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Governor Jindal presses Bush over state's levee costs ...B'WHAHAHAHA...Riiiight!

Jindal accused of ethic cleansing ~The Levee

McCain Lies Again: Oil Rigs
‘Very Successfully’ Survived the Impact of Hurricanes

~It was all rigged~Jolene Robin-McCaskill
~Hurricane Katrina and Rita’s Path in Gulf of Mexico
The orange dots are denoting mobile rig locations. The grey dots are denoting all fixed manned platforms. The combination of the more westerly path of Hurricane Rita and the width of Hurricane Katrina insured that most of the 2900 platforms in the
Gulf of Mexico were affected.

The reports officially were that approximately 150 rigs were severely damaged. 36 rigs were sunk with several floating free, having broken moorings. Mars (photo) was heavily damaged. This was Shell’s flagship and biggest rig. Mars had internal flooding and severe damage to superstructures.

"Let's pretend to be enemies"
~Your Right Hand Thief

La. Governor Vetoes Aid to New Orleans Homeless
It is mind-boggling that Governor Jindal vetoed my appropriation request for $50,000 to Unity of Greater New Orleans. That was my only request in the entire $30 billion appropriations bill before the Governor. The request clearly met the Governor's self-imposed standards for appropriation requests, and the Governor did not even contact me prior to the veto to allow me to respond to any concerns he may have had.~Neil Abramson~State Representative,
District 98
~Related Story

Louisiana Katrina victims still awaiting cottages~Chris Cheramie isn't a Katrina victim, but he was surprised to learn he is the first person to occupy a home of a kind specifically designed to shelter Louisiana residents displaced by the storm. "I thought they were building them in New Orleans, where they need them," said Cheramie, a first-time homeowner who found the $118,000 cottage more affordable than a condominium.

Report finds problems with National Flood Insurance program
~The National Flood Insurance Program owes the federal Treasury more than $17 billion due to hurricane-related losses and has been unable to set aside enough money to meet future expected losses.

General's Time During Katrina Changes Life's Work

Flood victims' personal information was stolen from FEMA official

Data-Management Firm Saves the Day After a Flood

Meeting Disaster With More Than a Wing and a Prayer

Big Picture: Water Water
Everywhere ~mishkanazapade

Department of Water and Power workers are emptying out bales of plastic balls in the Ivanhoe reservoir in Los Angeles on Monday, June 9, 2008. Department of Water and Power released about 400,000 black plastic 4-inch balls as the first installment of approximately 3 million to form a floating cover over 7 acres of the reservoir to protect the water from sunlight. When sunlight mixes with the bromide and chlorine in Ivanhoe's water, the carcinogen bromate can form. (Irfan Khan/AP)

Midwest's flood-prone areas consider buyouts

Former LSU star donates winnings to Iowa flood victims

New Orleans Saints agree to terms with draft picks Mehlhaff, Arrington

NCSL 2008 Legislative Summit
The Thicket
in New Orleans July 22-26th

Wakefield student describes helping renovate ruined
New Orleans homes
~The Rappahonnock Voice

New Orleans cookbook ~Chowhound~Can someone recommend a good cookbook with recipes for traditional New Orleans dishes? I've been thinking about purchasing Ugelisch's cookbook. I never had an opportunity to eat there, but their recipes really appeal to me.
I'm most interested in seafood.
~Editilla gotta laugh & love'ems~
What are the three sacred Fs? Food, Funk'n F'aints? This krewe at da'NOLA Chowhound is, well...errrah,
to say the least...into cookbooks!

Catching the Light
Portraits of New Orleans
~Jerry Lodriguss

Valuing Our Local Talent
~Candace Power Graves

Pawprints of Katrina

Prospect.1 New Orleans Receives $150,000 Getty Foundation Grant

2nd New Orleans Middle East Film Festival

WHEN: August 1st-10th, 2008
WHERE: Zeitgeist Multi -disciplinary Arts Center
1618 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd
Map & Driving Directions

Orleans ~Waking and Dreaming

Music Of My Mind:
Brass Bed
~Noah Bonaparte Pais

The 8th Annual Deer Isle Jazz Festival~all about Jazz

Lil Wayne ft. Robin Thick-
'Tie My Hands'…one of THE best songs on Tha Carter III ~Affrodite's Adventures in Nappy Hair

20th Annual New Orleans International Piano Competition

Friday, July 18, 2008


Harry Shearer joins Levees.Org
in national levee safety campaign

~At ground zero in the Lower Ninth Ward, Levees.Org launched a public service website and campaign to promote awareness that communities all across America are at risk of flooding.
Photo and website design-Stanford Rosenthal

Actor/producer Harry Shearer joined Levees.Org, its supporters, and residents of the metro community for a photo shoot while sporting the new t-shirts from Dirty Coast. Y'all make sure to check out Dirty Coast's NOLA store too and pick up some'mo Ts:
5704 Magazine St -(504) 324-3745

Independent canal-data review set

MR-GO dominates at meeting

Few attend corps’ St. Bernard hearing~Scanning the empty green chairs in the school cafeteria, Gilmore said: “This is actually one of our lower-turnout meetings. We usually have 150 to 250 people.”
"Lately, most of the information provided by the corps has been “relatively the same,” Taffaro said.
~Editilla specticulatas~Perhaps folks are just getting tired of finding Times Picayune Newspapers used as Levee Stuffing? Perhaps people no longer believe the Times Picayune when it regularly spews Corps Public Relations announcements
masked as articles of public record? {For example, note the difference in Spin with the above TP lede and positive Corps coverage and this Advocate lede and slightly more accurate and to the point coverage.}
Maybe the Brave Survivors of St. Bernard Parish have been to see the growing 17th Street Canal Breach Repair LEAK. Maybe the tax-paying citizens of St. Bernard Parish would rather get on with the Business of Suing the Corps to make them finally pay for their Goddamned Criminal Engineering Product Liability rather than listen to any more "We're on the Job" BS?

Axion International Receives Order for Tank Bridge at the US Army Base in Fort Bragg

Privatizing Gain and Socializing Loss~Americans Bend Over

$150M borrowing approved for New Orleans project

Officials continue to spread false 'not a drop spilled after Katrina' talking point in support of offshore oil drilling
Former Senator turned energy lobbyist Trent Lott (R-MS) falsely claimed, during a Tuesday MSNBC appearance in support of drilling for oil offshore and in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, that Hurricane Katrina didn't cause oil spills.
"We didn't have one drop of oil [spilled] when we had the biggest hurricane in recent history, Hurricane Katrina," Lott said on Tuesday.
"I think that the American people," he added,
"are saying 'Look, do whatever is necessary,
do it all, and do it now.'"
~Editilla wants to meet Trent's pharmacist!

A gift of weirdness for our friends over at slabbed
~Hurricane Katrina - How To Utilization Your Concern Amount To Get A Payment on 2004 Taxes ~With the large financial loss caused by Katrina,
the saving of the Gulf of akaba Coast body part is inwards extremely defective forge.
Luckily, on that point is a quirk inwards the tax code that can service you generate a oversized defrayment from your 2004 taxes.

Howard Dean's registration tour stops on Canal Street today

After despair, New Orleans homeless camp cleared
~John Gonzales

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and congressional leaders to visit New Orleans again

Katrina memorial a waste of funds~Ratitilla rests upon every rafter.
Her tiny steel-eyes watch over the wasted city.
She listens to the lab director's fowl cowardice,
smells their
dark vicarity, and purrs into the night,
"Grrrrr, Get'em Ben!"

New Orleans Crime Camera Catches Teens With Handguns

Embarrassment For New Orleans Police ~Jeff Crouere

Mixing it up in New Orleans
Hit New Orleans streets for tours and 'tails' of the city

Could New Orleans loose it's only multi-screen cinema?
~Ken Foster

08/08 - Coastal Comeback: Louisiana & Mississippi After Katrina~Louisiana Public Square Community

Last night I cried for New Orleans ~Did We Survive Katrina or Not

Through the storms
~Not even Hurricane Katrina or the murder of a member could keep the Hot 8 Brass Band from making music

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Even Paid Speech Isn't Free
~Harry Shearer

3001 Awarded JALBTCX ExQuixotic Corps Surveying and Mapping Services Contract

Pipeline Damage Assessment Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

Levee board picks on hold

Failed Levees, Collapsed Bridges: Dealing with crumbling infrastructure problem
~Barry LePatner

Hat T'n'T-Humid Haney

1,500 N.O. city workers get raises, Fire Fighters get Finger!

At long last, shelter for animals harmed in hurricane on track

Confusion over New Orleans school vouchers

Ben Franklin News ~NOLA-dishu

On "Aggressiveness"
~Library Chronicles

Angels Sustaining and Triumphant~Toulouse Street

Oops, cats out of the bag - Swiss Re & Munich Re holding chunk of Freddie/Fannie~slabbed

New Orleans Saints Enthusiast Starts 365 Blog

Saints, New Orleans, Hope to Host
Super Bowl

Dome party district

A Library Day in the Life ~Kirsten 2.0

Citizen K is baaaack!

What I'm reading, reviewing, and looking forward to
~Chasing Ray

SNEWS Headline: Massey’s Makes New Orleans Home

Travel Channel's Samantha Brown takes an off-the-beaten- path tour

"W" Actors Arrest Details: Tasers, Pepper Sprayed, "N" Word Reports TMZ~Huff Post

CANARY Grand Opening Show

A Dress for New Orleans
~Fashion for Writers

~Editilla pinks'n'tinks~
Surely they must be kidding here.

Popular Mid-south Blues DJ found dead

Refurbished train car leaves New Orleans today on fundraising tour~The car, known as the Patron Tequila Express, is part of a national fundraising initiative called the "Music in Motion" tour. The purpose is to collect donations along the way for two New Orleans area charities: the St. Bernard Project and Preservation Hall.~Video Tour with Dan Ayckroyd

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Dos Americas: The Reconstruction of New Orleans

Fear Mexicans! Fear Blacks!
Fearin' Mexicans and Blacks Fearin' Each Other!
¡Mire hacia fuera, breau!

~Editilla smells a rat from da'good ol'boy days, growing up in Mississippi, when Niggers, Indians, Chinamen, Dagoes, Jews, Irish, Catholics, Mexicans aaaallll knew their place-- and that was separate, apart from not only My White People, but separate from each other, suspect and segregated.
So I want to know if National'Publican Radio is attempting to stoke some of the same sort of Latino Race Baiting War of the Darkies Fear in New Orleans.
I say let us Nip this one in the Bud right now?
Am I wrong? Gentle'rillas want to know!
I mean, God Forbid poor minorities should ever
Get Together and agree on their Own Assfuck?
Why don't we just call out Racists Media whereva we find it, eh? Then Bury It.

Who will watch the watchers?
~and other Pearls from da'Big Molluski

Do you care what it means?
~The Gulf Coast is America's back 40. It's the ghetto, the slum, the sewer outfall. Nobody really knows what's going on down there, or cares, so all kinds of stories can be made up about it, and who's gonna argue?

Arizona Representative demands answer from Army Corps
~While Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is expressing anger and questioning recent actions taken by the Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S Forest Service issuued a statement last week specifying the next step in moving forward with the proposed Rosemont Copper Mine.
In a surprise move early last week, the Army Corps of Engineer (ACE) removed a May 23 study from its Web site that designated two stretches of the Santa Cruz River as traditional navigable waterways.
The designations were important, according to the opponents of the proposed mine off State Route 83, because they ensured protection of the waterway under the Federal Clean Water Act.
~Editilla propellas~Ensurance? Insurance?
What's it going to be, America?

NBC's Mitchell again failed to challenge false assertion that Katrina didn't result in oil spills

Flood-Affected Spring Green Residents Must Wait For Waters To Recede~While many area homes might look like waterfront property, the water surrounding the homes in the Prairie View subdivision is actually 4-week-old floodwaters. Frank Loyde Wright's Taliesin, built on higher ground but surrounded by flood waters.

How Do I...Deal With a Disaster? ~Interview with Admiral Steve Smith, who heads the new Small Business Administration Executive Office of Disaster Strategic Planning and Operations.

OCC Hosts Conference on Fair Lending in New Orleans, 9/10
~Editilla Skqueeeellas~
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency?
Oh! This should be RICH! The day before 9-11. Get It?

Post-Katrina home sales slide

Education Advocate Leslie Jacobs Endorses Millage Saturday~Krewe of Truth

Liptrap's Lament - The Line
~Did you know that the meeting I attended at the Dryades YMCA was the last public presentation of the status of the facilities master plan before it will be put to a binding vote? ~~I didn't.

New Orleans was worse than you think~FMJ

MS school district still fixing Katrina damage

Even Paid Speech Isn't Free
~Harry Shearer

Summer Morning~Prytania Waterline

Work, Grief and Joy
~And less than a week from now, we will all be back in Vancouver and North Vancouver hoping that we never ever need the kind of help that these people here need now. Update.

Digitally fabbed house for New Orleans rises at MOMA
~yourHOUSE is a ground-up rethinking of how we make a house. Sass and a team of students analyzed the traditional New Orleans shotgun house, using digital imaging tools and old-fashioned research, such as interviewing people who live in these wonderful little homes.
They modeled a way to build a house out of parts that could be created on-site and assembled in days without nails or screws.
For the MOMA project, the parts were cut from recycled plywood on two ShopBots in Virginia and trucked to New York, where Sass and his team have been slotting them together to make a classic NOLA cottage, complete with front porch and lacy wooden trim.

St. Louis Cathedral dig yields finds from 1700s

New Orleans: The Market
~Terry Thronton

Samantha Brown visits New Orleans on her upcoming episode of Passport To Great Weekends, Thursday 9pm cst

Satchmo SummerFest
~The Eighth Annual Satchmo SummerFest Is back at theOld US Mint!

Jumping Out of the Corner
~Ani DiFranco, July 19 at the Capitol Theatre

STATIC presents Silent Cinema with LOXSLY

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Fox-Owned National Geographic Uses Gorillas as Cover for Exploitation of Congo
~Georgianne Nienaber

~Editilla chin'shillas~Ace Reporter Strikes Again!
When not defending the citizens of New Orleans from the Exquixotic Corps' Leaky Levees, or calling out their PR Fuckmooks, Mz, Nienaber might also be found peerowing the Louisiana swamps somewhere off da'road to Lafayette, stalking snake doctors.

Corps to hold meeting tonight in Ninth Ward~An open house begins at 6:30 p.m. at Desire Street Ministries, 3600 Desire Parkway, in New Orleans. The public meeting begins at 7 p.m.

Property removals along 17th Street Canal levee to be 'case-by-case'

Corps Awards Harvey Canal Flood wall Contract

City Park "Great Lawn" project

Louisiana Jindal Vetoes Cuts Into His Political Identity ~Stephen Sabludowski
~"Again, I ask: who is the real Bobby Jindal?
Is he Dr. Jindal or Mr. Still In Hide?"
~Editilla scarillas~Or is the bi-solar Dr. Jindal- Mr. Hyde simply ...POSSESSED?

Jindal's Creationists Folly
~Liptrap's Lament - The Line

Debris-barge plan gets review by state officials

State taking option on New Orleans property

For New Orleans, road home a long journey

New legislation pleases doctor accused of murder

Pony Survivor Of Katrina
~A Minha Vida

~The surgeon agreed he would remove her leg from just under the knee down, and a human prothesis designer made her a leg. This has changed Mollys life. Though at times she wants it removed, and she lets you know it, she also lets you know when she wants it put back on. She tours the rehab centers with her new owner giving hope to those who are in the same situation she was in. Shes an inspiration to us all. Shes not a hundred percent back to herself, but in time she will be, and she is helping others along the way.

New Orleanians in Iowa to share

Hinesburg, VT volunteers will head to New Orleans~When a group of students from St. Michael's College came to the Hinesburg church and shared their experiences from a similar trip in March, "There was a spontaneous response," said the Rev. Scott Mansfield, church pastor. "People said, 'We want to go and continue the work that so many have done over three years.'"

New Orleans in July

…as if life isn’t hard enough ~slabbed~"At this point I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. We’ve got a kid at Ole Miss that thinks a cold one is “a piece of American history” but for a few zillion dollars more in tuition, he could attend Emory and actually take beer as a class - and then I thought about FEMA cutting out ice, the Packers without Brett, and figured out I’d better get this post up so you’d know, folks, we’ve been SLABBED."

New Orleans Saints sign rookie DeMario Pressley to three-years

Bar none: B. Raymond Bordelon may be the city's most avid collector of absinthe accessories

Emeril's New Orleans-Style Barbecue Shrimp

New Orleans Bound

Great Downtown Bars
~Laura Tennyson

New Orleans: The Library
~Terry Thornton

Prospect.1 New Orleans Awarded Three Grants

Katrina photography on display in Barnard~An exhibit by Vicksburg photographer Melody Golding, featuring photographs of the damage and destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina, will be on display all week at Barnard Observatory culminating on Sunday with an appearance from Golding.

“A Legacy in Brick and Stone”
~The American Coastal Defense Forts of the Third System 1816-1867 by John R. Weaver II- Part I ~Review by Matthew Young

New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic - NOMC~DIY City

Monday, July 14, 2008


Gunning for nutria at the 17th Street Canal~Since they started taking aim at the canal on June 12, the Jefferson Parish SWAT team has killed 27 nutria there. Authority remains vigilant to find any connection between this industrious gang and the Iowa Muskrat Syndicate and/or the Pet Fancy Rat Breeding Cartel...both believed to be organized as part of a Lablander Détente, a merging of packs for the further exploitation of human populations.

Army Corps of Engineers buries New Orleans records ~FMJ

EPA widens pump project ban
~When the Environmental Protection Agency says no, it means it when it comes to the Yazoo Backwater Project. In an effort to head off any future flood-control pump construction in the Yazoo River basin, EPA administrators have expanded the number of central Mississippi counties covered by its proposed veto of the project from one to six.
More from Friends of the Sunflower River.

"Several Hundred Thousand Dollars" ~Moldy City

New Orleans to begin citing residents of FEMA trailers

St. Bernard council is moving back home

A taste of New Orleans generosity~Residents of the recently flooded neighborhood, which includes Normandy Drive, found a black iron pot filled with jambalaya, Hubig's deep-fried pies, a boom box playing Zydeco music, Mardi Gras bead necklaces and Zapp's Cajun-style potato chips.

U.S. experts hesitate to rank Iowa's disaster

New Orleans: The Breakfast
~Terry Thornton

Archbishop suppresses 18 New Orleans parishes; more closings to come

Cleanup Day at Holt Cemetary
~Holt Cemetery, Burial Ground of Buddy Bolden, Jesse Hill~More here.
Some graves are highly decorated like this one that has empty chairs and a fence around it.
“Take care when you handle Cliche’ lest you draw offense of Metaphor as neither will honor what they seem in life--nor what you would wish of them in death.”~Down the Gravedigger.

The Body Betrays Us
~Laureen Lentz

Let We Forget
~Our New Orleans Saints

"They threw a noomey rooter back in our face"
~Your Right Hand Thief

Narrowing the "Viewpoint"
~Library Chronicles

Green is the theme for Loyola’s campus renovations

Fargo, ND to decide among five flood plans

Religion throws wrinkle into Iowa flood recovery

Skin infections afflict Iowa flood cleanup hazards

Heavy rains complicate Calif. firefighting efforts

Infrastructure: Has America 'Had its Day'? ~Planetizen

New engines, fuel costs highlight ATA MC&E agenda for October
~The American Trucking Associations announced an all-star lineup for the 2008 ATA Management Conference & Exhibition (MC&E), which will be held in New Orleans Oct. 4-7.

BECA gallery
-bridge for emerging contemporary art

Mississippi writer pens Katrina story - twice!~slabbed

A Taste of Home

Update on sequel to "When the Levees Broke", more on David Simon ~Dave Walker

Ken Burns' Jazz~Jolly Joker

Warhol-Inspired Cocktails To Debut at W New Orleans This Wednesday

The 4th Annual Tab Benoit Golf Classic

The Story of Down
by Editilla O'rilla d'Aphasia
“Take care when you handle Cliche’ lest you draw offense of Metaphor as neither will honor what they seem in life--nor what you would wish of them in death.” …said Down the Gravedigger.
“I could not agree more.” mutters Bourgeois to himself only. His words fall like pennies on a damp vault floor amidst the scattered sounds of fat raindrops as they begin to hit the tiny streets and little stone buildings of this city of the dead. Above, shit-brown clouds fly over the rooftops of the Quarters like the surface of a dirt road as seen from three inches away at thirty mph. Yet he feels neither breeze nor even a cool sigh from the rain falling straight down into the cemetery. He had already seen Metaphor kill here, just minutes ago, before the weather changed. Now he needs to get away, get out of this labyrinth, get normal again somewhere hidden, before the Guard makes another sweep through the hood with their humvees and big hard spotlights. Thank the Devil their helicopters are grounded for the coming storm. Cliche’ cares not for uniformed authority. Their spotlights and loud machines and the misunderstanding of control in their barked orders make her nervous. Whenever Cliche’ gets nervous Metaphor comes into play and the scene changes quickly, irrevocably.
Having seen enough of that for one night, Bourgeois just wants find someplace more comfortable to settle down before the storm opens up properly and real darkness falls over the city again like a rat bag.
Plus, it just would do no good --none at all-- to be seen right now with the bloody twins, especially out after the city-wide curfew --and especially after they both ripped apart and consumed four confident, well armed heroine dealers and their murdered Master Down, erased to the bone
five dead humans you won't find listed in the social registry of this, or any other little easy necropolis.
Bourgeois Melonsong is their Master now,
for better or for worse, which he already knew as the deal with Cliche' and Metaphor.

But where is the fucking gate out of this filthy maze?
He came in through it, the only entrance, but still for the life of him he can’t even find the wall around the place.
If he could make it to a wall then he could work his way around through the Stations, always keeping to the right, along the Society vaults until he reached the front gate. Cliche’ and Metaphor are no help, of course.
They don't care, having grown up in these tiny towns across the city. They lead Bourgeois along, as if he were a writer with all the time in the world to study the names on each address, ponder how they came to be here and when. Therein lies the rub. He is a writer and he indeed knows something of the stories behind some of the citizens of this city that care forgot and the Presidente left for dead. And he has no time for bullshit dog tricks.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Editilla's Response to
Nameless Tim Ruppert's Post:
"Exposed weaknesses"

I decided to publish my comment on Tim Ruppert's Nameless Blog, linked in the lede. As past president of the Louisiana ASCE, it is virtually incumbent upon poor Tim to tow the Corps' party line about the cause of the flooding of New Orleans, to wit: proffer anything and everyone but the unsound Levee Engineers of the USACE. Why? Because ASCE is da'Place for the Helpful Hardware Man--when yer'talkin Corps of Engineers Project Work. It is when they attempt their misdirection in public, indeed even upon my beloved Gentle'rillas on this very Ladder, that yer oh'so humble Editilla steps up to the plate with a Louisville #42.
Bravo? Hardly.
As an engineer, what do you think is exposed by the on-going and growing Leak in the 17th Street Canal Breach Repair, "just one flood wall" of many which breached due to Corps of Engineers admitted substandard design, implementation and maintenance?
I trust you have witnessed it? Perhaps not.

As an engineer, can you stick to the Engineering failures which Katrina exposed?
Your attempt to go from basic Engineering 101 (which the Corps failed with the building of our levees) to all the emotional pain and loss rent by that Federal Flood stinks of misdirection at best, dangerous bourgeois naiveté at its worst.
Why would you start a post on the engineering of Katrina only to end it with some smarmy reference to the wizard of OZ? What?
Engineers across the country are still trying find answers for the Corps' Negligent Homicide that "awful August" three years ago, when their levees failed and flooded my city and killed some of my friends. You, as a past president of the Louisiana ASCE, should know this as well as my father, a Ramblin'Wreck from Georgia Tech.
Perhaps you do, and therein lies da'rub.
Yellow brick road my ass! Jeez Louie!

It was not "just one flood wall" as you attempt to diminish, but many which failed to keep our city safe.

If you want to talk about the Engineering failures exposed by Katrina then fine. Tell us what is wrong with the 17th Street Canal Leak.
But please do not drag my friend Ashley's name into this fairy tale you would like to spin regarding the Federal Flood of New Orleans.
He was casualty #18 for me after the flood. And, ya'know...Ashley ate suck-ups like you for breakfast. And, ya'know another thing? I do not care that friends who love Ashley no longer love me for not loving you. I know where my heart broke, you asshole, just not where all the pieces fell. I no longer care who else I lose here. Why? Because Bad Engineering Kills The People That I Love and stupidly continues to endanger the City that I love.
Hence, those who support Bad Engineers, indeed those who may even stand to profit from further Bad Engineering Projects, are my sworn enemy. Because no one will ever again stand between me, my friends, my city and those levees with a Corps/ASCE press release in their hand. And no one is allowed to hawk the Corps/ASCE party line redirect about "Funding", "Patchwork Levees", "Muskrats", "Global Warming", "Katrina the Clown" or anything and everyone else but the Engineering behind this greatest civil works failure in the history of our nation.

You came to Rising Tide last year with a folksy geography lecture on polders. No answers from ASCE or Engineering perspectives on the Corp- built failed infrastructure. You guys knew even then in 2006 and you kept quiet about it, Tim Ruppert. As I said before, you may have swamped those Brave Conferees but not this Dirt Clod. I grew up in this delta, hunting vermin on the playground and know exactly what you are about. You tell stories when we need data. You would pull heart strings when we need a plum bob.
Though your perspective does resemble
"A Never Ending Story", this is no fairy tale.
This is no game of popular bloggers.
Do I sound like I five a rat's ass for your club?

I dare you to publish my comments here, to perchance show the testicular fortitude that you lacked when you attacked me and my opposition to the Corps of Engineers on my own blog without a name, link or proper calling card.

Remember, you passed the first lick, Ignoble Dick,
I will face your forked tongue one piece at a time.
...One Peace At A Time.

Sinn Féin
Editilla O'rilla d'Aphasia

Attack of the Photoshopped Missiles ~Wired

Please go here to vote on this video

Over half of Corps of Engineers hurricane projects delayed in New Orleans ~S. Rosenthal

Arizona Reps. ask Corps for explanations over Santa Curz River’s label-switch from “navigable.”~U.S. Reps. Gabrielle Giffords and Raul Grijalva have sent separate letters to Assistant Secretary of the Army, John Paul Woodley Jr., requesting an immediate response as to why the Army Corps of Engineers chose to alter its designation of two sections of the Santa Cruz River as “navigable.”
In interviews a week ago, the Corps was unable to explain succinctly why all evidence of the study that declared the Santa Cruz as worthy of protection was removed from their Corps of Engineers Web site, and why the study was subject to a Corps policy review. Is that not Our website of Public Record?
~Right off hand, Editilla looks to what is left~
Real Estate, Insurance, Development...the three go together like Mo, Larry and Curly on Crystal Meth. Indeed, if we were to apply such an economic model to the Corps infrastructure management nationwide, the failure of their structures in such prime commercial locations as New Orleans and Louisiana (the nation's 2nd or 3rd busiest Port and major oil producer) or the Midwest, (our food, agricultural and ethanol basket) would beg the question of who ultimately benefits from those structures' Tax-Payer Funded Mandate,
to wit: Real Estate, Insurance and Development. Oh My!

Real Estate and Insurance and Development. Oh my!
Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!
In order to get the levees certified, owners can either hire professional engineers or try to talk the state's congressional delegation into persuading the Corps of Engineers to do the certification, which would be good for five to 10 years.~Nancy Steinberger, regional hydraulic engineer for the Federal Emergency Management Agency office in Denver.
Steinberger told board members that only a small number of engineering firms nationwide are certifying levees because of the fear of getting sued if a dike breaks.
She said there is no provision yet for an extension of the two-year limit to get certified, despite the shortage of firms doing the work. Article here. [Emphasis all Editilla]
Perhaps this is why the Corps continues to delay the release of the IPET study until after hurricane season and re-prioritize Flood Control projects across Louisiana, and obfuscate about the ongoing and growing Leak at the 17th Street Canal Breach Repair. That is to say, as these court cases inevitably come up across the country with the remapping of municipal floodplains, do their dispositions build legal precedence in support of the Corps in their own Liability in the upcoming Lawsuit for the failure of their Navigable Waterway: MRGO and the Industrial Canal...and ultimately for the deaths of 1000s here in New Orleans, or across the Midwest? People are more important than Property,
according to Abel, though Cane begged to differ.

Obviously Editilla ain't no Lawya (nor Bible Scholar?:)
...but some of'da Ladda's best friends are Attorneys,

Practitioners of the Art, Obliterators of Small Print.
Can somebody call me da'fool and show where this

orgie de baise d'âne
USACE, ASCE, FEMA, NAIC, ADM is not an acronymical Anti-Trust Monopoly Porn Game with a stacked deck of "Chance" Cards?

Teaching Fish To Eat:
Your Tax Dollars At Work
~Sigmond, Carl and Alfred

Iraq's electricity-starved capital turns to solar
~Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Dorko, commander of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Iraq, said the cost was prohibitive. D'OH! Cursed Funding Again!

NOLA (green) eyes advantage of Gulfport port expansion ~slabbed

I Fucking Hate the NOPD ~Gentilly Girl

TP, GAMBIT Endorse Millage ~Krewe of Truth

~KoT supports Time to Renew

Group recognizes area leaders
~Hurricane Katrina survivor Denise Thornton was honored Saturday night as New Orleans Civic Activist of the Year for her volunteer work post-Katrina.
This morning, though, Thornton and a small group of activists were scheduled to hit the road with more than $7,000 in gift cards for flood victims in hard-hit Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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~Terry Thornton

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