Friday, April 13, 2012

FINAL VERSION:'s nomination for National Park ServiceLink

Seabrook floodgate won't be finished until September, says Exquisite Corps

Tom Benson buying the New Orleans Hornets is good news for Tom Benson
~Dave Gladow
Nearly two years later, BP oilspill remains
~Nikki Buskey
~“We still have 200 miles of oiled coast two years after the spill. That’s unacceptable,” said Garret Graves, top coastal adviser to Gov. Bobby Jindal and lead trustee for Louisiana on the Natural Resources Damage Assessment, which quantifies environmental damage from the spill. “We still have very clear, retrievable oil in coastal areas. One million barrels of oil, four times what was spilled in the Exxon Valdez, remains unaccounted for. All we’re asking is for them to go out and clean up that oil.”

Astroturfer comments all over article about seeking to sidestep Exquisite Corps of "Engineers" appeals Katrina floodwall failure National Register listing to National Park Service~Mark Schleifstein

New Orleans Opens 4 New Libraries!

BR council members push for plan to deal with salt water intrusion

Exquisite Corps holds first of 3 public hearings on Chesapeake oyster restoration

April events at N.O. Food Co-op!

Mellow Mushroom pizza restaurant hopes for October opening on Oak Street ~Uptown Messenger

New restaurant, Prime, to take over old Bywater BBQ location

French Quarter Fest hearing tests for musicians

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 Disaster Bike Tour May 6th!
~This bike tour will begin at the City Park Boat and Bike Rentals at Big Lake Trail. Taking safe, marked biking routes, we will bike to the 17th Street Canal breach (6932 Bellaire Drive) and hear a short history of the breach disaster. Then we will bike through the Lakeview neighborhood, through beautiful City Park to the London Avenue Canal breach (5300 Warrington Drive) in the Filmore Gardens neighborhood of Gentilly. Again, we will hear a short history of the breach disaster. We will then return to City Park. The bike tour is 12 miles and takes about 90 minutes including the levee breach talks.

New Orleans Saints game-worn jerseys are up for auction, including Graham, Ingram, Sproles, P. Thomas!

Orleans Parish sheriff to close House of Detention starting today~The Lens

Restoring Louisiana coast a national priority, report says~Mark Schleifstein
~Also~Public meetings begin tonight on new study of use of Mississippi River water and sediment to rebuild wetlands

DEQ: Chemical plume had 15 chemicals
~The March 22 fire primarily released hydrochloric acid, chlorine and vinyl chloride monomer, exceeding the one-hour permit level for those chemicals and at least three other compounds, a new report to state environmental regulators says. In all, 15 compounds are estimated to have been released during the fire, which sent a large plume into the air and over the Mississippi River in Ascension Parish, though the remaining nine of those compounds were in amounts of less than a pound.

Safety of oil-spill dispersants under fire
~Cara Bayles

Slayings of police officers on the rise, newspaper reports

New Orleans Bike To Work Day!

R'evolution widens the recruiting net to reach displaced New Orleans restaurant workers~Susan Langenhenning

Date Night: Fat City Edition
~Blackened Out

Jims sandwich shop opens in Bywater

Dat Dog’s new house~Gambit

Ernie K-Doe biography tells tales of iconic New Orleans musician, eccentric
~Keith Spera

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Saints’ Bounty-Gate & Steve Gleason’s Tragic Hollywood Sequel~Anthony Aucoin
Gleason’s naive characterization of their arrangement defies credulity. Pamphilon is a documentary filmmaker with a track record, including a highly-regarded chronicle of running back Ricky Williams’s career, Run Ricky Run, which played on ESPN. It’s almost impossible to believe Gleason hired Pamphilon to follow him around unless it would yield a publicly-aired documentary. Could Gleason be paying Pamphilon a lot of money for this private video to his son? No. Even if Gleason is richer than Croesus (and as guy who played special teams almost exclusively, he is not) there’s little incentive for Pamphilon to hurt his career by taking himself off the market indefinitely. This was, and is a collaboration between Gleason and Pamphilon, pure and simple, for economic gain.

Forever Team Gleason~Jason Calbos
~In the vacuum of the few seconds that the line opened up until you leaped we waited. In that moment the whole city held its breathe. We held our hopes on the edge and our faith out naked, bare and vulnerable for the world to see. In that moment you had the city on your back and in your outstretched hands. As your hands finally reached that ball sending it back to our goal line our hearts followed in tow. The Superdome exploded along with our hearts and all of sudden our dreams breathed life again, for what felt like the first time again. In that moment no one could say anything. We screamed, cheered, cried tears of joy and we erupted with one voice. In that moment we thanked God for our families, our friends, our city and most of all for you delivering us a moment that will live forever. That night we shattered that glass ceiling. The rest is history as you helped us catapult past the darkness and into better days. While the ride has had its ups and downs we would never be where we are without you.

New Orleans Saints Bountygate: Steve Gleason Remains Courageous
~Clifton W. Williams

Daughters of Charity to open medical clinic in eastern New Orleans

Inspections from the other side, Part 2
~Fix the Pumps

Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanic
~To maintain, operate, service, and make mechanical repairs to the three Interim Outfall Canal structures: 17th Street Canal, Orleans Avenue Canal, London Avenue Canal.
~Perform the full range of tasks involved in the overhaul, preventive maintenance, modification, and major repair of diesel and gasoline powered heavy duty industrial equipment, vehicles and floating plant. For example: engine/hydraulic pump assemblies, engine generators, hydraulic pumps and motors, crane hoist assemblies, gate winch assemblies, outboard motor boats, cranes, fuel transfer systems and similar equipment. This equipment is mechanically complex, involves numerous moving parts, and has various major subsystems that must be in good working condition when operated in conjunction with the main system. Plan work procedures, overhauls and makes repairs to correct the operations of these systems. Improvise methods and modifies components, systems, etc., when standard procedures do not suffice. This position fulfills a critical emergency function and is part of an emergency team. Incumbent may be required to stay on duty during emergency events to operate the structures and to provide actionable maintenance and repair efforts.

Oil industry pushes bills on ending ‘legacy suits’ for environmental damage

Across U.S., political and legal fights over school vouchers' fate

Southeast Louisiana Turns to Greener, Grocery Bag Options
~Susan Buchanan

Ian McNulty on Maurepas' cool and creative cuisine ~Gambit

Pics from NOLA Brewing Easter Keg Hunt ~The Beer Buddha

Freret Festival bigger than ever on growing street~WWL

Of Water Pistols and Pussywillows, Dyngus Day Arrives in New Orleans

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