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Civil Engineer testifies of 'hurricane highway' in MR-GO trial~Cain Burdeau
~Bob Bea, a civil engineer with the University of California at Berkeley,
said Katrina's flooding would have been minimal if the 76-mile
Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet had not been built or if the Army Corps of Engineers had maintained it properly.


"This was not a natural disaster, this was a man-made disaster," said Bea, who specializes in studying engineering disasters and risk management and who, by his own account, has spent about 10,000 hours studying the levee failures of Katrina.
~The New Orleans Hurricane Protection System: Assessing Pre-Katrina Vulnerability and Improving Mitigation and Preparedness
~Independent Levee Investigation Team Final Report

American civil engineering cannot be trusted says
Nat. Academy of Engineering
~Sandy Rosenthal,

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How would you invest $242 million on the coast? ~lacoastpost

Will The Re-Flooding Of New Orleans Be Another Predictable Surprise... Again?~Roger Pippin

The Confederate States of the GOP~We Could Be Famous

Draw the line, now
~Ashley Morris

<~Photo by: Ray in New Orleans
Hasta la victoria siempre.
New Orleans über alles

Levee board OKs confiscating Waggaman land for clay pit despite neighbors, owner protests~Paul Rioux~The corps estimates it needs 75 million cubic yards of clay -- enough to fill 16 Super- domes -- to raise more than 300 miles of levees by 2011 to protect the area from a so-called 100-year storm, defined as one that has a 1 percent chance of hitting in any given year.

'Save Charity Hospital' reports: Questions go unanswered in frustrating New Orleans Master Plan meeting

N.O. area's March unemployment rate remains unchanged~Christian Moises

Earth from Space: Vietnam’s ‘rice bowl’

David Duke, Former KKK Leader, Ordered To Leave Czech Republic

New Orleans Museum Aids In Recovery Of Aviation Artifact ~WDSU

Aaaaw Mam... BBQ Shrimpses!

'Little Dog Laughed' brings laughter to New Orleans' Le Petit

Lost Characters Of New Orleans
~Zack O'Malley Greenburg

2009 Jazz Fest opens to sunny skies, expectations
~Lolis Eric Elie

~Ediditlla Cam'rillas!~Liuzza's Cam

Friday, April 24, 2009


Save Charity Hospital
~this black sista's page

Saving NOLA’s Charity Hospital: An Interview With Jonah Evans
~EA Hanks

100-year flood protection not enough for New Orleans, Long-delayed new report says... RUUUUUNNNN!
~S. Grissett and M. Schleifstein

~The previous four reports by the NAE and Research Council examined various draft volumes of the IPET. This report reviews the 7,500-page IPET draft final report, reflects upon the lessons learned from Katrina, and offers advice for how to improve the hurricane-protection system in the New Orleans area.
But the report warned that in this fourth year after Katrina, it looks like the New Orleans region has returned to a policy of business and building as usual.
"... It appears that post-Katrina rebuilding activities are taking place largely according to the pre-Katrina hurricane protection system design without discussions of how a safer and more reliable design might be configured," the report said.
And the reviewers repeated a warning from an earlier report that there are still competing theories for the exact process in which the 17th Street Canal wall failure occurred, and that the IPET's version, "while plausible, is not fully convincing."
Report in Brief / Full Report

No hurricane money in new spending bill~Gerard Sheilds

LSU defends cutting van Heerden’s post in hurricane

Transport for NOLA
~Advocating to improve the existing transit in the city, and also pushing for a vision of a world class transportation system in New Orleans—including a light rail system they are calling
The NOLA Overground.

Jim Carville Working Landrieu Mayoral Campaign from Tulane?

Sex and The City and the Iberville Gunman Hunt
~Big Red Cotton

U.S. Cities Increasing Use of Armed Mercenaries to Replace Police~Jeremy Scahill

Fund Firm Misled New Orleans Archdiocese, SEC Claims
~David Scheer

Hurricane Katrina Contractor Accepts $4 Million Judgment Under the False Claims Act

Latinos in the South often targets of abuse~Facing South

Cab ride set to get cheaper in New Orleans~Bruce Eggler

Crescent City Hack

KAT 5 Animal Rescue
Editilla T'n'T~Everything Is Under Control

Michael P. Smith Fund For Documentary Photography ~NOPA

Interview with author/musician Susan Fleet by Lonnie Cruse
~Poe's Deadly Daughters

NolaFunk Lagniappe

Jazz Fest loses some sponsors, but didn't have to alter programs ~Jaquetta White

Nighttime options abound in New Orleans during Jazz Fest
~Keith Spera

Still hungry after Jazz Fest? Check out these vendors' restaurants~Brett Anderson

Kermit Ruffins Releases New Album and Plays Jazz Fest

Power of creativity: How a jazz festival is resurrecting the city
~Carolyn Jack,

Nearly four years ago, in August 2005,Vance Vaucresson’s city drowned in a storm. But when the 40th annual New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival opens today, Vaucresson will be there, as he has every year of his life, to celebrate the Creole culture of which his particular craft is famously a part. He’s a sausage-maker,
the latest in the long line of New Orleans Vaucressons who have produced the delicacies since 1899. His family has been closely connected to the jazz festival ever since Vance’s father, Robert “Sonny” Vaucresson, helped the founders dream it up and began selling his wares at the very first one in 1970.

Characters fueled Chevalier’s Louisiana music
~John Wirt

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Newsman Norman Robinson testifies he considered suicide, turned to alcohol after Flood
~Susan Finch

~In the face of losing "stuff that gives you humanity and connection to other people," Robinson said, "then you hear people denigrate you because, 'You're from New Orleans, you're a whiner, why don't you suck it up, why don't you get over it and move on?'"

Idiot Bastard Son, Tom Ridge, Spin'Filtrating the Katrina Lie!
"No one could have prevented the levees from breaking, but I think much of the problem with the Katrina disaster was the failure of political and government leadership at the local, mayor, state, and federal level. "
~Tom Ridge, Ubber'fucktard Bush Man
Editilla T'n'
The merging of the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet with the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, east of New Orleans. (Photo: Tyrone Turner / National Geographic Image Collection)

Seeing future without MRGO
~Allen M. Johnson Jr.

Wetlands tract to be preserved
~Cindy Chang

~The tract, in an unincorporated part of the parish near the mouth of the Tchefuncte River, can be viewed from the Tchefuncte River Lighthouse, now being restored by the maritime museum and scheduled to open as soon as early next year. Special thanks, Photo: doncon

Lethal but legal pollution - awful offal!~lacoastpost

Politics with a Punch
~Look for our Ace Herollero, Ivor van Heerden, on this week's panel of unseemly e'steamables!
“Wild” Bill Dykes
, Nationally known Comedian
Tom Gregory
, TV Producer and Host, Stand Up Comedian
Ivor van Heerden
, Hurricane/Coastal Wetlands Scientist
John “Spud” McConnell
,WWL 870 AM Talk Show Host
Eric Paulsen
,Morning and Mid-Day News Anchor, WWL-TV
Nikki Reyes
, Award Winning Television Personality
Vince Vance
, Rock Star, Band Leader and Ultimate Showman

Recovery director Ed Blakely cost the city far more than $150,000 salary, e-mails show ~David Hammer

66,000 vacant properties thwart N.O.'s recovery~Scott Satchfield

Dan Aykroyd launches home building project for first responders~David Hammer

La. homeowners face higher humps as insurers ask for double-digit hikes ~Ted Griggs

Plenty Enough Suck to Go Around: A Memoir of Floods, Fires, Parades and Plywood
~Review by Susan Larson

~Writer Cheryl Wagner added her voice to the chorus of New Orleanians speaking out after Hurricane Katrina with her commentaries on NPR's "This American Life."
Now we have her Katrina memoir, with its roller coaster ride through the storm, the flood and the aftermath. Wagner's is a distinctive and funny voice, with that tone of the committed (and at times should be committed) New Orleanian.

The Wild Magnolias - With The New Orleans Project 1974
~Themonk's Jazz and Blues

Jazz Fest food vendors dish on their favorites~Judy Walker

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mercredi~Happy B'Earth Day Y'all!!!

Special thanks to Bill Thayer for ac'creating our flag.
The importance of coastal symbols, funding and mining the river~Len Bahr, lacoastpost

~The reason I’m particularly sensitive about the word coastline is not just technical or rhetorical, it’s also political. The image of a hard, fixed boundary between land and water lends itself to those who promote the idea of protecting the coast against storms by building a massive Texas to Mississippi “Cat 5″ levee, the “great wall of Louisiana.” This concept is utter fantasy.

Predicted annual rates of sinking in the Gulf coast region, in millimeters per year, based on a numerical model of Earth deformation resulting from sea level rise and sediment deposits. This model does not include sinking from other sources. Credit: NASA/JPL, LSU. Map Maker

Beneficial Use of Dredge Material~Quinta Scott

“The weeds and grass in this portion of the bayou point to the fact that, if but let alone, its entire closure is but a matter of a short time. It was noted that during a falling tide the current was very slight, and this slight current flowed towards Bayou Barataria instead of, as would naturally be supposed, flowing toward Barataria Bay, the natural outlet of the bayou. This abnormal condition of affairs must be caused by the obstructed condition of the bayou below the point where the examination terminated.”
H.R. Douglas, Assistant Army Engineer, 1881
Photo: Bayou La Loutre, Alluvial City ~Quinta Scott

MR-GO now off limts to vessels at Bayou La Loutre
in St. Bernard Parish

Photo: WikiMapia

Slabbin'MRGO, gavel to gavel!
~the issue and the order (part 1)
-Duval got ‘em told
~No one this far south has ever used the word pellucid to tell somebody off; but, Judge Duval did in the Order and Reasons he issued yesterday - and, given the significance of a pellucid telling-off, part one of this two-part post looks at the order of the reasons Duval got ‘em told.
~the issue and the Order (part 2)
- Resio v Van Heerden
~Plaintiffs filed a detailed affidavit of Dr. Ivor Van Heerden in which he opines that it appears that 3456 new COULWAVE runs have been produced in which it appears that entirely different values from the material referenced in his initial expert report of December 2008 were used. Moreover, the supplemental report “adds an entirely new analysis of front side velocities that was not presented in his original report to present the argument that frontside wave attack did not affect the levees.” Id. (Doc. 18514). Plaintiffs contend that because of the failure of the Corps to supply a proper explanation on how the hard drives were organized, to provide the format of the data, to provide any notes on the software needed to read the data, and to provide instructions on reading the data,” it is prac- tically impossible for them to evaluate the supplemental report.
~Slabbed Pretrial Composts
~Editilla gotta toll'yaz~ As this MRGO Suit gets thicker and heavier you will see lots more cross'links, over'links, double'links, downright'kinks and twisted labyrinthin'compostinks... yikes
--hopefully dat'is, hehehe... please bear wit'us, Gentle'rillas.

Did Our Government Drown Us? ~Leigh Graham

Corps of Engineers' self study of levee failures to be released

Storm shelters sought for levee workers~Sheila Grissett

Pools become nasty mosquito havens in foreclosure
~Pool Study from the Journal of Vector Ecology

Leader in mountaintop removal fight wins prestigious award ~Facing South

Earth Day At Your Service:
...Generation New Orleans
~Karen Dalton-Beninato

Missouri Coalition for the Environment: still growing at 40
~Erin Noble

New Jersey woman canoes from South Florida to New Orleans for a cause~Green Jersey
~On her website, she is described as an “ordinary mother of two” — a woman who has also paddled from New Jersey to D.C. and from Miami to Maine to fight for federal ocean protections.

BR bus boycott analyzed
~Allen M. Johnson Jr.

Gay New Orleans Couple Sues For Right To Wed
~Pam's House Blend

Sometimes They Paid
~We Could Be Famous

Zurich's New Orleans relationship was sealed by Hurricane Katrina
~Rebecca Mowbray

New Orleans Stories: Great Writers on the City by Various Authors~Never Without A Book

It's All About Lit in the City of Indulgence as The Saints and Sinners Festival in New Orleans Kicks Off May 14-17.
~Victoria Oldham

NoLA Rising Art Auction
~Casa de Charlotte della luna

Celebrate Festival Season & Earth Day with the New Orleans Craft Mafia
~Folk Art fellow by Unique Products

Earth Day. Crawfish Bisque. Crawfish Facts. Crab Nebula. Jack. Jancis. Lenin...
993 restaurants are open in New Orleans today.~Tom Fitzmorris

i go down to the river & there i be ~the leather canary

”New Orleans Music in Exile” Wednesday Night at the Library of Congress~Black Plastic Bag

Terence Blanchard Quintet and the Hartford Symphony Orchestra April 24th

Jazz Revelation Records Shows Some "Dedication"
~Straight No Chaser

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Katrina flooding victims in court to seek damages~Cain Burdeaux
~In this Dec. 24, 2005, file photo, a view is seen from the Claiborne Avenue Bridge of a barge which breached the Industrial Canal levee during Hurricane Katrina in the destroyed Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans. A coastal geologist testified Monday that he warned the Army Corps of Engineers decades ago about the dangers of the shipping channel that funneled Hurricane Katrina's storm surge into New Orleans.

Astro'Turfers do Spin'Filtration
~What is Astro'Turf? Astro'turf is Artificial Grass posing as True Grass. It is when an organized group uses blog commentary to pass themselves off as representing a certain local group or interests, to wit here: Engineering, as if they have shared grass-roots in the game --when In Fact they work fo'da Perps of this heinous crime! Astro'Turfing involves spinning a story a certain way outside of the official statements, for example those of the Exquisite Corps of Engineers.

Editilla Notellas how Dr. Ivor van Heerden's word is considered solid enough for this MRGO court case, yet this miscreant astro'turfer must skulk around the local media comments sections, spin'filtrating testimony.
Here we have a person with actual foreskin in the game, practicing actual Military Defensive Blogging such as you can find here.
But Mr. Spitoon has also thrown in the more specious aspects of Astro'Turfing like you find from Greg Peters at his blog Suspect Device. <~And on that bent note, one wonders how Gambit could stab us in the back by unapologetically printing this fool's frat'rag drive-by cartoon back-stab at Dr. van Heerden in the Easter Print Edition ~>yet not show the guts, ova or cajones online for even a howdy, Ivor, howz'ya mominem?
That's it, Gambit. No More Kitty Litter For YOU!
Lo da'Redundancy! Oh, da'Horror... da'hoooorrrorrrr!
{'Course... if Gambit were to publicly apologize for putting out such badly medicated feckless horse sh*t, then we could certainly find it in our broken heart of hearts to forgive them their lost deadline of sight.
Right, Gentle'rillas?
'Course... we could just call their advertisers and ask them WTF!}
---or Co'Intel'Bro Turfer, "Soft-hand" Tim Ruppert
(Corps engineer and former president of LA/ASCE) at his blog Tim's Nameless Blog, to which Greg Peters is fond of linking for genital support, like ASCECORPS Bed'Buggers.
---or ubber'gullible Clay (mechanical engineer) in the City Business article comments section, verbatim quoting Greg Peters' ass'handed self aggrandizement: [To quote Greg, "Rejection of van Heerden's bullshit does not mean acceptance of the ACOE/ASCE's [REDACTED]. This is not an either-or proposition. "Ivor = Right/Everyone Else = Wrong" is a false dichotomy. Was his firing unwise, or ill-considered? Maybe -- I doubt it, but maybe it was. That does not mean that LSU has abandoned all hope, sold everyone's soul down the river, blows the ACOE for nickels and makes change, etc., but to read some of the commentary raging around the web, one would think that an act of brazen apostasy had been committed against Our Great Leader."][Editilla's gotta'few choice woid for yo'yo great leader.]

That should be enough for now to show that these idiot'winded flatulators are everywhere, or seem organized and coordinated in their timing. They always shoot from the shadows, if not outright in the back. They crow the loudest about being local, but if they tell'ya ya'momma loves'ya --don'beeleeve it!
They are coward opportunists and profiteers of this great tragedy, who should be hunted down and wiped away when ever and where ever they turn up on the souls of our flooded footsteps Sinn Féin!

Slabbin'gavel to gavel on MRGO!
~Slabbed Pretrial Composts

Letter: Hurricane expert’s firing criticized~Elementary fairness itself demands that an individual losing a job knows why, even more so in a university. Unlike any business, the coin of the academic realm is logic, reason and argument, not just that, “They have the power to do so.” Given the history since the Katrina debacle, the only possible conclusion is retaliation, Dr. Ivor van Heerden having embarrassed some at the top in his criticism of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for the failure of the levees.
That he was correct on this seems not to matter to some.

Protest the firing of LSU scientist Ivor Van Heerden for speaking out about levees~Blageur

Exquisite Corps of Engineers upbeat, happy to drown local Levee budgets with costs of world's largest pump
~Paul Rioux

Governing By Chaos,
a City in Shambles~Lord David

Alleged Ku Klux Klan member found incompetent to stand trial in Lynche murder
~Benjamin Alexander-Bloch

Child-Governor Jindal goes to Texas for campaign cash, meeting with oil tycoon

Recovery agency seeking to drop cases ~Sarah Chacko

State will pay fishermen to take survey~Katherine Schmidt

Secretary Napolitano Announces Additional FEMA Funding for Katrina/Rita Public Assistance Projects

VeriChip announces sale of VeriTrace system in New Jersey

Tons of released drugs taint U.S. water ~Jeff Donn

Lessons From the Reverse Engineering of Nature
~Dr. Shahid Naeem

Red Stick Animation Festival
Baton Rouge~April 22-25th

5 Minute Oil Change stores to benefit Children's Hospital

Next Week in Alexandria: The Annual LA Historic Preservation Conference~CenLamar

Folk-art festival enlivens boat blessing~Matthew Pleaseant
~Decorated boats glided slowly down Bayou Little Caillou Sunday afternoon, passing a festival some locals say is reinvigorating the annual boat blessing.
The Chauvin Folk Art and Blessing of the Fleet Celebration, held biannually, brought music and art lovers to the Sculpture Garden, an elaborate monument on Bayouside Drive.

New Orleans bartender Maksym Pazuniak wins 'Tales'' top prize

The Men Behind The Bluesmen: Dave Bartholomew
~Squeeze My Lemon

Terence Blanchard, Nicholas Payton featured in Documentary Channel series~Dave Walker

Loyola adds to New Orleans Jazz Fest lineup

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I renewed my membership online and so can you.
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No honor here, just high school portraits of a couple of kids.

Fun for the family: FEMA coloring book~Duncan Riley

Pincus Friedman~Kate Moran

~Pincus Friedman came to New Orleans right after Hurricane Katrina and started scooping up houses in neighborhoods that monied developers usually shun, including Central City, the 9th Ward and the shabby fringes of downtown. While rumors about property speculation and "land grabs" abounded after the storm, Friedman was one of the few out-of- state investors who actually opened a checkbook amid the devastation. Mid-City hospital development could help the Brooklyn real estate investor's strategy of buying in faded neighborhoods pay off.

MRGO closing to boat traffic ~Amy Wold~The long-awaited closure of the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet will reach another milestone Wednesday, when the channel becomes officially closed to boat traffic. But that will not be the end of the work that is needed, members of the MRGO Must Go coalition say.

Corps lawsuit hits court today ~Susan Finch ~DIXCLAIMER!

Civil Lawsuit Against Corps Begins~John Schwartz, NYT
~The trial is expected to take four weeks. In his opening comments today, Judge Duval, who is hearing the case without a jury, called it “a significant case” and “the first real trial” about Katrina, the levees and the role of the federal government. He referred to the thousands of pages of depositions and expert testimony, saying “the word ‘voluminous’ doesn’t quite do it.”
~Nice blog support~For the Greater Glory
~Patrik Jonsson, CS Monitor
~Richard Fausset, LA Times

New Orleans Legal Case Could Shed New Light on Katrina Disaster ~Carol Forsloff
Questions Remain and Potential Suits Could Bring Awards 50% Greater Than Auto Bailout presses Jindal for meeting on van Heerden dismissal ~NO City Business

Cajun Constructors is busy with Harvey Canal floodwall in New Orleans~Liz Moucka Krajca

Covington, Ky., may be first in U.S. to finish levee repairs
~Mike Rutledge

North, South and Above - Slowing Spillover at Cottonwood Creek Dam in Three Directions

Battlefield Earth, Battlestar Gaia, Geo-Engineering: Defensive and Offensive "A Geo-Military Tool"
~Bioneers Community

Children from across La. send message to Washington:
'Restore the Wetlands'

Times- Picayune Loving Cup awarded to
R. King Milling ~Darran Simon

Cerasoli on mend, but N.O. role over~David Hammer

New New Orleans FBI Chief David Welker Low Key So Far
~Tickle the Wire

Child-Governor Jindal's Louisiana Troopergate:
An Ethics Copout
~Stephen Sabludowsky

Questions For Child-Governor Bobby Jindal~Jeff Crouere

New Orleans' rich history of mixing races~Gregory Rodriguez

Walter Block Responds
How I Offended the Diversitarians

New Orleans housing project is model for recovery
~Rick Jervis
~"This is a clear example of a neighborhood of great importance and its residents exercising their right to rebuild. You can't get a better marriage of public and private initiatives." ~Wendell Pierce

New Orleans master plan meetings tonight in Gentilly, eastern New Orleans

Green lizards battle an invasive species~Danny Monteverde
~Among the grass and trees, a Darwinian battle is brewing between the small green lizards that have scurried about south Louisiana for years and a sometimes larger and more aggressive brown reptile: one that threatens to usurp the green lizards' relative dominance in the local ecosystem.

The Ad Club of New Orleans

Faces of New Orleans
~Strange Bird

Tax credit for music hits rhythm~Richard A. Webster

NolaFunk Lagniappe

Teena Marie Triumphantly Returns with 'Congo Square'
in Stores on June 9
~all about Jazz

Sherry Winston, For Your Love
~Urban Music Scene

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Oklahoma City bombing...
'blew away our normal'

~Hero Firefighter carries angel Baylee Almon
who passed shortly after this photograph was taken.
We Remember to Never Forget!

Flatboat trip may have changed U.S. history~Earl Conn
~The flatboat, "Journey of Remembrance". Photo taken near Fairbanks, Indiana, in November 2006, by Robert Webb

High stakes in Hurricane Katrina flooding trial~Cain Burdeaux
~Arguments are set to begin Monday in the trial, which will be heard and decided by a judge, not a jury.
And much is at stake: If the five residents and one business in this initial lawsuit are victorious, more than 120,000 other individuals, businesses and government entities could have a better shot at claiming billions of dollars in damages.

Schools, science and tea parties
~Keith Magill

FEMA Stalls Grand Isle Recovery

~Nikki Buskey
~Construction of a $2.8 million main fire station for the Gulf of Mexico barrier island has ground to a halt. All of Grand Isle is labeled by FEMA as a vulnerable food zone. The closest a new station could be built with FEMA money, according to the rules, is more than 30 miles away.
“We’re 60 days out from the next hurricane season, how are we supposed to take care of the people on Grand Isle if we’re struggling to get by ourselves?”~Fire Chief Aubrey Chaisson

Visalia property owners want to put a stop to changes in FEMA's flood plain map~David Castellon

Let FEMA eat MREs ~FEMA has changed its story so many times on this issue that it is dizzying.
On Sept. 2, the day after Gustav, the agency encouraged people to stay away until their power could be restored. Then-Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff promised on Sept. 3 that FEMA would pay hotel costs for evacuees who waited to return until it was safe. No one should feel forced to come home because of money worries, he said. "If you're staying in a hotel, you have to register with FEMA first, but after you register . . . FEMA will pay directly for your hotel bill," he said.
Two weeks later, though, FEMA said that only people whose homes were damaged were eligible for hotel expenses.

In Vacherie, tiny chickens compete for best in crow
<~One of the birds that competed in the Serama Extravaganza Cajun Classic ~AP Photo/Bill Haber

Road builders, Army Corps working together on highway projects~Sheila Grissett

Money to restore Louisiana coastline is cresting but won't last ~Chris Kirkham

Citizens hoping to sway FEMA's hospital payout~Bill Barrow

Tulane students' house wins architectural award
~Molly Reid

~Designed and built by Tulane architecture students, this Central City house on Seventh Street won an architectural award and was featured in a reality TV show on the Sundance Channel.

Parish to air desegregation plan
~David Mitchel

When I think about leaving …
~People Get Ready

Fritzel's New Orleans Jazz Band
~Wade Luquet

Chaz Fest Hard Liquor Show Matrix
Coming to New Orleans for Jazz Fest? Catch the best local music festival in the heart of New Orleans. Chaz Fest 2009 will go on RAIN OR SHINE
Wednesday April 29th.


French Quarter Fest Live on OZ
Smooth to the Fine!
Jesse Winchester new CD
Love Filling Station

~Jesse Winchester went to Canada in 1967 to avoid being drafted during the Vietnam War. While in Montreal, he wrote songs that were covered by various artists, but Winchester’s career as a performer suffered because he couldn’t tour in the United States. Only after1977, when President Carter granted amnesty to draft dodgers could Winchester return to the U.S. to perform for his American fans.
Jesse tells Bob Edwards that his move to Canada was only one of many unwise career moves. Bob also talks with music reviewer Anthony DeCurtis about Love Filling Station, the new CD from Jesse Winchester.

Bulletin from New Orleans:
Lionel Ferbos~Butch's Blog

Come on... is Editilla the only person who thinks Susan Boyle is actually Newt Gingrich in drag
--or Newt's sister in drag???