Thursday, October 27, 2011

Feds make slow progress on flood levee national inventory~Please check out our new National Levee Map! We've made it interactive. Please have patience as it's just getting started and we have lots of data to input regarding levee failures --not only in La but all over the country.
~Editilla Rotellas~ Once again the Corps of Engineers is immune from anything as the seek to fuck us over again. They'll simply NOT DO SOMETHING THAT CONGRESS SAYS DO. They are lying, corrupt project engineering succubi. The Will hurt us again, and NONE of them will go to jail for it.

Feinberg says new rules for payouts are being formulated

Can-Do: NOLA Brewing at Tipitinas tonight ~He Said/She Said NOLA

Ninth Ward Field of Dreams

Halloween Second Line: Rescheduled Black Men of Labor Rolls Saturday

12th Annual All Saints Day parade
~Big Red Cotton, Gambit

Richard Bienvenu: Spooky Neutral Ground

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Flood insurance rates in N.O. will fluctuate with new rate maps
~New Orleans City Business
~"The good news is the main basin of the city now has a substantially larger area classified as 'X', which is moderate risk," said Sandy Rosenthal, founder of the nonprofit that pushed for federal accountability after the levee failures that compounded Hurricane Katrina's damage.
~Editilla Axes~ I watched The Big Uneasy again last night and wonder if it is prudent now to reclassify flood zones as another Corps flood could (and probably will) happen again.

Stennis Space Center celebrates 50 years

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Judge: Employment didn't muzzle LSU scientist Ivor van Heerden
~U.S. District Judge James J. Brady rejected LSU's argument that van Heerden was speaking as a faculty member when he criticized work by the Army Corps of Engineers. That keeps his First Amendment claim alive under a 2006 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that public employees don't have free-speech protections for what they say as part of their jobs. "Although it is a close question, van Heerden was not acting within his official job duties," Brady wrote in an Oct. 20 summary judgment — one based entirely on court documents, without oral arguments.
The judge rejected several of van Heerden's claims, including one of conspiracy, one for breach of contract and one that LSU officials intentionally caused him emotional distress. "The record evidence shows their conduct at various times may have been rude, unfair, mean, or calculated to embarrass van Heerden, but none of it contains that extra dose of cruelty necessary for the Court to conclude it was intended to cause severe distress," Brady wrote.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Bees is a master at work and is getting better at his craft ~Jeff Duncan~Also~Breesy Beefy Mac: the recipe sensation that's sweeping the Who Dat Nation

Baby’s Got The Benz ~moosedenied

Hurricane Rina a strong category 2
~Jeff Masters, Wunderblog

BGR Report: Making the Waterworks Work: Fixing the Sewage & Water Boards Governance Problems~Watershed NOLA
~Also~ BGR recommends ousting elected officials from Sewerage & Water Board~Martha Carr, The Times-Picayune

Dramatically higher New Orleans water bills are needed to cover huge projects, consultant says~Mark Schleifstein

Despite Ridership Increase, Amtrak Loses Serious Money in New
~Also~Republicans again mistake Civil Infrastructure for Totalitarianism ~Florida Congressman Joe Mica says Amtrak operates as 'Soviet-style monopoly.'

Update on St. Charles Avenue Streetcar: accessibility and precision in language
~Charles Maldonado

Freret merchants, neighbors dismayed by lack of input on upcoming roadwork
~Uptown Messenger

“You’re close….real close but not there”: A Jefferson Parish (non)Performing Arts Center Roundup ~Slabbed

Relax oversight? How about protecting us from oil’s ravages?~Anne Rolfes, The Lens

Dead dolphins still a concern on Gulf Coast ~Nikki Buskey

The chemical industry in Louisiana could be set to boom ~WWL

Mayor Bloomberg trust donated big to Louisiana education board elections

Python in New Orleans: Once Bitten, Quickly Smitten~The upcoming 2012 AMS Annual Meeting in New Orleans is only the second with a whole symposium devoted to the use of Python programming language in the atmospheric sciences.

The talented & chic Jack Mayberry in the November issue of Cue Magazine ~perch

Mark Twain: Words & Music

The 2011 Fall Dining Guide~Blackened Out

Ray Davies~Alex Woodward, Gambit

Monday, October 24, 2011

Shoes! My trip home to heal a racially charged disaster ~Condoleezza Rice
~Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice loads supplies onto a truck in Bayou La Batre, Al. in September 2005, spies a Must-Have pair of pink shrimp boots she may have to buy.

Remembering Hurricane Katrina and Federal Flood Victims Obituary

Judge overturns some convictions in Danziger case~Louisiana Weekly

Alexander says Corps' efficacy amid flood threats has improved

Corps of Engineers dedicates $6.6 million to fix levee system at Cairo, Illinois

Louisiana bans using cash in sales of second-hand goods

Hey...I found a Brabalfish
~American Zombie

“Why Not Occupy Newsrooms?”: This one is sweet to me on several levels ~Slabbed

Looking for Democrats on the gridiron sidelines~Mark Moseley, The Lens

Rina quickly becomes hurricane off Honduras
~Hat Tweet Weather Underground~Hurricane is expected to be a category 3 by tonight, could bring torrential rain to Belize & Mexico:

Oil-related shipbuilding is picking up; law firms merge

Emblem stolen off new ‘Mercedes-Benz’ Superdome~The New Orleans Levee

Butterflies and Bayous~NOLAFemmes

Owen Courreges: The great (un-) American wings debate~Uptown Messenger

Bloody 66: Route 66 was a dangerous drive ~Quinta Scott

2012 Marks the Return of the American River Cruise Industry
~The American Queen is a classical steamboat with gingerbread and open decks. Her majestic dining hall is a replica of the grand dining room on the J.M. White Steamboat. Elegant table settings, crystal chandeliers, and private balconies will transport passengers back to the elegance of 1878, the Victorian era in American. Passengers will enjoy the cuisine of award-winning chef, restaurateur, and author, Regina Charboneau. Upon accepting the position last year, Regina set out to study the history of food along the rivers, and says her menus will tell the story of each region. Meals will feature local produce, sustainable seafood, and rare cheeses from local artisan cheese makers.

~This goes out to all my Night Tweeples

Voodoo Fest Top 5 – Defender of the Gulf, Aaron Viles

Inaugural New Orleans Horror Film Festival cranks up this weekend