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The real origins of Ruthie the Duck Girl remain a mystery, but can be traced back as early as 1952. Ruthie’s older brother, Henry says he started Ruthie on her path to local stardom. Henry had told several people that he was to be a celebrity. When Henry was 10 years old, he did have pets ducks. He "trained" them to follow him wherever he went. Henry took credit for being the original Duck Boy, a character that never took off because Mrs. Moulon, who always put Ruthie’s hair in ringlets and dressed her in beautiful skirts and dresses, thought Ruthie more photogenic.
~Special Thanks To Eccentric New Orleans

Ruthie the Duck Lady dies of cancer at 74

Plaquemines flooding "worse than Katrina"

~Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard says over 100 residents of Lafitte had to be rescued Saturday as flood waters from Ike inundated homes and businesses.
"It's a real crisis in Lafitte," said Broussard. "Lafitte is getting hit harder than it was in during Rita." Stay tuned to WWL AM&FM for the latest on this story.

Thousands of homes flooded in Terrebonne
~Terrebone Parish President Michel Claudet says at least 13,000 structures have flooded in lower Terrebone Parish.
About 6,000 of those were residential homes.
"The conditions continue to deteriorate," Claudet said. "We have people going up and down the bayou pulling people out."

Storm engulfs Lafourche below protective floodgates
~"This photo was taken 5 miles from my house. Terrebonne and Lafourche look like this." ~Reuben Williams...Tab Benoit's Manager. H/T'n'T-GN
~Houma TV10 Continuous Live Coverage

Ike’s flood waters reach Lake Charles~Vermilion Parish urges residents not to return

Open mike on Ike~slabbed

TS Ike

Houston flooding worsens
~Live TV Coverage, Updates

Texas evacuees ask for
'Nagin special'

Runnin Like the Wind~NODP

Corps: Water peaking at Lake Pontchartrain, provides area assessment~USGS WaterWatch~
~Real'time water conditions, river flood stages.

ASCE panel cites conflict of interest~Mark Schleifstein
~Task Force Report
~Edititilla gotta to be a stick in the levee...
This Task Force Report on the way ASCE does post- disaster investigations is severely needed and a long time coming. But, how does it impact the Corps' ongoing practices in Repairing their failed levees with Newspaper, outdated elevation data and water now leaking under the 17th Street Canal Levee Breech "Fix"?

As Ace Gumshoe Schleifstein points out above, the Corps paid ASCE an extra $2,000,000 to study the IPET Study. --ASCE spent the money this way.
~Then the Corps gave the ASCE Godamned Medals!

How will this Report insure that we get sound, safe levees Now? How does this report address the ASCE's original role in the substandard building of our failed levees? What does this report do for safe flood control? It would appear that this report does nothing more than hand the issue back into ASCECORPS private hands. Now the ASCE can stand and crow "corrected", but what does this report say about ASCECORPS? Acutally not a lot! There is no list of witnesses interviewed. There are footnotes for conclusions gained. There is a list of highly credentialed participants, but what real information? It is a pretty report, even August in its make-up. But Editilla sees nothing in this Report that speaks to our safety behind our suspect levee "repairs".

Editilla tags this report as ASCECORPS ASSBUFF.
The ASCE has proven themselves capable of lying, as evidenced in by their tax'paid PR Campaign linked above. Soooo, as we witness the flood of ASCE press releases these days critiquing the Corps for interfering with their own investigations, why would any fool think that this corrupt band of rouge project managers has suddenly gotten religion?
We will hear more cries of "Not Me" from ASCECORPS upon the release of the IPET Report as it falls apart like a house of damp, mold-encrusted playing cards.

Time, the Levelator...
We need to go ahead and get the 8/29 Commission passed through Congress and implemented before
Mary Landrieu is quite possibly defeated in Nov.
Where will this vital legislation end up should that happen before our redress is fairly vetted...
--in that great courthouse in da'Sky?

Does the existence of New Orleans make ecological sense?
~Editilla hates these articles, but hung this one to illustrate what we will see more often with the imminent release of the Corps' IPET Study and ASCECORPS liability in the upcoming MRGO Lawsuit.
We will see more articles nationwide which seek to compare the criminal engineering failures which flooded New Orleans as a "result of natural forces" rather than malfeasance by the Corps of Engineers.

While some of this Full Corps Press may indeed be Individual Buffoonery of the Bourgeois Naivete, much of it is no accident. Many of these are not random articles, but Placed Story Frames by ASCECORPS's extensive and savvy Public Relations Machinery. The flooding of New Orleans was not caused by Nature but by the Corps of Engineers and their jail'punk lackeys in the upper management of the ASCE. ASCECORPS.
The purpose of such propaganda is not only to taint the jury pool here for the upcoming MRGO lawsuit, but also to Frame this story all across the country as our infrastructure fails due to bad design and maintenance.
This view of the cause of New Orleans flooding was disputed and laid to rest a year ago, and we are finally beginning to see some major media actually refer to it as an "engineering failure" rather than a "natural disaster".
Why do these alleged disinterested writers continue to spew this tripe? This is very real as they continue to spin'filtrate this erroneous message, just as the Nazis told "little lies" over and over.

A Tangled Story of Addiction
~Consequences of Cindy McCain's Drug Abuse Were More Complex Than She Has Portrayed

Today's Gasoline Prices,
automatic updates

Houston Refiners Appear Spared by Ike; Gasoline Supplies Tight

Update on New Orleans Gun Confiscations by Police
~Nurse with a Gun

New Orleans Forever

More leaks from Louisiana
~Alison Fensterstock

Wyclef Jean establishes storm relief fund for Haiti ~Affrodite's Adventures in Nappy Hair

Friday, September 12, 2008


HTV Houma Louisiana: Terrebonne Parish Begins to Flood~Georgianne Nienaber

Small levee breached in south Slidell

Hours before Ike, downtown Galveston underwater
~Chris Kirkham

Ike the Knife

Hurricane Ike to cost insurers as much as $25bn~Deloitte

Oil Rises From Five-Month Low as Hurricane Ike Heads for Texas

Rigs/Platforms: Blue: evacuated only;
Yellow will require inspection before restart;
: damage requiring repair;
Refineries: Black: operational impact (partial shutdown) Green: Operational impact (full shutdown) Red: Damage likely;
~The Oil Drum

~Texas Coastal Ocean Observation Network
~WAVCIS~Wave, Current, Surge Information System for Coastal Louisiana
**This can be used (some) for the Texas coast as well. Click'hold the mouse to move the map.

~USGS WaterWatch~ Real'time river flood stages and flow rates nationwide

Surge rising around New Orleans as weaker Hurricane Ike heads for Houston
~Mark Schleifstein

Leaky barge gate raises questions ~Alan Powell
~The Army Corps of Engineers built the barge gate last year to help reduce pressure on the floodwall because soil conditions near it were so bad. The total cost of the project was about $16 million, Spohrer said.

Corps of Engineers Solicits Public Comment~On Proposed New Principles to Revise the Economic and Environmental Principles and Guidelines for Water and Related Land Resources Implementation Studies

New Orleans, Mayor Nagin Addresses Hurricane Ike
~Bayou Buzz
~Mayor C. Ray Nagin of New Orleans's office has issued this statement concerning Hurricane Ike and the Army Corps has issued a statement concerning two high-profiled floodgates.

Nagin suspends demolitions review panel; preservationists cry foul ~Michele Krupa
~Claiming a desire to avoid "unnecessary delays" in removing buildings badly damaged by Hurricane Gustav, Mayor Ray Nagin on Friday suspended the work of a panel that reviews requests for demolition permits in many historic neighborhoods.
~Editilla ho'tellas~It is way past high time to get this Mfkn Stupid Criminal Bastard Rayz Nagin out of office. Today. ASAP. Recall the Idiot Now.
Throw Pies at him.
Follow him down the street with waterguns full of cat urine. I don't care. But this ignorant fool has got to go before he destroys any more of the city.

Demolition payback
~Squandered Heritage

The Mayor Ray Nagin Special Rate~Kevin Allman

Hurricane Ike evacuees moving farther north than traditional inland havens

SBA Disaster Assistance: Post -Gulf Coast Hurricanes Reforms

Microloans may help recovery
~Project of Jewish Funds for Justice

Jewish Family Service gears up for Ike

Big Easy comes up in Big Oil scandal~Jen DeGregorio

FEMA wasted millions on Katrina no-bid contracts
~Facing South

New Orleans' finest blows into Stortford~NEW Orleans songstress Lillian Boutté, above, makes a rare UK appearance when she performs at Bishop's Blues Club at the Half Moon pub on Sunday.

Jazz fest creator reflects on life in music

16th Isle of Man Jazz Festival

First-ever Manoa Jazz Festival to take place Sept. 27

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jeudi ~Aggregata Schmmmaggregggata!

In New Orleans, snowballs are a Really Big Deal
Haley, 7, and Shane Babb, 5, anticipate the cool sweetness of their snowballs as they wait for Shiela Marriott to prepare them at Ro-Bear's in Harahan. Photo:
John McCusker
building some kid a perfect snowball, at the Flora Cafe' one morning when Valentine came in for his early juice.
{I also did fresh-squoze juice for Ali.}
Only this morning Val was a bit up on breaking news: "Hey, Juicy," he says "Did you hear that one of the World Trade Center towers is on fire?" "Nah", said I, more interested in making sure to swirl the Condensed Milk just right around the cone of crushed ice to the top, without breaking it down, which would not do at all, mashing up all the color layers I had painstakingly laid in the snowball already. While the kid watched, Val, stepped across Royal to get a paper and comes back in looking a little scared...looking me right in the eye he said, "You may want to get over to Big Daddy's and check the TV." "What?", I said, stepping around a few more of the children waiting for their snowballs. Then da'Angel storms into the cafe, "HEY EVERYBODY! SOMEONE HAS JUST FLOWN A GODDAMN AIRLINER INTO THE WORLD TRADE CENTER IN NEW YORK!"

The place emptied like fire in a theater, as everyone ran to the bars across the street to see it on the Tube. Suddenly Schiro's was packed too. Suddenly there was not a car on the street outside, as I suspect anywhere else in America either. Me, I turned around and looked at the kids waiting on their snowballs and asked,
Who's next?

Caught Da'Big Molluski, Our Noble Oyster
live on local radio at 9pm this morning!
~Editilla D'OHs!~Called my Hero on da'radio...
Missmissed da'Ladda as just'a'nutta aggregata?
--like some Fuckless
Dead Pelican*#%!???
(you have to admit that Dead Pelicans don't Fuck.)
...send'em ta'college and they Eat The Sheets...
Jeez Louie!
Niagragate Falls? Did somebodya say...
Niagragate Falls?!?
Slooooowly I toins!
Step by Step ...Inch by Inch... Mile by Mfkn Mile!
HA! NOT! Grrrrr...we are so over that! Way above it! Passed beyond them like the Silence of the Lambs!
How many pelicans do you know that can even spell Wittgenstein, let alone begin to understand his thoughts on Language as an aggregate of reality, as our Ladder if you will, to see above and beyond the mahem, nay before the rising tide of clashing cultures? Hmmm?
Editilla loves pelicans. Real Live Pelicans. Ya'know...
the State Bird. Indeed we dream of them talking to us before the storm. We dream of riding a glider with a flock of pelicans, swooping in over Lakeview and down into the bywater to roost again one fine day. Home.

But Dead Pelicans, like Dead Fish, always and only just go with da'floatsam and da'jetsam...da'world... going to Mall
in a Handbasket.
Aggregates don't correspond with sources.
Aggregates don't hunt the Exquixotic Corps like a Pissed Off Catahoula. Aggregates don't make up words.

--But they do aggregate and We thank Fortuna for'em!
Arguably, does not yer oh'so humble Editilla offer up
Precious Loyal Gentle'rillas a bit of Prompt Succor?
~wit'a little something extra on da'side?

Hélas l'Evaculture!

"Probably proven" flood protection
~Your Right Hand Thief

Hurricane Ike prompts tropical storm warning for New Orleans~Mark Schleifstein

Louisiana sending buses to Texas

Storm Surge Gates Closed in New Orleans Area

Louisiana PSC To Investigate Electricity Providers
~Central La Politics

Gustav, an economic boost for NO?~"No. 1, I don't see a flood of capital coming in there on the basis of this," said economist Loren Scott, who didn't think there was a lot of money headed for the city before Gustav. I think it's going to require a bigger test," he said, "but I think we will have to wait and see."
An economist at the University of New Orleans was also skeptical of any significant economic gains. Replays of Katrina footage in the lead-up to Gustav "have renewed the concerns people may have about visiting and doing business in the New Orleans area," Janet Speyrer said.

Hurricane Gustav Temporary Cleanup Jobs

Gustav costs nearing $500 M

DOE: To Deliver More SPR Oil Following Hurricane Gustav
~The government said that it would deliver 130,000 barrels Thursday to Placid Oil's Port Allen refiner along a Shell pipeline in Louisiana. It also said that it would deliver an additional 250,000 barrels of oil to Marathon Oil Corp. ( MRO) Midwest refiners, just days after a delivery of 250,000 barrels to Marathon refiners located in the Midwest, in Robinson, Ill., and Catlettsburg, Ky.

Database Key in Restoring
New Orleans ~Security Debrief

Phone carriers reprise Gustav plans for Ike

Lessons for Hospitals from Hurricane Gustav~Sheri Fink

Gambit Weekly

New Orleans hotspot could use our help ~Birder's World

Programs recruit young, inexperienced grads to teach in New Orleans

Seven Arts Pictures Opens Post Production Facility in NOLA

Simmering for Unity:
Red Beans and “Gumbo Tales”
~Ian McNulty

Former food editor's new cookbook celebrates New Orleans' home cooking culture ~Judy Walker

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


"'Not one drop' is a lie"
~Your Right Hand Thief

America's Favorite Cities in 2008
~New Orleans #1 for fine dining.

Louisiana Lake Pontchartrain Floodgates When?
~Christopher Tidemore

(Well...his name is Tidemore:)

Buried wires stand up to storm

Water and Storm Management in New Orleans~Historical Documents

Case on Corps of Engineers official in Mobile dragging

Imminent Domain~Adiaphora

Corps inspecting roofs?
~U.S. Army Corps of Engineers personnel are on the ground in St. Mary and St. Martin parishes for their Blue Roof, Right of Entry collection campaign this week. Mark Davidson, public affairs officer for the Corps, said people with structural damage can come to one of the collection centers to fill out the appropriate forms, which if approved, make them eligible for temporary repairs to their damaged roofs with the placement of blue tarps.
~Editilla gotta ax~While we are of course glad folks get coverings for their damaged roofs, I have trouble wondering what the hell is the Corps of Engineers doing inspecting homes for wind damage. They are supposed to be repairing our levees, so why are we wasting our precious funding for those levees here on a public service which should and could easily be done by a more appropriate agency.
The only reason I can think of for the Corps to be doing this extra ciricullar data collection is for Public Relations. What does this have to do with safe flood control? Get mad at me if you want, but I want the Corps to get back on the Levees, back to engineering. That is what we pay them for, and we already pay others to do rooftops. Yeah, I'm pretty focused on safe levees. Wish the Corps was, then more people might want to return and invest in the city. As it stands now... it all depends on whether those levees stand --not The People's rooftops.

Remarks by Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff at Brookings on the Nation’s Critical Infrastructure

McCain and Palin are distractions. The real bad guys are still at work.
~In January of 2006, The Army Corps of Engineers gave a contract to KBR (yes, that KBR) for $385 million to build "emergency detention centers".
From the Halliburton website, "the contract, which is effective immediately, provides for establishing temporary detention and processing capabilities to augment existing ICE Detention and Removal Operations Program facilities in the event of an emergency influx of immigrants into the U.S., or to support the rapid development of new programs."

Truck-Side Dining~Chowhound
~The how, why, and where of high-end food trucks

Clay Franks and New Orleans
~21st Century Maroon Colony

Hurricane Song:
A Novel of New Orleans
~Virtual Loft

Stanton Moore Trio on Tour

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Evacugee Food stamp sites statewide overwhelmed, closed
~Parishes -one after the other- are closing the application centers today for post-Gustav food stamps. Thousands of people started showing up before dawn.

We Got'cha Contra'Flow

The Economic Case for New Orleans ~Louisiana Weekly
~Yet again, thanks to the Solons in the media, we engage in reminding our fellow Americans that New Orleans' survival is critical to the economic wellbeing of the nation.
~Editilla Notellas~Check out this Very interesting tread on this discussion, amongst our friends over at New Orleans Bulletin.

An old debate on rebuilding
~A great deal of work remains ahead for the Crescent City, but one thing we didn’t expect to have to fight over again is the notion that the work
— the preservation of one of America’s great cities —
isn’t worth doing.

“It’s a soup bowl, and it’s not safe,” commented Beverly Cigler, a public policy professor at Penn State University who co-chairs a Katrina task force set up by the American Society for Public Administration.
~Edititlla begs to differ.<~While at least one smart nola'blogger poo'pooed this video as too simple, or "something we all have heard before", it is brutally apparent that many voices in Public Policy still seem to be equally stuck on myth and misnomer.

You're on your own,
New Orleans ~Ethan Brown

New Orleans: The City That Won't Be Ignored~Naomi Klein
~Hat T'n'T~ CenLamar
"Gustav should have been political rat poison for the Republicans, no matter how well it was managed. Yet, as Peter Baker noted in the New York Times, "rather than run away from the hurricane and its political risks, Mr. McCain ran toward it." If this strategy worked, it was at least partly because Barack Obama has been running away from New Orleans for his entire campaign."

“bad faith” or just flat stupid - the issue at the heart of McIntosh ~slabbed

Jindal: Start making preparations

State's plans ready, just in case

Plaquamines Officials rushing to ready levees, expect high tides from Ike

Local levees in good shape?
~Sheila Grissett

Gustav, Ike Lesson: Louisiana, New Orleans Needs Top Hurricane Protection !
~Stephen Sabludowski

Don't get so easily distracted. We must remain vigilant ~Vet Voice

Army suicide rate could top nation's this year

EPA Elbows Corps Aside to Protect Western Rivers

Mom & Pop worry about false security after Gustav
~"The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers started as a Revolutionary War Regiment that fortified Bunker Hill and evolved into an all-purpose engineering unit, which eventually became responsible for local flood control of the Mississippi. The Corps built levees to imprison the river in a narrow channel, rejecting calls to let the river spread out. The result was an epic flood in 1927 that nearly destroyed New Orleans.
Congress rewarded the failure of the levees by giving the Corps control of the entire Mississippi and its tributaries. The Corps built dams, floodways, revetments and more levees throughout the Mississippi Basin. The result is that the land-building process has been eliminated."

Exquixotic Corps expects Iowa levee repairs to begin soon

Homeless pets: Volunteers head to New Orleans

New Orleans Voices:
Steve Himelfarb, owner of New Orleans Cake Café & Bakery

Musician grapples with his parents' deaths on Gustav evacuation route

Interview: Grayson Capps
~Richard Marcus

Monday, September 8, 2008


Please Help the Houma Nation

All But Ignored: Gustav Deals Major Blow to Baton Rouge and Indian Tribes in South Louisiana ~Georgianne Nienaber

Gustav damage - Houma, La. and the barrier islands ~slabbed

Jindal takes full command in crisis

Corps Plans: Good For New Orleans, Bad For St. Bernard ~Bayou Buzz

And now for something
not so completely different!

~H T'n'T-The Boz and to Hip fo'da Heroic Photos

Industrial Canal @ Florida Ave during Gustav
~Photos by Hip. Please scroll back though the slides.
What about floodgates for Lake Pontchartrain?
~Christopher Tidemore

Taxpayers for Common Sense: Lessons from Katrina and Gustav

Gustav finds IT execs prepared for the worst

Dodging Bullets~Julia Reed
~Editilla Notellas~I have grown to absolutely hate that Famous Phrase in the article's title, but have left it (as found) out of an abiding fondness for the author's other work. One would hope that Ms Reed,
whom I assume of course follows da'Ladda,
might avoid such devastating misnomer...
--or better yet address its use in an article.
Editilla waits upon spinner baited breath.
We have "Dodged" nothing. South Central Louisiana has gotten its Heart Stomped, and we have citizens stranded, rent asunder...
--with another "bullet" on the way!

Just as when the News Media used this "problem child of sound'bite punditry" in describing how Katrina had missed the city, the use of such "sucker's babel" serves no purpose to the Evaculture Now but to draw attention away from Information and over to Advertisement. No one who had ever been near a gunfight as a result of man'made disaster would use such heinous and stupid description for a natural one.

Functional Flood Fashion ~OSTS

Hurricane season, insurance writing don't mix

J. Garic Schoen~John Pope

Hurricane Katrina makes mortuary investigator happy

NolaFunk Lagniappe

John Coltrane / “Kulu Se Mama”
~breath of life

Sunday, September 7, 2008


The Saints Are Coming

Hat T'n'T~Michael

Saints hold on for 24-20 win over Bucs

US turns down Cuban hurricane pleas ~US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says the United States is not prepared to relax its trade embargo against Cuba, despite Cuban pleas in response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Gustav.
Ms Rice said the embargo would only be lifted if Cuba held free elections and released political prisoners.

I don't like Ike and neither should you~Kosher Computing

Hurricanes expose serious vulnerabilities the corps is rushing to fix ~Mark Schleifstein
Please click pic for full letter, here for ASCECORPS
Hat T'n'T~McBride

Season's hurricanes pummel dunes, mangle coasts

Levees 'relatively' unscathed, Corps says ...plans burritos
Editilla can't stands no'mo! Bingo Enchiladas!

Gustav reveals Jindal’s style
~Gustav gives a glimpse into the governor’s management style and is triggering talk of a White House run in 2012.

Stay or go?~Bruce Nolan

Some La. residents rethinking evacuating~James Varney

South African Wildfire:
An Allegory for Journalists
~Georgianne Nienaber

In Katrina’s Wake, a New Biennial

~Tony Fitzpatrick’s “Marigny Moth” is among the works to be included in the exhibition “Prospect.1 New Orleans.”
~More Photos


Book chronicles life after Katrina in New Orleans the 'unsinkable'

Hornucopia Festival