Friday, December 7, 2012

Cut me, Mick ~Moosedenied
~Look, I understand that for the most part this team has been a barely-legible facsimile of itself all season, and that's not likely to change over the next month. Sean Payton ain't walking though that door until February. Even Drew has had his head up his ass lately. And if you can't trust Drew, who the hell can you trust? I get it.
But, goddammit, there just has to be a reason why the Football Gods and the other NFC wildcard hopefuls simply refuse to put the Saints down for good.

Dangerous gas discovered at sinkhole Thursday

Government agency has yet to conduct audit of safety systems for offshore oil operators

Water wars pit thirsty Dakotas against barges for Missouri flow

Philippines typhoon toll tops 500

PERIQUE - Photographs by Charles Martin

Where Y'Eat: The Grapefruit of Wrath

Historian, raconteur, guitarist Ned Sublette plays songs from new album tonight at Siberia

Bonfire concert kicks off Holidays on the Point

My Spilt Milk