Saturday, October 1, 2011

In 1840, New Orleans was America’s third-largest city. Today, it’s 52nd
~The Economist

~NEW ORLEANS has been taxing demographers since the day six years ago when Hurricane Katrina burst the city’s levees, killing more than 1,000 people and setting off the greatest diaspora in recent American history.
~Editilla Rotellas da Velvetta Bidness News~ We are continuously repugnatized by journalists who still use Katrina Shorthand to miss-frame and misreport the cause of our city's devastation 8/29/05. Yet is with a more burrish chagrin that we find the Economist still sliding this spit-ball public relations propaganda. You'd think Economists would know better, that they would know the facts about our Federal Man Made Disaster. You'd think that BIDNESS PEOPLE would consider the liability and redress which They would Seek if Their BIDNESS had GONE UNDERWATER due to MISFEASANCE by the Corps of Engineers.
Such slipshod tar papering of the truth leads me to question the veracity of the whole article.
Perhaps The Economist actually (actuarilly) represents the Insurance and ReInsurance industry. Maybe they're just lying for the Industry so that our Flood Premiums in any man-made disaster anywhere in the world will remain high and tightly controlled.

Corps of Engineers loading towns with unfunded federal mandates

And now a word from Harry Shearer…

Gorgeous Vintage Maps of the Mississippi River’s Path Over Time
~Hat Tweet ~Also~ Long pic of all the maps laid out together! ~Pruned

Is Avondale’s owner sabotaging possible sale of the shipyard?~Mark Moseley, The Lens
~Photo courtesy of The Gamit!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ten states have two or more cities with populations > 300K living counties protected by levees

Editorial: Congress can't walk away from flood control

Corps of Engineers loading towns with unfunded federal mandates

Study: Locals unaware of coastal threat
~Nikki Buskey

Turnaround tactics: Principal Lause sets a new course for Harriet Tubman Charter
~Jessica Williams, The Lens

Billy Nungesser's Diverse Portfolio

Hairy, crazy ants make it into Louisiana
~Steven Ward, Advocate

William Loiry, aka. "Wimpy Jr.", strikes again ~American Zombie

High-ranking NOPD officer accused of altering own license plate

Bourbon Tomato Jam~Hat Tweet

Abita releases 25th anniversary Vanilla Doubledog~Todd A. Price

Community Prays For Mid-City Shooting Victim is now #1 on ~Humid Beings

I’m getting that old familiar feeling again. In my pants. ~moosedenied~I guess it really is in the eye of the beholder, eh? Because for such an "ugly" win, it sure was a thing of beauty to me. I don't know, maybe the Dome smelled of burnt toast all day Sunday, but from where I was sitting, I was getting a big ole whiff of that pungent aroma we all remember from back in 2009. I was smelling Greatness. And it gave me that special kind of boner that I haven't had since those days. If it didn't have that effect on you, well then I consider that a damn shame. Hopefully it'll look a lot different to you when you look back on it in February.
To shamelessly mangle a sentiment once expressed by John F Kennedy: This win wasn't beautiful because it was easy, it was beautiful because it was hard.

Michoud chosen by NASA for heavy-lift rocket work!

The Goat Speaks: our heroes have always been Gleasons ~Hat Tweet

Sheriff disses mayoral aide at tense meeting on law enforcement spending priorities
~Matt Davis, The Lens

Attorney for River Birch landfill official has a conflict of interest, federal prosecutors say

Its a brother in law deal: The noose around Fazzio’s neck draws tighter ~Slabbed

What is BP hiding now, and why is the Coast Guard and NOAA helping?
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Houma Tribe Wants Storm Protection For Its Coastal Towns~Susan Buchanan

More help for Louisiana's coast

Hurricane Ophelia becomes 4th hurricane of the Atlantic season

Chris Rose: deadbeats

Feds, La. disagree over funding

NOLA History: The Flags of New Orleans

Frank's Place
to screen again at NOCCA

A Vintnerview with Michelle Gueydan ~Blackened Out

~Hat Tweet ~Just bought my ticket for . You should too! Abita Beer Presents Boudin & Beer via @carnivaleduvin

WWOZ Fall Membership Drive!
~Editilla Re-Memberellas~ We dropped by the station yesterday on our way to Harvest the Music in Lafayette Square. (What a nice example of Living Metaphor!) They're such nice folks and the place smelled like a Nola Food Festival because of all the donated food. There was live music going on, and phones a'ringin...a general air of Faith and Resurrection.
You have to have stood outside the old station in Armstrong Park, during The Flood 8/29/05, to understand what I've meant by the "Screaming Silence" of that day the music died.
But this is New Orleans... our city of Rebirth. Please go online and give them money.
They'll give you Cool Shwag aaand keep your soul intact, guardians of the congroovience.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

LinkJohn Goodman shows he knows what it means to miss New Orleans~Mike Scott's Petition to the President of the United States is Now Number One
~Editilla Dixclaimas~ In their usual style of making communicating with POTUS easier, the White House has added a few hoops, some snakes and ladders, one deep rabbit hole and a Kafka Mountain to jump over for your trip through Open Government:
You have to Register, Verify, Change Password, Sign Out, ...Sign In, then Click Sign.
Uuummm, thanks Baraaaaaahhhk!
~But, we can have faith that our signatures of champion support become that much more important -thus noticed- after traversing this Gauntlet of Democracy.
~~We will always be the ones left standing for New Orleans.

Mid-City Shooting Victim Rafael Delgadillo Loses Eyesight, Vigil Planned in Bayou St. John~NOLA DEFENDER

Child-psychology office on Maple rejected, but Taco Bell given green light on South Claiborne~Uptown Messenger

Audit finds that Criminal Court is holding money that should go to crime victims
~Matt Davis, The Lens

Street legal: Let’s make law fit our culture --not the other way around~Alan White
~Not only do we cherish our cultural idiosyncrasies, they are a critical part of our economy. Selling food and drinks at parades, showcasing crafts and fine art on the sidewalk, and playing music at curbside isn’t just lagniappe. It’s a livelihood for families across town and often the best career alternative for those who were failed by the city’s dysfunctional school system. Throughout our history, street work has been the humble beginning of many creative and driven people who have gone on to define New Orleans. It is also the fertile ground from which some of our city’s anchoring businesses and institutions have grown.

Gulf’ll be fine by 2013, right Ken? Not according to…~Disenfranchised Citizen

Monday, September 26, 2011

Whirlwind Tour of Failed Corps Levees ~Society of Professional Journalists
~On board the bus will be a senior representative of the Army Corps of Engineers’ New Orleans District office, which oversaw the construction; a representative of the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East, which pairs with the state of Louisiana as local sponsor for the system; and founder Sandy Rosenthal, a corps critic who has helped ensure the new system was built correctly. We’ll drive through several of the areas worst flooded when levees and floodwalls failed in the aftermath of Katrina.

A Conversation With Sandy Rosenthal, Founder of ~The Atlantic

Pulitzer Worthy~Adtrastos, First Draft
~Editilla Whodatellas~ We shot this one with our phone! Behold my next jersey!
At one point Gleason looked directly at me. What a Saint!
~Hat Tweet ~RT @erster~PHOTO: unreal night, steve gleason gets SB44 ring, did amazing job making this happen
~Aaaand yes, 'dat was yer Ho Ho Homble Editilla on the Jumbo Tron shakin'it fo' da Team! So lucky to occasionally get to see Our Boys in Our Sacredome. It puts me back together again...back in line, makes me feel at home, as if we will one fine day live here for realzies after taking soooo long to return to this city we all love

LSU Earns Respect After Defeating 3rd Top 25 Team In Four Games ~lasportsdude
~Hat Tweet

Floating Islands? Really?
~Bayou Woman

Study is bad news for fish in spill

Feinberg ain’t no Santa Claus…
~Disenfranchised Citizen

BREAKING: Self described King of Torts gets his ass kicked in California ~Slabbed

WHOA! Ingalls awarded $700m contract

Cleaning sweep on both shores of Lake Pontchartrain collects almost 8 tons of trash

Louisiana incomes grow as nation struggles~WWL

Spanish Fly~Blackened Out

Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting:
Le Foret~He Said/She Said NOLA

RIP: Angel Miranda, founder of Lola’s ~Gambit ~Hat Tweet

French Quarter noise ordinance raising a ruckus~"You can't blow a trumpet less than 85 decibels. If this thing was in effect years ago, we wouldn't have had Louis Armstrong and Al Hirt, because you couldn't can't [sic] with that," says Bourbon Street bar owner Earl Bernhardt.

~Hat Tweet Boo Monday. Focus on Wednesday. Free music w/Bonerama & ice-cold Abita Beer at Lafayette Square Wednesday after work

Photos & Video: Young Men Olympian Jr. Benevolent Association, Inc., 127th Annual Parade