Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Live blog: Lawyers suing oil & gas industry to appear before Jindal's CPRA Koch Suckers ~Bob Marshall, The Lens 
~The Lens will live-blog what could be a wetlands’ version of “High Noon” at Wednesday’s meeting of the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority. Attorneys for the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East say they have accepted an invitation from coastal chief Koch Sucker Garret Graves to present their client’s case for its controversial lawsuit against oil and gas companies for coastal land loss – which Graves strongly opposes.

Dear Editilla,

Opposition to the Big Oil Lawsuit has not been quashed yet.

At the last meeting in December, members of the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East were criticized for filing this historic lawsuit. The suit demands that the oil and gas industry fix the damage it caused to our coast.

We need to show the SLFPA-E board members that we are still here in strong support.

It is critical that we continue to show our support for the Big Oil Lawsuit. #SLFPAElawsuit
WHAT: Board Meeting
WHEN: Thursday, January 16th, 9:30 AM
WHERE: 2nd Floor Council Chambers, Joseph Yenni Bldg,
1221 Elmwood Park Blvd., Harahan, LA.

Please join me on Thursday morning. I'll meet you at the door and give you a big lapel button.

Thank you for your support. With your help, we are winning.

Sandy Rosenthal, Founder

La. sinkhole danger: Officials to reveal methane gas concerns ~Deborah Dupre, Louisiana Sinkhole Examiner

Exquisite Corps completes repairs on Inner Harbor Navigation Canal Lock; Lock now open ~AP, via The Republic

Jimmy Graham: Tight end or receiver? ~Mike Triplett, ESPN
~Hat Tweet turns 35 and his son Baylen turns 5 today! Happy Happy

Trade Drew Brees!!!!!!!!!!1111 ?????????????? ???????????  ~ok awsome

Body of transgender woman who received silicone injections autopsied by wrong agency ~Danny Monteverde, New Orleans Advocate

Effort to repeal Shreveport gay rights law halted ~AP

NOPD associations say officer morale is down as manpower slacks ~Tania Dall, WWLTV

Jesuit President Rev. Raymond Fitzgerald diagnosed with ALS ~Dominic Massa

Incomplete campaign-finance reports accepted in Mississippi ~Anita Lee,

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WHODAMA!!! Springsteen, Clapton, Phish to play Jazz Fest 2014