Saturday, September 19, 2009


James Gill: Ethics laws: useless by accident or design?

Geaux Senator Mary Landrieu!
~Praise Goddess for Big Ova!
I'm tollin'ya! And which diaper wearing, hooker-fucking values hypocrite Senator do y'all think she's Hulk'inatin'on?
--Audience stage right?

Editilla Loves An Honest Scrap!

Well, ahem, guess all youz beotches betta buckle'up!
Aggregator Schmagmagator!
Real Bloggers, as Citizen K, think we do just fine t'ank you fury mush! HAHAHAHA!
Really though, thank you for the honor, K, Blogga You!
I like the Hammer motif.
Honest Weblog Award Rules:
1. You must brag about the award. ( spades)
2. You must include the name of the blogger who bestowed the award on you and link back to that blogger. (Done)
3. You must choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. (Fuck that. These aren't only some of my favorites, but a few who I do consider Real Bloggers and from whom I have learned so much.)
~Your Right Hand Thief
~Library Chronicles
~Our New Orleans Saints
~Canal Street Chronicles
~We Could Be Famous
~Huck UpChuck
~Ashley Morris: The Blog
~First Draft
~Louisiana 1976
~Maitri's Vatul Blog
~Crescent City Hack
~Odd Bits of Life in New Orleans
~Home of the Groove
~Gentilly Girl
~Harry Shearer
~NO Notes, St James Infirmary
~Thanks Katrina
OK, that is a few more than 7, and I could go on, but I would like it noted that after I got into blogging, and looking around the country, I have found very few who can hold a candle to NO/La bloggers --and that includes Big Huff'n Firedog'n Kosacks et al!
For more please see our list of Stitch'hikas and 2nd Line.
4. Show their names and links and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with the Honest Weblog Award.
(I am really not an "award giver" type but do honor Editillos... does that count? This looks like work, but I'll try Jeez Louie:)
5. List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself.
(You gotta be'z this:)
I believe that Goddess takes care of fools & errant troubadours.
I also believe it possible to go native without realizing it.
I've learned, written & performed my own impressionistic delta folkblues for over 30 years with care to look and listen...and practice practice. I write literate songs. I play guitar percussively, notoriously acoustic, no picks... on: a Nylon string guitar made in Spain by Sanchis Carpio, an Epiphone PR-850 acoustic (Ghost slide guitar) and Electric Resonator Guitar designed by Jay Turser (purchased with convoluted FEMA money in Baton Rouge, after escaping to there from New Orleans in a pick-up truck with: 1 guitar 1 dog 1 bicycle 1 backpack filled with 20+ books, 2 pair of shorts, dog food and 6 blades... 7 days after the Corps of Engineers flooded the City 8/29/05) and Hohner harps.
I've also acquired an Ampeg electric guitar amplifier: tubes, 40 watts, 12" speaker, vintage 1962...serious brown sound.
I produced my first CD, "Babylon Cafe...revisited" in 1999 as well as my second CD,instrumental, "Smooth to the Fine and other Peaces for the new Melliniumn" 2000 (both sold out).
I live for Science opposed to Sci Fantasy. I enjoy North & South American fiction in general but particularly that written by scientists...or in that genre with Borges, Butler, Dick, Kress, Winterson, Sterling and Stephenson.
Still, I cut my teeth on Falkner, O'conner and Pynchon.
I am writing a Comedy play on the Death of Socrates.
My other influences go from "e-prime" to Frank Loyd Wright to Frank Zappa to Tom Waits to Lafcadio Hearn to Bucky Fuller to Metaphysics Anonymous to the back hand path on this goddamned long road home.
If you could put me in a church before you nailed the doors shut and burned it down the altar would hold the Tao te ching, inside a building built of Dharma surrounded by sprawling grounds of Secular Ecohumanism and ringed by a 4 dimensional, wave-like, seething perimeter of guerrilla cyberpunk rail-tail futurist hyper-level social view.
Floodgate plans for Louisiana 23 at Oakville ready to proceed, corps says~Andrea Shaw

Jesuit Bend residents fight Corps' floodgate plan
~ Shelley Brown

Red mud redux~LaCoastPost suffers Blogotomy
~Editilla is dizzy with Grayziness... whaaahappen?
Has the new Editor of taken a Blogotomy Pill?
They have them, you know, for editors and PR Hacks.
Y'all check it out, and after you Return from Somnambula let us know if we are going color-blind --or just in one of those reversed psychedelic flashbacks they promised us when we lined up for those Media'lab Rat Experiments (MREs).
It was quite frightening so early in the morning actually, as if has hired the Gray Ghost to redesign their Blog Site... sooo, now all you have is a little gray world of BIG BILLBOARDS?
I had dropped by there to check on our friends from and just found myself staring at the screen in what I thought was caffeine withdrawal, you know when your vision starts going white, or the calm before the migraine? Oh the FLASH ADS are all a'flitter... but the Blog Subject Information (BSInfo) has definitely taken a Loooong Way-Backseat to the Ad Layout.
Yeah... Ya'betcha, that's gonna make me want to return hits.
Apparently, if you are the Corps and can pay $45,000/year of our Flood Funding, then you get prominent placement for Ads, hell even your own Articles!
Or, if well- Heeled Blue Cross Blue Shield, you can get even more regular and Exclusive Ad Placements to argue against a Single Payer Option
--but if you are a Citizen Blogger then faggetaboutit.
The locals get Bread and Water but NO SOUP!
Indeed it appears that seeks to force Citizen Bloggers on their site to Advocate For the Health Insurance Industry--since they have No Say in the placement of such blatant and egregious PR Propaganda above their Words, beside their Names.
This Health Insurance Industry presentation is Not an Ad, but a statement of Political/Business Philosophy.
It is the sickest and vilest form of Public Relations Spew.
It flows like some video from OPP, that PR Snake Farm!
Witnaaass the Death of Imagination, the Never Ending Story?
We sincerely hope this is just a transition period for Advance Internet, that they get their act together and return our local media to the marginal relevancy to which we are accustomed.
If however, decides to hand off their Editorial Direction to Advance Internet to exploit the Free Content of Citizen Bloggers as Advertising Teats, with less word-space and more Ad-space, then we can always Deny Advance/ Tits.
If their Site don't get No Tits, they can't sell the Demographic.
If we Deny their Tits then they cannot suck us to make the wrongest kind of money.
~UpDate~Meet the New Face of
~BIG UPDATE! Danger Will Robinson!~ Internet is pulling Editorials!?! Yeah, please see posts below with "Stood UpDates", which happen to be an Editorial about the Corps which we ripped apart because of the Corps Advertising on it, and the other (so far) the Jarvis De Berry editorial regarding the Inspector General's office chasing their tales --which btw is definitely gone from Jarvis' place at This of course coincides with the advent of Advance Internet into the Nola Media Market. Do we now have to go back through the past couple of YEARS to make sure the articles we posted from are still actually AT Well???
This sucks so bad I can hear wind in my computer.
Oh, that's the fan --but you get my drift.
This is starting to look bad, censorial, surgically clumsy.
I really hope that they don't start pulling Corps editorials and articles which cast the Corps in anything resembling their True Light of Infamy. All we will get now are even worse feel-good PR from OPP. So far, the Articles on the Corps are still on the site (that I have found).
We sincerely hope that this is all just a load of Software Buggery and Advance/ will straighten things out --not undue influence from some of's advertisers.
But that Jarvis editorial is flat GONE from
I mean, why Jarvis, and why an editorial on the IG? Who's next?

Tax evasion and prostitution (and drugs) are very serious issues~Your Eight Hand Thief

Hoffman School
~Squandered Heritage

~Lagniappe de Liprap

A minor miracle in New Orleans stained-glass restoration
~Karen Gis

'Federal city' takes shape in Algiers~Paul Purpura

Home Depot lays off employees at New Orleans area stores

Louisiana adds three rigs in weekly count~NO City Buisiness

September energy leases hit all- time low~Jeremy Alford

Jello Biafrat to do Voodoo Fest

Lucinda Williams Gets Married On Stage

Monterey Jazz Festival, as rich and ripe with talent as ever
~Richard Scheinin

Friday, September 18, 2009


State and Corps butting heads on permanent pumping stations
~Katie Moore

~The state will not sign off on replacing the current pump stations in the outfall canals with permanent ones, despite a push from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to move forward on construction before the temporary pumps begin to fail.
“The Corps has chosen the least expensive option and we've been down that path before. The Corps chose the cheapest instead of the best. We're unwilling, again, together with our congressional delegation and the parishes, we're unwilling to go down that path once again,” said Garrett Graves, Executive Assistant to Governor Bobby Jindal for Coastal Affairs.

My recent visit to New Orleans -memories both old and new
~Arthur Remanjon

~Editilla Notellas~
I have re-posted this due to the tragic passing of the author.
Since receiving news of Arthur's death in a motorcycle wreck Sept. 2nd, I have been perusing his websites and am left with an even greater sense of loss for someone I shall never meet.
It isn't often that someone's "Trip to Nola" post so moves me in such a way as to leave my own work as tribute. Alas, I could only hope to reach such quality in this or any lifetime.

~Flora Cafe, where Editilla once worked swinging snowballs and fresh juice.
Indeed, during "The Troubles" that first week of 8/29/05, Flora's served us well as a capstan refuge in the neighborhood for the after-storm flood partay.
Times-Picayune/USACE Editorial Taking a strategic step in Poo on New Orleans outfall canals
~Disclaimer! This editorial is paid for by our friends at the US Army Corps of Engineers.
~Stood UpDate~ has completely pulled this editorial from their site! And, we cannot access it from any search generated by the title. We suppose this is more "Editorial Discretion" employed by the new sheriff in town: Advance Internet?
Just axin, what are words worth sowing killing fields?
Now what? The T-P can --and does often-- say in Faustian defense
"Oh but we publish editorials attacking the Corps!"

We say: My Ass, they take Money from the Corps!
We also say they have provided the Corps a potent Mouthpiece.
We hear their Mouf'talkin, the sound of Change in their pocket.
Having followed the Times Picayune Mouf'talkin for the past few years, I have had it with their Conflicts of Interests, as to date this news outlet has allowed the Corps to operate unchecked by any serious follow-up journalistic investigations into:
~Massive Computer Fraud on by the Corps of Engineers infiltrating the comments sections of articles on the Corps, illegally posed as "civilians", to disrupt discussion, attack its critics, disparage the survivors of their corrupt Corps engineering and out-right Lie about the Causes of their Failures in the Flood of New Orleans 8/29/05.
~Bad Pumps! The entire time (since the flood) as the T-P low'ball miss-pitched this story of Options on the outfall canals, the Corps has bought, paid-for and installed criminally faulty Pumps. This was proven by a Report by the Office of Special Counsel which backed up the formal complaints of Maria Garzino, the Corps Engineer who was forced by the New Orleans District to install these Hell Pumps.
~Levee Leaks we even need to go there?
~OPP... opp-see we ain't even going to that Snake Farm!
Been there. Done That. Got the bloody screen shots to prove it.

Bloomberg News Gives NOLA Katrina Shorthand of da'schtick
~The destruction accelerated four years ago last month, when Hurricane Katrina struck. The third-deadliest storm in U.S. history claimed more than 1,800 lives, displaced 1 million residents and damaged more than half of New Orleans’ housing.
~They can run but they can't hide.

GDP an Inaccurate Measure of Stark Disparities in United States, Fails to Show Whole Picture in Louisiana~Huff Post
~Or so says some smart carpet baggers who like to credit New Orleans for handing the nation its Dying Cultural Ass.
~When Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Mississippi and Louisiana four years ago, extreme weather and acute human vulnerability met head-on with tragic results. Long-standing gaps in the well-being of different groups of Gulf coast residents were suddenly everywhere in evidence - on rooftops, on I-10 overpasses, and on TV screens across the country.
Many were stunned by what they saw. They should not have been. The problems of social exclusion, residential segregation, and human poverty that Katrina brought to light hide in plain sight in every U.S. state.
No shit ya'buncha Boo'lockes!
Now, how'bout y'all get straight on what caused 8/29...

Court snubs 17th Street Canal property owners in suit for levee compensation
~Editilla Notellas~ Composted due to hard commentary.

Jarvis DeBerry: New Orleans watchdogs are chasing their tails
~Stood UpDate~ Another Editorial pulled from! What is happening here? Is this new Internet Ad Company, Advanced Internet, for some weird reason pulling articles or just simply fucking up the site so as to make it worthless to share? Please join us in contacting these Net'tards and axin'em WTF?!? I mean, we didn't even pick on them over this editorial. Hell, we love Jarvis. Sooooo, what gives, Advanced/ Who is running this ship of fools aground?

What’s the score? Bossier up by 1 – State Farm out on Motion for Partial Summary Judgment
~Nowdoucit, slabbed

May you live in an interesting age~Liprap's Lament - The Line
~Editilla Notellas~ Heading what is arguably one of the sharpest reviews of Ned Sublette's latest: The Year Before The Flood, that quote reminds me of "The Chinese Curse",
which has 3 parts of increasing, errah, accursedness?
~May you live in interesting times.

~May you come to the attention of a government official.
~May you profit from it.

Our Weekend in New Orleans
~Motorhome Diaries

New Orleans boast a handful of great hot dogs~Todd A. Price
Riiight! Nola wanna her dogs nice and pretty like...CHICAGO???

Rebirth Brass Band sets off sunset show this evening at Historic New Orleans Collection courtyard~Alison Fensterstock

We just can't help ourselves on Fridays...

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Corps' pump station plan fails to win approval of state Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority~Mark Schleifstein
~From the back hand path: Didn't we already shoulder $450,000,000 gone for these defective pumps? That money is spent and gone. I am angry about that. The Corps Lied about those Bad Pumps and we shelled out Half A Billion. They stuck it to us while we were vulnerable --to reward their friends. Now they want more tax dollars to repair this problem? Someone explain to me where the Citizens of New Orleans are the problem here???
Go find somebody else's punk and ram this ASCE'fork down their throats for Goddess' sake.
We obviously cannot believe the Corps New Orleans District's own costs estimates for these Options based on their own design specs. Their word is feces.
They are liars. They are Lying Engineers.
So they say "$3.4 billion and 12 years for Option 2 or $3.6 billion for Option 2a". I say Hog Urine. I say they are pulling these costs out of their ASCE. I say we Fire Every One of Those Gangland Thugs on Leake Street. Yes, get rid of the whole Lot.
What else do we have as an alternative? More of this extremely obvious contractual molestation? Who will tell the last person standing that they must pay for more flood control?

Corps of Engineers New Orleans District now Spokesperson for New Orleans Sewage and Water?
~Dixclaimer! Warning! Bat Signal!~
~Editilla Ro'tellas a Ho'tella fo'da Co'tellas~
In yet another stunning piece of COPPPR (Corps OPP PR) Advertorial Reportage,
the Bride of Corpsenstein, Sheila Grissett, leaves the Question of our Flood Safety open to The 1000 Yard Stare.
We should come up with an award specifically for this re-animated gumshoe, along the lines of a Bent-over Pulitzer, or perhaps even
The PT Barnham Award for Shameless Public Relations Press'da'digitation.

Since when did the New Orleans District Corps become the spokesperson for the New Orleans SWB?
Her failure to include SWB statements aside, did this copy writer get a look'see at any "SCADA Data" on the Run Times for those Pumps? We must Ax, since we cannot trust the shifting word of this Corps "Yeah Man". He said (in reference to the recent Hydraulic Pumps Questioning) 12-13 hours during Ike and Gustav in her last article on him --which was proven (with a wristwatch calculator?) to be a ridiculous amount of Water to have on hand at those pumping rates..."God with Huge Buckets" was the quote I heard from one stunned geotech engineer.
As this Corps Yeah Man (CYM) has demonstrated he has NOoooo problem juggling performance figures for these pumps in the face of the questioning public regarding real hurricanes, Chris "slam-my-tongue-in" Accardo is really getting pretty iffy with the way he is parsing average run-times among these pumps this weekend:
[Accardo said all direct-drive and hydraulic pumps in the canal performed well last weekend. He said they ran an average three hours, cumulatively, and their run times ranged from a low of 22 minutes to a high of around 5 1/2 hours. The hydraulic pumps, which some critics continue to allege aren't safe, ran an average of four hours; they ranged from 2 hours and 59 minutes to 4 hours and 46 minutes, according to the corps.]
Corps Behavior like this is specifically Why Real Engineers Use SCADA Data. Like the "Black Box" from a crashed airliner, these instruments measure the performance (or not) of the machinery.

One Big Prablem here is that this "news'porter" is using the Corps word and only the Corps word regarding these pumps
--which are still officially reported as Failed.

When engineers fuck up you don't listen to them any more, you hire other, competent engineers.
But here, we have to endure the statements of the very engineers
Who Have Made a Career of Fucking Up.

Isn't this some sort of ASCE'fork of Ethics to have this Corps "Yeah" Man marketing risk regarding their Hydraulic Pumps, the failures of which were cited in the Official Federal Report to the President here and here (big pdfs alert).
What is this flack'catcha doing here? Yes, we need answers about our Flood Safety --but all this Corps Yeah Man is doing is Pumping Public Relations.

Flooding concerns discussed at City Council meeting
~Scott Satchfield

City's first inspector general's tenure lambasted in in-house report~Michelle Krupa

$100 million in hurricane-recovery bonds approved for biodiesel plant in St. Rose
~Ed Anderson and Matt Scallan

Top doctor gives insight into Hurricane Federal Flood

Shrimpers’ livelihood threatened without dock space in Gulfport
~Anita Lee

Fishing hurricane recovery survey extended~Daily Comet

Recovery: The New Black
~Harry Shearer

Why men like Hon. Jed S. Rakoff should matter to us
~Bam Bam Bigelow slabbed

Georgia to Appeal Water Ruling
~Edgar Treiguts
~On July 17th, U.S. District Judge Paul Magnuson ruled the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers does not have the right to draw from the Lanier reservoir to supply drinking water to metro Atlanta's population of more than three million residents.

L.A. engineers are puzzled by uptick in water pipe failures
~Jessica Garrison

Treme: Life on the Banquette
~Odd Bits of Life in New Orleans

Bayou by Moonlight, Exploring Lousiana's other nightlife on a canoe trip after dark
~Ian McNulty, Gambit

Degas House Oktoberfest
~2306 Esplanade Ave. German food and beer with music by Julie Council and German Jubilee Band, 6-10 Sat.

New Orleans Craft Mafia
to host free screening of
"Handmade Nation"
~Susan Langenhennig

Ani DiFranco sounds new upbeat tone~John Lamb
~Like any good business person, Ani DiFranco knows the three keys to success – location, location, location.
“People have made a lot of noise about my new record being my ‘happy record, Ani’s happy now. Happy, happy, happy,’ ” she said in a phone interview. “Part of that is, I have a lot to be grateful for. I’m in a good place.”
The folk-singing icon is certainly in a good place, or places. Physically, she recently moved from her native Buffalo, N.Y., to New Orleans. There she started a family with her husband, and now they have a 2-year-old daughter. DiFranco performs songs from her 19-year career Friday night at the Fargo Theatre.

Up From New Orleans With the Astral Project : Midwest Tour
~Andrea Canter

Music is no joke to Jamie Foxx
~Malcolm Venable

They're Baaaaaaaa-aaaack!
~The New Orleans Bingo! Show

Living Colour at Tipitina's and more from Spera's Trick Bag

Dirty Dozen Brass Band joins forces with CSU Marching Band
~Johnny Hart

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mercredi~ s'il vous plaît

New Orleans inspector general's office in turmoil~David Hammer

~Casa De Charolette Della Luna


Slimy Nagin! Nickelodeon pranks mayor~The New Orleans Levee

~Redevelopment of the deluged Six Flags New Orleans site in NO East took a big step forward last month when Nickelodeon officials slimed Mayor C. Ray Nagin and had SpongeBob SquarePants put a net over him and drag him away from the project.

Louisiana's $362M debt notice
~Melinda Deslatte

~The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services formally notified Louisiana that its state-run charity hospitals were overpaid federal health care dollars in the mid-1990s for care provided to uninsured patients. Now, CMS wants Louisiana to repay the money.

What Can We Learn From Dutch Way Of Life On The Water?
~Laila Morcos

James Gill: Republican crusader Beth Rickey exposed the real David Duke

Jimmy Carter Calls a Spade-Bootin Cracker-Jacker: A Spade-Bootin Cracker-Jacker!
~In what must be a drop in medication, the former President again rings the door bell with a sledge hammer, calls out flaccid White Supremacy as a the Hedgerow to Hell.

Dell stall tactics fall flat
~We Could Be Famous

You go girls – Rigsbys answer State Farm’s counterclaim
~Nowducit, slabbed

Crews to clear three St. Tammany waterways

Town hall in Mandeville tonight to discuss Chinese drywall

Paper recycling facility opens at Port of Shreveport-Bossier

Thanks, Katrina

Paddlers enticed by sounds of New Orleans~Aldo Santin

Missouri coordinates catastrohic quake response~Betsy Taylor

From the Hell-Hath-No-Fury Department ~YatPundit

Now whose medium is dying? ~Library Chronicles

New Orleans Newsboys

Only in New Orleans,
Part Whatever ~NOLA Rev

New Orleans Film Festival unveils full 2009 slate
~Mike Scott

Meet Picture Book Author, Rachelle Burk
~Walking on Water

This is Limbo... ~NOLA RISING

Richie Havens
In Oct. 16 Concert to Benefit the Heritage School of Music

Do You Remember? 45 Years Ago, Beatles Performed In N.O. ~WDSU


New Orleans Rhythm Kings:
Tin Roof Blues

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mardi Pardi

Fight heats over discriminatory housing laws in New Orleans
~Jordan Flaherty, Facing South

TX Civil Rights Project Publishes Jail Stories from Hurricane Ike
~Grits for Breakfast

Disbarred lawyer appeals judgment in levee case
~Mark Schleifstein

Clockface Socrates
I've got a clock in my face... and it's laughing
at this time and space... it finds lacking
the will to arise... some shake to awaken...
that drive to arrive on this road so taken.
--I ain't got it today to fake my karma death,
stand behind a waterfall... breath beneath its weight.
I can always find a way away from my self,
no ones got go pay me for that.

I got plants in my place... and they like me
better when I play... or when I'm writing
my Comedy of Socrates, of his alleged death, er the possibility
-that they gave him Belladonna and feigned his martyr's wish
and stole his ass away on a stretcher. Then he wakes
with his friends, though the thinks he's gone to heaven
or wherever the Greeks sent their Questioners.

I asked my momma if she could find me
a pair of Black Cowboy Boots to take the Stage
in any neighborhood, on any crowded street,
in any antique doorway wherever the people freely meet
--lest they bust me playing Music
in the City That Care Forgot,
fine me a hundred dollars and say they better not
find me playing Music
in the Quarters after Dark
--and that goes for yer'little dog Flora
--and that goes for yer'little dog too!
Editilla d'Aphasia, New Orleans, Summer 2004


Rain causes Corps to test new flood plan~Jennifer Hale
~Saturday's nasty weather triggered the new Corps Canal policy.
“This weekend was extreme conditions. We haven't seen levels this high since Gustav and Ike,”
says Chris Accardo with the US Army Corps of Engineers. This morning, everything was back to normal. Accardo says the process went smoothly. “If we have a major hurricane, those pumps are going to work fine. And we’re going to keep them up so people can have confidence in them if we have a major hurricane," he says.
But civil engineer and's lead researcher H. J. Bosworth disagrees. He says the pumps likely won’t be able to handle the workload: “I wouldn't bet that they could. No no.”
Bosworth warns the temporary pump system has been cobbled together and can't handle the strain of the new 2.5 foot trigger or a big storm. “If there's more than an 8 inch rain and those gates are closed, the folks who depend on that London Avenue pump station will be very susceptible to flooding,” Bosworth warns.

~Editilla Frankenstillas~
This Chris Accardo is one savvy cur. Remember that name: Accardo...
as in "I'd rather slam my tongue in
A Car Doh than listen this barker."

His erroneous inference to the water levels of Gustav and Ike are intended to lather mo'gravy onto his previous sly public statements regarding the non-testing of those bad pumps,
to wit here:
"Yeah, we are confident they are safe. Again, we ran them for 12 to 13 hours during hurricanes Gustav and Ike and they performed fine," said Chris Accardo with the Corps.
yeah, we're confident the pumps will perform as designed during a hurricane event." Yeah, A'Car'Doh, we're giving you a'lotto credo for brains, but...this dog won't hunt.
What a feckless spitball Lie...yeah what'm'sayin...
Yeah'bo A'Car'Do doesn't tell you that they did not move more than a thimble-full through those Corrupt MWI Hydraulic Pumps
(also installed at each outfall canal) --when in fact they ran the more dependable battle-tested Direct Drive Pumps during Gustav and Ike --and probably not for the lengths of time he states since he is basically lying in'da first place. Who ya'gonna call?
Had they run those Bad Pumps even Obama would have heard the machinery's screaming death all the way to Washington DC.
However, Accardo (this Corps "Yeah" Man) is grotesquely contradicted here in this Harry Shearer interview Sunday with the lead Corps Engineer Maria Garizino, who was forced by Arrcado's New Orleans District to install those not-tested pumps, the constant failures of which she describes as "un-natural".
Please listen to her riveting story of these Pump Failures.
Chris Accardo is also Directly Contradicted here and here <--(big pdfs alert) by Legal Testimony from the Office of Special Counsel's own independently contracted Civil Engineer.
"The Special Counsel’s report and the "black box" information (known as "SCADA data”) prove the hydraulic pumps were not utilized when canal water levels were highest at the beginning of each storm, not allowed to run at full operating speeds and pressures, and not allowed to run for extended periods of time that replicate a real-life hurricane event."~
Jesselyn Radack, attorney who represents Corps Engineer Maria Garzino.
I mean, Chris Accardo --Project Director for the Corps of Engineers New Orleans District-- are you freaking lying or what? Answer me. Are you Freak'O'lay Freakin'Lyin?
Those pumps are broken and so is Chris Accardo's Corps Word.

Ms. Garzino's Expert Testimony has opened up a dank, sinister dynamic to this Never Ending Story of our City's damn'nation:
the New Orleans District of the US Army Corps of Engineers.
As with many Crime Stories, the Perp returns often during the investigations and recovery to watch and adjust what evidence may (or may not) turn up to the Detectives --especially if the Perp IS one of the Detectives. Such is the case on this hunt for the Criminals suspected in the rape and crucifixion of our Maiden.
And as such, the evidence will sometimes reveal itself as we see here, the New Orleans District, our own people --who are so quick to publicly cry: "Lay Off the Nola Corps Who Also Lost So Much!" --Committing More Crime to Cover Up their Crimes.
Crime Crime Crime Crime Crime... Fecking Crimin'Shame!

Is not the greater Problem than the Corps Bad Engineering actually the New Orleans District's Bad Contracting?
Isn't this more a Story of Hellish and Illegal Bid'duggery?
Do we get our Millions of Dollars back into the Treasury? Nah.
Fairbanks Morse just won a $70 Million Contract for a latest round of Pumps. Will they now be tasked to Plug this Hole?
If so, this time can we get a Witnassss? At what point do we question Who will be contracted Now to Replace this ASCE'fuck of our Congressional Mandated Flood Protection?
~Fairbanks Morse Pump Wins $70M Contract From Corps For New Orleans
~Circle, Incorporated, Belle Chasse, La.
was awarded on Aug. 21, 2009, a $12,309,991 firm-fixed-price contract for WBV-18-2 Highway 90 to Lake Cataoutche Pumping Station, Levee Baseline Sta. 160+23, Phase II, First Lift, Levee Enlargement, Jefferson Parish, La.
Work is to be performed in Jefferson Parish, La., with an estimated completion date of Feb. 24, 2011.
Bids were solicited via FedTeds with 13 bids received.
USA Corps of Engineer, District New Orleans, La., is the contracting activity (W912P8-09-C-0105)

New York Times issues correction to reporter’s description of New Orleans’

Obama Letting Corps of Engineers Drown New Orleans Again, Experts and Locals Say
~Creative Advance

Orleans Parish levee work plans discussed~Mark Schleifstein

New State Web portal offers access to projects in Houma-Thibodaux ~Jeremy Alford

Gambit Gets It Again!
~Big Editillos for Kevin Allman!
He gets a Geax'Dog Award, which we give to particular few gumshoes when they GET IT. Thank you for ending your opening paragraph with the term "Federal Floods"!
I know many people, my phalanx of therapists for example, who consider my Vendetta to dismantle the Exquisite Corps and to destroy the use of "Katrina Shorthand" in the Media, ie the constant reality-framing off-the-cuff references to Katrina The Storm and Not the Corps of Engineers Failures as the cause of our catastrophic Flood in '05, to be aaaahhh a tad over-bearing to put it nicely. Hence, I cannot describe the feeling which washes over me (Oyster, don't EVEN go there) to read those words in a major media --written by Da' Big Chief Editor his very same Honorable Self no less! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

CenLamar Gets'Em!
~Or... beating a Dead Pelican to make it to Fly Right!

“What is she, the governor of Guam?” BWHAHAHA... Whew!

The Buck Stops with Quatrevaux ~Frank Donze~A week after taking the reins of the New Orleans office of inspector general, Edouard Quatrevaux is taking a month's leave of absence to address his business affairs and has temporarily handed day-to-day management to one of his aides, the chairman of the city's Ethics Review Board said in a memo sent Monday to the agency's staff. "Mr. Quatrevaux has some business obligations he needs to conclude and they can all be done by then," Rev. Kevin Wildes wrote. Quatrevaux, who moved to New Orleans as an infant and grew up here, runs a small retail store on Metairie Road called The Buck Stop.

IT Vendors Sue Dell, Ciber And New Orleans ~Jennifer Bosavage

Memories of Hurricane Ivan overshadowed by Katrina,
say many Gulf Coast survivors
~Jay Reeves

Anyone else remember that Federal Judge that actually lives up to his oath of office ~slabbed

Dillard environmentalist receives national honor
~John Pope

Disaster Recovery: The Assets Go Home at Night ~No CCrit

Crosslake Lutheran Youth Group Visits New Orleans

Women’s Yoga & Holistic Wellness Class in NoLA

Moving to New Orleans

Armstrong Park sculpture plans criticized at Treme meeting
~Bruce Eggler

Point Broken~Patrick Swayze personified a particular kind of masculine grace both on and off screen, from his varied roles in films like "Dirty Dancing", "Ghost", "Roadhouse" and "Point Break" to the way he carried himself in his long fight with pancreatic cancer. Swayze died from the illness, with family and friends by his side, on Monday in Los Angeles.
He was 57.

Strange Days Indeed!
~Why does a Dawg lick its own dirty genitalia?
Because he can!

However, Dawg here appears to have NO DICK and would try to Suck Any Dick
or Microphone
--no matter where he can find one --"I just need to suck'mo."
But Graceful Taylor Swift offers him her award? Helllo?
"Here, Suck this Trophy, Dawg!" Speaking of Branding...
Photo: Jason DeCrow/AP

Jewey Goddess Witchery: Writing History~Amy Steinberg

Ned Sublette~The HoundBlog

Naked Angels Soundtrack (1969)

Tipitina's instrument of goodwill is melodic to students of music
~Geraldine Wyckoff

Monday, September 14, 2009


Monroe Losing Battle with Corps Over Safer Levees
~Local flood control officials in Monroe, La. met with the Army Corps of Engineers on Friday as they feverishly fight to stave off the de-certification of the Ouachita River levee system, but no solution is in sight. Corps officials have said numerous bank cave-ins along the Ouachita will trigger an unacceptable rating from their fall inspection, but the corps said it can't stabilize the banks because it has neither the authority nor money to do so.
Officials say corps fails area on levees: "The corps is up to its normal games, and quite frankly, it's disingenuous," said U.S. Sen. David Vitter, R-La. "The corps has made this as difficult as possible and put obstacles up at every turn."

Fairbanks Morse Pump Wins $70M Contract From Army Corps For New Orleans
~The Kansas City, Kan., company said in a release that the contract is part of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway West Closure Complex, a more than $500 million project that is a key component of the system, whose intermediate goal is to create a surge barrier, reducing the risk of storm surge for residents and businesses in the west bank area of New Orleans.
~Editilla Sourcerellas~ We have it on Good Word that the Corps is NOT running the infamous Bad MWI Hydraulic Pumps at the London Ave Canal Gate, though they are installed still in all 3 outfall canals and exclusively in Orleans Ave Canal. Of course had the Exquisite Corps Pumped those ASCE'forked Hozers we would have heard it by now all the way across the city like the sound of a combine getting raped by bull dozer. Well! Ahem...
And, we aren't saying Fairbanks Morse will be into replacing these Corps'cycled Monstrosities, but they are now ready to assume the position before the Exquisite Corps, eh?
Whew! Thank you anonymous Civil Engineer fo'da Tip!
We all feel way'mo'betta now... right? Right?

Corps closes Company Canal ~Fox 8~Stay Tuned at 5:30 and 9 Tonight
as Research Director and NOLA Civil Engineer
H. J. Bosworth will come on to explain these Pumps the Corps is using to evacuate these closed Canals.

Corps asked to scrap floodgate plans in Belle Chasse
~Paul Rioux

~Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser is calling on the Army Corps of Engineers to scrap plans to build a floodgate south of Belle Chasse, proposing an alternative that he said would improve flood protection for 1,400 homes in the Jesuit Bend area at no additional cost.

Company says oilfield barge first of its kind in 40 years
~Kathrine Schmidt

Census survey delivered by hand
~Donna Melton

Y Usted Madrid?
~Jen DeGregorio

Why does 99.5 FM hate
New Orleans?~People Get Ready

H/T-Big Molluski

Tax Increment Financing sought to pay for Lake Forest Plaza Mall
~Deon Roberts

This week, the City Council is scheduled to rule on whether to support the developers’ request to use sales taxes — through a mechanism known as tax increment financing, or TIF — generated at the mall to finance the roughly $200 million project.
But the developers will also use tax dollars to pay off private debt, said Janet Howard, president of New Orleans-based BGR. “TIF dollars are supposed to fund new improvements that otherwise would not occur. It’s simply outrageous to use public funds to pay off third-party debt,” Howard said. “Too much of this money isn’t even going to New Orleans East. Basically it’s going into private pockets to settle private debt rather than to new investment in the area.”

Amendments to False Claims Act – implications for Katrina qui tam litigation ~slabbed

Port OKs alternate site for
New Orleans Cold Storage

Small businesses unprepared for major disasters
~James Jay Carafano

The EPA Blocks 79 Mountaintop Removal Permits

Four years later, Flood devastation revisited in art and fund raising~Alexys Esparza

My Damn Channel Flaunts 'New Fall Season' Like Real TV (Except...Not)

Loyola may add New Orleans culture to academic program
~John Pope

You don’t get to be 125 year-old club by punking out on account of some rain~Red Cotton

Finding Harmony in Mid-City
~Stephen Maloney

~The decidedly old-school neighborhood watering hole, mere blocks from the former C.J. Peete Housing Project in the middle of what has traditionally been one of the most crime-ridden neighborhoods in Orleans Parish, seemed an ungainly fit for a band composed of four middle-aged white musicians.

Services for Juanita Brooks set for Friday, Sept. 18~Keith Spera