Saturday, December 8, 2007


Puddin' On The Glitz

Road Home program can afford its grants

N.O. won't feel subprime freeze

Taking Ownership of New Orleans~YatPundit

State delays Duncan Plaza closure
N.O. emergency homeless shelter opening

Free health clinic in eastern New Orleans closing

RIGHTS~US-made Homeless by Katrina, Now Gov't Bulldozers?~OooooKKKafkatrina'ville!

Lt. Gen. Honore to speak in N.O. on crisis leadership

Make Wetlands, Not War!~Humid Haney

ASCE "asks" Task force to review engineerg studies {Raymond Seed's letter to ASCE here and supporting petition letter to ASCE here}

Flood of changes~Levees News

Twin Cities Levee Repairs Begin Today

Court: Corps' St. Joe permit to single developer lawful
Zoning battle headed to court

Chef trailer park idea dropped

Recovery District budget has cash crunch

Louisiana Congressmen Introduce Go Zone Money Legislation

Fifth Circuit Rulings (and Scruggs’s Troubles) Bolster Insurers

8 new public charter schools approved for N.O.

Whole Lotta Mother's Love

The Music "Industry"

New Orleans Music Wins!~WWOZ Says Thanks for a Wonderful Pledge Drive
{editor's witness~from the back hand path~Without OZ there would Be No, NO Sunrise~I was there with my own lyin'eyes and silent tears. I know. With OZ there Will Always Be NO Mo'Music, NO'Mo'Song, NO'Mo'Dance, NO'Mo'Parades, NO'Mo'Flowers, NO'Mo'Food, NO'Mo'Life, NO'Mo'Thing. I was there and now I am here, still. I Know. I Know New Orleans. KNO'NO~Thank You Very Much. Sinn Fein}

It's the day John Lennon died

WWOZ~GAMBIT~Nola Tonight

Goin’ Home~An Evening Honoring Fats Domino and the Music of New Orleans. A benefit concert to preserve the musical heritage of New Orleans

Time travel~New Orleans Daily Photo

New Orleans Gets Spanish-Language TV

Louisiana Court Dismisses Kid Rock From New Orleans Man Suit

{editor just had to have that headline~dat'why de'call it da'Bayou Buzz?}

HAM Radio Operators Recognized~Future in Jeopardy

D.C.-Area Company Lures Foreign Investors to New Orleans

Friday, December 7, 2007


THE BIG TOP - 1638 Clio St, NOLA

N.O. Housing Rally Disrupts N.O. City Council~N.O. Sh*T?

C'mon, These Are Our Neighbors~We Could Be Famous

Providence Community Housing and Enterprise Break Ground at Annunciation Inn

Have you seen this man?~Liptrap's Lament

Louisiana-friendly trade pact with Peru sails through

Debtor prison: Sheriff wants funding to add beds to Orleans jail capacity

Group cites benefits of pumping to the river

Groups sue Corps over KY mine?

Law Firm: Judge Should Hold Katrina Fees

Katrina fraud: $500M, but could've been worse
{editor's cypher~a few hundred million here, a few hundred million there...pretty soon you're talking about some real monkey?}

Sign a letter to ASCE President, David

New Orleans reeks of injustice

Speed recovery by staying in touch with FEMA?~OoooooK'ville!
{editor's fervent fetish~to reach out and touch FEMA with a ham

Literary Warrant [23]

Saints are marching out?

Jon Cleary Back In Town

Johnny Vidacovich~Note from Stanton Moore

WWOZ~GAMBIT~Nola Tonight

877-507-0007~Please Call Now

A Park worth saving
"The garden of the heart is green and moist with buds and blooms of jasmine, rose and cypress. The boughs are hidden by a mass of leaves, a mass of flowers conceals the plain and palace.
These words that come from universal mind are scents of cypress, roses, hyacinths.
Have you smelled roses where there were no roses? Have you seen foaming wine where there was none?
The fragrance is your guide and your companion, it bears you up to Paradise."~Rumi

Water Line~Oh The Joys

Does Size Matter at Christmas?~Gentilly Girl

Keith Carter Presentation at CAC Tonight

Comparing New Orleans to herpes~Ashley Morris

Visual Structure in Disney's 'New Orleans Square'~OooooMicKey'ville!

Libations that bring more than a buzz to the recovery

NOLA: From the Overpass to the Underpass

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


More time urged for Duncan Plaza

Demolition scheduled to begin next week

Another federal slap in the face to New Orleans

Serious Problems in NOLA~Crooks & Liars

Cityscape: A Journal of Policy Development and Research

Corps study presents 3 options for canals

Corps picks PBS&J for Louisiana project
{editor notes~Corps' choice of Sandwich smells mighty fecetious!}

Science stronger, Corps chief asserts

Advisory bashes the Corps at Houma meeting, suggests state should lead

Proposed bill would expand Clean Water Act, r
emoves the word 'Navigable' from Corps water management jurisdictions.

Army Corps alters strategy on Everglades restoration

Letter: Critics of Corps of Engineers should not have been removed

Funding, feuding put flood project on hold
{editor's body memory begins to itch~Ladies & Gentlemen~that is a picture of Centralia, WA~ this morning}

$1M Katrina insurance verdict appealed

Attorney pleads guilty, agrees to help in Katrina bribe case~~~Scruggs' Firm Drops From Katrina Suits
{editor shrieks~Holy Sodom & Gomorrah, Batman!}

Company goes to state Supreme Court in N.O. garbage contract dispute

Louisiana Speaks documentary wins Emmy

FEMA Trying to Recover Hurricane Aid

FEMA to Be Major Focus of Homeland Security Dept?
{editor stutters~OooooooKKK~Kafka'ville!}

Jindal becomes thinnest leader in state history~NO Levee

District Court Grants Summary Judgment to Loyola-New Orleans in Lawsuit by Former 3L Displaced by Hurricane Katrina

Money flowing again in hurricane recovery business loan program

"The next day..."~Your Right Hand Thief

Time for a New Bottom Line on the Failed War on Drugs

It ain't over 'till the Fat Lady sings~Liptrap's Lament

3rd Anniversary of "OPEN STUDIOS"

Looking for some good music in Washington Parish~found it on Frenchman


877-507-0007~Please Call Now

New Orleans Bingo Show,'Does anybody wanna be a winnah?!?'
~One Eyed Jacks Dec 7

5th Day of Christmas: "I've lost things too. But, as you know, in another way those things become the very things that never leave you."~Chasing Ray

A Razor-Sharp Focus Trumps Uncertainty~A.M. In the Morning

AT&T delivers system for Texas evacuations

Super Surfer Dies~"It's super-sad, man," Smith said. "He was a gentle giant who surfed for his whole life. Everybody knew him. He was kind of like the godfather."

Big Plan for Big Lake

Veterinarians repair animal shelter near New Orleans

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Claims upheld in CCC suit~TP

Bulldozers for the Poor, Huge Tax Credits for Wealthy Developers

{editor's note~Santa say hit the Road Ho Ho Ho!}

National Call Out~Come to New Orleans in December to Oppose the Bulldozers~Indie Media

Baghdad on the Bayou: Disaster Capitalism and the War on Equality

Jindal meets with President Bush, seeks hurricane recovery aid

Appealing The Appeals~TP

Should New Orleans get into the hate-crime business?~Bayou Buzz

Is Your Mac Reporting Back to the US Army Corps of Engineers?

Corps says own risk report ignores climate change~Advocate

{editor's quote~"There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once — shame on — shame on you. You fool me, you can't get fooled again."}

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers sued over dredging Beaufort Inlet

The levee failures - a second (and third) look~FMJ

Waste Management Inc. and the Army Corps of Engineers Win 2007 Waste News Environmental Award
{editor's Kafkatrina Lament~Shit in one hand, half a dozen in the other!}

Katrina funds~Break the bureaucratic logjam!~Jackson Ms

Whatever affects beach front owners affects us all

Celebration in the 9th: Pitt unites art, philanthropy~TP

DYK a "highly recommended tribute" to New Orleans~Chin Music Press

Commentary: Louisiana should promote area's homegrown jazz


Iguanas on Frenchman ~dba~Dec 8

Power Drive - Dec 5, 6, & 7

WWOZ~GAMBIT~Nola Tonight

Music Review~James Blood Ulmer 'Bad Blood In The City'~The Piety Street Sessions

Loyola University celebrates the season with a musical showcase

Upcoming Book on Pulitzers Reveals 2006 Jury 'Struggle' Over 'Katrina'