Saturday, September 7, 2013

Outdoor Recreation and Transactional Activism ~Library Chronicles
~There's a place on the Parallel Internet you might run into called New Orleans Bum Fest.  It's a collection of photos and anecdotes cataloging, but also making sport of, the foibles of the homeless population of Jackson Square.  I believe it's curated by some of the artists who work down there.
There's some absurdist humor in the posts often coming at the expense of the transients, but just as often aimed at the tourists who swarm the square, or at the city in general.  There are occasions when the observational humor isn't so funny or becomes overly mean-spirited. I suspect there are multiple page administrators which would explain the variance in tone. And the random comments from other internet users don't help matters.  But, for the most part, Bumfest is plain old fashioned workplace angst blogging.  Its main purpose is observational humor put to work as a relief from the grind.

Stormwater plan to use water, not eliminate it ~Chad Caulder, N.O. Advocate

New research: Ancient bayous pull water from the Mississippi, creating ‘missing river’ ~Kari Harden, The Lens

Mark Cave Remembers Dave Dixon: The First Who Dat ~Sharon Litwin, WWNO

Louisiana holds weekend tax holiday for hunting gear ~WVUE

Shrimp Festival set for Sept. 13-15 in St. Bernard Parish ~WDSU

Friday, September 6, 2013

Not hard to be a Saint in this city ~Scott Fujita

New Orleans Advocate to give fans at Sunday's game a commemorative section
Crowds to fill Champions Square for Gleason Gras ~WDSU
Leaders of levee board reform say Jindal's threats violate spirit of 2006 changes ~Jeff Adelson. New Orleans Advocate

Finally, push-back on Bobby Jindal's Koch-sucking opposition to SLFPA-E Lawsuit ~Clancy Dubos, Gambit

Citizens for 1 Greater N.O. backs Doody and Barry for SLFPA-East ~Ruthie Frierson

Latest move toward gas drilling off Mississippi Coast meets with opposition ~Paul Hampton, Sun Herald

Terrebonne raising homes as FEMA raises rates ~Carolyn Scofield, WVUE

Update: Assumption Parish Sinkhole Status

Gideon 50 Years Later in New Orleans: A Symposium
~Join Orleans Public Defenders at Tulane Law School, Friday, September 6 as local and national experts explore the history and future of indigent defense reform, community-oriented defense practice, mass incarceration and sentencing reform.

Identity politics: Gentry cling to go-cups while kids and roosters face extinction ~C.W. Cannon, The Lens

Trout Point Lodge, Vaughn Perret and Charles Leary remain repugnant to the US Constitution ~Slabbed

Shhhhhhush! Saints ticket prices lower than NFL average

Majority in Louisiana favor legalizing marijuana ~Mark Ballard and Michelle Millhollon

DJ Soul Sister spreading the gospel of funk ~Alex Rawls, special to your N.O. Advocate

Best of the Bayou Festival

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Expert says Louisiana officials “in denial” over radium risk at Bayou Corne sinkhole ~Stuart Smith
Update: Expert says Louisiana officials “in denial” over radium risk at sinkhole - See more at:
Update: Expert says Louisiana officials “in denial” over radium risk at sinkhole - See more at:
Update: Expert says Louisiana officials “in denial” over radium risk at sinkhole - See more at:
Amount of BP fines to fund Louisiana’s coastal restoration still a promise, not a certainty ~Bob Marshall, The Lens
 Friends of slain 11-year-old speak out against N.O. violence ~WVUE

Sinkhole fears spur La. 70 realignment plans

Saints linebackers ready to answer questions ~Ramon Antonio Vargas

Steve Gleason Legally Entitled To Concussion Lawsuit Money ~Saints Tailgate

French Quarter Battles Habana Outpost Restaurant Proposal ~Eileen Flemming, WWNO