Saturday, July 4, 2009


Odd Bits of Life in New Orleans

Dear America, Have a Happy Birthday!~Gentilly Girl

Beer + Gunpower ~NOLA-dishu

Struggles to rebuild in Lower 9 continue~Bill Capo, WWL

Fourchon beachgoers:
swim at your own risk
~Dee Dee Thurston

Porn actress must move to state by Tuesday if she's serious about beating off contenders to stand opposite Senator Diaper Dave Vitty-Cent Vitter (R-Pamp)

~Porn actress and possible politician Stormy Daniels has more stops today on her "listening tour," as she tries to gauge Louisiana voter interest in her as a senate candidate opposite David Vitter.

Pitt not eligible to run for Mayor

New deductible rules address multiple hurricanes
~Ed Anderson

A President Breaks Hearts in Appalachia~Robert F. Kenedy Jr.
~Mountaintop removal coal mining is the worst environ- mental tragedy in American history. When will the Obama administration finally stop this Appalachian apocalypse?
Mining syndicates are detonating 2,500 tons of explosives each day - the equivalent of a Hiroshima bomb weekly - to blow up Appalachia's mountains and extract sub-surface coal seams. They have demolished 500 mountains - encompassing about a million acres - buried hundreds of valley streams under tons of rubble, poisoned and uprooted countless communities, and caused widespread contamination to the region's air and water.

Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars feeling at home in New Orleans
~Molly Reid

Keith Spera's Trick Bag

Seminar focuses on the business of hip-hop, R&B
~Alison Fensterstock

Friday, July 3, 2009


Antoinette K-Doe's daughter and friend officially reopen the Mother-In-Law Lounge with a really big show
~Alison Fensterstock

~Volunteer to Help
~"I want to keep the Lounge open because it was my mom's dream. There's no fame involved, it's just a place for the community - and the musicians - to come together." ~Betty Fox
~Special thanks fo'da Photo: Liquid Sunshine

Northshore residents grill corps on flood protection
~Susan Edwards, WWL

FEMA to pay bigger share of Terrebonne, Lafourche hurricane bills
~Daniel McBride

State moving on appeal for Charity money~Jan Moller

Up their sleeve or in their briefs – State Farm comes up with another Eddie Haskell motion ~slabbed
~And for our friendorillas in slabbernation...

Malt '{}' Meal Fears Sarah Palin!
~Serial Recaller Malt-{}-Meal Co. is voluntarily recalling anyone that pines for instant nonfat dry milf that may be contaminated with sarahpalin.

~Editilla's New Fav Not-New Blog Find

– But Can I Get it Together?
~John Paul Marat

San Fermin in Nueva Orleans
will be celebrated from July 10 - July 12, in the French Quarters,
featuring an Encierro on Saturday, July 11, at precisely 8:00 a.m
~Official Merchandi$e

Burlesque 101
~Burlesque 101 dance classes were started by local burlesque dancer, New Orleans native, and former ballerina--Bella Blue. These classes are designed to teach anyone, with or without dance experience, the fine art of classic burlesque.

New Orleans’ Women Uniquely Highlighted in Ford “Freedom’s Sisters” Exhibit

New Orleans Museum of Art to Present Skylar Fein: Youth

Batiste family brings music class to RSD school~Rob Nelson

Keith Spera's favorite Essence
~Will old friends join Lionel Richie?

Special thanks~Daily Dish

Happy Birthday Pete Fountain!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Corps of Engineers Chooses Inferior Pumps Plan, Option 1
Refuses Congressional Mandate
to Protect New Orleans
--instead increases City's Risk!
~M. Schleifstein, S. Grissett

~According to the environmental report, (379 page pdf) the existing floodwalls along the canals inside the new pump stations "would be maintained in their current condition and would not be reconstructed" --even though the corps has concluded that water levels must be kept no higher than half the walls' existing heights.
Critics have slammed the idea of double pumping as unnecessarily risky during an emergency. Instead, they pushed for the corps to build a single all-purpose pump station in each canal that would operate 365 days a year, allowing the S&WB pumps to be decommissioned.
Also rejected in the report were alternatives that would have pumped water from parts of Metairie to the Mississippi River instead of into the 17th Street Canal, and would have pumped some water from the London Avenue into the Industrial Canal.
The corps decision was immediately criticized by U.S. Sen. David Vitter, R-La., who has been vocal in his support for a more comprehensive alternative, including pumping to the river.

Dangerous pump vandalism continues around the parish

~Nikki Buskey

New Streetcar Lines Are A Fantasy~YatPundit


Tenants vie for public housing
in redeveloped St. Bernard complex~Katy Reckdahl

~Before Katrina, the development was home to 963 public-housing households, which paid monthly "HUD rent" up to one-third of their income. By comparison, the first phase of Columbia Parc includes 466 apartments, but only 157 will be subsidized public-housing apartments where rent is based on income. The remainder will be 149 market-rate apartments and 160 "affordable" tax-credit units that target moderate-income households, charging rent significantly higher than that faced by public-housing families.

Blacks, Latinos share similar experiences in post-Katrina
New Orleans~Chicago Defender

~African-Americans and Latinos living in New Orleans share remarkably similar experiences and are willing to work together to bridge differences according to a new study released last week by Oxfam America and Dr. Silas Lee & Associates.

Duplex by Frank Gehry
for Make it Right~Dezeen

The new designs, unveiled yesterday, are for multi-family dwellings and follow the range of single-family homes unveiled in January last year.

"Brad Pitt for Mayor" tee shirt featured on national television
~Storyville Times

~H/T~Louisiana Now

Brad Pit for Mayor?
~The New Orleans Levee

~Pitt, the actor and friend and part-time resident of New Orleans, would neither confirm nor deny for The Levee his intent regarding the growing grassroots campaign under way in the city to draft him to qualify by Dec. 11 to enter the Feb. 6 mayoral primary. However, a woman who answered the phone at their home identifying herself only as “Angie” and claiming a close, personal knowledge of his activism, addressed the “Brad Pitt for Mayor” effort.
The Levee obtained the phone number through Pitt friend and the newspaper’s senior writer, ChaCha Pitoulas, who starred with Pitt in the New Orleans-set “Interview With A Vampire,” with Pitoulas portraying the little girl vampire Claudia.
“I can tell you Brad loves New Orleans. After all, a river runs through it,”
she said.

Larry Flynt To Run For Mayor Of New Orleans~Editilla O'rilla d'Aphasia
...on the beat off the record!"
[dateline: Flint, Michigan]

~One-time Presidential candidate, free speech activist, beaver enthusiast and inventor of "The Wheelie! Protective Cup", Larry Flynt announced today his intention to run for mayor of New Orleans.
But why announce in Flint, Michigan?
"Well, I like the name recognition." says Flynt, in Flint.
"People often call me a skin-flint. And also, everyone knows how Flint starred in Michael More's first movie. What a lot of people don't know is that Michael starred in one of my movies back in the 70s and worked for me as a cub intern early in his career.
That's right. Where do you think he first learned the secret ins and outs of hidden-camera blackma—errr'ah, I mean, documentary film making? But does he ever remember to mention who gave him his first shot, who broke him in, showed him the ropes, taught him how to struggle, how to behave, how to say 'yes please, Mr. Flynt, may I have another?' Does he ever think of me when palms his little Oscar? Nah! What a pig."

When asked about his reasons for leaving a lucrative position at the head of such an Ostentatious Pornography Potentatency (OPP) to try to run the city of New Orleans, arguably the least lucrative work in the OPP business, the Master'Baiter had this to say, "Leave this? You gotta be joking. But hey, did not Nagin prove that you don't have to actually "live" in the city to be elected mayor, much less show up for work? Plus I already have a Hustler Club down there on Bourbon St, which would save the city a bundle on office space, secretaries, VIP "conference" rooms and Congressional lays --errrah, I mean, liaisons."

Larry Mack went on to further expoundulate upon his new fetish for Louisiana politics, "New Hell! I've been making butt'loads of money off of Louisiana politicians for years. It’s just lately that I didn't even have to pay any money up front. Wish I'd'a figured that one out sooner, like when I was opening my club. Jezuz'Judaz! Now THAT cost a porkin' tub-0-grease! But it turns out to be a much better return on investment this way. Yeah, there's the cost of the occasional lie detector tests, but that's what, 150 bucks? Chump change. That reward money I used to entrap, errr'ah, I mean…ensnare Sen. Bob “Make a” Livingston? It all came from donations! I swear! Every penny. Really. It's true!
And get this, the magazine revenues generated by that one 'outing' paid for a lot of my girls to finish high school—errr’ah, I mean college, let me tell you. I swear! Every penny. Really. It's true!
And this guy Vitter? Aw man, what a gold mine!
I can’t beat 'em off with a stick!"

Finally, I asked the the Porn King and Potential Potentate if he wasn't at least slightly afraid of another hurricane striking the city, and his plans for evacuation, given the current mayor's sad state of preparedness and his own evacuationally challenged modus ambulatus. "You are kidding right?", rasped Flynt,
"Why, I've been shot out, laid out, blacked-out, black-mailed and priority-mailed. I've been rolled, bowled, doled, trolled, pimped and gimped. I've had my chest shaved. I've had my legs shaved. Wanna see my butt? I've even had my butt shaved! And don't ask me about wax jobs. I've been whipped, dipped, stripped and tipped. I've had midgets walk all over my back in gold lame‘ and purple rhinestone spiked heels while drinking gatorade and laughing like cute little tiger'fans. I'm so bad my mama had to ask permission for me to attend elementary school. My daddy used to beat me over the head just for lookin' cross'eyed. You think I'm gonna be afraid of a little old hurricane? Damn Right! But I have a plan. A big plan. Big big big. We'll market New Orleans as, get ready, you're gonna love this…we'll get Fox to do a cop show, right? Name it: "Hustler & Blow", about a white chic/black guy team, where she's not really a chic and he's not really a cop or black but a caramel'colored, not from Louisiana either and needs a blow job every couple of hours to stay focused... Anyway, I'll be long gone before any of you suckers even think about calling the mayor with your problems. Evacuation Esshhmaculation! "
Campaign slogan anyone?

Sharks seen in Livingston Parish

Artist Jose Maria Cundin talks about his new work~Chris Rose

New Orleans jazz trumpet icon Kermit Ruffins on BBQ
~David Pescovitz

Teacher's master work was sharing her love of music
~Jim McNally

~In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, former music teacher Mercedes Tucker Stamps made Statesville, NC her home.
In a small book about her life, subtitled "A Public School Teacher's Contribution to New Orleans Music History," Mrs. Stamps, 83, recalls former students who would would play influential roles in New Orleans' jazz scene and in other spheres of music. Many more would become music teachers themselves.
One of her younger students that first year at Gilbert Academy was 12-year-old Ellis Marsalis Jr. "Even when he was young, he was good," Mrs. Stamps said. "He was almost as good as I was." Photo by Regan Hill

Ponderosa Stomp Curator Ira Padnos Joins Terence Blanchard for Summer Scoops Live ~Movement

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


~"Though they try to crack my bone,
this blood they spill is running home."
Special Thanks~Andrew Sullivan

More than just a few bad apples at the Corps?~A guest editorial by an Army Corps of Engineers senior project manager attempted to frame some incidents of bad behavior at the corps as the handiwork of a few frustrated folks. Disturbingly, there is much evidence this behavior is far more than the antics of a few.
~Call Sen Landrieu 589-2427 & urge a Justice Dept investigation of Corps of Engineers
~Assistant Secretary of the Army / Civil Works
~US Army Inspector General
~US Office of Special Counsel
~Editilla rips a pilla~in this, our sacred public commons, the forces of evil masquerading and their ilk no longer have the deep cover to smear us with that time-dishonored tactic of the Corps of Engineers when dealing with New Orleans:
that of Peeing down our leg and telling us it was Katrina!
We can thank Jon Donley --former editor in chief founder of, combat journalist, web consultant, milker of goats-- for THAT!

T-P Editorial Board, New Orleans Business Council Miss Mark On LSU-Tulane Impasse

Gov. Bobby Jindal vetoes state support for New Orleans Adolescent Hospital~Jan Moller
~Child-Governor and one-time Exorcist Bobby "Brady" Jindal today used his line-item veto authority to cut $14.2 million that the Legislature earmarked for the New Orleans Adolescent Hospital, which means the Uptown mental hospital is likely to close by Sept. 1.

Jindal signs bill to reimburse Dr. Anna Pou~Gov. Bobby Jindal has signed into law a bill that doles out nearly $457,000 to pay some legal fees for Anna Pou, a doctor accused of killing patients stranded at a New Orleans hospital after Hurricane Katrina but who was never indicted.~Related reading

Cleaning House~M. Perrone

Fat Humpday Slabbazboard

New Orleans is the nation's fastest growing big city
~Dave Cohen, WWL

Heritage Foundation & Solar Energy?~Richard, Metblogs

150 scrap vehicles, up in smoke

New $50 million hurricane research center: a bad idea
~Jeff Masters

EPA Posts List of 44 “High Hazard Potential” Coal Ash Waste Impoundments

Appliantologists Swarm Neverland, Search for Buried Treasure and... Appliances
~The festering minions of
Appliantology have descended upon the secret gardens of Neverland,
out back by the dumpsters,
in the guise of morticians on steroids. These Catamites of Camp'out, who arrived en mass yesterday with heavy construction equipment, denied any knowledge of buried gold, insisting instead they came to "prepare the grounds, lest this King's body be lain cracker-jacked in the back yard like a common hamster". Riiiiight!

Did you miss the Louisiana Book Festival? Author book talks now on DVD~Susan Larson
~Also~'Professor Arturo' Pfister brings his poetry home to New Orleans

Tales of the Cocktail hosts a group blog~Todd A. Price

Fourth of July events in the
New Orleans area~Karen Gros

~19th Annual GO 4TH ON THE RIVER will feature
Entertainment and the Dueling Barges Fireworks Extravaganza.

Roosevelt opens its doors to guests~Don Ames, WWL
~On July 31, legendary clarinetist Pete Fountain will take the stage at the Blue Room with jazz clarinetist Tim Laughlin. Together they will bring back the kind of star entertainment that once made the Blue Room one of America's premier night clubs and supper clubs. The event will include a champagne reception and dinner, with music to follow.

More Reasons Why We
Luv New Orleans
~casa de Charlotte della luna


Arlyn Jimenez~ Encontrando Nueva Orleans
~Canary is honored to present the first solo show of original metal sculptures by Dominican Republic born, Arlyn.
Opening Reception is Saturday, July 4th, 6pm-9pm
329 Julia Street, New Orleans, 504-208-3882

Rebel~Chris Bonney
~H/T~Repaired-Skull Bob

Jon Cleary, John Scolield Funkin'Up Europe

Lady Te, K'Jon Hit the Stage as New Orleans Opens da'Essence

Ani DiFranco~Ryan Lappi

~My instinct is to support what’s good, rather than continuing these uphill battles.
I was just at a big festival on a panel and there were some people speaking very disparagingly of Obama — that he’s just cow- towing to the Republican agenda, that he’s so disappointing.
And instinct is, ‘Jeez, ok, so who is the answer? ‘He’s there. He’s listening. He’s open to new ideas, so let’s educate him. Let’s build on this forward momentum, to support everything good that’s happening rather than staying in these patterns of major criticism that kind of zap us of our energy and our momentum.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Call Sen Landrieu 589-2427 & urge a Justice Dept investigation of Corps of Engineers
~Today and tomorrow are Phone-In Day to Senator Landrieu! is asking Louisiana residents to pick up the phone
and dial
When the aide answers, please say this:

“I am a Louisiana resident and I would like to leave a message for the Senator. Thank you for calling on the Pentagon to investigate reports of the Corp of Engineers’ engagement in a campaign to attack its critics. However, I also believe this activity should be reviewed by the Justice Department.”
Point of View: Corps workers sticking with it. Senior Project Manager offers family as PR, OPP's water breaks
~Editilla UpDatas~ I re-posted this article from Sunday's Ladda (sans the Tilla'rant) not only because of the great ongoing comments/discussion (where you can find Plenty of Tilla'rantin) but also (drum roll please) we BUSTED another Corps OPPPR operative, Geralyn Ryan, sclepping her Corps Promotional Video masked as a tear-jerking "Oral History of Corps Emloyees". Hahahaha! What a lark, come'see come'see!
Please fang down the comments to where we nail this PR Beotch.

Surplus money devoted to levees
~Mark Schleifstein

$290 million will build coast, fight flooding
~Nikki Buskey

DuBos: Jindal, a winner of legislative session;
LSU, health care, losers

State suggests hospital independent of LSU
~Bill Barrow

New Orleans same-sex couple sues for marriage license
~Gwen Filosa

More than one way to skin a cat …and did the chickens come home to roost or is the rooster crowing off shore? P&C reports 1.3 billion 1Q loss ~slabbed

Wind pool proposal heads to Gov. Babar~Michael Newsom

Fitch Affirms Cleco Katrina/Rita Hurricane Recovery Funding

New Orleans named top Fourth of July destination in U.S.
~New Orleans City Business

Beach Snoballs in Treasure Island: a shivery taste of
New Orleans~Laura Reiley

Good-bye, Gypsies: The Loss of 1,000 Years~Sean David Hobbs

Bix Beiderbecke Jazz Festival has great lineup of bands

Musician Michael Moore is the latest Amsterdam jazzman to jam here ~Chris Waddington

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Monday, June 29, 2009


How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Exquisite Corps
~Controlled by the
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, under the leadership of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the Manhattan Project is considered one of the most successful crash science/engineering projects of all time.
The project grew to employ 130,000 people working at secret locations, and cost $20 billion (conversion to 2004 currency).
~Editilla Creepo'rillas~ Oh Snap! Now we have yet another thing to think about, the Corps of Engineers with their own Bomb,
Da'Fat Boy, in the Basement, on Leake Street, in New Orleans.

Hungry for Health Care?

~Editilla Chin'chillas~ A very informative video update.
We just love Charity. We need Charity. We will have Charity.
I stood across the street from Charity on August 31st, 2005.
She held. It was that bad, but nothing compared to how LSU would finish the job in which the looters and desperate berserkers failed that day, and they would destroy this city on a scale with the Corps of Engineers. Our Blessed Lady of Prompt Succor was busy that day, as always. Perhaps she has had time to catch her breath and can grant us but a bit more Charity.
Our Lady of Prompt Succor, Hasten to Help Us!

LSU researchers: coastal restoration projects doomed to fail~Mark Schleifstein
~Even under best-case scenarios for building massive engineering projects to restore Louisiana's dying coastline, the Mississippi River can't possibly feed enough sediment into the marshes to prevent ongoing catastraphic catastrophic land loss, two Louisiana State University geologists conclude in a scientific paper being published today. The result: The state will lose another 4,054 to 5,212 square miles of coastline by 2100 -- an area roughly the size of Connecticut.

How Much Are Venice, The Everglades, And New Orleans Worth?~Andrew Sullivan

Scandalous Punch this Wed: Stormy Daniels, Gennifer Flowers, Chris Rose Will Talk Louisiana, New Orleans and... Yes, Scandals. Mmmmm...

Lafourche-raised insects ready to combat invasive plant
~Nikki Buskey

Hondurans In New Orleans React To Coup~WDSU

Huge second-line honors King of Pop Michael Jackson
~Danny Monteverde

New Orleans Nightcrawlers
'Slither Slice'
~Aaron Lafont, offBeat

The Wonderful World
of Louis Armstrong

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Sunday, June 28, 2009


Point of View: Corps workers sticking with it, Senior Project Manager offers family as sacrificial lamb
"I'd like to make one thing perfectly clear. I am not a Corps of Engineers employee masquerading as an ordinary citizen.
I am, in fact, an ordinary citizen who happens to work for the Corps of Engineers."
~Stan Green Jr.
~Editilla sayz that Oxymoron won't hunt!~
Logical Syllodomy #1:
A- All "Ordinary Citizens" are members of the Public.
B- The Corps of Engineers employs "Ordinary Citizens.
Ergo C- The Corps of Engineers is a Member of the Public.
Which in OPPPR Narrative Language implies that the Corps has the Public's Best Interest in mind, even when possibly committing crimes against that very Public.
OK Fine. How about Logical Syllodomy #2:
Hanz was an Ordinary German Citizen.
B- Hanz happened to design and build gas chambers for the Nazis.
Ergo C- Genocide is simply "Ordinary German Civics".

So, Who's on first. What's on 2nd, and I Don't Know is on 3rd.
This Project Engineer seems to have made it to 3rd base, must we assume, by not knowing who is on 1st and what is on 2nd.
He sounds like a very nice person, and his family sounds wonderful. I'm sorry he felt it necessary to bring them into this.
Such rhetoric bespeaks a weaker position, not a stronger one.
If his Corps' Engineering was so strong then we would not be having this little chat about felonious punk lying engineers.

This Corps engineer would pull our heart strings, rather than assure us of his workplace security and the competency of those "other" engineers who would violate it for bad reasons.
He does this as if to say, "I stand to lose too." Yeah, well Duh?
I find that an embarrassing tactic of disingenuous argument, that of Pathos instead of Ethos: Emotion over Expertise.
The Corps is way behind in our mandated and appropriated hurricane protection time-line, they still try to screw us with Pumps, MRGO has yet to be settled, Morganza to the Gulf is still in the bogs, what else... oh, and this engineer has family to worry about too. Wow, cry me another Mississippi River.
Those Germans who built the machines that exterminated at least 6 million people had families to support and protect too.
But their criminal defense did not work in Nuremberg either.

Corps of Engineers again holds city and nation hostage during hurricane season with latest contracting cluster'fork!
~Sheila Grissett

~"June 1, 2011, is our deadline, and failure is not an option," Cindy Nicholas, a corps contracting projects chief, recently told several hundred contractors. "We have lots of projects coming out, one after the other, fast and furious."
"Duration is a new criteria," she said, adding that technical approach and past performance are also more important than price in winning these contracts.
Cost isn't the driving factor here -- 2011 is."
~Click to Enlarge Pic~
~Are we talking about this Cindy Nicholas?

The Corps contract officer overseeing the January 2006 bid, Cindy Nicholas, was told about the copied specifications during a conference call with FPI Inc., a Florida company that also bid on the project, shortly after MWI was awarded the contract.
A recording of the briefing was provided to the AP by FPI.
"Are you folks aware that the specifications that you folks put out was a copy of the specifications in the MWI catalog?"
asked Bob Purcell, who was an FPI salesman at the time the bids were taken.
"No, I'm not aware of that," Nicholas replied.
Corps official Dan Bradley said during the briefing that consulting engineers had a hand in drawing up the specifications. Purcell then complained: "We were forced to meet someone else's specifications in entirety." He said the consultants did not cooperate with FPI, and he charged that MWI was given "a head's up" about the job. That, he said, was evident by MWI's order for pump engines before the contract was even put out to bid. "I don't know anything about that, sir," Nicholas responded. She said that if MWI ordered the engines ahead of time, "they took a big risk."
"Obviously it was a risk that paid off, let's put it that way.
They must have had some assurance!" Purcell exclaimed.

"Not from me," Nicholas said.

~Editilla cracks a jagged straight-jacket smile~
It ain't like we didn't toll'ya. Now the Exquisite Corps says it plans a Really Big Show over next few months, according to CPR.
Also according to CPR (Corps Public Relations), everyone should visualize trying to pack the Saints' defensive line into the back seat of a Volkswagen --'cause that is what this Exquisite Corps must go through with this Sisyphian Effort to not only ReBrand itself with the "Building Strong" thingy, but also: Market RISK, please all of you increasingly ungrateful yet savvier naysayers...
--and still cover its own dragging ass. All done by 2011! Whew!
What a Turduckin ASCE'Fuckin Laydown for the Body Politic!
But as for our hurricane protection during our 4th season after they flooded New Orleans? Got any Risk Reduction? Go Fish!

LPTV~Episode 6~ Stanford Rosenthal on, NOLA Indie Rock

Plan to End Louisiana Erosion Faulted~Cornelia Dean

Army Corps levee tree rules rattle Sacramento flood agencies
~Matt Weiser
~If a tree grows on a levee, is it bad? According to a recent scientific review, there's no way to tell by reading federal policy.

Insurance stakeholders to gather at forum~Anita Lee

Radio Operators and Catastrophe

Crock Pot Cajun Chicken with Shrimp Creole~Potato Patch

Photographer finds negatives thought lost in Katrina
~Michael Dumas

~Blues on Jackson Square~ Linda Langhorst

The Inmates are Back