Saturday, March 8, 2008


Photo by Bill Welch
Memorial to New Orleans... Peggy Martin rose is a beautiful survivor

John McCain has nothing to say about Katrina recovery?~People Get Ready

Vitter plans to call for Senate hearing to investigate U.N.’s priorities, Forgets about Levees~Vit Miffed by the human rights group's continued Meddling in New Orleans housing issue.
Editilla humbly requests~Hey Vit! Ya'tinky you could get your hand out of your diaper long enough to Convene on a Hearing to investigate the Corps of Engineers' flood control priorities in New Orleans?

We could call it The 8/29 Commission.

Can you DO SOMETHING in congress for da'home state maybe, before you retire to that lucrative lobbying career, go out to pasture wit'da BreauxLotts?

Jefferson Loses Hold on Local Democratic Exec Committee~Clancy Dubos

Center ready for NASA project, Constellation plan includes UNO

Live from New Orleans

Fashion Party Saturday Night In New Orleans

Cell carriers battle FCC over backup rule which the FCC drafted after Hurricane Katrina knocked out hundreds of cell towers and sites along the Gulf Coast in 2005

All Together Now~Overview of a great book on a program for emergency preparedness for neighborhood in NYC

Indian Recovery Workers Ill-treated in US

Exquixotic Corps
...everywhere you want to be.
~2008 Annual Operating Plan for the Missouri River system.

~FL-Surely the Army Corps can do its bomb-range survey in less than two years
~CA-Flood Mitigation Money Outlined in State Budget
~WA-Leaders Struggle on for Chehalis River Solutions After 75 Years of Study and Discussion

Reunion is music to jazz legend's ears
~End of legal battle puts instrument back into the hands of 103-year-old Huey Long

The Ponderosa Stomp Reviving Careers And Returning Houserocking Performers To The Stage


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Friday, March 7, 2008


New Orleans: Visual Meditation Part Two
~Abbey of the Arts

Little door window
hides rent-
veil'd Chameleons
waked colorblind

…And The Sucre’ Winners Are!
~Blake Makes

Eitilla'don found'a'nutta Win'naaaah!
Blake Mmmmmmmmakes da'Nola'Food Godestry!

Emancipation Articulation~casa de Charlotte della luna

Welcome to New Orlanta~Facing South

A Bitter Pill to Swallow~A new study shows Louisiana residents popping more prescription pills than any other state.~The Independent Weekly

God vs. New Orleans~Positive Liberty

Liprap's Lament- The Line reports on Schools Left To Die in New Orleans East

Ron Paul: SO LONG SUCKERS! AND THANK$ FOR ALL THE FI$H! Got any more... Democracy Dollar$?

“The Storm Inside”~Examines Hurricane Katrina Survivors Challenging Yet Sometimes Triumphant Journey From New Orleans To Their New Homes and Lives In Houston

Katrina Mission Adult Team Day 5 with photos

One House At A Time Update

jefflamb and neworleanslady! have been downtown in Holy Cross, 1980/2008

Lakeview and Gentilly post offices to reopen

Johns Manville "Gorilla Wrap" Joins with Andrés Duany to Build 'Bywater Cottages'

The New Cartographers...It's a Monster Mash!

MS Programs to address Katrina tree loss

Homeowners need insurance reform~By Rep. Gene Taylor, Mississippi

Hurricane Katrina Contract Policies and Procedures

Foreign Policy Increasingly Flows Through Pentagon and US Army Corps of Engineers~New World Order News

Kanye, Jill Scott, Mary J Blige +More For Essence Music Fest~mollifire

An interview with Allen Toussaint
~California Aggie

We Care
New Orleans
~Johnette Downing

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Eitilla gotta tell'yas...During "The Troubles" of the flood, I fell to my knees in the water outside the OZ station and listened for the music on the dead air, heard No Thing No Lie but the sound of empty pain.

Six days later we rushed the bridge in a convoy of disparate nolafugees to Baton Rouge. Before even finding a mirror I heard them...WW(MFKn)OZ! --online, streaming New Orleans music from God knows where! Needless to say I lost it all over, again and again. And so again with every pledge drive, concert, art market, spagetti dinner, yard sale or festival--or whenever they ask for it--I try to give them what I can. I know what it means to miss New Orleans.
Y'all don'wanna go there.
tis'nowhere and nevermore.
Ya'Wanna be here! On Da'Air!
Where Ya'Music'Yatz!


Thursday, March 6, 2008


Getting a Headcount for NTC Meetup in New Orleans

GIS Workshops at Trinity Christian Community: How to Create Your Own Maps for Presentations and Proposals~Think New Orleans

Eve Ensler to speak at University of New Orleans
Eve Ensler, founder of V-Day, the global movement to end violence against women and girls, and author of The Vagina Monologues, will speak at The University of New Orleans on Friday, March 7, at 6 p.m. to invite college students from around the region to participate in the V-Day 10th anniversary celebration scheduled for April 11-12 in New Orleans.

Ecole Bilingue Benefits
An Afternoon Of French Food
~New Orleans Menu

The event's theme is Vive Les Art. It runs from 11 a.m. until 6 o.m. this Saturday, March 8, in the school's playground at the corner of Camp and Calhoun Streets, uptown. Admission is free; you pay for the food a la carte.

NOMA Helping Mid-City

A Taste Of New Orleans

Do you want a Food Co-op at St. Roch and St. Claude?

Day 921: Every Ting Be Eire, Mon!~Maitri's Vatul

Murder tax~Your Right Hand Thief

HUD: Demolition plan for New Orleans housing validated by survey

UN specialists admit they didn't visit, research post-Katrina New Orleans before Sticking their Foot in It~Lost in New Orleans

My notes for the Symposium tonight~Humid Haney

Liptrap discovers...
From the Hopi language
~ko.yaa.nis.katsi (n)
1.crazy life 2. live in turmoil
3. life disintegrating
4. life out of balance
5. a state of life that calls for another way of living

Memo to Sax and Gurian~NOLA radfem

Of all the gin joints in all the world... NoLA Rising Supports the Spirit of New Orleans

Is Grey Graffiti?~Dirty Coast

Visual Concepts Helps Spalding "Make A Difference" In Post-Katrina New Orleans

$50,000 Prize for Preventive Journalism

New Orleans port plan tops $1B

Exquixotic Corps
~everywhere you want to be.
~IL- Flood conference brings major players together at perfect time
~GA-A container port at Aiken-Augusta

~SC-Lake Hartwell Coalition wants economic impact study
~MI-Bill calls for state to give up wetland enforcement role
~CA-Local officials visit LA to be sure levee project expedited

Mississippi lawmakers hold hearing on post-Katrina housing crisis~Facing South

Biloxi plan has hospitality in mind

The talented
Mr Connick

New Orleans musician, Harry Connick Jr, was in Kuala Lumpur recently. SHUIB TAIB had the extraordinary fortune to meet up with this entertainer extraordinaire.
Picture courtesy of
Dewan Filharmonik Petronas.

A songwriter who got lucky~Kinks legend Ray Davies was stuck in the creative process, reworking recordings he couldn't finish. Then he got shot in New Orleans and found a new sense of urgency. "Yessir. Nothing focuses the mind like a public execution."-Lyndon Johnson

From Far & Wide~Henry Butler's Pianola Live Scheduled for April 29th Release~all about Jazz

A bridge to the Jazz Age~‘Doc’ Rando of Las Vegas grew up along with jazz in New Orleans, played with big band greats

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Corps of Engingeers shifts funds from 17th St Pumps to Industrial
Canal project

Sight-of-Hand Shell Game?
Let's Make A Deal?
8/29 Commission!
8/29 Commission!
8/29 Commission!

FEMA's failure to present housing plan draws fire

Half New Orleans Poor Permenantly Displaced~Bill Quigly

Judge explains his role in Slidell’s legal battle over Jesus portrait~“I was insulted by the ACLU’s implication that if you were not Christian you were not going to get fair justice in this court,” he says. “It offended not just me. I was offended for all the judges who served in this court before me. They don’t know me. They don’t know what my faith is or even if I have a faith. And I don’t know what faith people are when they come to court.”
~On July 4, 2007, the ACLU filed a lawsuit against the Slidell Court demanding that it take down the portrait of Jesus. Two months later Lamz expanded the display in the lobby to include a variety of religious and political leaders including Moses; Solomon, the King of Israel; Confucius, the Chinese philosopher; Muhammad, the founder of Islam; and Napoleon Bonaparte. A copy of the US Constitution was also placed on the wall.

Great Moments in New Orleans History, The '79 Police Strike & 'the best Mardi Gras ever'~The New Orleans Levee

Mayor Ray "BabyHead" Nagin Defends Official Calendar

Louisiana Congress Candidates Duke It Out Over Past

Hybrids . {trace}
Eitilla Caw'Caw'Calls~Hark & Beware! Lester'you draw the Paint Roller Wrath of the Gray Ghost Fred, Armed Psychopth Vandal, Imagination Serial-Killer & Violently Potty-trained Avatar of the Great Nothing! Beware!

Boston clinics may be model for New Orleans

Exploring the Green Future of New Orleans~KnowledgePlex

Dispatch from New Orleans: Needs of Lower Ninth Ward put my own remodeling plans in perspective~ Kathy Price-Robinson
No, Mam, this ain't exactly "Home Improvement", eh?

Long-term plans firm, Navy says

235th national meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS) Meeting in New Orleans, April 6-10

Aaron Neville - Ape Man~Devil Dick

Kev Choice, breaking down Sound barriers

OZ Spring Member Drive


Anne $peaks! (Next time: in tongues!)~On the po$$ibility of writing another Le$tat novel: “That book will only be written if I can keep my commitment to the Lord,” she said. “If I can work out a book where Le$tat is $aved, ye$$$, I’ll write it."~New Orleans Metroblogs

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Larry Flynt To Run For Mayor Of New Orleans
by Bourgeios Teaux'deaux
…”on the beat off the record"
[dateline: Flint, Michigan]

One-time Presidential candidate, free speech activist, beaver enthusiast and inventor of "The Wheelie! Protective Cup", Larry Flynt announced today his intention to run for mayor of New Orleans. But why announce in Flint, Michigan? "Well, I like the name recognition." says Flynt, in Flint. "People often call me a skin-flint. And also, everyone knows how Flint starred in Michael Moore's first movie. What a lot of people don't know is that Michael starred in one of my movies back in the 70s and worked under me as a cub intern early in his career. That's right. Where do you think he first learned the secret ins and outs of hidden-camera blackma—errru'ha, I mean, documentary film making? But does he ever remember to mention who gave him his first shot, who broke him in, showed him the ropes, taught him how to struggle, how to behave, how to say 'yes please, Mr. Larry, may I have some more?' Does he ever think of me when he palms his little Oscar? Nah! What a pig."
~~When asked about his reasons for leaving a lucrative position at the head of such an ostentatious porn papacy (OPP) to try to run the city of New Orleans, arguably the least glamorous head of the OPP business, the Master Bater had this to say, "Leave this? You gotta be joking. But hey, didn't Nagin prove that you don't have to actually "live" in the city to be elected mayor, much less show up for work? Plus I already have a Hustler Club down there on Bourbon St, which would save the city a bundle on office space, secretaries, VIP conference rooms and Congressional liaisons."
~~Larry Mac'Porn went on to further expound and escatelate upon his new fetish for Louisiana politics, "New Hell! I've been making butt'loads of money off of Louisiana politicians for years. It’s just lately that I didn't even have to pay any money up front. Wish I'd'a figured that one out sooner, like when I was opening my club. Jezuz'Judaz! Now THAT cost a forkin' tub-0-greese! But it turns out to be a much better return on investment this way. Yeah, there's the cost of the occasional lie detector tests, but that's what, 150 bucks? Chump change. That reward money I used to entrap, errra, I mean…ensnare Sen. Bob “Make a” Livingston? It all came from donations! I swear! Every penny. Really. It's true! And get this, the magazine revenues generated by that one 'outing' paid for a lot of my girls to finish high school—errr’uh, I mean college, let me tell you. I swear! Every penny. Really. It's true! And this guy Vitter? Aw man, what a gold mine! I can’t beat 'em off with a stick!"
~Finally, when asked if he wasn't at least slightly afraid of another hurricane striking the city, and his plans for evacuation, given the current mayor's state of preparedness and his own evacuationally challenged modus ambulatus, the Gizard King and Potential Orleans Potentate (POP) had this to say, "You're really kidding me now right?", rasped Flynt, "Oh Bourgeois, you'such a should meet my seester! Why, I've been shot at, laid out, blacked-out, black-mailed and priority-mailed. I've been rolled, bowled, doled, trolled, pimped and gimped. I've had my chest shaved. I've had my legs shaved. Wanna see my butt? I've even had my butt shaved! And don't ask me about wax jobs. I've been whipped, dipped, stripped and tipped. I've had midgets walk all over my back in gold lame‘ and purple rhinestone baseball cleats while we drank gatorade and laughed until sunrise. I'm so bad my mama had to ask permission for me to attend elementary school. My daddy used to beat me over the head just for lookin' crosseyed. You think I'm gonna be afraid of a little old hurricane? Damn Right! But I have a plan. A big plan. Big big big. We'll market New Orleans as, get ready, you're gonna love it…we'll get Fox to do a cop show, right? Name it: 'Hustler & Blow', about a white chic/black guy team, where she's not really a chic and he's not really a cop or black or even from Louisiana and needs a blow job every couple of hours to stay focused... Anyway, I'll be long gone before any of youz suckers even think about calling the mayor with your problems. Evacuation Esshhmaculation! " Campaign shlogans anyone?
"New Orleans, is you BENT fo'FLYNT?"
"Feelin' Skin't~Vote fo'Flynt!"

The Indians Are Coming! The Indians Are Coming!
High'Time Fo'Da New Suits~Super'Sunday Mar 16th

Not your father’s web design conference~April 24-25th

Not your mother's garden party
VDAY 1({})

April 11-12, 2008~Join Salma Hayek, Oprah Winfrey, Faith Hill, Jane Fonda, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Hudson, Glenn Close, Julia Stiles, Ali Larter, Sally Field, Marisa Tomei, Calpernia Addams, Rosario Dawson, Kerry Washington, and musicians Common, Eve, and Charmaine Neville on Friday and Saturday for V-Day’s mega two-day anniversary celebration in New Orleans at the New Orleans Arena and Louisiana Superdome - V TO THE TENTH.

Not your Founders' vision of a free market utopia~Agenda for the North American Summit~ April 21-22nd

Not Your Final Solution, US 'Homeless Czar' Tours New Orleans~"It's been called a barrack," said Mangano. "I like to think of it more as a triage center."
Eitilla would think of it more as
Arbeit Macht Frei.

The ills casinos bring
Editilla chinchilla's~People were expecting, what? Thrills? Frills? Stills? Bills? Wills? Shills? Schlemmmmills? What? 10 Blocks on'da Casino Real is not Sesame Street--it just plays one in TV commercials.
That sound we hear is the Beast grinding its teeth on da'bones of our eviscerated, evacuated, inoculated culture.

Community services agency “stretches” to do disaster response

Federal rebuilding office faces transition challenge the AquaDome

So far, the IPET study of Critical Flood Risk for New Orleans has cost about $25,000,000, is long overdue and plagued by errors
~Insurance Journal
~The Exquixotic Corps of "Engineers" recently committed an additional $250,000--One Quarter of another Million Dolla!-- to complete the risk study.
Editilla gnashes about, rants and shills, as they say in the RNC men's room,"But f*ck it!" Aren't They supposed to be paying Us for such a Good Time? If we bend over any farther then we'll just have to start pulling this whole train all over again. Darn, we can't just take these Illegitimate, Lying Fakirs to a Court of Law now, can we? Been there done that. And all I got was this bloody T-shirt with which to hang myself. Silly me...stupid stupid tax-payer! I know they only want us to like them. Oh well...Hey! How about calling on our elected representatives? OOPS! Right...I forgot...we Americans don't do Representative Government any more either. DOH! All this electionairing goin'on and I had 'bout forgotten all those Dead People I saw during the flood, the danger and sheer terror of surviving knife fights and gun battles, the way the cops ran, the darkenss on the American horizon. Jeez Louie, you'd t'ink Editilla's done fallen off a high-chair or somet'ing! Let's not even get to The War, eh? Too much information. Suck It Up People!
We need to know about the "Election" that doesn't exist. Who is winning the election that doesn't exist? Didn't we go to War in Iraq? No that is BlackWater freedomizing our nation building efforts to counter the Persian threat of Al Chrimea or some non christian evil doer sand nigger over there. Who cares anyway? What about the election thingies? Editilla needs to know about the thingies!

Exquixoctic Corps of Engineers vessel hit docked yacht last week
...out-sourced pilot simulator training to desert Saudi Arabia?

Chances recede for deal in Water War~Between thoroughly divided and conquered Georgia, Florida and Alabama...Exquixotic Corps of Engineers Da'Winna! By a Brownie Nose!

Monday, March 3, 2008


Bonnet Carré Spillway...Here Comes the Corps
The spillway (highlighted in green) stretches from the Mississippi River, ,at right, northward to Lake Ponchartrain, on the left of the photo.

General's next battles lie ahead
"We went from a culture of preparedness to one today that sort of follows what industry does, 'cheaper, better, quicker.' But what have we created? We're not better prepared today, even though we're more technologically advanced." Russel Honoré
Editor really wonders about the idealogistical boyancy of, say, Obama asking Russel Honoré, da'Ragin Cajun, to be his VP running mate? Whoa! Hmmmm?

Barack Obama Calls on FEMA to Swiftly Rebuild New Orleans' Emergency Response Facilities, Protect City's Residents

CDC: Toxic Katrina trailers made in Ind...but of course can we trusts the word of the CDC?

New Orleans opens emergency shelters

Liprap's Lament - The Line

Editilla tella'you, t'anks grrrrrrl...jus'sayin,'-)

New Orleans Skateboard Art by Structure NOLA

Transforming New Orleans~Caroline

IUPUI design students helping New Orleans neighborhood get back on its feet

Map Mashup Tracks Recovery
~The Google Map mashup site tracking recovery projects had been talked about for some time, but it's finally up.

Black Mayors Conference Coming To New Orleans

New RTA buses to roll soon

The New, Green New

PJ’s Coffee Announces Return of Praline Flavored Coffee
Editilla say...what? I mean, why not Saint Praline da'Tzadikkim?

City's garbage guru may become police chief. Mayor loves idea of leaving murder scenes with fresh, lemony scent~The New Orleans Levee is back!

Exquixotic Corps of Engineers: St. Bernard Parish Levees Could Be 29 Ft. High

Water management tricky in South Florida

Chesapeake Bay Trade Group Proposes Eastern Shore Oyster Restoration~The Army Corps of Engineers in Norfolk also must approve the experiment.

The Lower East Side Girls Club wants to go to V-Day in New Orleans!~BUST Magazine

N.O. exhibit highlights work of 'Blue Dog' artist
A message from George Rodrigue about Blue Dog Relief

French Quarter Neighbors raise money to help McDonogh No. 15 create a gallery to display students' talent

The Evolution of Christopher Rice~Dark Scribe Magazine

I Live on Constance~Kelly Gartman reviews the new issue of Constance , on sale now, and comes to grip with her own Delicate Burdens~Nolafugees

Documentary Screening Explores Work of New Orleans Afro-Creole Carvers

“3-11 Day 2008: All Roads Lead Back to New Orleans,”~scheduled for March 11 at the New Orleans Arena.

Presenting Jazzocracy: Jazz, Democracy, and the Creation of a New American Mythology~all about Jazz

Jazz landmark to be restored

WWOZ Member drive is underway until Mar 13
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Sunday, March 2, 2008


USS NewYork Christened, with special note of the Louisiana shipbuilders who returned from the flood to finish the job.
AVONDALE, La. (Mar. 1, 2008) Mrs. Dottty England, wife of Deputy Secretary of Defense The Hon. Gordon England, christens the amphibious transport dock Pre-Commissioning Unit New York (LPD 21) at Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding New Orleans. U. S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Tiffini M. Jones

Katrina Evacuees Could Impact Texas Primary Outcome~Karen Dalton-Beninato

Thanks Jack
~While you made millions of dollars and established your big mouthpiece--with the hand of union labor
--Hillary Clinton
was a member on the Board of Directors at Walmart while they stomped their own workers' basic human rights.
Geaux Grrrls
NOLA Radfem!

How to evacuate a psychiatric hospital: a Hurricane Katrina success story

Deadline arrives for FEMA evacuation trailer evacuations in Jefferson

HUD considers stronger rules on air safety in trailers...ya' t'ink?

Recovery School District increases per-pupil spending

Michelle Goes the Extra Mile of Asshole~First Draft

Culture Project's Emancipate Brings Hope to New Orleans~Playbill News
Editor's note~also from yesterday's Ladder, scooped by the casa de Charlotte della luna

Get Down! Get Back Up Again! 1000s come to Philly to hang with New Orleans for the 179th Philadelphia Flower Show

~Giant arching piano keys with waterfalls, flanked by a cello and saxophone radiating orchids, grace the entrance to the exhibits. Elaborate stone walkways cutting a path through tropical florals lead to swanky interiors, complete with gold candelabras on formal tables, and ramshackle shacks purportedly on the Mississippi River.
About 1,600 bromeliads in 13 varieties—native to New Orleans—are part of the show. Magnolias, azaleas, crepe myrtles, lilacs and camelias peek out from cast-iron balconies and courtyards while orchids, heliconias, cannas and crotons bloom in Mardi Gras colors of purple, gold and green.
Sam Lemheney, director of design for the flower show, said he came up with the jazz theme after recognizing that jazz musicians often put their individual stamps on pieces of music. Gardeners create horticultural pieces of art that suit their personal tastes as well, whether they're reminiscent of a cool English garden or the humid tropics in the Amazon. "It's really about inspiring people to do something new, something creative," he said. "It's taking the garden to the next level."
Is that not just...COOL AS ALL GETOUT?

Tennessee Williams Festival has something for everyone

Julian Beaver Brings Art To New Orleans Sidewalk~Via da'casa de Charlotte della luna

Craftsman carries on Creole family trade~Barthe plasterwork in New Orleans' historic homes~"My father was a plasterer, his father was a plasterer, his uncles and everybody else were plasterers," says Earl Barthe, "The Barthe children knew they had to be plasterers. Daddy didn't want me to be a doctor, a lawyer or an Indian chief."

Beat goes on in New Orleans, but more help is needed~
Jim Welte

Area Rochester(farians?) (Rochesterarians?)...Good People hope to help New Orleans~"The conditions just seem so impossible," said Jean Whitney, 73, a retired teacher of Brighton. "I really hope I can be of some use."

Maine teen feels debt of gratitude toward New Orleans~Chris Rose

Elysian trumpet tells tale of Katrina victims

Johnny Vidacovich, nice long interview: The Foundation of a Musician~tipboy