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Obama: Shock, Shit or ShiNola?
~Christi Parsons

~Reporting from College Station, Texas - In a glowing tribute to a Republican predecessor, President Obama on Friday praised President George H.W. Bush as an example of someone who eschewed "a life of comfort and privilege" and instead devoted himself to public service -- inside government and out.
Bwhahahahahahaaaa whew! Even Editilla can't field that one!
George H.W. Bush the Poor Community Activist! Hahahaha!
I mean...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA... I hafta go peeeee!
But, can somebody please tell us why the Big George has such a Boner standing next to His O'ner? Points of Light My Ass!
"There's no place for partisanship when a great American city is under water," Obama said. Riiiight, but there Was a place for it during his Tinkle-stop Tour(s) of New Orleans? Boo!
And with perfect damage control record spin: "He came without fanfare," Bush said of Obama's 2005 visit to the region.
"You might not always know it from watching the cable news shows or listening to folks on the radio," Obama said, but "I think we're standing in one of those moments."
We'll just let That one stand in it's own boots, since you all know by now in what Editilla thinks Obama is standing.
Perhaps some Gentle'rillas are too young to remember this Nazi-blooded Aristocrat's One Term in office. He lost re-election in no small measure due to his trickle-down barrel of voodoo dolls presidency, inaugurated with a speech written by Peggy Noonan known as 1000 Points of Light.
Perchance we may be witnessing less Irony here than Prophecy?
Hey Mr. President, IT'S THE LEVEES STUPID!
My God, is Obama really this far gone? Is this why he blew us with a 4hr Glory Hole, to go to Texas and suck off George Bush Sr?
Thus we see how this Commander in Chief can Lie with his Corps.
Hell, this Ho will Lie with Anybody for a little head!
In the interests of full disclosure (and to satisfy the requirements of my court-ordered aversion therapy) Editilla must remind our Gentle'rillas that I VOTED FOR THIS LIPSTICK PIG---the one on the left.
And lest anyone think Editilla is getting spooky now to question the veracity of Obama's grasp of the differences between Man Made and Natural Disaster, behold his man now running the war in Afghanistan. I'm not the one here talking to Spooks.

Obama Doesn't Get Katrina? ~The Atlantic

~It wasn't so much the brief duration of President Obama's trip to New Orleans that riled the Katrina-smarties -- the folks who've spent the past several years obsessing, healthily, about the destruction of an American city. It was that, when he spoke there, he got his facts wrong. And he got his facts wrong to such an extent that he convinced folks like Harry Shearer that Obama has no idea what really happened during Katrina.
"Hitting" New Orleans v. hitting Mississippi isn't a distinction without a difference. The truth seems to be that the hurricane devastated the region -- and the levees breached prematurely. The response was slow and inadequate, but the response was secondary, at least for New Orleans.

Barack Obama town hall speaker frustrated with pace of recovery from Hurricane Katrina
~Bill Barrow
~More than four years after federal levees broke and one day after he pointedly questioned the president of the United States about what's happened since, Gabriel Bordenave said he remains frustrated with the pace of recovery in the city he has called home since childhood.
And the 29-year-old Lake Charles native said he is nothing short of amazed that he was the only person at a University of New Orleans town hall meeting Thursday who queried President Barack Obama directly about rebuilding issues.
"I thought the topic was recovery," he said of the town hall, which featured 1,500 people who won entrance through an online lottery --EXCEPT FOR THE LITTLE KID WHO "ASKED" THE VICTIM/HATE CARD QUESTION AT THE END.
"I'm glad for the attention my question has gotten, not for me but for the plight of this city.
I hope it's the beginning of a conversation -- no, I hope it's the beginning of a new action plan for New Orleans."

~Editilla gelds a One Trick Pony, Obamaramas Honky Tonk Wise Blood~
We were all set to see our Hope Vote validated this past 8/29 Anniversary, but His O'ner blew our Holy Day in The City The Corps Forgot to go on vacation after only 6 months on the job and play golf at a Rich People's Place. Thus we saw the 'Hope' first begin to uncoil.
Then we heard about the White House trip to the Gulf, a 3 Hour Tinkle-Stop Tour, to check on the status of Hurricane Katrina recovery by A) Not going to Mississippi where Katrina actually hit, causing total devastation, and B) Going to New Orleans where Katrina did not hit and did not cause our total devastation
--thence we saw the 'A' -hidden behind his back, a foreign object.
Then the Big Show finally arrives amidst obvious disregard and Presidential hubris that we should all be so grateful the president took the time to come and blow smoke up our asses and use our wounded city to Campaign for his Health Care/Economic Thingy.

Butt, it wasn't until His O'ner opened his mouth and out came the Wise Blood channeling Elmer Gantry (as a Yankee might think we southerners behave in "N'Awlins") that Editilla saw the scene completed, saw the 'Dope'. That is when I saw His O'ner "just getting started" on his wind-up to whip us with Hope'A'Dope.
I knew we were screwed by this President then, but having his Plants Boo Bobby Jindal so His O'ner could do his Fake Southern Accent Thing cinched it. He was ready for that scene and played it to the Hilt, not for We The People Who Needed Reassurance, but for the National Media Spin afterward, which was his intent.
Not only did we get the Sham'Wow, but free of charge we also got Tiny Tim to God Bless Us Every One on the last of his mere 7 questions (none of which he answered anyway), when he Played the Victim/Hate Card with that little Gary Coleman Kid --who his office had picked ahead of time and who did not have to Play the Ticket Lottery for Tickets to the event. That was when my heart began to turn to Stone and sink beneath the turgid flood waters of this Out-House Stump Speech.

He opened with Staged Division: Lets Boo Republican Jindal, and he closed with Staged Division: Lets Boo Anyone As Haters Who Think Obama Is Putting It In Our Mouth Today With This Presidential Glory Hole Bathroom Stall Town Hall.
In short, he Punted us as a political football and Punked us as a Tourette Syndrome Political Step-Child. "Feisty crowd," he said.
HA! Oh, Brutha, Where Art Thou? Et tu Barack?
Editilla needed Barack Obama to show he is paying attention himself. I needed him to Be Here Now --not on his Hope'float Campaign Parade. What I did not expect to find is that our Smart New Progressive President doesn't know the difference between Shit and ShiNola, thinks Katrina hit New Orleans and caused our devastation and thus is covering for the Corps of Engineers Bad Pumps, constant project delays, Options 1 or 2 Extortion, Not Repairing their Bad Flood Walls and Shifting Around Millions in Flood Funding --right now today. The Commander in Chief did NOT take Command here, he took to the Campaign Trail.
New Orleans did not need to hear about his problems perfecting his Legislative Golf Game or his misunderstanding of Tort Law.
New Orleans needed a Face to Face Patient/Doctor Consultation.

Soooo, we will hang various other people's posts and articles on this as they come about. What we will Not do is continue Obama's Media Blitz about how he "showed leadership in New Orleans" on his first visit as President. He did not. But I don't Hate him for it.
I just don't accept Disaster Capitalism --or it's Messengers.

We Will Not Bow Down Sinn Féin.

President Obama's visit to NOLA
~We Could Be Famous

Liprap's Lament - The Line

My Thoughts On The President's Visit~Cliff's Crib

On the bumpy road to President Obama's visit to New Orleans
~Kevin Allman, Gambit

President Obama: VA Will Build Hospital Downtown
~Save Charity Hospital
Bill has federal money for local levees and coastal studies
~Nikki Buskey
~Absent from the bill, however, is money for Terrebonne’s Morganza-to-the-Gulf project, languishing more than a decade as a result of studies and bureaucratic delays. Tired of waiting for federal money for the system of levees, local officials are building 10-foot levees along the alignment already approved by the Army Corps of Engineers.
The federal version of Morganza is undergoing a re-study by the corps, and no federal money was dedicated to the project. That’s because that study is already paid for this year and all other work on the federal project has been stalled, said Landrieu spokesman Aaron Saunders.

The Corps in retreat?
~Monroe News Star

~Having the Corps of Engineers work on your levees is no guarantee they'll hold. Just ask around New Orleans. But having the Corps, with its federal authority and budget strength, desert your levees altogether might be worse. That's what the Tensas Basin Levee District is fighting now. The outcome of their efforts may have a dramatic effect on our region.
For eight decades, the Corps has been responsible for making major levee repairs in the Tensas District, which includes the Ouachita River. The federal government has funded infrastructure needs along the river and in the system. Now, the Corps says it lacks the authority for major repairs along the Ouachita that it has used for decades, back in the days following the Great Flood of 1927.Local officials believe that the Corps, stung by criticism of its levee work around New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, is also acutely aware of its liability for levees that fail. But the levees the Corps developed here have problems — big problems, Tensas District executive director John Stringer says — and this region lacks the resources to correct them.

Filling canals to restore Baratara marshes~Paul Rioux

Leslie Jacobs weighing N.O. mayoral race as Roy Glapion bows out~Frank Donze

Latino role in post-Katrina Nola examined at symposium
~Lolis E Elie

Idaho Gets Four Times More Stimulus Money in Contracts Than Louisiana~Aaron Glantz

How Appealing~Fifth Circuit reinstates lawsuit alleging that the operation of energy, fossil fuels, and chemical industries in the United States caused the emission of greenhouse gasses that contributed to global warming, resulting in the harms caused by Hurricane Katrina

Taking Conceptual Art on the Road~Benjamin Genocchio

Brewmaster Tom Conklin wins silver at Great American Beer Festival~Todd A. Price

Men Of Class Second Line Parade Sunday, October 18
~Red Cotton

Sgt Dunbar: Everything Is, Pt III
~Aquarium Drunkard

The Louisiana Music Hall of Fame's New Orleans Regional Inductions ~HOB

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Friday, October 16, 2009


Questions remain after Obama's New Orleans visit
~Becky Bohrer

Environmental adviser to review coast projects~Mark Schleifstein

An Exercise in Slow-Motion Urgency~Harry Shearer
Obama in New Orleans: Been and Gone and Got It Wrong
~Harry Shearer

~Clearly the people in the room enjoyed being in his presence. But, for those of us looking for even the semblance of substance, for just the sign that this President is not as clueless about the situation as the last President was, frankly, he could have saved the jet fuel.

~Photo of Obama with his Victim Card, courtesy of BAGnewsNotes

"Take Option 1 Now--or we'll Kill the Pumpy!" says Corps as it plays Russian Foolette with our Flood Safety~Sheila Grissett
~Corps holds entire city Hostage to get their way on Option 1
~Editilla grinds a fingernail~
OH! So THIS is why the President never said the words Corps of Engineers or acknowledged that we have Big Problems, during his entire Tinkle-stop Tour of New Orleans!
Aaaaahhh. So, why didn't we get this article during that week he was scheduled to blow off the city? Editilla had began to wonder if we would Ever hear about the Corps again at, especially about this Inoperable Pumps Scam.
Now the Corps is holding our Safety over our heads, like a little puppy over a cliff: "Take Option 1 or we'll Kill The Pumpy!"

Pennywise Part 4
~Fix the Pumps

Sewerage & Water Board pipe repair fund gets additional $17 million from FEMA

Watershed Nola

Ahoy WYO Fiduciary, Icy Waters of NFIP Lie Ahead!
~Bam Bam Bigelow, slabbed

"I'm not a racist. I just don't believe in mixing the races that way."~"I have piles and piles of black friends. They come to my home, I marry them, they use my bathroom. I treat them just like everyone else."~Keith Bardwell, Justice of the peace in Tangipahoa Parish, as he refused to issue a 2009 21st Century marriage license to an interracial couple out of concern for any children the couple might have.
If he did an interracial marriage for one couple, he must do the same for all, he said.
"I try to treat everyone equally," he said.
~Editilla Crow'tellas~ What'chu wanna bet this Justice of the Peace didn't Vote for our Interracial President? Bwhaahahahahahaaaaa Whew! Right, and as my own step-great aunt Katie Prince once corrected me as a child: "In this house we don't call them Niggers, we call them Niggras or Blacks
--because that is what we know they prefer."
After watching Obama's Blackface Hate/Race Card Town Hall Song and Dance in New Orleans yesterday, we expect it is only a matter of time before their "betters" come out to get the best of them... whoever "they" happen to be this time around.

Odd Words
~Odd Bits of Life in New Orleans

Teen Read Week at NOPL! Starts this Saturday ~nolabrarian

Crescent City Comics Art Party

New Orleans BBQ? Who'dat?
Buddy Guy, Bobby Rush, Irma Thomas, Sonny Landreth, T-Model Ford and many blues greats will perform at the fourth annual Crescent City Blues & BBQ Festival, a free event presented by the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation.

Happy Birthday to Static TV!!!

Bingo! Parlour Profile: ZYDEPUNKS

Clarence Bucaro’s Homage to New Orleans Out Now
~The Daily Rind

Editilla dedicates this to our current Cllllueless One Term President of the United States CLOTPOTUS

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Editilla blogs Tinkle-stop Tour Obama Blows a Glory Hole
--This President Doesn't Get It!
Best I could do as the whole show degenerated into...
Yes We Can'can Hope'A'Dope TeeVee Campaign Porn'O'ganda.
Obama seems to have planted people in the Audience to BOO for Jindal in his opening thank yous? Oh this is not looking fair at all. No one here actually Boos Jindal. Yeah, we roll over laughing hysterically, but not Boo him to his face. Freaky Yankees on Obama's Team. Get a load of this and tell me Obama wasn't ready!

Oh my Goddess! He still thinks Katrina Hit New Orleans???
~where did His'O'ner got this YANKEE SOUTHERN ACCENT?
He Cannot pronounce Melancon or Cao. Soliciting audience applause for his own Lackeys. He is trying to turn this into a Love Obama Thing. Also just reiterated his Total Stupid Ignorance of the Cause of New Orleans Flooding. Denies that Corps of Engineers did it --instead says "Government Broke Down".
He is Lying by Omission and I am watching him do it. What about the Bad Pumps, Mr President? What about our flood walls that are Not Replaced by your Rogue Military Unit the USACE???
He just stretched the Truth like a Condom! Says that 220 Miles of Levees and Floodwalls have been Repaired. Wrong Mr President.
Not once utters the words US Army Corps of Engineers. Ever.
Sayz he won't forget about New Orleans... Oh and the Gulf Coast.
Oh Snap! Now he is talking about how he bailed out all the Bankers because they were having their own Storm. Can you believe it? He is using our Flood, calling it due to the Storm, and now humping that onto his Wall Street Bailout! What the Hell?
Is is Talking About Nothing? Oh Double Snap Surprise!!! Now He is moving onto Health Care Reform and, yawn, BIG CHANGE!
Hahahahaha What a Barker! Everyone he has planted in the audience is cheering wildly now but not talking about New Orleans. Oh His'O'ner is just getting started... on what? Editilla is beginning to tremble in the face of such Propaganda. Now his people have the Audience chanting YES WE CAN oh hell it is all over now. He is speaking some sort of campaign gibberish. Obama has Nothing to offer New Orleans in his Precious Time Here?
This is getting nauseating as he talks about Health Insurance premiums. I have no idea if Obama knows what is going on today or not. Yes We Can Eat Cake.
Now he is back to New Orleans humping it onto his national economic recovery "from the storm". Getting all emotional with his faux southern accent. It is really impressive how he has shouters planted evenly in the audience for emphasis and cheers at the right time. OK now he finally finished his bullshit opening let's see if he gets any real question. Oh god his folksy horse shit is un-nerving. Glad slapping the issue. What a Ham. Here comes the Town Hall Boy Girl Boy Girl so nobody gets mad at the His'O'ner.
He seems concerned the whole time btw about people not getting mad at him, passive aggressive mis-direction. Obama still calls it The Storm and Not The Flood. It was the Storm says His O'ner.

1st question: Black Minister: soft ball set up for his Education Package and his stop at MLK school. Boy Barry can handle that one yessir. Ewe. Obama seems to be just using this brief trip to basically just do a Campaign Show for his Stuff.

2nd Question: Mother with last name Barack. How cute:
Her 3 children go to Lusher. Good Question about women and domestic violence. Barack says he'll get back to her sorta? I don't really follow his line. I'm trying, but he isn't really addressing anything specific to New Orleans or South Louisiana. But there seems to have been a problem here before Katrina did it.

3rd Question: Barack chortles "Now its a Man's Turn": FEME Reimbursements and Charity Hospital! Obama is bullshitting about saying anything specifically about Charity Hospital. Side-stepping the Answer. Haha he laughs. What a Dick. Limps over onto Arbitration Process for Charity. Blowing Smoke on Charity, looks like the Fix is In with this President and Charity Hospital. Lays it off on State/Federal disagreements. Says we are screwed by the US Constitution. Ha! Charity is Toast.
Obama did not answer the Question of Charity for the record.

4th Question: Woman: Immigration Families. This is a current Press Issue of his administration. Oh Give Napalitano a big applause he asks... what a schyster... he is mumbling something... about long term problems. I am lost again he is back to us being a Nation of Laws and people in Mexico waiting in Line. I'll show you The Line Mr President, just look out your goddamn airplane window. There is The Line Mr President our vanishing coastline. Oh triple Snap! Now he is onto going after big companies for bad hiring practices. Wow. Ok the President is a Clueless Dick let's face it. He is Greasing Us Like Chattle.
He is Wasting, Burning Up HIS PRECIOUS TIME HERE!

5th Question Man: Oh Boy Another One For Health Care Reform! I don't believe this. His O'ness is putting Editilla to sleep with worthless Bull Shit That We Have Had To Listen To For MONTHS. None of this has ANYTHING TO DO WITH NEW ORLEANS THANK YOU MR PRESIDENT! Obama stutters, seems lost in the Psychic Pall which is seizing the audience as people start to realize that he is not here to Talk or Listen to them. Now Obama is BACK on stuff he already talked about. Using Us.
BLABLABLABLABLA Fuck me with an Atom Bomb. Just do it.
This is getting creepy. Obama Does Not GET IT with New Orleans or anything here in this region. He is Campaigning on some weird platform that everyone has heard ad nausea. Only Obama's Audience Plants are applauding now --the Citizens seem sorta lost. Editilla has to go throw up, brb.

6th Question: Davida is her name: Environment, going green no recycling program in Nola, big crowd pleaser for some reason, I must have missed some charming thing from Obama while typing here. Basically his environmental policy, but we'll see if he knows anything about Wetlands Loss. Of course he leads into Energy.
I have no idea why he is Patronizing local environmental activity. That was weird. He tried to float some sorta joke about being sure that we have something going on "around here" but He doesn't know all the details and we should check with someone else. Yep, the President is passing the buck here for sure. No Wet Lands must be Good Lands for him. OK now he is back to his Economic Recovery Package and "green jobs" big energy sources etc yadayada... but he doesn't know a thing about Disappearing Wetlands and has no Answer for that. Oh here is Health Care again. Wow, I had never realized how Patronizing Obama really is towards the Gulf Coast Citizens. You know, this President should have Studied up on us before he came down here to Piss Down Our Leg and Tell Us It Was Katrina. Oh now he is trolling the Change Meme. Hummers, Gas Prices.

Oh Great! Just One more question? Just 7 questions?
7th and Final Question: Cute Little Black Kid: wants to know why people hate Obama and that God is Love. And now that is "What I'm Talkin'bout!" says His O'ness. Oh yeah, everyone hates Obama. What PT Barnham PsychoDrama Bull Shit MisDirection. This is the Closer, a Little Tiny Tim Kid asking why so many people Hate Obama? I don't hate Obama, nor do I know anyone else who hates him, even amongst my own rabid neocon siblings.
It appears that Obama is Playing The Hate Card? WTF?
He did this often and consistently throughout the event. Everyone is Mad at Him. Everyone Hates Him. He is so Mister Misunderstood. He has So Much On His Plate Poor President.
Getouttaheah! There is no crying in politics.

We expected some schultz but this was pretty bad. Of course we will see if it plays so well in the National Media. I am dying to see how they work out the sound bites because this appearance certainly Bit. Thanks Mr President For Nothing.
7 Questions. Seven. After all this blow up, just 7 questions that he really didn't answer anyway. At least we do know now that Charity is gone as far as this President didn't say. That was pretty obvious in his eyes. When that word came up he was ready. Like watching a poker player who already knows the deck is stacked and which cards are marked. That is how his answer seemed to me.
Wham Bam Thank'ya NOLA! Now it's off to Partay wit'da Bushes!
And if you learn anything sucking Bush remember this in 2012:

Editilla t'anks fo'da Hat Tips!~
~Daily Kingfish/Louisiana 1976
~Opiniated Catholic
New Orleans: What's Been Done, What's on the To-Do List
~Harry Shearer

~Editilla says a worried mind sings a worried song.
We do not need any excuse or permission to Be New Orleanians!
We Don't Need No Steenkeeng Ticket To Be Americans!
It is written into our Contract and signed with Citizen Blood.
We The People Hold These Truths To Be Self Evident...
that the US Army Corps of Engineers New Orleans District is an unkempt Rogue Military Unit which attacked New Orleans on 8/29/05 and continues to this day to harass, with near guerrilla efficiency, our Citizens by playing Russian Foolette with our Flood Safety and 3 Card Monte Shell Games with our Congressional Funding.

Environmental official promises review of coastal restoration program~Mark Schleifstein

Seeking attention for the coast ~Stephanie Grace
Hopefully Air Force One will circle before landing today.
The good news is that President Barack Obama's plane wouldn't have to stray too far from New Orleans to get a good view of the rapidly vanishing wetlands. The president needs to understand that that's also very bad news.

Feds starting to understand state’s coastal needs?
~Ant Wold

Jim Brown on Chinese Drywall, the Pollution Exclusion and Corban ~slabbed

Novato council urges quick solution to Hamilton levee leakage, says it shouldn't foot the bill~Marin IJ

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Cat 5 Levee and Coastal Restoration NOW Rally
9:00 am - 10:00 am, Thursday, October 15th, 2009
@ Washington Artillery Park between Jackson Square and the Mississippi River
Tweeters Welcome

Obama's Visits -- Compare the Length of the Stays
~Harry Shearer
~President Obama spends four whole hours tomorrow in New Orleans, site of what the UCBerkeley ILIT report calls "the greatest man-made engineering disaster since Chernobyl," the "man" in question being the federal government's Army Corps of Engineers. Four hours.
By contrast, when he departs NOLA, he goes to San Francisco. Total elapsed time in SF: sixteen hours. They must have experienced a hell of a federal disaster there. Four times worse, you figure?
~Editilla Notellas~and then Friday he flies to College Station, Texas, for a Presidential Forum on Community Service hosted by former President George H.W. Bush and the Points of Light Institute at the George Bush Presidential Library Center on the campus of Texas A&M University.
Oh Snap! A Stood UpDate! Well! Excuuuuse US, Mista'POTUS!
Hahahahaha, is this Black Irony or what? Is he blowing us off to go sit with the head of the Bush Clan --literally? Is he joking?

What Editilla really need is a Presidential Link!

George Bush Sr. Invites Obama To Texas College, Asks Students To Please Not Be Insane ~Wonkette
~Insanely old oil monster
George H.W. Bush has “pulled a Notre Dame” and invited the terrible President to come speak at Texas A&M University on Friday about the importance of Community Service, gay.
George H.W. Bush is allowed to do this because
(a) his Presidential Library is on the A&M campus and
(b) he owns Texas.
But could this be a catastrophe, now that it is controversial for presidents to talk to people in America?

Obama visit to New Orleans stirs up strife: James Gill
~The White House had to work really hard to contrive a public relations disaster of this magnitude.
The whole Katrina zone suspects it has received the brush-off.
You have to figure Obama will feel more welcome in Oslo.

Mississippi Gulf Coast not worth a look, Mr. President? "NO" says Obama Tinkle-Stop Tour as he tells public that Katrina Flooded New Orleans~Sid Salter

Gene Taylor criticizes Obama for bypassing Coast~Maria Recio
~In a less-than-warm welcome before President Obama's New Orleans visit on Thursday, U.S. Rep. Gene Taylor, D-Bay St. Louis, sent the president on Tuesday a pointed five-page letter criticizing Obama for bypassing Mississippi in favor of a post-Hurricane Katrina tour of New Orleans and urging him to reconsider administration opposition to Taylor's hurricane insurance plan.

Is the Mississippi Coast invisible? ~Stan Tiner

Hump Day Slabbed
~Dedicated to Ed and the gang

We don’t need the government involved…really? ~CenLamar

Urban planner knocks proposed New Orleans master plan
~Rebecca Mowbray

Another summit on levees in the works; new systems will be less costly~Sheila Grissett

Saving the Atchafalaya's Coastal Cypress Forest from Clear-cut Logging

La. parish tries new approach to fending off hurricanes
~Rick Jervis

Rebirth tomorrow in Lafayette Square

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


In New Orleans, Uneven Recovery Awaits Obama Tinkle- Stop Tour~Debbie Elliot, NPR

Apples to Apples~Fix the Pumps's Sandy Rosenthal --on MSNBC-- asked what if she had 30 sec with the President!
~Editilla Crowtellas~ Way to Geaux Mrs. Rosenthal!
Talk about OVA! Old Mr. HardBall ain't got nothing on this Lady!
Yeah! Who'dat Nola gonna keep da'Faith!

Lake Foundation points out coastal needs in advance of Obama's New Orleans Quickie Bathroom-break Tour
~Chris Kirkham

~In advance of President Barack Obama's Passe-Partout this week, the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation released a report today outlining the lack of progress on several critical coastal restoration projects in wetlands east and west of the city.

ACORN calls on Obama to spend more time meeting Katrina victims, scares President away from more time in New Orleans?
~Jordan Fabian

Wet, humid weather to stick around until Friday...
may rain on President Obama's New Orleans Rest-Stop Parade
~Mark Schleifstein

Don't forget our coast, President Obama~Mark Ford

President Obama Disses Mississippi~My New 30

Mississippi Man seeks insurance records revealing Katrina claims denied

What Can Happen When One Honest Judge Takes on a Giant Corporation
~Bam Bam Bigelow, slabbed

Monday, October 12, 2009


Obama in New Orleans
--Is That All There Is?
~Harry Shearer

~Stood-UpDate~ I just received an email saying that Editilla is being too hard on the President. Since they were very gracious to email me with their concerns we shall leave them as private correspondence. My response however begs ta'diffa.
Whoa. This man can disappear entire cities with the push of his finger --yet he cannot face down and get under control his own Army Corps of Engineers in New Orleans Today.
I don't know what to say... other than quote Helen Thomas, on her experiences questioning the last 10 (TEN) Presidents, from an interview last week: "They asked for it. I'm not going to waste my sympathy on any President."
Barack Obama thoroughly, with gut-wrenching effectiveness, used the devastation of New Orleans to get elected on the Hope that he would treat the city with the respect she deserves.
Soooo, his first visit as President is a Drive-through Rest-stop?
Fuck that and the Yankee Bourgeois Nievete he rode in on.
Of course, if he reads all this Bad Press and maybe changes his mind about disrespecting our city so, then perhaps I can like him again, maybe --but I find his Bush League Politics frightening.
Did he Punk us for our Vote? Well? Do you like getting Punked?
I think Obama's problem goes deeper than his obvious regard for the Citizens of New Orleans as losers hardly worth his time.
The problem here is his failure to face his Corps of Engineers' Fuck Ups --not in New Orleans, not in Iraq and not in Afghanistan. The problem is the Big Money that uses the Corps also seems to have gotten used to Obama. The problem is that he is Validating the Corps by not addressing their ongoing malfeasance today in New Orleans, hence they gain free reign to do more damage.
I already went through one of their floods. We don't need this.

Scalise calls on president to spend more time in LA
~Chris Miller

~Big Hat Tips & Editillos to
Kevin Allman over at Gambit!
Bring the Nobel Peace Prize Home to New Orleans
~Stacy Parker Aab

~Editilla No'tellas~ While I do believe that any press is good press, it appears that this Huff Post blogger, with her heart in the right place behind her own agenda and despite her experience as a Presidential Advance Person, is not aware that Obama's Rest-stop tour of New Orleans leaves little time for anything but taking a pee and telling us it is just raining on New Orleans, before he is off to a fundraiser in California and then partay with Big George Bush in Texas for some Real Tree Pissing.
She seems to have such "faith that he will do more"... than what? Than set ups for Photo-Ops? That is ALL Obama is doing in New Orleans this week, getting his picture taken "listening" at a 'Town Hall" or hugging charter school children. People are trying to put lipstick all over this Pig, but it is still the same old story of how the Swine Flew. Yeah, we'll take his Nobel Prize for Butter.
Obama's already gotten our vote. He got our money. And, most importantly, he got our networking data bases. We helped him get elected. So he doesn't need anything else from New Orleans. What? We costs money that he could be giving to Wall Street or paying for his Next 3 Years of War in Afghanistan.
His press office touts how he saw everything he needs to see on his previous campaign swings. What arrogant Horse Shit Hubris.
But, you know, none of that would have mattered if we had voted in Hillary Clinton would it? There is always 2012, eh?

Residents want face-to-face with Obama on flood control
~Sabrina Wilson
Details of President Obama's New Orleans Rest-stop visit
and ticket information ~WWL

"Members of the general public wishing to attend this event should visit the following website to register for the opportunity to attend the town hall:
from 10:00 a.m. local time on Monday October 12 until 10:00 a.m. local time on Tuesday, October 13.
Not everyone who applies will get tickets.
(And if your last name ends in ACORN faggetaboutit!)
"Due to limited space at the event the White House will only be able to fulfill a limited number of requests for tickets. Names will be randomly chosen from submissions to the above website," the release said. "The randomly chosen individuals will be called with further details to attend. Tickets are not for sale or re-sale."
If you do get selected to take part, you will be subject to screening. "All attendees will go through airport-like security and should bring as few personal items as possible. No bags, no sharp objects, no umbrellas, no liquids, no strollers, and no signs will be allowed into the venue. Cameras are permitted." Get the picture?
~Editilla Sings Obamasequious. I Voted fo'ShiNola
when I could have had the 1st Woman President!

Yassah Missah Massah
~Wall Street executives seem to have this President's cellphone number and an open invitation to cocktails. Yet, despite our very real National Disaster, We The People get only a few hours to play a Lottery for a few seconds of face- time with our country's Commander in Chief of the Rogue Army Unit that attacked New Orleans on 8/29/05...
--and continues its assault on our city this very day!

~Mr. President, We Are Not OK Wit'dis.
Still, some hope...
If I don't get in, would someone please seek acknowledgment from him about how our outfall canal floodwalls fell down without even being over-topped, with a few feet of freeboard, solely because Corps engineers made incredibly negligent engineering mistakes and short-sheeted New Orleans and we find it offensive that he still calls it a 'natural disaster'. Tell him about the Corps' current stack of lies and cover-ups, their 'PR' efforts, and about how they recently de-rated the life expectancy of the $.5B pumps from 50 years to just five and tell him about their funny numbers regarding Option 1 vs Option 2 cost estimates and the foolishness of trusting the Corps to coordinate pumping during an emergency. Tell him about the fact that they nearly never make schedule and claim things are complete and ready when they are not. Tell him about how even their division general supports the district's fibs.

Tell him the Lower Ninth, which is a good example of some of our problems, is but only two out of the 140 square miles that flooded in the City of New Orleans because of federal levee breaches, and the civil rights violations are spread pretty wide here.

Tell him 90% of us evacuated before the storm.

Tell him the big dollar number the feds sent 'down here' was mostly in the form of flood insurance pay-outs and other money only 'allocated' and a bunch more for cleanup by out of town huge federal contractors and we did appreciate every penny, but the slander is very insulting being that 70% of us had flood insurance.

Tell him we are not a 'coastal' city. Ships travel 96 miles upriver to reach New Orleans.

Tell him that the flood, proportionally, killed just as many rich, middle class and poor as well as black, white, Hispanic and Asian New Orleanians. The only demographic that suffered more than the rest were our elderly who suffered the worst, by far. Tell him many thousands of New Orleanians died in the months after the storm from stress and depression, and are still dying from the stress and we need some serious help here with health care.

Tell him how and why the Corps is mostly responsible for the losses of our wetlands that used to serve as a storm surge buffer for New Orleans.

Tell him New Orleans has a higher percentage of residents who remain lifelong residents of their home town than any other major metropolitan area in the US?

Tell him the vast majority of New Orleanians are honest, hard working, tax paying, law abiding US citizens and deserve respect?

Invite him to Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest.

Thanks, good luck getting a pair of tickets,
Crescent City Ray

Funding puts levee feasibility study on track~Amy Wold

Coastal advocates pushing for more fresh water through Davis Pond~Nikki Buskey

Park service wants to backfill abandoned canals in the Barataria Preserve~Paul Rioux

Corps of Engineers PR opens "comment period" on gate change for IHNC Lake Borgne Barrier plan~Bob Warren

Hydro funds may be hard to find, in-river hydro projects on tap
~Ted Griggs

~According to FERC,
35 permits have been issued to four companies for hydrokinetic projects in Louisiana. The companies are Free Flow Corp. with 29 projects, Marmc Enterprises with three, UEK Corp. with two and 20 Mile Corp. (dba Live Oak Tidal Energy) with one.
Free Flow Power Corp. has targeted 55 sites along the Mississippi River, 29 of them in Louisiana, FERC reports.
~Please click Graphic to enlarge.

Public meetings on N.O. master plan set for this week
~Bruce Eggler

Bumpy road to recovery for Lakeview ~Jill Hezeau

Dillard University anchors, spurs Gentilly revival~John Pope

New Orleans Gentilly what a crying shame~Ken LaRive

Vitter pushes census reform
~With the census less than six months away and immigration reform stalled, Sen. David Vitter (R-Pamper) has proposed requiring the once-a-decade survey to include a question about a person's citizenship.

Insurers mount attack against health reform
~Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar

Animal Health Expo on Delgado campus spotlights veterinary tech program~Sheila Stroup
~You can get your dog microchipped, pet a baby pig, meet an amazing three-legged pony named Molly, even adopt a ferret Saturday at the Animal Health Expo.

Mission accomplished: Kayak odyssey from Itasca to
New Orleans~Paul Walsh

Meanwhile, on Mars...
~Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Powerful 'Precious' packs a punch at New Orleans Film Festival~Mike Scott

With fewer paying gigs available, musicians face tough decisions
~Emilie Bahr

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Obama Does Rest-Stop Tour...
then to Partay with the Bushes!

~Hell hath no fury like a Voter scorned! ~or...
Countdown To Blow Off: T-Minus 4 days!

~From New Orleans, POTUS heads to San Francisco for a DNC fundraiser that evening, and then Friday he flies to College Station, Texas, for a Presidential Forum on Community Service hosted by former President George H.W. Bush and the Points of Light Institute at the George Bush Presidential Library Center on the campus of Texas A&M University.

Oh Snap! A Stood UpDate! Well! Excuuuuse US, Mista'POTUS!
Hahahahaha, is this Black Irony or what? Is he blowing us off to go sit with the head of the Bush Clan --literally? Is he joking?
Did we vote for a Commander in Chief or a little indian brave?
We Hope President "If-you-think-it's-Nobel-but-it's-not" Obama shows the Audacity to Learn something from this ho'down boo'rah Bush Presidential Forum on Community Service... --BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA... whew! But, Mr. President, what about your Corps installing inoperable Bad Pumps????
You have had the OSC Report On Your Desk since June. Sooo...
What is up wit'dat? ¿Qué está sucediendo con las malas bombas?
~Editilla Ro'tellas~ We hate to be so hard on Obama, really. Indeed we had looked forward to defending our vote for his Hopeful Presidency before the baying armies of after-market android republicants --but not in New Orleans, after he just won the Nobel Prize for Butter and seems to have every intention of using his faux mettle to Hope'A'Dope the City The Corps Forgot.
He chapped my ass hard enough when he ignorantly said Katrina flooded New Orleans. That was pretty bad, but then he flipped off The Anniversary to go play golf at a Rich Peoples Place.
I swear if this gets any better I'm going to have to slam my dick in a car door to wake up from this wet dream! And what we seem to have here now is a goddamn Bush League fail'ya ta'comoonicate!
~In an effort to get The People To Stop Whining about his apparent fear of ACORNs dropping out of the sky, the President added to his Rest-stop Tour of New Orleans an Undisclosed Event at an Undisclosed Time and Location beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between sight and sound, politics and engineering...
--a bent-over place of irreality known only as The Flood Zone.

Why don't they just come right out and admit it instead of getting all Dick Chaney SciFi about their itinerary?
Are they that afraid of this trip being associated with ACORN?
With his press office saying "He's already been there, done that, got the T-shirt --and can even tell you where you got'yo shoes," our busy War'N'Peace Prize President shows he has better things to do than to Actually Look at the City --or god-forbid Actually Listen to what is Actually Happening with his own far Gone Rogue Military Unit: the Army Corps of Engineers New Orleans District.
Maybe Obama can at least catch a glimpse of our vanishing coastline on his way out the door --cause it ain't gonna be there by the time he gets around to using us for another photo-op!

Voice of the Wetlands festival brings people to The Cause
~Lloyd J. Nelson III

Cajun Chefs Draw Crowds as Festivals Acadiens rolls on despite inclement weather
~Robert R. Jones III

Residents take a break at Gentilly Fest from rebuilding ~WWL

How much affordable housing does New Orleans have, and how much does it need?
~Katy Rechdahl

Judge Senter applies Corban, issues trio of Orders in Bossier v State Farm ~slabbed

An upcoming stimulus program provides rebates for energy-efficient appliances
~R. Stephanie Bruno

Bobby Jindal: Nineteenth Century Schizoid Man ~ENDAblog

Vitter, Pickering partners in awkwardness: James Gill

Accordion fest fills La Villita with squeezebox sounds

Selling New Orleans as a mecca for garden lovers
~Karen Taylor Gist

This day in history,
Tony Montana gets dusted
~The New Orleans Levee

Louisiana filmmakers get spotlight today at New Orleans Film Festival~Mike Scott

New Orleans storytellers give a fresh spin on Central City
~Chris Rose

~“Our Lady of Sorrows Project” is a visual art- performance installation collaboratively created by Malley Weber of Hallowell, and by Amy Woodruff of Louisiana.
The project addresses issues of grief, loss, and mourning using archetypes that are feminine and universal. Specifically, these issues consist of the traumatic death of family, lost loves, divorce, the trauma of natural disaster, and the illness of depressive disorder. Archetypes used in the project include the Tarot, early 19th century mourning traditions, and incarnations of the Catholic Mary and her Voudou counterpart Ezili Freda.
Other themes include: tears and weeping as aspects of the water element and symbols of rain, rebirth, and fertility; and clay as earth, digging, unearthing, revealing and exposing of underlying pain and grief, building and rebuilding, and the transformation of entities.