Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Reveals That Evacuating Is No Holiday ~Sandy Rosenthal

Federal Prosecutors Let It All Hang Out On The Internet ~John McQuaid 
~Update: There’s also this, also in New Orleans: evidence people working for the Corps of Engineers took to to anonymously attack those criticizing the Corps and urging accountability for the 2005 levee failures during Katrina. Looks like a trend to me!
Saints Nation Guru: Fan Predictions for 49ers Game!

I Hate The San Francisco 49ers And Everything They Stand For ~Jack Sharkey
Resident questions why S&WB employee was swapping out iconic meter covers

Texas Brine sinkhole plan would plug well

Sandy's impact on east coast fisheries still playing out

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Undead ~moosedenied
Bourdain Blasts Blackened Blog ~NOLA DEFENDER
Queries on the cosmology of New Orleans politics ~American Zombie
Concert to boost Sandy recovery tonight

Storm Victims, in Cleanup, Face Rise in Injuries and Illness ~NYT~It is impossible to say how many people have been sickened by what Hurricane Sandy left behind: mold from damp drywall; spills from oil tanks; sewage from floodwater and unflushable toilets; tons upon tons of debris and dust. But interviews with hurricane victims, recovery workers, health officials and medical experts over the last week reveal that some of the illnesses that they feared would occur, based on the toxic substances unleashed by the storm and the experience of other disasters, notably Hurricane Katrina, have begun to manifest themselves.

Outrage over dolphin deaths spurs $5,000 reward

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BP spawned new company supplying oil, aka: Black Elk Energy

People of Lafitte give Corps officials an earful

Corps of Engineers Considers Options for Much-NeededMaintenance, Rehabilitation of Hydropower Plants

2012 New Orleans Bar Guide ~Gambit