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Samedi~ Ice Holes and Forkin'Lineages... ~~~Lines and How To Double-Cross'Em

'Sperm limits' sought
~Cha Cha Pitoulas
~Plan to sterilize, dump, underpaid state legislators gaining momentum.
Eugenics is the self-direction of human evolution.
The black-and-white portion of the above image is the actual logo from the Second International Eugenics Conference back in 1921, which depicts eugenics as a tree that unites a variety of different fields. It has been modified to show what the tree might look like if state Rep. John LaBruzzo (R-Metairie) has his way and begins to have the state sterilize poor women at $1,000 a pop. (Photo illustration by Rudy M. Vorkapic)

Yael Naim - New Soul~Dear Aydin
~fo'da Little Guys

As the husband of my grandmother, I am my own grandpa! My name is RenaissanceRe.~slabbed

Bridge To Nowhere
~Harry Shearer

Own-the-shit society
"hedge fund for the people"
~Your Right Hand Thief

Shred immediately ...
--send directly to floodwall
~Library Chronicles

~Editilla Notellas~
The above two ledes have a "general link"...
--'cause I always have trouble
picking just one of some of these nolabloggers' posts...and that is
if I can ever stop laughing! So have fun scrollin...
--sure beats trollin I always say.
In Recently Closed “Sun”,
How Ike Recovery In Houston Has Been Community-Driven

Poll: Many say not enough done to help N.O.

No immunity for feds in FEMA trailer lawsuits

Zachary chemical plant part of sale~New York-based Arsenal Capital Partners’ announcement Friday to buy Ferro Corp.’s fine chemicals business, including a Baton Rouge-area plant, centered around the rising popularity of hybrid electric vehicles, and the batteries that power them.

Contango Oil & Gas Report

United Fruit Company
in New Orleans~A Minha Vida

Chopin House Burns to the Ground~CenLamar

The Iguanas bounce back from a tumultuous five years with a strong new CD

Music highlights
~Due to ongoing repairs in Armstrong Park, the second Congo Square Rhythms Festival -- established last year by the nonprofit New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation to celebrate the historic space where enslaved Africans danced to traditional percussion, laying the rhythmic groundwork for much contemporary music -- moves to Bayou St. John at Orleans Avenue, the launching point for Mardi Gras Indians on Super Sunday.

Wilcannia Mob - M.I.A.
- Mango Pickle Down River
~The G Manifesto

Friday, October 3, 2008


Group challenges ASCECORPS
'Sweet 16' to return medals

~One ASCE member, Billy Edge claimed his work was complete by the time the final report was issued, and so would not give his medal back.
When asked about Mr. Edge's assertion,
Carlton Dufrechou, executive director of Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation had this to say:
"...I appreciate Mr. Edge's opinion. Here's the however - credibility is based on trust. Trust between any two entities develops primarily from experience and exposure (track record). While I do not see an ill intent from the ERP or Mr. Edge, the track record/ handling/ coordinating/ managing the review process post Katrina has been less than stellar. Bottom line, you've got to go above and beyond to build trust and credibility. The awards are likely warranted but it would have been much cleaner if they were presented after the final report was released...."
~Editilla Futher Compostas

Mississippi dreaming while North Carolina has nightmare ~slabbed

Transparent Bias by Times-Picayune Editors [Updated]
~We Could Be Famous

Katrina's Unlearned Lessons Leave Financial Mess
~Dick Meyer
~Hat T'n'T- Joel G. Goodman

America Betrayed ~PopMatters
~Early in Leslie Cardé’s smart, galvanizing documentary America Betrayed, Time Magazine's Michael Grunwald calls Katrina “a manmade disaster.” More specifically, he calls it a “government creation.”
~{Local Highlight}-->The film also points out the Corps’ efforts to monitor or correct itself. Sandy Rosenthal, founder of, says “The bottom line is, you investigate yourself, what are you gonna find?” Students at Newman High School also appear in a video to support the 8/29 Investigation.
~America Betrayed is screening at the
Tacoma Film Festival, 2-9 October 2008, and at the La Femme Film Festival in Beverly Hills, 16-19 October.

According to Legal Counsel: due to the Fact that We Paid For Their Expensive Advertising, We Have Every Citizen's Legal Constitutional Right To Publish This Former Bumper Sticker on This Ladder As Evidence in Our Coverage of Wasted Tax Dollars by the Exquixotic Corps of Engineers in the Federal Flooding of New Orleans.

Actually the Corps of Engineers is Mercenary Strong.
~“Without these guys we would not be able to get around,” said Colonel Mike Moon, of the US Army Corps of Engineers, as he was driven by the Aegis security detail north of Baghdad.

oxymoron, shmoxymoron
~Michael Giordona

~Editilla Compostas~
Then she casts us a that “Flo'ksy Waitress Wink”?
Winked? At Me? Nudge Nudge???
I went soft all down there and just knew that my coffee had grown cold and this bitch doesn’t do refills.

Hat T'n'T~Citizen K

Chasing Ray
~A lot of folks are jumping on her (and rightfully so) for her acute inability to give Katie Couric the name of one decision, other than Roe v Wade, that she disagreed with. One decision ever. One decision in the whole history of the Supreme Court. But here's the thing that really bothered me about her silence. Alaska was on the receiving end of a major Supreme Court decision just this last summer.

New Orleans Council Investigates City Demolition Program~"There may have been cases that the wrong house was torn down, but I'm not aware there are very many," said Paul May, of the Safety and Permits Department. Huh? We Beg To Differ?

Renting your Condo as a Corporate rental? Extra Income!

~~Special thanks fo'da pic: Nancy Scola
A New InfrustructureBank: "Investment Loans Bundling" from Wall Street to Main Street?
~The issue here is not the efficiency of capital markets but rather the efficiency with which federal programs work and spend funds. The purpose of the National Infrastructure Bank would be to use federal resources more effectively and to raise additional funding. We propose this bank because we believe that markets for capital do work and can be harnessed to solve the critical shortfall in funding infrastructure.

BCLC Disaster Assistance and Recovery Program

Normalized Prices
~Normalized prices are used by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and other Federal agencies to evaluate the benefits of projects affecting agriculture.

Army Corps looks at restoring wetlands damage. Uh'Oh...

HNTB Federal Services wins $12M Army Corps project

KBR to aid Army Europe projects

Port settles with insurer over Katrina damage

New Research Finds Men Turn to Web More Often Than Women When Hurricanes Threaten

Kevin Allman Named Editor of Gambit Weekly
~Editilla chin'schillas~Congratulations Kevin!
Big gumshoes to fill and a hard decision for Clancy to make given the talent from which he has to choose.

Editilla has followed this rapscallion pun'slinger across the verdant page --and even through the Verdi Marte.
Yea and verily ve have as vell, secretly, hoisted a few
Standing Right Next To Him (HA!). Priceless! Sooo'lemme toll'yaz, we are in good hands.

Another reason not to hate to love Brad Pitt
~richard at MetBlogs

Hurricane Katrina Returns To New Orleans To Apologize
~The Onion
~Hat T'n'T- Humid City

Play looks at life on a bridge, post Katrina

And Call It New Orleans…
~Xavier Section 23

Fabulous New Orleans seafood sauce

SF Hound Needs Advice,
Critique of Food Itinerary
~Chowhound New Orleans

Two New Orleans restaurateurs share a taste for fine art and fine food ~Doug MacCash

Harvest the Music Thursdays at the Square ~Craft Mafia
~Every Thursday in October, stop by Lafayette Park in New Orleans at 5pm for free live, local music and live, local crafters selling their wares! The free concert series benefits The Second Harvest Food Bank.
Local NOCM crafters Bayou Salvage and Unique Products will be there every Thursday this month with their fabulous handmade goods.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Three Little Bigs
From Rope-A-dope Collaborative

The Tao begot one.
One begot two.
Two begot three.
And three begot the ten thousand things.
~Tao Te Ching
Just ain't alot ya'can say about Zen now is there, eh? HA!
But, still, we try and such is the Joy and Life of Art for yer oh'so humble Editilla. It is one of the few things these days which begs me pause, breath or a second thought as arguably the last thing we have to keep the hellhounds at bay disrailed Post Apocalypse NO.
To me Fine Art speaks for itself. Res Ipsa Loquitur.
She also takes care of fools and errant troubadours...
--thank Goddess!

The picture above may not be quite "Life'sized" though the Books thereof are truly so, weighing in at perhaps 1/2 oz in toto,
and 4 1/2 X 3 1/2 inches, about the size of a cigarette case.
But, then again, how "big" does an expression have to be to carry "Life" or reconnect us with our reality? The smallest thing we used as our singular identifier was once the Thumb Print.
Now each of us can be had for a nano's ass all the way up to Steven Hawking's diagram of Universe as a four dimensional manifold which looks co(s)mically like that famous Zen Thingy: o...
Hence, the idea of printing and publishing a book run "Thumb'sized" has always struck me as novel.
(Sorry, couldn't help that one:)(Foot In Mouth Disease:)
But to show my own hand here, I wash them every time before handling one of these gorgeous little darlings.
They are Hand Made. They are a Sight To Be Held.

What, Friends, Is A City?, by Mark Yakich,
is printed, as each member of the tryptic, in an edition of 96.
Y'all better hurry then and call these folks at Rope-A-dope...
(--as such wondrous pieces of work won't wast wong!:)
Small vineyard, High Quality Vintage. Gourmet. Vajra Diamond.
This edition of 96 is for 8 poems, which are placed 4 to a section, which itself (each section) is folded together as its own book, and hand bound. These are contiguous placements that unfold in such a surprising way to give just 4 poems, their own of 2 Books in 1.
Nola Book Fair bookmakers of course know how this works, how the design and structure, the physicality of a Book --when so ingeniously applied-- will hold and present and preserve 1 Word as well and informatively as if it held 1000 words. But, it just delights Editilla to no end like opening a treasure puzzle.
Of course you will just have to hold it to feel the Author's name impressed on the hand silk screened covers. Just Beautiful.
But Mark Yakich's writing inside speaks even more so.
Here is one that grabbed me like a wrench:
After one draws a hundred
bodies from the river one
knows what all bodies look
like naked: it's not bone
here, a kneecap there.
But what if
you've never
a body?

The Painting, by Kate Schapira, paradoxically continues Rope-A-dope's 96 Unfolding of Literature. Paradox, the twin sista of Irony, in that The Painting is a Book. That is what I want to ultimately present here: each of these books and everything from their makers is A Work of Art on its own. However, unlike so many "Pretty Books of Poetry" these works would not exist without the marrow they carry inside which makes bleeding real.
In this, these bones are some of the prettiest I've seen dance.
Only this time the Book folds out into 5 squares to lay as an equilateral cross upon which to read the 4 poems hung there.
I just like to sit and look at the damned thing!
It has this regal deep purple inset sheet at each end, set in an off gray/blue cover which is itself impressed with designs and a simple color drip as if something bizarre spilt across it from the inside...Hell, I really have a hard time describing an Artifact which is so goddamned beautiful. Natural sensuality happens all over da'place in New Orleans in the blink of the eye on a sideways glance, but to think of these books as Made...
--just leaves Editilla speechless.
They speak for the damned and the blessed Sinn Féin.
Get Down! Get Back Up Again!
Really, I wish I could play music like this:

like age, alteration and handling
the painting as blue and pink smears
as women, men and trees, dresses and baskets
as series of visits or payments
as mustard and dark brown smears, later

as wall of the room that doubles
as bed and cardtable room, folds,
reopens, divides

Case Fbdy. by Kate Shapira, actually holds enough poems for a Table of Contents: 16. I saved this one for last since we know something of cutting up words (albeit where talented people use a scalpel Editilla generally goes for a chainsaw:) And, I have a link to another favorite Book not like this but much older and along the same lines: A Humument by Tom Phillips. I recommend y'all read all about what he did, but the coolest thing for me was taking a rather stolid, misogynous, racist, effete Victorian novel and transforming it into a completely different way'mo'betta story... --by covering each page with a painting and leaving open to view only certain "randomly" chosen words to tell the tale.
Really something lemme toll'yaz.
Here in Case Fbdy. Ms. Shapira states: "The titles and some of the language in these poems come from a found page of text from a medical journal or a book of unkown author, title, or date
(but presumably published after 1887)."

Weellll that about says it all, eh? HA!
Editilla always hangs onto any book which gives me a word to look up on the first glance. This time the word is: Fluctuant.
While one may think they know what a word means, I've learned with all things Rope-A-dope it behooves one to check it out.
(And Everyone Loves Medical Journal Stuff Right? Riiiight!:)
Kate Schapira knows how to use a scalpel:
At intervals
Coughing removes the streaks

on linen, replaces the blood.
If you were to. Rings, fluctuant,
are essentially chronic. In
sight of. Your held. No
room. There'll be no scar
to see. Procedures are
uncertain, syrups are soothing,
the doctors are very local. At intervals
the pin holds you to it and rages
in you, and reminds you. You're
in. They're sure. You will.
The table, covered in oilcloth,
will make a complete recovery.

We hope to have let this Fine Art speak for Itself here.
They did not ask me to do this "review". And like any good friend or fine thing, I can not recall how or where I ran across
Rope-A-dope Press. But, Editilla wonna toll'ya one thing:
we hope you all run your finger across them too. Soon.
I could go on and on about the Talent and Technological Dexterity behind these amazing these little books.
Why don't you all just check them out.
Gotta be the cheapest Book Shipping around.
Thank you so much to all the Authors, Artists and
Bookbinders of Rope-A-dope Press,
~Editilla O'rilla d'Aphasia

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


ASCE Buttons Its Lips
~David Winkler'Schmit

ASCE in da'Toilet~Masqued E'vinga!
~Editilla Gambita'Compostas~
David, you Editillero!
~But more importantly you have opened up a few Pandora’s boxes with this story.
~~Chiefly that Tom Jackson is a past ASCE president, has done decades of Contract Consulting Engineering for the Corps, worked on the ERP –Medal Winner– AND sits on the Levee Board? The “Independent” Levee Board?
The one with my hero John Barry on it too?
I would really like to know what John Barry might think of this Schmedaling Back'Pedaling.
I mean the guy’s got rocks ya’know?
I have heard him interviewed many times.
Da'Man does his homework.
I have read all of his work (Rising Tide twice) and really think he may want to join this conversation about the Appearance of Conflict of Interest on the Levee Board.
Really, what is up wit'dat?
And this from the print article:
[The February 2007 award presentation took place in Washington, D.C., with each member of the ERP receiving the Corps' "Outstanding Civilian Service Medal." Four months later, in June 2007, the ERP, which was funded by the Corps at a cost of about $2 million, published its findings. The ASCE press release accompanying the ERP report first raised the public's ire because it stated that: more than half of the Katrina-related deaths would have occurred even if the levees hadn't breached.]
aaaalll Editilla's!)
I mean is this not such Blatant Hubris... if not just Patently Stupid? Is such ASCE'Kickin Gall not the crux of this hard biscuit?
Did We the People give these Lying Murderous Bastads FORKING MEDALS for LYING about their Lying Murderous Bastad Ways?
Who Is Paying For This Backhanded Bastad ASCE'fakiring? Da'Bastads...Da'Horrrra.
Elvis would say --wait, Elvis is Dead...right?
OK Editilla says: Go To Hell ASCECORPS!
We have already Bought The Ticket!

["We are simply asking all the ASCE award recipients to do the right thing and give them back," Sandy Rosenthal, founder of]
--To which this ASCE'Holer responds:
[Billy Edge, a professional engineer who served on the ASCE External Review Panel (ERP), says that HIS work with the ERP was completed by the time medals were bestowed.
He adds: "I wouldn't return it."
Ho Yeah? How about I come and Rip that Good- Gimp Monkey Bling Reward Off Your Chest?
Baby Edge got His Medal so Fuck The Rest Of Us?
Editilla's gotta Room in Hell for you, brutha...
--just you and me and The Devil Makes Three
Would you at least be so good as to refund,
to We The People, the Money spent to fly your Sorry Ass to Washington DC (and house it in a fine hotel with nice toilets) so we could then Payola You Off with a Freaky Medal for Covering Your Industry's Failure? Can you give us an idea how in hock we are for just having you around?
Et tu Limpido Phallous Punkus?
This selfish creepo actually teaches?
Oh God Help Us.

This is the Point, Gentle'rillas:
We Paid So Dearly To Get Flooded in 2005!
Sooo, now We Pay More To Get Flooded Again. And, We Get To Pay Extra To Sho'nuff Lyin' Bastads --So That We Can Get Bullshitted About Why We Continue To Get Flooded!
No wonda Our Country is worse than broke...
--ASCECORPS has Flushed Our Honor down da'Toiliet!

Army engineers work on new New Orleans levee work

WA, Exquixotic Corps Seek Levee Consensus

The Failure of "Because I Say So"
~Harry Shearer

Other-toberfests~Ian McNulty

What's in your Die-Pod,
ghost whisperers?

Voodoo Experience Marks X

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mardi~Happy Rosh Hashana Youz Jews!

Post-Katrina Cleansing?
~David Winkler-Schmit

~"It was like a judge accepting
a gift from a defendant before issuing his verdict."
That's how the local flood-protection advocacy organization describes a panel appointed by the American Society of Civil Engineers to review the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers investigation into the Aug. 29, 2005, levee failures. Before the group published its findings, the Corps held an awards ceremony honoring the panel for its work. A recent report examining ASCE/CORPS-led engineering reviews suggests this kind of behavior leads the public to question the credibility of such reviews.
~Editilla gonna pulla gold tooth~
...and hand it to Ace Gambit Gumshoe Winkler-Schmit for staying so on top of ASCECORPS and its myrid, insidious, poorly mashed Public Relations Head Cheese.
How refreshing to read a Real Journalist Following Leads to Make Stories Come To Life.
This is why this Nolafugee follows Gambit for Vital News --rather than continuing to stumble through the so'called Daily News Paper, stubbing Editilla's big toe on
AssBuff republished Corps Press Releases about actions already taken out of public view....
--For We Trusteth Not Their Fouled Cheese!
While the afore'linked "reporter" deserves nothing but pie in their face for kissing ASCE, Winkler-Schmit should get a medal of his own for kicking ASCE...
--but, to avoid any semblence of conflict of interest,
maybe he could just buy himself one cheap off of ebay.
Or perhaps he could ask for the one that the Corps presented to
Tom Jackson, another
Medal Winner and also Levee Board Member.
We remember the "Independent" Levee Board right? Riiiight...

Sorry. Simon'says: appearance means everything.

More Picayune Press Release:
Corps identifies sites for pumps
~Sheila Grissett

~Editilla Notellas~Speaking of "Appearances",
we are getting so very tired of reading, having to hang,
Corps Press Releases masked as Journalism.
(as too the
assbuff article linked in the tilla'rant above.)
Equally, this press release today contains nothing that we would not have found in the very Corps website that completely informs this "article".
I mean...ya'gotta be forking kidding me!
Had Ms. Grissett not basically reprinted their spiel here as Headline, we would have had it shoved before us anyway by the
Corps Paid Advertisments on the Times Picayune website --which lead us to one of the Corps' expensively appointed websites. No Questions.
Jeez Louie! Talk about Conflict of Interests?
This looks like a Fucking Train Wreck of Interests!
No Context. No outside assessment. No 2nd Opinion.
Nothing but 3 pages of All Corps All The Time.
This is important. Why? Because the Corps is Paying Good Tax Money to Advertise in That Paper anyway. Because their Broken Word looks so much more valid and believable to have it written up as a Real News... --and they get a Free Copy Writer fo'Lagniappe.
Because ASCECORPS has proven itself time and again to not give us the whole truth, but The Return of the Idiot Bastard Son of Truth: PR Spin'filtration. Head Cheese.
They are Right Now under indictment. They are the subjects of the
Liability Lawsuit of the Century.
They flooded our city in 2005. Come on, remember!
We don't have time for this shit any more from "Press" that is now having to offer 700,000,000,000 excuses for not keeping its Eye on anybody's Balls since 2000!

$700 billion, pondering the possibilities ~Nancy Benac
~Seven hundred billion dollars is five times what the federal government has devoted to Gulf Coast recovery in emergency funds and tax credits since Katrina.
~Editilla Rebella Yellas~
Hella! For that kinda change, according to
ASCECORPS' Task Force Hope Director Karen Durham-Aguilera (---"not the singer," she always chides the press haha what a funny girl)(funny funny engineers),
we could build 58 Morganza Levees across Louisiana!
Or indeed we could have 70 completed levee systems surrounding New Orleans.
Damn, we could actually just use all that paper money as levee fill if the Times Picayune had not already grabbed that Corps contract. Other ideas.

Now this in post-Katrina world

Lockheed Martin cuts shuttle jobs in New Orleans

Fishing industry hurting in La.

Gustav cut Louisiana cotton yields by 58 percent

Hurricanes Wreak Havoc on U.S. Rice Industry

Plan urged for hospital, nursing home evacuations

Tipping Point
~We Could Be Famous

Post Turtle~Hrrmph!

Ragin'Cajun Honoré Joins CNN

Workers return from helping with hurricane relief

Dreadful Design:
Naval Research Laboratory

Literary Warrant [36]

Arch Capital Group Ltd. expects hurricane losses in the range of $105 million to $180 million

Loper Rebuilds Hancock Bank’s IT Infrastructure After Hurricane Katrina

MediConnect Offers to Donate Copies of Medical Records

Entergy Provides Storm Update

MMS provides Hurricane Gustav/Hurricane Ike activity statistics update

New Orleans: The Water Line

NOCM Trunk Show at Storyville in Baton Rouge! Friday
~For all of you in Baton Rouge who wish they could come to the fabulous Craft Mafia events going on here in New Orleans, we hear your cries! We're packing up and coming to YOU for one day only, on Friday, October 10th, at Storyville!

Katrina Evacuees Featured in New Documentary
~A documentary about Hurricane Katrina survivors who resettled in Houston after their lives were torn apart by the storm is scheduled to be shown in the near future, the arrival of Hurricane Ike forcing its postponement.

Creative Alliance of
New Orleans


Festival New Orleans d'London

Bingo! Parlour Profile #8: MORNING 40 FEDERATION

Talk'Back with Clint Maedgen ~offBeat

Soul Savers Halloween Soiree

Monday, September 29, 2008

Lundi ~Monday --don't let it bring'ya down ...jus'sayin...

Coming in October
~Reports from Reconstruction New Orleans

Pic of the Day ~ Pritania Waterline

Thoughts for the Day
~Our New Orleans Saints

Strawberry-Cream Cheese Coffee Cake~Serious Eats
~Editilla recapitulatas~We'jus tollin'yaz again... be careful...sometimes Monday ain't nuttin'ta play'wit!

~Dick Cheney (born on Monday) is the most influential and powerful man ever to hold the office of vice president. This special report examines Cheney's largely hidden and little-understood role in crafting policies on national security, the economy and the environment.

~Editilla Creeeepellas~He's out there. He has been Hiding Out there a loooong time...workin'da Inside. That's right. Workin. Da. Inside. He is New Old School. No'tella from'da Big Fella. The Fascist Groove Thang. Dicth Vader.

Jewish Federation Leads Campus Drive to Retain Grads

Have we no shame?
Race becomes issue in bailout ~slabbed

Residents: New Orleans razed homes without consent
~Some residents are asking a judge to hold the city of New Orleans in contempt for allegedly demolishing structurally sound houses without notice and failing to maintain an accurate demolition list, in violation of a consent decree.

Vocal Local Attorney's Home Ends Up On Demolition List ~Squandered Heritage
We here at Squandered Heritage are running out of steam.
The Demolition machine is out of control, telling people they have 1 hour to come get their belongings and then demolishing under the guise of Imminent Danger of Collapse.

People who evacuated for Gustav came home and found a Executive Order which was issued by the Mayor to “streamline” the process. Instead what it did was create a wave of unchecked and hostile demolitions.

Please write to your Counsil members and ask them to halt the process until Safety and Permits merges their databases.

Stacy Head
Jackie B. Clarkson
Arnie Fielkow
Shelley S. Midura
Cynthia Williard-Lewis
Cynthia H. Morrell
Ray Nagin
James Carter

Gasoline Shortages:
Our Inventory Problem
~Gail the Actuary

Pipe laying on the Energy Coast ~NODP
~Pipelines? You want pipelines?

Blackwater Midstream Agrees to Acquire 800,000 Barrel Port of New Orleans Storage Facility

This Week on Dan Rather reports from Congo
~where Freeport Copper (formerly ~ Freeport McMoRan) is engaged in wholesale buttfuggery and general predatory capitalist skulduggery. Photo: Irian Jaya Highlands, Indonesia,
by Scotty Grahm. Hat T'n'T~GN

Elevation grants come too late for some Road Home recipients

Food banks running low due to hurricanes

Insurers beginning to move into Louisiana

Restoring power to Port Fourchon crucial to industry

Fitch Rates Industrial Development Board of New Orleans Revs 'A' Underlying

Coast Guard picks local shipyard for billion dollar project

Use storm-water fees to fund Iowa flood control

Indiana Flood Victims May be Forgoing FEMA Aid
~Applications for emergency food stamps are outpacing those for federal disaster assistance more than 2-to-1 at recovery centers in flood-stricken northwest Indiana, officials say.

Everglades Restoration Stalled by Bureaucracy, Report Says

Monks stage quiet protest as world powers call for Burma reform~Women in bamboo hats, symbol of the National League for Democracy, gather outside the organisation's Rangoon headquarters to mark its 20th anniversary, as about 100 Buddhist monks in western Burma staged a peaceful protest march to mark the anniversary of last year's bloody crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators. Photo: AP.

Flooding Kills 41 in Vietnam

Storms force low-income residents to move
~Houma Courier

RBTT donates J$1 million to Gustav Hurricane Relief Fund

Blake's Blogging Brita!

My biker friend
~Tim's Nameless Blog

It's Called a Hurricane Fence for a Reason

Black Cultural Center arts ensembles to study New Orleans

Chopper City Boyz
Snipe: Wooow. My sound has one word, original.
You heard me?
Gar: Authentic fa’sho. Charismatic and demanding.

Goodness Gracious the Man is Everywhere!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dimanche ~Space...The Final Front Door

ISS007-E-10960 (27 July 2003) ~Alexandria, Egypt, is featured in this image photographed by an Expedition 7 crewmember on the International Space Station (ISS).
Founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt, Alexandria became a center of trade and learning in the ancient world. Alexander built the causeway between the Eastern and Western Harbors, joining Pharos Island to the mainland. Alexandria’s cultural status was symbolized by the lighthouse on Pharos, one of the “Seven Wonders of the World.” The causeway is still known as the old part of the modern city. Since the year 2000, underwater archeologists have located the sunken palace, ceremonial buildings and port facilities of ancient Alexandria, located along most of the curved southern shoreline of the Eastern Harbor. This detailed image provides a view of the modern port facilities in the Western Harbor, where wharves and many moored ships can be detected.

~NASA ISS On-Orbit Status, 9/27/08

Saints-31 / San Francisco-17

Old Media, New Media, and My Post-Katrina Blues ~Dr. Daisy

Let's get it going!~Houma Today

Monkey business in Presidential Debate~slabbed
"I think people really are missing the point about McCain’s failure to look at Obama. McCain was afraid of Obama. It was really clear–look at how much McCain blinked in the first half hour. I study monkey behavior–low ranking monkeys don’t look at high ranking monkeys. In a physical, instinctive sense, Obama owned McCain tonight and I think the instant polling reflects that… "
~Photo from: "executive", Monkeys Influenced By Other Executives
~Editilla Notellas~We in no way wish to disparage a comparison between: the sibling antics of aged gambling addicts, vicoden junkie ho's or strangely stacked VP bets and: the continued cowardly torture of Real Life POLEs:
Prisoners Of Lab Experiments.

The Masqued E'vinga Strikes Again!

Cashing in on public misery
~Leslie Cardé

~Leslie Cardé is writer, director and producer of the new film "America Betrayed"

Blessed are the poor, in theory
~James Gill
~Hat T'n'T-da'Librarian

Why is a U.S. Army brigade being assigned to the "Homeland"? ~Glenn Greenwald

Storm rages over city's Gustav response

The Littlest Evacuees

N.O. residents complain of blocked storm drains

Oystering shows signs of recovery

LSU 34 - Mississippi State 24

Liuzza's by the Track?
~Chowhound NOLA

Hospitals learn power lesson

Katrina Volunteer Invents Portable Showers For Disasters

Gustav damages Rural Life Museum

Prospect Park Paint Party!

A new chapbook of poetry by Richard Krech, Within The Curtilage,
is now available from
Bottle of Smoke Press.
This edition is limited to 100 paperbound copies.

A Review of Tanzer's
Lucky Man~decomP

New Orleans Afrikan Film Screening “Tsotsi” -Thurs, Oct. 2

On September 29, 2008 (or the 30th, depending on where you call home) MERCURY REV will release their seventh studio album, SNOWFLAKE MIDNIGHT.

Jackson Browne Launches World Tour in Support of 'Time The Conqueror'

~'Course yer oh'so humble Editilla likes to sing about "Time The Leveelator!"
...and then there's...
Diamond Vajra Queen Gillian Welsh:
"Time the Revelator"
Darling remember from when you come to me
that I’m the Pretender,
I’m not what I’m supposed to be
but who could know, lf I’m a traitor?
Time's the Revelator, Revelator.

They caught the Katey, and left me a mule to ride.
The Fortune Lady came along she walked beside,
but every word seemed to date her.
Time's the Revelator, the Revelator.

Up in the morning up and on the ride.
I drive in to Corning and all the spindles whine
and ever day is getting straighter.
Time's the Revelator, the Revelator

Leaving the valley and fucking out of sight
I’ll go back to Cali where I can sleep out every night
and watch the waves and move the fader.
Queen of fakes and Imitators
Time's the Revelator.

Sidney Bechet Society Concert with Evan Christopher, NYC
~all about Jazz

PHJB On The Road #2:
Mr. Charlie Gabriel

Jazzfest producers prepare a New Orleans music invasion of London

Taj Mahal Celebrates 40 Years of Recording on New CD

Bayou Getto Clique
- Onyamunkyaz