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Judge: Exquixotic Corps can be sued over Katrina flooding
~Hat!~AP Video
The Army Corps of Engineers can be held liable for flood damage caused by a "hurricane highway," a navigation channel that is believed to have funneled Hurricane Katrina's storm surge into the city, a federal judge ruled Friday.
The Corps of Engineers had argued that it was immune from liability because the channel is part of New Orleans' flood control system. The law says the federal government cannot be sued if something goes wrong with a flood control project such as a levee, reservoir or dam.
Judge Stanwood Duval dismissed that argument, saying the Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet, or MRGO, was clearly a ship channel and not a flood control project.
Last Saturday, Jodelle Quinn, 14, spent her morning dancing behind the casket of Tyrone Wilson, her track coach. Then a New Orleans Police Department squad car, sirens and bullhorn blaring, halted the brass band tribute. "Move it along," the police loudspeaker blared, Quinn and others in the post-funeral parade recalled. "Disperse."
The order was given as mourners marched, without impeding traffic, in the pedestrian path underneath the Claiborne Avenue overpass.
~Editilla laments~Who, and more poignantly from where are these police officers with the Bad Manners to disrupt a funeral? What officer on this force has never seen a funeral in New Orleans? From whence has such evil come? No self respecting Louisianan I have ever met would speak that way to a funeral mourner--I don't care what color they are or where the funeral is happening.
Who are these people? Thank you, Times Picayune. This article is welcome --but sorely fruitless without calling out da'evil in das'boots on our Neutral Grounds.
By not giving us the names of these perps,
you encourage the Procedures of da'Culture'fornicators,
solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short
trespassers up'on our Faith.

Who was the Cop on the Bull Horn?
Who are these thugs?
Who is giving this Order for the Police to Enforce?
Who will be "just following orders" when the NOPD Tasers parade mourners? This will happen. So, can we stop it now before it happens this time? What will the cops actually do if a second line parade refuses to disperse? Gas them like the Nazis did to those who did not opposed them? Will they use batons on citizens dancing to New Orleans Music?
Why do they want to hurt us?
Who will be the one to say in court, as at Nuremberg:
"I was just following orders."?
We cannot allow the Police to hide behind Policy. Nein!
Ve vant the Names of every Officer who is involved vith this.
The Nazis hid their mass murder genocide behind procedure and it took humanity years to hunt down those fuckless yella'cowards
--despite congenitally apathetic major press media!
BlackWater is hiding their murders behind proceedure. We are begining to hide the entire War in Iraq behind Procedure.
We need to know the names of the Officials behind this assfuck
--especially those who have yet to oppose such Hieneous Policy.
Please do not get used to mercenary rape as Public Policy as it only encourages the rapists to believe that we like getting punked.

Please find out the very cops on this beat. Who is making this call?

New Version of 'Blackwater'
to Be Released in late May 2008
~Jeremy Scahill

The rocket scientists in the State Capital voted to allow college students to bear arms on campus~Mosquito Coast

New Orleans Nagin Responds To Television Newscast 3-1-1 Calls

Can Nagin Just Say Yes?
~Clancy DuBos

Flood Stage Levels, current 'real-time' guage readings~USGS

(check out Mr. Penn in the background by the bus!)
Sean Penn's Activist Caravan On the Road to New Orleans
~Editilla gotta tol'yaz~Why the hugemoungous picture?
Weeellll...I jus'wanna know two things:
-Is that really my boy Sean, standing there so Sean Penn'sively by the bus and looking out at America ahead of him, and hence New Orleans in the distance, both all languished'up in da'haze of our flooded cookie'crumbled civilization? Or, as yer Editeurilla oh'so paranoidickally opindas, not God but Bono trying to look like Sean Penn, or an individualist "Sean Penn-Lookin'Guy", sans'cigarello?
Young Pat says it is "Mr.Penn" but Iiiiii don'know...
amongst all'dat it's hard to tell which one is da'real Lomax.
2-are all the guys actually wearing similar, easy'ridin
Sean Pennsal Shades of Hades to view said Glaring Damn'Nation,
wit'Sean Penn'sational Heart'O'Dark T's and Populists Dungarees
in which to mark da'stations of da'nation?
And'a 3- Who'gonna tell Lady about bare feetses in New Orleans?
And'a...4-Y'all suuuurrre got'some puuuurrr-tee lips, ain't ya?
Dirty Hands Caravan Diary

Bush's Incompetence on Film
"By chance this week, I watched When the Levees Broke in my Hurricane Katrina in Historical Perspective class and then No End in Sight at home. These two films are great documents to show the historical incompetence of the Bush administration."

Gideons take another judicial whuppin’~Defeasance

Magazines still covering Katrina recovery efforts

Drummer Stanton Moore Puts Music in Parentheses:
Second Line (Strut)

And Grace Will Lead Me Home: Aaron Neville Returns to New Orleans Jazzfest
~Karen Dalton-Beninato

~Editilla thanks'ya, Ms. D-B. Sometimes it just hurts, still pointing in the turning world.

CBC 77: Dave Anderson interview part 2
~Contrabass Conversations


Friday, May 2, 2008


Thanks fo'da hidden passions, New Orleans Daily Photo

"This American Life" comes to the City That Care Forgot and the Presidente Left for Dead
~The Chicory

Flood Stage Levels, current 'real-time' guage readings

Hurricane Katrina Mississippi recovery update - 31 Mar 2008

Hearst-Argyle 1Q profit more than doubles on Katrina-related insurance settlement

McCain blames bridge collapse on earmarks -- then backs off -- reminds press corps of befuddled Reaganimations
John McCain's obsession with banishing "wasteful government" spending in the form of "earmarked" projects has long annoyed his colleagues in Congress. But he may have gone a bit too far lately.
In New Orleans' Lower 9th Ward last week, McCain startled reporters when he said Congress was partly to blame for the failed response to Hurricane Katrina, because it "funded pork-barrel projects" instead of "projects that were needed here."
This week, McCain blamed earmarks for the deadly 2007 collapse of a Minnesota bridge. According to the Associated Press, he told reporters that the bridge "collapsed because so much money was spent on wasteful, unnecessary pork-barrel projects."
The collapse, which killed 13, remains under investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board, but authorities suspect a "serious design error" as a factor.
~Editilla takes a pilla called Bend'rellax ()~
This is starting to feel so much like Ronald Reagan all over again like the itche from head-lice on'da brain. Remember how he said that trees cause pollution? Remember?
Da'Dick'Tater'Ship will shock us with steadfast gall
but they are predictable. We gotta give them that.
Thus we shall see the next boot coming, eh?
But what wall-climbing Laddarillas really want to know is
will he pick Hillary as a running mate?

The Politics of Hypocrisy: McCain slips out from under his rock~OpEd News~"To suggest that he was surprised about the Bush administration's botched response to Hurricane Katrina is hypocrisy at its best. In fact, he helped to shape that response by voting down several measures that would have helped the Katrina victims."

Rocky Road: Time Defends McCain's New Orleans Gaffe
~Karen Dalton-Beninato

There's this house in New Orleans

Harry Connick Jr. to star in New Orleans-shot movie for Lifetime

Protégés of Alvin Batiste
Jazz Fest OZ'Blog

Today's Fess'chedule

Best of the fest: Friday, May 2

Tuba Fats: one of the chosen few~Lolis Eric Elie


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Jeudi~May Day

Boot Up for the Big Easy
~NY Times

Gratitude to the New York Times
~Mr. Clio

Jazz Fest Shabbat
~Liptraps Lament - The Line

Reporting from Beaujolais Street
~Yourright Hand Thief

Renaissance Village Set to Close

~Reach Out For New Orleans

Architecture students develop two projects in New Orleans ~Design/build class creates chicken coop for God's Vineyard Community Garden, rehab plan for Good Work Network.

Bloggers Roundtable for, Thursday 01 May~DoD LIVE

Louisiana hurricane recovery contractor pays CEO $1.5M bonus - Update

Reading The Pictures: American Bombing Of Sadr City: Like Qana, But Without The Attention?~Michael Shaw
~Editilla sad and sorry~You may ask yourself what this has to do with New Orleans News? For me I guess it revolves around forgotten or buried deadly informative events in our country's history. Perhaps Gentle'Rillas have not forgotten there is a war on but perchance people don't realize that we are regularly bombing poor children. This is who we are bombing right now! Today, while you sit and read this, this very minute children are being bombed. Children.
This picture immediately reminded me of the dead child I saw during the first week of the federal flood of New Orleans. Indeed I have fallen into visual dark and inescapable review of all the dead I saw during what I euphemistically refer to as "The Troubles".
I can even smell it now. I could smell it then from about 30 feet away. Can you imagine what it must smell like in Sader City.
She was about 4 feet long, lying face up in what looked to be about 3 feet of moving water over near the canal. No parents there. No one there. I could not get to her and even if I could have there was no where to take the body. I did not know what or where or why to do any thing because there was no thing. No morgue, no hospital, no funeral home...I do not know how long she had lain there. You had to get somewhere before nightfall and the dark fell across the New Orleans like a rat bag, so I left her the fading sunset. Then I left the City That Care Forgot and the Presidente left for Dead. No one needs to fucking talk to me about living here or dying there. Americans need to get their goddamned heads out of their drugged asses and look around.
Children...we're bombing children. JESUS WEPT!!!
That is not the warrior's way but the grasp of the coward.

SPP/NAFTA boosters on the defensive in New Orleans~rabble news

Flood Stage Levels, current 'real-time' guage readings

Jazz Fest OZ'Schedule
~Kermit Ruffins, Randy Newman, Widespread Panic...

Jazz Fest OZ'Blog


Wednesday, April 30, 2008


~Editilla gotta tol'ya~I have been trying to get a Woman elected God for the longest time. But, barring that, would settle for President of the Unitited States. However, given the odd lingering taste of mercury and acrid smell of burnt rubber and sulfur wafting from the eyes of the current Vice Mare Candidate, we just bee'singin fo'da Goddess to get us over Hump Day again!
Hail Isis! Lilythe and Mary Jane!

Women of the Storm to Host Pres. Forum Powered by Google and YouTube

We Deserve a Presidential Forum in New Orleans

Qatar emir visits New Orleans

EarthLink To Shut Down New Orleans' Municipal Wi-Fi

Against Odds, New Orleans Schools Fight Back~NY Times

They Really Really Don't Care About New Orleans ~US Accepts Repairs to Floodwalls Made of Used Newspaper
1st, 2nd,
3rd Responders:
Storm and Flood Cleanup~Green Hulk
~Storm and flood cleanup activities can be hazardous. Workers and volunteers involved with flood cleanup should be aware of the potential dangers involved, and the proper safety precautions. Work-related hazards that could be encountered include: electrical hazards, Carbon Monoxide, musculoskeletal hazards, heat stress, motor vehicles, hazardous materials, fire, confined spaces and falls.

Flood Stage Levels, current 'real-time' guage readings

USACE And PBS&J Team To Expand National Levee Database Program

Levee Battle Leaves Some Empty-Handed

Lego change at New Orleans convention center creates flap

Sean Penn Supports Youth Volunteer Mission To New Orleans

The New Orleans recovery department is going through a “re-organization”

The Times- Picayune's
insider's guide to Jazzfest

Jazz Fest OZ'Blog

The Jazzfest Book Tent showcases authors and books

Exclusive Webcast of the Jazz Fest Available on AT&T blue room May 3 - 4, 2008

Monday, April 28, 2008


Ghost Bloggers da'Apocalypse or Riders of the Storm?
~Editilla just hasta trow'up from time to time these weird little propaganda teats, lividly erruct onto the light of da'page these new blogs which continue to show up on the net to further proffer the
"Victim Myth'lie", "NanoMeme", "Commonly Held Spew"
of New Orleans as a city full of poor dumb niggers who had not even the sense to come in out of the rain. Victims Die. Looters leave thier trash all over the Net. Survivors Live to tell the story...some even go on to dance at the funerals of the Victims.
Get Down! Get Back Up Again!

W'editillas are working to ass'certain da'onus operandi of such an excercise. Who are these people that posts annonymous "Word Press" blogs like this? Any of you smart bloggers wanna get on this beotch? Who are these phantoms? Why publish such a piece of errroneous horse shit masqued as "hot news on Katrina" beneath a photograph tragedy over 2 years old? Gimme those heartstrings, you forkin'bastads! We will hang you with them! Gentle'Rillas will fail not in noticing race of these "victims" is the same as that evil spriritualist advisor to Barak Obama. See the evil black man! Pay no attention to the Good White Samaritan Hag'hee that John McCain just rode into town. See the Black Victim. See the Black Victim Hold the Welfare Child? See Spot Run. See Spot Weep. Hold double'think Shit in one hand~half a dozen in the other. Talk about McCain and his would'a should'a could'a response to Katrina--not that his preacher who thought we deserved to be flooded To Hell by our own government engineering while Johnny came marching home for birthday cake wit'da Presidente as 1000s died. Or look not to McCain running-mare Clinton, who voted for this God'damned War and Stood Down when Bush ascended to the Presidenteity. See the Black Katrina. Fear the Black Katrina! Barakatrina Zombami! Osamalotta Saddhama'Hussanity...
Speakest Thou in'da fork'ed Toungues of Snakes Bellytre!
Beware da'Katrina Victim Black Crows of Their Own Slavery!
Considering the clumzy'chumzy speed of the site I would suggest they are data'traps, as much as aggregate falling dominano'memes, there to record who comes and goes...the ebb'n'flow of the movement so ta'speak of step'n'fetishit.
Well...they now have my number: Steppenwolfit-82905.

Who should protect New Orleans?~Hanna Morris: the Blog
~You Rock On Sista Soul'blader!
~Editilla'shillas~And Happy Birthday Mz. Thang!!!

Dr Michael DeBakey
~Liprap's Lament - The Line

On the Meaning of Lecky King Taking the 5th Amendment~Slabbed

~Four generations of family from New Orleans exiled to Texas, before and after hurrican Katrina and the collapse of the levees.
~Editilla gotta tol'ya~I'm just really diggin this blog and thought y'all might too. Odd how Nola bloggery ends up in...Minnestota? Wild place of light and color. Big Nola fans who'dat makes me wonder where on da'Ladda Map above they have a dot.

Flood Stage Levels, current 'real-time' guage readings

Wilkes seniors focus their project on New Orleans’ plight

~New Orleans is more than 1,200 miles away from Wilkes-Barre, but the problems the city and surrounding regions faced after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 took the spotlight last week at Wilkes University — literally. Wilkes senior Kaitlin Taber-Miller visited New Orleans in spring 2007, as part of the university’s volunteer-based Alternative Spring Break program. She returned to Louisiana in August 2007 with senior Steve Karpinski, and over the course of 10 days, the duo researched the effect the hurricane had on the area through interviews with residents

Sean Penn recruiting
for New Orleans bus crusade

~Hollywood actor Sean Penn addressed crowds in Indio twice Sunday during the final day of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, calling for activism and inviting festival-goers to join him and famous musicians on a week-long bus trip to New Orleans.

Montrel's Bistro in New Orleans~Aroma Cucina

An Event Apart 2008
- New Orleans~David Herrold

~and with further Adieu

R.E.M., NIN, STP Set For Voodoo Music Experience~Kingblind

Theresa Andersson and Susan Cowsill
(Photo © Jef Jaisun, All Rights Reserved)

Local Women Rock New Orleans Jazz Fest 2008 on Acura Stage and West Bank
~Georgianne Nienaber

The Monday Night Jazz Fest Tradition~OZBlog

First weekend of New Orleans Jazz Fest wraps
~Video Jazz Fest Day 2

JazzFest Review & Photos - Day 3, April 27th - 1st Weekend
~More Thanks to Our Pal Mel!

The Times- Picayune's
insider's guide to Jazzfest


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"It's not the preferred technique"
~Library Chronicles

Paper Levees
~Louis Maistros

Engineers for man: Shaping the Mississippi River
Rudi Keller
~In his nostalgic look back at his career as a steamboat pilot in "Life on the Mississippi," Mark Twain described the difficult task of navigating the river in the pre-Civil War era.
"Piloting becomes another matter when you apply it to vast streams like the Mississippi and the Missouri, whose alluvial banks cave and change constantly, whose snags are always hunting up new quarters, whose sandbars are never at rest, whose channels are forever dodging and shirking, and whose obstructions must be confronted in all nights and in all weathers without the aid of a single lighthouse or a single buoy for there is neither light nor buoy to be found anywhere in all this three or four thousand miles of villainous river."

Flooding to close most locks on upper Mississippi

Flood Stage Levels, current 'real-time' guage readings

PMI GNO "Project of the Year" Goes to U.S. Army Corps' Exquixotic Engineers?
~The award was presented to the Corps for its Hurricane Katrina emergency response mission. The Corps was recognized for its Task Force Unwatering, Task Force Guardian and Louisiana Recovery Field Office (debris) missions.

Former adjusters never realized where challenging State Farm would lead them
~State Farm pressured engineers to change Hurricane Katrina damage reports, they said - and documents filed in lawsuits have indicated - minimizing what policyholders were owed.

John McCain's Miserable Record on Hurricane Katrina

GasHole: Dirty Oil and the Biofuel Myth~Allison Kilkenny

Gray Ghost launches offensive at café
~She looked to her left and that’s when she saw him,
a tall, stocky man wearing dark sunglasses.

Bat'Signal Photo:

A Flood of Emotion in a Song

In the nearly three years since the levees failed, you haven’t had to wait very long at a Louisiana festival or nightclub before a singer croons, “What has happened down here is the winds have changed.”

The Times- Picayune's insider's guide to Jazzfest

Live from Jazz Fest:
Plant, Krauss set early high bar

10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Tuesday, April 29 and Wednesday, April 30 at the historic Louisiana Cabildo on Jackson Square (701 Chartres St.)

Piano Night 2008 - Monday April 28

WWOZ Jazz Fest Scheduler!!

New Orleans Jazzfest: In Wake Of The Flood

Find Da'Bones Marks da'Spot! ~thanks Mel

Downpours don't stop the music at Jazz Fest