Saturday, October 3, 2009


'Katrina shorthand' strikes at Harper's~Your Right Hand Thief
Local corps projects to receive millions~Robert Zullo
HOUMA — More than $8.6 million federal dollars for Army Corps of Engineers projects in Terrebonne and Lafourche are included in a bill awaiting the Senate’s endorsement and the president’s signature.

Congress votes: water, energy funding~Mankato Free Press
~Steve Scalise, R-La., faulted the bill's New Orleans flood-protection policy. "If we have learned anything from...Katrina, it's that the federal levees that failed us before cannot be rebuilt the same way they were," he said.
~Editilla Licks da'Mold~ And We Shall Trippeth With'eth! We wanteth to tasteth of'th the Body of'th The Exquisite Corps and drinketh of'th the ASCECORPS Cool Aid that Scalise musteth have drunketh...ya'thunketh?
If we learned anything from Katrina, it is the difference between a Weather Event and Multiple Catastrophic Engineering Failures. Weather Events Happen Naturally.
Engineering Failure is Caused by Man Made ASCE'Fuck'Ups!
What I learned from Katrina in New Orleans is to trust in the wisdom of the ages to show me how to dance. What I learned from the Corps of Engineers in New Orleans during Katrina, and especially in their aftermath cover-ups, is more akin to facing down and eliminating the rapists of my little sister. I am tired of seeing the word "Katrina" next to the words "levee failures", because that is a Lie. I was there and saw it with my own lyin'eyes. It Was Not Katrina. Simple. It's The Levees Stupid.
Sucking up to the NO'CO will get you NO'WHERE, Scalise...
--so faggetaboutit you absolutely forking clueless elected official!
Until the likes of Scalise and Jindal and Obama get this stake driven into their hearts, we will never see the end of the Corps' Misdirection and possible Repeat Failures.

Special Thanks

Garland Robinette Think Tank
~Lead researcher for H.J. Bosworth, and Rep Scalise,
were on Herollero Garland Robinette's Think Tank yesterday.
~If Editilla were fancy live-bloggin this broadcast...
I'd say Bosworth just said Congress gave New Orleans The Finger?
~Scalise speaks of blatant contradictions, yet says the Corps is the Only Game In Town, hopes for Face Time with President when he wanders into the New Orleans Gulf Coast Hurricane Ward Place allegedly sometime later this month.
~Bosworth now says we are in Danger from inoperable Hydraulic Pumps on our outfall canals.
~Scalise lays out clearly our increased Risks from the Lyin'Corps' Option 1 over the saner Option 2 Plans. Admits to having drunk Corps Cool Aid in the past and hallucinating a visit with The Magnificent 7 Luminous Spheres but now has re-awakened to the idea that Temporary Pumps is a worthless con'con proposition of previously owned horse manure?
We'll see...republicans can just get so weird sometimes.
~Bosworth comes back Solid with the Truth about what the Corps Actually Specified regarding these MWI Bad Pumps. (Editilla sees Facts as funny things, laughing alligator tears.)
~Scalise can be heard playing with his Bolo Paddle.
Naaahhh, just kidding... well, we're just really hoping that is what we're hearing. BlancoBlancoBlancoBlancoBlancoBlanco
~Bosworth stresses that a Lie is a Lie and the Government did Not get what we Ordered from the Corps!
(Editilla para-sails a bit here:) Suffice to say...
~Bosworth, himself a Stakeholder, drives a Sterling Silver Freight-Train-sized Rail through the Heart of the Exquisite Corps' Vampire Bullshit.
~Scalise reminds Editilla that Democratic Bourgeois Naivete in Politicians is a Dictator's Best Friend.
~Bosworth puts a fork in it by pointing out the inherent difference between how the Europeans trust real engineering at their 3rd busiest airport 20 feet below sea level as Americans carelessly bend over to assume the position to Lie with the fetid Body of our own Un-Dead Grisly Rotted Exquisite Corps.
~Editilla O'Pines to all Stakeholders! To the Castle!
We Shall Plant Our Stakes In The Heart of the Bloody Red Castle!
Yaaaaahahahahahahaaaaa...whew! Ahem, yes, well...
~Beaux'Garland Rocks Editillero World!

Corps to discuss increasing flow of river diversions
~The Army Corps of Engineers and state officials will hold two meetings to discuss increasing the use of south Louisiana's two biggest river diversions — Davis Pond and Caernarvon.

Seven miles of pipe will pump sand in Pascagoula
~Harlan Kirgan

Landslides buried at least 3 Indonesian villages
~The U.N. estimates as many as 4,000 people may be buried under the rubble. But more than three days after the disaster hit, the chances of pulling most of them out alive are slim.

Tri-State Water Dispute: Georgia's Hand Further Weakened~Emily Green

Obama to New Orleans: Hold On, I'm Coming~Harry Shearer

Teachers' union claims company cheated Filipino teachers
~Paul Murphy, WWL

Arbitration panel will decide Charity Hospital reimbursement
~Jan Moller

Furious Five reporting for Gangsta Duty!~Red Cotton

Black Menace - Ghetoasnigga 1992 New Orleans
~The Music Dynasty

Friday, October 2, 2009


Wonkette Picks a Winnah!
~Now Ain't She One Fine Piece of Rich Fertile Handmaiden's Tail!
~Set in the Republic of Gilead, a country formed within the borders of what was formerly the United States of America by a racist, chauvinist, nativist, theocratic-organized military coup motivated by an ideologically-driven response to the pervasive ecological degradation of the land, widespread infertility, and attendant social dislocations. Beginning with a staged terrorist attack killing the President and ousting Congress, the coup leaders launched a revolution which overthrew the United States government and abolished the US Constitution. The new theocratic military dictatorship, styled "The Republic of Gilead", moved quickly to consolidate its power and reorganize society along a new militarized, hierarchical, compulsorily-Christian regime of Old Testament-inspired social and religious orthodoxy among its newly-created social classes.

Meanwhile in other news... the Fat Lady's Still Singing!
Typhoon Parma: a new disaster for Asia~Jeff Masters
Corps misappropriates, steals $80,000,000 (Million$$$) from St Bernard Parish Flood Control to pay for other projects
~"It's crazy that they'll cut something this important from our projects and send the money somewhere else," said Bob Turner, the levee authority's executive director.
Turner is particularly concerned that the corps is looking at building a "stop log" closure across the Caernarvon Canal rather than the long-planned sector gate. Such a cost-cutting change would require closing the navigable waterway four to five days before a storm, an unnecessary hardship to marine industries located behind the new floodwall, he said.
"The more severe problem is, what if a tropical storm blows up right off the coast and there's (no) time to get it closed, " he said. "It requires a large crane lifting large pieces in the canal . . . and with high wind and pouring rain, that's dangerous."
~Editilla Slide'rules out Risk Reduction~
~As the Corps of Engineers Absconds with Hundreds of Millions of our hard earned tax dollars for Faulty Pumps and No Outfall Options, they scurry about the Funding Ship of State like trained rats in some nefarious criminal gang looting what money is left to cover their ASCECORPS VERMIN ASSES.
So now the real Shell Game Roulette is in full spin with the Corps.
Where da'Nut? Where da'Nut? Follow da'Nut!
Don't watch da'Hands --FOLLOW DA'NUTS!
Don't listen to da'Man --FOLLOW DA'NUTS!
We told you all this months ago, even last year, that the Corps would wait until the trucks start rolling to really start playing Russian Roulette with a Shell Game. But alas, coming from silly Editilla --not some Smarty'Cat Engineer who is good at interpreting reports-- what does it really matter to the price of rat's ass in China, eh?
Remember how we described the Massive Corps Shell Game? Remember how we would say the Corps are Lying Murderers who will Cheat at Dodge'ball With Our Flood Safety in order to control their own revenue stream? Silly Editilla. Engineers don't Lie.
Who gives a flying nun's fart what we say, eh?
We guess USACE HQ has hit your New Orleans Ladder lo these hundreds of times just for the cheerful banter we direct their way. (-:Hi Corps!:-) They Know How We Love the Corps...just Love'em ta'Bits! But who do we love even more than the Exquisite Corps? Oh, that would be the Engineers who have kept Silent about the Corps Engineering while the Fix Was In.
Now the cylinder is Spun, the Hammer Cocked...
who's going to find the Bullet --Don't Watch The Hands!
A Shell Game of Russian Roulette in a Casino of the Damned.
The Corps knows this is not a game of Engineering where the Truth either works or it fails. The Corps know this game better than anyone, to wit: Criminal Engineering Negligence (CEN) is easier, more lucrative and the witnesses all die-off in the long run.
There is nothing more dangerous than a Lying Engineer...
--because then all we have left to work with is the Word of a Liar.

House Passes Bill with $35 Million in Melancon-Secured Water/Oil and Gas Projects for South Louisiana
~Louisiana RealEstateRama

~“I am extremely disappointed that two hurricane protection projects critical to south Louisiana – Morganza to the Gulf in Lafourche and Terrebonne Parishes and Pump to the River in New Orleans – will not be advanced by this bill. Louisianians who are depending on these projects to protect their homes and businesses are losing patience with the Army Corps, and I share their frustration. Without this protection, we spend every hurricane season hoping and praying that another Katrina or Gustav doesn’t destroy what we have worked so hard to rebuild. In the coming weeks, I will be aggressively working to find a pathway to advance both Morganza and Pump to the River, and will hold the Corps accountable for building the best possible hurricane protection for the people of south Louisiana.”

Federal Flood Coverage,
A Love Story
~Bam Bam Bigelow, slabbed

La. takes hospital funding dispute to arbitration

Health care reform comes to New Orleans
~Scott Satchfield

Days Late and Dollars Short, High-speed rail link gets support from Rep. Anh 'Sacred' Cao???
~Despite an impassioned (?) last-minute (?) plea (?) Thursday from Rep. Anh "Sacred" Cao, R-New Orleans, fellow Repo'man Child-Governor Jindal is sticking with its decision not to seek $300 million in high-speed rail money for a NO-to-BR rail link.
~Editilla gotta'Ax~ How many hands of Go Fish for Ahn before he finally scores an issue to anchor his drifting platform?
The other day it was "Got any FEMA?" GO FISH! And last week he mewled: "Got any Cat 5 protection?" GO FISH!
But this latest thing that really tickles Editillas bum is the idea of Sacred Cao squinchin'up an impassioned face for anything.
Master Drill Sargent sayz...
Master Drill Sargent sayz...
Didn't this fey mouthpiece watch the movie Apocalypse NO??? Isn't he supposed to show up and do his Job before the Ax Falls on the Sacred Cao?
Oh da'Horror! Da'Hooorrrrrooorrrr!

James Gill: Some officials just love their work
~Guandolo's dalliance with the witness, Lori Mody, did not come to light until after former Congressman Bill Jefferson, D-New Orleans, had been convicted on a slew of felonies. The FBI now declines comment on what it deems a "personnel matter."

Republicans Support Honduran Military Coup Leaders

Some background on the New Orleans Tropos network
~American Zombie

First Annual Student Joan of Arc Competition ~NOLAFemmes

David Ohle’s Those Bones
~Tobias Carroll
~Editillos to The Scowl

Jessica Lang to visit New Orleans

Drew Barrymore's 'Whip It!'
~Mike Scott

The Big Easy Rollergirls sponsor Whip It Contest!

Free Live Music @ Freret Market this weekend~The Trumpet

Bonerama to get minds out of the gutter? BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
~Sierra Starks

New Orleans street performer 'Grandpa' Elliott LP out Nov. 3
~April MacIntyre

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Corps to NOLA: Drop Dead (unless we get Option 1)
The Fix Was In~Matt McBride

~Also~Redaction - an ugly game
~Once again, apparently the Corps is going to let New Orleans drown if they don't get their way. In short, for the last six months, the Corps has been withholding vital information, and in some cases deliberately excising it from the public square, during the fight over Option 1 and Option 2.
In an Administration that is supposedly priding itself on openness and transparency, someone needs to tell the White House that the Corps is subverting those values as much as possible in an effort to advance an agenda not supported by anyone but themselves.

~Editilla Co'tellas~And By The Way...They're Heeeeerrre!
I know the DOD/USACE IGs both said that appropriate action was taken in the recent Corps Felony Computer Fraud, such as stopping such blog-ops. But, it appears that they have not, and indeed (perhaps emboldened by the IG Whitewash) they have expanded this activity, and hit this New Orleans Ladder yesterday 42 times, looking for Matt McBride / Maria Garzino.
Now at well over 20 hours worth of hanging out on your Ladder..
we think it is more than mere pusillanimous Brass Ball Envy!
Why the sudden USACE big interests in what an engineer of this caliber has posted on their Pumps House Gang Scam'doozle?
Below is a screen shot of only half --and they also dropped by this morning!
I mean, what are we supposed to do? Say Hello? Wave? Blow Kisses?
Hey, USACE, Suck My Toe!?!?

~Please click pic to enlarge~
~While I am not saying such a flood of USACE Hits on my blog is connected to their current Full Court Lobby in Congress against better Options for our Flood Control, ['Pump-to-the-river' fails in Congress ~Mark Schleifstein] I do think such Blog'Ops coming on the heels of this engineers' fine expose is rather, ahem, telling and fortuitous. As such we find it well worth re-posting, spreading and sharing Matt McBride's incredibly detailed layouts of this Slime by the Corps of Engineers New Orleans District of Manipulating and Redacting Critical Data and thus misleading (lying to) the public.

Obama Still Doesn't GET IT?
So the change we need is…a map
Quick, someone get this Corps- Laquered President a map! ~slabbed

~The big slab of the day comes from President Obama who apparently can’t tell a federal flood from a hurricane.
The White House on Wednesday indicated that President Barack Obama's trip to the hurricane damaged Gulf Coast will not include Mississippi, nor, apparently, the Gulf Coast. Poor Obama, he must be getting his directions, taking his cues, again from the Corps?

Could a New Orleans Flood Be Coming to a City Near You?
~Carol Forsloff

State Treasurer John Kennedy offers a compromise to LSU on WWL Radio, LSU refuses to appear~Save Charity Hospital

La.'s endangered brown pelicans make a recovery~Nikki Buskey

Jefferson Parish drainage projects get $16 million in federal grants~Paul Rioux

Worst year for New Orleans foreclosures?~David Cohen, WWL

New Orleans Solar Powered Streetlights To Set Example For Nation ~WDSU

Political turmoil in Honduras may cause citizens to flee to N.O.
~Lucy Bustamante

Aid, temporary morgue headed to tsunami-hit Samoas
~Martha Carr

Death toll tops 500 after second earthquake

First Annual Student Joan of Arc Competition ~NOLAFemmes

~NOFF Schedule

Chef John Besh's cookbook is his love letter to New Orleans
~Judy Walker

Polly Jackson's gotta cool new website!
~Y'all can check in and ax her about her new projects with cards! At right: Editilla in Frog mode, waiting for coffee. Well, No, but...

An independent struggle
~Cody Daigle

Soul Asylum's Dave Pirner set to play first Gretna Heritage Fest
~Chris Rose

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Corps to NOLA: Drop Dead (unless we get Option 1)
~Fix The Pumps

~Also~Redaction - an ugly game
~Once again, apparently the Corps is going to let New Orleans drown if they don't get their way.
Wake Up, America...
~~~~You’ve Got Levees!

~Landrieu/Vitter Amendment Rejected~ David Winkler-Schmit
~We must lay Editillos fo'da Winkler-Schmit! Smooth to'da Fine, like some congroovient'gator laying just beneath the surface of our banal scrim, all quite like, waiting... when suddenly...PYOHHH! WHAM! BAM! KAPOW!
And to our Little Soul Train That Could,, we say this...
Get Down! Get Back Up Again!

Breaking News: Good Apples Found In Louisiana State Government?
~Save Charity Hospital

~Yesterday, State Treasurer John Kennedy and the efficiency and benchmarking subcommittee on the Commission for Streamlining Government unanimously endorsed the RMJM/FHL plan to gut and rebuild Charity Hospital!

SBA extends Pilot Loan program through September 2010
~NO City Business

Tsunami in South Pacific islands kills nearly 100~Keni Lesa

Desperate hunt for the living as Sumatra quake toll mounts

Flood survivors crowd aid centers ~Al Jazeera

Local volunteers assist Red Cross in Southeast flood relief efforts

¿Día de chepa usted slabbed?

John Camp, Jimmy Swaggart
and Me~Jim Brown

CREW Files Complaint In Louisiana Against Sen. David Vitter (R-Pamp) For Sex Crime ~BBuzz

~A Washington-based public watchdog group said Tuesday it has asked a Louisiana state agency that reviews lawyer conduct to investigate allegations that U.S. Sen. David Vitter (R-Pamp) solicited prostitutes, diapers, and may have fathered an out-of-wedlock clown-child.

Representative Sacred Cao plays Go Fish for Relevancy~Last week he was mewling for Cat 5 protection at a Secret Closed Meeting.
This week he asks: "Hey, got any FEMA Delays?" GO FISH!

October celebrates Atchafalaya
~The beauty and mystery of the Atchafalaya Basin will be the focus of a state-sponsored month of events and activities called “Experience Atchafalaya Days,” which is designed to help people learn about opportunities for education, recreation, and adventure in the great swamp.

Dutch Bring Drinking Water Solutions to Romania

Corps awards contract to raise one mile of levee for $9 million

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Pentagon only partly addressed Senator Landrieu’s concerns a stunning show of apparent bureaucratic ineptitude, or perhaps tacit collusion, the Inspector General of the Department of Defense (DOD) ignored US Senator Mary Landrieu’s call for a federal investigation into alleged wrongdoing by the US Army Corps of Engineers and instead focused on, one of the whistleblowers.
~Additional coverage from Mark Schleifstein.

Flood kills 246 in Philippines; survivors seek aid
~In this photo released by the Philippine Air Force, flooding victims scramble for relief supplies being airdropped by air force helicopter crewmen at San Mateo township, Rizal province, east of Manila Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2009, three days after tropical storm Ketsana brought the worst flooding in metropolitan Manila in more than 40 years. Rescuers pulled more bodies from swollen rivers and debris-strewn streets Tuesday from massive flooding from Tropical Storm Ketsana while two new storms brewing in the Pacific threatened to complicate relief efforts. (AP Photo/Philippine Air Force, Rogel Vidallo)

Inside the Footprint
~Save Charity Hospital

State panel endorses plan to rebuild Charity Hospital
~Jan Moller

New Orleans' past, future collide at Oktoberfest~Becky Bohrer

North shore's role in coastal restoration discussed
~Benjamin Alexander-Bloch

Animosity boils over amid efforts to save shrimping~Jeremy Alford

Drake v Nationwide goes another emotionally distressing round
~Noudoucit, slabbed

Federal judge grants partial class action certification in Flood bridge blockade lawsuit

Indian group says it will abandon ancestral home~Cain Burdeau

Water on the Moon
~NASA's Moon Mineralogy Mapper,
an instrument on the Indian Space Research Organization's Chandrayaan-1 mission, took this image of Earth's moon.
It is a three-color composite of reflected near-infrared radiation from the sun, and illustrates the extent to which different materials are mapped across the side of the moon facing Earth.
And of course no that is Not Green Cheese. NASA already said there is no Green Cheese on the Moon hahaha just like Water...
--uh, errrah...yes well...

Porn Surfing Rampant At U.S. Government Agency...
--National Science Foundation?

Research? Ummm Yeah! That's the Ticket! Hormones!
They were doing Anatomy Research! On Hormones!

Corps River lock gate near Madison, Ind. fails, slows traffic
~A gate that is part of the Markland Locks and Dam on the Ohio River has fallen into the water. Army Corps of Engineers officials are calling it a catastrophic equipment malfunction and were planning to search for the gate today with sonar equipment. Corps spokesman Todd Hornback says a 250-ton gate segment fell into the water Sunday morning.
Yes, well... ahem, it just fell off? 500,000 pounds? Whoa!
London Avenue Canal study raises 'safe water elevation' to distract from Corps' own Outfall Canal Pumps Scam'noozle

President Obama to visit City in mid-October~Jonathan Tilove

Protests filed against new flood maps~Nikki Buskey
~HOUMA — Terrebonne and Lafourche submitted final appeals to FEMA this week claiming that errors in new maps that determine flood-insurance rates and home-elevation standards overestimate local flooding risks.
In Terrebonne, officials say that scientists and engineers contracted by the parish to study the maps have found that incorrect information for roads, levees and other barriers to storm surge yielded flaws in the maps. The maps show streets that stop short of where they actually end and levees, such as one in Dulac, are depicted with gaps that don’t exist.

Banks cleared to help Georgia flood victims

Water interests argue new state dam proposals

Insider Risk at High Biocontainment Labs:
Dr. Bruce Ivins’ Alleged Anthrax Crime Revisited ~SEMP

Two fundraisers set in D.C. for Child-Governor Jindal
~Michelle Millhollon

Cajun Festival coming to CA Wine Country!~The slogan in downtown Napa next weekend will be “Laissez les bon temps rouler! — as the Wine Country Cajun Food & Music Festival.

Longtime music teacher, artist and trumpet player Clyde Kerr Jr. puts his life onto his first original CD~Sheila Stroup

Ivan Neville Featured at Columbia~Blue Muse Views

Mayberry just over the Ferry ~Ryan Tramonte

Monday, September 28, 2009


Pentagon says “no further action needed” on Corps Internet Scandal in New Orleans

Obama's Plate is Not Too Full After All~Harry Shearer

Is Harry right or wrong?
Gambit begs the question?

~Editilla begs ta'diffa~ Having failed all those tests in elementary school, you know, the ones with the different colored blocks of stars and crescents... and those damn ink drawings of animals copulating with humans --yeah right, ink blots my ass we knew what they wanted-- whew, but as dense as sawdust as we are we know one thing... one fine thing...Harry Shearer is a World Class Fucking Right On Right On Good NOLA Brutha!
Are you kidding me? Harry is So Right On! Obama is blowing us.
He blew us for the Anniversary. Bad move. That event is not some light weight memorial to the foibles of predatory capitalism.
It is still an exposed compound fracture of our Body Politic and screw any President that doesn’t get it. Screw them when they go to Martha’s Vineyard for vacation for Goddess sakes???
Hell yeah. Sinn Féin.

Monday Music: Corporate Predator Edition ~slabbed

Devastation in Manila flood zone
~Alastair Leithea
Katrina Shorthand vs. the Federal Flood: Why This Matters
~Louisiana 1976

New Kenner floodwall design changes in the works
~Optimal Process Partners

~Dixclaimer! Warning! Bat Signal!~
~Editilla Hotellas~ We have decided to institute more accurate bylines when hanging articles by this particular facebook glory'hole copy writer.
Besides, OPP places these ads on the facebook glory hole, as well as press releases and articles such as the one yesterday where we learned (from Sacred Cao's fey mewling of CAT 5 Protection) of a secret closed meeting between our state legislators and the Lying Exquisite Corps (LEC).
Has it Really come to This? My cup runnit'ova'wit Acronymity!
We hate to be so hard on these people, but there are no 2nd chances in Catastrophic Engineering Failure. We don't have time for this Crap any more, these mouthpiece articles from the Corps of Engineers via the facebook glory hole, these Co'Ho Expensive Flash Ads (CHEFAs) exclusive to the facebook glory hole, masked as Public Service Announcements (PSAs) of meetings that Do Not Matter (DNM).
These meetings are designed and executed by this same Public Relations OPP (PROPP) that we are paying for with our own Taxes ASCECORPS Fucking Fuck You (TAFFY).
I'm mad as Hell and I'm not gonna take it any more.
The Corps screwed us out of over $350,000,000 on our outfall canal pumps and still left our city's children vulnerable and are lying about it. Instead we get NOTHING from the Times-Picayune but 1 article in the past 2 weeks that is really just a press release rehash from the Corps of the setup article they did a few weeks before on the same subject. The Times Picayune is GONE.
We have Bad Pumps, they are not repairing their Bad Flood Walls, they are falling farther and farther behind on Contract Schedules.
What do you want, Da'Twoof? GO FISH at'da Glory Hole!

State Sen: Use of taxpayer money to fund N.O. East mall vital to area's recovery~Scott Satchfield

Northshore leaders lobby D.C.
to forgive loans
~Doug Mouton, WWL

Fat City Blues~NO City Business

New Orleans Mayor Election: Where Are The Candidates? ~BBuzz

New Orleans Mayors Series starts Oct. 7 at the LHC
~Louisiana Weekly

New Orleans is home to greenest community~MNN

Lawyers: Chinese drywall makers may ignore suits ~AP

Gentleman's Companion - Day 6 - New Orleans Fizz
~Fredo, Loungerati

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Lock break halts part of Ohio River traffic
Rep. Anh 'Joseph' Cao repeats anemic call for Category 5 protection in "closed meeting" with Corps Lords
~Dixclaimer! Warning! Bat Signal!~
~Editilla Rotellas da'Cotellas~Further proof that Cao is in the same pocket as the late Times-Picayune?
Sacred Cao is sucking air, blowing smoke like a Bad Pump.
He is Wimpishly Asking For Nothing. He is Saying Nothing,
Doing Nothing, Treading Water in Never'Nothingland.
Notice how has sanitized all Corps news now.
What the hell is a "closed door" meeting between our elected reps and our Tax-funded Lying Corps of Engineers??? WTF?
Soooo, who convened this "Secret" meeting between our legislators and the Corps? Why exclude We The People who pay those People's salaries? What am I missing here?

Et tu Jarvis DeBerry?
~Dixclaimer! Warning! Bat Signal!~
~Editilla's teeth Scream~More Ice Cream from the entertainer formerly known as a reporter.
Many people who used to be fans of the late Times-Picayune, myself included, still took this writer seriously as a journalist despite's commercial relationship with the Corps of Engineers Public Relations Firm OPP.
Now, the entire site bounces along like some Facebook glory hole.
Really, Jarvis, this sucks that badly.
If I wanted fatuous news-porn I'd go gimp a suspect devise.
I just can't believe I am speaking of Jarvis DeBerry in this manner --and for these reasons. I had such unbelievable respect for him and never thought he could stoop to such hash-rag.
DeBerry used to be Pulitzer Material. I am angry that he is gone.
Who's next, Gill? Schleifstein?
I used to love this paper so much. Now I couldn't even stock it in my outhouse due to the abject redundancy of wiping with it too.
It must be really hard down there on Howard now since they took away any semblance of actual news at and turned it into Newspeak. We have truly lost the Times-Picayune.
It is now Tabloid Shit. Freak Show. Carney.
They DON'T DO NEWS now, they DO CIRCUS.
I am NOT trying to just be rude here, picking on Jarvis.
We used to really really really enjoy Jarvis DeBerry, soooo...
I am mad as Hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!
This is about Losing News. The Times-Picayune is GONE.
In the meantime, let's allow the Corps to operate with impunity.
The only thing I hate more than what the Feckless Bastards on Leake Street did to our City is any "News" Outlet that gives those criminals a free pass on getting away with it.

US Corps of Engineers is busy spending their time and money in Iraq and Afghanistan
~Cricket Diane

Ondoy dumped more rains than Katrina ~Nikko Dizon

Philippine storm leaves 106 dead and missing

Conferees preview film on South La. and water~Amy Wold

A Corporate Predator’s Greatest Fear~Bam Bam Bigelow, slabbed

Accounting for homes~Anita Lee
~Too many homes and apartments are on the market in South Mississippi, but residents least able to afford them are still waiting for permanent housing more than four years after Hurricane Katrina.

FBI agents close Danziger Bridge to search for evidence ~WWL

Episcopal priest who moved mountains after Flood resigns
~Bruce Nolan

Population shifts could alter districts~Jeremy Alford

Sunday Funnies~Citizen K

Moving Back to New Orleans
~Kelley-Ashley's Thoughts

Coming up in this week's Gambit

Banned Books Week: Celebrate Your Freedom to Read ~Nolabrarian

New book remembers when
'We Were Merchants'

A la table Française~Cheré Coen

Delta Music Provides Heartbeat for Heinz-Kerry's G-20 Climate Reception~Georgianne Nienaber

Rock & Roll Hoo-Ha What What
Editilla gotta new blog find! Way'way Kewel'krewel!