Sunday, June 15, 2014

Analysis: In minicamp, Saints were clicking on offense and defense ~Ramon Antonio Vargas, New Orleans Advocate

I began to broach the issue with my father of my last wishes etc.
It took a second, since Pop was still under the impression that "this can't be happening in America".. that people wearing a uniform meant something and I just needed to go find them and get out of there.. that our country, his country.. well whateva...
About that moment a NOPD car drove by full of BlackWater Mercenaries, all the windows gone with their little rifles sticking out, ball caps on jar heads... I really remember the tiny sunglasses when they looked Directly At Me.
"No, Pop. America doesn't DO uniforms any longer," I said.

BEATnik Streams Into NOLA's Consciousness ~Anna Caca, NOLA DEFENDER