Saturday, July 9, 2011

British Petroleum enters debt ceiling fray, demands spending cuts nationwide ~Disenfranchised Citizen
~Editilla does a late-night swig of bullshit in a silver cup~
These limey fucking bastards. They never sleep. That's why the sun never sets on their crumbled empire. I'm tollin'ya... we really should've apprehended Tony Fey Heyward and all of his ilk when they were here on US Soil. Fuck these assholes. So! Do we have a functioning democracy or do we have a Corporate National Socialist State? Well? Americans don't seem to understand that we are pitted against ourselves.

In this episode of Magnum J.D. the conclusion to our two hour special: Pimpin’ ain’t easy so let’s hop aboard the ho’ train ~Slabbed

EPA's Cross-State Air Pollution Rule ~Amy Wold

Launch Day and Aftermath
~Pontchartrain Pete

~Hat Tweet Pontchartrain Pete~Rocket Garden awesome.

One reporter's look back at the space shuttle era~Marcia Dunlap

Wife, son and son's friends help firefighter rescue crash victims in Poland, La.~Alexandria Town Talk

Catfish Fest this weekend in the ''Catfish Capital of the Universe''

Friday, July 8, 2011

BP comes out: says Fuck You All on future loss claims!
~Editilla bites a 50 amp fuse~ We should've arrested these criminal bastards when they were here, tarred and feathered them, then dragged their lying limey asses gagging through Barataria Bay.

LSU, Tulane granted millions to study health effects from Gulf oil spill
~Bill Barrow

In oil spill aftermath, Louisiana beaches ranked among America’s dirtiest
Space Shuttle Atlantis's Last Launch: A Look Back At The Most Historic Images
OV designation OV-104
Country United States
Contract award 29 January 1979
Named after RV Atlantis
Status Active
First flight STS-51-J
3–7 October 1985
Last flight STS-135
8- 20 July 2011
Number of missions 32
Crews 191
Time spent in space 293 days, 18 hours, 29 minutes, 37 seconds as of STS-132
Number of orbits 4,648
Distance travelled 120,650,907 miles (194,168,813 km) as of STS-132[1]
Satellites deployed 14
Mir dockings 7
ISS dockings 11

~Watch The Shuttle Launch Live
#STS135 Atlantis' launch, seen from above through the window of a Shuttle Training Aircraft. ~Hat Tweet @fofalex

BP oil spill, Katrina/Federal Flood show that we need a technology of thoughtfulness~Fred Commoner

The Big Uneasy Still Rolling Along: to Screen in Five California Theaters
~Also~Harry Shearer Talks About Tearing Down the Army Corps of Engineers in The Big Uneasy~SF Weekly

Up-Close Look at Louisiana’s Disappearing Marshes
~National Geographic

Not self-evident: Our founding documents weren’t created equal
~Mark Moseley, The Lens

I sense a bunch of pissed off Chalmations are digging dirt on Judge Ginger here on Slabbed.

New Orleans public hospital board scraps federal financing request with HUD, facing opposition

Jindal orders state worker hiring freeze ~Michelle Millhollon

Pedicab policies approved by New Orleans City Council

Causeway again ''world's longest bridge''~WWL

Plant sale Saturday at City Park features roses

2011 New Orleans French Film Festival viewers guide

Meet five Nola fashion bloggers ~~Susan Langenhennig

Leaving Las Vegas...Thank God!
~He Said/She Said NOLA

Beasts and Brass with a Shot of Fernet Branca~Blackened Out

~Hat Tweet Encierro 7/9 @ 8 AM SHARP from 600 S Peters. It's FREE. Wear white & red. Get there by 7 AM. Bring a friend.
After running with the bulls all morning Saturday you should go home and take a siesta so you don't miss out on the third annual Fiesta de Pantalones! Featuring the Latin boogaloo sounds of 2011 Big Easy Award Winner for Best Latin Band Los Po-Boy-Citos and a full tapas menu ... more info

New Orleans Airlift Kickstarts Swoon's Musical House

~Dithyrambalina will be a house designed as an interactive instrument intended to host visiting artists and neighborhood block parties.
New Orleans Airlift recently turned to the online fundraising site Kickstarter to help off-set the costs of construction. According to Airlift director Delaney Martin, “It’s turned out to be a really nice way to let people know about our project,” and, after unexpectedly being featured as the site’s “Project of the Day,” Kickstarter has generated interested among people who might not have known about it otherwise.

Black Feather Big Chief Lionel Delpit has become an ancestor
~Mardi Gras Indian Hall of Fame

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Road Home settlement will benefit nearly 1,500 homeowners

Eastern Gulf of Mexico system slightly better organized

Let them eat cake: The GOP Mantra is billions in giveaways for big oil but go f*ck yourselves on that wetlands problem you have ~Slabbed

Obama administration objects to bill with no funding for Louisiana wetlands projects

Corps freshwater project moves forward

As Flood Waters Recede, New Land Appears in West Bay~Delta Dispatches

Final gate on Morganza being closed

Several blame Army Corps of Engineers for MO River flooding

More oil than first stated in Yellowstone River pipeline leak
~Today the Department of Transportation said it took Exxon about twice as long as the company originally reported to plug a pipeline leak in Montana. That means much more oil than Exxon first stated has flowed into the swollen Yellowstone River. Locals complain that useful information is hard to come by.
And this afternoon, state officials walked out of Exxon's command center to establish an independent investigation. From the Marketplace Sustainability Desk, Eve Troeh reports.
~Oil from a ruptured ExxonMobil pipeline is seen in the Yellowstone River and along its banks near Laurel, Mont., Saturday July 2, 2011. The pipeline break was contained early Saturday morning but the spill stretched over dozens of miles. Photo: Matthew Brown / AP

Essence Festival Interrupts Racial Segregation in New Orleans
~Caroline Heldman

Sula Foundation summer fundraising drive!

LSU adds electric car chargers

Guest Blogger Arielle Schecter: Weird Shit from the New Orleans Public Library ~NOLAFemmes

Interview: St. Roch art impresario holds forth from Tasmania on the wreckage left behind
~Ariella Cohen, The Lens

~Hat Tweet @ the Pun~Kira “Gutter Gucci” Kaechele’s bagged on d carpet

The Beast Speaks, Interview with Nathaniel Zimet~Blackened Out

Press It Bistrot & Automat opening in CBD~Coleen Rush,

Air Sex Season 3: New Orleans
~Humid Beings

Running of the Bulls 2011: red, white and wine all over ~Gambit

Paying Musicians on Frenchmen–How Do We Do It? ~offBEAT

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Corps of Engineers' delays are harmful to Louisiana's coast: An editorial

Sands of time jam the gears of progress and bureaucratic quicksand traps sand nourishment project.
~Len Bahr, LaCoastPost

The Great Flood of 2011
~Delta Business Journal

Senator McCaskill calls inquiries by Corps of Engineers seeking property along Missouri River insensitive

Stennis Space Center invites public to free viewing of final space shuttle launch Friday~Also~Critics of ending space shuttle era say NASA is ignoring its 'backup plan' rule

Not one, is not unreasonable…
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Websites Told To Remove Video of BP's Hayward Deposition

Edwin Edwards' house arrest is over

Boston is more familiar with corruption than New Orleans
~James Gill

Pedicab success pivots on City Council opting for merit selection
~Alan Williams, The Lens

Blighted school-owned cottage draws neighbors' ire~Uptown Messenger
~Also~Celebrating Energy Independence with Joule Energy

Louisiana Legislator Girod Jackson back in the news and this time it is not for ripping folks off or getting no bid contracts from Jefferson Parish ~Slabbed

Jindal possessed, vetoes 3 bills that he's already signed!

Jim Hopkins on Gannett and the Future of The Town Talk and The News Star ~CenLamar

Black-white mix-ups in Louisiana small-town palette
~Carol Forsloff, Green Heritage News

Indian tribes welcome much-maligned Hurricane Katrina FEMA trailers

La. researcher uses light to grow bigger crawfish

Running of the Bulls in New Orleans
~In its fifth year, St. Fermin festival puts a New Orleans twist on a Spanish tradition

NOMA posts new video about Swoon’s “Thalassa”~Invade Nola~Also~War of the Worlds: Julia Street VS. St. Claude Arts Districts

Equinoctial ~Jack Hays, The Spring Ghazals

~"Gerbers", acrylic on canvas, 12 x 12"~Polly Jackson

Eat Lafayette campaign runs from June 20th -August 15th!
~Hat Tweet Ian McNulty

~Hat Tweet ~Nice post. Beautiful photos! RT : Commanders in New Orleans

Winesday~Blackened Out

Cream Biscuits~Serious Eats

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Caminada shoreline restoration project is ready to go, corps says
~Mark Schleifstein

You Pop the Popcorn, We'll Send the Movies~Gulf Restoration Network

Permanent pumps slip to Katrina 10th anniversary~Fix the Pumps

In the Absence of A Giant: A Personal Remembrance of Ray Deter
~The Good Beer Seal
~Hat Tweet

The Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso: A reign of uninterrupted criminal malfeasance and ‘quid pro quo’ corruption part 2. A Whitmergate guest post ~Slabbed

New Orleans' new deputy mayor to oversee recreation, sanitation, permitting ~Michelle Krupa

School Daze: Reimagining Learning in New Orleans with Skillshare

New public comment rules inspire confusion as well as criticism
~Karen Gadbois, The Lens

NOPD Commander under investigation and reassigned ~WVUE

House arrest ends Wednesday for Edwin Edwards ~WWL

New Orleans' recycling effort not a waste, but has a long way to go

Paint Recycling Coordinator Job Opening at The Green Project

~Hat Tweet Capt. John Swallow~RT : There's that 42,000 gallon figure again. hmmm> Cleanup effort underway after (PBS)
~ ~MODIS satellite image on June 14 captures Conoco-Phillips in China's Bohai Bay -

Get hip to Holy Cross
~Uptown Messenger

Zack Kopplin of RepealCreationism Speaks on High School Activism

Wild dog pack in Mid-City ~Gambit

10-pound Chihuahua is snatched by coyote in City Park

Deconstructing the Season 2 Finale of 'Treme' with Coco Robicheaux and Mike Kimmel~NOLA DEFENDER
~“I tell ya, they’re some of the nicest people I ever worked with. I’ve worked on a lot different movies and TV shows, and they’re the nicest people I ever met. They even let me drink one time, and I know that’s a big no no. We were filming so long one time at Apple Barrel and I said, ‘Man, I don’t really need any, but I sure would like one.’ And then they called me back, so I knew it was alright. Beautiful people. I think it’s done such good stuff for the city and the people.”

Suit lobs curve in snowball fight

New Orleans' Best Bars 2011 ~Gambit

Ideal Market ~Blackened Out

Grayson Capps, “Coconut Moonshine”
~A behind the lyrics interview by Davis Inman for American Songwriter.

Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th, Ani DiFranco, Blue Nile, British Petroleum, Barack Obama
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Happy Birthday Mominem!
~Hat Tweets ~Today's Events: America parties in Broadmoor, Bywater, Algiers and da Quarters
~: Celebrate With A Bang: Fireworks Schedule For New Orleans Area

~ the Pun~Happy 4th, New Orleans

The American Cajun~Wendy Rodrigue
~George Rodrigue also uses his portraits of politicians to reinforce this Cajun American pride, such as this campaign painting of former Governor Edwin Edwards, a Cajun from Crowley, Louisiana. 1987
~Editilla Beautellas~ We know some folks get weird about his Blue Dog all over the place, but I've loved Rodrigue's paintings for years and have no problem with the man making it big. He paid his dues and continues to give back to the state and New Orleans. I'm particularly into his swamp works.
His home in the Marigny is near my former writing studio, where I rode out the storm and Federal Flood for 7 days. About a year before that, we met one morning on the banquette, dog walking. My Flora just loved him immediately. I didn't find out until later who we'd met. That's still cool enough for me. Dogs know...

High River Journey~Nola Defender
~This spring, Brett Ciccotelli set out from Pittsburgh in a kayak. He was headed for New Orleans via the Mississippi River, chronicling the communities and adjacent industry along the way. On the day we celebrate America, Ciccotelli recounts his southward paddle, reminding us of the many ways the country is connected.

Complex Systems Engineering Principles
-Active Response and Soft Failure: A visit to the US Army Corps of Engineers in New Orleans
~New England Complex Systems Institute

Katrina-like chaos may be avoided by new military command
~The Defense Department is grooming a new type of commander to coordinate the military response to domestic disasters, hoping to save lives by avoiding some of the chaos that plagued the Hurricane Katrina rescue effort.The officers, called dual-status commanders, would be able to lead both active-duty and National Guard troops -- a power that requires special training and authority because of legal restrictions on the use of the armed forces on U.S. soil.

Oysters may survive river flooding
~Nikki Buskey

Video: Montana Oil Spill in Yellowstone River
~Deja Vu All Over Again: The state's governor says ExxonMobil is guessing about extent of damage.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

USA 3.0~Harry Shearer
NASA and Slidell: A long marriage ending with final shuttle launch on Friday~Ramon Antonio Vargas
~The last space shuttle launch, scheduled for Friday, represents the splashdown in Slidell's storied trajectory as a base for the nation's aerospace industry. Compared to the city's heyday as a NASA town, few Slidellians today remain involved in NASA-related activities, such as planning that is under way at Stennis for the next-generation Orion explorer. Nonetheless, many in the Camellia City remain optimistic about the role the region can play in the uncertain future of U.S. space exploration.
1990, Quality control workers at Martin-Marietta's Michoud assembly plant in New Orleans examine the inside of a shuttle external fuel tank.

It’s not easy going green~Energy company’s switchgrass experiment fails at Big Cajun II~Ted Griggs

'Unsatisfactory' New Orleans employee isn't alone: Jarvis DeBerry

LA Governorcist Bobby "Brady" Jindal allows online betting at horse tracks?

Corps' flood planning criticized

Big Muddy: It's No Simple Challenge
~Tommy Clarkson

~"Ya' can't pack 150 pounds of potatoes in a hundred pound bag."
The symbolic "sack" in this analogy is comprised of six mainstem dams that strive to hold in check the river that stretches from Three Forks, MT to St. Louis, MO. These structures were constructed from 1940 to 1955 by Corps.
They, along with 582.2 miles of federal and 70.6 miles non-federal levees - in addition to levees not in the federal program - presently strain to hold the overflow from these reservoirs in check. Near its capacity, behind those dams, lies 73.1 million acre feet of water. Just how large is this rather incomprehensible number? By way of example, if a person lined up one cubic foot jugs of water, back to back, they would stretch to the sun and back nearly six and half times!

Georgia's water wars now turns on Corps~Atlanta Journal Constitution

Exxon says Montana crude leak "could have been" 1,000 barrels

Heavy rains from Arlene kill 11 in Mexico ~Wunderblog

New Orleans street art
~Jill of All Genres

Today's events: Dee-1 CD release at the Maison, comedy at A Shotgun Near You, and British film at Zeitgest
~Nola Defender

~Hat Tweet @~Shamarr Allen's Annual Birthday Bash and CD Release Party! Tonight at 10pm Maison @ 508 Frenchmen

Editilla is SO PSYCHED about Hugh Laurie's Blues Album!

*Also, check out Our Herolero on Tipitina!