Saturday, September 25, 2010

Debate over proposed FQ security district enters homestretch????

Presidente Obama can Kill You without Due Process of Law?
~Nothing like No Small Change to Stay the Same...

Former FARC hostage Betancourt, an elected official, recounts ordeal "I could not become a number."
~Editilla gotta axe~What is the difference between this and Obama's Assassination of US Citizens Doctrine?

Thinking About NORD Reform
~Cliff's Crib
~Editilla gotta axe again~What does any of this matter if we can be killed at the behest of the President of the United States?
I mean really, who gives a shit about due process of The Fucking Law?
100s of miles of La. coast hit by more oil ~Sandy Davis
~A bird prepares to land next to an absorbent boom on the shoreline affected by oil from the Deepwater Horizon rig in Bay Jimmy in Plaquemines Parish on Tuesday.
(But What Would Ivor Say? WWIS?)
Moderate to heavy oil washed onto almost 100 miles of Louisiana’s shoreline this week, the federal government said Friday, and Plaquemines Parish officials say they’re feeling the brunt with oil still saturating marshes, beaches and coastal passes. The Deepwater Horizon Unified Command reported Friday that light to trace oil affected another 200 miles of the state’s shoreline, according to its weekly report.
~Editilla Can't Stands No'Mo~Where's the Easter Bunny gonna hide his eggs now? Who we gonna'call? Coast Busters? WTF will it take to REALIZE that the oil will keep on keepin'on? Have our Feds sold us out? Well, Goddamnit?

Despite fears following spill, local jobless rate holds steady
~Kathrine Schmidt

BP holding back data on oil spill impact, Louisiana officials say
~Robert Travis Scott

~Whodat35 Louisiana DWF announces return to normal fishing activity east of the Mississippi

Alabama pilots to continue monitoring oil spill's impact~Kim Klass
~Hat Tweet~Whodat35

Gulf Fishermen Five Months Later: Still Bearing the Brunt of BP's Oil Disaster
~Peter Lehner

"Busted"~Ben Zimmer

AP covers up for BP: News outlet fails to disclose BP is behind SAND CASTLE event in FL Panhandle
~Florida Oil Spill Law

~Expert sand-sculpting artists from around the nation have begun a three-day competition in Navarre Beach on the Florida Panhandle… The artists say they want to highlight the area’s clean beaches and erase images of this summer’s destructive BP oil spill.
~Editilla gotta axe~ Guess they got permission from Mr. Big Prick?

Matthew drenching Central America and Mexico~Wunderblog

Two of three Corps shoreline protection contracts in East Jefferson are being protested~Sheila Grissett

Hurricane Katrina's 'shared trauma' altered rules of counseling for a time
~Bill Barrow

Rita moved residents but didn’t build levees~Nikki Buskey

State pushes eco-tourism~Jeff Moore

'One John Wayne dude' Russel Honore to speak at Mississippi State

Try this at home? Hell Yeah!

Disenfranchised Citizen really hates Atlantareally hates… and not in that playful usage of the word “hate,” I mean… ---really hates the Falcons

PBJ Spread Thin~Adrastos

It's tough on the road
~Library Chronicles

Mark Your Calendars For October 9th ~Iberville Yard Sale

Outside the Rampart~Nola Defender

House of Leaves~Poppy Z. Brite

Cowtown Pattie

New Orleans: An American Fairy Tale
~Editilla Hotellas~ Nice travel article, hits all the bases and heroes, buuuut...
---Fat City used to be in Metarie, you Wall Street Journal twits. Jeez mfkn Louie.

Octoberfest at Deutsches Haus

See if you got the best gumbo at cook-off next month
~A gumbo cook-off, sponsored by the Krewe of Bayou Petit Caillou, is scheduled for noon Oct. 16 at the Ward 7 Citizens Club, 5006 La. 56, Chauvin.

411 NOLA Loves Arts New Orleans

New work by Swoon

~Hat Tweet~

Road Home: Trombone Shorty

On a mission: Soul superstar Gladys Knight has New Orleans on her mind

New York Gypsy Festival celebrates music inspired by people on the move

Friday, September 24, 2010

Bad habits are hard to break
~Bayou Girl

Sen. Landrieu uses disproved claims about Gulf oil jobs to block Obama's OMB nominee~Facing South
~Also~Report: The new political money game

Crunch time ahead for Gulf oyster fisheries Sujata Gupta

FDA, NOAA Still Not Testing for Heavy Metals or Dispersants in Gulf Seafood
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Exposure to Harmful Crude Oil and Dispersants Finally Being Studied
~Gulf Restoration Network

BP Oil Spill: Study suggests latest US estimate was about right

~The sp[OIL]ed Gala benefitting

What Emergency Managers are saying about Harry Shearer's 'The Big Uneasy'
~I recently watched a review copy of Harry Shearer’s new documentary “The Big Uneasy,” which examines the underlying reasons for the Hurricane Katrina disaster. The movie was particularly striking to me in that it takes a rare non-partisan approach to the topic.

Hurricane season could be heating up in the Gulf of Mexico
~Mark Schleifstein

Construction Begins On 2 Katrina Monuments

Minnesota Photography Students Document the Recovery Efforts in N.O.
~The Art Institutes International Minnesota will take five photography and five film students to New Orleans as part of the program’s fourth trip to the city.

The Water Environment Federation’s (WEF) 83rd annual technical exhibition and conference
~Hat Tip~nola411
~Also~Big Easy Bash with Water for People

SECM Member Receives Fulbright Water Management Fellowship
~Miriam S. Belblidia is a guest researcher at the Delft University of Technology through the NAF-Fulbright Water Management Fellowship. Ms. Belblidia moved to the Netherlands from New Orleans, where she worked in the City’s Hazard Mitigation Office. In coming to the Netherlands to perform her research, Ms. Belblidia is examining the components of successful water management and undertaking a comparative analysis to determine how New Orleans can implement best practices to prevent future flooding. Of particular interest is an examination of how water management policies have evolved in the Netherlands, and implications for New Orleans as it contemplates its future risk.

Is “America’s Oldest Bohemia” endangered by so-called improvements and security enhancements? ~lunanola

Sheriff: I have never housed arrestees ‘to make money’
~Matt Davis, The Lens

Mysteriously, New Orleans Police Department's Ratings are up
~Jarvis DeBerry

Mayor Mitch Landrieu signs over $10 million to soft-second mortgage effort

Officials: No easy answers to Uptown flooding~Uptown Messenger

Iberville public housing residents want say in redevelopment
~Katy Reckdahl

Connecticut-County-Club crackup
doesn’t compare to the Louisiana crackup ~slabbed

AAUP requests LSU salary reductions
~The Daily Reivelle

5 years after Rita hit, some left out of recovery

Report: Progress on Everglades restoration slow~Curtis Morgan

How Mr. Rogers Gets Kids Beat Down
~Beauty Jackson

Odd Words
~Odd Bits of Life in New Orleans

Femme Fatale Friday: Susan Prevost ~NOLAFemmes

Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints: Game Preview~Canal Street Chronicles
~Reggie: I'll be back sooner than expected

Shrimp and grits with country ham ~YatCuisine

Auf wiedersehen to a New Orleans landmark

Stomp of Approval
~Will Coviello, Gambit

~The Ponderosa Stomp’s weekend of events kicked off with an announcement at the former site of J&M Studios (838 N. Rampart St.), which is now a laundromat.

~ Oktoberfest Deutsches Haus @ @ The Hold Steady @ Rebirth Brass Band @ more-->

New cruises to include Vicksburg stop

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Corps of Engineers tries to violate ballot box! St. Tammany School Board candidate may be violating federal law
~Editilla strikes a match, incredulous~
The Corps of Engineers is now running for elections? Imagine!
The Corps infiltrating the public commons like a local blogging club?

Federal flood insurance program extension clears Congress

Great Blue Heron in the rising sun


Republic of West Florida Bicentennial
~The United States and Spain held long, inconclusive negotiations on the status of West Florida. In the meantime, American settlers established a foothold in the area and resisted Spanish control. British settlers, who had remained, also resented Spanish rule, leading to a rebellion in 1810 and the establishment for exactly 90 days of the Republic of West Florida. On September 23, 1810, after meetings beginning in June, rebels overcame the Spanish garrison at Baton Rouge and unfurled the flag of the new republic: a single white star on a blue field. This flag was made by Melissa Johnson, wife of Major Isaac Johnson, the commander of the West Florida Dragoons. It would later become known as the "Bonnie Blue Flag". Sinn Féin!

Great Interview with Harry Shearer
~Philadelphia City Paper Clog
~Harry Shearer to Host Live Chat on My Damn Channel Friday, September 24 to Discuss His Documentary, The Big Uneasy
~Also please see this review in the NYTs

MR-GO ecosystem restoration delayed by financing dispute~A disagreement between Louisiana coastal officials and the Army Corps of Engineers over whether the state should pay a share of the cost threatens to delay efforts to restore wetlands and cypress forests in eastern New Orleans and St. Bernard Parish that were destroyed by the construction and operation of the now-closed Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet.
~Please also see~ Len Bahr at LaCoastPost eats mushrooms, drinks cool aid laced with stupid or something to conclude New Orleans was Not Flooded by engineering failures of the floodwalls and levees!
I mean, Len has got a fucking brain.

NOLA Officials Fight Army Corps On Uncoated Steel in New Levees
~PaintSquare, the portal to the Coatings Industry

Southwest Louisiana still vulnerable
~Clair Taylor
~ABBEVILLE — Five years after Hurricane Rita's storm surge washed homes away and two years after Hurricane Ike flooded some of the same areas, residents and officials in southwest Louisiana say they're still just as vulnerable. Maybe more so.

Boustany Announces $1.3 Million for Marsh Creation in Black Lake

Corps to spend $4.2 million to repair Monroe, West Monroe, La. cave-ins

~ Weather Underground TD is now a Tropical Storm with winds of 40 mph, and a minimum pressure of 1006 mb

For Jindal, it’s better to be lucky than accountable~Mark Moseley, The Lens
~Also~City hasn’t touched $10 million for courthouse repairs approved in 2000
~ woops they did it again #nola

RED ZONE: Heavy metal in Lake Borgne (near New Orleans) at HIGHEST level of concern — “Elevated potential for mortality” LAB RESULTS
~Florida Oil Spill Law

Gulf of Mexico oil spill response guided too much by BP, St. Bernard president says~Jonathan Tilove

La. to join request for $3 billion BP down payment~Gerard Shields

Frustrated Oil Spill Claimants Consider Alternative Compensation Fund
~Shasha Chavkin, Pro Publica

And now, a word from our sponsors… Vol. 13~Disenfranchised Citizen

Grading 'Waiting for Superman'
~Dana Goldstein, The Nation

Feds raid landfill company linked to Jefferson Parish investigation ~Fox 8

"Refrigerator Bandit" makes lower Magazine homes his buffet

Folger Coffee Co. will spend $69 million expanding New Orleans facilities~Jaquetta White

Donna Brazile headlines the 2nd Annual Louisiana Women's Conference

Graphic Design Partnership Opens Design Firm in New Orleans

Luxury vintage train cars could be money-losers if sold

What a co-inky-dence!~slabbed

~Step Outside
You got a Mustang that's born to ride.
I got a Mustang that's built to drive drive drive.
You got a little birdie that's born to fly.
Me and my Big Boid gone to Step Outside.
You know you gotta Step Outside...Hell Yeah!
--'Cause you know it's one thing to learn how to fly...
You gotta riiiide like Sally Ride.

1001 Nights New Orleans Storytelling Festival~Solid Quarter

Gentle'rillas know we don't dabble in politics. HA! But we do know Fear!

~Hat Tweet~jaimearodriguez

Justin Townes Earle
~Editilla jus'wanna toll'ya~His daddy rode da'Ho...
but this boy has got diamonds in his eyes and hell hounds on his trail.
Hard Livin' - The Good Life - 2008 - 2:48
Lone Pine Hill - The Good Life - 2008 - 3:04
Who Am I To Say - The Good Life - 2008 - 3:08
Far Away In Another Town - The Good Life - 2008 - 3:06

~This one goes out to

*And yes btw that is Charlie Musselwhite on harmonica ahem!
But he ain't gon'do nothing but lay it on under the divas don't'cha know.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Unused Road Home money is frozen by federal appeals court~David Hammer

Landrieu says a redeveloped Iberville could be “one of the greatest neighborhoods”~The Lens

Slap in the face to the police ~NOcrimeline

Lawsuits for 8/29 flooding in Jefferson Parish are declared a class action ~Richard Rainey

Jeffrey Lehrmann, ex-NOPD officer charged in Danziger Bridge case, sentenced to 3 years in prison
~Brendan McCarthy

Oil spill response evaluated as Interior Department seeks improvement
~Bruce Alpert
World record king cake circles Superdome twice, 100 babies!
~The official slicing begins on @ 12:00 pm.
King Cake slice pickup is available from 12:00pm to 3:00pm.
To benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer research.
Free water, milk, coffee, t'shirts and prizes galore from Our New Orleans Saints!

The Saints are alright
~Library Chronicles

Old or new, oil will be here for a while
~Bob Marshall
~The guy from BP had called to sternly object to the note I ran in Sept. 11's newspaper under the headline "More oil comes ashore." The lead sentence read, "A new wave of black oil came ashore west of the Mississippi River on Friday and Saturday, coating beaches and fouling interior marshes, according to anglers' reports."
However, that small story apparently created a big buzz with the officials involved in BP's response efforts. It all came down to the word "new." I was driving at the time and pulled over to take the call from a BP rep.
The conversation went something like this:
BP man: "There is no new oil coming ashore. There hasn't been any for weeks. There is none out there. Whoever told you that was wrong."
Me: "Well, Ryan Lambert is out there every day. He saw no oil on those beaches for weeks, then on Friday he saw new oil."
BP man: "That wasn't new oil. It might have been old that reappeared, but it wasn't new oil."
Me: "It was new to Ryan, because he had never seen it before. He said it was new. He said it was new and black."
BP man: "He was wrong because there is no new oil."
Me: "So if I see oil for the first time in a place where there has been no oil, that isn't new oil?"
BP man: "Almost certainly not. It's old oil that has reappeared."
Me: "Do the fish, birds, crabs, shrimp and benthic organisms realize this is old oil?"
BP man: "That's not the point."

Oldly Oiled~Horatio Algeranon

Cleaned of oil, birds return to Terrebonne
~Nikki Buskey
~Charlie Hebert (from left), with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Bert Littlefield, with BP, release a brown pelican back on Raccoon Island Tuesday while Rhonda Murgatroyd, with Wildlife Response Services, watches.

EXPLICIT: Well-known fisherman threatened with arrest --“Communism? You’re in it as far as I know.” (VIDEO) ~Florida Oil Spill Law
~Interview with C.J. (Mississippi fisherman), Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana Radio with Kindra Arnesen, September 21

An Audition: British Petroleum’s Public Relations Department
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Experts craft study of BP oil spill health effects~Tamara Lush

The health of the ocean:
What's at stake?, Sylvia Earle
~Fred Cochran

"Big Uneasy" over NPR's response to Shearer film~Current: Public Media
~The thing about New Orleans is that it’s been around for nearly 300 years. And in that time it has faced a lot of shit,” says Shearer. “There is a philosophy of ‘this could all be over so enjoy it today,’ which sort of colours the whole attitude of the place. As a city, the rules are exactly the opposite of New York City; you say hello to people in the street, you enjoy conversations with your neighbours. But each conversation is filled with the kind of mordant humor of the place. And with each person you talk to, you don’t know if playing in their head is a tape of their mom or dad drowning in the attic.”

Tax bond needed for levee work
~Tri-Parish Times

NOPD: Bicycle-bound violence suggests need for registration
~Uptown Messenger

Igor delivers punishing blow to Newfoundland; 95L growing more organized ~Wunderblog

LibraryThing: State of the Thing

Grilling: Breakfast Sausage
~Serious Eats

Happy Equinox, one and all! How's that DADT thingy workin'fo'ya?


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

America's Wetlands Oil Bankers back "Coastal Restoration Trust Fund"
~Editilla Double-downs the Double-think~

"As I have said many times, these are not just Louisiana's wetlands,
" Landrieu said. "They are America's wetlands, and this is America's working coast. The oil and gas, fishing, shipping, ecotourism, and hospitality industries all share it, and have thrived together for decades."
That is a lie. Mary Landrieu, do we look like we have thrived together for decades? Where have the Wetlands THRIVED from our relationship to King Milling's oil industry financing? For that matter, WHERE ARE THE FUCKING WETLANDS? Where have We The People actually thrived from your oil industry lobbying efforts? Take our coasts, fowl what's left, poison the people.
Barrier berm advocates not deterred by environmental regulators' misgivings
~Mark Schleifstein

~Feds seek La. answer on berms

Having it Both Ways
~Disenfranchised Citizen

BP's Press Harassment Continues
~Jen Phillips

NEW GRN VIDEO: Shrimpers and Scientists Agree - End of Well isn't End of Oil, Impacts

~acousteau You are all warmly invited to join in dinner, cocktails, a silent auction; all proceeds benefit Save Our Gulf. RSVP here:

~Hat Tip~Florida Oil Spill Law

"Sacrificial Steel": Is the Corps Dooming Eastern New Orleans Again?
~Harry Shearer

Judge finds that Disaster Police with shotguns did not prove "an unreasonable restraint of liberty in violation of the Fourth Amendment." during Federal Flood of 8/29/05

Fielkow’s newsletter on city site pushes NORD initiative~Steve Beatty

The Daily Beast praises Mitch'mo!
~Kevin Allman, Gambit

Chief Serpas proposes new requirements for NOPD recruits~WWL

FQMHAMD Plan: Security Officers limited to reporting, observing, and documenting --riiiiight

Go Reggie Bush!

Frank Gore, Come On Down! You're the next Schmucktesticle on FYYFF

Hi, I’m me, I’m using this to sell you this ~moosedenied

The Saints at The Saint (photo gallery)
~Uptown Messenger

Where Y'at Who Dats?
~Humid Beings

Bonin' in the Bone Yard

New Orleans Streetcar Brings 175 Years of History~Good Nola

Crawfish or Shrimp Pistolettes

A Night of Swamp & Soul II featuring Honey Island Swamp Band, Soul Rebels

The Black Keys and more music for Tuesday, September 21
~Alison Fensterstock

Step Outside
~In preparation for its last planned mission to the International Space Station, shuttle Discovery was lowered onto its external fuel tank and solid rocket boosters in High Bay 3 of the Vehicle Assembly Building at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The lift and mate operation began Sept. 9 and wrapped up early Sept. 10. Discovery, the oldest of NASA's three active orbiters, first launched Aug. 30, 1984, on STS-41D and is being readied for the STS-133 mission to station. Liftoff is targeted for Nov. 1 at 4:40 p.m. EDT.
Hey little black bird!
I see you fly.
But you know I wonder

just how and why.
You know it's one thing
just to learn to fly...
but quite another thing
to step outside.

Bingo Tease

Monday, September 20, 2010

To my Friends in San Francisco…
~Disenfranchised Citizen
"No Way Jose", after 3rd massive fish kill discovered in Plaquemines Parish
~"I hope the state wildlife is right, I hope the dead fish is just oxygen.
I got 100 fishermen here say no way Jose, they been here their whole life and never seen so many species (of fish) in so many different areas, and is it a coincidence that all of those areas happen to have heavy oil," said Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser.
"Can anybody look the American people in the eye and say it absolutely has nothing to do with dispersants, the oil, or the breakdown of the oil, or does anybody care? I mean somebody has to be as upset as I am huh," said Nungesser
~More from Rocky Kistner’s Blog

The Problem with Sandcastles
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Feds Photoshop? University researchers pinpoint troubling COAST GUARD images~Florida Oil Spill Law

Family business knocked to its knees by BP Oil Spill and resultant deep water drilling moratorium

McMoRan Exploration Co. to Acquire Gulf of Mexico Shallow Water Shelf Properties from Plains Exploration & Production Company

Slabbed remembers Katrina plus 5 [Federal Flood]: The day Ashton O’Dwyer was arrested after the storm [Federal Flooding of New Orleans]
~Editilla Rotellas~ Brackets mine. Once again: Katrina had NOTHING to do with the breakdown of Civil Order which swept Ashton into its berserker maw.
Our devastation, and resultant lawless chaos, were a direct result of the Corps of Engineers failed flood control structures. Those are the Facts of this damn'nation.
Furthermore, to continue to maintain that the "storm" wiped away our culture in New Orleans on 8/29/05 is akin to saying that inherent flaws in American Democracy caused the deaths of over 3000 citizens in New York on 9/11/01.
This buck stops here goddamnit!

Who is that young man who played
“A Closer Walk With Thee”?

Council wants city to get rid of remaining FEMA trailers
~Ariella Cohen, The Lens

IG to oversee $1.8B schools grant

Neighborhood eyes Lusher possibility with uncertainty~Uptown Messenger

Alert - City Council Committee to Hear Charity Hospital Presentation This Week~Humid Beings

New Orleans con sabor Latino
~Southern Food and Beverage Museum

Hey Everybody! Sobriety Checkpoint Wednesday in Gentilly Drive Safely AWAY!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Updates on Igor from Burmuda Police
~A weakened Igor bears down on Bermuda; 94L likely to develop

Despite final well kill, oil persists along coastal Louisiana ~WWL

FDA, State say CATTLE from islands along the SE Louisiana coast can’t be sold before 6 months of grazing and extensive testing (VIDEO)
~Florida Oil Spill Law

University Group Raises Concerns About BP Oil Spill Contaminants in Livestock Feed~Chris Rodda
Corps of Engineers shouldn't allow chinks in New Orlean's flood armor: Times-Picayune cries Alligator Tears

Generalizing about the General Plan
~Your friends at the Army Corps of Engineers released some reports last week about levees around Marysville and Sutter County. Not surprisingly, the Army Corps said the levees weren't up to snuff, or whatever snuff is to the Army Corps in 2010. In 2014, snuff may be different. It's always a moving target.
The corps received $4.6 million in federal stimulus money, so it doled it out to some contractors to do the inspection. The point of all this seemed kind of unclear, other than spending stimulus money. Keep in mind that the sudden concern about levees stemmed from Hurricane Katrina. And who was most responsible for the damage in New Orleans? The Army Corps of Engineers.
Last November, a federal judge ruled that the Army Corps displayed "gross negligence" in failing to maintain a navigation channel —resulting in levee breaches that flooded large swaths of greater New Orleans.

Oil spill is far from over for those who live, work along the Gulf
~Bpb Marshall

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog
5 Shrimp = 1 Tarball

Reporter: “Entire communities where they’re vomiting blood” in Louisiana — “Very, very serious situation here” ~Florida Oil Spill Law

Illness from spill unknown still
~John DeSantis

Southern Exposure - Part 3
~Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana

BP leak just a bump in road for oil industry

WomenStake: A Great Resource for Women ~NOLAFemmes

Sunday musical repeat: Dedicated to Barack, a guy with 2 big ears and not much in between ~slabbed

Oh no! It’s a trap!~moosedenied

Monday Night Football: Retro Bitterness And The Eyes Of Intensity
~Cliff's Crib

Checking in on The Garden
~Always Growing

~Editilla all about Angelina Jolee on... what? OH! Angelonia and Mandeville!