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James Perry, New Orleans Mayoral Candidate, files for Injunction Against Mayor Ray Nagin~We Could Be Famous
“My hope with today’s filing of a request for preliminary injunction is that the court will act expeditiously to halt the abuse of power by the Nagin Administration by awarding contracts in violation of the City’s Home Rule Charter.”

TV finds story on Internet

Child-Governor Bobby Jindal, after high-profile criticism, says no to federal money for high- speed rail system~Bill Barrow
~Two days after a national commentator mocked Gov. Bobby Jindal for considering tapping federal stimulus money to build a light rail system between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, the governor's transportation secretary wrote to President Barack Obama's administration saying the idea is scrapped.
~Editilla Beaux'tellas~ What an absolute Ken'doll IDIOT!
Bobbly'Head Jindal is proving that the State of Louisiana means nothing more to him than a free-base for national fund-raising
--so he can run for President or VP to Haley Babar.
It is one thing to name yourself after the youngest Brady.
It is weird enough that in college he forced an actual Exorcism on some poor girl who was probably just trying to get away from him. It is sick and dangerous enough that he mess around with the National GOP/Fox party politics. But, it is real sinning to place your citizens in harm's way for a standard, as currently executed, hurricane evacuation
--by denying them a golden opportunity for High Speed Rail.
He is supposed to be working for Louisianans. He is NOT.
This is ridiculous and he should be re-called.

Striking shrimpers protest
~Robert Zullo

DULAC — Furious over rock-bottom dockside prices just two weeks into Louisiana's fall shrimp season, hundreds of striking shrimp fishermen protested at shrimp-processing plants along the banks of Bayou Grand Caillou Friday.
Above: Allen Trahan, from Cypremort Point, waves a flag while standing on Grand Caillou Road in Dulac Friday morning.
Local fishermen gather outside Gulf Island Shrimp and Seafood Friday morning in Dulac to protest the low cost they're receiving for their shrimp. Photo Credit: Matt Stamey/The Courier

Legit contractors fear their unlicensed counterparts put the public at risk~Susan Buchanan

What's the Score~slabbed

Former Congressman Bob Livingston explains influence-peddling, the legal way
~James Gill

Rockefeller Institute addresses government response
~J.R. Welsh

Comedy 'Snatched' livens up slow season in local film industry
~Mike Scott

Down Under over, done with Nagin, etc...
~The New Orleans Levee

Aussies as confused by our leaders as we are
~An Australian language expert has offered an explanation for New Orleans Police Chief Warren Riley’s recent assertion that he did not know he needed to report the theft of $200,000 from the department’s evidence room to the proper authorities.
“I can conclude only that the chief was on a talkabout,” University of Sydney criminal linguist Dingo Dababy said.
“It’s like a walkabout, which is a period of wandering in the bush engaged in by an Australian aborigine."

What would the Pontchartrain Beach Diet entail?
~Humid Haney

'One Book One New Orleans' gets underway with gumbo tasting Wednesday~Susan Larson

“All of them were caught in something larger than themselves”
~The Grapes of Wrath

"pity this busy monster, manunkind"
~Robert Frost's Banjo

New books look at disasters and how we react, including Katrina

Tales of Regret, Menace and Resilience, "New ­Stories From the South 2009"
~Diane Scharper

~Madison Smartt Bell says in his introduction to "New ­Stories From the South 2009" that he chose the anthology's 21 stories with the intention of establishing a central theme:
the impact of Hurricane ­Katrina.
Luckily, Mr. Bell didn't succeed. Many of the stories address concerns that are both broader and more personal than inspired-by-headlines ­fiction. Only a few of the tales are set in Louisiana, and only a couple mention the 2005 ­disaster.

Le Cajun Awards and Festival help preserve one of Louisiana's most treasured commodities — its music~Cody Daigle
Jamie Foxx brings his 50-city concert tour to a city he adores
~Chris Rose

State of public domain sheet music searcher ~Soup Greens

Benefit for Marva Wright Tonight at Tipitina’s

In Pursuit of Bo-Consciousness, Part 4 ~Home of the Groove

Friday, August 21, 2009


Covington native Steve Mathies to lead state's Office of Coastal Protection and Restoration
~Mark Schleifstein

Louisiana Democrat Party Files Charges Against Senator David Vitter ~BBuzz

A picture is worth a thousand

Compromised reached to stop special increase in insurance
~Paul Murphy
~The board that governs the state-backed Citizens Insurance worked out a compromise to keep homeowners from having to foot the bill for the company’s legal judgment, which means -- the special assessment -- that would have hit all property owners in the wallet won’t happen -- at least for now.

NASA’s A-Train of Satellites “On Track” With Hurricane Research ~Klaus Schmidt
Navy ship was built at Avondale shipyard using steel from Twin Towers~Paul Purpura
Amite, La. (Sept. 9, 2003)
-- Foundry workers pour molten steel into a mold to form the bow stem of the Amphibious Transport Dock ship USS New York (LPD 21).
About 24 tons of steel was salvaged from the World Trade Center, which was destroyed in the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Approximately 10-percent of the steel was lost when the foundry superheated the 48,780 pounds of steel to 2,850 degrees F.
U.S. Navy photo Photographer's Mate 2nd Class George Trian.


Interview with Harry Shearer
~David Winkler-Schmit

Do you read any of the local blogs?
“Every once in a great while. It’s not part of my regular thing.
Sandy Rosenthal (the director of hips me to some stuff from time to time. And I see some others from time to time, but not day in and day out, no. I don’t read a lot of bloggers day in and day out simply because I’m trying to actually get information as opposed to opinions and secondhand things.
I try to go as close to actual information as I can get.”

Louisiana Sen. Landrieu To Hold Health Care Town Hall Meeting In Reserve ~BBuzz

National historic preservation office closing New Orleans, who'dat sayz Good Riddance?
~Editilla Shadow'rillas~
The number of vitriolic comments directed upon this group really surprised me, despite our tactical experience in spotting and burying ASCECORPS PR and their Bo'Intel'Pro Ops.
But this one comment in particular reeks of pro-LSU Astro-turf: "Perhaps the out of town group will stop the lawsuits that are attempting to scuttle the much needed hospitals."
Or this comment: "Good riddence. Everything in New Orleans that was built before Katrina should be torn down ... from the Jackson Barracks to the 17th street canal ...
The whole place is a termite filled toilet."

It had occurred to me that the real estate developers in general, and Anti-Save Charity Lobby in particular, definitely have the Money and Motive to employ such Artificial Grass Roots.
Whoever is running their PR (and it is definitely being run here) is doing a masterful job. I gotta hand it to them.
Thorough, and unlike the Corps, legal though no less egregious.
Who knows what evil lurks in the memes of men? Editilla knowz.

Jarvis DeBerry: Thinly veiled racism in St. Bernard Parish blocks fair housing

4 Years After Katrina: Housing crisis continues, low-income renters face discrimination
~Desiree Evans

Cheers For Cannizzaro, DA Of New Orleans ~Jeff Crouere

Environmental groups question Houma Navigation Canal floodgate~Houma Today

`Anderson Cooper 360°' Show To Air Live From New Orleans 27th

Weathering the Storm: Measuring Household Willingness-to-Pay for Risk-Reduction in Post-Katrina New Orleans ~H/T~Environmental Economics

The fastest way to succeed is to look as if you’re playing by somebody else’s rules, while quietly playing by your own – an update on Montet v State Farm and Politz v Nationwide ~slabbed

How To Win Your Election
~If you are running for office, helping on a campaign, a vendor that wants political business or simply a very interested person, Bayoubuzz is very proud of the speakers and panels we have assembled and we feel certain that you and others will greatly benefit from this program.
Are you prepared? Want some advice? Well, here it is.
Learn from the experts August 22, 9-4, at University New Orleans Lindy Boggs International Conference Center (location here).

Red Alert! Bush Was Going to Lose! ~Emptywheel
~Tom Ridge will apparently confirm everything we suspected:
"Ridge was never invited to sit in on National Security Council meetings; was "blindsided" by the FBI in morning Oval Office meetings because the agency withheld critical information from him; found his urgings to block Michael Brown from being named head of the emergency agency blamed for the Hurricane Katrina disaster ignored; and was pushed to raise the security alert on the eve of President Bush's re-election, something he saw as politically motivated and worth resigning over." In particular, I look forward to knowing precisely what kind of warning Ridge gave against hiring Brownie.
And I'm sure those in New Orleans are sort of curious, too.

La. company gets federal contract to survey seafloor

Interv. w/ Leo McGovern of Antigravity and A.D. New Orleans After The Deluge ~Deckfight

Josh Neufeld and A.D. hits the road ~Heidi MacDonald
~In the four years since the Corps of Engineers flooded New Orleans, that breech of public trust has inspired an incredible artistic outpouring -- nonfiction articles and books, poetry, novels, photography, painting, film and music.
It was only a matter of time before someone produced a post-flood graphic novel, and with "A.D.: New Orleans after the Deluge" (Pantheon, $24.95) by Josh Neufeld,
that time has arrived.

Outreach Tulane to fall on fourth Katrina anniversary

Irvin Mayfield revives the music of Los Hombres Calientes for a good cause~Keith Spera

What is it with some uses of word
"Rising" that don't "Get It" up?

~Was the Flooding of New Orleans a Natural Disaster? No.
Was the Flooding of New Orleans a Man Made Disaster? Yes.
Do these fuckless idiots say one word as to the Corps Role? No.
Slide guitar, helpless blacks, and clean white folks to the rescue.
Oh, and throw in lots of inaccurate information as lagniappe for
Chirst on a Schtick! I hate to have this attitude, I really do. But...
they Walk The Lie to the unreal Cause of this Man-made disaster.
That must stop or we will never be safe from the Exquisite Corps.
Instead of funding this slick RIAA/Music Industry PR Campaign,
--which will divert desperately needed local resources--
why not support the truly local efforts of NOMRF?
Editirony. These folks hit the ground earliest, with instruments.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Diversion plans criticized, researcher wants to rethink coastal restoration~Amy Wold

Advocates Renew Calls for Large- Scale Restoration of La.'s Coastal Wetlands ~April Reese

State releases updated corps reform wish list~Daily Comet

Cao now waffling on health care, beginning to sound a lot like an After-Birther?~"It is controversial because right now, with respect to our health insurance, we get to pick and choose what we want to purchase," Cao said. "But now, all of the policies are required to have essential elements. So that's why some people feel now that they lack the freedom to choose what they want because they might not want to pay for some of the things they have to pay for." Huh?
~Editilla flat'lines da'baby in da'batwata~
What did he say? Guess he ain't leaning anymore, eh?
I cannot afford "health insurance" (private), nor is it offered by my employer, so where is my choice, my Public Option?
I must by law still pay taxes for Sacred Cao's heath insurance in Congress --so he can legislate away any option for me (public) to gain easier access to health care?
He seems to be "leaning" for enriching the Insurance Industry at the expense of Charity Hospital care. In the Tao of Cao I am forced to pay more for Expensive Private Insurance in order to afford very over-priced Expensive Private Health Care?
Will Joseph Cao step up to the plate for The People or Not?
Will he become a true elected representative of The People, or is he just another future rising star GOP spit'ball Monkey like our Child-Governor Jindal?

4 Years After Flood: New Orleans faces major challenges
~Desiree Evans

The Browning of Grassroots
How astroturfing is taking over local activism. ~Daniel Stone

Rep. Maxine Waters asks for flat additional payment to Road Home grant recipients
~David Hammer

LRA: Louisiana Continues Investments Post Katrina ~BBuzz

Road Home recipients can get more time to rebuild if they show need~David Hammer
~Rainwater acknowledged that enforcing the three-year time limit to rebuild is very difficult for the state. But he denied that offering people a chance to ask for up to two year-long extensions was an effort to track those who are not rebuilding.
"I have no desire to enforce a covenant on someone who is really trying," he said. "But we all know that some people took the money and moved away. We want to help people work through issues, but in some cases, we need to enforce the covenants."

Jim Brown on the cost of regulatory capture: More shit for Louisiana taxpayers to shovel courtesy of the Office of Financial Institutions ~slabbed

Louisiana property owners could pay for $95M Citizens judgment

Shrimpers protest at state Capitol, allege price-fixing

~Jeremy Alford

Would this be before or after we're done ignoring Jindal's exorcism experience?
~Library Chronicles

Bill drops to Category 3

Camille, Katrina and the Changes Since

The "Functional Anarchy" of Genomes
~Guenter Albrecht-Buehler PhD

Air Force used Twitter to track NY Air Force One flyover fallout ~Richard Ladner
~The Combat Information Cell's first assessment of the event said "Web site blog comments 'furious' at best." "Damage control requires timely counter-information," but the opportunity for that had passed, the assessment said.
The cell recommended acknowledging the mistake and ensuring it didn't happen again.
John Verdi of the Electronic Privacy Information Center in Washington said gray zones can emerge while monitoring social networking sites because viewing and participating is based on trust. "Lots of times individuals upload private or sensitive information that they expect to share with their friends or family and not the whole Internet world," Verdi said. "It would certainly be a major problem if the government were accessing that information under false pretenses."
Paul Bove, an Air Force digital media strategist, said service personnel are instructed not to do that. Nor are they to use aliases or represent a position that's beyond the scope of what they do."We always tell people, 'Stay in your lane and don't talk about something that you're not qualified to talk about,'" Bove said.
The issue of aliases is at the heart of a complaint stemming for the Army Corps of Engineers' performance in New Orleans before and after Hurricane Katrina. Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., asked the Pentagon inspector general to examine allegations that Corps employees posed as ordinary citizens and posted comments on a New Orleans Web site defending the organization from criticism following the disaster.
~Editilla Notellas~ We saw this article when it ran, but missed the statements at the end which have now been brought to our attention by a Noble'Rilla reader. Thanks youz.
And thanks to the AP journalist for noting the connection.

(I had wondered why we were getting so many hits from the Air Force. Good thing we take screen shots of our stat pages.:)
Perhaps such Defensive Cyber'Ops Tracking is the reason the Air Force decided to scare the shit out of New Yorkers by chasing the President's Jet with a fighter jet right over the city? I mean, that was such a stupid thing to do, one must wonder who ordered it?

Lawyer: FBI Paid Right-Wing Blogger Charged With Threats
~David Kravets

Official Kilogram Losing Mass ~NPR~More than a century ago, a small metal cylinder was forged in London and sent to a leafy suburb of Paris. The cylinder was about the size of a salt shaker and made of an alloy of platinum and iridium, an advanced material at the time.
Since 1889, the year the Eiffel Tower opened, that cylinder has been the standard against which every other kilogram on the planet has been judged. But that's creating problems. According to scientists, the cylinder's mass appears to be changing.

D'OH! Awwww... ahem, we t'ought they was talkin'bout Church!

Steadman Dreams~Citizen K

Calvin Harris' “Humanthesizer”, Quintron's New "Drum Buddy" and other Cool DIY Musical Instruments~Music Vixen

Cajun tradition~Cody Daigle

Theresa Andersson~Roxy

New Orleans in Kuala Lumpur
~Sharmilla Ganesan

Screening: Wild Man Blues ~Dave Lucas

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mercredi~Blame It On New Orleans

~Mac McAnally sayz, when Down By The River...

"There will come a day, I'd like to think,
when War's a song and Hurricane's a drink,
Let's blame it on New Orleans.


Hurricane Bill strengthens to a Category 4 storm~Jeff Masters
~Visible satellite image of Bill's eye zoomed in, taken from NASA's Aqua spacecraft at 12:40pm EDT Tuesday.
Image credit: NASA GSFC.

Category 4 Hurricane Bill is now the the fourth strongest tropical cyclone to appear on the planet so far this year, and may grow even stronger. Visible and infrared satellite imagery continue to show an impressive, well-organized, hurricane, with maximum sustained winds near 135 mph.

Loyola 'Gifts It'
~After the hurricane and subsequent levee failures,
Loyola was forced to suspend classes, and students scattered to 637 colleges and law schools across North America.
The sculpture, by New Orleans metal artist David Borgerding, incorporates the names of each of the schools into a metal bench, shaped like the spiral of a hurricane.

U.S. Rep. Anh 'Joseph' Cao explains federal health care proposal at forum~C.J. Lin

Real World: Westwego
~We Could Be Famous

New Orleans faces $43 M hole in 2010

Armstrong Park planning exclusionary, Treme residents complain~Lolis Eric Elie

'Citizens' faces $95M bill
~NO City Business

Sign of the times... slabbed

Obama's JFK Mistake:
All Glamour, No Game
~Ben Domenech

Grilling: Lebanese Kofta
~Serious Eats

Degas exhibit at New Orleans home where he lived

Anita O'Day: The Life of a Jazz Singer ~ADRASTOS

Galactic, New Orleans 8.22
~Aquarium Drunkard

Underdogs Cheap Trick shine alongside monsters of rock
~Alison Fensterstock

Love Session, Six Nights of Music, Six Nights of Giving-
Irvin Mayfield Presents the Music of Los Hombres Calientes

New Orleans piano virtuoso comes to Casper~Elysia Conner

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mardi~Happy Hour!

Census Bureau to hand-deliver forms in New Orleans
~Becky Bohrer

~The measures announced by U.S. Census Bureau Director Robert M. Groves on Tuesday did not go as far as those sought by Mayor Ray Nagin and some advocacy groups to locally count potentially thousands of former residents scattered across the country who are trying to come back. By at least one estimate, 75 percent of New Orleans' pre-Katrina population has returned in the nearly four years since the Aug. 29, 2005, storm
and levee breaches.
~Editilla Crow'tellas~ Thanks Mz Bohrer for dropping the "Katrina Shorthand" references for the flood of 8/29/05.
~Gentl'rillas may contact this wonderfully responsive journalist to thank her yer'oh'so humble selfs: Please do, and feel free tell her Editilla sayz hello and that she continue this Turn from the Dark Side for the AP.

Still We Must Remain Vigilant!
~As we approach the 4th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina on August 29, the Sierra Club today released a new report analyzing the green rebuilding efforts under way in New Orleans.
The devastation of Hurricane Katrina has provided the city of New Orleans with a unique opportunity to develop a national model for rebuilding green.
~Editilla to Sierra Club! Editilla to Sierra Club!
Come in Sierra Club! Katrina -repeat- Katrina
Did Not Devastate New Orleans! Exquisite Corps!

NOLA Looks As If McCain Were President~Louisiana 1976


The Katrina flood was a man- made disaster, part XXIII
~John McQuaid

Is it just me? What part of Manmade or Survivors or FYYFF
do some stupid fuckmook dipshits Not Understand?

LSU developing new hurricane model~Jeremy Alford

World's Biggest Water Pump Under Construction In New Orleans, Would've Been Cooler Four Years Ago ~Gizmodo

New Orleans Rising
~Frances N. Tolentino

~The experience of New Orleans, on a broader sense, signifies mankind’s unfaltering hope that though life is at times unkind, it is most of the time benign and generous. After any devastation, there is always that hope of rehabilitation.

More Secrecy Afoot In Charity Hospital Controversy

~Recently, Louisiana and Obama Administration officials announced that special arbitration panels to resolve ongoing disputes between the state and FEMA over public words projects would be set up to begin hearings by the end of August. Further review of the principles guiding the rules of the arbitration system indicates a further erosion of stakeholder rights in the Charity Hospital controversy, expected to be the biggest dispute settled by the panels.

Health Care: Two Countries... Two Stories~Harry Shearer

New Orleans Neighborhood Housing Services to run $20 million home repair effort
~David Hammer

Plaquemines Parish shrimpers organize protest in Baton Rouge Tuesday`~Chris Kirkham

Dead zone forms near MR-GO rock barrier~Amy Wold

Well here is another nice mess you’ve gotten me into Part Deux
~Judge Senter lowers the boom on the topic of State Farm’s cancerous Katrina claims handling.
Slabbed Congratulates Henry and June Kuehn
~Editilla offers Congrooviations to'da Village of the Slabbed

Political parties trade attacks over Stanford~Bill Lodge
~Neither political party was polite. “Throughout his career, David Vitter has consistently voted to allow large financial conglomerates to run wild without oversight or regulation,” said Kevin Franck, press secretary for the state’s Democratic Party. “In what is just the latest example of David Vitter’s hypocrisy, it seems that he was against government oversight of the financial sector before he was for it,” Franck added.

Four Years after Katrina, New Orleans School Enrollment

Marijuana case management debate divides DA, judges ~Gwen Filosa

Hurricane Katrina Is Backdrop For Murder Mystery
~Katey Rich

New Hurricane Katrina documentary to be screened free this week in New Orleans, Arabi

Roosevelt’s La. bear hunt
~In “The Wilderness Warrior: Theodore Roosevelt and the Crusade for America,” Douglas Brinkley offers a mostly flattering portrait of Roosevelt’s foresight in setting aside huge tracts of public land as wilderness areas for future generations.
Roosevelt traveled widely, and Brinkley’s book takes readers along to the many places where TR enjoyed the great outdoors. One of those places, the swamp forests of East Carroll Parish where Roosevelt hunted for a black bear, is the setting for a kind of allegory about the brighter and darker angels of Roosevelt’s nature.
Not everyone was a fan of Roosevelt’s exploits in Louisiana. “Reports of Roosevelt’s bear hunt sickened Mark Twain,” Brinkley tells readers. “To Twain, the spectacle of the president, who was getting rounder by the day, trudging through the swamplands in a downpour to kill one of the last black bears in East Carroll Parish was pathetic.”

Journalista - the news weblog of The Comics Journal

Amanda Shaw moves to national stage while reminding audience of New Orleans’ needs
~Terry Rombeck

Ooh Ooh! Mac McAnally has a
New Album! Down By the River
~Blog Critics

Monday, August 17, 2009


Some Obama Promises Wait,
like rebuilding New Orleans?
~Adriel Bettelheim

~Specifically, Obama would ensure New Orleans has a levee and pumping system to protect the city against a 100-year storm by 2011, free up rebuilding funds that had been allocated but not released and to rebuild hospitals and schools.

Coast Guard plan means more vessels must leave New Orleans before storms hit ~BreakBulk
~Editilla Notellas~ We reposted this article on this issue mainly due to our fanness of this Shipping Mag.
But, we also like the way they consider only a couple of lines from Corps "spokesman" and more from the Coast Guard, unlike the T-P article we posted last night which introduced new ones.
We should put them on playing cards like Rummy did in Iraq.
I mean who believes a word the Corps says about anything anymore? Really, they have such a PR Machine and so many different spokespeople that it is hard to follow along sometimes.

The legacy of Katrina,
by the numbers
~Bill Quigley and Davida Finger

Heavenly Abode?
In addition to
3 casinos,
600 hotel rooms,
1500 time-shares,
20,000 condos,
1,000,000 sq ft of Commercial space and an 8000 car parking garage...
they offer 100,000 sq ft of "Cultural Facilities", oh snap, in front of the French Quarters!
And get this, we can call it an "Arcology", yeah, the New Orleans "Arcology" Habitat, or NOAH for marketing purposes.
Get it? NOAH and the Arcology? Get it? How Ironic.

City Hall moving to under I-10
~ChaCha Pitoulas

How Will Hurricane Season Affect US Casino Revenue?

$32M in federal funds headed to SUNO

City eases elevation guidelines
~Deon Roberts

Louisiana Film Museum to open next month

N.O. lawyer is tops in Beatles trivia

(415): Admittedly I was a little ambitious with some of the positions but you walked in during the worst of it.

The Spirit World Juried By
Russell Joslin~NOPA

H/T~Mary Virginia Swanson

Bingo Bingo ~"conjectural is glad to be a humor and friendly game so never play it if you are in a bad bingo."

Keith Spera's Monday Trix Bag

Bruce Springsteen is turning 60 ~Chris Rose

CD review: Ledisi's new
'Turn Me Loose'~Mario Tarradell

Pay for Play

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dimanche~Update: Here They Come

Ana, Bill,--and Claudette?
~Wunder Blog, Updated

<~8:06pm CST
~After one of the slowest starts to hurricane season in the past twenty years, the 2009 hurricane season has exploded with activity over the past 48 hours.

US Coast Guard urges mariners in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico to prepare for Tropical Storm Ana

Coast Guard bans barges, ships from canals if hurricane threatens~Sheila Grissett
~The public uproar over runaway barges and ships that threatened floodwalls during previous hurricanes has triggered a sweeping new order aimed at clearing vessels from the Industrial Canal, Gulf Intracoastal Waterway and Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet if a major storm blows in this season.


Why Obama Should Be in NOLA on Katrina Anniversary

~"See, the trouble with not looking back is that we don't remember what we ought to remember.

Katrina is something to remember. Always.

The federal flood, they call it on the NOLA blogs.
The federal flood because the Army Corps of Engineers cut corners and didn't make the levees right.

The federal flood because heckuva job Brownie and Bush's happy cronies didn't give a shit about the folks suffering but only cared about going to the cash register to hear the "ca-ching" that meant their usual profit off of human suffering.
Blackwater profited. Halliburton profited.
A whole lot of Republicans profited."

~Special thanks for Victim Photographs~Cryptome

~Special Thanks~ NADMAT

Remembering Camille:
40 years later ~Kat Bergeron

Cost-cutting Morganza project draws concerns~Nikki Buskey
~Environmentalists and others say they are concerned that cost cutting may lead local officials to remove some of the structures within Terrebonne’s hurricane-protection system that aim to protect wetlands and wildlife.

Restoration of bayou near Lower 9th Ward aims to fix MR-GO damage~Ramon Antonio Vargas

Coastal transportation part three – mass transit, toll trolls and other stuff ~LaCoastPost

Demolition by chainsaw: Babin/Africa Plantation
~Squandered Heritage

Trees make a big comeback
~Donna Melton

Woman saves retriever from near-drowning in Bayou St. John
~Sheila Stroup

Landrieu pushes to lift Gulf drilling ban~Jen DeGregorio

Still kissing ass – Sun Herald reports on the post-Senate life of Trent Lott as father, grandfather and lobbyist ~slabbed
~Editilla Notellas~ We sorta changed the title of this lede to reflect more our view of this flaccid dick who resigned his elected office to assume da'position on da'carpet in Da'Lobby. Call it... The Story of Lott: Sucking ACE and Kissing Cousins.

All pay, no work~Mike Hasten
~Stolen laptop computers, about $1 million in paychecks issued to people who left their jobs months before, and retention incentives paid to people no longer on the job are some of the problems cited in a state financial audit of Louisiana’s Recovery School District. Except for the missing computers, which district officials have written off, the problems cited in the audit have been solved, according to Paul Vallas, superintendent of the state-run district for low-performing schools.

“(If You Want Health Care) Go to War or Get a Job!” Shouted at Local College Student During Rodney Alexander Town Hall Meeting ~CenLamar

"What I ought to do is run for governor of the great state of Louisiana against Bobby Jindal."

~H/T~Louisiana Now

While we're on Anniversaries...
~H/T~Le Show

Harry Shearer on the unplanned "Unwigged" DVD, the "shocking" cease-and-desist letter from Lego and his musical influences
~Aaron Barnhart