says officer forced him to perform oral sex in jail
~Matt Davis, The Lens

Drainage projects on Napoleon, Jefferson and Louisiana to disrupt streetcars for several months at a time
~Uptown Messenger

New Orleans Police Department should replace bad policy with good judgment
~Jarvis DeBerry

Aaron the peeps have been telling tales on you ~Slabbed

Buddy Roemer for President: Pro-Life, Anti-Big Money, Pro-Awesome
~Marin Cogan, GQ

Roemer can get fed campaign match

Governorcist Jindal's economic plan asks parishes to embrace --at a potential loss of $25 million in annual tax revenue

Critics of restoration projects financed by BP money argue for more public input

Waterkeeper Alliance sues company over '04 Gulf oil spill begun by damage from Ike

Levee inspection makes waves in Beardstown, Ill~“The whole insurance thing to me is the Corps shifting responsibility to the people,” Bley said. “The Corps did all the maintenance and were the policemen of their own work forever. Now, the Corps says, ‘We don’t want to be responsible.’”

~Hat Tweet ~Tomorrow there's the African American Hertitage Festival at the New Orleans Children's Museum Feb4 from 11-4.

Abita Specialty Night: The Avenue Pub 2/15

Guest Bloggle ~Blackened Out

Maw in Law's Super Bowl Shrimp Dip

Crawfish season has gotten off to a slow and pricey start

~Hat Tweet the Pun~Dandada da da da daaaa! Yay! And we are calling it! The winner of the 2012 King Cake Death Match is

Decorate Your House For Mardi Gras
~Visual Vamp

Sunday: Treme Sidewalk Steppers second line parade~Big Red Cotton, Gambit

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

BREAKING: Nova Scotia Justice Suzanne Hood awards Trout Point Lodge damages against Slabbed and injunctive relief.
~Hat Tweet ~OMG! The Girls have issued a wanted poster!

Fans vote Brees best quarterback of 2011

Harder Than You Think ~moosedenied

Jindal’s Plan: Gut Public Education (Part Two of Two) ~CenLamar
West Bank levee board raises concerns about Marrero floodwall with Corps of Engineers~Paul Rioux

Export Advocates Urge Congress to Reform Harbor Tax

Trout Point figure dead in New Orleans
~South Coast Today

U.S. Supreme Court refuses to stop La. Citizens Insurance judgment

U.S. House Republicans' transportation bill would expand oil, gas drilling

New Orleans logical spot for Pro Bowl

Jean-Paul Villere: The Freret St. Boxing Gym is no longer on Freret. Discuss
~Uptown Messenger

Group threatens JCPenney boycott because of Ellen DeGeneres~Kevin Allman

SanFraNOLA brings together two coasts, two cities

A tree grows in Orleans — in fact 10,000 new ones since 8.29.05~The Lens

Group of Grads Seeks to Revitalize Krewe of Freret's Spot on Carnival Calendar

NOLA Brewing Co. Flambeau Red Ale Release Party ~Blackened Out

New Orleans Abita Can Release Pub Crawl!


BradRhines talks to one of the partners in the burger popup phenom about the move to Liberty's Kitchen

Big Girls Don’t Cry: Top Ten NOLA Valentine’s Restaurants
~He Said/She Said NOLA

~Hat Tweet ~Suddenly craving an ice-cold schooner of Abita and a bbq shrimp po-boy. Welcome to Twitter !

G. Love talks blues, New Orleans and his new album, 'Fixin to Die.'
~Alison Fensterstock

RIP Don Cornelius

Peace in the Second Line
~Bradley Yates, INVADE NOLA

2012 New Orleans Jazz Fest poster of Trombone Shorty is a gem

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

No Obit for Roy D’Aquila???? Rampant speculation has begun ~Slabbed
~Editilla Brotellas~ We're keeping a close watch on Slabbed as t day a Nova Scotia Judge will rule whether two, 2-bit hooligan partners of Aaron Broussard will be able to blow our favorite blog off the Internets.
~Also~Canadian Goose and Gander: A Guest Editorial by Timothy Gillespie of the SouthCoast Today
~Southern Gothic: SouthCoast today has posted an extensive account of yesterday’s court proceedings to silence journlaistic inquiry in Yarmouth
~Update~Slabbed has been granted a 1 day stay of cyber execution

Settlement reached in 'Who Dat' lawsuit, but fight may continue for some

Property taxes due today for Orleans Parish
~Hat Tweet the Pun~ That's ok, Mitch'mo, I paid my double-over-estimated prop tax online, while you provide us with triple-unbelievable crime.

New taxi cab rules upset some operators

Pilot federal entrepreneur program launches in New Orleans~Hat Tweet @humidbeings

Corps installs gate at Industrial Canal

MS River company seeks permits to stabilize levee

Deadline for BP Oil Spill Settlment Approaches

BP tries to seal testimony, strike evidence in upcoming oil spill litigation

Oh look...BP's add cycle must have ended with WWL ~American Zombie

Consequences of oil spill in south Mobile County classrooms…
~Disenfranchised Citizen

La. Environmental Education Symposium for teachers set for March 9-10 in Lafayette

Saul Alinsky in New Orleans

Deuce McAllister Highlights 2012 Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame Class

New Orleans envy~Boston Herald

Pleased to Vieux Do: Alex Woodward on Krewe du Vieux's "Crimes Against Nature"

Money problems force Krewe of Brid to cancel Friday parade

4th Annual NOLA Eats King Cake Tasting Party

Cooking With Wine~Blackened Out

MVBurger lives on at Liberty's Kitchen

~Hat Tweet ~Delicious Hungarian food from Louisiana! Thanks for the tip!

What the Truck? Charles Maldonado on the latest food truck battles in City Hall and on the streets ~Gambit

Monday, January 30, 2012

BREAKING: Trout Point Lodge asks Nova Scotia Judge Suzanne Hood for $1,000,000 in damages against Slabbed plus a cyber execution for the blog.
If you value independent investigative journalism please support Slabbed
~The power of Slabbed derives from the power of community sourcing. With 2,000 plus daily unique visitors if everyone did just a little, Slabbed could get everyone a big time bang for the journalist buck (and fund a big time 1st Amendment lawyer). Please visit Slabbed.Org to find out more.
Editilla supports this blogger hell yeah Sinn Féin!

Tim Whitmer set to be arraigned in New Orleans federal court

Edwin Edwards out of ICU~WWL

Island left out of coastal plan~Amy Wold
~“It’s like telling people living there, ‘You’re not worth saving. It’s just not cost-effective to save you.’ ” Chris Chaisson, 28, of Pointe-Aux-Chenes, regarding the state’s plan for coastal protection and restoration
~Also~Prophetic words from those who have been forced to decide whether to stay and face more flooding or leave for higher ground.

Gulf Coast Environmental Destruction Highlighted By BP Oil Spill

More Oil Spill Obfuscation~John McQuaid

With trial pending, BP asks judge to cull experts

Something fishy about New Orleans Arena naming rights?

Bible-thumping on Bourbon Street at night barred by ordinance

The Beet Goes On ~Blackened Out

The Sweet Science: King Cake Death Match 2012 Final Lineup
~He Said/She Said NOLA

More celebrities added to Krewe of Orpheus

~Hat Tweet Big Queen Cherice~Profile of Guardians Counsel Spy Alison: "Young lawyer fights for social justice on her way to becoming a nun" | ...

Mardi Gras Indians: The Times-Picayune covers 175 years of New Orleans history
~In June 2005, Allison “Tootie” Montana of the Yellow Pocahontas, one of the most revered big chiefs, was speaking at a special New Orleans City Council meeting to discuss a St. Joseph’s night incident between Indians and police. Montana, 82, was standing at the podium surrounded by other Indians, recounting run-ins with the police that went back years. “I want this to stop,” he said, and then suffered a fatal heart attack and fell to the floor. While a police captain and bystander tried to revive him, the chiefs, Indian queens and spy boys began to sing the perfect tribute:
“We are Indians, Indians, Indians of the nation; wild, wild creation.
We won’t bow down, down on the ground.”

Uncover the mystery of Mardi Gras Indians
~Big Red Cotton, New