Saturday, June 27, 2009


Corps of Engineers schedule shows it won't complete all work by 2011 deadline~Sheila Grissett

Federal probe into deadly Corps flooding of New Orleans finally ends --AP's Cain Burdeau drinks the Red Cool Aid, puts out same PR from the Corps' Mouth!

Local filmmaker takes home prize at Tribeca Film Festival
~Mike Scott

New HIV cases jump in N.O. -Rise especially high among black men~Amber Sandoval-Griffin

Sales of empty lots pushed in Lakeview New Orleans
~Kate Moran

A Classic Case
~We Could Be Famous

Obama volunteers to rally at Charity Hospital today!

~Between 4 and 5PM TODAY,
Organizing For America will hold a rally in front of Charity Hospital to cap off efforts in support of President Obama's National Health Care Day of Service.

A Toxic Culture for the Heart
~World Class New Orleans

Genius in the Bottle
~Maureen Dowd
~As in all great affairs, Mark Sanford fell in love simultaneously with a woman and himself — with the dashing new version of himself he saw in her molten eyes.
No, he was someone altogether more fascinating: Marco, international man of mystery and suave god of sex and tango.
Mark is a conservative railing against sinners; Marco sins liberally. Mark opposes gay marriage as a threat to traditional marriage. Marco thinks nothing of risking his own traditional marriage, and celebrates transgressive relationships. He frets to Maria in e-mail that he sounds “like the Thornbirds — wherein I was always upset with Richard Chamberlain for not dropping his ambitions and running into Maggie’s arms.”

Where's your governor? A state-by-state glance in light of hay- rolling SC Gov. Mark Sanford

Freret Street business gives new twist to snowballs
~Emilie Bahr

Tulane professor wants Brad Pitt as New Orleans mayor
~Tulane University professor Dr. Thomas Bayer feels sure the movie star would make a great elected city leader, and he has listed his "13 Reasons Brad Pitt Should Be Mayor" online.

Putin invites Shell to join Sakhalin 3, 4 projects
~John Donovan

Citizen's Voice: No reason for secrecy of ash sites
~Dr. Bruce Tschantz

Old Chain of Rocks Bridge
~General Carlessness

2009 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition 6/28– 7/1/

Redfish courtbouillion
~Mosquito Coast

Degas House: The New Orleans experience through the eyes of a genius~Nicole Dufour

Second-line on Sunday in New Orleans honors Michael Jackson
~The New Orleans Social Aid & Pleasure Club Task Force is sponsoring a second-line in honor of the King of Pop Michael Jackson on Sunday, June 28, at 4 p.m., says one of the organizers.

Just a Song~ Citizen K

Local group talks the Cajun talk
~Andrea Alexander

The Ninth Annual Satchmo Summer Fest Is back!
July 30-Aug 2

The Birth Of A New Country Music Festival

Wade In The Water features Corey Glover 6/28
~Bold As Love

~The New York 2 New Orleans Coalition (NY2NO) is a youth-led, consensus-based organization made to create a network of young people who are interested in organizing and mobilizing across New York City. NY2NO works in solidarity with those most affected by the social, racial, and economic inequalities in both New York and New Orleans. Through this, the youth breaks down barriers and works together to combat racism and classism and move towards an egalitarian society.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


LSU routs Texas 11-4 for sixth College World Series title!
~Randy Rosetta
~LSU players, including Leon Landry (6), dog-pile after defeating Texas in the deciding game of the College World Series on Wednesday in Omaha, Neb.

Levees.Org Asks Landrieu to do More about Corps of Engineers alleged internet scandal

Slabbed welcomes Wayne Weiser: “Why Katrina was the fault of man’s malfeasence”

Nominees for the 51st Annual Press Club Awards

There Is No Crying In Politics! ~Hrrmph!

The Verbose Douchebag
~The Chicory

Majestic Oak, 275-year-old, desecrated at Audubon Park
~Bradley Handwerger

~After days and weeks of continued vandalism to a nearly 275-year-old Live Oak in Audubon Park, officials on Wednesday decided it was time to do something about the problem.
The Audubon Nature Institute hired Fred Radtke, (what?) a.k.a. the Gray Ghost, (huh???) to help erase the graffiti and carvings that are eating away at the tree, which was planted prior to 1740 as a wedding present by Ettienne deBoré, the plantner credited with inventing the process used to granulate sugar.
~More photos here.

Charity and the Expressway
~Odd Bits of Life in New Orleans

NO Inspector General sets up Web site, hot line

Fitch Rates New Orleans Swr & Wtr Bd Rfdg Bonds 'BBB-', Outlook Revised to Stable

Coastal erosion, remapping coastline~Charles Nunmaker

New Orleans law firm prepares for hurricane season with detailed disaster recovery plan
~Dave Raffo

FEMA Misspent Millions Intended For Katrina Victims
~Eileen Sullivan

~FEMA ignored the law and misused millions of dollars to build two warehouses after hurricanes Katrina and Rita, according to government investigators.

Deadline extended for NO public housing wait list

New Orleans' Homeless Struggle In Summer Heat

Senate aging committee hearing focuses on hurricane, disaster preparedness in nursing homes

Message Managed~First Draft

Battle in Appalachia's coalfields: Are the politicians listening?
~Sue Sturgis

~Editilla Notellas~ Remember, Matewan

Historic Senate Hearings on Clean Water Protection Act Today: We All Live Downstream
~Jeff Biggers

Gilad Schalit named Honorary Citizen of New Orleans

Houma craftsman hopes to float a record-setter~Laura McKnight
~Brian Eymard stands on the deck of his model offshore vessel June 17 outside his home in Houma. Photo: Emily Schwarze
~Mr. Eymard plans for this intricate, self-powered model craft — and its smaller tugboat counterpart — to soon sit in the “Guinness World Records.” “My dream has always been to be the most famous ship modeler in the world,” Eymard said.
“And these boats could do it for me.”

The 48-year-old mechanic and former shipyard worker plans to ride the 16-foot barge, accompanied by the seven-foot tugboat, across Lake Pontchartrain twice in efforts to set a world record for longest voyage made by a motorized model ship.

St. James the Major brownies recipe makes a really big batch
~Judy Walker

Who Did the Laundry at Walden Pond?~Robert Frost's Banjo
~H/T~Citizen K

New Orleans best bartenders gather at the Museum of the American Cocktail
~Todd A. Price

Famed Blue Room, Sazerac Bar Re-Open In New Orleans
~Editilla Hotellas~ That is a Photograph, ladies and gentle'rillas?

Coleman brings authentic New Orleans fare to the Lowcountry
~Elizabeth Laseter

New Orleans summers really can be cool~Cheré Coen

Jazz drumming legend Michael Carvin honored at Black Music Month celebration
~Manny Theiner

Review of Terence Blanchard's opening-night Ottawa International Jazz Festival concert~Peter Hum

Gastown Jazz~Salient Group

Tom Jones Definitive 1964-02
~2003 career retro- spective covers the period 1964-2002 with 93 tracks including all the massive '60s hits and rarities such as the famous Brits performance with Robbie Williams,
as well as a brand new interview with Tom Jones.
Features 'It's Not Unusual', 'Spanish Harlem', 'What's New Pussycat?', 'Thunderball', 'Green Green Grass Of Home', 'Delilah', 'Help Yourself', 'Love Me Tonight' and many more. Four CDs packaged in a digibook with a 64-page booklet featuring extensive sleeve notes, rare and classic photos, memorabilia, discography.
~Also~ Tom

Dave Douglas and Brass Ecstacy - Spirit Moves~Music & More

Goatwhore/Soilent Green Vocalist Joins New Orleans Thrash Band ~Brain Gell Radio

Just when you think... you think: "don't think".

~H/T~ Wonkette

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Floating Islands launched to land in lower 9th ward to help restore Bayou Bienvenue as "special place"~Amy Wold
~Jason Martin of Floating Island Environmental Solutions and Lower 9th Ward resident John Taylor paddle past a floating island that they anchored in Bayou Bienvenue in New Orleans on Tue.
~Group seeks to revitalize N.O. swamp
~University of Wisconsin at Madison graduate student Lea Farnier of France plants brackish marsh grass in one of two floating islands made of recycled plastic drinking bottles before launching them into Bayou Bienvenue in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, Tuesday. The pair of islands are part of UW-Madison's third annual trip focusing on the restoration of Bayou Bienvenue. ~All Photos: Patrick Semansky

State Admits It Has No Business Plan For New LSU Hospital?

Health Insurance Does Not Work Unless You Own An Insurance Company~Humid Haney
~H/T~We Could Be Famous

La. diploma with lower academic standards wins final legislative approval~Daily Comet

What impact does mining have on the environment? Duhhh...
~Big Green Purse

Anyone who thinks dousing our waterways or landscapes with such toxic pollution deserves to have his or her head examined -- even if that head is perched on the neck of a Supreme Court Justice. In a ruling decried by environmentalists, public health officials, and fishermen in Alaska, the Court voted 6-3 Lake to allow the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers -- the same folks who built the failed levee system in New Orleans, ahem -- to permit Coeur Alaska to dump its tainted slurry into Lower Slate Lake.

Help Stop Three More Bad Energy Decisions~Greg Heagele

Alexandria and the Cul-De-Sac Syndrome~CenLamar

Gov. Crist vetoes Fla. insurance deregulation bill

U.S. vulnerability to sea level rise
~Dr. Jeff Masters' Wunderblog

Big Easy Roller Girls
First Responders Charity Bout:
Crime Fighters vs. Fire Fighters!!
June 27 (Saturday) 7 p.m.

~H/T~ Dirty Coast

Petunia's closes doors in French Quarters~Emilie Bahr

NOCCA's summer culinary arts session gets teens cooking with pros ~Sheila Stroup

National Pralines Day
~Tom Fitzmorris

Inside the Magnolia Curtain

Take a ride on 'A Streetcar Named Inspire'~Susan Larson

11th annual Mardi Gras Indian Hall of Fame ceremonies

Contest :: Björk's Voltaic Screening
~Music Is Art

~June 26, 27
- New Orleans, LA @ Zeitgeist Arts Center

Ed Blackwell: Pentahouve
~Scott Albin

Panorama Jazz Band, New CD!

Louisiana musicians help in film score~Stacey Plaisance

Montreal Jazz Festival Getting Ready To Kick Off 30 Years Of Great Music ~Jazzman

What Does WWOZ Mean to You?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mardi Calls for New Corps Internet Scandal Investigation
~Michael Luke, WWL

~Sandy Rosenthal, founder of, delivers a formal letter to Laverne Saulney in Senator Landrieu's New Orleans District Office, calling on Sen. Landrieu to initiate an investigation into the Army Corps of Engineers over claims of a “coordinated abuse of public forums” following a WWL-TV story by Dennis Woltering.
~UpDate: Landrieu responds to request for investigation into alleged Corps'Intel'Pro attacks on local media outlets
~More from on their T-P blog

Great Falls levees may be victim of Corps Abandonment
~Two massive levees surround hundreds of homes on the West Side of Great Falls and in Vaughn, Montana; the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has been responsible for those levees for years, but officials have told KRTV that the Corps is getting out of the levee business. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was responsible for certifying and fixing the levees each year, but now the Corps is sending letters saying it will no longer do it.

Breaking: Expropriation Halted; Wheels Off The Wagon?

State halts land acquisition for New Orleans teaching hospital
~Bill Barrow and Jan Moller

Slabbed kisses the Blarney Stone and tells the story of Katrina’s Nutty Irishman

"Floating islands" to be launched today near Lower 9 to help restore Bayou Bienvenue

E Cigarettes New Orleans?

Bus rides between New Orleans, Baton Rouge to continue for another year~Chad Bower

Daryl Hannah, NASA scientist among 30 arrested at W.Va. mine protest

Fiction Turned Real
~A week after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, Abdulrahman Zeitoun disappeared.
Zeitoun, a Syrian-American businessman who stayed in New Orleans to protect his home and business, is the focus of this book that ranges around the world, with interviews from family and friends.

'Outrage' director Kirby Dick brings documentary to New Orleans~Mike Scott

LSU outlasts Texas in 11 innings

Terence Blanchard at the Ogden Concert Announced for July 31

Susan Cowsill Band Ready for Summer Tour!

Editilla just missin'yall is all...