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River Pagoda in the Ayeyarwady, or Irrawaddy River
The Irrawaddy Delta: Before the Cyclone Shredded Burma's Veil
The great Chindwin River near Monywa Burma

No News Is Bad News
~Roby Alampay
~H/T'n'T-Aroma Cucina

Burmese Bloggers W/O Borders

Death Comes Ashore
~Amitav Ghosh

Burma - My Theory On LOGISTICS Remains Intact
~Uncategorized Rantings

Flood Stage Levels current 'real-time' guage readings

Factoids about Louisiana's Coastal Wetlands ~LaCoast

God Sends His Only Severe Thunderstorm To Jenna Bush's Crawford Wedding

Army Corps of Engineers may finally get called out
~Rebecca Onion

Exquixotic Corps moves to fix paper fix in floodwalls fix but is da'fix already in...prix frixed?

Pump price drives up cost of Katrina repair

Doctor accused after Katrina wants new disaster laws

Senate wisely rejects wind entitlement

House Dems hold hearing into Barbour’s use of storm grants ~Y'all Politics

Buyer’s Remorse Again?
~Clancey DuBos

Larry Flynt To Run For Mayor Of New Orleans ~Editilla O'rilla d'Aphasia
...”on the beat off da'record"...

'KKK' burned in the yard of an African American family in Metairie
~H/T'n'T-Katrina Connection

Hurricane Katrina Survivor Finally Claims $97 M Lottery

Hercule Poirot with fangs
As part of First/Second's delightful Vampire Month extravaganza, Chasing Ray offers us a most urbane vampire of alternate history, Don Sebastian de Ulloa, the central character in Elizabeth Bear's most excellent
New Amsterdam.

Aaron Neville reflects on a memorable Jazzfest

Friday, May 9, 2008


US & France discuss ‘relief invasion’ as criminal junta keeps outsiders at bay~Burma's Foreign Ministry has confirmed that it does not want foreign relief workers to distribute the aid that has begun to flow into the cyclone-hit country, writes Edward Loxton for The First Post~8 pic Slide Show
Interactive Satellite Imagery~NASA MODIS

Tragic untimely death, Photos of Cyclone Nargis Victims~ Sit Mone

This blogger does not want readers to see the dead victims of Nargis Cyclone. Most of them were decomposed and some were very young children. The purpose of this link with due respect to the dead, and their loved ones is to sympathize those who were not fortunate, and to remind you or me or anybody can be in their place.
Another important reason is Military Junta of Burma is preventing International Aids and emergency disaster helps that could save several thousand lives for their own selfish paranoid delusion.
So please help Burmese people . linletkyalsin is a very outstanding blogger and activist from Singapore and you can find the group accepting donation and update of donation in her blog.~Sit Mone
Before anyone else gets any more upset about this editor posting the photo above,
let me tell you that during the Federal flood of New Orleans in August 2005, I saw a drownt child floating face-up beside the Industrial Canal.
I had gone that way in search of the levee breached,
but instead found the veil rent and casts aside.
She lay the ones above,
no one around to take her, no place to bury her,
no time to worry for her--because the sun was setting on the City That Care Forgot (and our own Presidente Left To DIE,) and the dark Dark Night was quickly falling over us all like a rat-bag.
Don't tell me New Orleans and Burma
aren't opposite sides of the same Coin of the Relm,
-and don't even think it cannot happen here.
8/29 will always be tomorrow for me no lie.
Never forget, we are all Sinn Féin!

Burma shuns foreign aid workers,

Impounds UN Aid Deliveries

The illegitimate ruling Junta's "foreign ministry" said Burma was happy to accept aid, but insisted
it would control the distribution itself.~BBC

Government-backed Union Solidarity and Development Association claims credit for disaster relief efforts
~Democratic Voice of Burma

Audio Diary - Tragedy in Burma: Charity workers 'break down' at scale of devastation
~The Scotsman

US Ready to Air Drop Aid to Irrawaddy Delta~Irrawaddy

NEW ORLEANS DAILY CRESCENT, Louisiana, March 8, 1861~Hat tip to Ashley.
Louisiana shoulda stuck to da'plan, eh, Noble Mon?

New recovery chief meets Coast leaders~Maj. Gen. Douglas O'Dell (USMC, ret.), Coordinator of Federal Support for Recovery and Rebuilding of the Gulf Coast -Courtesy U.S. MARINE CORPS

Flood Stage Levels current 'real-time' guage readings~USGS

The ugly side of disaster recovery
~ There are a thousand criteria to account for when selecting a disaster recovery (DR) site. The number of miles from your DR site to your production site and meeting your application recovery time objectives are just some of the variables that companies try to address. Now add "Create a movable DR site just in case" to the list.

An appropriate metaphor: New Orleans and the SPP
~Peter Julian

Austin and Memphis are 'Dream Destinations,' but New Orleans isn't?~Aungus Lind
~Editilla's always wanted say those words,
'Dream On Angus'. It just has a bullish ring to it.
~~Memphis is the stuff of white nightmares and black daycares, as Austin disappears her Barton Springtime. Nay, and verily these are examples of America going to Mall in a hand basket. Memphis would turn the Birthplace of the Blues and Rock'N'Roll into a city-owned juke box and forbids even baby strollers through the gates at the Beale Street Music Festival
~~But for Al Green's Full Gospel Tabernacle and the relentless dedication of the local Memphis Scene & Muscians of the caliber Billy Gibson and Charlie Woods that I heard on WWOZ's "Live from Bagdhad" show recently, and their congrooviants laboring away, holding forth The Beat from behind the Magnolia Curtain, Memphis would fall completely
into the Hell Relm of Huslte and Flow,
Black Snake'Moanin Plastic Rap,
the way of fools and silver'toothed devils.

~~They celebrate a drug-addled obese Nixoniac,
Redneck, RepoGothic, White'Boy Vegas Poodle,
who overdosed on his faux gold lame throne,
as: The King of Rock'NRoll. Butt...
They do do some mighty fine pig there
truly so.
~~New Orleans sews more music on a Monday night than either of these cities could field without bending over SXSW. I mean, WWOZ's on-air music listing often last nearly a half a joint! Jeez Louie!
Gimme a neat one an'lemme tol'ya, those who would coddle to such aspirations may dream of New Orleans--but they would be afraid to talk about it to anyone, not even their own smarmy'ass selves. Ya'heard me?
And a'nutter t'ing...t'ank you vury mush...
who else but Our Lovely Pucelle d'Orléans
could lay such a tag on an Old Saint Bernard?
Priceless. And how'but this for a Lucky Dog?

Green Puppy Born New Orleans
Editilla da'crees Good Omen fo'da Lucky Dog!
This might not have the sticking power of a
Pronto Pup or rate as high a White Buffalo or Jesus on'da Mainline, but lil'mon does shag
like a Dogtown Nola Rag...don't ya'think?

New Orleans Diary Vlll: Jazzfest‘08
~The Independent Ear

Jazz Giants-The Photography of Herman Leonard
Dexter Gordon
Also included are two of the many prints that were damaged after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005. Mr. Leonard had evacuated his studio and archives there in advance of the storm, but without anticipating the levee breaches that followed it. So the two prints on display will depict not just their subjects, Duke Ellington and Charlie Parker, but also the physical experience of the flood. In a show that evokes a glossy past, they will represent a continuing story, like Mr. Leonard himself and the music he loves. Saturday through June 15, Morrison Hotel Gallery, 124 Prince Street, near Wooster Street, SoHo, 212-941-8770,; free.~NYT

Crawfish Fest brings Louisiana music, food, crafts to PA


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Viva La OZ! Viva La Pucelle d'Orléans!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Thank you, New Orleans Daily Photo.
Sunset in New Orleans is Sunrise in Rangoon.

‘We are being Prevented from Talking about Burma at UNSC’: French Ambassador~Irrawaddy

600,000 killed, 100,000 missing in Burma~Burmese Bloggers without Borders~Interview with one official~According undisclosed interview with one government official, death toll is reaching 600,000 so far and 100,000 still missing.According his figure, 180,000 killed only Lutbutta township. 90,000 in Phyar Pone Township , 80,000 in Bogalay Township. 50,000 each in KywanGanKone , DayDaYae and MawKyane Township.Authorities ( army and its thugs USDA) are throwing away dead bodies to the nearby river.Even in Ye Way Cemetery in Yangon City, dead bodies are cremated in batch without proper identification. Emphasizing to Phyar Pone Township, authority declare Emergency Act and deter not to go out at night but then they are dumping dead bodies to the river.

5,000 sq km (1930 sq mi) of Burma still underwater: UN
~Map file here

Burma’s Recovery Can Gain from Recent Lessons in Disaster Relief~Laura Starita

Recovery chief deplores errors

Recovery czar retired Marine

AT&T demo's disaster preparedness
~With the Burma's cyclone Nargis dominating headlines worldwide, AT&T was in Chicago yesterday demonstrating to hundreds of its corporate customers how it responds to natural disasters.

Senate ethics panel dismisses Vitter (R-Pampr) complaint
"While Deborah Jeane Palfrey, who committed suicide last week, was found guilty of operating a prostitution ring, Sen. Vitter (R-Pampr) has not been held accountable for his activities. He walks away without even a slap on the wrist," Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington said.

Kudos to some Louisiana reporters~Kevin Allman

New Road Home appeal process offers hope for those in limbo

New Orleans mayor pushing residents to leave FEMA trailers~Lost in New Orleans

HUD Appoints New HANO Board Chair, as major public housing redevelopment advances

Hospitals In Louisiana And Mississippi To Receive More Katrina Recovery Grants

New Orleans Parishioners Fight to Keep Parish Church Open
~Voices from the Desert

Excellent! ~Born Angry
~Our Great 'Secretocracy' does not make us safer;
it undermines the Constitution.

FBI Raids U.S. Office of Special
~In a notably ironic turn of events, FBI agents raided the office of Special Counsel Scott Bloch this morning, seizing computers and documents as part of an ongoing obstruction of justice investigation. Bloch, who is charged with protecting federal whistleblowers, has been under investigation for, among other things, whistleblower retaliation within his own agency.
Up-Da'tilla! Call Jack! We only have 24 hours to find out the contents of 2 thumb-sized data cards found in Block's office,or bathroom, in da'medicine cabinet next to the cyanide. Jack will know what to do--and he'll do it too, with no holds barred, intense,
visceral, AmeriCanDuity! Forkin'A!

Camp Bucca in Iraq, with about 20,000 inmates, is perhaps the world's largest extrajudicial internment camp~be just~In October 2007, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers awarded a contract to expand Camp Bucca's capacity from 20,000 to 30,000. While easing notorious crowding, the contract suggests Washington is preparing for even more detentions in the future.

Versar, Inc. Awarded $21 Million Option for Iraq Reconstruction by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Last Full Day
~Mississippi-Atchafalaya-Gulf Mixing Cruise

~Editilla gotta D'OH!~Missed these folks when they first pulled anchor a week ago. D'OH! D'OH! D'OH!
AND DOUBLE D'OH!! Please fang back through their log and follow the entire voyage.

Exquixotic Corps calls East Jeff levees safe

Corps May Open Beaver Dam Flood Gates Again

Flood Stage Levels, current 'real-time' guage readings~USGS

Missouri Receives Comments from Corps of Engineers on Permits for Shallow Water Habitat Projects

Cross Lake Water Supply Feasibility Study, Shreveport, LA

Water Skiers Want Their Own Lake

I stand corrected (and I love it)

Red Cross tries to dispel rumors that it's doling out more recovery cash

Bruce on just another Sunday in the Bywater~Aroma Cucina
~Editilla gotta tol'yaz in'da InTres of Full'Disclosia~
I never can seem to watch what I'm sayin, even in a check'out line--let alone on various
Ladda'Rillas' comments sections...and especially when corresponding email wit'youz cats da'way I like to do. Well, one of 'yaz went and posted me! It was that way as a waif in church too...just couldn't keep my mouf'shut, different kind of posts though...then an unsuccessful career in juvenile delinquency and a stint with a Pharmaceuticals Testing Unit left yer Editilla with several aliases, multiple personalities, a slight tic and a case of syzygistic'dixlexaphasia.
Listlessly speaking rejuvenilation we enrolled in the PT Barnham School of Shameless Self Promotions
and graduated, suma naw'dog, Lettered in Typing,
majored sh*t in one hand half a dozen in the other,
with only a minor degree of pun'ished lugubriety
Now I are a blogger of astounding dementia!
And before anyone asks...ask me no questions and I'll tol'ya no lies. And if any of our Royal Fleu'rillas happen to have been at this little garden party, well
...don't you bee'spellin no lies either!

Kids Krewe: The Sound of Music
Kids attending NCSL's 2008 Legislative Summit in New Orleans can take part in The Sound of Music: New Orleans Music History at Tipitina’s & Casa Samba Interactive Performance.

Dixieland jazz comes to a corner of Wales

World Cocktail Week 2008
~May 8-13th
New Orleans
~Iris Restaurant, Swizzle Stick, Arnaud’s, Monteleone Hotel, Café Giovanni, Cochon, Lilette, Whisky Blue, MiLa, Commander’s Palace
Rum and All That Jazz
Presented by
Tickets Now On Sale!
Date: Friday, July 18, 2008
Time: 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Location: Historic Preservation Hall, 728 Rue Saint Peter
Special Thanks~Old New Orleans Rum


Jazz Fest Thank You’s

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008


The Irrawaddy Delta before the cyclone hit (left)
...and after (right) [Image: Nasa]
The two satellite photos above show the devastating affect of Cyclone Nargis which swept over the Irrawaddy delta region of Buma on Saturday.
The image on the left taken in April 15 shows the Irrawaddy river flowing south and splitting into numerous distributaries. Rivers and lakes are sharply defined against a backdrop of vegetation and fallow agricultural land. The image on the right taken on May 5 shows the entire coastal plain is flooded after the area took a direct hit from the cyclone. The city of Rangoon "Yangon" (located by the red rectangle) is almost completely surrounded by floods. ~Al Jezeera

Burma cyclone deaths may exceed 100,000

Bloggers describe 'sad moment' for Burma

Monks Aid Survivors, Authorities Sell Rooftops

US increases cyclone aid for Burma
~President bestows the Congressional Gold Medal in abstensia to Nobel laureate
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.
Editilla prays Genlte'Rillas will please click'da you'tube playa'tingy at right. Get Burma Night Train lyrics here.
~This is truly wonderful news despite the huge tragedy.
Remember what this meant for the Dali Lama and China.
Aside from greatly pissing off the Illegitimate Ruling Junta in China, who just as Burma's Illegitimate Ruling Junta, oppresses its own people--with brutal violence, such acknowledgement goes all the way to the ground, to the ears of citizens of that country (around the censors) through the eyes of its refugees aroung the world.

Obviously the Shitehouse had planned to piggy-back on this award, voted on by congress before the cyclone to coincide with the Burma Junta's Sham Constitutional Referendum V0te
still ordered for this Saturday...citizens required to hold an election before even begining to recover from the shock of such a horrendous natural and man-made disaster.
Sound familiar?
The Congressional Gold Medal tells the Citizens that we support them despite even our own leader's inactions. Make no mistake...we can do much more still to confront these bastard tyrrant capitalist rapers of the lands and people Burma, Tibet, China and Louisiana.

New Orleans remembers well how the American People had to go around our own Illegitimate Ruling Junta to help rescue and join in the city's recovery of our fellow citizens. Everyone saw our own Illegitimate Ruling Junta also refuse outside aid, offered while they left us to drown in our own dam'nation. Cheaper than bullets. They need the bullets for the war in Iraq. They need our Louisiana National Guard units too...and our Louisiana oil, gas and port facilities. But they do not need us, We the People, standing in the way of their doctrine of Economic Progress and Security. Yes, Mon'Chere, there is a "them" and "they" will "go there" and "do that".

In 1988 the Illegitimate Ruling Junta in Burma massacred over 3000 people in just over 12 hours (appx: 250/hour),
in the streets afront of the
Great Shwedagon Pagoda,
in that very city struck by the cyclone: Rangoon, Burma.
Then they changed the city's name to 'Yangon' and the country's name to 'Myanmar'
all after they had imprisioned
the daughter of the father of the country and the only person elected by the people in 50 years: Aung San Suu Kyi.

Known as
The Generation '88 Democracy Uprising,
the Junta murdered, point blank, more of their own citizens than we have lost soldiers in the Iraq war. In 1988 I believe the US was involved in murdering the citizens of Central America, mainly in El Salvador, through the Illegitimate Ruling Juntas in those countries, during the Reagan Presidenteity.

Boy George's father was VP then and I remember when George Bush Sr. quietly, at the time pseudo'secretly, visited the Illegitimate Ruling Junta in China, during the 1989 ProDemocracy Protests also happening in China, less than a year after Burma, just before they also killed 1000s in the Tiananmen Square Democracy Uprising.

Almost to the minute
20 years after the '88 massacre, that very Illegitimate Ruling Junta will light the
Olympic Torch in Beijing at 8:08 on 8-08-08?
Heads--they win. Tails--we run.
Are we everywhere they want to be?
The recent Democracy Crackdown happened just after the 2nd Anniversary of the Federal Flood.
Downtown Rangoon sits even closer to the ocean than New Orleans, up the
Hlaing River. The highest point of land within about 150 miles rises to around approximately 100 feet about the Pagodas where the army killed everyone, in the city's center, then quickly descends to an average elevation of the city at appx. 30 feet above sea level. Like a broken fractal resonance we are opposite sides of the same goddamned coin.
Who will call the next toss?

Laura Bush Comments ‘Inappropriate’ Says Analyst
“The US first lady’s political demands were inappropriate,” said Aung Naing Oo, an exiled Burmese political analyst. “This is a time when people are dying and suffering to a horrible degree, so if the US really wants to help, it can help without making political demands."
Editilla'havin Reaper'vu all over again.

Dear Al Gore...
Aung San Suu Kyi and Burma Need You Now
~Bourgeois Nievete

The Science of Cyclones

Asian Pacific American Society events in New Orleans
Editilla just noticed that neither Burma, nor its viciously applied nom d' rigor, Myanmar, are on this emblem of Asian Pacific Nations. It is as if they go along the coasts and just skip Burma. Why is that? How queer. I have emailed the national chairwoman for an answer.

Vaccarella Family During/After
Editilla big fana Rocky. He Editillero.

Spillway closing, but lake not out of the woods yet

Flood Stage Levels, current 'real-time' guage readings~USGS

New Orleans Handyman Special: $42K Discount, Cash Flow
~Editilla disclaimas~We hang'em you smoke'em.
Mama said even yer doh'so humble Editeurilla cannot print every thing we think about some things.

Rebuilding green in New Orleans
New Orleans is the setting for the National Assn. of Home Builders' National Green Building Conference, which runs Sunday through Tuesday, May 11 to 13.

Jeez....I just don't understand
~American Zombie
~Now how can there still be a problem with the crime camera contract? H/T'n'T-Oyster

Liprap's Lament - The Line

The City Of New Orleans
~Music City Bloggers

New Orleans Google YouTube Debate Pushes On~Sam Winston

Dirty Coast

Last Act at the Private Street Stage~Toulouse Street

The Coolest Man In New Orleans: Renard Poche

Editilla gotta tol'yaz~ Jazz Fest is over.
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Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Burma cyclone: up to 50,000 dead and millions homeless, but still no call for aid

Junta government slows cyclone aid to Burma

30,000 missing after Burma cyclone

Laura Bush Discusses Jenna's Wedding During Burma Cyclone Disaster Press Conference Video
Editilla could'na put more icing on this cake if we'da
had a mile wide paddle. By such First Effetery one can well imagine how I have come to see the man-made disasters of New Orleans and Burma as opposite sides of the same coin tossed into the abyss, into the dark future of Freidmaniacle Shock Confusion.
I will never forget listening on the radio to her mother-in-law's wry assesement of hurricane evacuees in Houston while yer primal Editilla and the rest of the city was fighting for our goddamned worthless tax-payin lives--in the City that Care Forgot and her Beau Presidente Left for Dead! Down with these Elitists Pigs whether in Rangon or Washington.

First Lady Princess Leia on Hurricane Katrina, Says the planet of Alderaan Will Increase Aid~Random Toughts

That Buzz you hear
~Your Right Hand Thief

~Editilla jerks at restraints, changes colors and pustulates~Hey! Priest! Betta call da'Exorcist!

Cooperative View: New Evidence Suggests A Symbiogenetic Origin For The Centrosome
Differential interference contrast image of an activated Spisula oocyte. Centrosomes (stained green with fluorescent gamma-tubulin antibody) sit in the middle of the dark, cnRNA in situ hybridization patch. Chromosomes are shown in red.
(Credit: Mary Anne Alliegro)

In their paper, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the Alliegros give evidence that the centrosome evolved through symbiogenesis -- in which previously independent organisms fuse, become mutually dependent, and over time, become a single composite organism -- rather than by the evolutionary process of random, heritable mutations and natural selection.
~Editilla squillas~not too unlike yer'verdant Nola Blog'0'reamery!
As species evolution tends towards either habit or novelty, la'creme always rises to the top, like a tide of boisterous drunken quarked-up clowns in da'levee'breach.
Hence we shall lean to da'ladda ova da'forma and pun'ish those who would oppose us. Sinn Féin.

I’m not going to write about politics today~Tom Flannery

How did shooter get access to sea lions? Ask Exquixotic Corps!
~Thank you for an opportunity to respond to your questions about the security at Bonneville Lock and Dam. I know you can appreciate there is little I can say about how the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers protects a facility the size and complexity of Bonneville Dam.
[O'rilla? Might we appreciate how little you know?]
~The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers maintains several levels of security at its facilities designed to safeguard people and property. We are confident that the measures and procedures in place are sufficient to protect the critical structures at our facilities. We continuously monitor our security procedures to ensure the highest protection possible, and make changes as needed. In light of this incident, we are reviewing our procedures and make any necessary modifications.
[Now where have we heard that one before?]
~On May 3 or 4, 2008, we believe one or more persons gained access to Cascades Island, a restricted area, which is part of the Bonneville Lock and Dam complex and killed four California sea lions and two Stellar sea lions. Obviously, the perpetrators of this egregious act did so without our knowledge and were on this island without our permission. Cascades Island is closed to the public. Additionally, none of our critical structures or facilities was compromised.
[I would've thought of the word "breached".]
~The Corps of Engineers is cooperating with federal and state authorities to determine how these individuals gained access to this restricted area. Until that investigation is complete the Corps cannot provide any additional information to your station or the public, as it could compromise the investigation and our ability to bring those responsible for this act to justice, and our ability to protect this and other facilities.
[Like convening
The 8/29 Commission?]
--- Matt Rabe, Chief, Public Affairs Office, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
[Editeurilla infidellas]~~Matt Rabe is neither Military nor an Engineer but a Public Relations Schill, Mout'Piece, Flack'Catcher, Spanky'Boy, Poodle'Cheese. Emphasis all mine, Fleurillas.
After the Festival,
the Celebration~Harry Shearer

MMS Receives 40,000+ Comments On Cape Wind
~Timothy Hurst

Hurricane Katrina disaster recovery lessons still popping up~Tiering applications, paying attention to people issues are key

HFIA members to work with Katrina victims this week
~The Home Furnishings Independents Association will devote a full day during this week’s annual meeting in New Orleans to help Hurricane Katrina victims rebuild and recover. HFIA members from around the country have donated furniture to fellow HFIA member Julian Doerr who will store the home furnishings until HFIA’s annual meeting Wednesday and Thursday this week. At that meeting HFIA attendees will volunteer their time and furnish several restored homes.

Ruth's Chris 1Q profit falls 33 percent Who'dat?

State Loses Katrina Victim's Body

Renard Poché:
Barackin’ da Vote & da Vibe
~casa de Charlotte della luna

~Editilla say~It's da'Beat...Barack'N'Roll!

Like I Said ~Yeah, U Rite! ~Ten Command- ments of the Blues
~Coco Fobicheaux


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Monday, May 5, 2008


Spring in New Orleans
~From the PondLady's Pad

"New Orleans is awful in the summer, but now, in the spring, our gardens are alive and popping with color. Today, I thought I would show some of the marvelous color in my gardens."

Sprouts of optimism~Wayne Anderson

The Neville Brothers reunite
'the family of New Orleans'

"I initially had apprehension, but I realized we all come back on our own time," Sanchez said. "I have to respect that."

Scars Amid the Party in New Orleans

Aid offers mount for Burma after deadly cyclone

Sophomore year: Katrina, charity and change

Going coast to coast~One young man has chosen to spend 50 days this summer on a bike trip across the United States with "Eight Days of Hope to serve the Lord" while making a difference in every day life of victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Stirring up dish's legend
~Lolis Eric Elie

Ozone alert today in N.O. area

Nagin chosen as Democratic superdelegate
~Editilla caught shinin'~Sorry I missed this one Saturday. Y'all know I do try to keep on top of da'Baby Ray. Sometimes though, the da'Chocolate Don is so hard to a Smeagley Ghost ...invisible, nothing but a mouth floating in the humid light, in the very opposite of a Cheshire Grin.

Flood Stage Levels, current 'real-time' guage readings~USGS

LOOW: Facts and Myths

The Three Crucibles of American Jazz: New Orleans, Kansas City & Where?~Kiko's House

New Orleans Null Set
~Von Trap Keeper

~Editilla recomends that Gentle'Rillas please check this trap keeper's artist side.

Jazz Fest wraps up with big crowd

New Orleans in New York Times

NolaFunk Lagniappe: Jazzfest Edition
~Editilla chin'chillas~It just doesn't get any better than this blog. Whoa! Everthing you could ask for and a side of dirty rice!

WWOZ and Jazz Fest in Exile
~Toulouse Street

Editilla gotta tol'yaz~ Jazz Fest is over. But there is still WWOZ online! And that has kept yer oh'so humble Editeurilla outta McDonalds wit'a armful of throwin-pies! Y'all check them out and give'em a hat tip from me, Editilla O'rilla d'Aphasia,
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Sunday, May 4, 2008


Rangoon In the Eye of the Storm as Cyclone Nargis Rips Ancient City of Burma~Pan Bay Dah
Observers here estimate that it needs years of endeavors to rebuild the city. Winds of 130-150 mph recorded as storm is expected to linger into days.

Burma damage will take days to assess - UN

Local residents complains for no help after deadly cyclone~"These people only know how to beat up people".

Judge rejects Army Corps of Engineers immunity over Katrina
~Editilla schillas~Just as we have show Gentle'Rillas in posts past... to wit: how news moved around the Internet about the Corps' January legal victory over New Orleans in Judge Duvall's court, over responsibility for their failures, this article today is also all over the place in a hundred different posts on aggregate search engines. How aggregratifying is that, eh? So I will go ahead and post it from time to time. Basically the same article but in different media. Nice to know the Internet cares not for whom da'Bell tolls.
Now we need to get ready, mark our calendars for the
SEPTEMBER 8th, 2008 Trial!
When the Court case happens--which also happens to be right after the 3rd Anniversary of the Federal Flood.
--Editeurilla wondas what will come from the Rising Tide 3/?
Anyone else up fo'little ass'kickin on'da Corps? Hmmmm?
We must get on top of this court case and promote the world's focus. What else is happening that month in New Orleans?
Why, the major Great Google/YouTube Presidential Forum!
Who'dat Gon'beat da'Saints Today? Editilla begs ta'diffa!
We stay on the Exquixotic Corps
~like sweat from'da Reaper's brow,

~like red rain on'da sacred cow,

~like file' in'da bowl,
~like water in'da hole,
we do gris gris fo'da soul!

H/TnT-Michael Rivero

A Short Geologic History of New Orleans~Eric Wilder

~Editilla O'rilla d'Aphasia really schillan and crowin now~
Thank you, Noble'Rillas! The Ladda, just this moment, passed 6000 hits! Wow! That is a thing to me, though we know it ain't mosquito flatulence to yer dedidedly NOT average Nola Blogger.
There are people all over da'woilt watching out for our Fair City from this Ladder--and they will be there in New Orleans for the 3rd Anniversary if yer oh'so humble Editeurilla has a say in da'matter!
Next week (11th of May) will mark 6 months since we launched this stray puppy and, wit'yer help Ladda'Rillas, our Little Lady seems to be growing into quite da'Funky Bitch!

Dem Wins Long-Held Louisiana Republican Congressional Seat~OpEd News

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band Enters Into Distribution Agreements with Wolfgang's Vault

Day 2, May 2nd - 2nd Weekend
~Thanks Mel, Music Road Man

Editilla is lovin this site for photo coverage of Jazz Fest. It is the easiest and quickest to navigate with each pic leading to more pics, all notated--and nary a mike stand in a performers face! Mel gets Editlilla's
Yowzah Bowzah Award for for Rockin'da'Rollin!

Today's Fess'chedule
~Jazz Fest OZ'Blog