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The Big Over Easy Sunny Side Up

Mission trip to rebuild New Orleans
~Noblesville Daily Times
All else that was required of them was permissible age (16), good health, current tetanus shot and the making – and keeping – of a covenant for success, which read:
“We are privileged to serve our great God as volunteers in this mission. As volunteers, our primary mission is to demonstrate God’s love by freely giving of ourselves, our time, and, our resources. We prayerfully invest ourselves in this mission, and endeavor to honor God in all we do by serving those in need.
“We will strive to be patient, understanding, tolerant and flexible in working with disaster victims and each other. We will make the best of our time together, demonstrate mutual respect and enjoy fellowship with one another. We will serve with a ‘servant’s heart’ and rejoice in the blessing of doing God’s will.”

Katrina still calls as area tech students ship out again to lend, learn skills~The Barre Montpilier Times Argus

Corps of Engineers will curb spring pulse below Kansas City
~Sioux City Journal

AR Levee district county president expresses concerns~The news came via Satterfield's cell phone. It was Corps of Engineers Russellville Project Office Park manager Miles Johnson, Satterfield said, who advised him to get the city and county's "people and equipment together" because "there's so much water coming down that your levee is going to be impacted or breached."

WA Officials Tour Potential Levee Locations~Lewis County Chronicle

Confederate considers return to New Orleans~Hell for Leather

American Public Power Association National Conference in New Orleans, June 21-25, 2008~Looking for good restaurants...let's let'em know we care, eh?

Local firm to fund post-Katrina film~ Gonzales Weekly Citizen

Interview: Martin Scorcese
~Shedding some light on
'Shine a Light'
~"Taking its gospel title from an obscure song on Exile on Main Street, the film is intended as a moment of illumination: Like the New Orleans's phrase, "laissez les bons temps roulez," it's a call to let the good times roll."

Turning The Clock Back~Passion for Cinema~“I’d give anything to be you and hear that for the first time” – credited to Woody Allen when he watched an acquaintance buy his first record of Sidney Bechet. In his authoritative biography of Woody Allen, Eric Lax speaks about Woody’s life-long obsession with New Orleans-style jazz and the way music seeps itself into his cinema.

Katrina photos a labor of love
~The Photography of Carol Guzy

MCG program offers provocative works

Roots musicians in spotlight at New Orleans events


Friday, March 28, 2008


USGS on the scene~Heavy rains (often exceeding 6 inches in 24 hours) caused major flooding across much of Arkansas. Our hydrographers captured these photographs and videos while collecting stage and streamflow information for the public, emergency officials, and water resources managers.

Group issues call for 8/29 Commission probe in levee failures after storm~The Advocate

Group Accuses Corps Of Katrina Spin Campaign~WDSU

ITT Pump Provides Water Pressure To New Orleans

Owners of homes 'government' built on contaminated soil are run off the Road Home

Notes from New Orleans: Revised Building Code Enforcement~Walter Gallas

Vallas finds no obstacles in New Orleans
~In his first appearance back in the Philadelphia area since leaving as city schools CEO last June, Paul Vallas told an audience at Cabrini College in Radnor that he has a freer hand in making changes as head of the deeply impoverished New Orleans school system.

Missouri officials spar with US Army Corps of Engineers over soil dumping in Missouri River

Missouri Confused and bemused about Exqixotic Corps' yes-no-maybe 'spring rise'

Mo. River Flood Fight Temporarily Settled

War makes funding for storm aid scarce

Pleased to meet you...hope you guessed my Name.
Editilla growls...sick'em!

Carville, Matalin will move to Uptown
Editilla shrieks, gnashes fingers, slaps da'kitty~Oh Hell! Judas Priest and the Mouth of Dick! Now we know the world is truly going to the Mall in a Hand Basket!

Library Chronicles~Signs of (non)recovery

What Keeps A City Alive: People or Capital?

Muslim hurricane relief workers experience prejudice

Endangered simians may find home in Lafayette
Noah, a 2-year-old chimpanzee, peeks through the banister railing Thursday at the home of Bob and Sandy Giles during The Great Ape Preservation Foundation’s news conference to announce a proposed National Chimpanzee Observatory and Great Ape Zoological Gardens in Lafayette. Actor and activist Alan Alda also was in attendance.

The Big

Venice plans to raise its sinking buildings as sea levels rise~Terra Daily~wit'H/T to Planetizen

Noah Wyle in New Orleans for 'Librarian' shoot

Rope-a-Dope Press will be exhibiting a number of works at The Dudley House at Harvard University on April 3rd including book covers from an ongoing collaboration with Sarita Cartonera, whoose beautifully crafted one of kind books will also be displayed. Opening night gala starts at 8pm. More information here.

Students on Spring Break Skip Cabo

Louisiana devastation and enhanced security opens eyes of Kent State student volunteers

Habitat helps rebuild New Orleans for spring break

Day three New Orleans journal entry: “Do your best and caulk the rest”

'Treasures of Napoleon' exhibit coming to New Orleans
~Shreveport Times

HOPE IN NEW ORLEANS is the story of two groups of teenagers. One group uprooted, their story exposed through the chaos of Hurricane Katrina; the other solidly planted in New York City.

Marsalis, Mayfield sparkle on "Love Songs, Ballads and Standards"


Thursday, March 27, 2008


What I’m Doing Sunday: Studio in the Woods~casa de Charlotte della luna

Engineer society flap reinvigorates call for new levee commission~International Herald Tribune

Corps funded ’spin campaign’ to distort facts after Katrina

I understand that ASCE has put up a statement on their website claiming that "Expenses associated with these presentations were funded entirely by the Society."

1. The ASCE had a contract with the Corps (the US Government ) specifically requiring that they communicate lessons learned from Katrina and that they would be paid in a grant. It's in Phase IV and you can read it in the press kit.
2. Levees.Org requested (in a FOIA request on dated Jan 3 2008) the ASCE's invoices submitted to the Corps for their work on the ERP and here is the corps' reply, telling me that essentially they didn't think that was necessary.
We disagreed and said so.
Link to the talk on the web:
Sandy Rosenthal
Founder Levees.Org

High river levels likely won't trigger opening of spillway

Community effort helps Pointe Coupee Parish farmers

Another View: Will Congress, engineers protect New Orleans?
~StatesmanJournal, Sale
m OR

Levee tax plan draws criticism
~from The Edwardsville Intelligencer

Rising river waters stoke fears of levee failure
~Watching images of the rising Meramec River in Missouri last week, Fairview Heights, IL Mayor Gail D. Mitchell kept having the same, cryptic thought: It could have happened here. "It's something I thought about," said Mitchell, who serves on the Metro East Levee Task Force, a group formed earlier this year to address levee issues in the region. "We've got to be responsible on this side of the river."

Missouri River spring rise should be cancelled~"For once, we agree with the state of Missouri when it comes to water."~Mimot, ND

Politicians, other groups weigh in on Missouri River dispute

Corps heeds "spring rise" cries..sorta

FEMA denies $6M reimburse- ment to Grey Harbour, WA Public Utilities after "Katrina-like" storm

Buried Lede Department: Why No Presidential Candidate Says Anything of Substance About the Disaster in New Orleans~Harry Shearer

Recovery czar is optimistic on N.O.~Times Picayune~"We always heard people say New Orleans was a fun place to visit . . . and we know what follows after that," Powell said. "Well, what follows after that is going to change."

~Editilla piques~Oh Yeah, Don Czar? Are we a dirty boy? What do we know...follows after that?
Powell also praised the New Orleans City Council, which in December voted unanimously to demolish four major public housing complexes. The decision was popular with most New Orleanians but criticized by some on the national and international stage, who focused on images of protesters at City Hall that made it appear there were "about 4 million of them," Powell said.
But Powell said he knew "how many protesters there really were" and that the council vote was the right thing to do. He said it is persuasive that a University of Texas survey of former New Orleans public housing residents found that the majority did not wish to return to the complexes they lived in before Katrina.
"Facts always overcome perception, and doing the right thing always overcomes perception," he said.
Editilla grouses~Quite alot coming from a Bush appointee and Texas bundler. Yeah we can fact-check this tar baby turkey at the gas pump, the currency markets and Little Ali's Pizzaria Downtown Bagdhad, eh? Sure wish that the Times Picayune would do a little fact checking, perchance even freshman journalism, perhaps point out the glaring bias and inefficacy of said UT study, maybe at least stop powdering-up to these evil'doers.

New Orleans public housing defenders charged under terror law~The “critical structure” law was enacted by the Louisiana legislature in the wake of September 11. On Good Friday, March 21, three New Orleans residents who entered a vacant housing development during a rally were charged under this law. An act of civil disobedience was treated as an act of terrorism.

Dreams Turned into Rubble in New Orleans

First Photos from My New Orleans Trip~Zapp Boom

Magazines still push Katrina cause

Virginia takes step toward large oyster study

View from the Top: Cleaning Up After Katrina
~The CEO of Oreck Corp. credits quick thinking by employees (including his VP of IT) for a speedy recovery from the hurricane. After all, the systems don't run themselves.

ASB 2008
Day Five:
St. Bernard Animal Shelter
~Lisa Mulvey

Wit'H/TnT'anks to da'Casa
St. Bernard Parish Animal Shelter Dog Adoption Day Saturday March 29th~11 to 3
Come Meet Your Perfect Match!
Canine Connection
3440 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70115
(504) 218-4098

On the road with Independent America: New Orleans
~Flip the Media

In defense of meat: New Orleans native writes a humorous call to arms~Judy Walker

There's No Crying in Literary Festivals~Karen Dalton-Beninato

Dance Like There's No Tomorrow~all about Jazz New Music & Video: The Knux

Jazzfest food list for 2008 released


Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Bayou film fest explores culture
Films and Events~Schedules

Recovery study downplays role of government~Bruce Alpert

General hopes Katrina serves as a cautionary tale~Honore sets goals to improve preparedness

Editorial: Shifting hurricane risk to taxpayers

Letter: Not all Katrina survivors taxpayers

Yeah well...yer oh'so humble Editilla would like to point out that: not all blonds are women, not all mad dogs are Dachsunds and not all white people are passive-aggressive rascist psychopathic Nazi'fuckmooks.
I paid taxes for nearly 30 years and lived in New Orleans too and saw my tax-funded levees fail too and had to run for my life for six days too. That has nothing to do with people who pay no taxes, but everything to do with the Corps of Engineers--to whom I have in fact paid my taxes to build those levees correctly UND THEY DID NOT!

This is really important still today, right now, as the rivers rise again and the Corps levees fail again and again across the Central United States.
I mean come on many times will our Daddy get to slap us across the face wit'da stupid'stick while He rapes our Mother over bloody flooded funereal ground before we realize that it is not Our or Our Mother's fault for simply existing within His world, but that Daddy is just an arrogant asshole drunk on control freak who happened to get there first, who knows only the way into trouble because He created the entire fetid disfunctional miasma?
We will have this patriarchal death'wish but let us not mistakenly blame people who don't pay taxes.
Rather, let us prosecute those crooked fakir hoodlum junk'dealers of the Exquixotic Corps of 'Engineers'
--who have already taken our money and who now seem intent on rubbing us all out with more expensive "flood control", as if to make way for Big Agri Business to feed the next crop of spin'dried, gen'modeled marks.
Why can we not send a sherriff to arrest these criminals? How do we stop these forking icehole idiots? We have an entire nation of real engineers ready to step in and do this job correctly and safely. Why waste more precious lives, land and booty? Why?

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Accused Of Cover-ups After Katrina, 911

Underwritten by the Corps of Engineers~Humid Haney Rant

Missouri Senate opposes Army Corps of Engineers' spring rise

Exquixotic Corps of Engineers plans to begin 'pulse' on Missouri River in spite of objections

Man-Made Missouri Flood Fight~ Danielle Belton~Dubbed the “spring rise,” the purposed flooding comes at pretty atrocious time considering Missouri is in the midst of a major flood crisis after a fierce storm last week.

Courts deny Missouri's request to stop Corps of Engineers river release
~"We already have a spring rise. We don't need a government-imposed flood event. We just had one thanks to Mother Nature."~Missouri Agriculture Director Katie Smith
Editilla numismates~E Hubris Enema?
I mean...does this not sound rediculously familiar?

Karen Phillips, front right, looks out over her flooded neghbor- hood, Tuesday, March 25, 2008 near Des Arc, Ark. (AP Photo/Mike Wintroath)
Volunteers Hold Back Levee 'Sand Boils'~The National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning during the morning for rural Prairie County, Arkansas, north of Interstate 40 after spotters noticed the levee had "sand boils"—water passing under the earthen levee barrier and appearing on the side like a muddy spring.

Katrina Victim Loses Home To Arkansas Flooding

Louisiana Extols Culture in Recovery

A Timely Return?~Charter providers who are up for review this year are mobilizing to figure how to prevent the NOPS board from managing pre-Katrina charter schools.~The Louisiana Weekly

War of the word~The Invisible Opportunity
While Editilla would just as soon round up aaalll'da "God People", put'em on a boat (or ark) and send'em aaalll back to the Holy Land so they can work it out amongst themselves, this article is for those of my friends and loyal readers who still believe in da'Man in da'Sky wit'da Penis Grande...and da'Book
wit'yer Editilla's name in It followed by da'line of
Red Check Marks screeching aaalll da'Way out to Pluto...
...just sayin'...

Katrina’s Cross: After the Storm

"A crisis is a terrible thing to waste"

Visitors Near and Far Weigh In On Gulfport Katrina Museum

Crooning blue notes~The Straits Times


Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Thanks Steve. Just what Editilla needs on a day like today, when Monday (after already doing 'Monday') actually comes again on Tuesday...or anywhere the hell it wants:)

Map: Yellow: Existing levees before 1993. Red: Levees constructed or approved since 1993.
Geologist Blames Eureka Flooding on Valley Park Levee; Exquixotic Corps 'Experts' Disagree~Nicholas Pinter, a nationally recognized Geologist and researcher with Southern Illinois University in Carbondale believes the flooding in Eureka was a direct result of the new Valley Park levee. The St. Louis Army Corps of Engineers called Pinter's claim "ridiculous."
Editilla chin'chillas~SO! Nooooow it has started...da'de'ja'vieux'in aaaalll over again...the dangerous game of blame is a'foot--a'feet deep in da'flood waters! People Get Ready...
D'Exquixotic Corps is EVERYWARE you want to be!

And as if y'all need to brush -up fo'da dust-up:
User's Guide to Potamology Data Processing System (PODAPS)
Professor Raymond Seed Publishes Final Report on Failure of New Orleans Levee System

8/29 Commission� Now~Gambit Weekly

Missouri Ag Director frustrated about spring rise decision~"We already have a spring rise. We don't need a government-imposed flood event. We just had one thanks to Mother Nature."~Missouri Agriculture Director Katie Smith

Missouri Attorney General Nixon Seeks Temporary Restraining Order to Stop Corps from Spring Rise That Would Make Missouri Flooding Worse

More flooding still possible as Corps inspects Arkansas' levees

Exquixotic Corps Inspects New Orleans Area Levees

Editilla spillas...I ain't laughin'cause this is funny! Really...I'm laughin'cause this ain't funny! Do ya'heard me laughing? You talkin'ta me? Who you talkin'too?

Katrina Levee Builders Say No Worries In Ohio~Mercer News
Sooooo now they call them the Katrina "Levee Builders"?
Not to be confused with the "Mound Builders"
--whose 2000 year old artifacts we can go stand on today?

Corps of Engineers pisses down residents' legs on leaking Ohio levee: 'no cause for's just the da'rain...da'rain...see da'rain?'
~At a meeting last night with Colonel Dana Hurst and Governor Strickland, some residents complained that officials were slow to release water from Dover Dam and created the levee problems.

California town may gain Harbor lobbyist~Newport Beach is considering hiring a prominent Washington D.C.-based lobbyist group as federal funding for dredging Upper Newport Harbor runs dry. The city also wants help to gain jurisdiction over Newport Harbor in exchange for one last federally funded cleanup of the Army Corps of Engineers-controlled waterway.

Sen. Byron Dorgan D-N.D. says Devils Lake flood estimates need response from Corps

1 Area Eligible for Flood-Control Aid, but 1 Isn't
~By Bill Turque Washington Post Staff Writer

St. Martinville company starts $9M Corps project~The Independent Weekly

MSC adds new string to New Orleans-South America service

Hunger in Post-Levee failure Louisiana~thank you

Televangelist Moral Values Apparently include Lying~Irregular Times

1 Dead in Attic~Review, Cary Darling-PopMatters

New Orleans Museum to Celebrate Lionel Hampton's 100th Birthday~Jazz Times

~An exhibition focusing on the late vibes master Lionel Hampton, coinciding with the centennial anniversary of his birth, will run at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans from April 19 to July 30.

Love is Free… so are images of post-Katrina New Orleans~bits and pieces
Editilla so wit'ya where'yat Lizgrrrl--One Peace At A Time

Chris Smither brings New Orleans to Deis~The Justice of Brandeis

StubHub Announces Exclusive Multi-Year Partnership With Superfly Productions for Superfly During Jazzfest


Monday, March 24, 2008


Come On Down to Nawlins~W
Photographed by Bruce Weber~Styled by Karl Temper
With an excellent article from the TP by Susan Langenhennig

Louisiana's Mulch Madness
~Mother Jones
~Cypress forests are the state's best defense against hurricanes. So why are loggers clear-cutting the last trees?~By Michael Behar
Photo: Christopher Lamarca

Arkansas forecasters warn on White River levels; levee breached, fixed
~"The Army Corps of Engineers worked through the night to plug the breaks with sandbags, and that work appeared to be holding as of Sunday afternoon," said Renee Preslar, a spokeswoman for the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management.~Further UpDate

Ohio Governor tours unstable levee in Zoar
~"The levee is not in imminent danger of failure, and we don't need to be alarmed. Our intent is that we will not allow this levee to fail."- Col. Dana Hurst, commander of the Huntington District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Midwest Flooding Has New Orleans Officials Ramping Up Levee Inspections

Al Copeland, flamboyant founder of Popeyes fried chicken chain, dies at 64~Born in poverty, Mr. Copeland burst onto the scene in 1972, when he opened his first Popeyes fried-chicken stand. The Arabi restaurant was the start of a franchise that, under his leadership, had 700 outlets, in the United States, Puerto Rico, Panama and Kuwait.
Editilla wakes~Surely Y'all know that there are places in this country without Popeye's Fried Chicken and that is a garrish and precarious thing out here on da'long long road home...just'sayin...

PeSA / ECMTA 2008 Summit in New Orleans!~PeSA, (Professional eBay Sellers Association) and ECMTA (E-Commerce Merchants Trade Association) will jointly sponsor the 2008 eCommerce summit, to be held in New Orleans this April 22nd through the 24th.

Where We're At~New Orleanians tell CityBusiness how they think the recovery is progressing.

Tickets Go On Sale April 1st No Lie

Texas trails only California in government earmarks

New Orleans lawmaker wants to raise legal smoking age to 21

Editilla say Judas Priestess, Man! Ain't you got enough to do about the forkin'crime rate, Mate???

My Comments Policy~NOLA radfem

Overview of cyber attacks against Tibetan Communities

FEMA delayed post-Katrina mental help

Nurses Aid in New Orleans’ Mental Health Crisis

N.O. library recovery to cost $650M

Dillard library back after storm repairs

Liprap's Lament - The Line

Changing Civic Engagement In New Orleans One Video Blog Post at a Time~Beth Kanter

So What is This NoLA Rising Anyway?~Editilla's Blessed Goddamned Hero Dat'What, Dat'Who and Dat'Where'Yat Noble Mons Sinn Féin!

Students Return from Volunteering in New Orleans

Students aid New Orleans rebuilding effort
~Members of the Leonard Carmichael Society (LCS) and the Tufts Christian Fellowship (TCF) took service trips to New Orleans during spring break, improving areas affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Alternative Spring Break students help rebuild New Orleans

Students give back to community over break
~“Katrina has dropped from the front page of the headlines, and I wish that wasn’t so because there’s still a lot to be done,” Bruce said.

R.E.M. Tackles Songs of Faith and Revenge

Deadline Extended - Call for Submission: Jazz Fest Photography Exhibition 2008


Sunday, March 23, 2008


The 25th Chris Owens French Quarter Easter Parade
will start at 11 a.m. March 23 at the Astor Crowne Hotel Ballroom awith a continental breakfast, hat contest and entertainment.
Riders will hop on floats at 1 p.m. at Canal and Bourbon Street, continue down Bourbon Street to St. Phillip, and turn up to Decatur and back up to Canal to the Astor Crowne Hotel. At the end of the parade, revelers can enjoy a champagne brunch while dancing to Jake and the Nifty 50s. Owens will unveil her personally designed Easter ensemble complemented with an exotic Easter bonnet. (not pictured)
The parade will feature more than 25 parade elements, including the marching bands of Warren Easton and McDonough 35. No vehicular traffic may drive down Iberville from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Vehicles will be allowed to drive down the cross streets and cross over Iberville. One lane of Canal will be closed from Burgundy to Charters.
Thank you New Orleans City Business and

The 9th Annual Official
New Orleans Gay Easter Parade

Nagin family's company got deal with Home Depot~Gordon Russell

Road Home detours vexing sellers~ David Hammer

Lawsuit seeks to evict rent rules~Paul Rioux

Market crunch hinders new housing~Rebecca Mowbray

N.O. architects lean to edgier, modern designs~Ariella Cohen
The Rebuild Center at St. Joseph’s Church, designed by Wayne Troyer Archtitects, was one of four projects to be honored at the 2008 New Orleans American Institute of Architects design competition. (Photo courtesy Wayne Troyer Architects)

EPA veto looms over infamous Army Corps' boondoggle in Mississippi~Delta Democrat Times~I urge those who oppose this misguided project to raise their voices at a public hearing the EPA will hold at 7 p.m. on April 17, at the Vicksburg Convention Center and Auditorium (Exhibit Hall A), at 1600 Mulberry St., Vicksburg.
Or send an email to EPA before May 5:, with docket number EPA-R04-OW-2008-0179 in the email subject line.

Rising Water a Concern Near New Orleans

Collaborative Lit Efforts~Chasing Ray