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Forecasters downgraded Fay to a tropical depression

~NOAA Advisory
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Parish officials keeping an eye on Fay

St. Bernard, St. Charles residents can get sandbags

Day 1092: Maitri Live Blog'd RT 3
Mo'bloggid~DotCalm RT3~NOLA-dishu

Special thanks Citizen K

“Excellence in Recovery”: the aftermath, and Robert Cerasoli ~Kevin Allman
~Update-24 Hour Partay Peoples

Nagin hero inside ~outside, he's a joke~Michelle Krupa, Frank Donz
~In a scene reminiscent of a satirical Carnival parade, about 75 protesters chanted and waved handmade signs outside a posh Canal Street hotel Friday evening while inside a gilded ballroom two stories above them Mayor Ray Nagin accepted the inaugural Award of Distinction for Recovery, Courage and Leadership from an honorary committee packed with his political allies.

How to Make it Play Even Better ~We Could Be Famous

Data on-line could jump-start activism ~Brian Denzer

Category 3-5-5: A better storm label ~Richard Campanella

DOD: Outside engineers to review post-Katrina pumps

New Orleans repeating deadly levee mistakes ~Cain Burdeau

Troubling pattern with New Orleans levees

What Comes Around: Homeland Security Capital Corporation Appoints Former Corps of Engineers Deputy Commander as Federal Programs Manager

Are You Responsible for Building Trust?~"While serving as an “aide-de-camp” to a corporate CEO and a Colonel for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, I saw members of the public become so incensed at public meetings that I had no alternative but to ensure the safety of my charges by exiting them through the back door of the meeting facility."~Dr. L. Darryl Armstrong,
certified aggression management trainer

Welcome to the Danger ZONE
Perhaps the largest issue is what the Secret Service likes to call the "Public Viewing Area,"
a 47,000 square foot lot surrounded by a fence on the grounds of the Pepsi Center that protesters call the "Freedom Cage."

WWOZ and Friends of New Orleans welcome national political convention delgates

Gloria Story Dittus, Chair of Friends of New Orleans

Developer breaks ground on first stage of homes~The houses near Orleans Avenue and North Dupre Street are part of the first stage of nonprofit developer Providence Community Partner's plans to provide new homes for former residents of the Lafitte public housing development, said Jim Kelly, president and chief executive officer of the organization.

Reply talks sex, ignores question - Did State Farm f#!% McIntosh or not? ~slabbed

New Orleans City Council Threatens Legal Action Against Entergy

Head, Chief lock horns
~Bruce Eggler

State bonds to help finance Borders bookstore chain on
St. Charles Avenue

~Editilla learned how to love books in New Orleans. The Alvar branch of the NO Public Library is where I first saw a copy of the USA Patriot Act, a dog-eared well read tome of the librarian's.
But while
particularly fond of her public libraries, the locally owned bookstores are where I learned how to enjoy browsing for books.
I walked into deVille Books on Carondelet in 1979 and saw a beautiful, hand-painted poster on the wall noticing a "Wake for W.B. Yeats" uptown at the Columns Hotel, picked up a copy of The Tower
and caught the street car.
I met a sacred lover in a real fight over possession of an old 1st Edition of Lafcadio Hearn ghosts stories in Kaboom over on Barracks before the storm.
(Love Lafcadio but had to let him go for that one!:)
In that little bookstore back of Sound Cafe,
I found my first post-Katrina stories published by'for other Nolafugees. In all of these places I always walked out with far more than I'd entered.
Alas, the lack of such places of refuge informs feelings amongst the deepest pain of loss and damn'nation
out here on the long road home, the back hand path.
It just sorta bothers me that the state is financing
Just Another Corporate Book Store Chain in the heart of the City. Such an investment injects unneeded hard dollar competition for our own stillpoints in the turning world of the city's recovering literati:
these little places of wonderful local writing and lovingly used books all over New Orleans...
--who now even more deserve our Book Dollars.

Amanda Boyden, Babylon Rolling

HELP! English girl from Hong Kong looking for good food $20 or under! ~Chowhound NOLA
~going to my in-laws wedding in october, have never been to New Orleans, never tasted french, cajun, or any combination of the two. would love to broaden my palate, and experience new orleans food at it's best.

AfroPop Shoutout New Orleans is Streaming Now ~Foxessa

Tito Puente's Self-Titled Masterwork Examined~NPR

Preservation Hall open mighty nightly once again!

Wielding a Lyrical Scalpel to Deliver a Pointed Political Message

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See you at Rising Tide III

The Katrina Myth - Help bust it once and for all ~Ken McCarthy

Report: DOD to again probe post-Katrina pumps in New Orleans ~Janet McConnaughey

Officials oppose pump plan ~Sheila Grissett
~"The reality is, we're limited by authority and appropriations," Col. Jeff Bedey told the authority. "Congress has asked us to come back and tell them what it will cost, and then Congress can make its decision."
Bedey said the corps doesn't yet have good cost estimates. But an agency official told a group of elected officials last month that the more expensive project could cost as much as $1 billion more than the two-station plan in just the 17th Street Canal.

~Editilla checkas da'Corps reality,
finds it leaky, warped and listing~

No, the "reality is" that ASCECORPS is over estimating costs again and again to make more work with incredible double-dealing gallish gulag aplombico.
Just as they did with the Morganza Levee System
as reported by fellow Ace Gumshoe Schleifstein),
which went from $800 Million to $12 BILLION in the blink of their evil eye, Bedey here now drops another BILLION DOLLARS onto the table like this is some kind of bully'marbles game.
Try to imagine how long it must take these faux engineers to do these estimates? Does this Mouthpiece really expect us to believe that this all depends on Congressional understanding and funding of
ASCECORPS Shifty Engineering Estimates (see comments)? HA! HA!

And wha'happen to Tom Jackson's Corps Outrage from the Levee Board yesterday? (see Tilla'rant Jeudi)
He's got such a burr up his bum about these Corps plans.
What's the matter Tom? Cat Bond got your tongue?
Hell, Jackson is in the Cat Bird seat: having not only consulted for the Corps over the decades of bad flood engineering, and then
sitting on the very board of inquiry called to investigate their apparent cover-up investigation of that very bad engineering work,
Mr Jackson now gets to sit on the very important (independent?)
Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East --where he can further shepherd the answers as to why our Levees Failed?

We need answers, Tom Jackson
--not your boo'rah running interference for the ASCE in front of their apparent cover-up roll in this soon to be released
(finally goddamn it) yet infinitely collapsible IPET Levee Report. Time, the Leveelator.
Ah so this is perchaps why he protesteth so much!
"It's the Corps! It's the Corps!"
"Pay No Attention to'da ASCE up its sleeve!"

How he barks so loudly about his bad'ol ASCECORPS. Perchance they all are going down when the IPET Report falls apart upon review this September, like so many origami levees, and Tom would distance ASCE from the fallout of their own incestuous malfeasance.
Maybe Tom Jackson needs to go with them, step down from our Levee Board and step aside, pink slip is showing. Maybe it is high time for people like Jackson and
Tim Ruppert and the rest of the upper ASCE politicos to move aside before the rising tide of their own members' outrage --the real engineers.
Real engineers, with whom I have spoken across the country, are at the end of line with what these Presidents at ASCECORPS have done to The People's Trust in American Civil Engineering.

Medal Schmettle! Please return your
ERP Medal that ASCECORPS presented you for covering their AssWipe! Do it for the Hopping Hill at the 17th Street Canal Levee Breech "Repair", where The Duck Stops Here, where they come home to roost in the salt water marshes forming there! Do it for the Living, and those still bearing it.
Do it for your own screwed pooch as now you would shout "They Broke It"? HA! No Soup For You!

Carrots and sticks

New Maps Put Some Hartford-Area Properties In Flood Zones~On the old maps, there's no indication that the areas were protected by levees or in any danger of flooding; now, said Hartford City Engineer John McGrane, the draft maps show a zone emanating from the river called "shaded area X."
That new delineation, McGrane said, suggests that FEMA doesn't fully trust levees anymore.

New Ethics Organization for the Construction Industry Best Practices Forum
~A luncheon address by the Deputy Chief of Engineers, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
~Editilla would love to be a fly on that shithouse wall.

Road Home recipients in NOLA short by average $54,586 according to new report ~slabbed

All Those Federal Funds: Why the New Orleans Recovery is Slow ~Harry Shearer

FEC split in Vitter's push for legal fees ~Bruce Alpert
Vitter's Prayer
"Good Lord Nose Finger,
Great Man in da'Sky,
please releas'eth yo'boy from'eth these lowly fetterin'bonds of'eth Earthly Ethical Propriety!
Marketh me mine assface
Thine Improprietor
--at least Thine 'Imp' part- Punk'eth of Mine Republican Master Pimps
Who Willst Ever Prevert'eth Thout's Nameth
fo'da Glory Holin of Democracy.
But above all, Lord, can'ya manna mia some slack heah and pay'eth my PR and Legal Bills?
Ya'knoweth, Lord, that a man should not have to cop'eth for his own Whores or Lobbyists while in the service of The People.
Grant'eth Thy Bundled Servant This Dispensation + Court Costs, Oh Tool'Pusher Vanisher of Coastlines!
As I did it All for You, but in the name of the State of Louisiana, I have Earned the Right To Free Legals and nickname: "Da'Lyin'Dong!"
--World With Our Oilin~A'MEN!"

Louisiana not on the radar for Obama ~Jonathan Tilove

Author James Lee Burke offers his advice on where to go in New Orleans

New Orleans artist brings back the marching bands ~Doug MacCash

Auditions to be held for Heritage School of Music's fall semester

Welcome to the International Arts Festival - 2008 Artist lineup

‘King’ Louis Prima Needs A Star

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Marée croissante longtemps de phase trois!

Levee officials push 1-pump plan ~Sheila Grissett
~Opposition is growing among regional levee commissioners to the Army Corps of Engineers' plan for dual pumping stations on three New Orleans canals, one station to drain neighborhoods and another to operate only when floodgates are closed against storm surge.
Instead, some members of the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East are advancing a plan for a single pump station on each of the three canals both to drain neighborhoods and to move water around the floodgates. They say the corps' dual-station plan would increase maintenance costs, require risky synchro- nization of pump operation during major storms and still leave New Orleans with fragile floodwalls along the canals.
The flood protection authority will meet at 9:30 a.m. at 6500 Spanish Fort Blvd., New Orleans.
"This problem was created by the corps, and it needs to be solved by the corps," said authority member Tom Jackson, a former president of the American Society of Civil Engineers. "We already paid for it. They broke it, and it's high time for them to fix it the right way."
Editilla say Bingo, Tom!
Well said! Go Get'Em! Don't hold back! Whoa!
Aren't we just tough as nails? But, who broke what, Tom? There never were pumps there before the storm. Sooo, who broke what? The Levees? Who built those levees, Tom Jackson? Who worked with and for the Corps and built those "broken" levees? Coincidentally, you worked for the Corps over the decades. Sooo got any names? Mugshots? Aliases? Physical Descriptions?
Why not disagree with these bad engineers back when we paid for you to work for them when "they broke it"?
You know these guys, right?
Who? Broke? Our? Levees? Tom?

But the bigger question leaking out of your levees,
the 64 Gazzillion Pound Gorilla Question is this:
what about the $26,250,000 we also paid your group at ASCE/CORPS not even 3 years ago for the stillborn, broken, irreparable IPET study?

That works out to about $12,000,000/year,
$33,000/day, $1375/hour, $23/minute.
(Jethro Bodine School of Cypher'n)
What the Hell did ASCECORPS

Is the imminent release of that batch of Zoo Litter, that Motherfucker Of All Reports (MOAR)... is this why you now attempt to distance yourself from the Corps
as "past President of ASCE"...
--rather than Tax-Paid Corps Consultant?
Was it the Flood, Tom? That is what broke it for me.
What broke it for you? What turned your stomach?

Someone built our bad levees over the years,
Mr. Jackson. Either some consultant engineers like you from the ASCE, or some faux engineers at the CORPS, or some damn fool bureaucrats at ASCECORPS, but we will find out who built our failed levees one day. One fine day.

The loudest dog barking is always the first one
been in'da hen house.

Well I'll Be...slabbed!

Independent probe of pumps sought ~Sheila Grissett
~This time around, President Bush is being asked by U.S. Office of Special Counsel Scott Bloch to have independent engineers do the investigation.

~Note from da'Breach~
Dear all,
I am hoping to meet a lot of you this weekend at
Rising Tide III

On Saturday, I will present a sneak preview of's brand new eye-popping video:
The Katrina Myth; the truth about a thoroughly unnatural disaster.
I hope to see you there!
Sandy Rosenthal~Director

Corps proposes plan to better protect upper Mississippi
~Next time, the US Army Corps of Engineers might allow farmland to be flooded, on purpose. The Corps has devised a plan to prevent the massive flooding that took out cities and towns, wiped out crops and devastated the upper Mississippi River earlier this year.
The plan would cost $3.7 billion.

Honoré on NOLA: So much to be done~David Reisner

Gulf lease sale brings top dollar ~Jen Degregoria

What Bush Said in New Orleans, and What He Didn't Say
~Harry Shearer

"F-rigging E-vildoer M-ismanaging A-gain"~Hrrmph!

Natomas levee repairs will take a year longer, planners say
~The delay prompted an unusually strong reaction from Rep. Doris Matsui, D-Sacramento, who has worked closely with SAFCA and the corps to expedite Natomas levee repairs.
"The Army Corps of Engineers continues to find reasons to cause delays for expediting the permits to protect 70,000 Natomas residents," Matsui said in a statement provided to The Bee. "People are at risk, and it is absolutely unacceptable that an additional year will be needed to get 100-year protection."

Forecasters say TS Fay fails multiple sobriety tests, but still not a likely threat to Louisiana
Expected to hit Fla. 3rd time

Flags will fly in memory of Katrina's dead

Report: Road Home falls short
~Katy Reckdahl

Another Modernist Battle in New Orleans ~Daniela Morell
~The plight of public schools in New Orleans have been a hot topic lately. This past Monday the School Facilities Master Plan for Orleans Parish was released; it calls for a large-scale rehabilitation of the city’s educational infrastructure. This news falls in the larger context of a shift toward privatized education which, depending on how you look at it, is either a welcome solution to an entrenched problem of low-performance (as portrayed in this week’s New York Times Magazine), or a sinister example of “disaster capitalism” (as per Naomi Klein). In either case, something important gets lost in the conversation; that is the impending threat to New Orleans’s modernist architecture.

A new suit seeks to reopen Tulane women's college

“Organized protest”? Not quite, ~Kevin Allman

'D.C. Madam' case could hit Vitter in his wallet
~Sen. David Vitter, R-Pamp, should be denied permission to use campaign money to pay more than $160,000 in legal fees related to his involvement with a Washington escort service, according to an advisory opinion released Wednesday by lawyers for the Federal Election Commission.
Vitter, R-Pamp, should take care of his own affairs like a big boy and pay his own way for using prostitutes on the voters' time and dime. He should, self- immolatedly, do time at OPP for committing his crimes in New Orleans, within blocks of an elementary school! Gasp! We must protect our children from repugnican prevert evangical clown'downers! Photo-New Orleans Levee

Hot Air, Inc.~James Gill
~Ari Fleischer, President Bush's original mouthpiece, has a great racket going these days.

Rum Review: Old New Orleans Crystal Rum ~RumDood

Long Weekend in New Orleans
~Chowhound NOLA

Democrats or Republi- replicans: Whose Music Is Better?
~Eliot Van Buskirk

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


~Note from da'Breach~
Dear all,
I am hoping to meet a lot of you this weekend at Rising Tide III

On Saturday, I will present a sneak preview of's brand new eye-popping video:

The Katrina Myth; the truth about a thoroughly unnatural disaster.

This hard-hitting 10-minute documentary produced for by FoodMusicJustice dispels a lot of the harmful myths that are slowing the metro New Orleans recovery.

I also will share some things that tried that were very effective in growing our member- ship, and we hope they could work for you, too.

But most important, I cannot wait to meet the people who have been so critical to the recovery and to the strength of this city!

Again, I hope to see you there!

Sandy Rosenthal~Director

PS Update~Please also come see to the one-night only
New Orleans Premiere of America Betrayed.
Yours truly is featured in the 90 minute documentary as well as my colleague HJ Bosworth Jr. PE

August 27, 2008
7pm -8:30 p

Q&A afterward with the filmmaker
Landmark Theater in One Canal Place

More about America Betrayed:
The film, produced by Eclipse Entertainment and filmmaker Leslie Cardé places the spotlight front and center on the specific ways our government contributes to and profits from disasters both here and abroad…from the way it shields itself from blame when all roads point to their culpability, to the friends in high places in corporate America who continue to benefit from the very disasters that leave the rest of us reeling.

I hope you can come!

NM Residents Question Unspent Flooding Funds~So why hasn't the money been spent yet? Otero County said it's waiting on the Army Corp of Engineers.
~Editilla probla raza~ Gotta'Ladda???
Then don't hold'ya breath when da'levee breaks -again!
Just send little Otero over heah. We Chickens fulla Corn!
Have we gotta piñata
fo'you! Wit'a lil'lagniappe too!
Surly we can give them a few Million Dollars laying around, perhaps stuffed inside like newsprint from our own levee repairs, some'ting from that $36,250,000
we also got appropriated, and handed to ASCECORPS

--just to look at their failed levees--not 3 years ago?
Where's the Goddamn Money?
But then again, our levees still badly leak... sooo maybe we don'wanna call these creepo gangstas after all, huh?
Why tug on Superman's cape, spit in the wind,
thump the balls of da'Old Rabid Weasel...???
Since we have seen NOTHING from ASCECORPS but Ethics Questions, Obfuscation and
Misdirection on this Noble Project, maybe they can come up off some'dat Chump Change (or at least Cash Reciepts?) (Something?) (Anything?) for the Tiny Tax Payers who survive at the mercy of ASCECORPS flood control systems in other parts of the country? Jus'axin...

Price Tag Grows For Fort Worth Trinity ProjectLocal Press

Fay Floods Hundreds Of Florida Homes

Protesters call for Shell to pay La. $362 M ~Mark Schleifstein

First Allianz cat bond for US hurricanes

County Level Cat Bonds Offered

Cat Bond Pricing Machinery

Mo'Fo'da slabbers on Cat Bonds~4H/T-KungFu @ Addictomatic

McCain Comes Out Against a Federal Multi Peril Solution: Slabbers Everywhere Unite for Obama!
Editilla wants to wish His Icehole McSameness a Bilious'n'Boobafull Happy Forking Birthday this 8/29! Gentle'rillas please join in pun'ishment as we sing
The Birthday Dirge and we tribute La Ganse de Vicodin!
Sin, Corruption, and Dispair...
Death and Dying Everywhere...
HaPPy Birrthday! Oh HaPPy Biiirrrthday!
Katrina plus three:
'Hopeful progress'~Mark Silva

~At Jackson Barracks in New Orleans, erected by President Andrew Jackson in 1835 to protect the city of New Orleans, Monkey Boy George Bushmook will deliver an anniversary address touting "hopeful signs of progress'' in the rebuilding of the city, despite the fact that "Old Hickory" would have whipped this Rich'boy Monarch'Maniacle bully back'stabbin Smirky Neocoward's Ass Up and Down those very parade grounds and make his daddy like it!
"Three years ago, this facility was completely flooded and every building was damaged or destroyed,'' the president plans to say, (with typical Gall-encrusted Hubris) according to an advance text of his remarks released by the White House. "Today, Jackson Barracks is a growing center of community and economic activity in the heart of the Lower Ninth Ward.

The Bricks: The Battle for Public Housing in New Orleans
~Grittv with Laura Flanders

Guest blog: “The prejudice engine: or, Notes on bias in New Orleans"~Kevin Allman
~Editilla Crowillas~
Y'all make sure to catch all of these hot properties at the
Rising Tide III NOLA Blogging Conference this weekend. Kick it off wit'da Buffa's ParTay Friday Night!

Citizen K: Evermore Vigilant

Hey, Fred, thanks
~Alison Fensterstock

Giving Shelter: Students Scramble to Design and Construct a New Orleans House
~The Sundance Channel’s six-part series “Architecture School,” which starts Wednesday, offers a window into the real-world pressures of becoming an architect and realizing a design.
The program even has elements of suspense:
Will one of these young aspiring architects at Tulane University be able to come up with a workable scheme for a single-family house in the Central City neighborhood of New Orleans, still recovering from Katrina? Which design will be chosen?
Will the students finish constructing the house on time?
Will the wary locals come around to accepting a contemporary structure amid their traditional shotgun-house aesthetic?

The Road, Home
~Noah Bonaparte Pais

It comes as a bit of a surprise
(to people whose maps are all upside-down) to learn that a popular pastime in New Orleans is the hurricane party.

~In our quest for the eccentric, we searched for Ernie K-Doe's Mother-In-Law Lounge. We found it under a freeway flyover at 1500 North Claiborne, dully-lit amid its silent black hulking neighbors, grass tufting through the sidewalk cracks. I pressed the buzzer and a little old lady answered the door. "Are you open?" I asked.
"No, I'm Antoinette," she replied.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


McCain visits New Orleans again to film Oil Rig Commercial, Jindal still 'Possessed' not VP
~Editilla tollin'yaz~
Da'Comernor has a little friend in his head!
Can't anyone else see this but me? In his eye? The left one? They way it ticks and flutters? Oh Fortuna! Are we all butt helpless before such Demonic Doh!monion?

McCain Wants To Announce VP On Anniversary Of Katrina? ~Daily Kos

A Look at European Insurance- Linked Securities and Cat Bonds
~Shelter from the Storm~Our retirement savings may soon rest on a bet against Mother Nature.
The reason? The rise of cat bonds. Short for “catastrophe bonds,” cat bonds transfer the financial risks that come with disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes from insurance companies to the broader capital markets. Bruised by the stormy global economy, investment managers are flocking to these bonds in a bid to diversify away from assets linked too closely with suffering market trends, such as mortgage-backed securities.
Even with climate scientists predicting more severe storms on the way, cat bonds are proving to be a gamble with plenty of willing takers. ~Further Reading

City looks for professional team to help with disasters

Master plan for schools unveiled

The Drive - a documentary in 3 parts about Katrina and the levee failure

GRITtv with Laura Flanders on Rebuilding New Orleans

First of many
'Make It Right' homes is nearing completion

Lab project poised to rise in N.O. Business, research to mix at biocenter

Pet Friendly Hurricane Advice and Shelters to Prevent Another Katrina Tragedy

This team is no trip to 1992 (yet)
~Our New Orleans Saints

Saints and state could have long- term deal by the end of this year

PJ's Coffee of New Orleans Celebrates 30 Years

Tom Piazza "City of Refuge"
~Largehearted Boy

Monday, August 18, 2008


Shrimpers pin hopes on bountiful season

Bush to visit New Orleans,
Editilla Motellas~OpEd News

See Susan Cowsill's response Samedi

New Orleans, Blacks and Katrina ~Bayou Buzz

An Open Letter to the People of New Orleans - It's Time to Take Action Against Crime

Neighborhood Focus Meeting on Storm Protection with Exquixotic Corps: Tuesday

A $1 billion effort

Lake Borgne Work Funded ~blogofneworleans

Recently detected air pollutant mimics damaging effects of cigarette smoke~Persistent free radicals, a newly discovered air pollutant, could have effects similar to cigarette smoke, Louisiana researchers say. Credit: H. Barry Dellinger, Louisiana State University

An Underground Threat
~FEMA's bungling of the Hurricane Katrina recovery was bad enough. Now comes news that the federal agency has dragged its heels for years on inspecting more than 100 underground fuel tanks that could pose a health threat for North Wilkesboro, Greensboro and other cities across the state and nation.

Road across the spillway is on the way to repair

Yellow Brick Road Home
~New Orleans Magazine

Where to get boudin balls?
~Chowhound New Orleans

“Flash mob” protest at Grand Central Station ~Kevin Alman


The singles fit perfectly in da'pie'trowin hand.
Ninja Pie'Throwahs prefer 'Singles'.
Buy'em by the case, in case ya'find yourself suddenly homeless on Perdido Street and ya'make the late Puddin on'da Ritz Partay dans l'Excellence!

Excellence in Recovery List ~Thanks Katrina

Profiles in Courage, Excellence & Garbage~Toulouse Street

Jindal Goes Royal Plural Mumbly'pegging VP Talk
~Central La.Politics

~Editilla senses a little friend inside the governor's head,
a Captain Howdy, who whispers to'da Up'n'Comernor, "Yeeessss,,, pee on the carpet! Do it! Now! MWA'HAHAHAHAaaaaa!"

Some Good Neighborly Greed From the Good Hands People Part 1: Can the Slabbed Help Get Lotus Off Her Knees
~Part 2: State Farm Enters the Florida Fray
~And don't miss: Moos update and the udder-ly ridiculous spin on the beef plant case~slabbed

~Our New Orleans Saints

First Bank and Trust,
Saints' Coach Sean Payton
Now Working on the Same Team

Looky Loos:
What are we good for?
~Dispatch From New Orleans

~Editilla shin'shillas~
Kudos, Bingos and Welcos to'da new blog Dispatch!
Gentle'rillas please
do drop in and say hello!

Schools in N.O. compete to draw students

Valassis Data Aids in Rebuilding New Orleans Neighborhoods
~"Horselover Fat's nervous breakdown began the day he got the phonecall from Gloria asking if he had any Nembutals."

Brief background about UCLA Law School and New Orleans Reconstruction

George Clooney To Plough More Cash Into Making It Right

Schools to draw supplies, creativity from artist tour

Open Sound New Orleans
~A Collaborative Soundmap of the City

"A Love Song for New Orleans"
is poetry set to music
~Louisiana Weekly

Tools of the trade~Co-op to help musicians build business with software

Sunday, August 17, 2008


TS Fay: Sponsored by Bacardi and State Farm ~Toulouse Street

Drama Ahead ~Mark Schleifstein

Emotional Weather Report

River attracts Eye of Sauron
~Sheila Grissett
~The Army Corps of Engineers still hasn't determined what caused this month's failure just below the Huey P. Long Bridge in Westwego, but ASCECORPS says they do know that a likely culprit is the river's falling elevation. Preeeciouuusss!
And they know that a bank failure can spell trouble if it involves the levee system. Like, errrah, this one?
~Editilla Swoonzillahs~
Isn't that niiiice? ASCECORPS has its EYE on the Problem of Erosion. Is this what is meant by:
the Army Corps of Engineers is the Jason David of flood protection?

Seeing Like an Engineer:
Water Projects and the Mediation of the Incommensurable
~Martin Reuss

Northeast La. waterway funding still a problem

Court rulings could settle tri-State water war
~Stacey Shelton

In the Search for Natural Treatment Methods for Urban Stormwater

Corps taking youth applications for hunt~The Army Corps of Engineers Office is taking applications from youth hunters who would like to participate in a special muzzle loader deer hunt on Dec. 13-14 in Ozark Isle Park on Bull Shoals Lake.
~Edtilla gotta axxx~
Isn't This Just Tooooo Cuuuuute To Boots!!!
How many Gentle'rillas would rather have sex than kill small birds and animals when they least expect it, whilst hidden in the woods behind a mirrored camouflaged hunting blind? Well, duh, Hell Yeah!
Don't really do the muzzle thingy... not into ambush killing, but sex in a duck blind? Is dat'ya mouf'talkin?
HA! Get Outta Hea'ah! Can we wear masks too?
2am lucid writing back of my guitar again
indian summer sirens and the rain
keep on drifting in
while the candles all burn and
cast their shadows on the wall
I hear children playing army
in the middle of a war
with apothecary silence
they go hunting in the fall
while their mothers drink black coffee
and the fathers sing along
~Where'ya gonna find me
~I'll tell you where I'm gonna be
~down at that Pit'Stop Guerrilla Intellectual Cafe'
~where the music is fine
~and The People dress in green
~down at that Pit'Stop Guerrilla Inellectual Cafe'
...there's one in every state...
Great feats of engineering
~The Romans perfected the science of military engineering, entrusting every soldier with a sword, spear as well as a shovel. But even Hadrian’s Wall and the imperious Roman roads of Europe pale in comparison to the work of the Vietnamese Army Engineers in the Truong Son Mountains.

City mistakenly demolishes Gentilly Woods home

‘Architecture School’
brilliant by design

Here we go again - gay panic defense in New Orleans

New Orleans:
“Jewish Pioneering Country”

LSU ranked #7 in AP pre-season

Babylon set in N.O. between hurricanes

Changing her tune
~Lauren DeFilippo

Patrón Music in Motion Tour
~is a high-energy summer party rolling on track from city to city stopping at some of the hottest concert events of the year. The tour is also a national fundraising effort to rebuild New Orleans and gives you the opportunity to get involved and win amazing prizes.

Retro Redux: Singing About Sickness In New Orleans
~Big Geez

Gretna Heritage Festival Music Line Up Announced

Gun-swap program planned for New Orleans
~New Orleans wants residents to swap their guns for musical instruments - no questions asked - as part of a program to give youth options to life on the streets and reduce violent crime, which threatens the city's recovery from Hurricane Katrina.